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The Jukebox was sold in auction a while back and a documentary was made which made it quite clear that he had a great taste in music.

Current stock listing of 45’s as included in the John Lennon Jukebox:

ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
1AnimalsBring It On Home To MeColumbiaDB 7539$4dknocvg
2AnimalsBring It On Home To MeColumbiaDB 7539$12dkpsvg-/vg-
3AnimalsBring It On Home To MeColumbiaDB 7539$10dkps/wocvg-/vg-
4AnimalsBring It On Home To MeColumbiaDB 7539$10uk vg+
5Barrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)Anna1111$25us vg-
6Bob DylanPositively 4th StreetCBS1893$50nor/swps/orange lblvg++/g
7Bob DylanPositively 4th StreetCBS1893$130uk/swps/orange lblvg++/m-
8Bob DylanPositively 4th StreetCBS201824$10ukorange lbl/wolvg
9Bobby ParkerWatch Your StepV-Tone223$50us m-
10Bruce ChannelHey BabyJamboJAMS 2$15uk m-
11Bruce ChannelHey BabyMercury45-AMT 1171$15uk vg+
12Bruce ChannelHey BabyMercury45-AMT 1171$25uk m-
13Bruce ChannelHey BabySmashS 1405$10us m-
14Buddy HollySlippin' And Slidin'CoralQ 72459$10uk vg
15Chuck BerryNo Particular Place To GoChessCH 91022$8us m-
16Chuck BerryNo Particular Place To GoPye International7N 25242$20uk m-
17ContoursFirst I Look At the PurseGordyG-7044$35uswolvg++
18ContoursFirst I Look At the PurseGordyG-7044$40us vg++
19DonovanTurquisePye7N 15984$8uk vg
20Fontella BassRescue MeChecker1120$20us vg++
21Fontella BassRescue MeChessCRS 8090$6uknoc/wolvg-
22Fontella BassRescue MeGoldiesD-2642$6us m-
23Gary U.S. BondsNew OrleansLegrand1003$20us m-
24Gary U.S. BondsQuarter To ThreeTop RankT-1060$6nor vg
25Gene VincentBe Bop A LulaCapitol2S006-81170$15frapsvg+/vg+
26Gene VincentBe Bop A LulaCapitolCL 15546$40ukdemom-
27Gene VincentBe Bop A LulaCapitol45-CL 15546$4uknoc/solg
28Isley BrothersTwist And ShoutDJMDJS 640$10ukdemom-
29Isley BrothersTwist And ShoutSpecter/WandSWF 21022$10us m-
30James RayIf You Gotta Make A Fool Of SomebodyCaprice110$12us vg++
31Jimmy McCracklinThe WalkChess9015$15us m-
32Larry WilliamsShe Said YeahSpecialty658$30us m-
33Larry WilliamsShort Fat FannieSpecialty608$30us m-
34Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$10uknocvg+
35Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$15swps/woc/toc/nocvg+/vg
36Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$6uk vg-
37Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$40uk/dkpsvg++/vg++
38Len Barry1-2-3.MCA259551-7$12gerpsvg++/vg++
39Little RichardLong Tall SallyLondon45-HL 8366$40dkps/nocvg/vg+
40Little RichardOoh' My SoulLondon45-HL 8647$40dk vg+
41Lovin' SpoonfulDaydreamKama Sutra618003$15gerpsvg+/vg
42Lovin' SpoonfulDaydreamKama SutraKA 208$8us vg+
43MiraclesWhat's So Good About Good-byTamla54053$25uswol/Detroit, Michigan adress on lblvg+
44Otis ReddingMy GirlAtco45-6907$10us m-
45Otis ReddingMy GirlAtlantic584092$15ukred lbl/release date on lblm-
46Paul Revere & the Raiders featuring Mark LindsaySteppin' OutCBS202003$25ukdemovg+
47Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesThe Tracks Of My TearsTamla MotownTMG 696$12uksold in
48Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesThe Tracks Of My TearsTamla MotownTMG 696$20uk m-
49Timmy ShawGonna Send You Back To Georgia (A City Slick)Wand146$25uswolvg++
50Timmy ShawGonna Send You Back To Georgia (A City Slick)Wand146$40usdemom-
51Tommy TuckerHi-Heel SneakersChessAR 25891$45holpsvg++/m-
52Wilson PickettIn the Midnight HourAtlanticATL 70144$15swpsvg+/vg+