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Cotillion was a subsidiary label of Atlantic Records active from 1968-1985. Started mostly with mostly Blues, Southern Soul and Gospel releases but spread out wide including releases by Velvet Underground, Fairport Convention, Bob Marley etc.

Some sites worth a visit for discographies of LP's and 45's, videos etc.

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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
 COTILLION 45's:       
1ADC BandFire UpCotillion44246$8us m-
2ADC BandLong StrokeCotillion44243$8us vg++
3Baby WashingtonI Don't KnowCotillion45-44047$30usdemo/wolvg++
4Brook BentonA Black Child Can't SmileCotillion45-44138$15usdemom-
5Brook BentonDo Your Own ThingCotillion45-44007$10usdhvg++
6Brook BentonDo Your Own ThingCotillion45-44007$12usdhm-
7Brook BentonDon't It Make You Want To Go HomeCotillion45-44078$8us vg++
8Brook BentonLet Us All Get Together With the LordCotillion44141$12us vg++
9Brook BentonNothing Can Take the Place Of YouCotillion45-44034$15usdemom-
10Brook BentonRainy Night In GeorgiaCotillion45-44057$10us vg++
11Brook BentonRainy Night In GeorgiaCotillion45-44057$12us m-
12Brook Benton & the Dixie FlyersHeaven Help Us AllCotillion45-44110$8us vg+
13Brook Benton & the Dixie FlyersShoesCotillion45-44093$15us vg++
14C & the ShellsI've Fallen In LoveCotillion45-44024$25usdhvg++
15C & the ShellsOn Your Way HomeCotillion45-44033$10us m-
16Chris Towns & the TownsmenSop It UpCotillion44016$30uspromo stamped lblvg++
17Dee EdwardsLoving You Is All I Want To DoCotillion45000$30us m-
18Dee EdwardsPut Your Love On the LineCotillion46005$10us m-
19DynamicsIce Cream SongCotillion45-44021$25usdhm-
20Ed RobinsonHey Blackman Part 1Cotillion45-44090$10usdemom-
21Edison Electric BandShip Of the FutureCotillion45-44071$18usdemom-
22Emerson, Lake & PalmerLucky ManCotillion45-44106$10usdemovg+
23FatbackCall Out My NameCotillion7-99749$6us vg++
24Garland GreenIf A Dream Goes ByCotillion45-44159$20usdemovg++
25Hollywood SpectrumI Gotta Get Back To Lovin' YouCotillion45-44070$30usdemovg++
26ImpressionsI Saw Mommy Kissing Santa ClausCotillion45-4421$6us m-
27ImpressionsYou're So Right For MeCotillion44222$15uswolvg++
28Interdenominational Youth ChoirGod Gave Me A SongCotillion45-44062$15usdemo/wolm-
29James AndersonMama MamaCotillion45-44097$20usdemo/1 sidedm-
30James AndersonThe TrackerCotillion45-44104$15usdemo/wolm-
31Jean Knight & PremiumYou Show Me Yours I'll Show You MineCotillion47002$4us vg
32Jimmy Castor BunchDon't Do ThatCotillion44253$8us vg++
33Joe ArnoldMore Today Then YesterdayCotillion45-44049$30usdemom-
34Jones BoysIt's So StrangeCotillion45-44010$10usdemo/tolvg
35Louis PaulRailroad ManCotillion45-44064$15usdemom-
36Lucky CordellThis Is the Woman I LoveCotillion45-44052$20usdemom-
37Luther Funky Music (Is A Part Of Me)Cotillion45-44205$12uswolvg++
38Mass ProductionCan't You See I'm Fired UpCotillion44248$8uswolvg++
39Mass ProductionFun In the SunCotillion44219$15us m-
40Mylon Peace Begins WithinCotillion45-44100$15us m-
41Nick LampeFlower GardenCotillion45-44066$25usdemovg++
42Noble KnightsSing A Simple SongCotillion45-44030$30usdhm-
43NowHaving A Hard Time (Ain't You Baby)Cotillion45-44005$20usdemovg++
44OKaysionsWatch Out GirlCotillion45-44089$40usdemo/1-sidedm-
45Otis ClayDo Right Woman Do Right ManCotillion45-44009$10usdemovg-
46Otis ClayDo Right Woman Do Right ManCotillion45-44009$25usdemovg++
47Otis ClayDo Right Woman Do Right ManCotillion45-44009$18usdhvg++
48Otis ClayHard Working WomanCotillion45-44068$40usdemom-
49Otis ClayIs It OverCotillion44101$15us vg++
50Ronnie DysonHeart To HeartCotillion47005$35usdemovg+
51Ronnie HawkinsDown In the AlleyCotillion45-44060$15usdemom-
52Sebastian Williams & his Soul MenThe One You Can't HaveCotillion45-44023$40usdhvg++
53Sister SledgeAll American GirlsCotillion46007$6us vg+
54Sister SledgeAll American GirlsCotillionCOT 11656$10gerpsvg+/m-
55Sister SledgeAll American GirlsCotillionCOT 11656$6gerps/solvg+/vg+
56Sister SledgeEasy StreetCotillion45020$6us vg+
57Sister SledgeEasy StreetCotillion45020$8us vg++
58Sister SledgeGot To Love SomebodyCotillionCOT 11404$10gerpsvg+/vg+
59Sister SledgeGot To Love SomebodyCotillionCOT 11404$12gerpsvg+/m-
60Sister SledgeGot To Love SomebodyCotillionCOT 11404$8gerps/socvg+/vg+
61Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillion46017$6us m-
62Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillionCOT 11593$10gerpsvg+/vg+
63Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillionCOT 11593$15gerpsm-/m-
64Sister SledgeLet Him GoCotillion79-9889-7$12gerpsm-/vg++
65Sister SledgeLost In MusicCotillion45001$10us m-
66Sister SledgeReach Your PeakCotillionCOT 11462$8gerps/solvg+/vg+
67Sister SledgeWe Are FamilyCotillion44251$10us m-
68SlaveJust A Touch Of LoveCotillion45005$20usdemom-
69SlaveWatching YouCotillion46006$15us m-
70Stacy LattisawDon't Throw It All AwayCotillion47011$6us vg++
71Stacy LattisawFeel My Love TonightCotillion46026$6us vg+
72Terry WoodfordSame Old FeelingCotillion45-44109$30usdemom-
73Terry WoodfordSame Old FeelingCotillion45-44109$25us m-
74Toby Lark with TorontoWe're All In This TogetherCotillion45-44096$20us m-
75Walter JacksonAnyway That You Want MeCotillion45-44053$20usdemom-
76Walter JacksonAnyway That You Want MeCotillion45-44053$12us vg++
77Wee GeeHold On (To Your Dreams)Cotillion45012$10us m-
78Young Holt UnlimitedMellow DreamingCotillion45-44092$40usdemom-
 COTILLION LP's:       
1ADC BandBrother LuckCotillionSD 16041$30us m-/m-
2Baby BrotherSameCotillionSD 5225$25us m-/vg++
3Baby BrotherSameCotillionSD 5225$30us ss
4Back In TimeSameCotillionSD 5207$18uswocvg+/vg++
5BeastSameCotillionSD 9012$40usdhss
6Bobby LanceFirst PeaceCotillionSD 9041$20usdhvg+/vg+
7Bobby LanceFirst PeaceCotillionSD 9041$25usdhvg++/vg++
8Bobby LanceFirst PeaceCotillionSD 9041$30usdhm-/m-
9Brook BentonHome StyleCotillionSD 9028$20ussoc/sol/wocvg+/m-
10Brook BentonHome StyleCotillionSD 9028$25usdhm-/vg++
11C.L. BlastI Wanna Get DownCotillionSD 5222$18usdhss
12Colmanaires of Washington D.C.SameCotillionSD 059$15usdhvg+/vg
13Edison Electric BandBless You Dr. WoodwardCotillionSD 9022$40us m-/vg+
14Edison Electric BandBless You Dr. WoodwardCotillionSD 9022$30usdhvg/m-
15Fairport ConventionSameCotillionSD 9024$40us vg+/vg+
17Freddie KingMy Feeling For the BluesCotillionSD 9016$75usdhm-/m-
18FreedomThrough the YearsCotillionSD 9048$40usdh/gfldm-/m-
19Guns & ButterSameCotillionSD 9901$25usdhm-/m-
20ImpressionsIt's About TimeCotillionSD 9912$12usdhvg+/vg++
21ImpressionsIt's About TimeCotillionSD 9912$16usdhm-/m-
22ImpressionsIt's About TimeCotillionSD 9912$18usdhss
23Jean Knight & PremiumKeep It Comin'CotillionSD 5230$30us m-/vg++
24John EdwardsLife Love And LivingCotillionSD 9909$20usdhvg+/m-
25John EdwardsLife Love And LivingCotillionSD 9909$22usdhvg++/m-
26John EdwardsLife Love And LivingCotillionSD 9909$25usdhm-/m-
27John EdwardsLife Love And LivingCotillionSD 9909$30usdhss
28Kate TaylorSister KateCotillionSD 9045$12usdhm-/vg+
29Kate TaylorSister KateCotillionSD 9045$18us m-/m-
30King FloydSameCotillionSD 9047$40usdhvg++/vg++
31Lord Sutch & Heavy FriendsSameCotillionSD 9015$50us m-/m-
32Lord Sutch & Heavy FriendsSameCotillionSD 9015$75us ss
33Lord Sutch & Heavy FriendsSameCotillionSD 9015$45us vg++/vg++
34Lou DonaldsonA Different SceneCotillionSD 9905$30us m-/m-
35Lou DonaldsonColor As A Way Of LifeCotillionSD 9915$30us m-/m-
36Lou JohnsonSweet Southern SoulCotillionSD 9008$110us m-/vg++
37Lou JohnsonSweet Southern SoulCotillionSD 9008$75usdhvg++/vg++
38MarblesSameCotillionSD 9029$25usdhvg++/m-
39Margie JosephHear the Words Feel the FeelingCotillionSD 9906$25us m-/vg+
40Margie JosephHear the Words Feel the FeelingCotillionSD 9906$20usdhm-/vg+
41Mass Production83Cotillion90079-1$25usdhm-/m-
42Mass ProductionIn A City GrooveCotillionSD 5233$15usdhvg+/vg++
43Mass ProductionIn A City GrooveCotillionSD 5233$20usdhm-/m-
44Mass ProductionTurn Up the MusicCotillionSD 5226$15usdhvg+/vg+
45Mass ProductionTurn Up the MusicCotillionSD 5226$18usdhm-/vg+
46Mass ProductionTurn Up the MusicCotillionSD 5226$20usdhm-/m-
47Memphis HornsSameCotillionSD 9014$20usdhvg+/vg++
48Memphis HornsSameCotillionSD 9014$30us vg++/m-
49MylonSameCotillionSD 9026$50usphss
50Myrna SummersTell It Like It IsCotillionSD 051$15uswocvg+/vg
51Otis RushMourning In the MorningCotillionSD 9006$90us vg++/m-
52Otis RushMourning In the MorningCotillionSD 9006$70usdhvg+/vg++
53Philippe WynneStarting All OverCotillionSD 9920$18usdhvg++/vg+
54Philippe WynneStarting All OverCotillionSD 9920$20usdhvg++/vg++
55Philippe WynneStarting All OverCotillionSD 9920$25usdhm-/m-
56R.B. HudmonCloser To YouCotillionSD 5204$15usdhvg++/vg+
57R.B. HudmonCloser To YouCotillionSD 5204$20us vg+/m-
58R.B. HudmonCloser To YouCotillionSD 5204$30us ss
59R.B. HudmonCloser To YouCotillionSD 5204$25us m-/m-
60Rasputin's StashSameCotillionSD 3046$30usdh/gfldvg++/vg++
61Ronn MatlockLove CityCotillionSD 5213$50usph/lyric bagm-/m-
62Ronnie DysonBrand New DayCotillion90119-1$25usdhm-/m-
63Ronnie DysonPhase 2CotillionSD 5234$25usdhm-/vg++
64Ronnie DysonPhase 2CotillionSD 5234$30us m-/m-
65Ronnie HawkinsSameCotillionSD 9019$25usdhvg+/m-
66Rusty KershawCajun In the Blues CountryCotillionSD 9030$20uspromovg/vg+
67Rusty KershawCajun In the Blues CountryCotillionSD 9030$20usdhvg++/vg+
69Sister SledgeThe SistersCotillionSD 5251$20usdhvg++/vg++
70Sister SledgeTogetherCotillionSD 9919$18us m-/vg++
71Sister SledgeTogetherCotillionSD 9919$20us m-/m-
72Sister SledgeWe Are FamilyCotillionSD 5209$25us vg++/m-
74SlaveBad EnuffCotillion90118-1$25usdhm-/m-
75SlaveBest OfCotillion90182-1$25usdhm-/m-
76SlaveHardness Of the WorldCotillionSD 5201$12usdhvg/vg+
77SlaveHardness Of the WorldCotillionSD 5201$25usdhm-/m-
78SlaveHardness Of the WorldCotillionSD 5201$30us m-/m-
79SlaveNew PlateauCotillion90238-1$25usdhm-/m-
80SlaveSameCotillionSD 9914$25us vg++/vg++
81SlaveSameCotillionSD 9914$30us m-/m-
82SlaveShowtimeCotillionSD 5227$25usdhm-/vg++
83SlaveStone JamCotillionSD 5224$30usdhm-/m-
84SlaveVisions Of the LiteCotillion90024-1$25usdhm-/m-
85SoundtrackHomerCotillionSD 9037$15uspromovg++/vg
86SoundtrackHomerCotillionSD 9037$25usdhss
88Stacy LattisawLet Me Be Your AngelCotillionSD 5219$5uslyric bagg/m-
89Stevie WoodsTake Me To Your HeavenCotillionSD 5229$25us m-/m-
90Sweet Stavin ChainSameCotillionSD 9021$25us vg+/vg+
91Tami LynnLove Is Here And Now You're GoneCotillionSD 9052$30usdhm-/vg
92Tami LynnLove Is Here And Now You're GoneCotillionSD 9052$60us m-/m-
93Various: Aretha Franklin/Sweet Inspirations/Brook Benton/Wilson Pickett etc.Heavenly StarsCotillionSD 052$15usdhvg/vg++
94Various: Aretha Franklin/Sweet Inspirations/Brook Benton/Wilson Pickett etc.Heavenly StarsCotillionSD 052$15usdhvg+/vg++
95Various: Aretha Franklin/Sweet Inspirations/Brook Benton/Wilson Pickett etc.Heavenly StarsCotillionSD 052$15us vg+/vg+
96Various: Lou Donaldson/John Edwards/Willis Jackson/Luther etc.Funky ChristmasCotillionSD 9911$30us vg++/m-
97Various: Lou Donaldson/John Edwards/Willis Jackson/Luther etc.Funky ChristmasCotillionSD 9911$35us m-/m-
98Various: Royal Tones/Fiestas/Billy Bland/Valentines etc.Solid Gold Old TownCotillionSD 9032$25us vg+/vg+
99Velvet UndergroundLive At Max's Kansas CityCotillionSD 9500$30us vg++/vg++
100Velvet UndergroundLive At Max's Kansas CityCotillionSD 9500$75us ss
101Willis JacksonPlays With FeelingCotillionSD 9908$25usdhm-/vg+
102Willis JacksonPlays With FeelingCotillionSD 9908$35us m-/m-
 COTILLION 12"s:       
1Bob MarleyReggae On BroadwayCotillionDMD 291$20uspromom-
2Mass ProductionTurn Up the MusicCotillionDMD 271$15uspromom-
3Park AvenueSlow MotionCotillionDMD 356$25us vg++
4Sister SledgeB.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Baby)CotillionDMD 645$20uspromom-
5Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillionDMD 277$20uspromom-