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Colpix & Dimension Records

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Colpix was started by Columbia Pictures in 1958 headed by Don Kirschner and Lou Adler and it was all over by 1966 when it gave way to Colgems Records.

Colpix was very much associated with the songwriting teams of the Brill Building especially Goffin & King.

Dimension Records started in 1962 and most releases was associated with Goffin & King and both labels scored loads of hits also internationally.

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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
 Colpix 45's:       
1Big Dee Irwin(You've Got) PersonalityColpixCX 42909$15dk m-
2Big Dee Irwin(You've Got) PersonalityColpixCX 42909$35dkpsvg++/vg++
3Big Dee IrwinHeigh-HoColpixCP 15043$25dkpsvg+/vg++
4Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$15dkps/green slvvg+/vg
5Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$20dkps/green slvvg+/vg+
6Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$30dkps/green slvvg+/m-
7Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$35dkps/green slvvg++/m-
8Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixPX 11010$8uk vg+
9Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$15dkps/yellow slvvg-/vg++
10Carl Dobkins Jr.A Little Bit Later On Down the LineColpixCP 762$15us vg+
11Chad Mitchell TrioSally AnnColpixCP 15010$10dk vg+
12Chad Mitchell TrioSally AnnColpixCP 15010$20dkpsm-/vg+
13Chad Mitchell TrioSally AnnColpixCP 15010$12dkpsvg/vg-
14Charles AlbertineThe Long Ships Part 1ColpixCP 726$10usdemovg++
15Del MarinoSummer LoveColpixCP 163$10us vg+
16Duane Eddy & the RebelsCottonmouthColpixCX 42912$40holpsvg+/vg++
17Earl-JeanI'm Into Somethin' GoodColpixCX 42905$4hol g
18Earl-JeanI'm Into Somethin' GoodColpixCX 42905$40holpsvg/m-
19Earl-JeanI'm Into Somethin' GoodColpixCP 729$25usdhm-
20Freddie ScottBrand New WorldColpixCP 709$20us vg-
21Freddie ScottHey GirlColpixCP 692$15us vg+
22Freddie ScottHey GirlColpixCP 692$20us vg++
23Freddie ScottHey GirlColpixCX 42896$50holpsm-/m-
24Freddie ScottWhere Does Love GoColpixCP 724$20us vg
25GirlfriendsJimmy BoyColpixCP 712$40us vg++
26Grethe SonckJust A Letter To Me Won't You SendColpixCP 172$50uspsm-/vg+
27James DarrenHail To the Conquering HeroColpixCP 655$10uswolvg++
28James DarrenHail To the Conquering HeroColpixCP 655$15us m-
29James DarrenHail To the Conquering HeroColpixCP 655$12us vg++
30James DarrenHer Royal MajestyColpixCP 15022$6dk vg
31James DarrenHer Royal MajestyColpixCP 15022$10dk vg++
32James DarrenMary's Little LambColpixCP 15032$15swps/blue vinylg/vg+
33James DarrenMary's Little LambColpixCP 644$10usdhvg++
34James DarrenThey Should Have Given You the OscarColpixCP 15041$6dkwolvg
35Jimmy DarrenAll the Young MenColpixCP 15008$10dk vg++
36Jimmy DarrenConscienceColpixCP 15029$25dk/uspsvg+/vg
37Jimmy DarrenGidgetColpixCP 15000$4dk vg
38Jimmy DarrenGidgetColpixCP 15000$20dkps/Sandra Dee on slv/wocvg/vg
39Jimmy DarrenGoodbye Cruel WorldColpixCP 15016$30dkpsvg++/vg+
40Jimmy DarrenHer Royal MajestyColpixCP 15022$35dkpsvg++/vg++
41Jimmy DarrenHer Royal MajestyColpixCP 15022$25dkpsvg+/vg+
42Jimmy DarrenMan About TownColpixCP 15002$4dk vg
43Jimmy DarrenMan About TownColpixCP 15002$30dkpsvg++/vg+
44Jimmy DarrenThey Should Have Given You the OscarColpixCP 15041$40dkpsm-/m-
45Jimmy DarrenThey Should Have Given You the OscarColpixCP 15041$30dkpsvg++/vg+
46Jimmy DarrenThey Should Have Given You the OscarColpixCP 15041$35dkps/nocm-/m-
47Jimmy DarrenThose Teenage TearsColpixCP 15003$6dk vg+
48Jimmy DarrenThose Teenage TearsColpixCP 15003$25dkpsvg+/vg
49Jimmy RushingMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It Part 1ColpixCP 686$12usdemom-
50Jo StaffordAdios My Love (The Song Of Athens)ColpixCP 15024$15dkpsvg+/vg+
51Jo StaffordAdios My Love (The Song Of Athens)ColpixCP 15024$20dkpsvg++/vg++
52Just UsI Can't Grow Peaches On A Cherry TreeColpixCP 803$15us m-
53MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$10dk vg
54MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$4dknocvg-
55MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$30dkps/wocvg+/vg+
56MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$18dkps/noc/tocvg/vg+
57MarcelsHold OnColpixCP 640$20us vg+
58MarcelsMerry Twist-MasColpixCP 15011$25dkpsvg/vg-
59MarcelsMerry Twist-MasColpixCP 15011$12dknocvg+
60MarcelsReally Need Your LoveColpixCP 624$6uswolvg
61MarcelsReally Need Your LoveColpixCP 15023$12dksome miscolouring on a side lblvg++
62MarcelsSummertimeColpixCP 196$20uswolvg+
63Mickey CallanYou Just Gotta Love Me TooColpixCP 134$75uspsvg+/vg+
64Nina SimoneTrouble In MindColpixCP 175$4us vg-
65Nina SimoneTrouble In MindColpixCP 15012$25dkpsvg+/vg
66Oliver & the TwistersMother Goose TwistColpixCP 15019$15dkpsvg+/vg
67Paul PetersenLollipops And RosesColpixCP 15034$30dkpsvg/vg+
68Paul PetersenMy DadColpixCP 16036$10dk vg+
69Pete TerraceYou Are My SunshineColpixCP 15027$15dkps/woc/wolvg+/vg
70Pete TerraceYou Are My SunshineColpixCP 15027$10dk vg+
71RonettesGood GirlsColpixCX 42892$15dknocg
72Sandy StewartMy Coloring BookColpixCP 669$6us vg
73Sandy StewartMy Colouring BookColpixCP 15039$6dknocvg+
74Sandy StewartMy Colouring BookColpixCP 15039$18dkpsvg+/vg+
75Sandy StewartMy Colouring BookColpixCP 15039$25dkpsm-/vg+
76Sandy StewartMy Colouring BookColpixCP 15039$30dkpsm-/m-
77Sandy StewartMy Colouring BookColpixCP 15039$20dkpsvg++/vg+
78Sandy StewartMy Colouring BookColpixCP 15039$18dkps/wocvg+/vg++
79Shelley FabaresHe Don't Love MeColpixCP 721$75us vg+
80Shelley FabaresJohnny AngelColpixCP 621$8us vg-
81Shelley FabaresJohnny Loves MeColpixCP 636$20us vg++
82Shelley FabaresJohnny Loves MeColpixCP 636$4ussolg
83Shelley FabaresBreaking Up Is Hard To DoColpixCP 15033$8dknocvg-
84Shirley JonesPepeColpixCP 15013$4dk vg
85Sonny CurtisA Beatle I Want To BeColpixPX 11024$15uknocvg+
86Stu PhillipsStrangers When We MeetColpixCP 15009$15dkps/Kim Novak & Kirk Douglas on slv/wocvg/vg-
87Teddy RandazzoBig Wide WorldColpixCP 15040$50swps/blue vinylm-/m-
88UnforgettablesWas It AlrightColpixCP 192$15us vg+
89Walter KellyLucindaColpixCX 40894$4dknocvg
90Walter KellyLucindaColpixCX 40894$20dkps/nocvg+/vg+
91Walter KellyLucindaColpixCX 40894$15dkpsvg+/vg-
 Dimension 45's:       
1Big Dee IrwinAnd Heaven Was HereDimension1001$75us m-
2Big Dee IrwinSoul Waltzin'DimensionD 1015$20us vg+
3Carole KingHe's A Bad BoyDimension1009$30us vg++
4Carole KingIt Might As Well Rain Until SeptemberDimension2000$30us vg++
5CookiesChainsDimension1002$15us vg+
6CookiesChainsDimension1002$20us vg++
7CookiesDon't Say Nothin' Bad (About My Baby)Dimension1008$20us vg+
8CookiesWill PowerDimension1012$25us m-
9Kenny PriceWell Rounded Traveling ManDimensionDS 1003$10us m-
10Little EvaJust A Little GirlDimension1011$15us vg+
11Little EvaJust A Little GirlDimension1011$20us vg++
12Little EvaThe Trouble With BoysDimension1013$30us m-
13Little EvaThe Trouble With BoysDimension1013$25us vg++
 Colpix EP's:       
1Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCEP 815$50swblue vinylvg++/m-
2Big Dee Irwin & Little EvaSwinging On A StarColpixPXE 301$12ukplain white slvvg
3Big Dee Irwin & Little EvaSwinging On A StarColpixPXE 301$30uk vg+/vg+
4Jimmy DarrenGidgetColpixCEP 10000$15dktri/wocvg+/vg+
5Nina SimoneSimone At Town HallColpixCEP 804$10swsmall lbl damage/plain white slv m-
6Nina SimoneSimone At Town HallColpixCEP 804$30sw vg++/vg++
7SoundtrackLawrence Of ArabiaColpixPXE 300$18uk vg+/vg+
8SoundtrackVictorsColpixCEP 814$30swblue vinylm-/m-
 Colpix LP's:       
1Chad Mitchell Trio & the GatemenIn Concert Everybody's ListeningColpixSCP 463$35us vg+/vg+
2Chad Mitchell Trio & the GatemenIn Concert Everybody's ListeningColpixSCP 463$35us vg/vg++
3Chad Mitchell Trio & the GatemenSameColpixSCP 411$40us vg++/vg++
4Elizabeth TaylorIn LondonColpixCP 459$75us m-/vg++
5Jane MorganThe Last Time I Saw ParisColpixSCP 469$40us m-/m-
6Jimmy RushingFive Feet Of SoulColpixSCP 446$30us vg+/vg++
7Jimmy RushingFive Feet Of SoulColpixCP 446$35us vg+/vg++
8Lou ChristieStrikes AgainColpixCP 4001$40us m-/m-
9Nina SimoneAt NewportColpixSCP 412$40us vg+/m-
10Nina SimoneFolksy NinaColpixSCP 465$16uswocvg/vg
11Nina SimoneForbidden FruitColpixCP 419$40us vg+/vg+
12Nina SimoneForbidden FruitColpixSCP 419$30uswocvg/vg+
13Sawbuck SingersSameColpixSCP 475$40us vg+/vg+
14Sonny StittBroadway SoulColpixSCP 499$25us vg/vg+
15Sonny StittBroadway SoulColpixSCP 499$30us vg+/vg+
16Various: Zoot Sims/Mel Lewis/Willie Dennis/Bill Crow etc.Jazz Mission To MoscowColpixCP 433$20us vg++/vg++