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Stateside Records was started by EMI in 1962 taking over where Top Rank left off and was phased out by 1973 although the label was reactivated in the 80's as a re-issue label.

Stateside was EMI's answer to Decca's London label and released records licenced from labels such as A&M, Amy, Bell, 20th Century, Swan, Scepter, Vee-Jay, Tamla, Motown, Dunhill, New Voice etc.

The label was also very active in Europe also releasing recordings from Immediate, Bang etc.

With about 7-800 45's released during the 11 years the label scored many hits which also became their downfall as the labels the licenced from grew an appetite for their own label profile in the UK and Europe.

As with the London label Stateside is a very collectable label not least with their many fine Soul 45's

Here's a selection of interesting web sites:

Current stock of Stateside 45'S/EP'S/LP'S/MEMORABILIA/CASSETTES:


ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
 STATESIDE 45'S:       
15th DimensionLove's Lines Angles And RhymesStateside1J006-92388$20spapsvg++/vg+
2American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideKSS 6$15dkps/wocvg/vg+
3American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideKSS 6$25dkpsvg++/vg+
4American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideKSS 6$10dkpsvg/vg-
5American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideKSS 6$25dkpsvg+/vg++
6ArrowsTheme from the Wild AngelsStatesideKSS 1030$25sw vg++
7B. Bumble & the StingersNut RockerStatesideSS 2203$8uk vg+
8B.B. KingThe Thrill Is GoneStatesideSS 2161$15uk vg++
9Baltimore and Ohio Marching BandCondition RedStatesideSS 2065$150swpsm-/m-
10Baltimore and Ohio Marching BandCondition RedStatesideSS 2065$140swpsvg++/vg++
11Beach BoysDon't Go Near the WaterStatesideSS 2194$25dkps/solvg++/vg++
12Beach BoysIt's About TimeStatesideSS 2181$35dkpsm-/vg++
13Beach BoysLong Promise RoadStatesideSS 2190$10dk vg+
14Betty EverettBetter Tomorrow Than TodayStatesideKSS 1089$30sw vg++
15Big Dee IrwinSomeday You'll Understand WhyStatesideSS 261$15sw vg+
16Big Dee IrwinSomeday You'll Understand WhyStatesideSS 261$12swnocvg+
17Bob Crewe GenerationMusic To Watch Girls ByStatesideSS 582$30ukdemom-
18Bob Crewe GenerationMusic To Watch Girls ByStatesideSS 582$15swpsvg/vg
19Bob Crewe GenerationMusic To Watch Girls ByStatesideSS 582$20swpsvg+/vg+
20Box TopsChoo Choo TrainStatesideKSS 1045$18swpsvg+/vg+
21Box TopsCry Like A BabyStatesideKSS 1038$20swps/wocvg++/vg++
22Box TopsNeon RainbowStatesideKSS 1032$18swpsvg+/vg++
23Box TopsNeon RainbowStatesideLSS 616$25spapsvg+/vg+
24Box TopsNeon RainbowStatesideSS 2070$25ukdemom-
25Box TopsNeon RainbowStatesideSS 2070$10dkpsvg-/vg-
26Box TopsNeon RainbowStatesideSS 2070$18dkpsvg++/vg+
27Box TopsThe LetterStatesideSS 2044$12dkpsvg/vg+
28Box TopsThe LetterStatesideSS 2044$15swpsvg+/vg+
29Box TopsThe LetterStatesideSS 2044$15swps/solvg++/vg+
30Box TopsThe LetterStatesideSS 2044$12dkpsvg+/vg
31Box TopsThe LetterStatesideSS 2044$12uk vg++
32Bruce ChannelKeep OnStatesideKSS 1041$30swpsm-/m-
33Bruce ChannelMr. Bus DriverStatesideKSS 1068$35swpsm-/vg++
34BuckinghamsKind Of A DragStatesideSS 588$50ukdemom-
35BuckinghamsLawdy Miss ClawdyStatesideSS 2011$50dkpsm-/m-
36BuckinghamsLawdy Miss ClawdyStatesideSS 2011$50ukdemom-
37ChiffonsHe's So FineStatesideSS 172$12uksold in
38ChiffonsSweet Talkin' GuyStatesideSS 512$12uk vg+
39Chris FarloweOut Of TimeStatesideKSS 1024$15swsolvg+
40ClassicsTill ThenStatesideSS 215$25uknocvg-
41Cliff Adams OrchestraTake Oh Take Those Lips AwayStatesideKSS 1082$10sw m-
42Crazy ElephantDark Part Of My MindStatesideKSS 1084$25sw vg++
43Crazy ElephantGimme Gimme Good Lovin'StatesideKSS 1084$18swpsm-/vg++
44Cupids InspirationLook At MeStatesideKSS 1099$25sw m-
45Daddy DewdropChick-A-Boom (Don't Ya Jes' Love It)StatesideSS 2187$15dkps/nocvg+/vg+
46Date With SoulYes Sir That's My BabyStatesideSS 2062$130uk vg++
47Dave DudleySix Days On the RoadStatesideKSS 1010$25swpsvg++/vg++
48Dave DudleySix Days On the RoadStatesideKSS 1010$30swpsm-/m-
50DawnI Play And SingStateside4C006-92334$12belps/wocvg/vg
51Dean & JeanHey Jean Hey DeanStatesideSS 283$25uk vg+
52Dean & JeanHey Jean Hey DeanStatesideSS 283$40ukdemo/nocm-
53Dean & JeanTra-La-La-La-La SuzyStatesideSS 249$18dkpsvg/vg
54Dean & JeanTra-La-La-La-La SuzyStatesideSS 249$25dkpsvg+/vg+
55Del ShannonHandy ManStatesideKSS 1011$8swnocvg
56Del ShannonHandy ManStatesideKSS 1011$18swps/wocvg/vg+
57Del ShannonI Can't Believe My EarsStatesideSS 494$18uk vg+
58Del ShannonKeep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)StatesideSS 368$4uk vg
59DionLittle DianeStatesideKSS 115$35dkps/solvg+/vg+
60DionLittle DianeStatesideKSS 115$40dkpsvg+/vg+
61DionLove Came To MeStateside45SS-139$15uk vg++
62DionSandyStatesideSS 161$50swpsvg++/m-
63DionSandyStatesideSS 161$25swpsvg/vg
64DionSandyStatesideSS 161$30dk/swpsvg+/vg
65DionSandyStatesideSS 161$40dk/swps/nocvg/m-
66EarlsRemember ThenStatesideSS 153$45sw vg+
67Eddie RambeauSummertime GuyStateside45SS-116$20uk vg++
68Edison LighthouseWhat's HappeningStatesideTSS 4093$15tur m-
69Enchanted ForestYou're Never Gonna Get My Lovin'StatesideSS 2080$40uk vg++
70Enchanted ForestYou're Never Gonna Get My Lovin'StatesideSS 2080$50ukdemom-
71EqualsBaby Come BackStatesideKSS 8$25dkps/solm-/m-
72EqualsBaby Come BackStatesideKSS 8$25dkpsvg++/vg++
73EqualsLaurel And HardyStatesideKSS 10$18dkpsm-/vg+
74EqualsLaurel And HardyStatesideKSS 10$30dkpsm-/m-
75EqualsMichael And the Slipper TreeStatesideKSS 16$6dknoc/solvg
76EsquiresAnd Get AwayStatesideKSS 1033$30sw vg++
77EsquiresAnd Get AwayStatesideKSS 1033$35sw m-
78Finion's ComboWorking On A Brand New HeartacheStatesideFSS 537$25fra vg-
79FireballsBottle Of WineStatesideSS 2095$15swps/wocvg+/vg+
80FireballsBottle Of WineStatesideSS 2095$25dkpsm-/m-
81FireballsBottle Of WineStatesideSS 2095$20ukdemom-
82FireballsBottle Of WineStatesideSS 2095$6dk vg
83FireballsBottle Of WineStatesideSS 2095$10dkpsvg/vg-
84FireballsChicken LittleStatesideKSS 1052$30swpsm-/m-
85FireballsGroovy MotionsStatesideSS 2106$10dk vg
86FireballsGroovy MotionsStatesideSS 2106$30dkpsm-/m-
87FireballsLong GreenStatesideKSS 1079$4swnocvg
88Five AmericansSound Of LoveStatesideSS 2036$12uk vg+
89Five AmericansSound Of LoveStatesideSS 2036$15ukdemo/wolvg
90Five AmericansWestern UnionStatesideSS 2012$20sw m-
91FlameSee the LightStatesideSS 2183$18uk vg+
92Four SeasonsSherryStateside45-SS 122$2uk g
93Freddy CannonThe Ups And Downs Of LoveStatesideSS 183$8ukwol/solvg
94Gary U.S. BondsI'm That Kind Of GuyStatesideKSS 3$30dkpsm-/m-
95Gene PitneyBackstageStatesideSS 490$4uknocvg
96Gene PitneyI'm Gonna Be StrongStatesideSS 358$2uk g
97Gene PitneyJust One SmileStatesideSS 558$4uk vg-
98Gene PitneyJust One SmileStatesideSS 558$4uknocvg
99Gene PitneyJust One SmileStatesideSS 558$6uk vg
100Gene PitneyNobody Needs Your LoveStatesideSS 518$8uk vg+
101Gene PitneyShady LadyStatesideSS 2177$10uk vg++
102Gene PitneySomething's Gotten Hold Of My HeartStatesideSS 2060$8uk vg+
103Gene PitneySomething's Gotten Hold Of My HeartStatesideSS 2060$10uk vg++
104Grass RootsBaby Hold OnStateside6E006-91480$20dkpsm-/m-
105Grass RootsHeaven KnowsStatesideSS 8033$15uksample sticker on lblm-
106Grass RootsI'd Wait A Million YearsStatesideKSS 1095$10swps/noc/wol/wocvg/vg+
107Grass RootsTo Wait A Million YearsStatesideSS 8029$8uksolvg
108Henry ShedBend Me Shape MeStatesideSS 2198$15uk vg+
109Isley BrothersWas It Good To YouStatesideSS 2162$8uknocvg
110James & Bobby PurifyI'm Your PuppetStatesideSS 547$40uk vg++
111James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$15swnocm-
112James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$30swpsm-/m-
113James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$20swps/wocvg+/vg+
114James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$20swpsvg/vg++
115JaynettsSally Go 'Round the RosesStatesideKSS 1005$25sw vg+
116Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.StatesideKSS 1057$18swpsm-/vg++
117Jeannie C. RileyHarper Valley P.T.A.StatesideKSS 11$20dkpsm-/m-
118Jimmy Gilmer & the FireballsShe Belongs To MeStatesideSS 472$15uk vg+
119Jimmy JamesA Man Like MeStatesideSS 2209$25ukwolvg+
120Joe CockerThe LetterStateside2C006-91481$18frapsvg++/vg+
121John FordIt's Allright BillStateside1J006-94878$20spapsvg+/vg+
122John PhillipsMississippiStateside4E006-91446$8swnocvg+
123John PhillipsMississippiStateside4E006-91446$15swps/wocvg+/vg+
124John PhillipsMississippiStateside4E006-91446$25swpsvg++/vg++
125John PhillipsMississippiStateside4E006-91446$18swpsvg+/vg+
126John RowlesHush Not A Word To MaryStatesideKSS 1046$15dkpsvg++/vg+
127John RowlesHush Not A Word To MaryStatesideKSS 1046$25swpsm-/vg++
128John RowlesIf I Only Had TimeStatesideKSS 1043$10swpsvg/vg
129John RowlesIf I Only Had TimeStatesideKSS 1043$15dkpsvg+/vg+
130John RowlesIf I Only Had TimeStatesideLSS 622$18spapsvg++/vg+
131John RowlesIt Takes A Fool Like MeStateside6E006-90428$25dkpsm-/vg++
132John RowlesOne DayStatesideKSS 1085$15swpsvg+/vg+
133John RowlesOne DayStatesideKSS 15$12dkps/tocvg+/vg+
134John RowlesOne DayStatesideKSS 15$12dkps/wocvg+/vg+
135John RowlesOne DayStatesideSSL 424$18spapsvg+/vg++
136John RowlesSay GoodbyeStatesideKSS 13$15dkps/wocvg+/vg+
137John RowlesThe Pain Goes On ForeverStatesideKSS 12$12dkpsvg+/vg
138John RowlesThe Pain Goes On ForeverStatesideKSS 12$25dkpsm-/vg++
139Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$20dkpsvg++
140Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$25dkps/nocvg++/vg
141Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$15dkps/soc/wocvg/vg
142Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$25dkps/solvg+/vg+
143Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$45dkpsm-/vg++
144Johnny ThunderLoop de LoopStateside45-SS 149$15uk vg+
145Kirby St. RomainSummer's Comin'StatesideSS 199$8uknocvg
146Lalo SchifrinMission ImpossibleStatesideTSS 4144$25turps/wol/wocvg/vg-
147Leapy LeeHere Comes the RainStatesideKSS 1073$15dkpsvg+/vg+
148Leapy LeeLittle ArrowsStatesideKSS 1053$10sw m-
149Leapy LeeLittle ArrowsStatesideKSS 1053$18dkpsm-/vg++
150Leapy LeeSomeone's In LoveStateside4E006-90717$20swpsm-/m-
151Lee DorseyCan You Hear MeStatesideKSS 1042$25swpsvg+/vg++
152Lee DorseyCan You Hear MeStatesideKSS 1042$35swps/nocm-/vg++
153Lee DorseyGo-Go GirlStatesideSS 2055$30swpsm-/vg++
154Lee DorseyHoly CowStatesideSS 552$20swpsvg+/vg++
155Lee DorseyHoly CowStatesideSS 552$25swpsvg++/m-
156Lee DorseyHoly CowStatesideSS 552$30swpsm-/m-
157Lee DorseyRide Your PonyStatesideSS 441$12uknocvg+
158Lee DorseyWorking In the CoalmineStatesideSS 528$30dkpsm-/m-
159Lee DorseyWorking In the CoalmineStatesideSS 528$15dkpsvg+/vg
160Lee DorseyWorking In the CoalmineStatesideSS 528$12dkps/wocvg+/vg
161Lee DorseyWorking In the CoalmineStatesideSS 528$10dkpsvg/vg-
162Little RichardWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnStatesideSS 340$12uk vg+
163Little Richard & Jimi HendrixLawdy Miss ClaudieStateside1C006-93898$30gerpsm-/vg++
164Lonnie MackWham!StatesideSS 226$40uk vg++
165Louis ArmstrongThe Sunshine Of LoveStatesideSS 2116$20ukdemom-
166Mama CassCalifornia EartquakeStatesideKSS 1060$20swpsm-/m-
167Mama CassNew World ComingStateside4E006-91121$20swpsm-/m-
168Mama Cass ElliotMake Your Own Kind Of MusicStateside4E006-90708$15swps/wocvg+/vg++
169Mama Cass ElliotNew World ComingStatesideSS 8039$20ukdemom-
170Mamas and PapasYou BabyStatesideSS 8009$20ukdemom-
171Martha & the VandellasDancing In the StreetStatesideSS 345$25uknocvg+
172Martha & the VandellasDancing In the StreetStatesideSS 345$45uk vg++
173Martha & the VandellasDancing In the StreetStatesideSS 345$40uk vg+
174Marvin GayeCan I Get A WitnessStatesideSS 243$125uk m-
175Mary WellsAin't It the TruthStatesideSS 372$30uk vg++
176Mary WellsMy GuyStatesideSS 288$4swnocvg-
177Mary WellsMy GuyStatesideSS 288$8uk vg+
178McCoysHang On SloopyStatesideMSS 2104$10nzwolvg-
179Merrilee RushReach OutStatesideHSS 1326$25holpsvg+/vg+
180Merrilee RushReap What You SowStatesideHSS 1278$15hol vg
181Merrilee Rush & the TurnaboutsThat Kind Of WomanStatesideKSS 1055$15swps/socvg/vg
182MetersSophisticated CissyStatesideSS 2140$35ukdemom-
183Miss XChristineStatesideQSS 1022$20itaps/tocvg-/vg-
184Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideKSS 4$50dkpsm-/m-
185Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideKSS 4$30dkpsvg+/vg+
186Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideSS 2063$45uk vg++
187Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideKSS 4$50dkpsm-/m-
188Mitch RyderYou Are My SunshineStatesideSS 2075$25uk vg++
189Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss MollyStatesideSS 549$25uknocm-
190Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsJoyStatesideSS 2037$20dkpsvg+/vg+
191Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsJoyStatesideSS 2037$30dkpsm-/m-
192Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsJoyStatesideSS 2037$25dkpsvg++/vg+
193Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$20swpsvg++/vg+
194Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$30swpsm-/m-
195Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$12sw vg++
196MurmaidsPopsicles And IciclesStatesideSS 247$40uk m-
197Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$25uknocvg+
198Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$30uk vg+
199Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$40uk m-
200Neil DiamondBrother Love's Travelling Salvation ShowStatesideKSS 1090$20swpsvg++/vg+
201Neil DiamondBrother Love's Travelling Salvation ShowStatesideKSS 1090$25swpsm-/m-
202Neil DiamondHolly HolyStateside4E006-90915$8swps/nocg/vg
203Neil DiamondSweet CarolineStateside6E006-90423$15dkpsvg+/vg+
204Neil DiamondSweet CarolineStateside6E006-90423$25dkpsm-/m-
205Nellie Lutcher & Nat King ColeFor You My LoveStatesideCL 351$10ukpsvg/vg++
206Norma TanegaWalkin' My Cat Named DogStatesideSS 496$20dkps/soc/wocm-/vg+
207Norma TanegaWalkin' My Cat Named DogStatesideSS 496$30dkpsm-/m-
208O'KaysionsGirl WatcherStatesideSS 2126$8dk vg
209Partridge FamilyI Think I Love YouStatesideTSS 4071$15tur vg++
210Paul DavisI Go CrazyStatesideOSS 11609$8aussolvg++
211PeddlersWorking AgainStateside5C006-91981$25holpsvg+/vg++
212PeelsJuanita BananaStatesideSS 513$15dkpsvg+/vg+
213Peggy Scott & Jo Jo BensonLover's HolidayStatesideKSS 1050$6swnocvg+
214Peggy Scott & Jo Jo BensonLover's HolidayStatesideKSS 1050$15sw m-
215Peggy Scott & Jo Jo BensonSoulshakeStatesideKSS 1077$20sw m-
216Peter GordenoMy Girl MariaStatesideKSS 1081$8sw vg+
217PicardyMontageStatesideSS 8004$30ukdemovg++
218Ray CharlesSweet Young Thing Like YouStatesideSS 2132$25swpsm-/m-
219Roberta SherwoodYou Always Hurt the One You LoveStateside45-SS 154$12ukdemovg
220Rockin FooRochester RiverStatesideSS 2168$15uksolvg++
221Rocky FellersKiller JoeStatesideSS 175$10uk vg-
222Ronnie DoveCryStatesideSS 571$20dkpsvg+/vg+
223Ronnie DoveCryStatesideSS 571$30dkpsm-/vg++
224Ronnie DoveCryStatesideSS 571$25dkpsm-/vg+
225Ronny and the DaytonasSandyStatesideHSS 1130$20holnocvg+
226Royal GuardsmenAirplane Song (My Airplane)StatesideSS 2035$10uk vg++
227Royal GuardsmenAirplane Song (My Airplane)StatesideSS 2035$15dkpsvg/vg++
228Royal GuardsmenAirplane Song (My Airplane)StatesideSS 2035$20ukdemom-
229Royal GuardsmenSnoopy Vs the Red BaronStatesideSS 574$6dk vg+
230Royal GuardsmenSnoopy Vs the Red BaronStatesideSS 574$6sw vg+
231Royal GuardsmenSnoopy Vs the Red BaronStatesideSS 574$15dkpsvg+/vg+
232Royal GuardsmenSnoopy Vs the Red BaronStatesideSS 574$25dkpsvg++/m-
233Royal GuardsmenSnoopy Vs the Red BaronStatesideSS 574$4uk vg
234Royal GuardsmenThe Return Of the Red BaronStatesideSS 2010$12dkps/wocvg+/vg
235S. Jay & Pete Diaz with the NanasThe FoolStatesideTSS 4117$12tur vg+
236S.C.I. Youth ChoirO Happy DayStateside1J006-90360$18spapsvg++/m-
237S.C.I. Youth ChoirO Happy DayStatesideSS 8019$10swps/wocvg+/vg
238SheepHide And SeekStatesideSS 493$35uk vg+
239ShirellesDon't Say Goodnight And Mean GoodbyeStatesideSS 213$30uk m-
240ShirellesEverybody Loves A LoverStateside45-SS 152$10uk vg
241ShirellesEverybody Loves A LoverStateside45-SS 152$15uk vg+
242ShirellesFoolish Little GirlStatesideSS 181$20uk vg+
243ShirellesFoolish Little GirlStatesideSS 181$15uk vg
244Show StoppersAin't Nothing But A House PartyStatesideKSS 9$30dkpsvg++/vg+
245Slim HarpoBaby Scratch My BackStatesideSS 491$35uk vg+
246SmithWhat Am I Gonna DoStateside6E006-91514$8dk vg+
247SmithWhat Am I Gonna DoStateside6E006-91514$12dkps/sol/wocvg+/vg+
248SmithWhat Am I Gonna DoStateside6E006-91514$15dkpsvg+/vg+
249SmithWhat Am I Gonna DoStatesideSS 8055$10uk vg++
250SteppenwolfBorn To Be WildStatesideSS 8017$25ukdemom-
251SteppenwolfHey Lawdy MamaStateside4E006-91371$12swpsvg/vg+
252SteppenwolfHey Lawdy MamaStateside6E006-91371$25dkpsm-/m-
253SteppenwolfMagic Carpet RideStatesideSS 8003$30dkpsm-/m-
254SteppenwolfScreaming Night HawkStatesideSS 8056$8uk vg+
255SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$8dkps/nocg/vg
256SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$15dkps/wocvg+/vg+
257SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$15uksold in
258SupremesCome See About MeStatesideKSS 1013$25dkpsvg/vg++
259SupremesCome See About MeStatesideKSS 1013$12dkps/wocvg-/vg-
260SupremesCome See About MeStatesideSS 376$30uksold in
261SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$25dkpsvg/vg++
262SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$10dkps/wocg/vg+
263SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$12dkps/wocvg/vg
264SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$20uksolvg++
265SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$4dk vg
266SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$15dkpsvg/vg
267SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$6dk vg+
268Syndicate of SoundLittle GirlStatesideSS 523$50uk vg++
269T. RexHot LoveStateside4E006-92387$25swpsvg+/vg+
270T. RexHot LoveStateside6E006-92387$25dkpsvg+/vg++
271Tee-SetLittle LadyStatesideTSS 4106$20tur m-
272Terry StaffordHeartache On the WayStatesideSS 225$30sw m-
273Thelma HoustonJumpin' Jack FlashStatesideSS 8026$12sw vg+
274Thelma HoustonSave the CountryStatesideSS 8036$8uk vg+
275Thelma HoustonSave the CountryStatesideSS 8036$10uk vg++
276Three Dog NightChest FeverStatesideSS 8020$20swpsm-/m-
277Three Dog NightEasy To Be HardStatesideSS 8024$4uknocvg+
278Three Dog NightEli's ComingStatesideSS 8030$8swps/wocvg/vg
279Three Dog NightMama Told Me (Not To Come)Stateside1C006-91579$15gerps/socm-/vg+
280Three Dog NightMama Told Me Not To ComeStatesideSS 8052$6ukorange lbl/wolvg
281Three Dog NightMama Told Me Not To ComeStatesideSS 8052$18ukdemo/orange lblvg++
282Three Dog NightOut In the CountryStateside1C006-91795$15gerpsvg++/vg+
283Three Dog NightOut In the CountryStateside1C006-91795$10gerpsvg/vg+
284Tommy RoeDizzyStatesideKSS 1080$25swpsvg++/m-
285Tommy RoeDizzyStatesideSS 2143$10uk vg++
286Tommy RoeJack And JillStatesideKSS 1098$18swps/demo sticker on lblvg+/vg+
287Tommy RoePearlStatesideSS 2174$20ukdemom-
288Tommy RoeStir It Up And Serve ItStatesideSS 2165$20ukdemom-
289ToysA Lovers ConcertoStatesideSS 460$4uknocvg-
290ToysA Lovers ConcertoStatesideSS 460$15sw vg++
291ToysA Lovers ConcertoStatesideSS 460$20swps/noc/wocvg+/vg+
292ToysA Lovers ConcertoStatesideSS 460$12uk vg+
293ToysA Lovers ConcertoStatesideSS 460$6uk vg-
294ToysA Lovers ConcertoStatesideSS 460$18uk m-
295ToysAttackStatesideSS 483$50swpsm-/m-
296Tracey DeyGonna Get Along Without You NowStatesideSS 287$40uk vg++
297Tracey DeyGonna Get Along Without You NowStatesideSS 287$18uknocvg
298TrashmenBad NewsStatesideKSS 1012$90swpsvg++/vg++
299TrashmenBird Dance BeatStatesideSS 276$40swpsvg/vg-
300TrashmenSurfin' BirdStatesideSS 255$30dk vg
301TrashmenSurfin' BirdStatesideSS 255$45swpsvg/vg
302TrashmenSurfin' BirdStatesideSS 255$75sw m-
303TrashmenSurfin' BirdStatesideSS 255$50swps/purple slvvg/vg+
304TrashmenSurfin' BirdStatesideSS 255$20dk vg-
305TrashmenSurfin' BirdStatesideSS 255$45swps/blue slvvg/vg
306TrashmenSurfin' BirdStatesideSS 255$75dk/swps/green slvvg+/vg++
307Vicki LawrenceHe Did With MeStatesideSS 2215$25ukdemovg++
308Vicki LawrenceThe Night the Lights Went Out In GeorgiaStateside1C006-94296$18gerpsvg+/vg+
309Vicki LawrenceThe Night the Lights Went Out In GeorgiaStateside6C006-94296$25dkpsm-/vg++
310Aaron NevilleTell It Like It IsStatesideSS 584$18dkps/nocvg+/vg-
311Aaron NevilleTell It Like It IsStatesideSS 584$10dknoc/solvg
312Aaron NevilleTell It Like It IsStatesideSS 584$45uknocm-
313Aaron NevilleTell It Like It IsStatesideSS 584$50uk m-
314Aaron NevilleTell It Like It IsStatesideSS 584$18dkps/noc/wocvg+/vg
1B. Bumble & the StingersThe Piano Stylings Of B. BumbleStatesideSE 1001$75ukgreen/black lblvg++/vg++
2Del ShannonDel Shannon's HitsStatesideSE 1029$50uknocvg++/vg++
3Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsRidin'StatesideSE 1039$55ukgreen/black lbl/nocvg+/vg+
4Ray CharlesGreatest Hits 3StatesideKSE 1003$15sw vg+/vg+
1Baltimore & Ohio Marching BandLaplandStatesideSSL 10231$40ukgreen/black lblvg++/vg+
2Beach BoysSunflowerStatesideSSLA 8251$40dk/ukgfldvg++/vg++
3Beach BoysSunflowerStatesideSSLA 8251$50ukgfldm-/vg++
4Beach BoysSurf's UpStatesideSSL 10313$30dk/uk vg+/vg++
5Bill Marx TrioMy Son the Folk SwingerStatesideSL 10063$40ukgreen/black lblvg++/vg+
6Black NativityGospel On BroadwayStatesideSL 10026$30ukgreen/black lblvg+/vg+
7Bobby WomackCheck It OutStatesideSSL 6013$30uk m-/m-
8Box TopsThe Letter/Neon RainbowStatesideSSL 10218$35dk/uk vg+/vg+
9Box TopsThe Letter/Neon RainbowStatesideSSL 10218$60dk/uk m-/m-
10Brother Jack McDuff QuartetThe DynamicStatesideSL 10101$50ukgreen/black lbl/wocm-/vg++
11Ernie K-DoeMother-In-LawStatesideSSL 6012$35uk m-/m-
12Fats DominoBest OfStateside5C054-90934$20dk/hol m-/m-
13FireballsBottle Of WineStatesideSSSX 340702$20dk/fra vg/vg+
14Gene PitneyBest OfStateside5C054-90255$20hol m-/vg++
15Gene PitneyGolden GreatsStatesideSSL 10216$10ukgreen/black lblvg-/vg
16Gene PitneyLooking Thru the Eyes Of LoveStatesideSL 10148$40ukgreen/black lblvg++/vg++
17Gene PitneyPitney TodayStatesideSL 10242$35ukgreen/black lblm-/vg++
18Gene PitneySameStateside5C050-93116$20hol vg+/vg+
19Gene PitneySings the Great Songs Of Our TimeStatesideSL 10156$45ukgreen/black lblvg++/vg++
20George JonesI'll Share My World With YouStatesideSSL 10308$75uksigned by Tammy Wynettevg++/vg+
21George JonesWe Found Heaven Right Here On Earth At "4033"StatesideSL 10195$20uk vg/vg+
22Inez & Charlie FoxxBest OfStatesideSSL 6000$25uk m-/vg+
23Jimi HendrixEarly Jimi Hendrix Vol. IIStateside5C052-92031$35dk/hol m-/vg++
24Jimmy McCracklinBlues & SoulStatesideSSL 6007$30uk m-/vg+
25John RowlesSameStatesideSLSL 60006$20spa vg/vg
26Lee DorseyRide Your PonyStatesideSL 10177$30ukgreen/black lblvg+/vg+
27Lee DorseyRide Your PonyStatesideSSL 10177$30ukgreen/black lblvg+/vg+
28Lee DorseyThe New Lee DorseyStatesideSSL 10192$50ukgreen/black lbl/wocvg++/vg++
29Lightning Slim/Slim HarpoA Long Drink Of BluesStatesideSL 10135$125ukgreen/black lblvg++/vg++
30Little Richard & Jimi HendrixTogetherStateside5C054-93762$25hol vg/vg++
31Lou RawlsSoul SerenadeStatesideEG 260668-1$20uk m-/m-
32Louis ArmstrongThe Best OfStateside6E054-91517$5dktocvg/vg
33Mama CassBubble Gum Lemonade & Something For MamaStatesideSQSL 131$25ita vg+/vg++
34Mamas & PapasHits Of GoldStatesideSSL 5007$40uktest pressingvg++/vg++
35Metropolitan Pops ChoirMore Of the Greatest Hits Of BachStatesideSL 10080$30ukgreen/black lblm-/m-
36Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsTake A RideStatesideSL 10178$110ukgreen/black lblm-/vg+
37Oscar Toney Jr.For Your Precious LoveStatesideSSL 10211$15ukgreen/black lbl/wocvg/vg
38Oscar Toney Jr.For Your Precious LoveStatesideSSL 10211$20ukgreen/black lblvg+/vg
39Procol HarumBest OfStateside5C052-92455$40hol vg++/vg++
40Roberta SherwoodRecorded Live On StageStatesideSL 10039$18ukgreen/black lblvg/vg+
41SmithMinus-PlusStateside/DunhillDS 50081$15dk/us vg+/vg+
42SoundtrackEasy RiderStatesideSSL 5018$18ukorange/black lblvg+/vg+
43SoundtrackThey Shoot Horses Don't They?StatesideSSL 10305$30uk vg++/vg++
44SoundtrackValley Of the DollsStatesideSSL 10228$30uk vg++/vg++
45Steppenwolf7Stateside2C062-91908$10fra g/vg++
46SteppenwolfThe Best OfStateside5C054-90896$18dk/hol m-/m-
47SupremesMeet the SupremesStatesideSL 10109$35ukmonovg/vg+
48SupremesMeet the SupremesStatesideSL 10109$10ukmonog/vg-
49T. RexBest OfStateside5C052-92453$40hol m-/vg++
50Three Dog NightIt Ain't EasyStateside/DunhillDS 50078$20dk/usgfldvg++/vg++
51Tommy RoeGreatest HitsStatesideSSL 10296$25uk vg+/vg+
52Tommy RoeGreatest HitsStatesideSSL 10296$30ukgreen/black lblvg+/vg+
53Various: Tommy Hunt/Barbara & Brenda/Inez & Charlie Fox/PlattersA Quartet Of SoulStatesideSSL 10209$60uk vg+/vg+
54Various: Junior's Eyes/Tucker Zimmerman/Richard Henry/T. Rex etc.Big OnesStateside5C048-92456$18hol vg+/vg+
55Various: Barbara George/Freddie Roach/Phil Upchurch/King Curtis etc.From Route 66 To the FlamingoStatesideSSL 6034$30uk m-/vg++
56Various: Dumas King/Carter Brothers/Eddy Giles/Billy Joe Young etc.International Hits Rhythm & BluesStatesideSSSX 340604$40fra vg+/vg+
57Various: Baby Washington/Irma Thomas/Clydie King/Timi Yuro etc.Liberty BellesStatesideEG 260483-1$30uk vg++/vg++
58Various: Bernie Williams/Dukes/Barons/Pelicans etc.Lost Dreams - The New Orleans Vocal GroupsStatesideSSL 6024$40uk m-/m-
59Various: Jimmie & Vella/Homer Banks/Gene Dozier/Dee Irwin etc.One Minit At A TimeStatesideSSL 6002$30uk vg+/vg+
60Various: Homer Banks/Gene Dozier/Jimmy Holiday/Players etc.Soul Years Of Minit Records 1966-1969StatesideSSL 6028$30ukpromo sticker on slvm-/vg++
61Various: Jimmy Lewis/Bettye Swann/Homer Banks/Irma Thomas etc.What's Happening StatesideStatesideSSL X1$30uk vg+/vg+
62Various: Annisteen Allen/Rose Mitchell/Patti Anne/Cleo Brown etc.Wild!StatesideSSL 6033$30uk vg++/vg+
63Vicki LawrenceThe Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaStatesideSSL 10314$20ukrssvg/vg++
64Vicki LawrenceThe Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaStatesideSSL 10314$30uksocm-/m-
65Vicki LawrenceThe Night the Lights Went Out in GeorgiaStatesideSSL 10314$25uk m-/vg++
66Z.Z. HillWhoever's Thrilling You (Is Killing Me)StatesideSSL 6006$30uk m-/m-
 Professor LonghairLive On the Queen MaryStatesideTC-SSL 6004$15uk m-/m-
 Stateside RecordsWhat's Happening Folder Stateside21x10cm/UK$25  m-