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35 Years and it's still: Stiff Records.


This is the current stock situation of Stiff Records 45's:


ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
145'sCouldn't Believe A WordStiffBUY 52$12uk m-
2AdvertsOne Chord WondersStiffBUY 13$30ukpush out centrem-
3AdvertsOne Chord WondersStiffBUY 13$45ukps/solid center/Delga Press slv/A1 B1 matrixm-/vg++
4Alberto Y Lost Trios ParanoiasSnuff RockStiffLAST 2$15ukpsm-/m-
5AngiePeppermint LumpStiffBUY 51$12ukpsm-/m-
6Any Trouble2nd ChoiceStiffBUY 79$8ukpsvg+/vg++
7Any Trouble2nd ChoiceStiffBUY 79$12ukpsm-/m-
8Any TroubleGirls Are Always RightStiffBUY 94$12ukpsm-/m-
9Any TroubleTrouble With LoveStiffBUY 119$12ukpsm-/m-
10Any TroubleTrouble With LoveStiffBUY 119$10ukpsvg++/m-
11Any TroubleYesterday's LoveStiffBUY 74$10ukpsvg+/m-
12AstronautsI'm Your AstronautStiffBUY 145$10ukps/green vinylm-/m-
13Belle Stars80's RomanceStiff106616$6gerpsm-/m-
14Belle StarsAnother Latin Love SongStiffBUY 130$10ukpsm-/m-
15Belle StarsApril FoolStiffPBUY 174$10ukpicture discm-
16Belle StarsSign Of the TimesStiffPBUY 167$10ukpicture discm-
17Belle StarsThe Clapping SongStiffBUY 155$2ukwolvg+
18Belle StarsThe Clapping SongStiffBUY 155$6ukpsm-/m-
19Billy BremnerLaughter Turns To TearsStiffBUY 143$10ukpsm-/m-
20Billy BremnerLoud Music In CarsStiffBUY 125$15ukpsm-/m-
21Binky Baker & the Pit OrchestraToe Knee Black BurnStiffBUY 41$20ukpsm-/m-
22Box TopsCry Like A BabyStiffBUY 28$6ukpsvg+/vg++
23Box TopsCry Like A BabyStiffBUY 28$10ukpsm-/m-
24Children of 7SolidarityStiffSOL 1$8ukpsm-/m-
25DamnedDon't Cry WolfStiffBUY 24$20ukpink vinylvg++
26DamnedDon't Cry WolfStiffBUY 24$25ukpink vinylm-
27DamnedNeat Neat NeatStiffBUY 10$60ukps/solid centre/laminated slv/Island logo on slvm-/m-
28DamnedNew RoseStiffBUY 6$12ukpsm-/m-
29DamnedNew RoseStiffBUY 6$10ukps/solid centrevg/m-
30DamnedNew RoseStiffBUY 6$60ukps/push out centre/Delga creditm-/m-
31DamnedProblem ChildStiffBUY 18$12ukps/solid centrem-/m-
32DamnedProblem ChildStiffBUY 18$25ukps/push out centrem-/m-
33Dave Stewart & Barbara GaskinJohnny RoccoStiffBROKEN 3$6swpsm-/m-
34Davey PayneSaxophone ManStiffHORN 1$20ukpsm-/m-
35Department SIs Vic HereStiffVG 108$20frapsm-/m-
36Dept SI WantStiffBUY 128$10ukpsm-/m-
37Devo(I Can't Get Me No) Satisfaction Stiff/BoojiBOY 1$30ukpsm-/m-
38Devo(I Can't Get Me No) Satisfaction Stiff/BoojiBOY 1$25ukpsvg++/m-
39DevoBe StiffStiffBOY 2$25ukclear yellow vinylm-
40DevoBe StiffStiffBOY 2$25ukclear grey vinylm-
41DevoBe StiffStiffBOY 2$20ukpsm-/m-
42DevoBe StiffStiffBOY 2$35ukps/clear grey vinylm-/m-
43Dirty LooksLet GoStiffBUY 77$20ukpsm-/m-
44Dirty LooksLie To MeStiffBUY 66$20ukpsm-/m-
45Dirty LooksTailin' YouStiffBUY 89$20ukpsm-/m-
46DuplicatesI Want To Make You Very HappyStiffBUY 54$12uk vg++
47Elvis CostelloAlisonStiffBUY 14$10uk m-
48Elvis CostelloAlisonStiffBUY 14$12ukpsm-/vg++
49Elvis CostelloAlisonStiffBUY 14$15ukpsm-/m-
50Elvis CostelloLess Than ZeroStiffBUY 11$8uk vg++
51Elvis CostelloLess Than ZeroStiffBUY 11$10uk m-
52Elvis CostelloLess Than ZeroStiffBUY 11$12ukpsm-/vg++
53Elvis CostelloLess Than ZeroStiffBUY 11$15ukpsm-/m-
54Elvis CostelloLess Than ZeroStiffBUY 11$12ukpsm-/vg++
55Elvis CostelloRed ShoesStiffBUY 15$10uk m-
56Elvis CostelloWatching the DetectivesStiffBUY 20$10uk m-
57Elvis CostelloWatching the DetectivesStiffBUY 20$15swpsm-/m-
58Ernie GrahamRomeo And the Lonely GirlStiffOFF 2$10ukpsvg++/vg+
59Ernie GrahamRomeo And the Lonely GirlStiffOFF 2$18ukpsm-/m-
60Evrol CampbellNearest To My HeartStiffBUY 173$6ukpsm-/m-
61FeeliesExtracts from "Crazy Rythms"Stiff $15ukflexivg++
62G.T.'sBoys Have Feelings TooStiffBUY 60$15ukpsm-/m-
63Graham ParkerLove Without GreedStiffBUY 82$10uk m-/m-
64Graham Parker StupefactionStiffBUY 72$10ukpsm-/m-
65Humphrey Ocean & Hardy AnnualsWhoops A DaisyStiffBUY 29$10ukwhite vinylm-
66Humphrey Ocean & Hardy AnnualsWhoops A DaisyStiffBUY 29$10ukpsm-/m-
67Ian DurySex & Drugs & Rock & RollStiffBUY 17$15ukpsm-/m-
68Ian DurySex & Drugs & Rock & RollStiffBUY 17$20norps/yellow slvm-/m-
69Ian DuryWhat A WasteStiffBUY 27$6uk m-
70Ian DuryWhat A WasteStiffBUY 27$10ukpsm-/m-
71Ian Dury Sex & Drugs & Rock & RollStiffBUY 17$10uk m-
72Ian Dury & the BlockheadsHit Me With Your Rhythm StickStiffBUY 38$10ukpsm-/m-
73Ian Dury & the BlockheadsI Want To Be StraightStiffBUY 90$10ukpsm-/m-
74Ian Dury & the BlockheadsReasons To Be Cheerful Part 3StiffBUY 50$10ukpsm-/m-
75Ian Dury & the BlockheadsSex & Drugs & Rock & RollStiffFREEBIE 1$15uk m-
76Ian Dury & the BlockheadsSuperman's Big SisterStiffBUY 100$10ukpsm-/m-
77Ian Dury & the BlockheadsSweet Gene VincentStiffBUY 23$10uk m-
78Ian Dury & the BlockheadsSweet Gene VincentStiffCOU-B/BUY 23$25fraps/clear yellow vinylm-/m-
79Ian Dury & the BlockheadsWake UpStiffSRS 510082$20holpsm-/m-
80Jane Aire & the BelvederesI Close My Eyes And Count To TenStiffBUY 147$6ukpsm-/m-
81Jane Aire & the BelvederesYankee WheelsStiffBUY 26$20frayellow vinyl/damaged label on b-sidevg+
82Jane Aire & the BelvederesYankee WheelsStiffBUY 26$2ukpsvg/vg++
83Jane Aire & the BelvederesYankee WheelsStiffBUY 26$6ukpsm-/m-
84Jill ReadMaybeStiff2C006-99081$30frapsm-/m-
85Jill ReadMaybeStiffSRS 510039$25holpsm-/m-
86Joe King Carrasco & the CrownsBuenaStiffBUY 88$10ukpsm-/m-
87Jona LewieHallelujah EuropaStiff612391$15gerpsvg++/m-
88Jona LewieI Think I'll Get My Hair CutStiffBUY 139$10ukpsm-/m-
89Jona LewieI Think I'll Get My Hair CutStiffBUY 139$8ukpsvg++/vg++
90Jona LewieLouise (We Get It Right)StiffBUY DJ 110$15ukps/demovg+/vg++
91Jona LewieLove DetonatorStiffBUY 170$10ukpsm-/m-
92Jona LewieLove DetonatorStiffBUY 170$8ukpsm-/vg++
93Jona LewieRe-Arranging the Deckchairs On the TitanicStiffBUY 131$6ukpsvg+/vg++
94Jona LewieRe-Arranging the Deckchairs On the TitanicStiffBUY 131$8ukpsvg++/vg++
95Jona LewieStop the CavalryStiffBUY 104$10ukpsm-/m-
96Jona LewieThe Baby She's On the StreetStiffBUY 30$10ukpsm-/m-
97Jona LewieThe Baby She's On the StreetStiffBUY 30$8ukpsvg++/vg++
98Just WaterSingin' In the RainStiffBUY 31$10uk m-
99Just WaterSingin' In the RainStiffBUY 31$15ukpsm-/m-
100King KurtDestination Zulu LandStiffDBUY 189$15ukshaped picture discm-
101Kirsty MacCollThey Don't KnowStiffBUY 47$10ukpsm-/m-
102Kirsty MacCollThey Don't KnowStiffP-BUY 47$15ukpicture discm-
103Larry WallisPolice CarStiffBUY 22$8uk vg+
104Larry WallisPolice CarStiffBUY 22$15ukpsm-/vg++
105Larry WallisPolice CarStiffBUY 22$18ukpsm-/m-
106Lene LovichAngelsStiffBUY 63$10ukpsm-/m-
107Lene LovichBird SongStiffBUY 53$10ukpsm-/m-
108Lene LovichBird SongStiffBUY 53$12swpsm-/m-
109Lene LovichI Think We're Alone Now StiffBUY 32$10ukpsm-/m-
110Lene LovichI Think We're Alone Now (Japanese)StiffBUY J32$6uk m-
111Lene LovichLucky NumberStiffBUY 42$6uk m-
112Lene LovichLucky NumberStiffBUY 42$10ukpsm-/m-
113Lene LovichNew ToyStiffBUY 97$10ukpsm-/m-
114Lene LovichSay WhenStiffBUY 46$10ukpsm-/m-
115Lene LovichWhat Will I Do Without YouStiffBUY 69$15ukps/2x45/gfldm-/m-
116Lew Lewis 1-30 2-30 3-35StiffBUY 68$15ukpsm-/m-
117Lew Lewis Lucky SevenStiffLEW 1$30uk m-
118Lew Lewis Lucky SevenStiffLEW 1$40ukpsm-/m-
119Lew Lewis & his bandBoogie On the StreetStiffBUY 5$15ukpsm-/m-
120Lew Lewis ReformerWin Or LoseStiffBUY 48$10ukpsm-/m-
121MadnessEmbarrassmentStiffBUY 102$10ukpsm-/m-
122MadnessOne Step BeyondStiffBUY 56$10ukpsm-/m-
123MadnessOur HouseStiffPBUY 163$10ukpicture discm-
124MadnessShut UpStiffBUY 126$8uk m-
125MadnessUn Paso Adelante (One Step Beyond)StiffMO 1922$25spapsm-/m-
126Max WallEngland's GloryStiffBUY 12$10ukpsm-/m-
127MembersSolitary ConfinementStiffOFF 3$40ukpsm-/m-
128Michael O'BrienMade In GermanyStiffBUY 58$10ukpsm-/m-
129Mick Farren & the DeviantsScrewed UpStiffCOU/B/LAST 4$25fraps/yellow vinylm-/vg+
130Mick Farren & the DeviantsScrewed UpStiffLAST 4$20ukpsm-/m-
131Mickey JuppOld Rock 'n' RollerStiff612390$20gerpsm-/m-
132Mickey JuppOld Rock 'n' RollerStiffBUY 36$12uk m-
133Mickey Jupp & LegendMy TypewriterStiffUPP 1$15uk m-
134Nick LoweBowiStiffLAST 1$15ukps/postcard incl.m-/m-
135Nick LoweBowiStiffLAST 1$10ukpsm-/m-
136Nick LoweHalfway To ParadiseStiffBUY 21$10uk m-
137Nick LoweHalfway To ParadiseStiffCOU/B/BUY 21$30fraps/clear yellow vinylm-/m-
138Nick LoweHeart Of the CityStiffSRS 510054$30holps/grey lblm-/m-
139Nick LoweSo It GoesStiffBUY 1$15uk m-
140Nick LoweSo It GoesStiffBUY 1$12uk vg++
141Nigel DixonThunderbirdStiffBUY 103$8ukps/prm-/m-
142Nigel DixonThunderbirdStiffBUY 103$8ukpsm-/m-
143Otis WatkinsYou Talk Too MuchStiffBUY 83$15ukpsm-/m-
144Pink FairiesBetween the LinesStiffBUY 2$18ukpsm-/vg++
145Pink FairiesBetween the LinesStiffBUY 2$20ukpsm-/m-
146PlasmaticsButcher BabyStiffBUY 76$10ukpsm-/m-
147PlasmaticsButcher BabyStiffBUY 76$15ukps/multi coloured vinylm-/m-
148PlasmaticsMonkey SuitStiffBUY 91$12ukps/multi coloured vinylm-/vg++
149Plummet AirlinesSilver ShirtStiffBUY 8$12ukpsm-/m-
150PoguesA Pair Of Brown EyesStiffBUY 220$15ukpsm-/m-
151PoguesDirty Old TownStiffBuy 229$20ukpsm-/m-
152PoguesSally MaclennaneStiffBUY 224$30ukps/poster slv/clear green vinylm-/m-
153PoguesSally MacLennaneStiffBUY 224$25ukps/poster slvm-/m-
154PoguesThe Boys From the Country HellStiffBUY 212$30ukpsm-/m-
155Pointed SticksOut Of LuckStiffBUY 59$40ukpsm-/m-
156Rachel SweetB-A-B-YStiffBUY 39$10uk m-
157Rachel SweetB-A-B-YStiffBUY 39$15ukpsm-/m-
158Rachel SweetBaby Let's Play HouseStiffBUY 55$10uk m-
159Rachel SweetI Go To PiecesStiffBUY 44$15ukpsm-/m-
160RealistsI've Got A HeartStiffOFF 4$15ukpsm-/m-
161Richard Hell (I Could Live With You In) Another WorldStiffBUY 7$80ukps/#1599/push out centrem-/vg++
162RoogalatorAll AboardStiffBUY 3$10ukpsm-/m-
163RumourMy Little Red BookStiffBUY 81$10ukpsm-/m-
164SportsWho Listens To the RadioStiffLAST 5$10ukpsvg+/vg++
165StiffsGoodbye My LoveStiffBUY 86$20ukpsm-/m-
166SubsGimme Your HeartStiffOFF 1$20ukpsm-/m-
167Sylvia & the SapphiresShopping AroundStiffBUY 154$4ukpsvg+/vg+
168Tenpole Tudor3 Bells In A RowStiffBUY 98$10ukpsm-/m-
169Tenpole TudorThe Swords Of A Thousand MenStiffBUY 109$10ukps/prm-/m-
170Tenpole TudorThrowing My Baby Out With the Bath WaterStiffBUY 129$10ukpsm-/m-
171Tommy ChaseKiller JoeStiffBUY 256$18ukpsvg++/m-
172Tracey UlmanMy Guy's...Mad At MeStiffBUY 197$6swpsm-/m-
173Tyla GangStyrofoamStiffBUY 4$15uk m-
174UntouchablesWhat's Gone WrongStiffBUY 240$6ukpsm-/m-
175Various: Adverts/Elvis Costello/Ian Dury/Damned etc.Excerpts From Stiff Greatest HitsStiffFREEB 2$20ukpromo only/company slvm-/m-
176Various: Elvis Costello/Ian Dury/Nick Lowe/Damned etc.Excerpts From Stiffs Greatest HitsStiffFREEB 2$15ukpromo onlym-
177Various: Damned/Motorhead/Nick Lowe/Pink Fairies etc.Stiff Box Set No. 1StiffBUY 1-10$75ukps/10x45's Boxm-/vg++
178Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$15uk m-
179Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#2686m-/m-
180Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#9409m-/m-
181Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#9405m-/m-
182Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#5420m-/m-
183Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#5419m-/m-
184Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#5418m-/m-
185Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#5416m-/m-
186Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#4807m-/m-
187Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#5404m-/m-
188Wayne KramerRamblin' RoseStiffwickDEA/SUK 1$20ukps/#4073m-/m-
189Wazmo NarizTele-Tele-TelephoneStiffBUY 33$15ukpsm-/m-
190Wreckless EricCrying Waiting HopingStiffBUY 40$15ukpsm-/m-
191Wreckless EricCrying Waiting HopingStiffBUY 40$12ukpsm-/vg++
192Wreckless EricHit And Miss JudyStiffBUY 49$10uk m-
193Wreckless EricHit And Miss JudyStiffBUY 49$12ukpsvg++/vg++
194Wreckless EricReconnez CherieStiffBUY 25$12ukpsm-/vg++
195Wreckless EricReconnez CherieStiffBUY 25$15ukpsm-/m-
196Wreckless EricTake the CashStiffBUY 34$10uk m-
197Wreckless EricWhole Wide WorldStiffBUY 16$10uk m-
198Wreckless EricWhole Wide WorldStiffBUY 16$15ukpsm-/m-
199YachtsSuffice To SayStiffBUY 19$12uk vg++
200YachtsSuffice To SayStiffBUY 19$15uk m-
201YachtsSuffice To SayStiffCOU/B/BUY 19$25fraps/clear yellow vinylm-/m-
202YelloI Love YouStiffBUY DJ 176$15ukps/demom-/m-
203YelloLost AgainStiffBUY DJ 191$15uk m-