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The Swedish label Karusell was founded by Carl-Gustaf Nir�n and Simon Brehm in Sweden in 1952 and was a strong independent label also operating in Denmark, Norway and Germany and was hugely successful until the end of the 60's. Simon Brehm died in 1967 and shortly after the label was sold to Polygram but the company spirit and success died with his death.

Together with Metronome and Sonet, Karusell was a key player on the independent label scene in Scandinavia from the 50's onwards.

All 3 labels had in common that they were a mixture a local repertoire mixed with international licensing mainly of UK and US labels.

Karusell released material from Vee Jay, ABC/Paramount, Cameo/ Parkway, Swan, Verve, Elektra, Am-Par, Fabor, Ritz etc. and a very strong local repertoire from the likes of The Spotnicks who also achived international success, and Lill Babs who is still active to this day.

The bulk of 45 releases came with very nice locally designed picture sleeves that had a generic feel to them and for a period also carried a jukebox strip on the back of the sleeve. They also used company logo generic 45 bags with 2 different designs, and a lot of releases on both 45 and EP was on coloured vinyl mostly blue.

All EP's came with glossy picture sleeves most of them designed locally.

Here's a selection of interesting web sites:

This is the current stock situation on Karusell 45's and EP's:


ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
1Anita HegerlandEn S�n Dag (Ricodano Con Tenerezza)Karusell2108012$20nor/swpsvg++/vg++
2Ann-Christine HedmarkAlla Beh�ver En V�n IblandKarusellKFF 767$20swpsvg+/m-
3Arne QvickRosenKarusellKFF 696$18swpsvg++/m-
4Arne QvickRosenKarusellKFF 696$15swpsvg+/m-
5Birthe WilkeHvad Skal En Pige Tro (Stupid Little Girl)KarusellKFF 545$25dkpsvg++/vg++
6Birthe WilkeHvad Skal En Pige Tro (Stupid Little Girl)KarusellKFF 545$15dkps/wocvg/vg++
7Birthe WilkeHvad Skal En Pige Tro (Stupid Little Girl)KarusellKFF 545$8dk vg+
8Black DevilsCarolinaKarusellKFF 544$30dkpsvg+/vg-
9Black DevilsCarolinaKarusellKFF 544$10dknocvg
10Black DevilsCarolinaKarusellKFF 544$40dkpsvg/m-
11Bob Lander & the SpotnicksMy Old Kentucky HomeKarusellKFF 384$10swblue vinyl/nocvg-
12Bobby Comstock Let's StompKarusellKFF 499$60swps/woc/blue vinylvg++/vg++
13Bobby RydellThe Cha-Cha-ChaKarusellKFF 435$40dkpsvg++/vg++
14Bobby RydellThe Cha-Cha-ChaKarusellKFF 435$30dkpsvg+/vg+
15Brian HylandGinny Come LatelyKarusellKFF 385$18dkps/wocvg+/vg+
16Brian HylandGinny Come LatelyKarusellKFF 385$30dkpsm-/m-
17Brian HylandGinny Come LatelyKarusellKFF 385$25dkpsvg+/m-
18Brian HylandI May Not Live To See TomorrowKarusellKFF 462$15dkps/wocvg+/vg+
19Brian HylandSomewhere In the NightKarusellKFF 503$25dkpsvg+/vg++
20Carl-Henrik Norin's OrkesterZero ZeroKarusellKFF 414$30swpsm-/m-
21Carrol BrosSweet Georgia BrownKarusellKFF 469$18swps/blue vinylvg+/vg
22Carrol BrosSweet Georgia BrownKarusellKFF 469$30swps/blue vinylm-/m-
23Chubby CheckerDancin' PartyKarusellKFF 427$40swps/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg++
24Chubby CheckerLet's Twist AgainKarusellKFF 437$10dkps/wocvg+/vg
25Chubby CheckerLoddy LoKarusellCFF 24$50swps/blue vinylm-/vg++
26Chubby CheckerLoddy LoKarusellCFF 24$25dkpsvg+/vg+
27Chubby CheckerPopeyeKarusellKFF 432$15dkpsvg/vg
28Chubby CheckerSurf PartyKarusellCFF 13$50swps/blue vinylvg++/vg++
29Craig DouglasOh Lonesome MeKarusellKFF 436$15dkps/wocvg+/vg+
30Craig DouglasOh Lonesome MeKarusellKFF 436$30swps/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg++
31Craig DouglasOh Lonesome MeKarusellKFF 436$15swps/blue vinylvg/vg-
32Craig DouglasTeenage Mona LisaKarusellKFF 519$30dkpsm-/m-
33Craig DouglasTown CrierKarusellKFF 492$15swps/blue vinyl/noc/wocvg+/vg+
34Craig DouglasTown CrierKarusellKFF 492$35swps/blue vinylvg+/vg++
35Di Castro SistersTeach Me Tonight Cha ChaKarusellKFF 261$8swnocvg+
36DovellsHully Gully BabyKarusellKFF 430$4dknoc/solg
37Drop-In-G�ngetDrop-In!KarusellKFF 559$15swblue vinylvg+
38Eydie GormeFly Me To the Moon (In Other Words)KarusellKFF 468$20swps/blue vinylvg/vg
39Eydie GormeFly Me To the Moon (In Other Words)KarusellKFF 468$6sw vg
40Fats DominoSally Was A Good Old GirlKarusellKFF 584$35swpsvg+/vg++
41Fats DominoThere Goes (My Heart Again)KarusellKFF 511$6dksolvg+
42Fats DominoWho CaresKarusellKFF 548$40swpsm-/m-
43Four SeasonsAin't That A ShameKarusellKFF 506$20dk vg++
44Four SeasonsCandy GirlKarusellKFF 520$18dkps/wolvg/vg+
45Four SeasonsCandy GirlKarusellKFF 520$40dkpsm-/vg++
46Four SeasonsSherryKarusellKFF 419$30swps/blue vinylvg/vg+
47Frankie LaineI'll Take Care Of Your CaresKarusellKFF 703$40swpsvg++/vg++
48Freddy CannonEverybody MonkeyKarusellKFF 525$50dkpsm-/m-
49Freddy CannonPalisades ParkKarusellKFF 396$35swps/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg+
50Freddy CannonPalisades ParkKarusellKFF 396$45swps/blue vinylvg++/vg++
51Freddy CannonPalisades ParkKarusellKFF 396$40swps/blue vinyl/woc/wolvg+/vg++
52Gun Sj�bergNej Jag �ngrer IngentingKarusellKFF 690$12swpsvg/vg
53Gun Sj�bergNej Jag �ngrer IngentingKarusellKFF 690$15swps/nocvg+/vg+
54Gun Sj�bergSjung Livets S�ngKarusellKFF 717/ST$10swsolvg++
55Jimmy ClantonVenus In Blue JeansKarusellKFF 434$30dkpsvg+/vg
56Jimmy SoulIf You Wanna Be HappyKarusellKFF 512$15swps/woc/nocvg+/vg+
57Jimmy SoulIf You Wanna Be HappyKarusellKFF 512$20dk/swpsvg+/vg+
58Joe Williams & Count BasieEvery DayKarusellAFF 1077$15dk vg++
59Joe Williams & Count BasieRoll 'em PeteKarusellAFF 1101$10sw vg+
60Lars BerghagenGunga Gunga (Where Did Our Love Go)KarusellKFF 741$30swps/solvg++/m-
61Lars BerghagenGunga Gunga (Where Did Our Love Go)KarusellKFF 741$20swpsvg+/vg++
62Lill-BabsAllt F�r M�nga G�nger (Heartaches By the Number)KarusellKFF 699$25swps/promo only rel. For Otavg+/vg++
63Lill-BabsAllt F�r M�nga G�nger (Heartaches By the Number)KarusellKFF 699$30swps/promo only rel. For Otavg++/m-
64Lill-BabsAllt F�r M�nga G�nger (Heartaches By the Number)KarusellKFF 699$15swps/nocvg+/vg+
65Lill-BabsAtt Vara F�r�lskadKarusellKFF 433$20swps/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg+
66Lill-BabsAtt Vara F�r�lskadKarusellKFF 433$25swps/blue vinylvg+/vg++
67Lill-BabsGo' Och Gla'KarusellKFF 737$18swpsvg/m-
68Lill-BabsJag Kan Inte Leva Utan Dig (La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser)KarusellKFF 640$18swpsvg+/vg+
69Lill-BabsLeva LivetKarusellKFF 543$8swps/woc/solvg/vg
70Lill-BabsLeva LivetKarusellKFF 543$12swps/wocvg+/vg+
71Lill-BabsL�t Solen Le (Turn On the Sun)Karusell2108024$18norps/socvg++/vg+
72Lill-BabsManolitoKarusellKFF 733$25swpsvg+/vg++
73Lill-BabsManolitoKarusellKFF 733$20swpsvg/vg++
74Lill-BabsSplorrKarusellLB 1$20swps/wolvg/vg
75Lill-BabsS�g Mig Farv�l (Kiss Me Goodbye)KarusellKFF 730$25swpsvg+/m-
76Lill-BabsS�n Tur (Ein Gl�ck Dass Man Das Gl�ck Nicht Kaufen Kann)Karusell2108010$18swpsvg/m-
77Lill-BabsTwist TwistKarusellKFF 376$25dkpsvg++/vg++
78Lill-BabsV�lkommen Till V�rldenKarusell2108036$12norps/nocvg/vg++
79Lloyd PricePersonalityKarusellP 209$6dk vg
80Lloyd PricePersonalityKarusellP 209$8dk vg+
81LollipopsDo You Know (How Much I Love You)KarusellKFF 573$50swpsvg+/vg+
82LollipopsI See It NowKarusellKFF 642$20swpsvg+/vg
83LollipopsI'll Stay By Your SideKarusellKFF 607$45swps/wocvg+/vg+
84LollipopsLittle Bad BoyKarusellKFF 603$30dkpsvg/vg
85LollipopsLollipops ShakeKarusellKFF 581$30swpsvg/vg
86ManolitoLittle Green ApplesKarusellKFF 765$30swpsvg+/m-
87Micki Marlo & Paul AnkaWhat You've Done To MeKarusellKFF 224$30sw vg++
88Ned MillerBig LoveKarusellKFF 553$30dkpsm-/m-
89Ned MillerBig LoveKarusellKFF 553$8dk vg
90Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A KingKarusellKFF 461$15dkpsvg/vg+
91Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A KingKarusellKFF 461$25dkps/nocvg/m-
92Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A KingKarusellKFF 461$35dkpsvg+/m-
93Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A KingKarusellKFF 461$15swps/blue vinylvg-/vg-
94Ned MillerJust Before DawnKarusellKFF 516$12dkps/noc/wolvg+/vg
95Ned MillerOne Among the ManyKarusellKFF 509$15dk m-
96Ned MillerOne Among the ManyKarusellKFF 509$15dkpsvg+/vg
97Ned MillerOne Among the ManyKarusellKFF 509$30dkpsm-/vg++
98OrlonsDon't Hang UpKarusellKFF 449$35dkps/noc/wolvg/vg++
99OrlonsSouth StreetKarusellCFF 4$45swps/blue vinylvg+/vg
100Paul AnkaCrazy LoveKarusellKFF 241$4swsolvg
101Per-Olow Petr�nBlad Faller Tyst Som T�rarKarusell2108039$10norps/socvg/vg
102Pop TwinsDe' E' CornyKarusellKFF 514$25swpd/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg+
103Question Mark & the Mysterians96 TearsKarusellKFF 685$45swpsvg/vg+
104Randy SparksBirmingham TrainKarusell/VerveV 2028$8sw vg+
105Ray CharlesA Tear FellKarusellKFF 574$4swwolvg
106Ray CharlesAt the ClubKarusellKFF 386$12swps/blue vinyl/wolvg-/vg
107Ray CharlesBaby Don't You Cry (The New Swingova Rhythm)KarusellKFF 558$25dkpsm-/m-
108Ray CharlesCryin' TimeKarusellKFF 656$15swps/wocvg++/vg++
109Ray CharlesCryin' TimeKarusellKFF 656$20swpsm-/m-
110Ray CharlesCryin' TimeKarusellKFF 656$4swnocvg+
111Ray CharlesDon't Set Me FreeKarusellKFF 488$20dkps/tri/wocm-/m-
112Ray CharlesDon't Set Me FreeKarusellKFF 488$25dkps/trim-/m-
113Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving YouKarusellKFF 395$8dkpsvg-/m-
114Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving YouKarusellKFF 395$8dkpsvg+/vg
115Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving YouKarusellKFF 395$18swps/blue vinylvg++/vg++
116Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving YouKarusellKFF 395$15dkps/nocvg-/m-
117Ray CharlesI Can't Stop Loving YouKarusellKFF 395$15dkps/solvg++/vg++
118Ray CharlesNancyKarusellKFF 423$6dk vg+
119Ray CharlesNo OneKarusellKFF 518$20dkps/trim-/m-
120Ray CharlesOl' Man TimeKarusellKFF 547$20dkpsvg+/vg++
121Ray CharlesSomebody Ought To Write A Book About ItKarusellKFF 708$4swwolvg-
122Ray CharlesSticks And StonesKarusellP 228$25sw m-
123Ray CharlesTake These Chains From My HeartKarusellKFF 504$12sw vg+
124Ray CharlesTake These Chains From My HeartKarusellKFF 504$18dkpsvg+/vg
125Ray CharlesYou Don't Know MeKarusellKFF 407$6dk vg+
126Ray CharlesYou Don't Know MeKarusellKFF 407$20swps/blue vinylvg/vg+
127Ray Ellington & Tony CrombieThe MadisonKarusellKFF 416$20swblue vinylvg+
128Ray Ellington & Tony CrombieThe MadisonKarusellKFF 416$30swps/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg+
129Rock OlgaBye Bye Baby GoodbyeKarusellKFF 313$10dk vg
130Rosemary JuneIn Apple Blossom TimeKarusellKFF 271$6sw vg
131Rosemary JuneIn Apple Blossom TimeKarusellKFF 271$10sw vg++
132Sam & his Rocking 5I Still Love You AllKarusellKFF 363$18dkps/wocvg+/vg
133ShamrocksSmokeringsKarusellKFF 691$50swpsvg+/m-
134ShamrocksSmokeringsKarusellKFF 691$40swdemovg+
135Shy OnesTelstarKarusellKFF 438$75swps/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg++
136Sonny & CherThe LetterKarusellKFF 631$25swps/nocvg++/vg
137Sonny & CherThe LetterKarusellKFF 631$8sw vg-
138SpotnicksAmapolaKarusellKFF 498$10dkps/noc/tocvg+/vg
139SpotnicksAmapolaKarusellKFF 498$4dk vg-
140SpotnicksAmapolaKarusellKFF 498$10swpsvg/vg-
141SpotnicksDrina MarchenKarusellSWES 1010$30dkpsm-/m-
142SpotnicksGhost Riders In the SkyKarusellKFF 340$4swblue vinyl/noc/wolvg
143SpotnicksJust Listen To My HeartKarusellKFF 510$15dk m-
144SpotnicksJust Listen To My HeartKarusellKFF 510$4dknoc/solvg
145SpotnicksJust Listen To My HeartKarusellKFF 510$10dkps/noc/wol/wocvg/vg+
146SpotnicksMy BonnyKarusellKFF 465$4swblue vinyl/noc/wolg
147SpotnicksThe Rocket ManKarusellKFF 362$30swps/blue vinylvg+/m-
148SpotnicksThe Rocket ManKarusellKFF 362$20swps/blue vinylvg/vg++
149Spotnicks & Bob LanderHey Good Lookin'KarusellKFF 405$30swps/blue vinyl/woc/socvg+/vg+
150Teddy Randazzo & the DazzlersCotton FieldsKarusellKFF 409$8dk vg+
151Teddy Randazzo & the DazzlersCotton FieldsKarusellKFF 409$15dkpsvg/vg
152Teddy Randazzo & the DazzlersCotton FieldsKarusellKFF 409$4dk vg-
153TobbesKom Snart Igen (Talk To Me Some Sense)Karusell2108001$4nor vg
154TobbesKom Snart Igen (Talk To Me Some Sense)Karusell2108001$4sw vg
155Tommy RoeEverybodyKarusellKFF 534$20dkpsvg+/vg++
156Tommy RoeEverybodyKarusellKFF 534$25dkpsvg++/vg++
157Tommy RoeGonna Take A ChanceKarusellKFF 481$25dkps/wocvg++/vg++
158Tommy RoeHooray For HazelKarusellKFF 686$30swpsm-/m-
159Tommy RoeIt's Now Winters DayKarusellKFF 698$30swpsm-/m-
160Tommy RoeSheilaKarusellKFF 406$12dkpsvg/vg
161Tommy RoeSheilaKarusellKFF 406$15dkps/nocvg/vg+
162Tommy RoeSheilaKarusellKFF 406$25dkpsvg++/vg++
163Tommy RoeSusie Darlin'KarusellKFF 447$10dk vg+
164Tommy RoeSusie Darlin'KarusellKFF 447$15dkpsvg/vg++
165Tommy RoeSusie Darlin'KarusellKFF 447$20dkpsvg+/vg++
166Tommy RoeThe Folk SingerKarusellKFF 501$25swps/blue vinylvg+/vg
167VirtuesGuitar Boogie ShuffleKarusellP 210$10swnocvg
168Wade RayBurning DesireKarusellKFF 486$8dk vg+
169Wade RayBurning DesireKarusellKFF 486$15dkpsvg+/vg
170WayfarersKristallen Den FinaKarusellKFF 677$12swpsvg+/vg
171Winnie T�nk Om Han S�ger Nej (What If Johnny Says No)KarusellKFF 625$20swpsvg++/vg+
172�sten WarnerbringSom En Dr�mKarusellKFF 702$50swpsm-/m-
1Anita LindblomCirkus Cirkus Hela Da'nKarusellKSEP 3220$8sw g/vg
2Anita LindblomSalomeKarusellKSEP 3234$12sw g/vg++
3Anita O'DayAnitaKarusellVEP 5001$25sw vg+/vg+
4Anita O'DayAnitaKarusellVEP 5001$10sw vg-/vg-
5Anita O'DayPick Yourself UpKarusellVEP 5017$15sw vg-/vg+
6Art Tatum/Roy Eldridge/Alvin Stoller/John Simmons QuartetJazz At the PhilharmonicKarusellKEP 312$15sw vg+/vg+
7Ben WebsterSoulvilleKarusellKEP 360$12sw vg/m-
8Billy TaylorAt the London HouseKarusellKSEP 3052$10swwocvg-/vg
9Brian HylandWarmed Over KissesKarusellKSEP 3284$30sw vg+/vg+
10Cal Tjader & Stan GetzSameKarusellKSEP 3186$30swwoc/wolvg+/vg+
11Charlie ParkerSameKarusellKEP 273$25swwocvg+/vg+
12Count BasieNew Basie BluesKarusellKEP 207$8swtocvg/vg-
13Count Basie & the Kansas City 7Count's PlaceKarusellKSEP 3296$20swblue vinylvg/vg++
14Dave Lambert and Jon Hendricks featuring Annie RossSing A Song Of BasieKarusellKSEP 3111$15sw vg+/vg+
15Dave Lambert SingersSing A Song Of BasieKarusellKSEP 3111$6swtoc/wocvg-/vg
16Duke Ellington & John ColtraneThe Feeling Of JazzKarusellKSEP 3299$40swblue vinylvg+/vg+
17Ella FitzgeraldSings the Duke Ellington Song Book Vol. 1KarusellVEP 5044$12sw vg/vg+
18Ella Fitzgerald & Louis ArmstrongVol. 1KarusellVEP 5006$8sw vg/vg-
19Eydie GormeGotta Have RainKarusellKSEP 3147$10swplain white slvvg++
20Eydie GormeVamps the Roaring 20's Vol. 1KarusellKSEP 3115$15sw vg++/vg
21Flip Phillips QuartetLoverKarusellKEP 205$8sw vg-/vg-
22Gene KrupaDrummer ManKarusellVEP 5000$20sw vg++/vg++
23Gil Evans OrchestraOut Of the CoolKarusellPEP 2035$18sw vg+/vg+
24Jazz Giants '56Gigantic BluesKarusellKEP 325$30sw vg/vg++
25Jo Ann CampbellA Kookie Little ParadiseKarusellPEP 2021$35swnocvg+/vg+
26Josh WhiteLiveKarusellKSEP 3321$35swblue vinylvg+/vg++
27Josh WhiteStories Vol. IIKarusellKSEP 3124$35swblue vinylvg+/vg++
28Lester YoungLester Young QuartetKarusellKEP 206$6sw g/vg
29Lester YoungThe Lester Young QuintetKarusellKEP 223$6sw g/vg
30Lester YoungThe Lester Young QuintetKarusellKEP 223$8swwoc/socvg/vg-
31Lill-BabsItsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot BikiniKarusellKSEP 3216$10swnoc/tolvg/vg
32Lill-BabsJag Kan Inte Leva Utan DigKarusellKSEP 3344$15sw vg-/vg
33Lill-BabsJag Kan Inte Leva Utan DigKarusellKSEP 3344$25sw vg-/vg++
34Lill-BabsLetkis-JenkaKarusellKSEP 3336$20sw vg/vg
35Lill-BabsLeva LivetKarusellKSEP 3309$40swblue vinylvg+/vg++
36Lill-BabsMina K�rleksbrev Dom Vill Jag Ha IgenKarusellKSEP 3240$10swwocvg-/vg
37Lill-BabsSkriv Hem Til Mamma I Kv�ll Kj�llKarusellKSEP 3266$20sw vg/vg
38Lill-BabsSom Om SommarenKarusellKSEP 3352$35sw vg+/vg++
39Lill-BabsSom Om SommarenKarusellKSEP 3352$25swwocvg+/vg++
40Lill-BabsSom Om SommarenKarusellKSEP 3352$25sw vg-/vg++
41Lill-BabsSvenska FloydKarusellKSEP 3237$8sw g/vg
42Lill-BabsSvenska FloydKarusellKSEP 3237$10swtoc/nocg/vg
43Lill-Babs�r Du K�r I Mej �nnu Klas-G�ranKarusellKSEP 3198$8swnocvg-/vg-
44Lill-Babs SvenssonL�ppstift P� Din KrageKarusellKSEP 3198$6dkplain white slvvg
45Lily BerglundB�r Du Solsken I Ditt SinneKarusellKSEP 3035$35sw vg+/vg++
46LollipopsLollipop LipsKarusellKSEP 3313$80swblue vinylvg+/vg+
47Lucky ThompsonFeaturing Oscar Pettiford Vol. 1KarusellKSEP 3048$30sw vg+/m-
48Mel TormeVol. 1KarusellVEP 5049$8sw vg-/vg
49Mel Torme & the MeltonesBack In TownKarusellVEP 5060$15swnocvg+/vg+
50Mel Torme & the MeltonesBack In TownKarusellVEPS 5060$20sw vg++/vg++
51Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A KingKarusellKSEP 3301$6swblue vinyl/noc/sol/plain white slvvg-
52Ned MillerFrom A Jack To A KingKarusellKSEP 3301$25swblue vinyl/nocvg-/vg+
53Oscar PetersonPlays Count BasieKarusellKEP 327$8sw vg/vg
54Oscar PetersonPlays Duke EllingtonKarusellEP 204$6swplain white slvvg+
55Paul AnkaAdam And EveKarusellPEP 2013$12sw vg/vg+
56Paul AnkaPaul Anka's New HitsKarusellPEP 2039$12swnocvg/vg++
57Paul AnkaPaul Anka's New HitsKarusellPEP 2039$8sw vg-/vg
58Paul AnkaThe SensationalKarusellKSEP 3087$10dk/sw vg/vg+
59Paul AnkaThe Sensational KarusellKSEP 3087$20dk/sw vg+/m-
60Paul AnkaThe Sensational KarusellKSEP 3087$6swnocvg-/vg
61Paul AnkaThe Sensational KarusellKSEP 3087$8swnocvg/vg
62Paul AnkaTonight My Love TonightKarusellPEP 2031$18sw vg/m-
63Paul AnkaVolym 2KarusellKSEP 3123$10dktocvg/vg+
64Paul AnkaVolym 2KarusellKSEP 3123$20dk vg+/m-
65Paul AnkaVolym 2KarusellKSEP 3123$8dk vg-/vg
66Paul Desmond QuartetFeaturing Don Elliott Vol. 1KarusellKSEP 3073$20sw vg+/m-
67Paul WilliamsBlues ByKarusellKEP 265$15sw vg+/vg+
68Quincy JonesThis Is How I Feel About JazzKarusellKSEP 3063$3swplain white slvg
69Ray CharlesGenius Hits the RoadKarusellPEP 2017$20sw vg/m-
70Ray CharlesGenius Hits the RoadKarusellPEP 2017$25sw vg+/m-
71Ray CharlesGenius Hits the RoadKarusellPEP 2017$30sw m-/m-
72Ray CharlesMarieKarusellKSEP 3291$30sw vg++/vg++
73Ray CharlesModern Sounds In Country And WesternKarusellKSEP 3269$30sw vg++/vg++
74Ray CharlesModern Sounds In Country And WesternKarusellKSEP 3262$30swblue vinylvg+/vg++
75Ray CharlesYou Are My SunshineKarusellKSEP 3293$15swblue vinyl/wocvg/vg
76Rosemary June & Arlene FontanaSameKarusellKSEP 3173$20sw vg+/vg+
77Ruby BraffFeaturing Dave McKennaKarusellKSEP 3054$10sw vg/vg
78Sam and his Twistin' 5Sam's TwistKarusellKSEP 3250$35swnocvg/vg+
79Sam CookeOnly SixteenKarusellKSEP 3194$50sw vg++/vg
80SoundtrackFunny FaceKarusellVEP 5019$15swwocvg+/vg+
81SpotnicksOn the AirKarusellKSEP 3272$10sw vg-/vg
82SpotnicksOn the AirKarusellKSEP 3272$20swblue vinylvg/vg+
83SpotnicksSameKarusellSWEP 115$15dktri/plain white slvvg++
84SpotnicksTake Five KarusellSWEP 114$4dknoc/plain white slvvg-
85SpotnicksTouring FranceKarusellKSEP 3308$30swwocvg+/vg++
86SpotnicksTouring FranceKarusellKSEP 3308$10dkplain white slvvg
87SpotnicksTouring FranceKarusellKSEP 3308$20dk/sw vg-/vg++
88Stan Getz & Gerry MulliganGetz Meets MulliganKarusellKEP 338$20sw vg+/vg++
89Stan Getz & Oscar Peterson TrioSameKarusellKEP 358$15sw vg+/vg+
90Stan Getz QuartetThe SteamerKarusellKEP 362$25sw m-/m-
91Teddy WilsonThe Impeccable Mr. WilsonKarusellKEP 352$15swwocvg/vg++
92Toni HarperToniKarusellVEP 5005$40sw vg++/vg++
93Urbie Green and his Big BandAll AboutKarusellKSEP 3053$20sw vg+/vg+
94Various: Jumping Jacks/Jack Lidstr�m/Jan Trygve/Lasse T�rnqvistJazz F�r Ungdom 1KarusellKSEP 3033$25sw vg+/vg++
95Various: Freddy Cannon/Jack Scott/Jo Ann Campbell/Dorothy Collins etc.Karusell & Tono Pr�senterer NyhederKarusell/TonoSTD 3$30dk vg+/vg+
96Vince Guaraldi TrioSameKarusellKSEP 3163$15sw vg+/vg+