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Petula Clark

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She turns 80 in November and she's got a new album out and still going strong!

In the early 90's I was having dinner one night in an Italian restaurant in Chelsea with a younger college and midway during dinner 2 ladies sat down at the table right next to us and he suddenly went quiet and lost his concentration so I turned my head to see what the fuzz was about and sitting right next to me was Petula Clark! And he wasn't even born when she had her biggest hits!

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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
1Petula ClarkAlle Leute Wollen In Den Himmel (Tout Le Monde)VogueDV 14642$15gerpsvg+/vg
2Petula ClarkAloneMetronomeB45-1170$8dk vg+
3Petula ClarkAloneMetronomeB45-1170$4dknoc/solvg
4Petula ClarkAloneMetronomeB45-1170$4dkwolvg
5Petula ClarkAloneMetronomeB45-1170$6dkwolvg+
6Petula ClarkBaby LoverMetronomeB45-1183$15dk vg++
7Petula ClarkBaby LoverMetronomeB45-1183$10dk vg
8Petula ClarkCara Felicita (This Is My Song)VogueJ 35129$20itaps/Sophia Loren & Marlon Brando on slvvg+/vg+
9Petula ClarkCasanova BaciamiVogue45-STU 42134$15dkpsvg+/vg+
10Petula ClarkCasanova BaciamiVogue45-STU 42134$25dkpsm-/vg++
11Petula ClarkCasanova BaciamiVogue45-STU 42134$4dk vg
12Petula ClarkCasanova BaciamiVogue45-STU 42134$25dkpsvg++/m-
13Petula ClarkCasanova BaciamiVogueDV 14036$12gerpsvg/vg+
14Petula ClarkCiao CiaoVogueJ 35066$18itapsvg+/vg++
15Petula ClarkCiao CiaoVogueJ 35066$20itapsvg++/vg++
16Petula ClarkCoeur Bless� (Torture)VogueHV 2001$6hol vg
17Petula ClarkDon't Give UpVogue45-STU 42324$30dkpsm-/m-
18Petula ClarkDon't Give UpWarner Bros7216$8us vg+
19Petula ClarkDowntownVogue45-STU 42207$12dkps/wocvg+/vg+
20Petula ClarkDowntownVogue45-STU 42207$15dkps/solvg/vg++
21Petula ClarkDowntownVogue45-STU 42207$12dkps/nocvg/vg
22Petula ClarkDowntownVogue45-STU 42207$18dkpsvg-/vg++
23Petula ClarkHappy HeartPye7N 17733$10uk m-
24Petula ClarkHeartVogue45-STU 42221$35dkpsvg+/m
25Petula ClarkHeartVogue45-STU 42221$20dkpsvg/vg+
26Petula ClarkHeartVogue45-STU 42221$30dkpsvg+/vg++
27Petula ClarkI Couldn't Live Without Your LoveVogue45-STU 42245$30dkpsm-/m-
28Petula ClarkI Couldn't Live Without Your LoveVogue45-STU 42245$25dkpsvg++/vg++
29Petula ClarkI Know A PlaceWarner Bros5612$6us vg+
30Petula ClarkI Want To Sing With Your BandVogueSTU 42331$50dkpsm-/m-
31Petula ClarkI Will Follow Him (Chariot)Pye7N 15495$6ukwolvg
32Petula ClarkI Will Follow Him (Chariot)Vogue45-STU 42142$20dkpsvg/m-
33Petula ClarkJumble SaleVogue45-STU 42127$6dk vg
34Petula ClarkJumble SaleVogue45-STU 42127$25dkpsvg/vg+
35Petula ClarkJust A Dance With TimeCBS6781$12holpsvg++/vg++
36Petula ClarkJust A Dance With TimeCBS6781$15holpsm-/m-
37Petula ClarkKapit�n Kapit�nVogue45-STU 42123$12dkpsvg+/vg
38Petula ClarkKapit�n Kapit�nVogue45-STU 42123$15dkpsvg+/vg+
39Petula ClarkKapit�n Kapit�nVogue45-STU 42123$15dkpsvg-/m-
40Petula ClarkKapit�n Kapit�nVogue45-STU 42123$4dk vg-
41Petula ClarkKiss Me GoodbyePye7N 17466$15uk vg++
42Petula ClarkKiss Me GoodbyeWarner Bros7170$10us vg++
43Petula ClarkL'amore E' Il Vento (My Love)VogueJ 35093$25itapsvg-/vg
44Petula ClarkLet Me Tell YouPye7N 15551$4ukwolvg
45Petula ClarkLove So Heisst Mein SongVogueDV 14605$15gerpsvg/vg
46Petula ClarkMelody ManVogueDV 11102$12frapsvg/vg+
47Petula ClarkMelody ManVogueV45-1745$15fraps/wocvg/m-
48Petula ClarkMelody ManVogueV45-1745$15frapsvg+/vg+
49Petula ClarkMille Mille GrazieVogue45-STU 42153$10dk m-
50Petula ClarkMille Mille GrazieVogue45-STU 42153$15dkpsvg+/vg+
51Petula ClarkMille Mille GrazieVogue45-STU 42153$10dkps/wocvg/vg
52Petula ClarkMy LoveVogueV 1313$25norpsvg+/m-
53Petula ClarkNo One Better Than YouVogueV45-1659$30frapsm-/m-
54Petula ClarkPetite FleurVogueV45-1223$15frapsvg+/vg+
55Petula ClarkPetite FleurVogueV45-1223$20frapsvg+/m-
56Petula ClarkPut A Little Sunshine In Your LifeCBS6245$15ukdemom-
57Petula ClarkRomeoPye7N 15361$12uk/dkpsvg/vg+
58Petula ClarkRomeoPye7N 15361$15uk/dkpsvg+/vg+
59Petula ClarkRomeoPye7N 15361$12uk/dkpsvg-/vg++
60Petula ClarkRomeoPye7N 15361$4uk vg-
61Petula ClarkRound Every CornerVogue45-STU 42228$15dkpsvg/vg+
62Petula ClarkRound Every CornerVogue45-STU 42228$25dkpsvg++/vg++
63Petula ClarkSailorPye7N 15324$30uk/dkpsvg/vg+
64Petula ClarkSan Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your Hair)Vogue45-STU 42300$30dkpsvg++/vg++
65Petula ClarkSign Of the TimesVogueDVS 14484$15gerpsvg/vg+
66Petula ClarkThank YouPye7N 15606$4ukwolvg
67Petula ClarkThank YouVogue45-STU 42184$10dk m-
68Petula ClarkThe Cat In the Window (The Bird In the Sky)VogueV45-1434$15frademo stamped lblm-
69Petula ClarkThe Other Man's Grass Is Always GreenerVogueV45-1455$25frapsvg++/vg++
70Petula ClarkThe Song Of My LifePye7N 45026$4uknocvg
71Petula ClarkThis Is My SongAstorAP 1337$8aus vg+
72Petula ClarkThis Is My SongPye7N 17258$6uk vg+
73Petula ClarkThis Is My SongVogue45-STU 42271$20dkpsm-/vg++
74Petula ClarkVilaine Fille Mauvais GarconVogueV45-1047$6frawolvg
75Petula ClarkVis A VisVogue45-STU 42189$30dkpsvg+/vg++
76Petula ClarkVom Wind VerwehtVogueDV 14772$15gerpsvg+/vg
77Petula ClarkWarum Muss Man Auseinandergeh'n (Mit Weissen Perlen)Vogue45-STU 42163$20dkps/wolvg++/vg++
78Petula ClarkWedding Song (There Is Love)Polydor2058295$15gerpsm-/m-
79Petula ClarkWhat I Did For LovePye7N 45506$10uk m-
80Petula ClarkWhat I Did For LovePye7N 45506$8uk vg++
81Petula ClarkWhere Am I GoingWarner Bros5684$8us vg+
82Petula ClarkWhistlin' For the MoonPye7N 15437$8uk vg+
83Petula ClarkWith All My HeartMetronomeB45-1164$25dk vg+
84Petula ClarkYou And IVogueV45-1633$15frapsvg+/vg+
85Petula ClarkYou And IVogueV45-1633$25frapsm-/m-
86Petula ClarkYou're the OneVogue45-STU 42229$15dkps/tocvg+/vg+
87Petula ClarkYou're the OneVogue45-STU 42229$30dkpsm-/m-
88Petula ClarkYou're the OneVogue45-STU 42229$20dkpsvg+/vg++
89Petula ClarkYou're the OneVogue45-STU 42229$25dkpsvg+/m-
1Petula ClarkA Date WithMetronomeMEP 1160$18dktoc/wocvg+/vg
2Petula ClarkA Date WithMetronomeMEP 1160$35dk vg+/m-
3Petula ClarkAmor Es Mi Cancion (This Is My Song)VogueHV 27-167$25spa vg+/vg++
4Petula ClarkBaby LoverMetronomeMEP 1178$30dk vg+/vg+
5Petula ClarkC'est Ma Chanson (This Is My Song)VogueEPL 8508$20fra vg+/vg+
6Petula ClarkDowntownVogueEPL 8301$10fra g/vg++
7Petula ClarkEncore En FrancaisPyeNEP 24189$10uk vg-/vg
8Petula ClarkEntre Nous Il Est Fou (She's A Fool)VogueEPL 8162$30fra vg++/m-
9Petula ClarkFibbin'MetronomeMEP 1722$45dk m-/m-
10Petula ClarkHello DollyVogueEPL 8251$12fra g/m-
11Petula ClarkI Couldn't Live Without Your LoveVogueEPL 8472$30fra vg+/vg++
12Petula ClarkLa Derniere Valse (The Last Waltz)VogueEPL 8584$30fra vg++/vg++
13Petula ClarkLes Disques D'or De La ChansonVogueDOV 01$15fragfld/wocvg+/vg
14Petula ClarkLes Disques D'or De La ChansonVogueDOV 01$30fragfldm-/m-
15Petula ClarkMy LovePyeNEP 24246$10ukwocvg-/vg
16Petula ClarkPet Ooh La LaPyeNEP 24157$20uknocvg+/vg+
1Petula Clark20 All Time GreatestK-TelNE 945$10uk m-/vg+
2Petula Clark24 Bravos deVogueDP 16$30fra2LP/gfldm-/m-
3Petula ClarkA ParisVogueCLVLX 180$25frawocvg+/vg++
4Petula ClarkA Sign Of the Times/My LoveWarner BrosWS 1630$10usgold lbl/wocvg-/vg-
5Petula ClarkA Sign Of the Times/My LoveWarner BrosWS 1630$15usgold lbl/dhvg-/m-
6Petula ClarkA Touch Of Music A Touch of Petula ClarkVogueLDVS 17175$20ger2LP/gfldvg/vg++
7Petula ClarkC'est Le Refrain De Ma VieVogueCLD 773$15fragfldvg-/vg+
8Petula ClarkC'est Ma ChansonVogueCLD 706-30$10fra vg-/vg+
9Petula ClarkDestinyCBS82608$20uk vg++/vg++
10Petula ClarkGreatest Hits Vol. 1Warner BrosWS 1765$12usgreen lblvg/vg+
11Petula ClarkI Couldn't Live Without Your LoveVogueCLD 700-30$15fra vg/vg+
12Petula ClarkI Couldn't Live Without Your LoveVogueCLD 700-30$30fra vg++/vg++
13Petula ClarkIn HollywoodMetronomeMLP 15041$75dk vg++/vg++
14Petula ClarkLa Chanson De Marie-MadeleineVogueSLD 831$30fragfldvg++/m-
15Petula ClarkLa Efigie de PetulaPanamusicSR 2567$18mex vg++/vg-
16Petula ClarkLive In LondonPolydor2383303$25ukwocm-/m-
17Petula ClarkMemphisWarner BrosWS 1862$18usdhvg-/vg++
18Petula ClarkPetulaVogueCLD 723$15frawocvg/vg++
19Petula ClarkPetulaWarner BrosWS 1743$20usdh/green lblvg++/vg+
20Petula ClarkSameVogueCLD 692-30$20fra vg++/vg+
21Petula ClarkThe English SoundPremierPM/PS 9016$10us g/vg
22Petula ClarkThe InternationalVogueLDVS 17120$25ger vg+/m-
23Petula ClarkThe New Petula Clark AlbumPyeNPL 18118$15uk vg/vg+
24Petula ClarkThe Other Man's Grass Is Always GreenerWarner BrosWS 1719$12usdh/green lblvg/vg+
25Petula ClarkThe Petula Clark Story Vol.1Golden HourGH 539$10uksocvg+/vg+
26Petula ClarkThe World's Greatest Singer!VogueCLD 690-30$10fra vg/vg+
27Petula ClarkThe World's Greatest Singer!Warner BrosWS 1608$15usgold lblvg/vg
28Petula ClarkWarm And TenderVogueSLD 788$20fra vg+/vg+
29Petula ClarkWarm And TenderVogueSLD 788$30fra m-/m-
30Petula ClarkWarm And TenderVogueSLD 788$25fra m-/vg++
31Petula ClarkWarm And TenderWarner BrosWS 1885$30usdhss
32SoundtrackFinian's RainbowWarner BrosBS 2550$20usgreen lblvg+/vg+
33SoundtrackFinian's RainbowWarner BrosBS 2550$30usgreen lblm-/m-
 SHEET MUSIC:       
1Petula ClarkSilver DollarPic Music Ltd.ukm-$20woc