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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
5172J. BlackfootTaxiSound TownST-0004$6usblue/black/red lbl/wolvg
5173J. BlackfootTaxiSound TownST-0004$20us m-
5174J. GardnerMustard GreensBlue RockB-4026$15usred/black/blue/white logo lblvg
5175J. Hines and the BoysFunky Funk Part 2Nation-WideN 100$30usblue/silver lblvg+
5176J. Jay & the Dell-TonesWrong Side Of the TracksCobraCO 004$75uspromo stamped lblvg++
5177J. Kelly & the PremiersShe Calls Me BabyRoadshow7005 S$15usmulticolor lblvg+
5178J. Walter Negro & Nicky TescoCost Of LivingAlbionION 1044$6ukyellow/black lbl/solid centrevg++
5179J. Walter Negro & the Loose JointzShoot the PumpZoo YorkWIP 6765$12uktan/black/red lbl/solid centrevg++
5180J. Walter Negro & the Loose JointzShoot the PumpZoo YorkWIP 6765$15uktan/black/red lbl/4 prong push out centrem-
5181J.A.L.N. BandGet Up (And Let Yourself Go)Magnet006-CRY 61162$6gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
5182J.A.L.N. BandI Got To SingMagnet1C006-99367$8gerps/red/black lbl/dhm-/vg+
5183J.A.L.N. BandLife Is A FightAriola17 618$6gerps/silver lbl/sol/socm-/vg
5184J.A.L.N. BandMockin' Bird HillMagnet006-62339$8gerps/red/black lbl/dhm-/vg+
5185J.B. PickersSuper Soul ThemeAmosAJB 157$20usdemo/black/silver/yellow logo lblvg+
5186J.B. PickersSuper Soul ThemeAmosAJB 157$25usdemo/black/silver/yellow logo lblvg++
5187J.B.'s Pass the PeasPeoplePE 607$20uspurple lbl/wolvg++
5188J.B.'s These Are the J.B.'s Part 1Mojo2001 155$25ukwolvg++
5189J.B.'s All StarsBackfield In MotionRCA Victor384$6ukpsvg+/m-
5190J.J. BarnesNow She's GoneRevilotRV 216$18usmulticolor lblvg++
5191J.J. BarnesPoor Unfortunate Me (I Ain't Got Nobody)RingRING 101$15uswhite/red lblvg
5192J.J. BarnesReal HumdingerTamla MotownTMG 870$20ukblack/silver lblvg++
5193J.J. BarnesTouching YouPerceptionPS 546$10usmulticolor lbl/wolvg+
5194J.J. BarnesTouching YouPerceptionPS 546$12usmulticolor lblvg+
5195J.J. BarnesTouching YouPerceptionPS 546$15usmulticolor lblvg++
5196J.J. DanielsWonderful WorldWaylo3017$10usblack/silver lblm-
5197J.J. JacksonBoogaloo BabyCalla119$20us vg+
5198J.J. JacksonFat Black And TogetherCongressC 6008$20usdemo/red/orange/yellow lblvg++
5199J.J. JacksonLet Me Try AgainMagna Glide5N-325$10usblue/silver lblvg++
5200J.J. JacksonSho Nuff (Got A Good Thing Going)Loma2082$15usyellow/black lblvg
5201J.M. SilkI Can't Turn AroundRCA VictorPB 49793$8ukpsm-/vg++
5202J.R. BaileyAfter HoursToyTR 3805$12usred/black lblvg+
5203J.R. BaileyIf They Could Only See Me NowRCA Victor2611318$12gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
5204J.R. BaileyIf They Could Only See Me NowRCA Victor2611318$20gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
5205J.R. BaileyIf They Could Only See Me NowRCA Victor2611318$20gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
5206J.T. ConnectionBernadetteButterflyFLY 41082$10usgrey/black lblvg+
5207Jack & the Giant KillersSomebody's Been Sleeping In My BedUKUK 71$12ukturquoise/silver lblvg++
5208Jack HammerCan't You Do ItRonnexR 1312$15bel vg-
5209Jack RainwaterSwamp GasClaramaCL 1403$10us vg+
5210Jackey BeaversSomeone (Bigger Than You Or Me)Seventy 777-134$15usorange/yellow/black lblvg++
5211Jackie EnglishOnce A NightVentureV-135$6ustan/black birds lblvg+
5212Jackie LeeAfrican Boo-Ga-LooKeymenK 11420uswhite/green lbl/solvg+
5213Jackie LeeLet Your Conscience Be Your GuideMirwood5502$15usblue/silver lblvg-
5214Jackie LeeThe DuckLondon AmericanHLM 10233$15ukblack/silver lblvg+
5215Jackie MittooSoul BirdSummusSR 2502$10canorange/white lblvg
5216Jackie MooreCover MeAtlantic45-2830$10usred/black lblm-
5217Jackie MooreDo Ya' Got What It TakesCBSCBS 8032$45holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
5218Jackie MooreDo Ya' Got What It TakesCBSCBS 8032$40holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
5219Jackie MooreDo Ya' Got What It TakesCBSCBS 8032$50holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
5220Jackie MooreDo Ya' Got What It TakesCBSCBS 8032$30holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/vg+
5221Jackie MooreHere I AmShoutS-232$25uswhite/blue/orange lbl/dhm-
5222Jackie MooreHere I AmShoutS-232$35usdemom-
5223Jackie MooreIt Ain't Who You KnowAtlantic45-2902$10us vg++
5224Jackie MooreIt's Harder To LeaveKayvette5125$15us m-
5225Jackie MooreMake Me Feel Like A WomanRCA Victor2612$6ukdemo/yellow lbl/wolvg+
5226Jackie MooreMake Me Feel Like A WomanRCA VictorPPBO 7030$12gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
5227Jackie MooreMake Me Feel Like A WomanRCA VictorPPBO 7030$15gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
5228Jackie MooreMake Me Feel Like A WomanRCA VictorPPBO 7030$10gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/m-
5229Jackie MooreMake Me Feel Like A WomanRCA VictorPPBO 7030$18gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5230Jackie MooreMake Me YoursKayvette5129$20us vg++
5231Jackie MoorePersonallyColumbia3-10779$10usdemovg++
5232Jackie MoorePrecious PreciousAtlantic45-2681$15usred/black lblm-
5233Jackie MoorePrecious PreciousAtlantic45-2681$35usdemo/red/white lblm-
5234Jackie MoorePrecious PreciousAtlantic45-2681$10usred/black lbl/dhvg++
5235Jackie MooreSweet Charlie BabyAtlantic45-2596$30usred/black lbl/dhm-
5236Jackie MooreSweet Charlie BabyAtlantic45-2596$25usred/black lbl/dhvg++
5237Jackie MooreSweet Charlie BabyAtlantic45-2956$20usred/black lblvg+
5238Jackie MooreThis Time BabyCBSCBS 7722$12holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
5239Jackie MooreTimeAtlantic45-2830$8usred/black lblvg++
5240Jackie Moore & the Dixie FlyersWonderful MarvelousAtlantic45-2798$15usred/black lblm-
5241Jackie Moore & the Dixie FlyersWonderful MarvelousAtlantic45-2798$12usred/black lblvg++
5242Jackie RossDon't Change Your MindFountainFOA 1101$35usblack/silver/orange lblvg+
5243Jackie RossHaste Makes WasteChess1915$15usblack/gold/chessman lblvg
5244Jackie RossSelfish OneEric237$10usblack/red lblm-
5245Jackie Wilson(Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher And HigherMCABAG 2$8ukblue/lbl/noc/wolvg+
5246Jackie WilsonBaby WorkoutBrunswick55239$6usorange/black lblvg-
5247Jackie WilsonDoggin' AroundBrunswick9-B-55166$12canmaroon/silver lblvg++
5248Jackie WilsonDoggin' AroundBrunswick55166$8usyellow/black lblvg+
5249Jackie WilsonI Get the Sweetest FeelingBrunswick55381$30us vg++
5250Jackie WilsonI Get the Sweetest FeelingMegaMRCS 2224$18holpsm-/vg++
5251Jackie WilsonI'll Be SatisfiedBrunswick9-55136$8usmaroon/silver lblvg
5252Jackie WilsonI'll Be SatisfiedCoral45-Q 72372$12ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg
5253Jackie WilsonI'm Wanderin'CoralNC 93277$15gerbrown/black lbl/wolvg
5254Jackie WilsonI've Learned About LifeBrunswickB 55536$25usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblvg++
5255Jackie WilsonReet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want To Meet)Brunswick9-55024$20usmaroon/silver lblm-
5256Jackie WilsonSince You Showed Me How To Be HappyBrunswick55354$35usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lbl/dhvg+
5257Jackie WilsonSince You Showed Me How To Be HappyBrunswick55354$40usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lbl/dhvg++
5258Jackie WilsonSqueeze Her Tease Her (But Love Her)CoralQ 72476$15ukblack/silver lblvg
5259Jackie WilsonTalk That TalkBrunswick9-55165$60usps/mauce/silver lblvg++/vg+
5260Jackie WilsonThe Tear Of the YearBrunswick9-55201$40usps/orange/black lblvg++/vg
5261Jackie WilsonThe Tear Of the YearBrunswick9-55201$20usps/orange/black lbl/solvg-/vg
5262Jackie WilsonThe Way I AmBrunswick55220$20usorange/black lbl/wolm-
5263Jackie WilsonThis Guy's In Love With You)BrunswickB 55449$15usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblm-
5264Jackie WilsonTry It AgainBrunswick55461$20usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblm-
5265Jackie WilsonWhispers (Gettin' Louder)BrunswickBR 23$25ukdemo/red/silver lblm-
5266Jackie WilsonWhispers (Getting Louder)MCABAG 2$10uk m-
5267Jackie WilsonYou Don't Know What It MeansBrunswick55219$20usorange lbl/wolvg++
5268Jackie Wilson & Count BasieFunky BroadwayBrunswick55373$20ussample stickerm-
5269Jackie Wilson & the Chi-LitesDon't Burn No BridgesBrunswickBR 28$15ukdemo/red/silver lbl/release date sticker on lblm-
5270Jackson 5Corner Of the SkyTamla Motown1C006-93934$18gerps/black/silver lbl/slv reads Jackson Five/wocvg+/vg+
5271Jackson 5Doctor My EyesTamla MotownTMG 842$10ukblack/silver lblvg
5272Jackson 5Doctor My EyesTamla Motown4E006-94157$15swblack/silver lblvg+
5273Jackson 5Goin' Back To IndianaTamla Motown6E006-92209$30dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/slv reads Jackson Five/wocvg+/vg+
5274Jackson 5Goin' Back To IndianaTamla Motown6E006-92209$30dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/slv reads Jackson Five/woc/nocvg+/vg++
5275Jackson 5Goin' Back To IndianaTamla Motown4E006-92209 M$20swps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
5276Jackson 5Hallelujah DayTamla Motown1C006-94322$20gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg+
5277Jackson 5Hallelujah DayTamla Motown1C006-94322$20gerps/black/silver lbl/wolvg++/vg+
5278Jackson 5Hallelujah DayTamla Motown1C006-94322$25gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
5279Jackson 5I'll Be ThereTamla Motown1C006-91850 M$15gerps/black/silver lbl/slv reads Jackson Five/woc/wolvg++/vg+
5280Jackson 5I'll Be ThereTamla Motown1C006-91850 M$30gerps/vlack/silver lbl/slv reads Jackson Fivevg++/vg+
5281Jackson 5I'll Be ThereTamla Motown1C006-91850 M$25gerps/black/silver lbl/slv reads Jackson Five/wolvg++/vg+
5282Jackson 5Little Bitty Pretty OneMotownM 1199F$4usblue/silver/rainbow map lblvg
5283Jackson 5Lookin' Through the WindowsTamla MotownTMG 833$8ukblack/silver lbl/solvg++
5284Jackson 5Lookin' Through the WindowsTamla MotownTMG 833$8ukblack/silver lblvg+
5285Jackson 5Lookin' Through the WindowsTamla MotownTMG 833$12ukblack/silver lblm-
5286Jackson 5Never Can Say GoodbyeTamla Motown1C006-92400 M$30gerps/black/silver lbl/slv reads Jackson Fivevg+/vg+
5287Jackson 5Santa Claus Is Comin' To TownTamla MotownTMG 837$15ukblack/silver lbl/factory sample sticker on lblm-
5288Jackson 5The Love You SaveTamla Motown1C006-91580$15gerps/black/silver lbl/slv reads Jackson Five/wol/wocvg++/vg+
5289Jackson 5The Love You SaveTamla Motown1C006-91580$15gerps/black/silver lbl/slv reads Jackson Fivevg+/vg
5290Jackson 5/Michael JacksonJackson 5 MaxiTamla Motown5C006-93991$18holps/black/silver lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
5291Jackson FiveGet It TogetherTamla MotownTMG 878$15ukblack/silver lbl/factory sample sticker on lblm-
5292Jackson FiveMama's PearlTamla Motown1C006-92236$10gerps/black/silver lblvg-/vg
5293Jackson FiveSkywriterTamla MotownTMG 865$8ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
5294Jacksons2300 Jackson Street (Edit)Epic655 206-7$12holps/grey/blue logo lblm-/vg++
5295JacksonsBlame It On the BoogieEpic655 646-7$12holps/grey/blue lblm-/vg++
5296JacksonsBlame It On the BoogieEpic/Philadelphia InternationalEPC 6683$15holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5297JacksonsBlame It On the BoogieEpic/Philadelphia InternationalEPC 6683$8holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slv/soc/wocvg+/vg+
5298JacksonsCan You Feel ItEpicEPC 9554$12holps/blue lblvg+/m-
5299JacksonsEchale La Culpa Al Boogie (Blame It On the Boogie)EpicEPC 6683$18spaps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
5300JacksonsEnjoy YorselfEpic/Philadelphia InternationalEPC 4708$10holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg++/m-
5301JacksonsEnjoy YourselfEpic/Philadelphia InternationalEPC 4708$18holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
5302JacksonsLovely OneEpic9-50938$4usblue 2 tone lblvg++
5303JacksonsNothin (That Compares 2 U) (Edited Version)Epic654 808-7$15holps/grey/black/blue logo lblm-/m-
5304JacksonsShow You the Way To GoEpic/Philadelphia InternationalS EPC 5266$6ukorange/black lblvg+
5305JacksonsShow You the Way To GoEpic/Philadelphia InternationalEPC 5266$15holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
5306JacksonsState Of MindEpic4431$15holps/promo stamped slv/solvg++/vg++
5307Jacky JamesMoving Like A SuperstarAquariusAQ 4$10ukorange/black lbl/wolvg++
5308JaggerzThe RapperKama SutraKA 502$8uspink/white logo lblvg+
5309JaggerzThe RapperKama Sutra2013 002$10norps/yellow/red lblvg/vg
5310JaggerzThe RapperKama Sutra2013 002$18norps/yellow/red lblvg++/vg+
5311JaggerzThe RapperKama Sutra2013 002$20norps/yellow/red lblvg++/vg++
5312JaggerzThe RapperKama Sutra2013 002$10noryellow/red lblvg++
5313JaisunI Fall In Love EverydayJett SettJS 101$15usorange/black lblvg++
5314Jake SolloHot 'n' SpicyPye7N 46131$12ukdemo/red 2 tone/black A lblvg++
5315Jake SolloSay No MorePye7N 46162$15ukred 2 tone lblvg++
5316Jaki GrahamSet Me FreeEMIJAKI 7$6ukps/silver/black lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg++/vg++
5317Ja-kkiSun Sun Sun Part 1PyramidP-8004$15usblue/brown lblvg+
5318James & Bobby PurifyAll the Love I GotCasablancaNB 830$8usblue/silver/red logo lbl/wolm-
5319James & Bobby PurifyHelp Yourself (To All My Loving)Bell735$15usblue/silver lblvg++
5320James & Bobby PurifyI Don't Know What It Is You GotBell774$15usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
5321James & Bobby PurifyI Don't Know What It Is You GotBellB 774$20uswhite/blue lbl/dhvg++
5322James & Bobby PurifyI Take What I WantBellBELL 680$20usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
5323James & Bobby PurifyI Was Born To Lose OutBell721$20usblue/silver lbl/dhm-
5324James & Bobby PurifyI Was Born To Lose OutBell721$20usblue/silver lblvg++
5325James & Bobby PurifyI'm Your PuppetBellBELL 648$25usblue/silver lblvg++
5326James & Bobby PurifyI'm Your PuppetColumbia/StatesideC 23 376$20gerblue/black lblm-
5327James & Bobby PurifyI'm Your PuppetMercury6167 324$6norskyscraper lblvg+
5328James & Bobby PurifyI'm Your PuppetMercury6167 324$4uktan/black lbl/solid centrevg
5329James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsBellBELL 685$12usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
5330James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsBellBELL 685$8usblue/silver lbl/dhvg-
5331James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsBellBELL 685$15usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
5332James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsBellBELL 685$10usblue/silver lbl/dhvg
5333James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$15swblack/silver lbl/nocm-
5334James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$30swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
5335James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$20swps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
5336James & Bobby PurifyLet Love Come Between UsStatesideSS 2049$20swps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
5337James & Bobby PurifyMorning GloryMercury6167 380$6uktan/black lbl/solid centrevg+
5338James & Bobby PurifyMorning GloryMercury73806$8us vg++
5339James & Bobby PurifyShake A Tail FeatherBellBELL 669$8usblue/silver lblvg
5340James & Bobby PurifyUntie MeBellBLL 1043$10ukturquoise/silver/black lbl/wolvg+
5341James & Bobby PurifyWish You Didn't Have To GoBellBELL 660$20usblue/silver lblvg++
5342James & Susan WellsLove's the Cure For MeNightmareMARES 6$15ukblue 2 tone lbl/solid centre/solvg++
5343James AndersonThe TrackerAtlantic10002$30gerpsm-/m-
5344James AndersonThe TrackerCotillion45-44104$15usdemo/white/black lbl/wolm-
5345James BookerBig NickPeacock1923$45usdemo/blue/yellow/orange/green lblvg++
5346James BookerGonzoPeacock5-1697$50uswhite/blue/red lbl/wolvg++
5347James BookerSmacksiePeacock5 1900$40uswhite/red/blue lblvg++
5348James BoysThe HorsePhil L.A. of Soul316$15usyellow/black lblvg-
5349James Brown(Get Up I Feel Like A) Sex Machine Part 1Polydor2001 071$20spaps/textured slvvg+/vg+
5350James BrownA Man Has To Go Back To the CrossroadsBethlehem45-3098$15usorange/black lblvg+
5351James BrownBodyheat Part 1Polydor2066 763$15ukred/black lbl/solid centrem-
5352James BrownBring It On Bring It OnSonet/ChurchillSON 2258$10ukwhite/black lbl/solid centrem-
5353James BrownBring It On Bring It OnSonet/ChurchillSON 2258$12ukpsm-/m-
5354James BrownBrother RappPolydor2001 062$15gerps/textured slv/solvg+/vg+
5355James BrownBrother RappPolydor2001 062$25gerps/textured slvvg++/vg++
5356James BrownCall Me Super BadPolydor2001 097$20gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
5357James BrownCall Me Super BadPolydor2001 097$20gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slv/woc/wolvg++/vg++
5358James BrownDown And Out In New York CityPolydor2066 309$15gerpsvg/vg
5359James BrownDown And Out In New York CityPolydor2066 309$25gerpsvg++/m-
5360James BrownEscape-ism Part 1People45-2500$18usgrey/black/white/red lbl/wolvg++
5361James BrownEscape-ism Part 1Polydor2001 199$20gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
5362James BrownEscape-ism Part 1Polydor2001 199$25gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slv/wocm-/m-
5363James BrownFor Goodness Sakes Look At Those Cakes Part 1PolydorPD 14522$10usred/black/white logo/face lblm-
5364James BrownFroggy MixPolydorFROG 1$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
5365James BrownFunky PresidentPolydor2066 520$20gerps/textured slvm-/m-
5366James BrownGet On the Good Foot Part 1Polydor2066 231$20gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
5367James BrownGet Up Get Into It Get Involved Part 1King45-6347$20usblack/silver/rainbow/face lblm-
5368James BrownGet Up Get Into It Get Involved Part 1Polydor2001 133$25gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/wolvg+/vg++
5369James BrownGet Up Get Into It Get Involved Part 1Polydor2001 133$30norps/red/black/white logo lbl/wocvg++/vg+
5370James BrownGive the Bass Player Some Part 1PolydorPD 2167$15us vg++
5371James BrownGive the Bass Player Some Part 1PolydorPD 2167$18us m-
5372James BrownGoodbye My LoveKing45-6198$8usblue/silver lblvg
5373James BrownGoodbye My LoveKing45-6198$12usblue/silver lblvg+
5374James BrownGoodbye My LovePolydor421415$18fraps/flipback slvvg/vg+
5375James BrownGravityScotti BrothersSCT 650059-7$10holps/black/silver/white logo lblm-/vg++
5376James BrownHey AmericaKing45-6339$25usps/black/silver/rainbow/face lbl/dhm-/vg+
5377James BrownHey AmericaKing45-6339$15usps/black/silver/rainbow/face lbl/dhvg/vg+
5378James BrownHey AmericaKing45-6339$20usps/black/silver/rainbow/face lbl/dhvg++/vg+
5379James BrownHey AmericaKing45-6339$25usps/black/silver/rainbow/face lbl/dhvg++/vg++
5380James BrownHey AmericaPolydor2066 160$18spaps/textured slvvg+/vg+
5381James BrownHey AmericaPolydor2066 160$25gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5382James BrownHey AmericaPolydor2066 160$20gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slv/woc/wolm-/m-
5383James BrownHey AmericaPolydor2066 160$15gerdemovg+
5384James BrownHot PantsPolydor2001 203$25gerps/textured slvvg++/vg++
5385James BrownHot PantsPolydor2001 203$30gerps/textured slvm-/m-
5386James BrownHow Do You StopScotti BrosSCT 650248-7$10holps/black/silver/white logo lblm-/m-
5387James BrownHustlePolydor2066 588$15gerpsvg+/vg+
5388James BrownHustlePolydor2066 588$25gerpsvg++/vg++
5389James BrownI Don't Want Nobody To Give Me NothingPolydor59279$12gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg
5390James BrownI Don't Want Nobody To Give Me NothingPolydor59279$18gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
5391James BrownI Got A Bag Of My OwnPolydor2066 285$30gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5392James BrownI Got A Bag Of My OwnPolydor2066 285$25gerps/red/black slv/textured slvvg++/m-
5393James BrownI Got A Bag Of My OwnPolydorPD 14153$12usred/black/white logo/face lbl/wolvg++
5394James BrownI Got A Bag Of My OwnPolydorPD 14153$15usred/black/white logo/face lbl/wolm-
5395James BrownI Got Ants In My Pants Part 1Polydor2066 296$30gerps/textured slvm-/m-
5396James BrownI Got Ants In My Pants Part 1PolydorPD 14162$10uswolvg++
5397James BrownI'm A Greedy Man Part 1Polydor2066 153$8uksolvg
5398James BrownI'm RealScotti BrosINT 112 330$10gerps/black/silver/yellow logo lblm-/m-
5399James BrownI'm RealScotti BrosINT 112 330$8gerps/black/silver/yellow logo lblvg++/m-
5400James BrownIt's A New Day Parts 1 & 2Polydor2001 015$20gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
5401James BrownIt's A New Day Parts 1 & 2Polydor2001 018$15ukrelease date stamped on lblm-
5402James BrownIt's Too Funky In HerePolydorPD 14557$10us vg++
5403James BrownIt's Too Funky In HerePolydor/Steppin' OutPOSP 68$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
5404James BrownIt's Your Money $Scotti BrosZS4 68559$8usblack/silver/tiger lblm-
5405James BrownKing HeroinPolydor2066 185$18gerps/textured slvvg+/m-
5406James BrownKing HeroinPolydor2066 185$15gerps/textured slvvg+/vg++
5407James BrownKing HeroinPolydorPD 14116$25uspsvg++/vg++
5408James BrownLet A Man Come In And Do the PopcornPolydor59366$12gerps/textured slvvg-/vg
5409James BrownLet A Man Come In And Do the Popcorn Part 1King45-6255$6usblack/orange/face lblvg
5410James BrownLet the Funk FlowPolydorPD 2078$10us vg+
5411James BrownLet's Get PersonalScotti BrosZS4 07090$4usblack/silver/white logo lblvg++
5412James BrownLiving In AmericaScotti Bros6701$8ukpsm-/m-
5413James BrownLiving In AmericaScotti BrosZS4 05682$8usps/black/silver/white logo lblm-/m-
5414James BrownLove Me TenderPolydorPD 14460$10us m-
5415James BrownLove Me TenderPolydorPD 14460$6us vg+
5416James BrownLove Me TenderPolydorPD 14460$8us vg++
5417James BrownMake It Funky Part 1PolydorPD2-14088$15us vg++
5418James BrownMother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1Polydor56776$20ukred/black/white logo lblm-
5419James BrownMother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1Polydor59309$15gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvvg/vg
5420James BrownMother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1Polydor59309$30gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5421James BrownMother Popcorn (You Got To Have A Mother For Me) Part 1PolydorSC 501$10uswolm-
5422James BrownMy Part/Make It Funky Part 3Polydor2066 149$15gerdemo/grey/black lblvg+
5423James BrownMy Part/Make It Funky Part 3PolydorPD 14098$8us vg
5424James BrownPapa Don't Take No Mess Part 1Polydor2066 504$30gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5425James BrownPapa Don't Take No Mess Part 1Polydor2066 504$20gerps/red/black lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/vg++
5426James BrownPapa's Got A Brand New BagPolydorJB 1$15ukps/red/black lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/vg++
5427James BrownPayback Mix Part 1UrbanURB 17$12ukps/solid centre/flipback slvvg++/vg++
5428James BrownPayback Mix Part 1UrbanURB 17$10ukps/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg++
5429James BrownPublic Enemy #1 Part 1PolydorPD 14153$10us vg++
5430James BrownRapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)RCA VictorRCA 28$8ukdemo/black/silver lblvg+
5431James BrownRapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)RCA VictorRCA 28$15ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
5432James BrownRapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)T.K.TKX 1039$6us vg+
5433James BrownRapp Payback (Where Iz Moses)T.K.TKX 1039$10us m-
5434James BrownSex Machine Part 1Polydor2001 071$25spapsvg++/vg+
5435James BrownSex Machine Part 1Polydor2001 071$15gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slv/wocvg/vg+
5436James BrownSex Machine Part 1Polydor2001 071$20gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
5437James BrownSex Machine Part 1Polydor2135 008$20gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5438James BrownSex Machine Part 1Polydor2135 008$15gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
5439James BrownSex Machine Part 1PolydorPD 14270$12usred/black/white logo/face lblm-
5440James BrownSexy Sexy SexyPolydor2066 372$20gerpsvg++/vg+
5441James BrownSexy Sexy SexyPolydor2066 372$25gerpsvg++/vg++
5442James BrownShe's the OneUrbanURB 13$10ukred/black lbl/solid centrem-
5443James BrownSoul Power Part 1King45-6368$20usblack/silver/rainbow/face lblvg++
5444James BrownSpinning Wheel Pt. 1King45-6366$4usblack/image lbl/dhvg
5445James BrownSpinning Wheel Pt. 1King45-6366$6usblack/image lbl/dhvg+
5446James BrownStar GenerationPolydorPD 2005$6us vg+
5447James BrownStar GenerationPolydorSTEP 002$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
5448James BrownStaticScotti BrosZS4 07975$6usblack/silver/tiger lblm-
5449James BrownStone Cold DragPolydorPD 2054$12us vg++
5450James BrownTalking Loud And Saying NothingPolydor2066 174$25gerpsvg++/vg++
5451James BrownThe PopcornPolydorSC 503$10uswolm-
5452James BrownThere It Is Part 1Polydor2066 210$20gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
5453James BrownThere It Is Part 1Polydor2066 210$25gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
5454James BrownThinkPolydor2066 329$25gerps/textured slvm-/m-
5455James Brown I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open Up the Door I'll Get It Myself) Part 1King45-6224$15usblue/silver lblvg++
5456James Brown & Lyn CollinsWhat My Baby Needs Now Is A Little More Lovin'Polydor2066 283$15uksolvg++
5457James Brown & the Famous FlamesAgainKing45-5876$20usblue/silver lblvg++
5458James Brown & the Famous FlamesAin't That A GrooveSonetT 7663$30swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/yellow slv/woc/wolvg/vg
5459James Brown & the Famous FlamesBring It UpKing45-6071$12usblue/silver lblvg+
5460James Brown & the Famous FlamesCold SweatKing45-6110$6usblue/silver lbl/wolvg
5461James Brown & the Famous FlamesCold SweatPolydor59 114$30gerps/red/black/white logo lblm-/m-
5462James Brown & the Famous FlamesCold SweatPolydor59 114$15gerps/red/black/white logo lblvg+/vg-
5463James Brown & the Famous FlamesDon't Be A DropoutKing45-6056$10usblue/silver lblvg+
5464James Brown & the Famous FlamesI Got the Feelin'Polydor56743$15uk m-
5465James Brown & the Famous FlamesI Got the Feelin'Polydor56743$6uk vg
5466James Brown & the Famous FlamesI Got the Feelin'Polydor59181$18gerps/red/black/white logo lbl/woc/wolvg+/vg+
5467James Brown & the Famous FlamesI Got You (I Feel Good)SonetT 7657$50swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/white/orange top slvvg+/vg+
5468James Brown & the Famous FlamesI Got You (I Feel Good)SonetT 7657$35swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/white/orange top slv/wocvg/vg
5469James Brown & the Famous FlamesI'll Go CrazyFederal45-12369$18usturquoise/silver lblvg+
5470James Brown & the Famous FlamesI'll Go CrazyKing45-6020$10usblue/silver lblvg+
5471James Brown & the Famous FlamesI'll Go CrazySonetT 7661$65swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/green top slvvg++/vg++
5472James Brown & the Famous FlamesI'll Go CrazySonetT 7661$75swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/blue top slvm-/m-
5473James Brown & the Famous FlamesI'll Go CrazySonetT 7661$75swps/red/orange lbl/green top slvm-/m-
5474James Brown & the Famous FlamesIt's A Man's Man's Man's WorldKing45-6035$10usblue/silver lblvg+
5475James Brown & the Famous FlamesIt's A Man's Man's Man's WorldPye International7N 25371$10ukred/black top lblvg
5476James Brown & the Famous FlamesIt's A Man's Man's Man's WorldSonetT 7667$30swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/wolvg/vg++
5477James Brown & the Famous FlamesIt's A Man's Man's Man's WorldSonetT 7667$30swps/red/orange/white logo lbl/nocvg-/vg++
5478James Brown & the Famous FlamesJust You And Me DarlingKing45-5547$6usblue/silver lblvg
5479James Brown & the Famous FlamesLet's Make This Christmas Mean Something This Year Part 1King45-6072$18uswolm-
5480James Brown & the Famous FlamesMoney Won't Change You Part 1King45-6048$6usblue/silver lblvg-
5481James Brown & the Famous FlamesNight TrainParlophoneR 4922$35swred/silver lblvg-
5482James Brown & the Famous FlamesPapa's Got A Brand New BagLondon AmericanHL 9990$30ukblack/silver top lblvg++
5483James Brown & the Famous FlamesPrisoner Of LoveKing45-5739$10usdemo/wolvg-
5484James Brown & the Famous FlamesStone FoxKing45-6086$12usblue/silver lblvg+
5485James Brown & the Famous FlamesThat's LifePolydor56540$20ukred/black/white logo lblm-
5486James Brown & the Famous FlamesThere Was A TimePolydor56787$25uk m-
5487James Brown & the J.B.'sGive Me Some SkinPolydorPD 14409$15usred/black/white logo/face lblm-
5488James Brown & the J.B.'sGive Me Some SkinPolydorPD 14409$6usred/black/white logo/face lblvg-
5489James Brown & the New J.B.'sPeople Who CriticizePolydorPD 14438$6uswolvg+
5490James Brown Soul TrainHonky Tonk Part 1Polydor2066 216$25gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
5491James Brown Soul TrainHonky Tonk Part 1PolydorPD 14129$10us vg+
5492James Brown Soul TrainHonky Tonk Part 1PolydorPD 14129$15uswolvg++
5493James CarrComing Back To Me BabyGoldwax309$40usyellow/white lblvg++
5494James CarrComing Back To Me BabyGoldwax309$10usblue/silver lblg
5495James CarrComing Back To Me BabyGoldwax309$25usdemovg
5496James CarrEverybody Needs SomebodyGoldwax343$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
5497James CarrEverybody Needs SomebodyGoldwax343$25usyellow/black lblvg++
5498James CarrFreedom TrainB&CCB 101$20ukblack/silver lbl/solvg+
5499James CarrFreedom TrainGoldwax338$20usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
5500James CarrFreedom TrainGoldwax338$25usyellow/black lbl/dhvg++
5501James CarrFreedom TrainGoldwax338$30usyellow/black lblvg++
5502James CarrGonna Send You Back To GeorgiaGoldwax328$10usyellow/white lbl/dhvg
5503James CarrGonna Send You Back To GeorgiaGoldwax328$15usyellow/white lblvg++
5504James CarrGonna Send You Back To GeorgiaGoldwax328$18usyellow/black lbl/dhm-
5505James CarrLife Turned Her That WayGoldwax335$20usyellow/black lblvg+
5506James CarrLife Turned Her That WayGoldwax335$25usyellow/black lblvg++
5507James CarrLife Turned Her That WayGoldwax335$30usyellow/black lblm-
5508James CarrPouring Water On A Drowning ManGoldwax311$30usblue/silver lblvg++
5509James CarrPouring Water On A Drowning ManGoldwax311$15usyellow/white lblvg++
5510James CarrPouring Water On A Drowning ManGoldwax311$12usyellow/white lbl/dhvg++
5511James CarrShe's Better Than YouGoldwaxGW 119$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
5512James CarrShe's Better Than YouGoldwaxGW 119$25usyellow/red lblvg++
5513James CarrShe's Better Than YouGoldwaxGW 119$20usyellow/red lblvg+
5514James CarrStronger Than LoveGoldwax332$20usyellow/black lblvg+
5515James CarrStronger Than LoveGoldwax332$25usyellow/white lblvg++
5516James CarrStronger Than LoveGoldwax332$18usyellow/black lbl/dhvg+
5517James CarrThe Dark End Of the StreetGoldwax317$40usdemovg++
5518James CarrThe Dark End Of the StreetGoldwax317$40usyellow/white lblm-
5519James CarrThe Dark End Of the StreetGoldwax317$30usyellow/white lblvg++
5520James CarrThese Ain't RaindropsGoldwax340$30usblue/silver lbl/dhm-
5521James CarrThese Ain't RaindropsGoldwax340$25usyellow/black lbl/dhvg++
5522James CarrThese Ain't RaindropsGoldwax340$25usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
5523James CarrThese Ain't RaindropsGoldwax340$20usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
5524James Conley & the Gospel DimensionsI BelieveRighteous488-28$10usblue/gold lblvg++
5525James Conley & the Gospel DimensionsI BelieveRighteous488-28$8usblue/gold lblvg+
5526James DavisBlue MondayDuke368$25usdemovg++
5527James DavisCome To the Rock And RollDuke343$45usdemo/wolvg+
5528James D-Train WilliamsLet Me Love YouColumbia38-07151$6usyellow/orange lbl/wolvg+
5529James GilstrapMove MeRoxburyRB 2026$15usgreen/red/yellow logo lblvg++
5530James IngramI Don't Have the HeartWarner Bros19911-7$6gerpsvg++/vg++
5531James Ingram with Michael McDonaldYah Mo B ThereQwest929394-7$4gerps/solvg+/vg+
5532James LoweLong Way To GoVee-JayVJ 942$25usdemo/white/blue lblm-
5533James PhelpsI'll Do the Best I CanArgo5499$4usblack/silver lblg
5534James PhelpsI'll Do the Best I CanArgo5499$25usbrown lbl/dhvg++
5535James RayIf You Gotta Make A Fool Of SomebodyCaprice110$12us vg++
5536James RiversTighten UpEight-BallB 1560$25usblack/silver lblvg+
5537James RobinsonJust What I've Been MissingTabuZS4-07439$10uswolvg++
5538James RoyalA Woman Called SorrowCBS3624$25ukorange/black lblvg+
5539James RoyalCall My NameCBS2525$20fraps/orange/black lbl/woc/wolvg/vg-
5540James RoyalCall My NameCBS2525$30fraps/orange/black lbl/wocvg+/vg+
5541James RoyalHey Little BoyCBS3450$40fraps/orange/black lblvg++/vg++
5542James RoyalTake Me Like I AmCBS3232$18holps/orange/black lblvg++/vg-
5543James RoyalTime Hangs On My MindCBS3797$25ukdemom-
5544James YoungI Had To CryEric7013$60uswolvg+
5545James YoungI Had To CryEric7013$75us vg++
5546Jamie LyonsSoul Struttin'LaurieLR 3422$15usred/white/black square lblvg
5547Jamie LyonsSoul Struttin'LaurieLR 3422$30usred/white/black square lblm-
5548Jamie. TSheilaVirgin9463647117$12ukps/poster slvm-/m-
5549Jamie. TSheilaVirgin9463647117$10ukps/gfldm-/m-
5550Jamo ThomasI Spy (For the FBI)Polydor2001 544$15uk m-
5551Jamo ThomasMust I HollerChess1971$25usblue labelvg++
5552Jamo Thomas & his Party Brothers OrchestraI Spy (For the FBI)Polydor56755$10ukwolvg-
5553JamulTobacco RoadLizardX 21001$20usdemo/red/black lblvg++
5554Jan BradleyTricks Of the TradeDoylenDOY 001$40uswhite/blue/yellow lblvg++
5555Jan DavisFugitiveA&M733$20usbrown lblvg++
5556Jan Davis GuitarGypsy FoxRanwoodR 1023$20usdemo/white/blue lbl/wolm-
5557Jan Johansson TrioYounger Than SpringtimeArtistAEP 1052$40sw vg++
5558Janet JacksonLet's Wait AwhileA&M390 167-7$4gerpsvg++/vg++
5559Janet JacksonNasty (Edit Of Remix)A&M390 098-7$6gerpsm-/m-
5560Janne SchafferHerr Allansson PicklesCBSCBS 8947$8holyellow/orange lblvg+
5561JarmelsA Little Bit Of SoapLaurieLR 3098$18usred/white/black square lblvg+
5562JarmelsLittle Lonely OneQuality1285X$6can vg-
5563JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$45dkps/red/white lbl/purple/white slvvg++/vg+
5564JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$20norred/white lblvg-
5565JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$35norred/white lblvg+
5566JarmelsLittle Lonely OneTop RankT 1054$25swred/white lblvg
5567JavarooChange It UpCapitol4837$10uspurple/silver lblvg++
5568Javells featuring Nosmo KingGoodbye Nothin' To SayPyeDDS 2003$8ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg+
5569Javells featuring Nosmo KingLovin' You Is EasyPye7N 45435$6ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
5570Javells featuring Nosmo KingLovin' You Is EasyPye7N 45435$4ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg+
5571Jay & the AmericansGot Hung Up Along the WayUnited ArtistsUA 50196$25usblack/silver lblvg+
5572Jay & the TechniquesApples, Peaches, Pumpkin PieMercury6052 302$10uktan/black lbl/solid centrem-
5573Jay & the TechniquesBaby Make Your Own Sweet MusicMercuryMF 1034$20ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
5574Jay & the TechniquesBaby Make Your Own Sweet MusicSmashS 2154$10usred/black lbl/dhvg+
5575Jay & the TechniquesBaby Make Your Own Sweet MusicSmashS 2154$25usps/red/black lblm-/m-
5576Jay & the TechniquesBaby Make Your Own Sweet MusicSmashS 2154$20usps/red/black lbl/dhvg++/vg++
5577Jay & the TechniquesBaby Make Your Own Sweet MusicSmashS 2154$18usps/red/black lbl/dhvg+/vg++
5578Jay & the TechniquesHey Diddle DiddleSmashS 2185$10usred/black lbl/dhvg+
5579Jay & the TechniquesI Feel Love Coming OnEventEV 222$30usdemo/white/black lblm-
5580Jay & the TechniquesI Feel Love Coming OnEventEV 222$15usred/yellow logo lbl/wolvg+
5581Jay & the TechniquesKeep the Ball Rollin'Philips320 268 BF$20norps/black/silver lblvg/vg
5582Jay & the TechniquesKeep the Ball Rollin'Philips320 268 BF$25norps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
5583Jay & the TechniquesKeep the Ball Rollin'Philips320 268 BF$25norblack/silver lblm-
5584Jay & the TechniquesKeep the Ball Rollin'Philips320 268 BF$18holps/blue/silver lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
5585Jay & the TechniquesKeep the Ball Rollin'SmashS 2124$4usred/black lblvg-
5586Jay & the TechniquesSingles GameSmashS 2171$35usps/red/black lbl/dhvg++/vg++
5587Jay & the TechniquesStrawberry ShortcakePhilips320 270 BF$18gerdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg-
5588Jay & the TechniquesStrawberry ShortcakeSmashS 2142$10usred/black lbl/dhvg+
5589Jay & the TechniquesStrawberry ShortcakeSmashS 2142$15usred/black lbl/dhm-
5590Jay BerlinerPapa Was A Rolling StoneMainstreamMRL 5535$40usdemo/white/black lblm-
5591Jay DeeStrange Funky Games And ThingsWarner BrosWB 7798$4usboulevard lbl/wolg
5592Jay Dee BryantStanding Ovation For LoveIslandWIP 6273$30ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lblm-
5593Jay Randall & the EpicsCrazy FaceLanor558$25usred/black lblm-
5594Jay Randall & the EpicsOne Night Of SinLanor549$25usred/black lblm-
5595Jay RoyWorking For YouTou-Sea129$15usgreen/black lbl/dhvg++
5596Jay RoyWorking For YouTou-Sea129$20usgreen/black lbl/dhm-
5597Jay RoyWorking For YouTou-Sea129$10usgreen/black lbl/dhvg
5598Jay RoyWorking For YouTou-Sea129$12usgreen/black lbl/dhvg+
5599Jay RoyWorking For YouTou-Sea129$12usgreen/black lbl/dh/wolvg++
5600Jay TThe Road AheadBel-Ad1003$30uslight blue/black lbl/promo stamped lblvg+
5601JaynettsSally Go 'Round the RosesGood Old Gold39$8usyellow/black lblm-
5602JaynettsSally Go 'Round the RosesStatesideKSS 1005$20swblack/silver lblvg
5603JaynettsSally Go 'Round the RosesTuffTUFF 369$20usyellow/brown lbl/wolvg++
5604Jean BattleLove MakingRed LiteRL 119$20usblack/red logo lblm-
5605Jean BattleLove MakingRed LiteRL 119$18usblack/red logo lblvg++
5606Jean CarnDon't Let It Go To Your HeadPhiladelphia InternationalZS8 3654$30usgreen/purple logo lblvg++
5607Jean CarnLove Don't Love Nobody Part 1TSOPZS5 02501$2uspurple/green logo lblg
5608Jean DuShonTogetherABC-Paramount45-10092$20usdemo/white/black lblvg-
5609Jean KnightCarry OnStax2025 103$10ukyellow/black hand logo lblvg++
5610Jean KnightCarry OnStaxSTA 0116$8usyellow/brown hand logo lbl/dhvg+
5611Jean KnightCarry OnStax2025 103$6ukyellow/black hand logo lblvg
5612Jean KnightHelping ManStaxSTA 0136$15uswolvg++
5613Jean KnightJesse Joe (You Got To Go)DialD-1026$25us vg++
5614Jean KnightMr. Big StuffStaxSTA 0088$20usdhm-
5615Jean KnightMr. Big StuffStaxSTXS 2033$12ukyellow/black hand logo lbl/solid centrevg+
5616Jean KnightMr. Big StuffStaxSTA 0088$20usyellow lbl/wolvg++
5617Jean KnightYou Think You're Hot StuffStax2025 066$25gerpsvg++/vg
5618Jean KnightYou Think You're Hot StuffStaxSTA 0105$8usyellow/brown hand logo lbl/wolvg+
5619Jean Knight & PremiumYou Show Me Yours I'll Show You MineCotillion47002$4uspurple lblvg
5620Jean StanbackAin't Nothing In the StreetsMankindM 12021$15usgreen/yellow lblm-
5621Jeanette 'Baby' WashingtonMoney's FunnyNeptuneN 122$30usgreen/silver lblvg+
5622Jeanette 'Baby' WashingtonThere You Go AgainABC-Paramount45-10245$30usdemo/white/black lblvg+
5623Jeanie TracyYour Old StandbyFantasy924$45uslightning lblvg++
5624Jean-Luc PontyNew CountryAtlanticK 10839$6ukorange/grey/white stripe lbl/solid centrevg+
5625Jeanne EwingSan Francisco Is A Lonely TownAudio FidelityAF 156$50usyellow/black lblm-
5626Jeanne EwingSan Francisco Is A Lonely TownAudio FidelityAF 156$40usyellow/black lblvg++
5627Jeannie ReynoldsUnwanted CompanyCasablancaNB 834$20usblue/silver/red logo lblvg+
5628Jeb StuartCan't Count the DaysKentKS 4559$50usdemo/white/black lblvg++
5629Jeff EvansI'll Be Seeing YouGrandstandHK 401$10usgreen/black lbl/wolvg++
5630Jeff JoffrionI Got A ReasonSound Stage 7SS7-2648$30usdemom-
5631Jeff Lorber FusionIt's A FactAristaAS 0667$4usblue/tan lblvg+
5632Jeff ThomasHappy Just To Be With YouWarner Bros7227$15usgreen lbl/dhvg++
5633JeffreeMr. Fix-ItMCAMCA 40955$20ustan/brown lblvg++
5634Jennell HawkinsMomentsAmazonM-45-1003$10ussilver/black lblvg-
5635Jennifer Do It For MeMotownM 1417 F$6usps/blue/silver map lblvg-/vg
5636Jennifer HollidayAnd I'm Telling You I'm Not GoingGeffenGEF 2644$6ukpsvg+/vg
5637Jennings BrothersBelieve In MeAtlanticATL 10821$30hol m-
5638Jerline & FriendsRed Hot FunkUnited ArtistsUA-XW1065$8ustan/brown logo lblvg++
5639Jermaine StewartWe Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off10108217$4gerpsvg++/vg++
5640JeromeYou're Supposed To Be My FriendDJMDJS 10976$6ukyellow lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
5641JeromeYou're Supposed To Be My FriendDJMDJS 10976$10ukyellow lbl/solid centrem-
5642Jerry ButlerAre You HappyMercury72876$10usred/black lbl/dhvg++
5643Jerry ButlerAre You HappyMercuryMF 1078$15ukblack/silver lblvg+
5644Jerry ButlerFind Another GirlVee-JayVJ 375$25usblack/silver/rainbow rim lblvg++
5645Jerry ButlerGive Me Your LoveVee-JayVJ 567$15usblack/silver/rainbow rim lblvg
5646Jerry ButlerGive Me Your LoveVee-JayVJ 567$30usblack/silver/rainbow rim lbl/wolvg++
5647Jerry ButlerGive Me Your LoveVee-JayVJ 567$40usblack/silver/rainbow rim lblm-
5648Jerry ButlerHe Will Break Your HeartVee-JayVJ 354$25usblack/silver/rainbow rim lblvg+
5649Jerry ButlerHey Western Union Man (Send A Telegram)Mercury127 393 MCF$20nor m-
5650Jerry ButlerI Wanna Do It To YouMotownM 1414F$4usblue/silver/rainbow map lblvg
5651Jerry ButlerJust A Little BitVee-JayVJ 556$8usblack/silver/rainbow rim lbl/dh/solvg-
5652Jerry ButlerLove (Oh How Sweet It Is)Mercury75592$25usdemo/white/black lblvg+
5653Jerry ButlerMoon RiverKarusellKFF 365$25dkps/red/white/blue lbl/noc/wocvg/vg
5654Jerry ButlerMoon RiverKarusellKFF 365$20dkred/white/blue lbl/wolvg+
5655Jerry ButlerMoon RiverKarusellKFF 365$30dkps/red/white/blue lblvg/vg
5656Jerry ButlerMoon RiverKarusellKFF 365$35dkps/red/white/blue lbl/tocvg+/vg+
5657Jerry ButlerOnly the Strong SurviveMercury72898$15us vg++
5658Jerry ButlerSpecial MemoryMercury73131$12usred/black lbl/dhvg++
5659Jerry ButlerSpecial MemoryMercury73131$15usred/black lbl/dhm-
5660Jerry ButlerWhat's the Use Of Breaking UpMercury72960$20usred/black lbl/wolvg++
5661Jerry ButlerYou Can FlyMercury73101$8usred/black lblvg+
5662Jerry ButlerYou Can FlyMercury73101$10usred/black lblvg++
5663Jerry ButlerYou Go Right Through MeVee-JayVJ 475$15usps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblg/vg-
5664Jerry ButlerYou Walked Into My LifeMercury72676$15usred/black lbl/dhvg+
5665Jerry ButlerYou Walked Into My LifeMercury72676$20usred/black lblvg+
5666Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee EagerAin't Understanding MellowMercury73255$15norps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
5667Jerry Butler & Brenda Lee EagerAin't Understanding MellowMercury6052155$12ukblack/silver lblvg++
5668Jerry Butler & the ImpressionsFor Your Precious LoveFalcon1013$20usblack/silver lblvg
5669Jerry Butler & the ImpressionsShorty's Got To GoJSPJSP 4501$10uk m-
5670Jerry ByrneLights OutSpecialty635$10usre-issuem-
5671Jerry ByrneLights OutSpecialty635$50uswhite/yellow/black lblvg+
5672Jerry ByrneLights OutSpecialtySON 5011$15ukyellow/black lblm-
5673Jerry ByrneRainingSpecialty662$10usre-issuem-
5674Jerry ByrneWhy Did I Ever Say GoodbyeSpecialty651$10uswhite/yellow/black lbl/re-issuem-
5675Jerry GreenI'm the One For YouHSRHAM-SEM 113$10usdemo/white/black lblm-
5676Jerry Hayward & the EvergladesShimmy Shimmy Shimmy SherrySymbol916$20usblack/silver/orange lbl/dhvg+
5677Jerry KnightJoy RideA&M2248-S$8usps/silver lblvg++/vg+
5678Jerry KnightShe's Got To Be (A Dancer)A&M2519-S$10usred/black lblm-
5679Jerry McCainShe's ToughGasGAS 1101$10us vg++
5680Jerry McCainShe's ToughRex1014$60us m-
5681Jerry RixDisco TrainContempoCS 2112$10ukblack/silver lbl/promo sticker on lblvg++
5682Jerry WashingtonLet Me Love You Right Or WrongExcelloEX 2336$30usblue/black lblm-
5683Jerry WeaverLove Don't Make You Act Like ThatMGMM 14789$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
5684JerryoAfro-Twist Time (Um-Gow-Wow)ShoutS-228$30uswhite/blue/orange lbl/dhvg+
5685JerryoKarate-Boo-Ga-LooShoutS-217$15uswhite/blue/orange lblvg+
5686JerryoKarate-Boo-Ga-LooShoutS-217$20uswhite/blue/orange lbl/dh/solvg++
5687Jess & James & the J.J. BandMovePalettePB 25648$18holps/black/silver lbl/toc/wocvg/vg+
5688Jess & James & the J.J. BandMovePalettePB 25648$25holps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
5689Jesse AndersonLet Me Back InThomasTH 807$30uswhite/black/red/yellow/orange lblvg+
5690Jesse AndersonSend Me Some Loving C.O.D.Jewel835$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
5691Jesse GreenHurricane WomanEmberEMBS 349$10ukblack/silver/rainbow lblm-
5692Jesse GreenNice & SlowEMIEMI 2492$15ukdemom-
5693Jesse JamesBelieve In Me Baby Part 120th Century6684$25usblack/gold lblvg+
5694Jesse JamesBelieve In Me Baby Part 120th Century6684$30usblack/gold lblvg++
5695Jesse JamesI Know I'll Never Find Another YouZay30002$20usblue/yellow/orange lblvg
5696Jesse Stone & his HouserockersThe RocketAtco45-6051$6usplum/silver lblg
5697Jessie HillNever ThoughtDowneyD-124$15us vg++
5698JewelsHearts Of StoneOriginal SoundOS-38$30usblack/silver lblm-
5699JewelsSmokey JoeDimensionD 1048$20usplum/silver lbl/dhvg++
5700JezebellesTainted LovePyeDDS 2006$12ukred 2 tone lbl/4 prong push out centrevg+
5701JezebellesTainted LovePyeDDS 2006$8ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg
5702JhamelsBaby Baby BabyLiberty55983$25usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
5703Jim GilstrapHouse Of StrangersChelsea2005 032$10gerps/purple/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg
5704Jim GilstrapHouse Of StrangersChelsea2005 032$12gerps/purple/black lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/vg+
5705Jim GilstrapHouse Of StrangersChelsea2005 032$15gerps/purple/black lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
5706Jim GilstrapHouse Of StrangersRoxburyRB 2013$10usgreen/red/yellow logo lblvg++
5707Jim GilstrapI'm On FireChelsea2005 050$15gerpsvg+/vg++
5708Jim GilstrapI'm On FireRoxburyRB-2016$10usgreen/red/yellow logo lblvg+
5709Jim GilstrapSwing Your DaddyChelsea2005 021$10gerps/purple/black lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
5710Jim GilstrapSwing Your DaddyRoxburyRB-2006-DJ$12usdemo/white/black lblm-
5711Jimmie Mack & the WattsTrue Lover GirlGeeG-1056$50uslight grey/red logo lblm-
5712Jimmy & Louise Tig & CompanyA Love That Never Grows OldBellBELL 708$30uswhite/blue/black lbl/dhvg++
5713Jimmy & Louise Tig & CompanyA Love That Never Grows OldBell708$30uswolvg++
5714Jimmy BeasleyNear YouModern1014$30usblack/silver lblvg++
5715Jimmy Bee with Ernie Fields Jr. Orch.March FunkyCallaCA 111$30usgreen/red/black lbl/wolvg++
5716Jimmy Bee with Ernie Fields Jr. Orch.March FunkyCallaCA 111$40usgreen/red/black lblm-
5717Jimmy Bo HorneClean Up ManAlston4606$20usred/black lblvg+
5718Jimmy Bo HorneGimme Some Part 1Alston3714$6usbrown/rainbow style lbl/wolvg
5719Jimmy Bo HorneGimme Some Part 1RCA VictorXBO 2041$10gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
5720Jimmy Bo HorneGimme Some Part 1RCA VictorXB0 2041$6spaps/yellow lbl/textured slv/misspelled as Gimmie on lbl & slv/wolvg/vg
5721Jimmy Bo HorneGimme Some Part 1RCA VictorXBO 2041$12gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg+/vg++
5722Jimmy Bo HorneIs It InT.K.TKR 7585$10holps/textured slvvg+/vg+
5723Jimmy Bo HorneIs It InT.K.TKR 7585$15holps/textured slvm-/m-
5724Jimmy Bo HorneIt's Your Sweet LoveRCA VictorXBO 2137$8fraps/yellow lbl/wocvg/vg+
5725Jimmy Bo HorneIt's Your Sweet LoveRCA VictorXBO 2137$6fraps/yellow lbl/textured slv/woc/wolvg/vg+
5726Jimmy Bo HorneSpankSunshine Sound1007$6ustan/black lblvg+
5727Jimmy Bo HorneSpankSunshine Sound1007$8ustan/black lblvg++
5728Jimmy Bo HorneSpankSunshine Sound1007$4ustan/black lblvg
5729Jimmy Bo HorneThey Long To Be Close To YouT.K.TKR 7552$15holps/textured slvm-/m-
5730Jimmy Bo HorneThey Long To Be Close To YouT.K.TKR 7552$8holps/textured slv/woc/dhm-/vg+
5731Jimmy Bo HorneWithout YouSunshine SoundSSEX-1015$10usblack/silver lblvg++
5732Jimmy BreedloveCould This Be LoveAtco45-6094$20usdemovg-
5733Jimmy BreedloveOver Somebody Else's ShoulderAtco45-6094$20usdemo/white/black lblvg-
5734Jimmy BreedloveThis Too Shall Pass AwayEpic5 9270$35usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg
5735Jimmy BreedloveThis Too Shall Pass AwayEpic5 9270$25usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg-
5736Jimmy Briscoe & the BeaversAin't Nothing New Under the SunWanderick70001$15usred logo lbl/dhm-
5737Jimmy Briscoe & the BeaversAin't Nothing New Under the SunWanderick70001$8usred logo lblvg+
5738Jimmy Briscoe & the BeaversI Only Feel This Way When I'm With YouNemsNES 001$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
5739Jimmy Briscoe & the BeaversLiving For TodayWanderick70002$10usred logo lblvg++
5740Jimmy Briscoe & the Little BeaversAin't No WayPi KappaPKA 800$6usblue/brown lblvg
5741Jimmy Briscoe & the Little BeaversI'll Care For YouPi KappaPK 700$18usyellow/red lblvg++
5742Jimmy Briscoe & the Little BeaversMy Ebony PrincessPi KappaPK 600$15usblack/silver lblvg++
5743Jimmy CastorBang BangMercury6052 185$10ukblack/silver lblvg
5744Jimmy CastorHam Hocks EspanolMercury6052 110$15ukblack/silver lblvg
5745Jimmy CastorHey ShortyCapitol2358$35usorange/yellow swirl lblvg++
5746Jimmy CastorLeroy Is In the ArmySmashS 2099$12usred/black lblvg
5747Jimmy Castor BunchDanielAtlantic45-3270$6usred/black lblvg+
5748Jimmy Castor BunchDon't Do ThatCotillion44253$8uspurple lblvg++
5749Jimmy Castor BunchKing Kong Part 1Atlantic45-3295$6usred/black lblvg
5750Jimmy Castor BunchKing Kong Part 1Atlantic45-3295$6usred/black lbl/wolvg+
5751Jimmy Castor BunchKing Kong Part 1AtlanticK 10675$6ukorange/blue/white stripe lbl/solid centrevg
5752Jimmy Castor BunchKing Kong Part 1AtlanticK 10675$10ukorange/blue/white stripe lbl/solid centrevg++
5753Jimmy Castor BunchThe Bertha Butt Boogie Part 1Atlantic45-3232$12usdemo/light blue/black lblvg+
5754Jimmy Castor BunchThe Bertha Butt Boogie Part 1Atlantic45-3232$8usred/black lblvg++
5755Jimmy Castor BunchThe Bertha Butt Boogie Part 1Atlantic45-3232$10usred/black lblm-
5756Jimmy Castor BunchThe Bertha Butt Boogie Part 1Atlantic45-1194$20spaps/red/white lbl/textured flipback slvvg+/vg+
5757Jimmy Castor BunchThe Everything ManAtlantic45-3045$10usred/black lblm-
5758Jimmy Castor BunchTR-7Atlantic3451$10usred/black lblvg++
5759Jimmy Castor BunchTR-7Atlantic3451$12usred/black lblm-
5760Jimmy Castor BunchTroglodyte (Cave Man)RCA Victor48-1029$15usdemo/yellow lblm-
5761Jimmy Castor BunchTroglodyte (Cave Man)RCA Victor74-16186$18gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/vg+
5762Jimmy Castor BunchTroglodyte (Cave Man)RCA Victor74-16186$25gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg++/vg++
5763Jimmy Castor BunchTroglodyte (Cave Man)RCA Victor74-16186$30gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5764Jimmy Castor BunchTroglodyte (Cave Man)RCA Victor74-16186$20gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg+/vg++
5765Jimmy DawkinsHigh Cost Of LivingExcello2334$20usblue/black lblm-
5766Jimmy DawkinsThings I Used To DoExcelloE 2324$30usdemo/blue/black lblm-
5767Jimmy DelphsDon't Sign the Paper Baby (I Want You Back)Karen45-1538$30usred/yellow lbl/dhvg+
5768Jimmy DockettGet Down Happy People Part 1Flo-FeelFFR 10000$10usorange/black lblvg++
5769Jimmy DockettGet Down Happy People Part 1Flo-FeelFFR 10000$4usorange/black lbl/wolvg-
5770Jimmy DockettI Got ItFlo-FeelFFR 3002$6usyellow/black lblvg
5771Jimmy DockettThe Golden Rules Of Thine Heart Part 1Mystic 4103$10usyellow/black lblvg
5772Jimmy DonleyForever Lillie MaeTear Drop3007$40us vg++
5773Jimmy Ellis & the Riverview Spiritual SingersI Don't MindAtlantic45-2572$30usdemom-
5774Jimmy HelmsDon't Want To Lose YouPye7N 45503$8ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
5775Jimmy HelmsGonna Make You An Offer You Can't RefuseCube2016 053$10gerps/tan/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg
5776Jimmy HelmsGonna Make You An Offer You Can't RefuseCube2016 053$12gerps/tan/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
5777Jimmy HelmsGonna Make You An Offer You Can't RefuseCube2016 053$18gerps/tan/black lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
5778Jimmy HelmsGonna Make You An Offer You Can't RefuseCubeBUG 27 $6uktan/black lblvg+
5779Jimmy HelmsJack Horner's HolidayCube2016 058$20gerps/tan/black lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
5780Jimmy HelmsJack Horner's HolidayCubeBUG 30 $10uktan/black lbl/solid centrem-
5781Jimmy HelmsSo Long LoveCube2016 024$18gerpsvg++/vg++
5782Jimmy HolidayEverybody Needs HelpMinit32016$20usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
5783Jimmy HolidayEverybody Needs HelpMinit32016$25usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
5784Jimmy HolidayEverybody Needs HelpMinit32016$15usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
5785Jimmy HolidayI Wanna Help Hurry My Brothers HomeMinit32023$20usdemo/red/black/rainbow logo lblvg++
5786Jimmy HolidayI'm Gonna Help Hurry My Brothers HomeMinit32023$15usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
5787Jimmy HolidayThe Beauty Of A Girl In LoveMinit32028$25usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
5788Jimmy HughesChains Of LoveVoltVOA 4017$25us m-
5789Jimmy HughesDid You ForgetVoltVOA 4060$20us vg++
5790Jimmy HughesDon't Lose Your Good ThingFame45-1014$20usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
5791Jimmy HughesDon't Lose Your Good ThingFame45-1014$18usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
5792Jimmy HughesGoodbye My Lover GoodbyeFame6407$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
5793Jimmy HughesGoodbye My Lover GoodbyeFame6407$20usred/black lbl/dhvg++
5794Jimmy HughesGoodbye My Lover GoodbyeFameF-6407$25us vg++
5795Jimmy HughesHi-Heel SneakersFame45-1015$40usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
5796Jimmy HughesHi-Heel SneakersFame45-1015$20usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg
5797Jimmy HughesHi-Heel SneakersFame45-1015$25usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
5798Jimmy HughesI Like Everything About YouVoltVOA 4002$12usdhvg++
5799Jimmy HughesI Like Everything About YouVoltVOA 4002$15us vg++
5800Jimmy HughesI Worship the Ground You Walk OnFame45-1006$25usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/dhvg++
5801Jimmy HughesI'm Getting BetterFame6404$20usdark red/black lblm-
5802Jimmy HughesI'm Getting BetterFame6404$15usdark red/black lblvg++
5803Jimmy HughesI'm Getting BetterFame6404$20usdark red/black lblm-
5804Jimmy HughesI'm Getting BetterFame6404$20usred/black lblm-
5805Jimmy HughesI'm So GladVoltVOA 4024$18usdhvg++
5806Jimmy HughesLet 'em Down BabyVoltVOA 4008$10usdhvg++
5807Jimmy HughesLovely LadiesFameF-6403$20usred/black lbl/dhvg
5808Jimmy HughesLovely LadiesFameF-6403$25us vg+
5809Jimmy HughesMidnight AffairFame45-1000$18usred/black lblvg++
5810Jimmy HughesMidnight AffairFame45-1000$15usred/black lbl/Atco distribution vg++
5811Jimmy HughesMy Loving TimeGuyden2075$25ussilver/purple lblvg+
5812Jimmy HughesMy Loving TimeJamie1280$25uswhite/olive green/red logo lblvg
5813Jimmy HughesMy Loving TimeJamie1280$35uswhite/olive green/red logo lblvg++
5814Jimmy HughesNeighbor NeighborFame1003$30usred/black lblvg+
5815Jimmy HughesNeighbor NeighborFame1003$40usred/black lblvg++
5816Jimmy HughesNeighbor NeighborFame1003$25usred/black lbl/dhvg+
5817Jimmy HughesNeighbor NeighborFame45-1003$25usred/black lbl/dhvg+
5818Jimmy HughesSteal AwayFame6401$25usred/black lblvg+
5819Jimmy HughesSteal AwayFame6401$30usred/black lblvg++
5820Jimmy HughesSweet Things You DoStaxSTAX 117$10ukyellow/black hand logo lblm-
5821Jimmy HughesWhy Not TonightFame45-1011$35usred/white logo lblvg++
5822Jimmy HughesYou Really Know How To Hurt A GuyFame6410$25usyellow/white/rainbow logo lblvg++
5823Jimmy HughesYou Really Know How To Hurt A GuyFame6410$20usyellow/white/rainbow logo lblvg+
5824Jimmy HughesYou Really Know How To Hurt A GuyFameF-6410$35usdemo/white/black lblm-
5825Jimmy JacksonFootsteps In the ShadowsBuddahBDA 451$20usbrown/purple rim lblvg++
5826Jimmy JamesA Man Like MeEMI InternationalINT 510$12ukbrown/yellow logo lblvg+
5827Jimmy JamesA Man Like MeEMI InternationalINT 510$10ukbrown/yellow/logo lbl/nocvg+
5828Jimmy JamesA Man Like MeStatesideSS 2209$25ukblack/silver lbl/wolvg+
5829Jimmy JamesLifePye7N 45665$12ukps/wol/woc/nocvg+/vg++
5830Jimmy JamesYou Made Me Love AgainPye45 PY 140373$18fraps/red/blue lbl/textured slvvg/m-
5831Jimmy James & the VagabondsDo the Funky CongaPye7N 45641$6ukred 2 tone lblvg++
5832Jimmy James & the VagabondsI Can't Stop My Feet From Dancin'Pye7N 46109$6ukred 2 tone lblvg+
5833Jimmy James & the VagabondsI Can't Stop My Feet From Dancin'Pye7N 46109$10ukred 2 tone lblm-
5834Jimmy James & the VagabondsI'll Go Where Your Music Takes MePye45PY 14087$15fraps/red/blue lbl/textured slv/wolvg+/vg+
5835Jimmy James & the VagabondsI'll Go Where Your Music Takes MePye7N 45585$10ukdemo/red/blue black A lbl/solid centrem-
5836Jimmy James & the VagabondsI'll Go Where Your Music Takes MePye7N 45585$6ukred 2 tone lblvg++
5837Jimmy James & the VagabondsNow Is the TimePye17 165 AT$20gerps/blue/black top lblvg/vg++
5838Jimmy James & the VagabondsNow Is the TimePye7N 45606$8ukred 2 tone lbl/4 prong push out centrem-
5839Jimmy James & the VagabondsNow Is the TimePye7N 45606$4ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg
5840Jimmy James & the VagabondsRed Red WineAtco45-6608$15usyellow/white lbl/dhm-
5841Jimmy James & the VagabondsRed Red WinePye7N 17579$4ukblue/black top lbl/nocvg-
5842Jimmy James & the VagabondsRed Red WinePye7N 17579$10ukblue/black top lblvg+
5843Jimmy Johnson & his band featuring Hank AlexanderDon't Answer the DoorMagnum45-719$6usyellow/black lblvg
5844Jimmy Johnson & his band featuring Hank AlexanderDon't Answer the DoorMagnum45-719$8usyellow/black lblvg+
5845Jimmy JonesDo It YourselfGospel TruthGTA 1215$40uswolvg++
5846Jimmy JulesTake It Likes It ComesAtlantic45-2120$40usred/black lblvg
5847Jimmy LewisHow Long Is A Heartache Suppose To LastHotlantaHL 307$15usred/black lblm-
5848Jimmy LewisLet Me KnowMinit32017$50usdemovg+
5849Jimmy LewisStop Half Loving These WomenVoltVOA 4091$20usorange/yellow lblvg++
5850Jimmy LewisStop Half Loving These WomenVoltVOA 4091$15usorange/yellow lblvg+
5851Jimmy Liggins & his Drops of JoyI Want My Baby For ChristmasSpecialtySP 753$10usre-issue/clear red vinylm-
5852Jimmy LloydPony TimePhilips326 459 BF$12ukblue/silver lblvg+
5853Jimmy LloydPony TimePhilips326 459 BF$15norblack/silver lblvg++
5854Jimmy McCracklinDog Part 1Minit32022$40usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
5855Jimmy McCracklinIt's Got To Be LoveImperial66207$20usdemo/tan/green/red lbl/wolvg+
5856Jimmy McCracklinPretty Little Sweet ThingMinit32044$25usdemo/red/black/rainbow logo lbl/wolvg++
5857Jimmy McCracklinThe WalkChess9015$15usyellow/black lblm-
5858Jimmy McCracklinWhat's Going OnMinit32064$20usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
5859Jimmy McGriffBlack PearlBlue NoteBN 45003$25fraps/blue/white lbl/textured slvm-/m-
5860Jimmy McGriffBlack PearlBlue NoteBN 45003$20fraps/blue/white lbl/textured slv/wocm-/m-
5861Jimmy McGriffThe Last Minute Part 1Sue786$25usorange/black/white lblvg+
5862Jimmy McGriffThe Last Minute Part 1Sue786$30usorange/black/white lbl/stamp on lblvg++
5863Jimmy McGriffThe Last Minute Part 1Sue786$20usorange/black/white lbl/stamp on lblvg+
5864Jimmy McGriffThe Last Minute Part 1Sue786$18usorange/black/white lblvg
5865Jimmy McGriffThe WormUnited ArtistsUP 35025$50ukturquise/silver lbl/noc/wolvg+
5866Jimmy MillerHoopsCapitolP 4558$15usdemo/red/black lblm-
5867Jimmy NormanI Don't Love You No More (I Don't Care About You)DeltaD 3173$10canmaroon/silver lbl/wolvg-
5868Jimmy ReedBaby What You Want Me To DoVee-JayVJ 333$6usmaroon/silver lblvg-
5869Jimmy ReedFunky Funky SoulRRG44003$20usblue/silver lblm-
5870Jimmy ReedHelp YourselfVee-JayVJ 593$25usdemo/white/blue lblm-
5871Jimmy ReedHush HushVee-JayVJ 357$20usblack/silver/rainbow rim lblvg++
5872Jimmy ReedI'm the Man Down ThereVee-JayVJ 702$30usdemo/dhm-
5873Jimmy ReedMary-MaryVee-JayVJ 552$30usdemo/white/black/grey rim lblm-
5874Jimmy ReedToo MuchVee-JayVJ 459$25usblack/silver/rainbow rim lblvg++
5875Jimmy RobinsI Can't Please YouJerhart207$20uspale green lblvg+
5876Jimmy RuffinBoy From MississippiChessCH 2168$10usorange/blue/purple logo lbl/wolvg
5877Jimmy RuffinDon't Let Him Take Your Love From MeSoulS-35046$20uspurple shades/black/white logo lblm-
5878Jimmy RuffinDon't Let Him Take Your Love From MeTamla MotownTMG 664$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
5879Jimmy RuffinDon't You Miss Me A Little Bit BabySoulS-35035$20uspurple shades/black/white logo lblm-
5880Jimmy RuffinDon't You Miss Me A Little Bit BabyTamla MotownGO 25 621$20holps/orange/black lblvg+/vg-
5881Jimmy RuffinDon't You Miss Me A Little Bit BabyTamla MotownGO 25 621$10holorange/black lblvg+
5882Jimmy RuffinDon't You Miss Me A Little Bit BabyTamla MotownGO 25 621$30holps/orange/black lblvg+/vg+
5883Jimmy RuffinDon't You Miss Me A Little Bit BabyTamla MotownGO 25 621$40holps/orange/black lblm-/m-
5884Jimmy RuffinGive You All the Love I've GotPolydor2058 586$15uk m-
5885Jimmy RuffinHold On To My LoveRSO2090 428$15norpsvg+/vg++
5886Jimmy RuffinHold On To My LoveRSO2090 428$18gerps/tan/black lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
5887Jimmy RuffinHold On To My LoveRSORS 1021$8ustan/black/red logo lblvg+
5888Jimmy RuffinHold On To My LoveRSORS 1021$8ustan/black/red logo lbl/wolvg++
5889Jimmy RuffinI Will Never Let You Get AwayTamla MotownTMG 922$25ukblack/silver lblvg+
5890Jimmy RuffinI Will Never Let You Get AwayTamla MotownTMG 922$35ukblack/silver lblvg++
5891Jimmy RuffinIf You Will Let Me I Know I CanSoulS-35060$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lblm-
5892Jimmy RuffinIf You Will Let Me I Know I CanTamla MotownTMG 726$12ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
5893Jimmy RuffinI'll Say Forever My LoveSoulS 35043$6uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/dhvg-
5894Jimmy RuffinI'll Say Forever My LoveTamla MotownTMG 740$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centre/solvg
5895Jimmy RuffinI'll Say Forever My LoveTamla MotownTMG 740$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
5896Jimmy RuffinI'll Say Forever My LoveTamla MotownTMG 740$20ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
5897Jimmy RuffinI've Passed This Way BeforeSoulS 35027$12uspurple shades/silver/white logo lbl/dhvg+
5898Jimmy RuffinI've Passed This Way BeforeSoulS 35027$20uspurple shades/silver/white logo lbl/dhm-
5899Jimmy RuffinI've Passed This Way BeforeSoulS-35027$25uspurple shades/black/white logo lblm-
5900Jimmy RuffinI've Passed This Way BeforeSoulS-35027$20uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/dhvg++
5901Jimmy RuffinI've Passed This Way BeforeTamla MotownGO 25 486$18holps/orange/black lblvg-/vg
5902Jimmy RuffinNight Of LoveRSO2090 465$12norps/textured slvvg+/vg+
5903Jimmy RuffinTell Me What You WantPolydor2058 433$10uksolid centrevg-
5904Jimmy RuffinTell Me What You WantPolydor2058 433$20ukwolvg++
5905Jimmy RuffinWhat Becomes Of the Broken HeartedSoulS-35022$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
5906Jimmy RuffinWhat Becomes Of the Broken HeartedTamla MotownTMG 577$15ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg
5907Jimmy RuffinWhat Becomes Of the Broken HeartedTamla MotownTMG 577$20ukblack/silver lblvg
5908Jimmy RuffinWhat Becomes Of the Broken HeartedTamla MotownTMG 577$40ukblack/silver lblm-
5909Jimmy RuffinWhat Becomes Of the Broken HeartedTamla MotownGO 45 262$20holps/orange lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg+
5910Jimmy RuffinWhat Becomes Of the Broken HeartedTamla MotownGO 45 262$15holps/orange lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg
5911Jimmy RuffinWorld So Wide Nowhere To Hide (From Your Heart)SoulS-35032$25uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/wolvg++
5912Jimmy RushingMy Bucket's Got A Hole In It Part 1ColpixCP 686$12usdemom-
5913Jimmy SaundersSeven Lost SoulsMusic FactoryMU 414$12usdemo/orange/yellow lblvg++
5914Jimmy SmithThe CatVerve26142$30gerps/black/silver lbl/laminated slvvg+/vg
5915Jimmy SmithWalk On the Wild SideVerve26132$20ger vg++/vg+
5916Jimmy Smith One Bad AppleVerveVK 10660$10usdemo/yellow/black lblvg-
5917Jimmy Smith The SermonBlue NoteBN 45001$25fraps/blue/white lbl/textured slv/wocm-/m-
5918Jimmy Smith TrioOrgan Grinder SwingVerveVV 58126$20ger/dkblack/silver lblvg++/vg++
5919Jimmy SoulIf You Wanna Be HappyKarusellKFF 512$20dk/swps/red/white/blue lblvg+/vg+
5920Jimmy SoulIf You Wanna Be HappyKarusellKFF 512$15swps/red/white/blue lbl/woc/nocvg+/vg+
5921Jimmy SoulIf You Wanna Be HappyKarusellKFF 512$8dkred/white/blue lblvg+
5922Jimmy SoulIf You Wanna Be HappyS.P.Q.R.3305$12usgold/red lblvg+
5923Jimmy SoulTwistin' Matilda (& the Channel)S.P.Q.R.3300$15usgold/red lblvg++
5924Jimmy ThomasAll God's ChildrenContempoC 8$6ukblack/silver lblvg+
5925Jimmy ThomasYou Don't Have To Say GoodbyeSire45-4121$15uslight blue/purple lblvg++
5926Jimmy Thudpucker & the Walden West Rhythm SectionGinny's SongWarner BrosWBS 8245$12usboulevard lblvg++
5927Jimmy WalkerDawn (Go Away)Columbia4-44742$15usred/black 1 eye lblvg+
5928Jimmy WitherspoonCard Playing BluesKentJW 200-21$20usblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
5929Jimmy WitherspoonSign On the BuildingBlue NoteBN-XW716-Y$6usblue/silver lblvg+
5930Jimmy WitherspoonYou're NextPrestigePR45-341$12usblue lblvg++
5931Jimmy WitherspoonYou're NextPrestigePR45-341$10usblue lblvg+
5932Jimmy Witherspoon & Brother Jack McDuff QuintetMy Baby's Quit MeVerveVK 10495$25usblack/silver lbl/dhvg++
5933Jimmy Witherspoon & Brother Jack McDuff QuintetMy Baby's Quit MeVerveVK 10495$20usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
5934Jive Bombers featuring Clarence PalmerBad BoySavoy45-1508$20us vg++
5935Jive Five featuring Eugene PittCrying Like A BabyMusicorMU 1250$40usblack/silver lbl/dhvg++
5936Jive Five featuring Richard FisherNo More TearsMusicorMU 1270$15usblack/silver lblvg
5937Jivin' GeneYou Make A Fool Of MeMercury71802$25usdemovg++
5938Jo Ann & TroySame Old FeelingAtlantic45-2293$40usdemo/black/white lblvg++
5939Jo Ann & TroyWho Do You LoveAtlantic45-2256$40usred/black lblvg++
5940Jo Ann GarrettYou Can't Come In (Big Bad Wolf)Chess1992$18uswolvg-
5941Jo Jo WilliamsYou Got To Be LovedAtomic-H917$25usblue/silver lblm-
5942Joann WilliamsMaybe TomorrowContempoCS 2114$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centre/promo sticker on lblvg++
5943Jocelyn BrownSomebody Else's GuyFourth & BroadwayBRW 5$12ukps/solid centre/glossy flipback slvvg++/vg++
5944Jocelyn BrownToo ThroughExcaliberEXC 1400$6ukgrey/black/orange logo lbl/solid centrem-
5945Joe (Mr. G) AugustTell MeInstant3239$40usdemom-
5946Joe ArnoldMore Today Then YesterdayCotillion45-44049$30usdemo/white/black lblm-
5947Joe BarryI'm A Fool To CareJin45-144$18us m-
5948Joe BarryI'm A Fool To CareMercury45-B 1004$40dkblack/silver lblm-
5949Joe BataanLing Ching TongSalSoulS7 2153$8us vg+
5950Joe BataanLing Ching TongSalSoulS7 2153$12us m-
5951Joe BataanRap-O Clap-OSalSoulXB 2369$12spaps/textured slvvg/vg++
5952Joe BataanSadie (She Smokes)SalsoulS7 2123$10us vg
5953Joe BourneBourne To SatisfyPye International7N 25776$6ukred 2 tone lblvg+
5954Joe BourneHow Sweet It IsK-TelTN 1525$25holpsm-/m-
5955Joe BourneLove EverybodyK-TelTN 1520$25holpsm-/m-
5956Joe BourneLove EverybodyK-TelTN 1520$20holpsvg++/vg++
5957Joe FarrellNight Dancing (Edit)Warner BrosWBS 8708$8ustan/black lblvg++
5958Joe FrazierKnock Out DropCapitol2661$30usred/orange target lbl/wolm-
5959Joe FrazierTry It AgainJoboJ 100$25usblack/silver lblvg++
5960Joe HarnellMy Cherie AmourMotownM 1161$12usblue/silver/rainbow map lblvg++
5961Joe HarnellMy Cherie AmourMotownM 1161$15usblue/silver/rainbow map lblm-
5962Joe HaywoodI Cross My HeartFront Page1003$60us vg++
5963Joe HaywoodLet's Walk TogetherRampage1001$25us vg++
5964Joe HaywoodStrong FeelingFront Page1000$10uswhite/red lbl/wolg
5965Joe HaywoodWarm And Tender LoveIslandWI 218$45uk vg++
5966Joe HendersonBig LoveTodd45-1077$10uswhite/black/purple lblvg++
5967Joe HendersonBig LoveTodd45-1077$8uswolvg++
5968Joe HendersonIf We Could Start All Over AgainTodd45-1096$10uswhite/black(orange lblvg++
5969Joe HendersonSnap Your FingersLondon AmericanHLU 9553$30uk/dkps/black/silver top lblm-/vg+
5970Joe HendersonSnap Your FingersLondon AmericanHLU 9553$18uk/dkps/black/silver top lblvg/vg
5971Joe HendersonSnap Your FingersLondon AmericanHLU 9553$35uk/dkps/black/silver top lblm-/vg++
5972Joe HendersonSnap Your FingersLondon American45-HLU 9553$15ukblack/silver top lblvg+
5973Joe HendersonThree StepsTodd45-1079$25uswhite/black/purple lblvg++
5974Joe HintonJust A Kid Named JoeBack Beat550$18usred/black/white logo lbl/promo sticker on lblm-
5975Joe HintonYou Are BlueSoulS 35080$30uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/dhvg++
5976Joe Jeffrey The Chance Of Loving YouWandWND 11213$10usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg
5977Joe Jeffrey GroupMy Pledge Of LoveScepterDL 24003$30gerpsm-/m-
5978Joe Jeffrey GroupMy Pledge Of LoveScepterFLX 3275$10holps/wol/wocvg+/vg+
5979Joe Jeffrey GroupMy Pledge Of LoveWandWND 11200$20usdhvg+
5980Joe JonesCalifornia SunRouletteR-4344$10uswhite/black/rainbow stripes lblvg+
5981Joe JonesYou Talk Too MuchRouletteRL 21122$6swwhite/black/rainbow stripes lblvg
5982Joe JonesYou Talk Too MuchRouletteRL 21122$15swwhite/black/rainbow stripes lbl/red vinylvg+
5983Joe KennedyFunky TimeVigorVI 704$35usred/white lbl/wolvg+
5984Joe L(I'm Not Gonna Be) WorriedClissac3001$25usblack/silver lblvg-
5985Joe Liggins Pink ChampagneSpecialtySON 5006$25uk m-
5986Joe Liggins & his HoneydrippersI've Got A Right To CrySpecialty338-45$15uswhite/yellow/black lblm-
5987Joe Liggins & his HoneydrippersI've Got A Right To CrySpecialty338-45$12uswhite/yellow/black lblvg++
5988Joe McCoyOne In A HundredJazz CollectorJDL 81$40ukwhite/black/blue lblm-
5989Joe OdomBabyCapitol3311$15usred/orange target lblm-
5990Joe Perkins & the MemphiansWrapped Up In Your LovePlush100$25usdemovg++
5991Joe Quarterman & Free SoulI'm Gonna Get YouGSF6915$20usbrown/black lblvg++
5992Joe Quarterman & Free SoulThis Girl Of Mine (She's Good To Me)GSF6903$15usbrown/black lblvg++
5993Joe Savage & the Soul PeopleAll Power To the People Part 1Jacklyn1010$30usorange/black lblvg++
5994Joe Simon(You Keep Me) Hangin' OnMonumentMN 2608$15gerps/green 2 tone swirl lblvg-/vg+
5995Joe SimonAll My Hard TimesSpringSPR 118$6usgreen/white lblvg
5996Joe SimonBaby Don't Be Looking In My MindMonumentMN 2634$15gerps/green 2 tone swirl lblvg++/vg+
5997Joe SimonBaby Don't Be Looking In My MindMonumentMN 2634$20gerps/green 2 tone swirl lblm-/m-
5998Joe SimonBaby Don't Be Looking In My MindMonumentMN 2634$10gerps/green 2 tone swirl lblvg/vg+
5999Joe SimonCome Get To ThisSpringSP 166$10usgreen/white lblvg++
6000Joe SimonDrowning In the Sea Of LovePolydor2066 156$6ger vg+
6001Joe SimonDrowning In the Sea Of LovePolydor2066 156$20gerpsm-/m-
6002Joe SimonEasy To LoveSpringSP 169$20usgreen/white lblm-
6003Joe SimonFarther On Down the RoadSound Stage 7SS7-2656$10usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
6004Joe SimonFarther On Down the RoadSound Stage 7SS7-2656$8usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
6005Joe SimonFire BurningSpringSPR 159$20usgreen/white lblvg+
6006Joe SimonFire BurningSpringSPR 159$25usgreen/white lblvg++
6007Joe SimonGet Down Get Down (Get On the Floor)SpringSPR 156$15usgreen/white lblvg+
6008Joe SimonGoing Through These ChangesSpringSP 194$12usgreen/white lbl/wolvg
6009Joe SimonMessage From MariaMonumentMN 2617$8geryellow/green swirl lblvg+
6010Joe SimonMessage From MariaMonumentMN 2617$25gerps/green 2 tone swirl lblvg++/vg++
6011Joe SimonMessage From MariaSound Stage 7SS7-2617$10usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
6012Joe SimonMisty BlueSound Stage 7ZS7 1508$10usbrown/black lbl/wolvg++
6013Joe SimonMy Adorable OneVee-JayVJ 609$18usdemo/white/blue lbl/wolm-
6014Joe SimonOne Step At A TimeSpringSP 176$18usdemo/white/black lblvg++
6015Joe SimonPower Of LovePolydor2066 251$12ger vg+
6016Joe SimonPower Of LovePolydor2066 251$18gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
6017Joe SimonPower Of LoveSpringSPR 128$15usgreen/white lbl/wolvg++
6018Joe SimonStanding In the Safety ZoneMonumentMN 2622$20gerps/green 2 tone swirl lblvg/vg+
6019Joe SimonStep By StepMojo2093 030$4uksilver/black lbl/solid centre/wolvg
6020Joe SimonStep By StepMojo2093 030$6uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg
6021Joe SimonStep By StepPolydor2066 301$12spaps/textured slvvg+/vg+
6022Joe SimonStep By StepPolydor2066 301$18gerps/sample stamped slv/wolvg++/vg++
6023Joe SimonThe Chokin' KindMonumentMN 2628$18gerps/green 2 tone swirl lblvg+/vg+
6024Joe SimonThe Chokin' KindSound Stage 7SS7-2628$12usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
6025Joe SimonThe Whoo PeeVee-JayVJ 694$30usblack/silver/rainbow rim lbl/wolvg+
6026Joe SimonThe Whoo PeeVee-JayVJ 694$18usblack/silver/rainbow rim lbl/wolvg-
6027Joe SimonTheme From Cleopatra JonesPolydor2066 356$30gerps/sample stamped slv/wocvg++/vg++
6028Joe SimonWhenSound Stage 7SS7-2667$15usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
6029Joe SimonYour Time To CrySpringSPR 108$10usgreen/white lbl/wolvg+
6030Joe SmoothPromised Land (Radio Mix)D.J. InternationalDJIN 6$10uk m-
6031Joe TexAin't Gonna Bump No MoreEpicS EPC 5035$15ukdemo/orange/white logo lblm-
6032Joe TexAin't Gonna Bump No MoreEpicEPC 5035$12holps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
6033Joe TexAin't Gonna Bump No MoreEpicEPC 5035$8holorange/white logo lblm-
6034Joe TexAin't Gonna Bump No MoreEpicEPC 5035$4holorange/black lblvg+
6035Joe TexBuying A BookAtlanticATL 70 372$25gerps/red/black lblm-/vg++
6036Joe TexC. C. RiderAtlantic650142$15fraps/yellow/black lbl/wocvg/vg
6037Joe TexFrotando (Rub Down)EpicEPC 6068$15spaps/orange/white logo lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
6038Joe TexHold What You've GotAtlanticAT 4015$20ukblack/silver lblvg
6039Joe TexHold What You've GotDial45-4001$15usred/black lblvg+
6040Joe TexI GotchaMercury6052 129$15norps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
6041Joe TexI GotchaMercury6052 129$20norps/black/silver lblm-/m-
6042Joe TexI GotchaMercury6052 129$18norps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
6043Joe TexI GotchaMercury6052 129$8norps/black/silver lbl/woc/nocvg+/vg
6044Joe TexI GotchaMercury6052 129$4ukblack/silver lblvg
6045Joe TexI GotchaMercury6052 129$15norps/black/silver lbl/wol/wocvg++/vg++
6046Joe TexI'll Never Do You WrongAtlanticATL 70 285$20gerpsvg+/vg+
6047Joe TexI'll Never Do You WrongDial45-4076$25usred/black lblm-
6048Joe TexI'll Never Do You WrongDial45-4076$20usblack/red lbl/dhm-
6049Joe TexI'll Never Do You WrongDial45-4076$20usred/black lblvg++
6050Joe TexI'll Never Fall In Love Again Part 1Atlantic45-2874$12usred/black lbl/dhvg++
6051Joe TexI've Seen EnoughMercury6052 409$18fraps/sample stamped slv/wocvg++/vg++
6052Joe TexI've Seen EnoughMercury6052 409$18itaps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
6053Joe TexKeep the One You GotDial45-4083$15usblack/red lbl/dhm-
6054Joe TexKing ThaddeusDialD-1018$6usyellow/red lblvg+
6055Joe TexLoose CabooseDial2800$10usyellow/blue lblvg++
6056Joe TexMen Are Gettin' ScarceAtlanticATL 70 263$18swps/red/black lbl/solvg+/m-
6057Joe TexMen Are Gettin' ScarceAtlanticATL 70 263$25swps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
6058Joe TexMen Are Gettin' ScarceDial45-4069$20usred/black lbl/dhvg+
6059Joe TexMen Are Gettin' ScarceDial45-4069$15usred/black lbl/dhvg
6060Joe TexMen Are Gettin' ScarceDial45-4069$30usred/black lbl/dhm-
6061Joe TexMen Are Gettin' ScarceDial45-4069$25usblack/red lbl/dhvg++
6062Joe TexPapa's DreamDialD-1003$15usdemo/orange/black lblvg++
6063Joe TexPapa's DreamMercury6052 100$15fraps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
6064Joe TexS.Y.S.L.J.F.M. (The Letter Song)Dial45-4028$12usblack/red lblvg+
6065Joe TexShow MeAtlantic584 102$25ukred/black lblvg++
6066Joe TexShow MeAtlanticATL 70 208$25swps/red/black lblvg++/m-
6067Joe TexShow MeAtlanticATL 70 208$15gerps/red/black lblvg/vg
6068Joe TexShow MeAtlanticATL 70 208$20gerps/red/black lblvg/vg+
6069Joe TexSkinny Legs And AllAtlanticATL 70 243$15swps/red/black lblvg/vg+
6070Joe TexSkinny Legs And AllAtlanticATL 70 243$20gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
6071Joe TexSkinny Legs And AllAtlanticATL 70 243$30swps/red/black lblm-/m-
6072Joe TexSkinny Legs And AllAtlanticATL 70 243$12swps/red/black lbl/wocvg/vg+
6073Joe TexSkinny Legs And AllAtlanticATL 70 243$20swps/red/black lblvg/vg++
6074Joe TexStick Your Key In (And Start Your Car)PolydorPD 2109$10us m-
6075Joe TexThat's Your BabyAtlanticATL 70 348$30swps/red/black lblm-/m-
6076Joe TexThat's Your BabyAtlanticATL 70 348$18swps/red/black lbl/sol/nocvg+/m-
6077Joe TexThat's Your BabyAtlanticATL 70 348$15gerps/red/black lblvg/vg
6078Joe TexThat's Your BabyDial45-4089$8usblack/red lbl/dhvg
6079Joe TexThat's Your BabyDial45-4089$10usblack/red lbl/dhvg+
6080Joe TexThe Love You Save AtlanticAT 4081$25ukblack lblvg++
6081Joe TexThe Love You Save (May Be Your Own)Dial45-4026$20usblack/red lblm-
6082Joe TexUnder Your Powerful LoveDialD-1154$30usyellow/red lblvg-
6083Joe TexWe Can't Sit Down NowDial45-4094$8usblack/red lbl/wolvg++
6084Joe TexWoman Like That YeahAtlanticATL 70 220$15gerps/red/black lblvg/vg
6085Joe TexWoman Like That YeahDial45-4059$20usred/black lblm-
6086Joe TexYou Got What It TakesDial45-4003$10usred/black lblvg+
6087Joe TexYou Need Me BabyAtlanticATL 70 329$10gerps/red/black lblvg-/vg
6088Joe TexYou Said A Bad WordMercury6052 158$15holps/sample sticker on lblvg+/vg++
6089Joe TexYou're Right Ray CharlesDial45-4096$10usred/black lblvg++
6090Joe Tex & the VibratorsI'll Never Break Your Heart Part 1Anna1124$50usgold lblvg++
6091Joe ThomasMasadaGroove MerchantGM 1035$6usblack/silver/blue/white/red lbl/solvg+
6092Joe ThomasPlato's RetreatT.K.TKR 6049$15holps/textured slvvg++/vg++
6093Joe ThomasPoincianaGroove MerchantGM 1036$10usblack/silver/blue/white/red lblvg++
6094Joe TurnerBig WheelBluesWay/ABCBL 61009$35usdemo/white/black lblvg++
6095Joe TurnerI've Been Up On the MountainRonn28$12uspink/red/black lbl/dhvg++
6096Joe TurnerNight Time Is the Right TimeRonnRONN 35$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
6097Joe TurnerShake Rattle And RollPhilips6832 018$10fraps/blue/black lbl/song title misspelled on slv/wocvg-/vg
6098Joe Turner & Choker CampbellI Need A GirlAtlantic45-1155$50usred/black lblm-
6099Joe Turner & Choker CampbellI Need A GirlAtlantic45-1155$30usred/black lblvg+
6100Joe ValentineA Woman's LoveRonnRONN 30$30us vg++
6101Joe Weaver & the Don JuansIt Must Be LoveFortune825$60usblue lblvg++
6102Joe Weaver & the Don JuansLokka Here Pretty BabyFortune832$50usblue lblvg++
6103Joe Williams Jr.Don't Let Me Catcha JodyTriode119$30usblue/silver lblvg+
6104Joey Pastrana Orchestra & Chivirico DavilaAs ICotiqueC 207$15usred/orange/grey swirl lbl/dhvg+
6105John Davis & the Monster OrchestraAin't That Enough For YouCBSCBS 7308$20spaps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
6106John Davis & the Monster OrchestraKojak ThemeSam78-5009$12uslight brown/red logo lblvg++
6107John Davis & the Monster OrchestraNight And Day Part 1Sam76-5002$8uslight brown/red logo lbl/wolvg++
6108John EdwardsMessing Up A Good ThingAwareAW 037$20usred/yellow/white lblvg+
6109John EdwardsMessing Up A Good ThingAwareAW 037$30usred/yellow/white lblm-
6110John FordeStardanceEMIEMI 2656$25ukdemo/brown/black/red logo lblm-
6111John FreemanDynamiteDakarDK 4562$12usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblvg++
6112John Hamilton & Doris AllenThem ChangesMinaretMIN 159$20us m-
6113John HandyHard WorkImpulseIMP 7001$6ukblack/silver/rainbow lbl/solid centrevg
6114John KaSandraAin't It GoodRespectTAA 2502$10usyellow/red logo lblvg+
6115John Lee HookerDimplesPresidentPT 295$10ukyellow/black lblvg+
6116John Lee HookerDon't Look BackVee-JayVJ 575$40usdemo/white/blue lblvg+
6117John Lee HookerEvery NightVee-JayVJ 188$50usmaroon/silver lblvg+
6118John Lee HookerGrinder ManStaxSTA 0053$4usyellow/blue hand logo lblvg
6119John Lee HookerIt Serves Me RightVee-JayVJ 708$30usdemovg++
6120John Lee HookerIt's My Own FaultChess1562$15usblue 2 tone lblm-
6121John Lee HookerLittle WheelVee-JayVJ 255$30usmaroon/silver lblvg+
6122John Lee HookerSend Me Your PillowVee-JayVJ 575$30usdemovg+
6123John Lee HookerShake It BabyPolydor421 175$15fraps/red lbl7wocvg/vg
6124John Lee HookerSolid SenderVee-JayVJ 349$30usmaroon/silver lblvg+
6125John Lee Hooker & Bonnie RaittI'm In the MoodSilvertoneORE 18$10ukpsm-/m-
6126John Lester & Mello-QueensGetting NearerC&M500$40usmaroon/silver lblvg+
6127John Lewis SoundFoolin' Around Part 1InfiniteSTK 10025$25usred/black lblvg++
6128John LorenTell the WorldGeeG-1059$25usdemo/white/red logo lblm-
6129John Roger Branch9 To 5EnterpriseENA-9032$15us vg+
6130John RussellFunky AmsterdamDeltaD 1092$18holps/textured slvvg+/vg+
6131John ThunderTill the Water Stops Runnin'Bell45346$8usdemovg
6132Johnnie & JoeIt Was ThereJ & SJ 1659$12usyellow/black lbl/wolvg
6133Johnnie & JoeOver the Mountain Across the SeaChess1654$12usblue 2 tone lblvg+
6134Johnnie Mae MatthewsI Can't Live Without YouBlue RockB-4011$35usred/black/blue/white logo lblm-
6135Johnnie MorisetteAlways On My MindSarSAR 107$150usdemovg++
6136Johnnie MorisetteBrickConvoy517$15us vg++
6137Johnnie MorisetteBrickConvoy517$10us vg+
6138Johnnie MorisetteDon't Throw Your Love On Me So StrongSarSAR 139$30us vg++
6139Johnnie MorisetteI Don't Need Nobody But YouSarSAR 147$40usdemovg++
6140Johnnie MorisetteI Know It Was Your LoveChecker1233$35usdemo/blue 2 tone lblm-
6141Johnnie MorisetteMeet Me At the Twistin' PlaceSarSAR 126$18ussolvg+
6142Johnnie MorisetteSho' Miss You BabySarSAR 133$45usdemo/white/green/yellow lblvg++
6143Johnnie MorisetteSho' Miss You BabySarSAR 133$50usdemo/white/green/yellow lblm-
6144Johnnie MorisetteSho' Miss You BabySarSAR 133$25us vg+
6145Johnnie TaylorCheaper To Keep HerStax2025213$25gerpsvg++/m-
6146Johnnie TaylorGetting Married SoonDerby1010$18uspurple/yellow lbl/wolvg+
6147Johnnie TaylorHere I Go (Through These Changes Again)Columbia3-10541$12usyellow/orange lblm-
6148Johnnie TaylorHijackin' LoveStaxSTA 0096$8usyellow/brown hand logo lbl/dhvg+
6149Johnnie TaylorI Got To Love Somebody's BabyStaxS-193$10usblue/black lblvg+
6150Johnnie TaylorIt's SeptemberStaxSTN 0226$6usyellow/brown hand logo lblvg
6151Johnnie TaylorIt's SeptemberStaxSTN 0226$12usyellow/brown hand logo lblm-
6152Johnnie TaylorIt's SeptemberStaxSTXS 2021$10ukyellow/black hand logo lblvg++
6153Johnnie TaylorJody Got Your Girl And GoneStax2025 021$15gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/solvg/vg-
6154Johnnie TaylorLove DepressionStax2025 194$8ukolive green/black lbl/solid centrevg+
6155Johnnie TaylorLove DepressionStaxSTA 0161$12usyellow/brown hand logo lblm-
6156Johnnie TaylorLove DepressionStaxSTA 0161$8usyellow/brown hand logo lblvg+
6157Johnnie TaylorLove Is Better In the A.M.CBSCBS 5041$12holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
6158Johnnie TaylorShackin' UpStaxSTA 0114$8uswolvg++
6159Johnnie TaylorSomebody's Gettin' ItCBSCBS 4411$8holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
6160Johnnie TaylorSomebody's Sleeping In My BedStax45-235$10usblue/black lbl/dhvg++
6161Johnnie TaylorStop Half Loving These WomenPaulaP-469$6uspink/black lblm-
6162Johnnie TaylorTake Care Of Your HomeworkStaxSTAX 114$15ukyellow/black hand logo lbl/solvg
6163Johnnie TaylorTake Care Of Your HomeworkStaxSTA 23$8usyellow/blue hand logo lbl/dhvg+
6164Johnnie TaylorTestify (I Wonna)StaxSTA 0033$15usyellow/blue hand logo lblvg++
6165Johnnie TaylorToe-HoldStax45-202$10usblue/black lbl/dhvg
6166Johnnie TaylorTry Me TonightStaxSTN 0241$8usyellow/brown hand logo lblvg+
6167Johnnie TaylorWho's Making LoveStax169 042$25fraps/wocvg++/vg++
6168Johnnie TaylorWho's Making LoveStaxSTA 0009$15usyellow/blue/red logo lblm-
6169Johnnie TaylorYou Can't Get Away From ItStax45-226$8usblue/black lbl/dhvg+
6170Johnnie TaylorYou're the Best In the WorldCBSCBS 4044$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/yellow title textured slvvg/vg+
6171Johnnie TaylorYou're the Best In the WorldCBSCBS 4044$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/yellow title textured slv/wocvg+/vg+
6172Johnnie TaylorYou're the Best In the WorldCBSCBS 4044$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured blue slvvg/vg+
6173Johnny "Hammond" SmithThe Masquerade Is OverNew Jazz45-502$15uspurple/silver lblvg+
6174Johnny (Bird) Parker & the Fabulous CirconsFor Goodness SakeWellsLF 199$25usorange/black lbl/wolvg+
6175Johnny (Bird) Parker & the Fabulous CirconsFor Goodness SakeWellsLF 199$25usdemo/white/black lblvg
6176Johnny AcePledging My LoveDuke136$35us vg+
6177Johnny Adams(There's) No Gettin' Over MeHep' Me162$18usred/black lblm-
6178Johnny AdamsAfter All the Good Is GoneAriola America7701$15usocean lbl/wolvg++
6179Johnny AdamsChasing RainbowsHep' MeVP-10-137$15usgreen/black lblvg++
6180Johnny AdamsCloser To YouRic976$20us m-
6181Johnny AdamsI Believe In YouHep' Me160$10usgreen/black lblvg++
6182Johnny AdamsI Can't Be All BadSSS InternationalSSS 780$20us m-
6183Johnny AdamsI Can't Be All BadSSS InternationalSSS 780$18usmulticolored lbl/dhm-
6184Johnny AdamsI Wish It Would RainAtlantic45-2905$30usred/black lblm-
6185Johnny AdamsI Wish It Would RainAtlantic45-2905$20usred/black lblvg+
6186Johnny AdamsI Won't CryRic961$15uswhite/blue lblvg++
6187Johnny AdamsI Won't CryRic961$12us vg+
6188Johnny AdamsI Won't CrySSS InternationalSSS 809$25usmulticolor lblvg++
6189Johnny AdamsI Won't CrySSS InternationalSSS 809$30usmulticolor lblm-
6190Johnny AdamsKiss the Hurt AwaySSS InternationalSSS 867$15usmulticolor lblvg++
6191Johnny AdamsLonely DrifterRon995$35us m-
6192Johnny AdamsLove Me NowHep' Me147$15usyellow/black lblvg++
6193Johnny AdamsLove Me NowPaidPAS 105$30usgrey/red logo lblm-
6194Johnny AdamsMore Than One WayAtlantic45-2834$15usred/black lblm-
6195Johnny AdamsNo In BetweenModern45M 1036$40usred/black/white logo lblvg++
6196Johnny AdamsPart Of MeWatch6333$10usred/black lblm-
6197Johnny AdamsProud WomanSSS InternationalSSS 787$15usmulticolor lblm-
6198Johnny AdamsProud WomanSSS InternationalSSS 787$12usmulticolor lblvg++
6199Johnny AdamsReconsider MePolydor56775$25ukrelease date stamped on lblm-
6200Johnny AdamsReconsider MeSSS InternationalSSS 770$15usmulticolor lblvg+
6201Johnny AdamsReconsider MeSSS InternationalSSS 770$20usmulticolor lblvg++
6202Johnny AdamsReconsider MeSSS InternationalSSS 770$15usmulticolor lbl/dhvg++
6203Johnny AdamsReconsider MeSSS InternationalSSS 770$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
6204Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$20dkblack/silver lblvg++
6205Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$25dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/nocvg++/vg
6206Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$15dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/soc/wocvg/vg
6207Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$25dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/solvg+/vg+
6208Johnny AdamsReconsider MeStateside6E006-90403$45dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvm-/vg++
6209Johnny AdamsRelease MeSSS InternationalSSS 750$6usmulticolor lbl/dhvg
6210Johnny AdamsRelease MeSSS InternationalSSS 750$8usmulticolor lbl/dhvg+
6211Johnny AdamsRelease MeSSS InternationalSSS 750$18usmulticolor lblm-
6212Johnny AdamsRelease MeSSS InternationalSSS 750$15usmulticolor lbl/dhm-
6213Johnny AdamsShowdownRic992$18uswhite/yellow/black lblvg++
6214Johnny AdamsSome DayWatch6333$30us vg++
6215Johnny AdamsSomeone For MeRic971$20uswhite/yellow/black lblvg++
6216Johnny AdamsStairway To HeavenSpecial AgentSPY 9004$12uktan/brown lbl/solid centrevg++
6217Johnny AdamsThe Bells Are RingingRic966$15uswhite/yellow/black lblvg+
6218Johnny AdamsWedding DayRic980$20us vg++
6219Johnny AdamsWho's Gonna Love YouRic986$10uswhite/yellow/black lblvg
6220Johnny AdamsWho's Gonna Love YouRic986$15uswhite/yellow/black lblvg+
6221Johnny AdamsWho's Gonna Love YouRic986$20uswhite/yellow/black lblvg++
6222Johnny AngelI Put A Spell On YouJosie45-936$25usdemo/white/black lblm-
6223Johnny BristolHang On In There BabyMGM2006 443$8gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slv/socvg+/vg+
6224Johnny BristolHang On In There BabyMGMM 14715$6usgold/blue swirl lblvg
6225Johnny BristolHang On In There BabyMGMM 14715$10usgold/blue swirl lblvg++
6226Johnny BristolHang On In There BabyMGMM 14715$18usdemo/wolvg++
6227Johnny BristolLeave My WorldMGM2006 505$15gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
6228Johnny BristolLeave My WorldMGM2006 505$20gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
6229Johnny BristolLeave My WorldMGMM 14792$10usgold/blue swirl lblvg++
6230Johnny BristolLeave My WorldMGMM 14792$4usgold/blue swirl lbl/wolvg
6231Johnny BristolLove No Longer Has A Hold On MeHansa International102 622$25gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
6232Johnny BristolLove No Longer Has A Hold On MeHansa International102 622$35gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
6233Johnny BristolLove Takes TearsMGMM 14814$25usgold/blue swirl lblm-
6234Johnny BristolLove Takes TearsMGMM 14814$20usgold/blue swirl lblvg++
6235Johnny BristolMemories Don't Leave Like People DoMGM2006 471$6ukblue/black lbl/solid centrevg+
6236Johnny BristolMemories Don't Leave Like People DoMGM2006 477$10gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg
6237Johnny BristolMemories Don't Leave Like People DoMGM2006 477$18gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
6238Johnny BristolMemories Don't Leave Like People DoMGM2006 477$18gerps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
6239Johnny BristolMemories Don't Leave Like People DoMGM2006 477$6gerblue/black lblvg+
6240Johnny ColonMombo SuzieCotiqueC 158$10usred/orange/grey swirl lblm-
6241Johnny CopelandI'll Be AroundGolden Eagle110$8usblack/silver lblvg
6242Johnny CopelandI'll Be AroundGolden Eagle110$15usblack/silver lblvg++
6243Johnny CopelandJust One More TimeGolden Eagle101$35us m-
6244Johnny CopelandMama Told MeGolden Eagle107$30us vg++
6245Johnny CopelandPlease Let Me KnowAll Boy45-8500$15us m-
6246Johnny CopelandProvin' TimeResco632$25us m-
6247Johnny CopelandSufferin CityAtlanticK 10242$8uk vg+
6248Johnny CopelandTryin' To Reach My GoalAtlantic45-2474$35usdemom-
6249Johnny CopelandWhat Is A Man Without His PrideBrown Sugar2002$15ustan/brown lblm-
6250Johnny CopelandWhat Is A Man Without His PrideBrown Sugar2002$12ustan/brown lblvg++
6251Johnny DankworthMoanin'Columbia45-DB 4590$4ukgreen/silver lblvg-
6252Johnny DankworthMoanin'RouletteR-4353$25swdemo/white/rainbow lines lbl/green vinylvg++
6253Johnny Darrow MooreStill Can't Shake Your LoveMagnetMAG 162$20ukred/black lblvg++
6254Johnny DayeStay Baby StayStaxSTA 0004$15usdh/wolvg++
6255Johnny DayeWhat'll I Do For SatisfactionStax45-238$35usblue lbl/dhm-
6256Johnny Fox & the FoxesYou Laff Too MuchNew TimeN-507$25us vg+
6257Johnny Griffith Inc.Grand Central ShuttleRCA Victor74-0805$15usyellow lbl/wolvg
6258Johnny Guitar Embry & his Blues KingsJohnny's BounceRazorR 5101$15us m-
6259Johnny Guitar WatsonA Real Mother For YaDJMDJS 10762$6holps/black/silver/yellow logo lbl/textured slv/wocvg/vg+
6260Johnny Guitar WatsonA Real Mother For YaDJMDJS 10762$8ukblack/yellow lbl/solid centrevg++
6261Johnny Guitar WatsonAin't That A BitchDJMDJUS 1020$12usblack/silver/yellow logo lblvg++
6262Johnny Guitar WatsonBroke And LonelyKing45-5579$45us m-
6263Johnny Guitar WatsonI Don't Want To Be A Lone RangerFantasyFTC 124$12ukdemo/brown/orange logo lblm-
6264Johnny Guitar WatsonI Just Wants Me Some LoveKing45-5607$12usblue/silver lbl/wolvg++
6265Johnny Guitar WatsonI Need ItDJMDJS 10694$10holps/black/silver/yellow logo lbl/textured slv/wocvg-/vg+
6266Johnny Guitar WatsonThe Planet FunkA&MAMS 9193$10holps/silver lblm-/m-
6267Johnny Guitar WatsonThe Planet FunkA&MAMS 9193$8holps/silver lbl/socvg+/vg+
6268Johnny Guitar WatsonThose Lonely Lonely NightsOldies 45OL 168$8usred/black/white logo lblm-
6269Johnny HartmanSunday SonPerceptionPS 537$10usmulticolor lblvg+
6270Johnny HartmanSunday SonPerceptionPS 537$15usmulticolor lblvg++
6271Johnny HoneycuttAdvice On A Man's Love LifeFury6000$20usyellow/black lblvg++
6272Johnny HoneycuttLove By the NumbersNew CityNC 7277$30usyellow/black lblvg++
6273Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellB 953$8ussilver/black lbl/dhvg+
6274Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellB 953$12ussilver/black lbl/dhm-
6275Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellBLL 1128$18swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
6276Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellBLL 1128$10swps/woc/wolvg/vg+
6277Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellBLL 1128$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
6278Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellBLL 1128$30norpsm-/m-
6279Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellBLL 1128$15swpsvg/vg+
6280Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressBellBLL 1128$15dkps/woc/nocvg+/vg+
6281Johnny Johnson & the Bandwagon(Blame It) On the Pony ExpressStateside1J006-92002$12spaps/black/silver lbl/glossy flipback slvvg-/vg
6282Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonBreaking Down the Walls Of HeartacheEpicEPC 2597$25swps/yellow/black/square box logo lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
6283Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonBreaking Down the Walls Of HeartacheEpicEPC 2597$18swps/yellow/black/square box logo lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
6284Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonBreaking Down the Walls Of HeartacheEpic4897$10uk m-
6285Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonHigh And DryBell2008 039$18norps/silver/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
6286Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonHigh And DryBell2008 039$15norps/silver/black lbl/textured slv/wocvg++/vg+
6287Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonHigh And DryBell2008 039$12norps/silver/black lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/vg+
6288Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSally Put Your Red Shoes OnBell2008 012$15gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
6289Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSally Put Your Red Shoes OnBell2008 012$12gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slv/woc/solvg+/m-
6290Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSally Put Your Red Shoes OnBellBLL 1185$8uksilver/black lblvg+
6291Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSally Put Your Red Shoes OnBellBLL 1185$12uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
6292Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSally Put Your Red Shoes OnBell2008 012$15gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
6293Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSally Put Your Red Shoes OnBell2008 012$18gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg++/vg++
6294Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSoul SaharaBell4E006-92511$35swps/black/silver lbl/woc/socvg+/vg
6295Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonSweet InspirationBellB 902$15ussilver/black lbl/dhm-
6296Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonYouDirection58-3923$8ukyellow/black lbl/noc/wolvg+
6297Johnny Johnson & the BandwagonYouDirection58-3923$15ukyellow/black lbl/solid centrevg++
6298Johnny Jones I Find No Fault (In My Baby's Love)Fury5050$25usyellow lblm-
6299Johnny Little JohnChips Flying EverywhereFull Scope8200$20us vg++
6300Johnny Little JohnDreamJoliet204$50usdemo/white/black/brown lblm-
6301Johnny Little JohnI Wanna Go HomeAce3028$12usorange lblvg++
6302Johnny MooreHaven't I Been Good To YouWandWND 1165$20usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg-
6303Johnny MorisetteI'll Never Come Running Back To YouSarSAR 151$25us m-
6304Johnny MorisetteIn My HeartSarSAR 104$45us m-
6305Johnny Nash(What A) Groovey FeelingJadJ 223$12usgreen/purple lbl/solvg+
6306Johnny Nash(What A) Groovey FeelingJadJ 223$20usgreen/purple lblm-
6307Johnny Nash(What A) Wonderful WorldEpicEPC 4294$12holps/orange lbl/wocvg+/vg+
6308Johnny NashBaby Baby BabyABC-Paramount45-10026$6usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg
6309Johnny NashCupidJadJ 220$18us m-
6310Johnny NashHold Me TightJadJ 207$10uspurple/green lblvg++
6311Johnny NashHold Me TightJadJ 207$18usdemo/white/black lblvg++
6312Johnny NashHold Me TightJadJ 207$15us vg++
6313Johnny NashHold Me TightJadJ 207$10uspurple/green lblvg++
6314Johnny NashHold Me TightPolarPOS 1061$18swpsvg+/vg+
6315Johnny NashHold Me TightPolarPOS 1061$25swpsm-/m-
6316Johnny NashHold Me TightPolarPOS 1061$20norpsvg++/vg+
6317Johnny NashLet's Be FriendsCBSS CBS 3597$10ukyellow/orange lbl/solid centrevg+
6318Johnny NashLet's Move And Groove TogetherRegal ZonophoneRZ 3010$15ukblue/silver lbl/3 prong push out centrevg+
6319Johnny NashLove And PeaceMajor MinorMM 630$4ukred/white/black lblvg-
6320Johnny NashLovey DoveyJad214$15uspurple/green lbl/wolm-
6321Johnny NashOne More TimeJodaJ 105$12usblack/yellow lblvg++
6322Johnny NashOoh Baby You've Been Good To MeEpicS EPC 4294$25ukyellow/black square boxed logo lbl/solid centrevg+
6323Johnny NashOoh What A FeelingCBSS CBS 1549$4ukorange/black lbl/solid centre/wolvg-
6324Johnny NashRock Me Baby2000 ADFED 19$8ukpsvg/vg++
6325Johnny NashRock Me BabyPolydor883 734-7$15holps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/m-
6326Johnny NashRock Me BabyPolydor883 734-7$12holps/red/black/white logo lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
6327Johnny NashStir It UpCBSCBS 7800$6uk vg+
6328Johnny NashStir It UpCBS7800$15gerps/orange/black lblvg+/vg++
6329Johnny NashStir It UpCBSS CBS 7800$10ukyellow/orange/black lbl/solid centrem-
6330Johnny NashStir It UpCBSCBS S 7800$4sworange/black lblvg
6331Johnny NashThat WomanEpic5362$15ukdemo/orange lblm-
6332Johnny NashThere Are More Questions Than AnswersCBS8351$12ukorange/black lblvg++
6333Johnny NashThere Are More Questions Than AnswersCBSCBS S 8351$6ukorange/black lbl/solid centre/wolvg
6334Johnny NashTruly LoveABC-ParamountP 206$10swblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
6335Johnny NashYou Got SoulJadJ 209$8uspurple/green lblvg+
6336Johnny NashYou Got SoulPolarPOS 1069$20norpsvg++/vg++
6337Johnny NashYou Got SoulPolarPOS 1069$10nor vg+
6338Johnny NashYou Got SoulPolarPOS 1069$10norpsvg-/vg
6339Johnny OtisThe New Bo DiddleyEldo106$18usred logo lbl/wolvg++
6340Johnny Pate OrchestraBrother On the RunPerceptionPS 542$40us vg++
6341Johnny RiversCurious Mind (Um Um Um Um Um Um)Big TreeBT 15040$10usbirds lblm-
6342Johnny RiversPoor Side Of TownLibertyL 23323$40gerps/promo sticker on lbl/wocm-/m-
6343Johnny RiversPoor Side Of TownLibertyLIB 66205$20swblack/silver lblm-
6344Johnny RiversThe Tracks Of My TearsLiberty15007$15gerpsvg+/vg
6345Johnny RiversThe Tracks Of My TearsLiberty15007$25gerpsvg++/vg++
6346Johnny SaylesGood GollyBrunswick55473$20us vg++
6347Johnny SaylesGot You On My MindMar-V-Lus6001$25us vg++
6348Johnny ShinesMy Love Can't HideJoliet206$15us m-
6349Johnny SoulLonely ManSSS InternationalSSS 785$35usdemo/white/black lbl/stamped lblvg++
6350Johnny ThunderEverybody Do the SloopyDiamondD-192$15usaqua/black lblvg+
6351Johnny ThunderLoop de LoopDeltaDS 5015$20holps/black/silver lblvg/vg
6352Johnny ThunderLoop de LoopStateside45-SS 149$15ukblack/silver lblvg+
6353Johnny ThunderLoop de LoopStateside45-SS 149$10swblack/silver lblvg
6354Johnny ThunderOutlawDiamondD-137$12usaqua/black lblm-
6355Johnny ThunderYou Send MeDiamondD-222$25usdemo/aqua/black lblvg++
6356Johnny Wakelin Africa ManPye7N 45639$8ukred 2 tone lblvg++
6357Johnny Wakelin In ZairePye7N 45595$8ukred 2 tone lblvg++
6358Johnny Wakelin In ZairePye7N 45595$4ukred 2 tone lbl/noc/wolvg+
6359Johnny Wakelin & Kinshasa BandBlack Superman (Muhammad Ali)Pye13811$12spaps/plum/silver lblvg+/vg+
6360Johnny Wakelin & Kinshasa BandBlack Superman (Muhammad Ali)PyePYE 71012$6usred 2 tone lblvg
6361Johnny Wakelin & Kinshasa BandBlack Superman (Muhammad Ali)Pye7N 45420$10ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
6362Johnny Wakelin & Kinshasa BandBlack Superman (Muhammad Ali)Pye7N 45420$10ukred 2 tone lbl/4 prong push out centrevg++
6363Johnny WilliamsIt's So WonderfulPhiladelphia InternationalZS7 3502$12usgreen/purple logo lblvg
6364Johnny WilliamsSlow Motion Part 1EpicS EPC 1007$6ukyellow/black oval logo lbl/nocvg+
6365Johnny WilliamsSlow Motion Part 1Philadelphia InternationalZS7 3518$12usgreen/purple logo lbl/wolvg+
6366Johnny WoodsLong Haired DoneyOblivion2$50uspsvg++/vg++
6367JoisSymbol Of HappinessAbet9474$8usgreen/pink/brown swirl lblvg+
6368Jon E. HolidayYes I Will Love You TomorrowAtlantic45-2091$50usred/black lblm-
6369Jon ThomasHard Head Part 1Mercury71078$18usblack/silver lblvg++
6370Jones and BlumenbergI Forgot To RememberVoltVOA 4039$30usdemo/white/blue lblvg++
6371Jones BoysIt's So StrangeCotillion45-44010$10usdemo/white/black lbl/tolvg
6372Jones Girls(I Found) That Man Of MinePhiladelphia InternationalPIRA 2034$18holps/green/purple logo lblm-/vg++
6373Jones GirlsDance Turned Into A RomancePhiladelphia InternationalZS9 3111$8usgreen/purple logo lblvg+
6374Jones GirlsGet As Much Love As You CanPhiladelphia InternationalZS5 02899$10usgreen/purple logo lblvg+
6375Jones GirlsHey LucindaCurtomCMS 0108$10usyellow/multicolor lblvg+
6376Jones GirlsI Just Love the ManPhiladelphia InternationalZS6 3121$4usgreen/purple logo lblvg
6377Jones GirlsMisteriCurtomCMS 0102$15usyellow/multicolor lblvg++
6378Jones GirlsNights Over EgyptTSOPPIR A 2031$40ukgreen/black lbl/solid centrem-
6379JonesesHey Baby (Is the Gettin' Still Good?) Part 1Mercury73458$25usred/black lblm-
6380JonesesLove InflationMercury73689$15usps/skyscraper lblvg++/vg++
6381JonesesPull My String (Turn Me On)PridePR 1013$20uswolvg++
6382JonesesSugar Pie Guy Part 1Mercury73614$12uswolvg++
6383Joni B.I'm So ExcitedA&W InternationalAW 1094$8phitan/black/red lblvg++
6384Jon-Wite GroupTheme from A Summer PlaceCenproCEN 45007$15uspurple/black/white logo lbl/wolvg++
6385Jorge BenCriolaPhilips365 292$50bra vg+
6386Joseph Henry & the Mighty ImperialsI've Never Found A GirlDaptoneDAP 1012$20usblue/silver lblvg+
6387Joy and the SorrowsJust That King Of GuyMGMK 13390$40usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
6388Joyce CobbAnother Lonely Night (Without You)Waylo3016$15usblack/silver lblm-
6389Joyce CobbHe Just Loved You Out Of MeTruthTRA-3224$8usorange/black lblvg++
6390Joyce CobbHe Just Loved You Out Of MeTruthTRA-3224$10usorange/black lblm-
6391Joyce CobbIt Really Doesn't MatterCreamCRATS 8144$10porps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg
6392Joyce Kennedy & Jeffrey OsborneThe Last Time I Made LoveA&MAM 2656$6usred/black lblm-
6393Jr. ParkerLovin' Man On Your HandsBlue RockB-4067$20usblue lbl/dhm-
6394Jr. WalkerI'm So GladSoulS 35116 F$12uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
6395Jr. WalkerWalk In the NightMotownTMG 1118$8uk vg+
6396Jr. WalkerYou Ain't No Ordinary WomanSoulS 35118 F$12uspurple shades/silver/white logo lblm-
6397Jr. Walker & the All StarsCleo's MoodSoulS 35017$15uswhite/black/purple lblvg
6398Jr. Walker & the All StarsCome See About MeTamla MotownTMG 637$20ukblack/silver lbl/solid centre/sold in U.K.m-
6399Jr. Walker & the All StarsDo the BoomerangSoulS-35012$50uswhite/black/purple lbl/wolvg+
6400Jr. Walker & the All StarsGimme That Beat Part 1SoulS 35104 F$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
6401Jr. Walker & the All StarsGotta Hold On To This FeelingSoulS-35070$10uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
6402Jr. Walker & the All StarsGotta Hold On To This FeelingSoulS-35070$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lblm-
6403Jr. Walker & the All StarsHip City Part 1Tamla MotownGO 25 836$4holorange/black lbl/solvg-
6404Jr. Walker & the All StarsHip City Part 2SoulS-35048$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lblm-
6405Jr. Walker & the All StarsHome CookinSoulS-35055$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/wolm-
6406Jr. Walker & the All StarsHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)SoulS-35024$8uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg
6407Jr. Walker & the All StarsHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)Tamla MotownTMG 571$10ukblack/silver lbl/small lbl printvg-
6408Jr. Walker & the All StarsHow Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)Tamla MotownGO 45 254$35holps/orange/black lblvg+/vg++
6409Jr. Walker & the All StarsMoney (That's What I Want)SoulS-35026$35uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
6410Jr. Walker & the All StarsPucker Up ButtercupSoulS-35030$40uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
6411Jr. Walker & the All StarsPucker Up ButtercupTamla MotownGO 25 477$15holps/orange/black lbl/wol/wocvg-/vg
6412Jr. Walker & the All StarsRoad RunnerTamla Motown68851$35turps/tan/yellow/red/white logo lblvg++/vg+
6413Jr. Walker & the All StarsRoad RunnerTamla MotownTMG 691$4ukblack/silver lbl/solid centre/wolvg
6414Jr. Walker & the All StarsRoad RunnerTamla MotownTMG 691$6ukblack/silver lblvg
6415Jr. Walker & the All StarsRoad RunnerTamla MotownTMG 691$15ukblack/silver lblm-
6416Jr. Walker & the All StarsRoad RunnerTamla MotownTMG 691$4ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg
6417Jr. Walker & the All StarsRoad RunnerTamla MotownTMG 691$10ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg++
6418Jr. Walker & the All StarsShake And FingerpopSoul35013$15uswhite/black/purple lblvg
6419Jr. Walker & the All StarsShoot Your ShotSoulS-35036$40uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
6420Jr. Walker & the All StarsShoot Your ShotTamla MotownFT 105$40fraps/red/black lbl/flipback slv/solvg+/vg++
6421Jr. Walker & the All StarsShoot Your ShotTamla MotownGO 25 622$10holorange/black lbl/wolvg
6422Jr. Walker & the All StarsShotgunSoul35008$40uswhite/black/purple lblvg+
6423Jr. Walker & the All StarsShotgunSoul35008$25uswhite/black/purple lblvg-
6424Jr. Walker & the All StarsShotgunTamla MotownTMG 509$20swblack/silver lblvg+
6425Jr. Walker & the All StarsTake Me Girl I'm ReadySoulS 35084 F$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg+
6426Jr. Walker & the All StarsTake Me Girl I'm ReadyTamla MotownTMG 840$6ukblack/silver lblvg
6427Jr. Walker & the All StarsThese EyesSoulS-35067$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lblm-
6428Jr. Walker & the All StarsThese EyesSoulS-35067$8uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/wolvg+
6429Jr. Walker & the All StarsWalk In the NightSoulS 35095 F$10usdemo/white/black lblvg+
6430Jr. Walker & the All StarsWalk In the NightTamla Motown1C006-93449$20gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
6431Jr. Walker & the All StarsWalk In the NightTamla MotownTMG 824$10ukblack/silver lblm-
6432Jr. Walker & the All StarsWalk In the NightTamla MotownTMG 824$4ukblack/silver lblvg-
6433Jr. Walker & the All StarsWalk In the NightTamla MotownTMG 824$6ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
6434Jr. Walker & the All StarsWalk In the NightTamla Motown1C006-93449$15gerps/black/silver lbl/some lbl damagevg++/vg+
6435Jr. Walker & the All StarsWay Back HomeTamla MotownTMG 857$18ukblack/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
6436Jr. Walker & the All StarsWay Back HomeTamla MotownTMG 857$12ukblack/silver lblvg+
6437Jr. Walker & the All StarsWhat Does It Take (To Win Your Love)SoulS-35062$15uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
6438Jr. Walker & the All StarsWhat Does It Take (To Win Your Love)Tamla MotownTMK 134$6swblack/silver lblvg+
6439Jr. Walker & the All StarsWhat Does It Take (To Win Your Love)Tamla MotownTMK 134$10swblack/silver lblm-
6440Judd & Miss MunroYou Got ItAquariusAQ 3$4ukorange/black lbl/wolvg
6441Judy Clay Greatest LoveAtlantic45-2697$35usdemo/red/white lblm-
6442Judy Clay & William BellPrivate NumberStaxAX 23973$18gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg+
6443Judy Clay & William BellPrivate NumberStaxSTA 0005$15usdhvg++
6444Judy Clay & William BellPrivate NumberStaxSTXS 2042$8ukyellow/black hand logo lblvg+
6445Judy StoneAnd the Trouble With Me Is YouMonumentMN 45-1026 DJ$30usdemo/white/black lblm-
6446Judy ThomasIt Was Worth It All123P 1711$20usdemovg+
6447Juggy JonesInside America Part 1ContempoCS 2080$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
6448Juggy JonesInside America Part 1ContempoCS 2080$12ukblack/silver lblvg+
6449Juggy Murray JonesInside America Part 1JupiterJUP 902$15usred/black lblvg++
6450Juggy Murray JonesInside America Part 1JupiterJUP 902$20usred/black lblm-
6451JulitoLa ResbalosaCotiqueC 226$10usred/orange/grey swirl lbl/dh/solm-
6452June ConquestAlmost PersuadedFame6406$40usdemovg++
6453June ConquestAlmost PersuadedFame6406$40usyellow/white/rainbow logo lblm-
6454June ConquestAlmost PersuadedFame6406$25usyellow/white/rainbow logo lblvg+
6455June EdwardsMy Man (My Sweet Man)South Camp45-7001$75usdemo/white/black lblm-
6456Jungle RockDown In the JungleSound GemsSG 108$40ussilver/black lblvg+
6457Jungle RockDown In the JungleSound GemsSGR 108$30ussilver/blue lblvg
6458JunieGranny's Funky Rolls RoyceWestboundWT 5013$10usblue/black/white/orange logo lbl/wolvg++
6459JunieRappin' About Rappin' (Uh Uh Uh)Columbia11-60520$10usyellow/orange lbl/wolvg++
6460JuniorCome On OverLondonLON 84$4ukpsvg++/vg++
6461JuniorMama Used To Say MercuryMER 80$8ukpsvg++/vg++
6462JuniorMama Used To Say (American Remix)MercuryMER 98$6ukpsvg++/vg+
6463JuniorMama Used To Say (American Remix)Mercury6059 518$4holps/blue/white lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
6464JuniorMama Used To Say (American Remix)Mercury6059 518$8holps/sample sticker on lbl & slv/wol/wocvg++/vg++
6465Junior Cole & Johnny Winter's BandComing HomeJin45-163$50us m-
6466Junior Gordon & Huey Smith Orch.Blow Wind BlowAce522$20usyellow lblvg++
6467Junior Kimbrough & the Soul Blues BoysKeep Your Hands Off HerHigh Water418$75uspsm-/m-
6468Junior ManceI Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)Atlantic45-2588$15usred/black lbl/dhm-
6469Junior ManceI Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)Atlantic45-2588$12usred/black lbl/dhvg++
6470Junior ParkerI'm So SatisfiedBlue RockB-4080$35usdemo/white/black lblvg++
6471Junior ParkerIt Must Be LoveMercury72793$8usorange/yellow swirl lbl/dhvg
6472Junior ParkerThe Tables Have TurnedDuke367$25us vg++
6473Junior WellsI'll Get You TooUSA736$25uswhite/red/blue lblvg+
6474Junior WellsYou're Tuff EnoughBlue RockB-4052$25usblue/white logo lbl/dhm-
6475Justin JonesIf You Were the Only GirlHallmarkXX 6$18uslight blue/black lbl/wolvg+
6476Justin JonesIf You Were the Only GirlHallmarkXX 6$15usgrey/black lblvg
6477Justin JonesIf You Were the Only GirlHallmarkXX 6$4usgrey/black lblg
6478Justin JonesIf You Were the Only GirlHallmarkXX 6$20us vg+
6479Justo BetancourtNo Se Lo Diga A PapaFania714$10usdemo/white/black lblvg++



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