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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
7386M. & O. BandLet's Do the Latin HustleCreoleCR 120$10ukbrown 2 tone lblm-
7387M.G.'sSugarcaneStaxSTA 0169$8us vg++
7388M.O.U.S.E.Woman Or A GirlBell918$10usdhvg
7389M.O.U.S.E.Woman Or A GirlBell918$15usdhvg++
7390Mable JohnYour Good Thing (Is About To End)StaxS-192$20usblue/black lblvg+
7391Mac KissoonGet Down With It/SatisfactionGreen LightGL 0002$35swps/white/green dots lblvg++/m-
7392Maceo And All the Kings MenGot To Get'chaHouse of the FoxHOF-1$15usbrown/hair lblvg
7393Maceo And All the Kings MenThank You For Letting Me Be Myself Again Part 1House of the FoxHOF-8$20ussilver/black lblvg
7394Maceo and the MacksSoul Power 74 Part 1PeoplePE 631$15usred lbl/wolvg+
7395MachineThere But For the Grace Of God Go IRCA Victor/HologramPB 11456$8usblack/silver Nipper lbl/wolvg+
7396Mack RiceLove's A Mother BrotherAtco45-6645$20usyellow/white lbl/dhvg++
7397Mack RiceLove's A Mother BrotherAtco45-6645$20usyellow/white lblvg+
7398Mack RiceLove's A Mother BrotherAtco45-6645$25usyellow/white lblvg++
7399Mad HattersLove Potion No. 9EpicS EPC 4606$10ukdemo/light blue/red A lbl/solid centrevg+
7400Mad LadsDid My Baby CallVoltVOA 4080$40usorange lbl/wolvg++
7401Mad LadsMy InspirationVolt45-150$25usorange/black lbl/dhvg+
7402Mad LadsNo Time Is Better Than Right NowAtlanticATL 70 284$40gerps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
7403MadagascarBaby Not TonightAristaAS 0625$10usblue/tan lbl/wolvg++
7404MadagascarRainbowAristaARI 8203$10holblue/tan lblvg++
7405MadamDo It Now20th Century6162096$12gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
7406Made In U.S.A.MelodiesDe-LiteDE 1594$8usblue/rainbow stripes/white logo lblvg++
7407Madeline BellDance Dance DancePye7N 45576$10ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centre/wolm-
7408Madeline BellDoing Things Together With YouPhilips40539$15uslight blue/orange logo lblm-
7409Madeline BellDon't Come Running To MePhilipsBF 1501$30uk vg+
7410Madeline BellI'm So GladRCA VictorRCA 2440$40ukyellow lblvg++
7411Madeline BellPicture Me GonePhilips40517$15uslight blue/orange logo lbl/dhvg+
7412Madeline BellPicture Me GonePhilips40517$20uslight blue/orange logo lbl/dhvg++
7413Madeline BellThinkin'PhilipsBF 1688$10uk vg+
7414Madeline BellWe're So Much In LovePhilipsBF 1799$8ukblue/silver lblvg+
7415Madeline BellWhat'm I Supposed To DoPhilips326 932 BF$40holwocvg++/vg++
7416MadisonsOnly A FoolJomadaM-601$10uswhite/black lblvg
7417Magic City & FireLet's Rock Part 1Sunshine Sound1012$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
7418Magic Disco MachineControl TowerTamla Motown2C004-96760$15fraps/red/black lblvg+/vg
7419Magic Disco MachineControl TowerTamla Motown2C004-96760$25fraps/red/black lblvg+/m-
7420Magic Disco MachineControl TowerTamla Motown2C004-96760$30fraps/red/black lblm-/m-
7421Magic TonesGreat DayRam-Brock2001$30us vg+
7422MagistratesHere Come the JudgeMGMK 13946$10usgold/blue swirl lblvg-
7423Magnificent MenSave the CountryCapitolCL 15570$25ukblack/silver lblvg+
7424Main AttractionRainy Night (Edited North Mix)RCA VictorJB 14399$10usdemo/tan/black lblm-
7425Main IngredientEverybody Plays the FoolRCA Victor74-0731$8gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/dhvg+/vg+
7426Main IngredientHappiness Is Just Around the CornerRCA VictorAPB0-0305$18usyellow lbl/wolvg+
7427Main IngredientJust Don't Want To Be LonelyRCA VictorAPB0 0205$8usyellow lbl/wolm-
7428MajesticsShe Troubles My MindCubeBUG 34$12uktan/black lblvg
7429MajesticsYou Got It MadePye7N 45444$12ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
7430Major HarrisAfter Loving YouAtlantic45-3248$25usred/black lblm-
7431Major HarrisAfter Loving YouAtlantic45-3248$20usred/black lblvg++
7432Major HarrisAfter Loving YouAtlantic45-3248$15usred/black lblvg+
7433Major HarrisAfter Loving YouAtlantic45-3248$8usred/black lblvg-
7434Major HarrisAfter Loving YouAtlanticK 10585$8ukorange/blue/white stripe lbl/solid centrevg+
7435Major Harris Boogie Blues BandEach Morning I Wake UpAtlanticK 10529$20ukorange/green/white stripe lbl/solid centre/wolm-
7436Major LanceAin't No Soul (Left In These Old Shoes)ContempoCS 9015$10ukpurple/black lbl/solid centrevg+
7437Major LanceFollow the LeaderAtlantic584 277$15ukred/black lbl/wolvg
7438Major LanceFollow the LeaderDakar45-608$25usblack/silver/rainbow rim lbl/dhvg++
7439Major LanceGimme Little SignContempoCS 2117$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centre/promo sticker on lblvg++
7440Major LanceSweeterPlayboyP 6020$6us vg+
7441Major LanceSweeterPlayboyP 6020$10us m-
7442Major LanceUm Um Um Um Um UmColumbiaDB 7205$15swblack/silver lblvg-
7443Major LanceUm Um Um Um Um UmColumbiaDB 7205$10ukblack/silver lblg
7444Major LanceUm Um Um Um Um UmEpicEPC S 8404$10ukyellow/black oval logo lbl/solid centrevg++
7445Major LanceUm Um Um Um Um UmOkeh4 7187$20uspurple/gold lblvg-
7446MajorsA Wonderful DreamImperial5855$6usblack/silver/rainbow stars lblvg-
7447MajorsI'll Be There (To Bring You Love)ImperialX 66009$25usblack/silver/rainbow stars lblvg++
7448MajorsMy DanceAriola16 992 AT$15gerps/silver lblvg++/vg++
7449MajorsMy DanceMagnetMAG 64$12ukdemo/red/black lbl/solid centrem-
7450MajorsShe's A TroublemakerImperialX 5879$25usblack/silver/rainbow stars lblvg++
7451MajorsTime Will TellImperial5855$12us vg++
7452MajorsWhat Have You Been Doin'ImperialX 5936$30usblack/silver/rainbow stars lblvg++
7453Mamie GaloreToo Many MemoriesSt. Lawrence1008$30uspink/black lblvg++
7454MammatapeeMonster FunWhitfieldWHI 49607$6usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
7455MandalaGive And TakeKRKR 115$40usdemo/white/black lblvg+
7456MandalaLove-ItisAtlantic45-2512$35usdemo/white/black lblvg++
7457MandrakeFunk TapperRCA VictorPB 5581$12gerps/yellow lblm-/vg++
7458MandréSpirit GrooveMotownM 1461F$8usblue/silver/rainbow map lblvg++
7459MandrillFencewalkPolydorPD 14163$8us vg
7460MandrillMandrillPolydor2066 097$18gerps/textured slv/wolvg+/vg++
7461MandrillTee VeeUnited ArtistsUA-XW673-Y$10ustan/brown logo lblvg++
7462MandrillThe Road To LovePolydorPD 14257$10usred/black/white logo lblvg++
7463Manfredo FestMisturadaA&M/CTI1009$25usdemo/white/black/red logo lbl/wolvg++
7464ManhattansAll I Need (remix)Columbia38-07010$8usyellow/orange lbl/wolvg++
7465ManhattansBaby I Need YouCarnivalCAR 100$10ukred/black lbl/wolvg-
7466ManhattansBaby I'm SorryCarnivalCAR 529$10usred/white/blue lblvg-
7468ManhattansCrazyColumbia38-03939$20usyellow/orange lbl/demo stamped lblm-
7469ManhattansDo You EverDe Luxe45-152$18usdemo/light blue/black lblvg++
7470ManhattansHurtCBSCBS 4562$10holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
7471ManhattansHurtCBSS CBS 4562$8ukyellow/orange lbl/solid centre/rssvg++
7472ManhattansI Bet'cha (Couldn't Love Me)CarnivalCAR 522$40usdemo/black/white lblm-
7473ManhattansI Call It LoveCarnivalCAR 533$25usred/white/blue lblvg++
7474ManhattansI Kinda Miss YouCBS4831$8ukyellow/orange lblm-
7475ManhattansI Kinda Miss YouColumbia3-10430$8usyellow/orange lbl/solvg++
7476ManhattansI Wanna Be (Your Everything)Carnival507$25usred/black lbl/wolm-
7477ManhattansI'm Not A Run AroundColumbia4-45838$10usyellow/orange lblvg++
7478ManhattansIt's YouCBSCBS 5093$12holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
7479ManhattansIt's YouCBSCBS 5093$18holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvm-/m-
7480ManhattansKiss And Say GoodbyeCBSS CBS 4317$10ukdemo/grey/black lblm-
7481ManhattansKiss And Say GoodbyeCBSCBS 4317$8holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
7482ManhattansKiss And Say GoodbyeCBSS CBS 4317$6ukyellow/orange lbl/solid centrem-
7483ManhattansKiss And Say GoodbyeCBSCBS 4317$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
7484ManhattansLet Your Love Come DownColumbia18-02548$8usyellow/orange lblvg++
7485ManhattansLove Is Breakin' Out (All Over)CarnivalCAR 542$20usred/white/blue lblvg+
7486ManhattansShining StarCBSCBS 8624$8holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/wolm-/m-
7487ManhattansShining StarColumbia1-11222$8canyellow/orange lblm-
7488ManhattansShining StarColumbia1-11222$8usyellow/orange lblvg++
7489ManhattansSummertime In the CityColumbia4-46081$4usyellow/orange lblvg-
7490ManhattansWe Never Danced To A Love SongColumbia3-10586$4usyellow/orange lbl/solvg++
7491ManhattansWe Never Danced To A Love SongColumbia3-10586$6usyellow/orange lblm-
7492ManhattansYou Send MeColumbia38-04754$12usps/yellow/orange lblm-/m-
7493ManhattansYou'd Better Believe ItColumbia4-45927$12usyellow/orange lblm-
7494MantraDoin' It To the BoneCasablancaNB 2329$8uswolm-
7495MantraDoin' It To the BoneCasablancaNB 2329$10us m-
7496Mantus(Dance It) Freestyle RhythmSMISM-50145$10usorange/black/white logo lblvg++
7497MantusBoogie To the TopSMISM7-106$10usyellow/black lblvg++
7498Manu DibangoBig BlowDeccaFR 13755$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
7499Manu DibangoBig BlowSonetT 7946$10swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg-/vg+
7500Manu DibangoSoul MakossaLondonHL 10423$15uk/dkps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
7501Manu DibangoSoul MakossaLondonHL 10423$25uk/dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
7502Manu DibangoSoul MakossaLondonHL 10423$4ukblack/silver lblvg
7503Manu DibangoSoul MakossaLondonHL 10423$10ukblack/silver lblm-
7504Manu DibangoSoul MakossaLondonHL 10423$18uk/dkps/black/silver lbl/noc/wol/wocvg++/m-
7505Manu DibangoSun ExplosionDeccaFR 13810$15ukdemo/blue/white diamond lblm-
7506Manu DibangoSuper KumbaAtlantic45-3263$20usred/black lblvg++
7507Manu DibangoSuper KumbaFiesta51232$40fraps/wolm-/vg++
7508Manu Dibango & GeorgiaQui Est Fou De Qui?Fiesta51259$10fraps/orange/black lbl/wocvg-/vg
7509Marcel ZaniniTu Veux Tu Veux PasRiviera121257$15frapsvg+/vg+
7510Marcel ZaniniTu Veux Tu Veux PasRiviera121257$18frapsvg++/vg++
7511MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$30dkps/gold/red logo lbl/wocvg+/vg+
7512MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$18dkps/gold/red logo lbl/noc/tocvg/vg+
7513MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$20dkps/gold/red logo lbl/wocvg/vg+
7514MarcelsBlue MoonEric113$4us vg++
7515MarcelsHeartachesPye International7N 25114$10ukblue/gold lblvg-
7516MarcelsHold OnColpixCP 640$20usgold/red lblvg+
7517MarcelsMerry Twist-MasColpixCP 15011$25dkpsvg/vg-
7518MarcelsMerry Twist-MasColpixCP 15011$12dkgold/red lbl/nocvg+
7519MarcelsReally Need Your LoveColpixCP 624$6usgold/red lblwolvg
7520MarcelsReally Need Your LoveColpixCP 15023$12dksome miscolouring on a side lblvg++
7521MarcelsSummertimeColpixCP 196$20usgold/red lbl/wolvg+
7522March WindDo the SweetbackStaxSTA 0131$12usyellow/brown hand logo lblvg+
7523March WindDo the SweetbackStaxSTA 0131$12usyellow/brown hand logo lbl/wolvg++
7524Marcia HinesI Just Don't Know What To Do With MyselfWizardZS 153$6ausblue/pink logo lbl/solid centrevg
7525Marcia HinesLove SideFritunaFR 1129$10swps/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg+
7526Marcia HinesLove SideFritunaFR 1129$12swps/solid centre/flipback slvvg++/vg+
7527Marcia HinesSomething's Missing (In My Life)LogoL 37028$15spaps/tan/black lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg/vg++
7528Marcia HinesWhat A Bitch Is LoveLogoGO 411$15ukps/black/silver/green logo lbl/flipback slv/nocvg/vg
7529Marcia HinesYouMiracleMS 508$4ausyellow/brown/tan logo lbl/solid centrevg-
7530Marcia HinesYour Love Still Brings Me To My KneesMidnightNITE 001$10ausps/solid centrevg-/vg-
7531Mardi GrasChica Tengo Noticias Para Ti (Too Busy Thibkibg 'bout My Baby)Map CityH 630$15spaps/white/black lblvg+/vg+
7532Mardi GrasGirl I've Got News For YouDisc AZSG 188$20frapsvg+/m-
7533Mardi GrasGirl I've Got News For YouMap CityMC 303$20usdemo/black/white lblm-
7534Mardi GrasToo Busy Thinking About My BabyBellBELL 1226$15uksilver/black lbl/solid centre/wolvg++
7535Mardi GrasToo Busy Thinking About My BabyBellBELL 1226$20uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
7536Mardi GrasToo Busy Thinking About My BabyMap CityH 731$20spaps/white/black lbl/textured flipback slvvg+/vg+
7537Margaret ReynoldsKeep On Holdin' OnMoby DickBTG 1433$40ussilver/blue lblvg++
7538Margaret SinganaCry To MeJo'BurgTJS 15-CD$12porps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg
7539Margaret WhitingCan't Get You Out Of My MindLondon45-124$10usdhvg
7540Margie AlexanderTake My BodyChi-SoundCH-XW849-Y$10uswhite/black/yellow/red logo lbl/wolvg++
7541Margie JosephCome Lay Some Lovin' On MeAtlantic45-2988$20uswolvg++
7542Margie JosephKnockoutHcRcHC7-31200$8ustan/black/brown logo lblvg++
7543Margie JosephLet's Go Somewhere And LoveAtlantic45-2907$20usdemo/red/white lblm-
7544Margie JosephLet's Go Somewhere And LoveAtlantic45-2907$10usdemo/red/white lbl/wolvg
7545Margie JosephMake Me Believe You'll StayVoltVOA 4056$10usblue/orange lblvg+
7546Margie JosephMake Me Believe You'll StayVoltVOA 4056$15usblue/orange lbl/wolm-
7547Margie JosephSweeter TomorrowStax2025 012$10gerps/yellow lbl/toc/wocvg+/vg
7548Margie Joseph & Blue MagicWhat's Come Over MeAtco/WMOT45-7030$20usyellow/white lbl/sol/wolvg++
7549Marian LoveOne Woman's Trash (Is Another Woman's Treasure)MercuryDJ 346$50usdemo/white/black lblvg++
7550Marie & RexI Can't Sit DownCarlton502$25usbrown/white/black lbl/wolvg+
7551Marie Adams & the Three Tons Of JoyWhispersCommand PerformanceCPR 121$15usyellow/black lblvg+
7552Marie Adams & the Three Tons Of JoyWhispersCommand PerformanceCPR 121$20usyellow/black lblm-
7553Marie Queenie LyonsFeverDe Luxe45-103$20usblack/silver lbl/reprovg+
7554Marilyn GrimesOoo Sweet LoveAbraxasAX 1702$10usdemo/white/black lblvg++
7555Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr.Look What You've Done To My HeartABCABC 4191$15ukyellow/orange swirl lbl/red vinyl/solid centrevg++
7556Mario BattainiGira Gira (Reach Out I'll Be There)G&RGR 6034$20itapsvg+/vg+
7557Mario Y Su Desafinado 4El PerezosoCBS6646$10mexorange/black lblvg++
7558Marion WilliamsI Shall Be ReleasedAtlantic45-2655$15usdemo/red/white lblvg++
7559Mark ShermanSongoColumbia38-07087$8usyellow/orange lbl/wolvg++
7560Mark ThatcherTell Him You've Got Someone ElseDiamondD-250$25usdemo/aqua/black lbl/wolvg++
7561Mar-KeysLast NightStaxA 107$20usgreen lblm-
7562Mar-KeysMorning AfterAtlanticATL 70 062$40swps/red/black lblvg/vg
7563Marlena ShawA Couple Of LosersCadet5592$20usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg++
7564Marlena ShawIt's Better Than Walking OutBlue NoteUP 36125$15ukblue/silver lbl/noc/wolvg++
7565Marlena ShawIt's Better Than Walking OutBlue NoteUP 36125$20uk vg++
7566Marlena ShawIt's Better Than Walking Out (Disco Version)Blue NoteUPS 10$12ukdemo/blue/silver lblvg
7567Marlena ShawLast Tango In ParisBlue NoteUP 35517$20ukdemo/blue/white lblvg++
7568Marlena ShawLast Tango In ParisBlue NoteUP 35517$35fraps/blue/white/blue logo lbl/textured flipback slvvg+/m-
7569Marlena ShawLooking Through the Eyes Of LoveCadet5618$25usps/blue 2 tone lbl/dhvg+/vg++
7570Marlena ShawLove Dancin'CBSCBS 7766$12holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/m-
7571Marlena ShawMercy Mercy MercyChessCRS 5001$20turblack/silver lbl/nocvg
7572Marlena ShawTheme From Looking For Mr. GoodbarCBSCBS 6283$10holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg
7573Marsha BrodyRight CombinationHot ShotHS 1000$30ussilver/red lblm-
7574Martha & the VandellasDancing In the StreetGordy7033$12uspurple/silver/yellow logo lblvg++
7575Martha & the VandellasDancing In the StreetStatesideSS 345$25ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
7576Martha & the VandellasDancing In the StreetStatesideSS 345$45ukblack/silver lblvg++
7577Martha & the VandellasDancing In the StreetStatesideSS 345$40ukblack/silver lblvg+
7578Martha & the VandellasI'm Ready For LoveGordyG-7056$20uspurple/silver/yellow Gordy lblm-
7579Martha & the VandellasI'm Ready For LoveGordyG-7056$18uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lbl/dhm-
7580Martha & the VandellasI'm Ready For LoveTamla MotownGO 25448$35holps/toc/wocvg++/vg++
7581Martha & the VandellasI'm Ready For LoveTamla MotownTMG 582$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg-
7582Martha & the VandellasJimmy MackGordyG-7058$15uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lbl/wolvg++
7583Martha & the VandellasJimmy MackTamla MotownTMG 599$6ukblack/silver lbl/solvg-
7584Martha & the VandellasJimmy MackTamla MotownTMG 599$25ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
7585Martha & the VandellasJimmy MackTamla MotownTMG 599$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
7586Martha & the VandellasJimmy MackTamla MotownTMG 599$10ukblack/silver lblvg
7587Martha & the VandellasJimmy MackTamla MotownTMG 599$20ukblack/silver lblvg++
7588Martha & the VandellasJimmy MackTamla MotownTMG 599$15ukblack/silver lblvg+
7589Martha & the VandellasMy Baby Loves MeGordyG-7048$20uspurple/silver/yellow Gordy lblvg++
7590Martha & the VandellasMy Baby Loves MeTamla MotownTMG 549$50ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg++
7591Martha & the VandellasNowhere To RunTamla MotownTMG 502$50ukblack/silver lblvg+
7592Martha & the VandellasWhat I'm I Going To Do Without Your LoveGordyG-7053$18uspurple/silver/yellow Gordy lblvg++
7593Martha & the VandellasWild OneStatesideSS 383$75ukblack/silver lblvg++
7594Martha CarterNobody Knows (How I Feel About You)Ron336$30usyellow/black lblvg+
7595Martha CarterYou Shall Not Be MovedRon346$30uspink/black lblm-
7596Martha ReevesDancing In the Streets (Skating In the Streets)Fantasy868$4uslightning lbl/wolvg+
7597Martha ReevesDancing In the Streets (Skating In the Streets)Fantasy868$6uslightning lblvg+
7598Martha ReevesLove BlindAristaAS-0124$6uswhite/black/blue lbl/wolvg+
7599Martha ReevesMy Man (You Changed My Tune)MCAMCA 40329$8usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
7600Martha ReevesPower Of LoveMCAMCA 40194$12usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
7601Martha ReevesPower Of LoveMCAMCS 7302$12gerps/black/blue/rainbow circle lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
7602Martha ReevesPower Of LoveMCAMCS 7302$10gerps/black/blue/rainbow circle lbl/textured slv/wolm-/vg++
7603Martha Reeves & the Vandellas(We've Got) Honey LoveGordyG-7085$15uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lblvg++
7604Martha Reeves & the Vandellas(We've Got) Honey LoveTamla MotownTMK 128$15swblack/silver lblvg++
7605Martha Reeves & the VandellasBless YouTamla MotownTMG 794$8uksolid centrevg++
7606Martha Reeves & the VandellasDancing In the StreetTamla MotownTMG 1051$6ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg++
7607Martha Reeves & the VandellasForget Me NotTamla MotownTMG 762$20ukblack/silver lbl/4 prong push out centrevg+
7608Martha Reeves & the VandellasForget Me NotTamla MotownTMG 762$20ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
7609Martha Reeves & the VandellasHeartlessGordyG-7094$12uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lblvg++
7610Martha Reeves & the VandellasHeartlessGordyG-7094$15us m-
7611Martha Reeves & the VandellasHoney ChileTamla MotownGO 25 693$20holps/orange/black lblvg/vg+
7612Martha Reeves & the VandellasHoney ChileTamla MotownGO 25 693$15holps/orange/black lblvg-/vg
7613Martha Reeves & the VandellasHoney ChileTamla MotownGO 25 693$20holps/orange/black lbl/wol/wocvg/vg++
7614Martha Reeves & the VandellasI Can't Dance To That Music You're Playin'GordyG-7075$15uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lblm-
7615Martha Reeves & the VandellasI Can't Dance To That Music You're Playin'GordyG-7075$8uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lbl/dhvg+
7616Martha Reeves & the VandellasI Gotta Let You GoGordyG-7103$20uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lbl/wolvg
7617Martha Reeves & the VandellasI Gotta Let You GoGordyG-7103$50uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lblm-
7618Martha Reeves & the VandellasI Promise To Wait My LoveGordyG-7070$15uspurple/silver/yellow Gordy lblm-
7619Martha Reeves & the VandellasI Promise To Wait My LoveGordyG-7070$10uspurple/silver/yellow Gordy lbl/dhvg++
7620Martha Reeves & the VandellasNowhere To RunTamla MotownTMG 694$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
7621Martha Reeves & the VandellasTaking My Love (And Leaving Me)Tamla Motown1C006-90574$25gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
7622Marv Johnson(You've Got To) Move Two MountainsUnited ArtistsUA 241$20usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
7623Marv JohnsonHappy DaysUnited ArtistsUA 273$20usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
7624Marv JohnsonI Love the Way You LoveUnited Artists1597$15us vg++
7625Marv JohnsonI Love the Way You LoveUnited ArtistsUA 208$25usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
7626Marv JohnsonI Love the Way You LoveUnited ArtistsUP 35010$15ukturquoise/silver lblm-
7627Marv JohnsonI Miss You Baby (How I Miss You)Tamla MotownTMG 713$25ukblack/silver lblm-
7628Marv JohnsonI'm Not A PlaythingGordyG-7042$45uspurple/silver/yellow Gordy lbl/wolm-
7629Marv JohnsonMerry Go RoundUnited ArtistsUA 294$15usblack/silver/rainbow dots lblvg
7630Marv JohnsonSo Glad You Chose MeTamla MotownTMG 737$25ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
7631Marv JohnsonYou Got the Love I LoveTamla MotownTMG 680$25swblack/silver lblm-
7632Marv JohnsonYou Got the Love I LoveTamla MotownTMG 680$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg-
7633Marv JohnsonYou Got the Love I LoveTamla MotownTMG 680$20swblack/silver lblvg++
7634Marv JohnsonYou Got the Love I LoveTamla MotownTMG 680$15swblack/silver lbl/noc/wolvg++
7635Marv JohnsonYou Got What It TakesLondon45-HL 9013$15dkblack/silver lblvg
7636Marv JohnsonYou Got What It TakesLondon American45-HLT 9013$12ukblack/silver top lblvg-
7637Marv Johnson Come To MeUnited ArtistsUA 160$25usred/black lbl/solvg++
7638Marv Johnson You Got What It TakesUnited ArtistsUA 185$30usred/black lblvg++
7639Marva WhitneyWhat Kind Of ManKing45-6158$12usblue/silver lbl/some lbl damagevg
7640MarvelettesDon't Mess With BillTamlaT-54126$25usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/wolvg++
7641MarvelettesHe's A Good Guy (Yes He Is)Tamla54091$20usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detriot Michigan below/dhvg++
7642MarvelettesHe's A Good Guy (Yes He Is)Tamla54091$25usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detriot Michigan belowm-
7643MarvelettesMarionetteTamlaT-54198$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblm-
7644MarvelettesMarionetteTamlaT-54198$10usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolm-
7645MarvelettesMy Baby Must Be A MagicianTamla T-54158$15usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg++
7646MarvelettesPlease Mr. PostmanTamla54046$30usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lblm-
7647MarvelettesStrange I KnowTamlaT 54072$20usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg++
7648MarvelettesThat's How Heartaches Are MadeTamlaT-54186$15usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblm-
7649MarvelettesThe Hunter Gets Captured By the GameTamlaT-54143$20usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblm-
7650MarvelettesTwistin' PostmanTamla54054$25usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detroit Michigan below/wolm-
7651MarvelettesTwistin' PostmanTamla54054$18usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detroit Michigan below/wolvg+
7652MarvelettesWhen You're Young And In LoveTamlaT-54150$4usdemo/white/black no globes lblg
7653MarvelettesWhen You're Young And In LoveTamla MotownTMG 939$10ukblack/silver lblm-
7654MarvelettesWhen You're Young And In LoveTamla MotownTMG 939$6ukblack/silver lblvg+
7655MarvelettesYou're the OneTamlaT-54131$12usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/cat. # on right side/dhvg++
7656MarvelettesYou're the OneTamlaT-54131$15usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/cat. # on left sidem-
7657MarvelowsI DoABC-Paramount45-10629$10usblack/silver/rainbow logo lbl/wolvg-
7658Marvin GayeA Funky Space Reincarnation Part 1TamlaT-54298F$8usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolvg++
7659Marvin GayeAbraham Martin And JohnTamla MotownTMG 734$20ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
7660Marvin GayeAbraham Martin And JohnTamla MotownTMG 734$12ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
7661Marvin GayeAin't That PeculiarTamlaT-54122$20usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/wolvg++
7662Marvin GayeGot To Give It UpMotown1C006-98932$8gerpsvg+/vg
7663Marvin GayeGot To Give It UpMotown1C006-98932$15gerpsm-/vg+
7664Marvin GayeGot To Give It Up Pt. 1MotownTMG 1069$6uk vg+
7665Marvin GayeGot To Give It Up Pt. 1MotownTMG 1069$4uk vg
7666Marvin GayeHis Eye Is On the SparrowMotownM 1128$10usblue/silver/rainbow map lbl/dhvg
7667Marvin GayeHis Eye Is On the SparrowMotownM 1128$15usblue/silver/rainbow map lbl/dhvg+
7668Marvin GayeHow Can I ForgetTamlaT-54190$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg+
7669Marvin GayeI Heard It Through the GrapevineTamla MotownTMG 686$15ukblack/silver lblm-
7670Marvin GayeI Heard It Through the GrapevineTamla MotownTMK 121$15swps/black/silver lbl/nocvg/vg
7671Marvin GayeI Heard It Through the GrapevineTamla MotownTMK 121$25swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
7672Marvin GayeI Heard It Through the GrapevineTamla MotownTMK 121$20swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
7673Marvin GayeI Heard It Through the GrapevineTamla MotownTMK 121$25swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg
7674Marvin GayeI Want You (Long Version)TamlaT-54264F$6usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/cat. # on left sidevg
7675Marvin GayeI Want You (Long Version)TamlaT-54264F$8usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/cat. # on right side/wolvg+
7676Marvin GayeI Want You (Long Version)TamlaT-54264F$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/cat. # on right sidem-
7677Marvin GayeI'll Be DoggoneTamlaT-54112$10usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detroit Michigan belowvg+
7678Marvin GayeI'll Take Care Of YouTamlaT-54153$15usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblm-
7679Marvin GayeI'll Take Care Of YouTamlaT-54153$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg++
7680Marvin GayeInner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)Tamla Motown4E006-92928 M$20swblack/silver lblm-
7681Marvin GayeJoyColumbia38-03935$8usyellow/orange lblm-
7682Marvin GayeLet's Get It OnTamla MotownTMG 868$20ukblack/silver lblm-
7683Marvin GayeMe And My Lonely RoomTamlaT-54195$15uswolm-
7684Marvin GayeOne More HeartacheTamlaT 54129$20usdemo/white/black lbl/dh/wolvg+
7685Marvin GayeOne More HeartacheTamlaT-54129$8usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/dh/wolvg+
7686Marvin GayeOne More HeartacheTamlaT-54129$12usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lblvg+
7687Marvin GayePraiseTamlaT-54322F$6usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg+
7688Marvin GayePraiseTamlaT-54322F$8usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg++
7689Marvin GayePretty Litte BabyTamlaT-54117$10usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detroit Michigan belowvg+
7690Marvin GayePretty Litte BabyTamlaT-54117$12usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/wolvg++
7691Marvin GayePretty Litte BabyTamla MotownTMG 524$30ukblack/silver lblvg-
7692Marvin GayeTake This Heart Of MineTamlaT-54132$15usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lblm-
7693Marvin GayeTake This Heart Of MineTamla MotownGO 45 229$4holorange/black lblvg-
7694Marvin GayeThat's the Way Love IsTamlaT-54185$12usdhm-
7695Marvin GayeThat's the Way Love IsTamlaT-54185$10usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/cat. # on right sidevg+
7696Marvin GayeThat's the Way Love IsTamlaT-54185$15usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/cat. # on left sidem-
7697Marvin GayeThat's the Way Love IsTamla MotownTMG 718$20ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
7698Marvin GayeThat's the Way Love IsTamla MotownTMK 137$20swblack/silver lblm-
7699Marvin GayeThe End Of Our RoadTamlaT-54195$10usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/dhm-
7700Marvin GayeToo Busy Thinking About My BabyTamlaT-54181$15usdhvg++
7701Marvin GayeToo Busy Thinking About My BabyTamla MotownTMG 705$20ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
7702Marvin GayeToo Busy Thinking About My BabyTamla MotownTMK 131$15swps/black/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg
7703Marvin GayeTrouble Man TamlaT-54228F$6usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg
7704Marvin GayeTrouble Man (Live)Tamla Motown1C006-95949$15gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
7705Marvin GayeTry It BabyTamla54095$10usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detroit Michigan belowvg+
7706Marvin GayeWhat's Going OnTamla MotownTMG 775$60ukblack/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
7707Marvin GayeWherever I Lay My Hat (That's My Home)TamlaT-54181$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl vg++
7708Marvin GayeYou Sure Love To BallTamla Motown4E006-95146$15swblack/silver lblvg++
7709Marvin GayeYou Sure Love To BallTamla MotownT 54244F$4jamblack/silver lblg
7710Marvin GayeYou're the Man Part 1Tamla Motown5C006-93490$18holps/wol/wocvg+/vg+
7711Marvin GayeYou're the Man Part 1Tamla Motown5C006-93490$18holps/wol/wocvg++/vg
7712Marvin Gaye & Kim WestonIt Takes TwoTamlaT-54141$15usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblm-
7713Marvin Gaye & Kim WestonIt Takes TwoTamla MotownGO 25 503$20holps/orange/black lblvg/vg
7714Marvin Gaye & Kim WestonIt Takes TwoTamla MotownGO 25 503$45holps/orange/black lblvg++/m-
7715Marvin Gaye & Kim WestonIt Takes TwoTamla MotownTMG 590$18ukblack/silver lblvg+
7716Marvin Gaye & Kim WestonIt Takes TwoTamla MotownGO 25 503$30holps/orange/black lblvg/vg++
7717Marvin Gaye & Kim WestonIt Takes TwoTamla MotownTMG 590$50norps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg
7718Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellAin't Nothing Like the Real ThingTamlaT-54163$8usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolvg+
7719Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellAin't Nothing Like the Real ThingTamlaT-54163$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolvg++
7720Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellGood Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come ByTamlaT-54179$10usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolm-
7721Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellGood Lovin' Ain't Easy To Come ByTamlaT-54179$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblm-
7722Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellIf I Could Build My Whole World Around YouTamlaT-54161$15usyellow/brown/globe lblm-
7723Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellIf I Could Build My Whole World Around YouTamla MotownGO 25 705$30holps/orange/black lblm-/m-
7724Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellIf I Could Build My Whole World Around YouTamla MotownGO 25 705$15holps/orange/black lblvg/vg+
7725Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellThe Onion SongTamla MotownTMG 715$8ukblack/silver lblvg-
7726Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellWhat You Gave MeTamlaT-54187$12usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblm-
7727Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellYou Ain't Livin' Till You're Lovin'TamlaT-54173$10usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/dhvg+
7728Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellYour Precious LoveTamlaT-54156$10usyellow/brown/globe lblm-
7729Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellYour Precious LoveTamla MotownGO 25 644$18holps/orange/black lbl/dhvg/vg
7730Marvin Gaye & Tammi TerrellYour Precious LoveTamla MotownGO 25 644$35holps/orange/black lblvg+/vg++
7731Marvin L. Sims(Nina) Have You Seen My Baby Part 1Mellow1004$25uspink lblm-
7732Marvin SmithAin't That A ShameContempoCS 2034$12ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
7733Marvin TuckerHand Me Down ManMAMMAM 57$15ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
7734Mary Ann CurtisNo One ElseRaydinRR-100$60usdemo/white/black lblm-
7735Mary ByrnsCalifornia RadioLotusBLS 652$10swps/solid centre/flipback slv/socvg+/vg+
7736Mary Jane GirlsCandy ManGordyTMG 1301$6ukpurple/silver/yellow wedge lblvg+
7737Mary Jane GirlsCandy ManMotown110-15-088$10gerps/blue/white lblvg++/m-
7738Mary LoveSave MeMirage7-99720$12usdemo/white/black lblm-
7739Mary LoveTalkin' About My ManModernM 1039$30usred/white logo lblvg++
7740Mary Sue WellingtonSpoiledTuffTUFF 400$30usyellow/brown lbl/dhvg++
7741Mary WellsAin't It the Truth20th Century544$30usblack/gold rim lblm-
7742Mary WellsAin't It the TruthStatesideSS 372$30ukblack/silver lblvg++
7743Mary WellsAin't It the TruthStatesideSS 372$25ukblack/silver lblvg+
7744Mary WellsCan't Get Away From Your LoveJubilee45-5629$25usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
7745Mary WellsDig the Way I FeelJubileeJB 5684$15usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg
7746Mary WellsI'm Changing My WaysEpic14-02664$40usblue/silver lblm-
7747Mary WellsKeep Me In SuspenseAtco45-6423$12usyellow/white lbl/dhvg
7748Mary WellsLaughing BoyMotownM-1039$20usblue/silver/rainbow map lbl/dhvg++
7749Mary WellsMy GuyMotownM-1056$15usblue/silver/rainbow map lbl/wolvg++
7750Mary WellsMy GuyStatesideSS 288$4swblack/silver lbl/nocvg-
7751Mary WellsMy GuyStatesideSS 288$8ukblack/silver lblvg+
7752Mary WellsMy GuyTamla MotownTMG 1100$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
7753Mary WellsNever Never Leave Me20th Century570$4usblack/gold lbl/solvg-
7754Mary WellsUse Your Head20th Century630002$50fra/dkps/black/silver/gold rim lbl/flipback slvg/vg
7755Mary WellsYou Beat Me To the PunchMotown1032$25usblue/silver/rainbow map lblvg+
7756Mary WhiteOutside LoveGibbs11$10usyellow/black lblvg
7757Mary WilsonRed HotMotownM 1467F$8usblue/silver/rainbow map lblvg+
7758Maryann Farra & Satin SoulStoned Out Of My MindBrunswickB 55533$40usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblm-
7759Maryann Farra GenesisSociety's ChildRare BirdR 5000$50usblack/silver lblvg++
7760MascotsThat's the Way I FeelKing45-5435$15usblue/silver lblvg-
7761Maskman & the AgentsStand Up Part 1VigorVI 707$25uswolvg++
7762Mason DixonAcapulcoButtercup45-010$12usdemovg++
7763MasqueradersBaby It's YouABC/HBSABC 12141$15uswhite/black/red logo lblvg++
7764MasqueradersI Got ItBell733$10usblue/silver lblvg-
7765MasqueradersI Got ItBell733$18usblue/silver lblvg+
7766MasqueradersLove Peace And UnderstandingAGP122$18usred/black/white lbl/dhvg+
7767MasqueradersThe Grass Was GreenAGP114$20usred/black/white lbl/dhvg++
7768MasqueradersThe Grass Was GreenAGP114$10usred/black/white lblvg
7769Mass ExtensionHappy FeetFourth & B'way/D.E.T.T.GOGO 2$8ukyellow/black lbl/solid centrevg++
7770Mass ProductionCan't You See I'm Fired UpCotillion44248$8uspurple lbl/wolvg++
7771Mass ProductionFun In the SunCotillion44219$15uspurple lblm-
7772Master FleetWell Phase IISussexSEX NP 42005$18itabrown/rainbow circle lblvg++
7773MastermindHustle Bus StopCBS/PreludeS CBS 6329$10ukyellow/orange lbl/solid centrevg++
7774MasterpieceDreamerWhitfieldWHI 8709$15usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
7775MatchBoogie ManFlamingoFM 2$8uk vg++
7776MatchMister Dee JayFlamingoFM 6$8uk m-
7777MaterialBustin' OutZEWIP 6713$6ukyellow/black lblvg+
7778MaterialBustin' OutZEWIP 6713$10ukyellow/black lblm-
7779MaterialBustin' OutZEWIP 6713$4ukyellow/black lbl/wolvg+
7780MaterialDiscourseRedRED 45-001$15usps/red/black lbl/solid centrem-/m-
7781Matilda JonesWrong Too LongFuture StarsCC 1002$35usblue/orange lblvg++
7782MaudsHold OnMercury72694$10usred/black lblvg
7783MaudsHold OnPhilips127 301 MCF$15turblue/silver lblvg+
7784MaudsSoul Drippin'Mercury72832$15usorange/yellow swirl lbl/dhvg++
7785MaudsSoul Drippin'MercuryMF 1062$8ukblack/silver lblvg-
7786Maureen EvansPlease UnderstandTonoSTU 42075$25dkblack/silver lblm-
7787Maurice & MacAin't No Harm To MoanBrown SugarBS 0103$40uswhite/yellow/brown lblm-
7788Maurice & MacBaby You're the OneChecker1224$75usdemo/blue 2 tone lblm-
7789Maurice & MacLean On MeChecker1206$15usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg+
7790Maurice & MacLean On MeChecker1206$25usblue 2 tone lblm-
7791Maurice & MacLean On MeChecker1206$20usblue 2 tone lbl/dhm-
7792Maurice & MacWhat Am I Gonna DoChecker1218$15usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg+
7793Maurice & MacWhat Am I Gonna DoChecker1218$18usblue 2 tone lblvg+
7794Maurice & MacYou Left the Water RunningChecker1197$25usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg++
7795Maurice BowersGive Over To Me BabyHI45-2098$12usblack/silver/red/blue logo lblvg+
7796Maurice RodgersCoo-Coo-Ca-Choo (The Love Bird Song)Double Shot143$25usyellow/black lblvg++
7797Maurice StarrDance To the Funky GrooveRCA VictorPB 12161$8usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
7798Maurice WhiteStand By MeCBS6512$4holps/red lblvg++/vg+
7799Maurice Williams & the ZodiacsI RememberHeraldH 556$10usyellow/black lblvg
7800Maurice Williams & the ZodiacsStayHeraldH 552$30usyellow/black lblvg++
7801Mavis Staples20th Century ExpressPaisley Park22968-7$8uspsvg++/vg+
7802Mavis StaplesTonight I Feel Like DancingWarner BrosK 17410$10ukwhite/black lbl/solid centrem-
7803Max BBananaticoco Part 1VirgoV-505$20usblue/silver lblvg+
7804Maxine BrownAll In My MindNomarN45-103$12usyellow/black lblvg+
7805Maxine BrownComing Back To YouWand142$20usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg+
7806Maxine BrownIt's Gonna Be AlrightWand173$10usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg
7807Maxine BrownLittle Girl LostWand152$45usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg++
7808Maxine BrownOh No Not My BabyWandW 162$20usbrown/black lblvg+
7809Maxine BrownOne In A MillionPyeDDS 117$50ukred 2 tone lblvg++
7810Maxine BrownWanting YouABC-Paramount45-10327$20usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
7811Maxine BrownYou're In LoveWandWND 1104$8usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg
7812Maxine Nightingale(Bringing Out)The Girl In MeWindsongCB 11729$8uspsvg+/vg+
7813Maxine Nightingale(Bringing Out)The Girl In MeWindsongCB 11729$10uspsvg+/vg++
7814Maxine NightingaleDon't Push Me BabyPye7N 17798$40holps/blue/black top lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg-
7815Maxine NightingaleGotta Be the OneUnited Artists36086$10gerps/tan/brown logo lbl/dhm-/vg++
7816Maxine NightingaleLead Me OnWindsongCB 11530$6us vg
7817Maxine NightingaleLove Hit MeUnited ArtistsUP 36215$10uktan/brown logo lbl/rssm-
7818Maxine NightingaleLove Hit MeUnited ArtistsUP 36215$10uktan/brown logo lblvg++
7819Maxine NightingaleRight Back Where We Started FromUnited ArtistsUA-XW752-Y$15usdemovg++
7820Maxine NightingaleWill You Be My LoverUnited ArtistsUP 36283$8uktan/brown logo lblvg++
7821Maxine WeldonSteamroller BluesMonumentZS7 8606$15usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg++
7822Maze & Frankie BeverlyBack In StrideCapitolP-B-5431$10usps/demo/white/black lblm-/vg++
7823McCrarysLove On A Summer NightCapitolCL 251$6ukblack/silver lblvg+
7824McCrarysYouPortraitPRT 6436$18holps/textured slvvg++/m-
7825McCrarysYou Are My HappinessCapitolP 4929$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
7826McFadden & WhiteheadAin't No Stoppin' Us NowPhiladelphia InternationalPIR 7365$8holps/green/purple logo lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
7827McFadden & WhiteheadAin't No Stoppin' Us NowPhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3691$6usgreen/purple logo lbl/wolvg++
7828McFadden & WhiteheadDo You Want To DancePhiladelphia InternationalSPIR 7744$6ukgreen/purple logo lbl/solid centrevg+
7829McKinley MitchellA Bit Of SoulOne-derful4817$40usyellow/pink/red/white lbl/dhvg++
7830McKinley MitchellA Bit Of SoulOne-derful4817$30usyellow/pink/red/white lbl/wolvg
7831McKinley MitchellAll Of A SuddenOne-derful4810$25usdhvg
7832McKinley MitchellLazy Dizzy DaisyBoxer204$12usre-issuevg++
7833McKinley MitchellSame Old DreamChimneyville10228$15us m-
7834McKinley MitchellSame Old DreamChimneyville10228$12us vg++
7835McKinley MitchellSame Old DreamChimneyville10228$6us vg
7836McKinley MitchellSlave For Your LoveMalacoMAL 2071$8us m-
7837McKinley MitchellWhen It Rains It PoursSouthern BiscuitSBR 104$15ustan/black lblm-
7838McKinley 'Soul' MitchellThe Town I Live InPresidentPT 125$20uk m-
7839MecoTopsyMillenniumMN 613$10us m-
7840Meditation SingersStand Up And Be CountedChecker5046$20usblue 2 tone lblvg++
7841Meditation Singers with James ClevelandMy Soul Looks Back And WondersSpecialty919$15uswhite/yellow/black lblm-
7842MedusaSoul FreeCBSCBS 7335$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
7843Mel and TimBackfield In MotionPolarPOS 1087$4swnocvg
7844Mel and TimBackfield In MotionPolarPOS 1087$15swps/nocvg/vg+
7845Mel and TimFeeling BadBambooBMB 112$25uspalm trees lbl/dhvg++
7846Mel and TimI Found That I Was WrongBambooBMB 109$15uspalm trees lbl/dhvg
7847Mel and TimI Found That I Was WrongBambooBMB 109$40uspalm trees lblvg++
7848Mel and TimStarting All Over AgainStax816$12frayellow/black hand logo lblvg++
7849Mel and TimStarting All Over AgainStax2025 125$25gerpsvg++/m-
7850Mel and TimStarting All Over AgainStaxSTA 0127$8usyellow/brown hand logo lblvg+
7851Mel and TimStarting All Over AgainStaxSTA 0127/2025125$18us/gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
7852Mel CarterHold Me Thrill Me Kiss MeLibertyLIB 66113$45uk vg++
7853Mel NixonEv'ry Little Beat Of My HeartBasf0519169-3$8gerps/red/black lbl/textured slv/socvg-/vg-
7854Mel NixonEv'ry Little Beat Of My HeartJanusJ 199$15usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg
7855Mel TormeCast Your Fate To the WindsAtlantic45-2183$12usred/black lblvg++
7856Mel TurnerJungle HarlemUnited ArtistsUP 35121$15ukorange/purple lbl/solid centre/solvg+
7857Mel Williams & the Johnny Otis OrchestraI Cried A Million TearsDig45-128$8usmaroon/silver lblvg-
7858Melba MooreEverything So Good About YouEpic9-50909$10usblue/silver lblm-
7859Melba MooreKeepin' My Lover SatisfiedCapitol1A006-1868177$8holps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblm-/vg++
7860Melba MooreMind Up TonightCapitolB-5180$6uspurple/silver lblvg++
7861Melba MooreNight PeopleEpic9-50805$8usblue/silver lblvg++
7862Melba MoorePick Me Up I'll DanceEpicEPC 7234$12holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
7863Melba MoorePick Me Up I'll DanceEpicS EPC 7234$8ukorange/black lbl/solid centrevg++
7864Melba MooreRead My LipsCapitol1A006-200547-7$12eecps/rainbow rim lblvg++/vg+
7865Melba MooreThis Is ItBuddahBDA 519$18usps/brown/pink rim lblvg++/vg+
7866Melba MooreYou Stepped Into My LifeEpic8-50600$8usorange/black lblvg++
7867Meli'sa MorganDo Me BabyCapitolB 5523$10usps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblm-/vg++
7868Mello KingsTonite ToniteLana124$20usyellow/black lblvg++
7869Melting PotKool And the GangAmpexX 11029$10usdemo/white/black lblg
7870Melting PotKool And the GangAmpexX 11029$30usblue/black/white logo lblm-
7871Melting PotKool And the GangAmpexX 11029$25usblue/black/white logo lblvg++
7872Memphis HornsWhat the FunkRCA VictorPB 10999$4usblack/silver Nipper lbl/solvg+
7873Memphis HornsWhat the FunkRCA VictorPB 10999$6usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
7874MenageAlien Part 120th CenturyTC-2429-DJ$10usdemovg++
7875MeniqueCampesinoCotiqueC 265$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
7876Mercy DeeOne Room Country ShackSpecialtyXSP-458$15uswhite/yellow/black lbl/re-issuem-
7877MergeShow Him the Way To GoRCA VictorPB 13230$10usblack/silver Nipper lblm-
7878Merry ClaytonAfter All This TimeOde66018$35usdemo/black/white lblm-
7879Merry ClaytonAfter All This TimeOde66018$30usdemo/black/white lbl/wolm-
7880Merry ClaytonI Ain't Gonna Worry My Life AwayOde66011$18ussilver/white lblm-
7881Merry ClaytonKeep Your Eye On the SparrowOdeADS 66110$25uksilver/white lbl/solid centrevg++
7882Merry ClaytonKeep Your Eye On the SparrowOdeODS 66110$30uk/swps/silver/white/black A lbl/solid centrem-/m-
7883Merry ClaytonKeep Your Eye On the SparrowOdeODE 66110-S$12uswhite/silver lblvg+
7884Merry ClaytonKeep Your Eye On the SparrowOdeODS 66110$25uk/swpsvg++/m-
7885Merry ClaytonOh No Not My BabyA&M/Ode12526 AT$15gerps/brown lblvg+/vg
7886Merry ClaytonOh No Not My BabyA&M/Ode12526 AT$20gerps/brown lbl/wocvg++/vg+
7887Merry ClaytonOh No Not My BabyA&M/Ode12526 AT$25gerps/brown lblvg+/vg++
7888Merry ClaytonOh No Not My BabyA&M/Ode12526 AT$15gerps/brown lbl/woc/wolvg+/vg+
7889Merry ClaytonOh No Not My BabyOde66030$25usdemo/wolvg++
7890Merry ClaytonThe Acid QueenOdeODS 66301$15ukps/silver/white lbl/flipback slvm-/m-
7891Merry ClaytonThe Acid QueenOdeODS 66301$8ukps/silver/white lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg+
7892Merry ClaytonThe Acid QueenOdeODS 66301$6ukps/silver/white lbl/flipback slv/wocvg++/vg+
7893Merry ClaytonYesRCA VictorPB 49563$6ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
7894MessengersCalifornia SoulSoulS-35037$30uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/dhvg++
7895Meters(The World Is A Bit Under the Weather) Doodle-OopJosie45-1029$15ustan/black/rainbow/yellow logo lbl/wolvg+
7896MetersChicken StrutJubileeJGN NP 07009$30itaps/black/silver/rainbow lbl/promo sticker on lbl/woc/solvg+/vg+
7897MetersChug Chug Chug-A-Lug (Push n' Shove) Part 1RepriseREP 1135$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
7898MetersDry SpellJosie45-1013$25ustan/black/rainbow/yellow logo lblm-
7899MetersEase BackJosie45-1008$30ustan/black/rainbow/yellow logo lblm-
7900MetersFire On the BayouWarner BrosREP 3680$20barorange/black lblvg++
7901MetersLook-Ka Py PyCharlyCTD 113$15ukps/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
7902MetersMister MoonRepriseRPS 1357$12usbrown/red logo steamboat lbl/wolvg++
7903MetersPeople SayRepriseK 14367$12ukbrown/red logo steamboat lblvg++
7904MetersSophisticated CissyJosie45-1001$18usdemovg
7905MetersSophisticated CissyJosie45-1001$20ustan/black/rainbow/yellow logo lblvg+
7906MetersSophisticated CissyStatesideSS 2140$50ukdemo/green/black/white A lblm-
7907MetersStretch Your Rubber BandJosie45-1026$20ustan/black/rainbow/yellow logo lblm-
7908MFSBEl Sonido De Filadelfia (TSOP)Philadelphia InternationalPIR 2289$18spaps/green/purple logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
7909MFSBSexyPhiladelphia InternationalPIR 3381$10gerps/green/purple logo lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
7910MFSBSexyPhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3567$10usgreen/purple logo lblvg++
7911MFSBSexyPhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3567$6usgreen/purple logo lbl/wolvg+
7912MFSBT.L.C. (Tender Lovin' Care)Philadelphia InternationalZS8 3576$6usgreen/purple logo lbl/sol/wolvg+
7913MFSBTe Be In LovePhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3663$6usdemo/white/black lblvg+
7914MFSBThe ZipPhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3578$10usgreen/purple logo lblvg++
7915MFSBThe ZipPhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3578$12usgreen/purple logo lblm-
7916MFSBWe Got the TimePhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3607$8usgreen/purple logo lblvg++
7917MFSB Mysteries Of the WorldTSOPPIR 9501$8ukpurple/green logo lbl/solid centrevg+
7918MFSB & the Three DegreesTSOP (the Sound Of Philadelphia)Philadelphia InternationalPIR 2128$15holps/green/purple logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
7919MFSB & the Three DegreesTSOP (the Sound Of Philadelphia)Philadelphia InternationalSPIR 4888$12ukgreen/purple logo lbl/solid centrevg++
7920MFSB & the Three DegreesTSOP (the Sound Of Philadelphia)Philadelphia InternationalZS7 3540$12usgreen/purple logo lblvg++
7921MFSB featuring Leon HuffFamily AffairPhiladelphia International2219$4ukgreen/purple logo lbl/solid centrevg+
7922MiamiKill That RoachJay BoyBOY 111$12ukdemo/light brown/red A lblvg+
7923MiamiKill That RoachJay BoyBOY 111$6uklight brown lblvg
7924MiamiKill That RoachRCA Victor42583$18fraps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
7925Miami featuring Robert MooreParty FreaksDrive6234$10uspurple/silver lbl/wolvg
7926Mica ParisLike Dreamers DoFourth & BroadwayBRW 108$6ukps/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
7927Mica Paris & Will DowningWhere Is the LoveFourth & BroadwayBRW 122$8ukps/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
7928Michael & the MesengersMidnight HourU.S.A.866$50usblue/white/red lblvg++
7929Michael HendersonI Can't Help ItBuddahBDA 578$8usbrown/pink rim lblvg+
7930Michael HendersonWide ReceiverBuddahBDA 622$10usblack/silver lblm-
7931Michael HendersonWide ReceiverBuddahBDA 622$8usblack/silver lblvg++
7932Michael HendersonWide ReceiverBuddahBDS 494$6ukbrown/pink rim lbl/solid centrevg+
7933Michael HendersonYou Haven't Made It To the TopBuddahBDA 565$8usbrown/pink rim lblvg++
7934Michael HendersonYou Haven't Made It To the TopBuddahBDA 565$10usbrown/pink rim lblm-
7935Michael Henry MartinJust Hold My HandSSS InternationalSSS 762$12usmulticolor lbl/dhvg+
7936Michael Henry MartinJust Hold My HandSSS InternationalSSS 762$8usmulticolor lbl/dhvg
7937Michael Henry MartinJust Hold My HandSSS InternationalSSS 762$15usmulticolor lbl/dhvg++
7938Michael JacksonAin't No SunshineTamla Motown5C006-93688$6holblack/silver lbl/sol/wolvg
7939Michael JacksonAin't No SunshineTamla MotownTMG 826$10ukblack/silver lblvg++
7940Michael JacksonAnother Part Of MeEpicEPC 652 844-7$15holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/m-
7941Michael JacksonBadEpicEPC 651 100-7$15holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/m-
7942Michael JacksonBeat ItEpicMJ1-7$20ukps/red vinylm-/m-
7943Michael JacksonBeat ItEpicEPCA 3184$15holps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
7944Michael JacksonBillie JeanEpicMJ1-6$20ukps/red vinylm-/m-
7945Michael JacksonBillie JeanEpicEPCA 3084$12holps/blue/silver lblm-/vg++
7946Michael JacksonDirty DianaEpicEPC 651 546-7$15holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/m-
7947Michael JacksonDon't Stop 'til You Get EnoughEpicMJ1-1$20ukps/red vinylm-/m-
7948Michael JacksonDon't Stop 'til You Get EnoughEpicEPC 7763$10holps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
7949Michael JacksonGot To Be ThereTamla MotownTMG 797$30ukdemom-
7950Michael JacksonI Just Can't Stop Loving YouEpicEPC 650 202-7$15holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/m-
7951Michael JacksonLeave Me AloneEpicEPC 654 672-7$15holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/m-
7952Michael JacksonLiberian GirlEpicEPC 654 947-7$15holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/m-
7953Michael JacksonMan In the MirrorEpicEPC 651 388-7$15holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/m-
7954Michael JacksonOff the WallEpicMJ1-2$20ukps/red vinylm-/m-
7955Michael JacksonOff the WallEpicEPC 8045$12holps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
7956Michael JacksonOne Day In Your LifeMotown100-07-111$15gerps/textured slvm-/m-
7957Michael JacksonOne Day In Your LifeTamla MotownTMG 976$8ukblack/silver lbl/large letteringvg+
7958Michael JacksonOne Day In Your LifeTamla MotownTMG 976$10ukblack/silver lbl/large letteringvg++
7959Michael JacksonOne Day In Your LifeTamla MotownTMG 976$8ukblack/silver lbl/small letteringvg+
7960Michael JacksonP.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)EpicA 4136$15ukps/blue/yellow logo lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
7961Michael JacksonRock With YouEpicMJ1-3$20ukps/red vinylm-/m-
7962Michael JacksonRock With YouEpicEPC 8243$12holps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
7963Michael JacksonRock With YouEpicEPC 8243$18holps/blue/silver lbl/textured slv/sample sticker on slv/wolvg++/vg+
7964Michael JacksonRockin' RobinMotownM 1197F$10usblue/silver/rainbow map lblm-
7965Michael JacksonRockin' RobinTamla Motown1C006-93326$30gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
7966Michael JacksonRockin' RobinTamla Motown1C006-93326$25gerps/black/silver lbl/wol/wocvg++/vg+
7967Michael JacksonRockin' RobinTamla Motown1C006-93326$40gerps/black/silver lbl/No. 1 in U.S.A. sticker on lbl/wolvg++/vg++
7968Michael JacksonShe's Out Of My LifeEpic9-50871$4usblue/silver lblvg
7969Michael JacksonShe's Out Of My LifeEpicMJ 1/4$20ukps/blue/yellow logo lbl/solid centre/red vinyl/flipback slvm-/m-
7970Michael JacksonSmooth CriminalEpic653 026-7$15holpsm-/m-
7971Michael JacksonThe Way You Make Me FeelEpic651 275-7$15holps/grey/black/blue logo lblm-/m-
7972Michael JacksonThrillerEpicEPCA 3643$15holps/blue/silver lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
7973Michael JacksonWanna Be Startin' Somethin'EpicA 3427$10ukps/blue/black lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
7974Michael JacksonYou Can't WinEpicEPC 7135$20holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
7975Michael LovesmithLucky In LoveMotown1794 MF$6usblue/silver/rainbow map lblvg++
7976Michael McGloiryLove Every Inch Of MeAtlantic3622$12usdemo/light blue/black lbl/solvg++
7977Michael WashingtonLittle GirlCap CityCC 120$15usyellow/black lblvg++
7978Michael WhiteWe Don't Eat No MeatElektraE-45529$10usred/white logo lblm-
7979Michael Zager & the Moon BandDo It With FeelingLondonHLM 10521$10ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
7980Michael Zager & the Moon BandDo It With FeelingLondonHLM 10521$15ukblack/silver lblm-
7981Michel RubiniSummer SongAtco45-6450$25usyellow/white lbl/DJ stamped lblvg+
7982Michele WhiteHold MeSunshine Sound1009$10usdemo/white/black lblvg++
7983Mick JacksonBlame It On the BoogieAtco7091$10usyellow/white lblvg+
7984Mickey & KittyOoh-Sha-LalaAtlantic45-2024$20usred/black lblm-
7985Mickey & SylviaLove Is StrangeRCA Victor447-0599$15us vg++
7986Mickey & SylviaLove Will Make You Fail In SchoolVik4X-0280$20us vg++
7987Mickey & SylviaThere Oughta Be A LawVik4X-0267$20us vg++
7988Mickey Lee LaneShaggy DogSwanS-4183$25us m-
7989Mickey MurrayFlat Foot Sam SSS InternationalSSS 755$20usmulticolor lbl/small letteringvg++
7990Mickey MurrayFlat Foot Sam SSS InternationalSSS 755$25usmulticolor lbl/large letteringm-
7991Mickey MurrayFlat Foot Sam SSS InternationalSSS 755$15usmulticolor lbl/dhvg++
7992Mickey MurrayGoing Back To AlabamaFederal45-12558$12usturquoise/silver lblvg
7993Mickey MurrayHow Many Breaks Can One Heart TakeSSS InternationalSSS 727$20uswhite/blue lblvg+
7994Mickey MurrayShout BamalamaSSS InternationalSSS 715$20us vg+
7995Micki LynnCrazy 'bout My BabyCapitol5413$30usyellow/orange swirl lblvg++
7996Midnight MoversFollow the Wind Pt. 1ContempoCR 7$8ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
7997Midnight MoversFollow the Wind Pt. 1ContempoCR 7$12ukblack/silver lblvg++
7998Midnight MoversFollow the Wind Pt. 1ContempoCR 7$10ukblack/silver lbl/noc/wolvg++
7999Midnight Movers Unltd.Can't Stand the HeatBuddahBDA 407$10usbrown/pink rim lbl/wolvg++
8000Midnight Movers Unltd.Follow the Wind Pt. 1ReneeRE 3004$12usblack/silver/yellow/red lblvg+
8001Midnight Movers Unltd.Put Your Mind In the PocketReneeRE 3005$15usblack/silver/yellow/pink lblvg++
8002Midnight RhythmWorkin' & Slavin' (I Need Love)Atlantic3530$15usred/black lblvg++
8003MidnightersStingy Little ThingFederal45-12202$6usturquoise/silver lblvg-
8004Midnite RebelsBroadway WalkMr. Enterprises19682$25uslight blue/black lblg
8005Mighty SamFannie MaeAmyAMY 963$25usblue/silver lblvg++
8006Mighty SamGood Humor ManAmyAMY 957$20usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
8007Mighty SamI Just Came To Get My Baby (Out Of Jail)Amy11022$25usdemovg+
8008Mighty SamI Need A Lot Of Lovin'Amy984$50usdemo/pink/black lblm-
8009Mighty SamIn the Same Old WayAmy990$35usdemo/pink/black lbl/wolm-
8010Mighty SamIn the Same Old WayAmy990$20gerred lblvg++
8011Mighty SamMr. & Mrs. UntrueHit and Run5002$20uk m-
8012Mike AnthonyWhy Can't We Live TogetherMetronome30532$12gerps/purple/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
8013Mike Conteh BandJump the GunContempoCS 2121$6ukblack/silver lblvg
8014Mike ShaneSock It To YourselfDot45-17141$20usred/orange/purple lbl/wolvg++
8015Mike Theodore OrchestraHigh On A Mad MountainWestboundWT 55421$6usgrey/black/truck lblvg+
8016Miles DavisBudoPhilips362 000$6holpsvg+/g
8017Miles DavisMolester Part 1Columbia4-45709$10us vg+
8018Miles DavisTime After TimeColumbia38-04829$10usdemo/white/black 1 eye lblvg++
8019Miles Davis QuintetAireginMetronomeJ45-531$10sw vg+
8020Mill EdwardsI Found MyselfCutlassCUT 8143$15usblue/black ship lblvg
8021Millie JacksonA Child Of God (It's Hard To Belive)SpringSPR 119$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
8022Millie JacksonA Child Of God (It's Hard To Belive)SpringSPR 119$6usgreen/white lblvg+
8023Millie JacksonAsk Me What You WantSpringSPR 123$6usgreen/white lblvg
8024Millie JacksonAsk Me What You WantSpringSPR 123$10usgreen/white lblvg+
8025Millie JacksonBreakawayPolydor2066 317$12uk m-
8026Millie JacksonBreakawaySpringSPR 134$6usgreen/white lblvg
8027Millie JacksonDo You Wanna Make LoveSpringPD 2036$6us vg+
8028Millie JacksonHow Do You Feel the Morning AfterSpringSPR 147$6us vg++
8029Millie JacksonHurts So GoodSpringSPR 139$10us m-
8030Millie JacksonI Ain't Giving UpSpringSPR 131$12uswolvg++
8031Millie JacksonI Can't Say GoodbyeSpringSP 170$10usgreen/white lblm-
8032Millie JacksonI Can't Stop Loving YouPolydor2095 389$10gerps/textured slvvg+/vg++
8033Millie JacksonI Can't Stop Loving YouPolydor2095 389$15gerps/textured slvm-/m-
8034Millie JacksonI Can't Stop Loving YouPolydor2095 389$12gerps/textured slvvg++/m-
8035Millie JacksonI Can't Stop Loving YouSpringSP 3019$10usgreen/white lblm-
8036Millie JacksonI Feel Like Walking In the RainSireW 9348$15ukpsvg++/m-
8037Millie JacksonI Had To Say ItSpringPOSP 223$6ukgreen/black lbl/solid centrevg+
8038Millie JacksonI Had To Say ItSpringSP 3017$10usgreen/white lblm-
8039Millie JacksonI Had To Say ItSpringSP 3017$4usgreen/white lbl/wolvg+
8040Millie JacksonIf You're Not Back In Love By FridaySpring2066 843$10uk m-
8041Millie JacksonI'm Through Trying To Prove My Love To YouSpringSPR 157$6usgreen/white lblvg+
8042Millie JacksonKiss You All OverSpring2095 091$8ukgreen/black lbl/solid centrevg++
8043Millie JacksonKiss You All OverSpring2095 091$10uk m-
8044Millie JacksonMy Man A Sweet ManMojo2093 022$6uk vg
8045Millie JacksonSpecial OccasionSpringSP 3028$10usgreen/white lblm-
8046Millie Jackson & Isaac HayesI Changed My MindSpringPD 2036$8usgreen/white lblvg++
8047Milt MatthewsAll These ChangesBryanB 1007$12usred/black lbl/wolvg++
8048Milt MatthewsAll These ChangesBryanB 1007$15usred/black lblvg++
8049Milton Hamilton CrystalizedMy Love SupremeT.R.T 129$15uslight blue/white lbl/wolvg++
8050Minnie RipertonStick Together Part OneEpicEPC 5032$10holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
8051Minnie Riperton & Rotary ConnectionMagical WorldJanusJ 249$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
8052MintFunky Brothers Of MinePye7N 45498$20ukdemo/red 2 tone/black A lbl/solid centrem-
8053MiraclesDo It BabyTamlaT-54248F$6usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg+
8054MiraclesDo It BabyTamla Motown1C006-96005$20gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
8055MiraclesGoing To A Go-GoTamla Motown1C006-97182$10ger m-
8056MiraclesGoing To A Go-GoTamla MotownTMG 547$20ukblack/silver lbl/sold in
8057MiraclesGoing To A Go-GoTamla MotownTMG 547$25ukblack/silver lbl/sold in
8058MiraclesHeartbreak RoadTamla54092$25usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detroit Michigan belowm-
8059MiraclesLove Machine Part 1Tamla MotownTMG 1015$10ukblack/silver lblm-
8060MiraclesLove Machine Part 1Tamla Motown1C006-97182$4gerblack/silver lblvg
8061MiraclesLove Machine Part 1Tamla Motown1C006-97182$10gerblack/silver lblm-
8062MiraclesLove Machine Part 1Tamla MotownTMG 1015$4ukblack/silver lbl/solvg-
8063MiraclesNight LifeTamlaT-54268F$8usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolvg+
8064MiraclesSave MeTamla54140$20usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolm-
8065MiraclesWhat's So Good About Good-byTamla54053$25usyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lbl/Detroit Michigan below/wolvg+
8066MiraclesWhere Are You Going To My LoveTamla MotownTMG 940$12ukblack/silver lblvg++
8067Miracles featuring Billy GriffinSpy For BrotherhoodCBSS CBS 4936$15ukdemo/light blue/purple A lbl/solid centrem-
8068Miracles featuring Billy GriffinSpy For BrotherhoodCBSS CBS 4936$12ukdemo/light blue/purple A lbl/solid centre/wolvg++
8069MirettesWhirlpoolMCABAG 8$25ukblue/black swirl lblvg+
8070Miriam MakebaMr. ManMercury127 333 MCF$20norps/black/silver lblvg/vg
8071Mister Jim & the Rhythm MachineMrs. RobinsonDate2-1611$15usdemovg+
8072Mistura featuring Lloyd MichelsThe FlasherFusionFUS 1002$20uslight blue/black lblvg
8073Mistura featuring Lloyd MichelsThe FlasherRouteRT 30$10ukgrey/black lbl/solid centrevg++
8074MistyResurrection ShufflePrincess100$25uspurple/black lblm-
8075Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseDynovoiceDY 901$25us vg++
8076Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideKSS 4$50dkpsm-/m-
8077Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideSS 2063$45ukblack/silver lblvg++
8078Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss MollyColumbia/StatesideC 23358$30gerblue/white lblm-
8079Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsJoyNew VoiceNV 824$25usdhm-
8080Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsJoyStatesideSS 2037$20dkpsvg+/vg+
8081Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsJoyStatesideSS 2037$30dkpsm-/m-
8082Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$20swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
8083Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$30swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
8084Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$12swblack/silver lblvg++
8085Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsSock It To Me BabyColumbia/StatesideC 23459$40ger m-
8086Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsSock It To Me BabyNew Voice820$30uspsvg+/vg++
8087Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsWild ChildNew VoiceNV 826$15usdhvg+
8088Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsWild ChildNew VoiceNV 826$25usdhm-
8089Mitchell KeyesThe World Without YouAtco45-6227$20usdemo/white/black lbl vg+
8090Mitty Collier(Lookin' Out the Window) Watching And WaitingChess1987$12usblue 2 tone lblvg++
8091Mitty CollierAin't That LoveChess1934$12usblack/gold chessman lbl/dhvg++
8092Mitty CollierI'm Your Part Time LoveChess1871$10usblack/gold chessman lbl/dhvg+
8093Mitty CollierI'm Your Part Time LoveChess1871$15usblack/gold chessman lblvg+
8094Mitty CollierNo Faith No LoveChess1918$10usblack/gold chessman lblvg+
8095MobDisappearMercuryMF 1026$60ukblack/silver lblm-
8096MobI'l Like To See More Of YouUKUSA 4$20ukred/silver lbl/nocvg+
8097MobMoney (That's What I Want)Polydor2001 200$25gerdemo/white/black lblm-
8098MobMoney (That's What I Want)Polydor2001 200$30gerps/textured slvvg++/vg++
8099Modern Sound CorporationSafariExpresswayE-2001$10usdemo/white/black lblm-
8100ModulationsI Can't Fight Your LoveBuddahBDS 406$50ukbrown/pink rim lbl/solid centre/wolvg
8101Mody-VationGhetto Kung Fu Part 1Hot Foot6003755$12gerps/wolvg+/vg+
8102Moment Of TruthLovin' You Is Killin' MeSalSoul612 074$8gerps/textured slv/wocvg+/vg
8103MomentsDolly My LoveAll Platinum6146 306$4uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg+
8104MomentsDolly My LoveAll Platinum6146 306$8uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
8105MomentsDolly My LovePhilips6146 416$12gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
8106MomentsDolly My LovePhilips6146 416$15gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slv/dhvg++/m-
8107MomentsDolly My LovePhilips6146 416$12gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slv/wolvg+/m-
8108MomentsGot To Get To Know YouStangST 5064$12usblue 2 tone lblvg+
8109MomentsGotta Find A WayStangST 5050$10usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg+
8110MomentsHurts On Me BabyStangST 5017$25usblue 2 tone lblvg++
8111MomentsJack In the BoxAll Platinum6146 318$4uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg+
8112MomentsJack In the BoxAll Platinum6146 318$6uksilver/black lblm-
8113MomentsJack In the BoxPhilips6146 448$15holpsm-/vg++
8114MomentsLucky MeStangST 5031$15usblue 2 tone lblvg++
8115MomentsMy ThingStangST 5045$15usblue 2 tone lbl/solvg++
8116MomentsNine TimesStangST 5066$10usblue 2 tone lblm-
8117MomentsNine TimesStangST 5066$8usblue 2 tone lblvg++
8118MomentsNot On the OutsideStangST 5000$15usblue 2 tone lblm-
8119MomentsSweet Sweet LadyStangST 5054$15usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg++
8120MomentsSweet Sweet LadyStangST 5054$10usblue 2 tone lblvg+
8121MomentsWe Don't Cry Out LoudStangST 5071$10usred 2 tone lblm-
8122MomentsWhere Can I Find HerLondonHLU 10449$12ukblack/silver lbl/wolvg+
8123MomentsWith YouStangST 5068$10usred 2 tone lblm-
8124Moments & WhatnautsGirlsAll Platinum6146 302$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
8125Moments & WhatnautsGirlsPhilips6146 401$15belps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
8126Moments & WhatnautsGirlsPhilips6146 401$18holps/sample sticker on lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg+
8127Monday AfterHe Who Laughs Last Laughs the BestBuddahBDA 540$25usbrown/pink rim lblvg+
8128Mongo Santamaria SambitaColumbia/Tappan Zee3-10920$8usblue/grey/white lbl/wolvg++
8129Mongo Santamaria SofritoVayaV 5114$18usyellow/purple/white logo lbl/wolvg
8130Mongo Santamaria BandWatermelon ManRiversideRIF 106909$10holps/blue/silver lblvg/vg-
8131Montana featuring Sister SledgeWhen You Wish Upon A StarAtlantic3458$10usred/black lblm-
8132Montana featuring Sister SledgeWhen You Wish Upon A StarAtlantic3458$8usred/black lblvg++
8133MontclairsBaby (You Know I'm Gonna Miss You) Part 1PaulaPAULA 409$15usred/black lblvg+
8134MontegosMost Of AllABC45-11101$40usdemo/white/black lblm-
8135Mother Father Sister & BrotherTSOP (The Sound Of Philadelphia)Philadelphia InternationalPIR 2128$15itaps/green/purple logo lbl/flipback slvvg/vg++
8136Mother's FinestDis Go Dis Way Dis Go Dat WayEpicEPC 7079$12holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
8137Mother's FinestDon't Wanna Come BackEpicEPC 6711$8holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg/m-
8138Mother's FinestDon't Wanna Come BackEpicEPC 6711$12holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
8139Mother's FinestFireEpicS EPC 4613$8ukorange/black lbl/solid centrevg++
8140Mother's FinestLegs And LipstickCapitol006-203483-7$12gerps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblm-/vg++
8141Mother's FinestPiece Of the RockEpicEPC 5987$10holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
8142Motown SpinnersTogether We Can Make Such Sweet MusicTamla MotownTMG 766$35uk/porps/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg+/vg
8143Mountgrove Truckin' CompanyIt's Better To Be AliveWeekendDJS 10851$8ukdemo/tan/black/blue/orange/black A lbl/solid centrevg++
8144Mouzon's Electric BandEverybody Get DownVanguardVSD 35219$30us vg++
8145Mr. Bo & his Blues Boy'sI Ain't Gonna SufferBig D851$15ustan/black lblvg-
8146Mr. JamoShake What You Brought With You Part 1SSS InternationalSSS 798$6usmulticolor lbl/wolvg-
8147MtumeJuicy FruitEpic34-03578$8usblue/silver lbl/promo stamped lblvg++
8148MtumeYou Me And HeEpic34-04504$15usblue/silver lbl/promo stamped lblm-
8149Muddy WatersEvilChessCH 1680$20usorange/blue/purple logo lblm-
8150Muddy WatersGoing HomeChess2085$18usdemovg++
8151Muddy WatersLove AffairChess1758$20usdark blue lblvg+
8152Muddy WatersMaking FriendsChessCH 2107$20usblue 2 tone lblm-
8153Muddy WatersManish BoyChess1602$130usgold/black lblvg++
8154Muddy WatersWhen the Eagle FliesChess2018$15usblue 2 tone lblvg+
8155Muscle Shoals HornsBorn To Get Down (Born To Mess Around)LondonHLM 10526$12ukblack/silver lblvg++
8156Muscle Shoals HornsDance To the MusicAriola America11 756 AT$12gerps/black/orange logo lblm-/vg++
8157Muscle Shoals HornsDance To the MusicAriola America11 756 AT$4gerblack/silver lblvg
8158Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$25ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
8159Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$30ukblack/silver lblvg+
8160Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulUKUSA 9$10ukgold/black lbl/solid centrem-
8161MusiqueIn the BushPreludePRL 71110$8jawhite/black lbl/wolvg+
8162MusiqueIn the BushPreludePRL 71110$10uswhite/black lblm-
8163MusiqueIn the BushPreludePRL 71110$8uswhite/black lblvg++
8164Musique IILove MassagePreludePRL 8003$6uswolm-
8165MustangsFirst LoveSure-Shot5004$35us vg+
8166MutinyFunk 'n' BopColumbia1-11049$15usdemo/white/black/red logo lblvg++
8167Mylon Peace Begins WithinCotillion45-44100$15us m-
8168MyrthWe Got To Get TogetherRCA Victor74-0191$15usyellow lbl/wolvg+
8169Mystic MerlinGot To Make the Best (Of A Love Situation)CapitolCL 16153$6ukred/black lblvg+
8170Mystic MerlinJust Can't Give You Up (Edited Version)CapitolCL 16133$8ukred/black large black A lbl/wolm-
8171MystiqueIs It Really YouCurtomCMS 0126$15usyellow/multicolor lblm-
8172MystiqueIt Took A Woman Like YouCurtomCMS 0130$8usyellow/multicolor lblvg+
8173MystiqueWhat Would the World Be Without MusicCurtomCMS 1023$10usyellow/multicolor lblvg++
8174M-Zee BandWho's Funkin' YouMirageWTG 4003$10uslight blue/green/yellow logo lbl/wolvg++



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