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Top Rank Records was part of the J. Arthur Rank (On Gong) Organization operating from January 1959 and in August 1960 EMI Records bought the label and closed it down in April 1962 when the morphed it into what became Stateside Records.

In the same period Top Rank also operated in the U.S and in Scandinavia there was a high profile through their setup with Karusell Records.

Considering the short life span of the label there was a lot of records released and quite a few of them were big hits internationally.

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Current stock of TOP RANK 45's/EP's:


ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
 TOP RANK 45's:       
1Andy StewartTunes Of GloryTop RankJAR 565$8uk m-
2Bert WeedonBig Beat BoogieTop RankJAR 300$6nor vg+
3Bert WeedonBlue GuitarTop RankT 1017$4sw vg-
4Bert WeedonBlue GuitarTop RankT 1017$12swps/woc/sol/wolvg/vg+
5Bobby Comstock & the CountsTennessee WaltzTop RankT 1018$8sw vg
6Bobby EdwardsYou're the ReasonTop RankT 1092$18sw vg+
7Bobby RydellWe Got LoveTop RankT 1020$15sw vg
8Bret WoodWild OneTop RankT 1044$25swnocvg-
9Brian HylandSomewhere In the NightTop RankKFF 503$4dk g
10Craig DouglasHeart Of a Teenage GirlTop RankJAR 340$8ukwocvg+
11Craig DouglasNo Greater LoveTop RankJAR 589$10uksolvg++
12Craig DouglasOnly SixteenTop RankR45-2018$6ita vg
13Craig DouglasTimeTop RankJAR 569$6dksolvg+
14Craig DouglasTimeTop RankJAR 569$15dkpsvg/vg+
15Craig DouglasTimeTop RankJAR 569$25dkpsvg++/vg+
16Craig DouglasWhen My Little Girl Is SmilingTop RankJAR 610$25dkpsvg+/vg+
17Craig DouglasWhere's the GirlTop RankJAR 515$20ukdemom-
18Craig DouglasWhere's the GirlTop RankJAR 515$6uk vg
19Danny & the Juniors with Freddy CannonTwistin' All Night LongTop RankT 1096$20swps/wol/wocvg/vg
20Dee ClarkRaindropsTop RankT 1062$18nor vg+
21Deep River BoysNolaTop RankT 1004$8swwocvg+
22Dorothy CollinsBaciare BaciareTop RankT 1025$4swnoc/wolvg
23Dorothy CollinsBanjo BoyTop RankJAR 401$4uknocvg-
24Dorothy CollinsBanjo BoyTop RankJAR 401$6sw vg-
25Fats DominoThere Goes (My Heart Again)Top RankKFF 511$10dk vg
26FireballsBulldogTop RankRA 2026$10us vg
27Freddie CannonCalifornia Here I ComeTop Rank45-JAR-309$15uk vg+
28Freddie MartellKings Of KingsTop RankRA 2033$15usdemom-
29Freddy CannonCalifornia Here I ComeTop RankT 1043$8dkpsg/vg-
30Freddy CannonHappy Shades Of BlueTop RankJAR 407$18dkpsvg++/vg
31Freddy CannonMuskrat RambleTop RankT 1050$45dkpsvg++/vg++
32Freddy CannonThe UrgeTop RankJAR 369$18uk/dkps/socvg/vg
33Freddy CannonThe UrgeTop RankJAR 369$18sw/dkpsvg/vg-
34Freddy CannonTransistor SisterTop RankT 1073$15sw vg+
35Garry MillsLook For A StarTop RankJAR 336$10nor vg
36Garry MillsTop Teen BabyTop RankJAR 500$4nornocg
37Gary U.S. BondsFood Of LoveTop RankT 1099$35swps/wocvg+/vg++
38Gary U.S. BondsQuarter To ThreeTop RankT-1060$6nor vg
39Gary U.S. BondsSchool Is InTop RankJAR 595$20uksample sticker on lblvg++
40Gene PitneyI Laughed So Hard I CriedTop RankT 1052$20norps/wocvg+/vg-
41Jack ScottBaby BabyTop RankT 1033$4dk vg-
42Jack ScottBaby BabyTop RankT 1033$15dk vg++
43Jack ScottBurning BridgesTop RankJAR 375$20dkpsvg/vg+
44Jack ScottBurning BridgesTop RankJAR 375$12dkps/wocvg/vg-
45Jack ScottCool WaterTop RankRA 2055$15us vg+
46Jack ScottCool WaterTop RankJAR 419$10nor vg
47Jack ScottWhat In the World's Come Over YouTop Rank75058$12ger vg+
48JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$45dkpsvg++/vg+
49JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$20nor vg-
50JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$35nor vg+
51JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$25sw vg
52Jimmy ClantonAnother Sleeples NightTop RankJAR 382$15uknocvg
53Jimmy ClantonAnother Sleeples NightTop RankJAR 382$35uk vg++
54Jimmy ClantonAnother Sleeples NightTop RankJAR 382$20uk vg
55Jimmy ClantonAnother Sleeples NightTop RankJAR 382$25uk vg+
56Jimmy ClantonCome BackTop RankJAR 509$15uk vg-
57Jimmy ClantonGo Jimmy GoTop RankT 1034$15swnocvg
58Jimmy ClantonGo Jimmy GoTop RankT 1034$25sw vg++
59Jimmy ClantonMy Love Is StrongTop RankT 1022$20dk vg
60Joe ReismanThe Guns Of NavaroneTop RankT 1070$6dk vg+
61Joe ReismanThe Guns Of NavaroneTop RankT 1070$15swpsvg+/vg+
62John LeytonJohnny Remember MeTop RankJAR 577$15ukwolvg++
63John LeytonWild WindTop RankJAR 585$8uk vg
64Kathy Young & the InnocentsA Thousand StarsTop RankJAR 534$75uk vg++
65Kenneth ConnorRail Road RockTop Rank45-JAR 138$20uk m-
66Knightsbridge ChoraleEton Boating SongTop Rank45-JAR-220$6uk vg+
67Leon BibbTimes Are Getting HardTop RankTR 5020$18uk vg++
68Lightning HopkinsWonder What Is Wrong With MeTop Rank11001$25fra vg-
69Linda LeeYes I'm Lonesome TonightTop RankT 1051$15nor vg++
70Mahalia JacksonSilent NightTop RankTROS 1400$15holps/blue lblvg/vg
71Mahalia JacksonSilent NightTop RankTROS 1400$10dk m-
72Nino & the Ebb TidesThose Oldies But Goodies (Remind Me Of You)Top RankT 1064$60nor vg+
73Orlie & the SaintsTwist And FreezeTop RankHTR 751$20hol vg
74Paris SistersI Love How You Love MeTop RankT 1086$325dkpsvg++/m-
75Paris SistersI Love How You Love MeTop RankT 1086$225dkps/tocvg+/vg++
76Paul Revere & the RaidersLike Long HairTop RankJAR 557$18uknocvg+
77Phil McLeanBig Mouth BillTop RankJAR 613$20ukdemovg++
78Philip Green & the Pinewood Studio OrchestraLeague Of Gentlemen MarchTop RankJAR 355$15uk vg++
79PipsEvery Beat Of My HeartTop RankJAR 574$90uk vg++
80Preston EppsBongo RockTop Rank45-JAR-140$20uk vg
81Preston EppsBongolaTop RankRA 2067$15us vg+
82Ravens(There's A) Hole In the Middle Of the MoonTop RankT 1015$30sw vg++
83Ray DoggettCan I Be the OneTop RankRA 2025$35usdemovg++
84Ronnie BaxterI Finally Found YouTop RankT 1030$8sw vg+
85Sandy NelsonTeen BeatTop RankT 1013$6swnocvg-
86Sandy NelsonTeen BeatTop Rank45-JAR-197$8uk vg
87ShirellesSoldier BoyTop RankT 1100$25dk vg++
88ShirellesSoldier BoyTop RankT 1100$25dk vg++
89Singing BellesThe Empty MailboxTop RankJAR 350$10sw vg
90Teen BeatsThe Sloop BeatTop RankJAR 342$12swnocvg
91U.S. BondsNew OrleansTop RankJAR 527$10nornoc/wolvg-
92U.S. BondsQuarter To ThreeTop RankJAR 575$20uk m-
93Vince EagerWhyTop RankT 1036$8dk vg+
 TOP RANK EP's:       
1Bert WeedonBert's BoogieTop RankTEP 116$30sw m-/vg++
2Bill HendersonSings Moanin'Top RankTEP 151$20sw vg+/vg+
3Bobby RydellKissin' TimeTop RankTEP 109$20swnoc/wol/wocvg/vg
4Brownie McGhee & Sonny TerrySing And PlayTop RankTEP 150$30sw vg+/vg+
5Craig DouglasOnly SixteenTop RankTEP 104$40sw vg/vg+
6Dorothy CollinsBaciare BaciareTop RankTEP 119$25sw vg+/vg+
7Dorothy CollinsBaciare BaciareTop RankTEP 119$30sw vg+/vg++
8Freddy CannonExplosive!Top RankJKP 2058$25uknocvg/vg+
9Garry MillsLook For A StarTop RankJKP 3001$95uk vg++/vg+
10Mahalia JacksonIn the Upper RoomTop RankJKP 2038$12uk vg+/vg+
11Mahalia JacksonIn the Upper Room Vol. 2Top RankTEP 152$15sw vg+/m-
12Max RoachAward Winning DrummerTop RankTEP 145$15sw vg+/vg+
13Norman WisdomFollow A StarTop RankJKP 2052$20ukwocvg+/vg+
14Pepper Adams5Top RankTEP 142$15swwocvg+/vg+
15Skip & FlipIt Was ITop RankTEP 108$40swnocvg/vg
16Various: Elmer Snodgrass & Musical Pioneers/Bill Alex & Dixie Drifters/Jenny HerrellCountry And Western Express Vol. 1Top RankJKP 2055$12uk vg/vg+
17Various: Jack Scott/Ravens/Sandy Nelson/Toni FisherTop Rank Hits 1Top RankTEP 121$60sw m-/m-
18Various: Jack Scott/Ravens/Sandy Nelson/Toni FisherTop Rank Hits 1Top RankTEP 121$35sw vg+/vg++