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Current stock listing Embassy Records 45's

There are also several Embassy recordings released on the Swedish Jukebox label in their EP series listed in the EP catalogue.



ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
1Barry KendallSeven Little Girls (Sitting In the Backseat)Embassy45-WB 364$6uk vg+
2Barry KendallThe Five PenniesEmbassy45-WB 365$6uk vg+
3Bobbie BrittonThe Time Has ComeEmbassy45-WB 481$10uk vg
4Bobby StevensHow Do You Do ItEmbassy45-WB 560$4uk vg-
5Bobby StevensWho Am IEmbassy45-WB 438$12uk vg++
6Bud AshtonTelstarEmbassy45-WB 525$10uk vg+
7Bud Ashton TrioNut RockerEmbassy45-WB 506$12uk vg+
8Dick JordanCathy's ClownEmbassy45-WB 394$4uk vg-
9Dick JordanCathy's ClownEmbassy45-WB 394$8uk vg+
10Dick JordanMistyEmbassy45-WB 381$15uk vg+
11Jacques LeroyCalcuttaEmbassy45-WB 443$4uk vg
12JaybirdsAll Day And All Of the NightEmbassyWB 663$15uk vg+
13JaybirdsBaby Let Me Take You HomeEmbassyWB 632$8uknocvg
14JaybirdsGo NowEmbassyWB 673$10uk vg
15JaybirdsJulietEmbassyWB 635$10uk vg
16JaybirdsNot Fade AwayEmbassyWB 621$8uk vg-
17JaybirdsSome Day We're Gonna Love AgainEmbassyWB 645$10uk vg
18JaybirdsTell Me WhenEmbassyWB 624$15uk vg+
19Joan BaxterI Just Don't Know What To Do With MyselfEmbassyWB 643$4uk vg-
20Joan BaxterIt's For YouEmbassyWB 647$4uknocvg-
21Joan BaxterIt's For YouEmbassyWB 647$10uk vg+
22Joan BaxterYou're My World (Il Mio Mondo)EmbassyWB 633$10uk vg+
23Joan BaxterYou're My World (Il Mio Mondo)EmbassyWB 633$8uk vg
24Joe JulianSide SaddleEmbassy45-WB 331$4uknocvg-
25Johnny ChesterAs You Like ItEmbassy45-WB 509$25uk vg+
26Johnny WorthLonely BoyEmbassy45-WB 347$4uk vg-
27Johnny WorthLonely BoyEmbassy45-WB 347$6ukwolvg
28Johnny WorthWay Down Yonder In New OrleansEmbassy45-WB 376$2uk g
29Les CarleBoys CryEmbassyWB 620$4uk vg-
30Les CarleDon't Let the Sun Catch You CryingEmbassyWB 631$15uk vg++
31Les CarleFrom A Jack To A KingEmbassy45-WB 557$8uk vg
32Les CarleThe Night Has A Thousand EyesEmbassy45-WB 552$6uk vg
33Maureen EvansAmong My SouvenirsEmbassy45-WB 371$8uk vg
34Maureen EvansGoodbye Jimmy GoodbyeEmbassy45-WB 344$8uk vg
35Mike RedwayI'll Keep You SatisfiedEmbassy45-WB 601$6uk vg-
36Paul RichI Can't Stop Loving YouEmbassy45-WB 512$10uk vg++
37Paul RichI'm Gonna Get MarriedEmbassy45-WB 353$8uk vg+
38Paul RichMakin' LoveEmbassy45-WB 363$4uknocvg-
39Paul RichMy Old Man's A DustmanEmbassy45-WB 387$6ukwolvg
40Ray PilgrimConfessin' (That I Love You)Embassy45-WB 573$8uk vg
41Ray PilgrimI Like ItEmbassy45-WB 570$8uk vg+
42Ray PilgrimYeh YehEmbassyWB 671$10uk vg+
43Ray Pilgrim & Mike RedwayBreaking Up Is Hard To DoEmbassy45-WB 522$6uk vg+
44Ray Pilgrim & the Beatmen5-4-3-2-1EmbassyWB 615$10uk vg+
45Ray Pilgrim & the Beatmen5-4-3-2-1EmbassyWB 615$6uk vg-
46Redd WayneWalk Away (Warum Nur Warum)EmbassyWB 659$6uk vg-
47Rikki HendersonMy Love For YouEmbassy45-WB 423$6uk vg
48Rikki HendersonSave the Last Dance For MeEmbassy45-WB 419$4uk vg-
49Rikki HendersonStarry EyedEmbassy45-WB 377$8uk vg+
50Rikki HendersonTwilight TimeEmbassy45-WB 289$6uk vg
51Saville Brothers & Jacques LeroyCharlie BrownEmbassy45-WB 331$20ukwolvg+
52Steve Stannard & his SextetReveille RockEmbassy45-WB 375$6uk vg+
53TyphoonsDianeEmbassyWB 617$8uk vg
54TyphoonsShe Loves YouEmbassy45-WB 586$8uk vg-
55TyphoonsWe're ThroughEmbassyWB 657$20uk vg++
56TyphoonsYou Really Got MeEmbassyWB 650$10uk vg
57TyphoonsYou Really Got MeEmbassyWB 650$8uk vg-
58TyphoonsYou Really Got MeEmbassyWB 650$15uk vg+