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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
3254Earl and the Steam TeamEngine Of LoveMCA40718$15usps/wol/wocvg++/m-
3255Earl Connelly KingBig Blue DiamondsGustoGT4-2162$10us m-
3256Earl Connelly KingBig Blue DiamondsKing45-15031$15ustan/black/multicolored king lblm-
3257Earl GainesHymn Number 5Seventy 777-131$8usorange/yellow/black lblvg+
3258Earl GainesNine Pound SteelAce3010$20uswhite/blue lblm-
3259Earl GainesTurn On Your Love LightSeventy 777-128$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
3260Earl GrantStand By MeBrunswick5945$15ukblack/silver lblm-
3261Earl GrantThis Little Girl Of MineDecca31716$10usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lblvg++
3262Earl GrantThis Little Girl Of MineDecca31716$8usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lblvg+
3263Earl J. SinclairKadis KhakanJ & T1934$8usblue/black lblvg++
3264Earl Jordan's Funk TrainThe Fastest Dancer In TownPolarPOS 1228$30swps/flipback slvvg++/vg++
3265Earl Jordan's Funk TrainThe Fastest Dancer In TownPolarPOS 1228$25swps/flipback slv/nocvg+/m-
3266Earl KingBuddy It's Time To GoAce598$20us m-
3267Earl KingDarling Honey Angel ChildRex1015$40us m-
3268Earl KingGratefullyKing45-4780$15usblue/silver lblvg+
3269Earl King with Huey SmithWell'o Well'o Well'o BabyAce543$30us vg++
3270Earl KlughKeep Your Eye On the Sparrow (Baretta's Theme)United ArtistsUP 36341$18ukdemo/tan/brown logo/pink A lblvg++
3271Earl Knight & George KelleyLet It Roll (Let the Good Times Roll Part 1)ABC-Paramount45-10023$18usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
3272Earl Van DykeRunaway Child Running WildSoulS-35059$20uspurple shades/black/white logo lbl/wolm-
3273Earl Van Dyke & the Motown Brass6 By 6SoulS-35028$30uspurple shades/black/white logo lblvg++
3274Earl Van Dyke & the Soul BrothersThe Flick Part 1SoulS 35018$30uspurple shades/silver/white logo lbl/dhm-
3275Earl-JeanI'm Into Somethin' GoodColpixCP 729$25usdhm-
3276EarlsRemember ThenStatesideSS 153$45swblack/silver lblvg+
3277Earnest JacksonHogwashStone200$6usyellow/black lbl/lbl off center on B-sidevg
3278Earnest JacksonHogwashStone200$12usyellow/black lblvg+
3279Earth, Wind & FireAnd Love Goes OnColumbia/ARC11-11434$6usred/black lblvg+
3280Earth, Wind & FireBoogie WonderlandCBSCBS 7292$10holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
3281Earth, Wind & FireBoogie WonderlandCBSCBS 7292$4holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg/vg+
3282Earth, Wind & FireFantasyCBSS CBS 6056$5ukyellow/orange lbl/solid centrevg+
3283Earth, Wind & FireGetawayCBSCBS 4532$10holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
3284Earth, Wind & FireLet Me TalkCBSCBS 8982$12holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
3285Earth, Wind & FireLet's GrooveCBSCBSA 1679$8holps/yellow/orange lblvg+/m-
3286Earth, Wind & FireLet's GrooveCBS1679$10ukpsm-/vg++
3287Earth, Wind & FireLet's GrooveCBSCBSA 1679$6holps/yellow/orange lbl/wocvg++/vg++
3288Earth, Wind & FireLet's GrooveCBSCBSA 1679$10holps/yellow/orange lblm-/vg++
3289Earth, Wind & FireLet's GrooveColumbia/ARC18-02536$6usred/black lblvg++
3290Earth, Wind & FireMagneticCBSCBSA 3887$10holps/yellow/orange lblvg+/vg+
3291Earth, Wind & FireSeptemberCBSCBS 6922$6holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg+/vg++
3292Earth, Wind & FireSeptemberCBSCBS 6922$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvm-/m-
3293Earth, Wind & FireSeptemberCBSCBS S 6922$10gerps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
3294Earth, Wind & FireSingasong CBSCBS 3859$4holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
3295Earth, Wind & FireSingasong CBSS CBS 5198$15ukdemo/white/black/large orange/yellow A lbl/solid centrem-
3296Earth, Wind & FireThat's the Way Of the WorldCBSCBS 3519$10holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/socvg+/m-
3297Earth, Wind & Fire featuring M.C. HammerWanna Be the ManCBS656 132-7$4holps/red/white logo lbl/laminated slvvg++/vg++
3298Eartha KittI Don't CareBlack ScorpioSCM 1263$15fraps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
3299Eastbound ExpresswayNever Let Me GoAVIAVI 237$10usblue/white sky lblvg++
3300Ebb TideGive Me Your Best Shot Baby Part 1Sound GemsSG 100$18ussilver/blue lblvg++
3301Ebonee WebbAnybody Wanna DanceCapitol5008$10uspurple/silver lblm-
3302Ebonee WebbKeep On Steppin'CapitolB 5089$10uspurple/silver lblvg+
3303EboniesNever Gonna Break Your Heart AgainPhilipsBF 1648$50ukblue/silver lblvg+
3304Ebony Rhythm Funk CampaignHow's Your Wife (And My Child)Innovation 2IV 9159$15usgreen/red rim lblvg++
3305Ebony Rhythm Funk CampaignHow's Your Wife (And My Child)Innovation 2IV 9159$20usgreen/red rim lblm-
3306Ebony WebThis MorningHI45-2197$25usdemo/orange/yellow lblm-
3307EbonysSexy WaysCBSCBS 7384$20holps/orange/black lblvg++/vg++
3308EbonysSexy WaysPhiladelphia InternationalZS7 3503$8usgreen/purple logo lblvg+
3309EcstacyLiving In EcstasyBrunswickB 55530$10usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblm-
3310Ecstacy Passion & PainI Wouldn't Give You UpRoulette45R 3096$18fraps/orange/yellow lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
3311Ed TownsendFor Your LoveCapitolF 3926$20us vg+
3312Ed TownsendSymphonyCapitol4F-127$20dk vg+
3313Eddie & ErnieI'm Goin' For MyselfEastern606$30uswhite lblm-
3314Eddie & ErnieOutcastEastern45-608$25ussilver lbl/dhvg++
3315Eddie & ErnieThat's the Way It IsEastern602$25uswhite lblvg++
3316Eddie & ErnieWho's That Knocking At My DoorChecker1057$25us vg++
3317Eddie & ErnieYou Give Me Love To Go OnRevueR 11063$25usdhvg++
3318Eddie BoI'll Keep On TryingAce45-555$30uswolvg++
3319Eddie BoI'll Keep On TryingAce555$35uswolm-
3320Eddie BoIt Must Be LoveRic977$25uswhite/yellow/black lblm-
3321Eddie BoYou're the Only OneChess1833$25usdemo/yellow/orange/black arrows lblvg++
3322Eddie C. CampbellKing Of the JungleRooster BluesR 46$10us m-
3323Eddie Cleanhead VinsonCherry RedKing45-15010$8ustan/black/multicolored king lblm-
3324Eddie ClearwaterA Little Bit Of Blues A Little Bit Of Rock And RollCleartoneC 005$35uswolm-
3325Eddie ClearwaterI Was GoneFederal45-12446$95usdemovg++
3326Eddie Curtis & the Bear CatsLove You All the Time Part 1Bear Cat717$50uspurple/silver lbl/wolvg+
3327Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. UnlimitedDo It Nice And EasyPye International7N 25707$10ukred 2 tone lbl/wolm-
3328Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. UnlimitedLet's Do the Latin HustleFriends & Co.F 124$4usblack/gold lbl/B side lbl missingvg
3329Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. UnlimitedLet's Do the Latin HustleFriends & Co.F 124$6usblack/gold lblvg
3330Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. UnlimitedLet's Do the Latin HustlePye International7N 25702$6ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg+
3331Eddie FloydBlood Is Thicker Than WaterStaxSTA 0095$15usyellow/brown hand logo lblm-
3332Eddie FloydBlood Is Thicker Than WaterStaxSTA 0095$12uswolvg++
3333Eddie FloydBring It On Home To MeStaxSTA 0012$15usdhvg++
3334Eddie FloydBring It On Home To MeStaxAX 23958$30gerps/yellow/black hand logo lblvg+/vg++
3335Eddie FloydDon't Rock the BoatStax45-219$15usblue/black lblvg+
3336Eddie FloydI Got A Reason To Smile (Cause I Got You)StaxSTN 0232$12usyellow/brown hand logo lblvg+
3337Eddie FloydI've Got To Have Your LoveStaxSTAX 116$30swps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
3338Eddie FloydKnock On WoodAtlanticATL 70 207$18swps/red/black lbl/wol/wocvg-/m-
3339Eddie FloydKnock On WoodStax807$10frayellow/black hand lblvg++
3340Eddie FloydKnock On WoodStax807$15frayellow/black hand lblm-
3341Eddie FloydSoul StreetStaxSTA 0216$8usyellow/brown hand logo lblvg+
3342Eddie FloydSoul StreetStaxSTA 0216$8usyellow/brown hand logo lbl/wolvg++
3343Eddie FloydSoul StreetStaxSTXS 2005$10ukyellow/black hand logo lblvg+
3344Eddie FloydStealing LoveStaxSTN 0232$10us m-
3345Eddie FloydThe Beat SongI-SpySEE 9$8ukblack/white lbl/solid centrevg++
3346Eddie FloydThe Best Years Of My LifeStax2025 010$20gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
3347Eddie FloydThings Get BetterStax601 016$20ukblue/black lbl/noc/wolvg
3348Eddie Floyd & Mavis StaplesNever Never Let You GoStaxSTA 0041$15uswolvg++
3349Eddie GilesAre You Living With the One Your Loving WithAlarmALM 106$20usblue/logo lblm-
3350Eddie GilesLosing BoyStaxSTA 0103$30usdemom-
3351Eddie Harris1974 BluesAtlantic45-2607$15usred/black lbl/dhvg++
3352Eddie HarrisGet Up And DanceAtlantic45-3288$6usred/black lblvg+
3353Eddie HarrisIs It InAtlanticK 10513$8ukorange/grey/white stripe lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
3354Eddie HarrisListen HereAtlantic45-2487$8usred/black lblvg
3355Eddie HarrisListen HereAtlantic45-2487$10usred/black lbl/dhvg+
3356Eddie HarrisListen Here Goes FunkyAtlantic45-5118$25usblue/silver lblm-
3357Eddie HendersonCyclopsCapitolCL 16034$8ukred/black lblvg++
3358Eddie HendersonPrance OnCapitolCL 16015$15ukred/black lbl/wolm-
3359Eddie HendersonPrance OnCapitol4666$15usred/black lblvg++
3360Eddie HendersonThe Funk SurgeonCapitolCL 15937$8ukred/black lbl/sample sticker on lblvg+
3361Eddie HigginsSouleroAtlantic45-5059$20usdemo/white/black lblvg+
3362Eddie HollandCandy To MeMotown1063$25usblue/silver/rainbow map slv/dhvg+
3363Eddie HollandCandy To MeMotown1063$15usblue/silver/rainbow map slvvg-
3364Eddie HollandCandy To MeMotown1063$30usblue/silver/rainbow map slv/dhvg++
3365Eddie HollandIf It's Love (It's Alright)MotownM-1031$25usblue/silver/rainbow map slvvg
3366Eddie HollandJust Ain't Enough LoveTamla M 1058$30canyellow/black/brown record/globe logo lblvg-
3367Eddie HollandLittle Miss RubyMercuryB 45-772$40swblack/silver lbl/nocvg
3368Eddie HollowayI'm Standing ByGem102$25us vg++
3369Eddie Holman(Hey There) Lonely GirlABCABC 4012$6ukblack/silver/square box logo lblvg+
3370Eddie HolmanHey There Lonely GirlOld GoldOG 9218$6uk m-
3371Eddie HolmanThis Could Be A Night To RememberSalSoulSZ 2026$20ukwolvg++
3372Eddie HolmanThis Will Be A Night To RememberSalSoul612 065$30gerps/textured slvm-/m-
3373Eddie HoustonAway From HomeOvationOV 1051$25usolive green/white lblm-
3374Eddie IngramBreakaway Part 1Tomorrow's Star101$15uslight blue/black lblvg++
3375Eddie JonesIt Went To Your HeadABC-Paramount45-10513$10usdemo/white/black lbl/wolg
3376Eddie KendricksCan't Help What I AmTamlaT 54243F$10uswolvg+
3377Eddie KendricksGoin' Up In SmokeTamlaT-54277F$15usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolvg++
3378Eddie KendricksHe's A FriendTamlaT-54266F$8usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg+
3379Eddie KendricksHe's A FriendTamla MotownTMG 1021$6ukblack/silver lblvg+
3380Eddie KendricksHe's A FriendTamla MotownTMG 1021$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
3381Eddie KendricksKeep On Truckin' Part 1Tamla MotownTMG 873$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
3382Eddie KendricksLoving You the Second Time AroundTamlaT-54236F$6usyellow/brown top boxed logo lbl/wolvg+
3383Eddie KendricksShoeshine BoyTamla Motown5C006-96319$10holps/orange/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
3384Eddie KendricksShoeshine BoyTamla Motown5C006-96319$12holps/orange/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
3385Eddie KendricksSon Of SagittariusTamlaT-54247F$6usyellow/brown top boxed logo lblvg++
3386Eddie LangFood Stamp Blues Part 1JewelJ-841$20usblue/black diamond lblvg++
3387Eddie 'Lockjaw' DavisMistyPrestige45-163$6uswolvg
3388Eddie QuansahChe Che Kule (Funky Highlife)IslandIDJ 12$15ukdemo/palm tree/orange/blue rim lblm-
3389Eddie RambeauI Just Need Your LoveDynoVoice217$15uswhite/black/brown lbl/dhvg++
3390Eddie RambeauSummertime GuyStateside45SS-116$20ukblack/silver lblvg++
3391Eddy "G" Giles Baby Be MineMurco1042$15usyellow lblvg++
3392Eddy "G" Giles & the Jive 5Eddy's Go-Go TrainMurco1034$25usyellow lblm-
3393Eddy & the SoulbandTheme from ShaftPhilips880 089-7$15holps/blue/white lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
3394Eddy GilesSo Deep In LoveSilver FoxSF 9$30usdemovg++
3395Eddy GilesThat's How Strong My Love IsSilver FoxSF 9$18us vg++
3396Ede Robin with 96.8There Must Be A Love SomewhereLe CamLC 310$40uswhite/black lblvg++
3397Edgar BlanchardMr. BumpsSpecialtySP 585$10uswhite/yellow/black lbl/re-issuem-
3398Edie WalkerGood GuysRising SonsRS45-713$50usdemo/white/black arrows lblvg++
3399Edmund SylversThat Burning LoveCasablancaNB 2270$10us vg++
3400Edwin BirdsongFuntaztikSalSoulS7 7019$10us m-
3401Edwin Hawkins SingersBlowin' In the WindBuddah201 068$12norps/shiva lblvg-/m-
3402Edwin Hawkins SingersBlowin' In the WindBuddah201 068$15norps/shiva lblvg/m-
3403Edwin Hawkins SingersBlowin' In the WindBuddah201 068$8norps/shiva lbl/wocvg/vg+
3404Edwin Hawkins SingersBlowin' In the WindBuddah201 068$8norps/wocvg/vg+
3405Edwin Hawkins SingersOh Happy DayBuddah201 048$4gershiva lblvg
3406Edwin Hawkins SingersOh Happy DayBuddah201 048$4ukblack/silver lblvg
3407Edwin Hawkins SingersTo My Father's HouseBuddah201 1049$20gerps/shiva lblm-/m-
3408Edwin Hawkins SingersTo My Father's HouseBuddah201 1049$15norps/shiva lblvg+/vg+
3409Edwin Hawkins Singers featuring Dorothy Combs MorrisonOh Happy DayPavilionPBS 20001$20uswhite/black lblvg-
3410Edwin StarrAccidentGTO2099 165$6gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg
3411Edwin StarrAccidentGTO2099 165$12gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
3412Edwin StarrBeginningGraniteG 532$12usgrey/white/blue lbl/wolvg++
3413Edwin StarrContact20th Century6162 151$12holpsvg+/vg++
3414Edwin StarrContact20th Century6162 151$15holpsvg++/vg++
3415Edwin StarrContact20th Century6162 151$8gerps/woc/socvg+/vg+
3416Edwin StarrContact20th CenturyBTC 2396$6uksolid centrevg+
3417Edwin StarrContact20th CenturyBTC 2396$10uksolid centrem-
3418Edwin StarrContact20th Century6162 151$15holps/sample sticker on slv/wol/wocvg++/vg++
3419Edwin StarrGet Up-Whirlpool20th CenturyTC-2455$8us vg+
3420Edwin StarrH.A.P.P.Y. Radio20th Century6162 156$10norpsm-/vg+
3421Edwin StarrH.A.P.P.Y. Radio20th CenturyTC-2408$6us vg++
3422Edwin StarrH.A.P.P.Y. Radio20th Century6162 156$10norps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
3423Edwin StarrI Wanna Take You HomeAvatarAVAT 2$6uksolid centrem-
3424Edwin StarrI Wanna Take You HomeAvatarAVAT 2$4uksolvg++
3425Edwin StarrIt's Called the Rock20th CenturyTC-2420$10us vg++
3426Edwin StarrLet's Fall In Love TonightMotorcity7MOTC 10$10ukskyscraper lbl/solid centrevg++
3427Edwin StarrLove (The Lonely People's Prayer)Tamla MotownTMG 875$10ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
3428Edwin StarrPainGraniteG 522$10usgrey/white/blue lbl/wolvg+
3429Edwin StarrStop Her On Sight (S.O.S.)Tamla MotownTMG 905$10ukblack/silver lblm-
3430Edwin StarrStop the War NowGordyG 7104$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
3431Edwin StarrStop the War NowTamla Motown70812$25turps/tan/yellow/red/white logo lbl/wolvg+/vg+
3432Edwin StarrStop the War NowTamla MotownTMG 764$15dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
3433Edwin StarrStop the War NowTamla MotownTMG 764$6dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/woc/nocvg/vg-
3434Edwin StarrStop the War NowTamla MotownTMG 764$15dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/woc/nocvg++/vg+
3435Edwin StarrTell-A-Star20th CenturyTC-2450$6us vg+
3436Edwin StarrTell-A-Star20th CenturyTC-2450$10us m-
3437Edwin StarrTell-A-Star20th CenturyTC-2450$4us vg
3438Edwin StarrTwenty-Five MilesGordyG-7083$18uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lbl/wolvg+
3439Edwin StarrTwenty-Five MilesTamla Motown1C006-90094$10gerblack/silver lblvg+
3440Edwin StarrTwenty-Five MilesTamla Motown1C006-90094$15gerblack/silver lblm-
3441Edwin StarrTwenty-Five MilesTamla MotownM 5059$20spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg/vg
3442Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown4E006-91664$20swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
3443Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown4E006-91664$18swps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
3444Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown4E006-91664$25swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
3445Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown6E006-91664$10dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg/vg
3446Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown6E006-91664$15dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
3447Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown6E006-91664$18dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg+
3448Edwin StarrWarTamla MotownTMG 754$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
3449Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown4E006-91664$15swps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
3450Edwin StarrWarTamla Motown6E006-91664$12dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/woc/nocvg++/vg+
3451Edwin StarrWho Is the Leader Of the PeopleTamla Motown1C006-93818$15gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg
3452Edwin StarrWho Is the Leader Of the PeopleTamla MotownM 5143$15spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
3453Edwin StarrWho's Right Or WrongTamla MotownTMG 930$10ukblack/silver lblvg+
3454Edwin StarrYou've Got My Soul On FireMotownM 1276F$20us vg++
3455Effie SmithHarper Valley P.T.A. GossipEee CeeEC 100$30ustan/blue lblm-
3456Effie SmithTeenage WorldDuo Disc45-115$10usdemo/white/black lblvg
3457Effie SmithTeenage WorldDuo Disc45-115$10us vg++
3458Effie SmithThe Blond WigDuo Disc111$30usred/black lbl/B-side lbl on both sidesm-
3459Eiri ThrasherTurn the Beat Around/Lady BumpPyeP-1045$8spared 2 tone lbl/wolvg+
3460Eivets RednowAlfieGordyG-7076$12uspurple/silver/yellow wedge lbl/dhvg++
3461El Chicano(Se Fue Mi) ChachitaMCAMCA 40104$12usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
3462El ChicanoAll I Can RememberMCAMCA 40520$18usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
3463El ChicanoBrown Eyed GirlMCAMCS 6069$30gerps/black/blue stripe/multicolor lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
3464El ChicanoLast Tango In ParisMCAMCS 6564$25gerps/black/silver/blue/rainbow circle lblvg++/vg++
3465El ChicanoLast Tango In ParisMCAMCS 6564$18gerps/black/silver/blue/rainbow circle lblvg+/vg+
3466El ChicleLa La LaShakatSH 706$6usred/black lblvg+
3467El CocoDance ManAVIAVIS 104$6ukblue/black lblvg+
3468El CocoLet's Get It TogetherAVIAVI 115X$4canwhite/black lbl/wolvg
3469El CocoLet's Get It TogetherAVIAVIS 115$10usblack/silver lblm-
3470El CocoLet's Get It TogetherPye International7N 25732$10ukred 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
3471El CocoUnder ConstructionEMI 1C006-61646$12gerps/brown/red logo lblm-/vg++
3472Elaine DelmarNever Can Say GoodbyeMCAMUS 1216$30ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
3473Elaine DelmarThe World Is OursCBS4408$20holpsvg/vg
3474Eldridge HolmesWithout A WordSansu469$60uslight blue/black lblm-
3475ElectrasNothing In the WorldDe-LiteDE 535$6usblack/rainbow stripes/white logo lblvg-
3476Electric DollsDr. LoveJamJAM 52$15ukdemo/wolm-
3477Electric ExpressWhere You Coming From Part 1LincoLO-1002$25usgreen/black lblvg+
3478Electric FlagSoul Searchin'Columbia4-44765$15usdemo/white/red lblvg+
3479Electric IndianKeem-O-SabeUnited ArtistsUA 50563$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
3480Electric IndianLand Of 1000 DancesUnited ArtistsUA 50613$8usred/blue lblvg
3481Elektrik FunkOn A Journey (I Sing the Funk Electric)PreludePRL 8048$15us m-
3482ElginsDarling BabyV.I.P.25029$30usorange/yellow/green/white/black lblvg+
3483ElginsHeaven Must Have Sent YouTamla Motown1C006-92543$20gerblack/silver lblm-
3484ElginsHeaven Must Have Sent YouTamla Motown5C006-92543$18holps/black/silver lbl/textured slvvg+/vg
3485ElginsHeaven Must Have Sent YouTamla Motown5C006-92543$30holps/black/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
3486ElginsHeaven Must Have Sent YouTamla MotownTMG 771$12ukblack/silver lblm-
3487Eli Paperboy Reed & the True LovesCome And Get It (Radio Edit)Capitol31357$10euyellow/orange swirl lbl/solid centrem-
3488Eli Paperboy Reed & the True LovesCome And Get It (Radio Edit)Capitol31357$8euyellow/orange swirl lbl/solid centrevg++
3489Eli Paperboy Reed & the True LovesTake My Love With YouQ-deeQD 1039$15usred/silver lbl/yellow old school removable centre/download cardm-
3490Eli Paperboy Reed & the True LovesThe SatisfierQ-deeQD 1036$20usblue/silver lbl/yellow old school removable centre/CDm-
3491Eli's Second ComingLove Chant (Part 1)Silver Blue7302$4uslight blue/black lblvg
3492Ella WashingtonFragile (Handle With Care)Sound Stage 7SS7-2642$30usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/large letteringvg+
3493Ella WashingtonFragile (Handle With Care)Sound Stage 7SS7-2642$35usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/small letteringvg++
3494Ella WashingtonHe Called Me BabySound Stage 7SS7-2621$25usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
3495Ella WashingtonI Can't Afford To Lose HimSound Stage 745-2597$20usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg
3496Ella WashingtonStarving For LoveSound Stage 7SS7-2611$30usdemom-
3497Ella WashingtonStop Giving Your Man AwaySound Stage 7SS7-2632$25usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
3498Ella WashingtonStop Giving Your Man AwaySound Stage 7SS7-2632$35usdemovg++
3499Ella WashingtonSweet Talkin' Candy ManSound Stage 7SS7-2659$25usdemovg++
3500Ella WashingtonSweeter And Sweeter (Ray Ray Ray)Sound Stage 7SS7-2650$15usdemom-
3501Ellerine HardingTonight Let the Other Woman Cry SomeIX ChainsNCS 7005$6usmulticolor lblg
3502Ellie GreenwichI Want You To Be My BabyUnited Artists67104$30ger vg++
3503Ellie GreenwichI Want You To Be My BabyUnited ArtistsUA 50151$40us m-
3504Ellie GreenwichThat Certain SomeoneBell933$15ussilver/black lbl/dhm-
3505EllingtonsSpiderRCA VictorPB 10528$4ustan/black lblvg
3506Eloise LawsPut A Little Love Into It (When You Do It)InvictusZS8 1282$10usgrey/blue logo lbl/wolvg+
3507Elton Anderson(Sorry) I'm Gonna Have To PassLanor514$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
3508Elton Anderson(Sorry) I'm Gonna Have To PassLanor514$25usred/black lblvg++
3509Elton AndersonCool Down BabyMercury71542$40us m-
3510Elton AndersonSick And TiredCapitol4762$25ussolm-
3511Elvis & the RoadrunnersMay God Bless Our Love Pt. 1Atlantic45-2331$15us vg+
3512Elwood Blues Revue/Wilson PickettLand Of A Thousand DancesAtlantic7-89062$10usps/red/black lblm-/vg++
3513EmbersI Love Beach MusicEEEEEE 1001$25usred/black lblvg+
3514EmersonsHungryNewport7004$4ustan/black lbl/wol/solg
3515Emily WoodsVenusKarma2023 114$8gerps/purple/black lblvg+/vg+
3516EmotionsBaby I'm ThroughStaxSTXS 2020$10ukyellow/black hand logo lblvg+
3517EmotionsBest Of My LoveCBSCBS 5421$6holps/yellow/orange lbl/red textured slvvg/vg+
3518EmotionsBest Of My LoveCBSCBS 5421$10holps/yellow/orange lblvg+/m-
3519EmotionsDon't Ask My NeighborsCBSCBS 5838$4holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/wol/wocvg/vg+
3520EmotionsEchoR'n'BRNB 101$10usred/black lblvg
3521EmotionsFlowersCBSCBS 4534$6holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
3522EmotionsI Call This Loving YouVoltVOA 4088$20usorange/yellow lbl/wolvg+
3523EmotionsI Don't Wanna Lose Your LoveCBSS CBS 5819$10ukyellow/orange lbl/solid centrevg+
3524EmotionsI Don't Wanna Lose Your LoveCBSS CBS 5819$12ukyellow/orange lbl/solid centrevg++
3525EmotionsI Should Be DancingCBSCBS 7869$8holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
3526EmotionsIf I Only Knew Then (What I Know Now)Motown1792 MF$6usblue/silver/rainbow map lblm-
3527EmotionsMiss Your LoveMotown1784 MF$6usblue/silver/rainbow map lblm-
3528EmotionsShouting Out LoveStaxSTX 3200$15usdemo/purple/white/black hand logo lblvg+
3529EmotionsSo I Can Love YouStaxSTAX 123$12uk vg++
3530EmotionsSo I Can Love YouVolt170001$30fraps/wocvg+/vg++
3531EmotionsThere Are More Questions Than AnswersVoltVON 4113$8usorange/yellow lblvg+
3532EmotionsThere Are More Questions Than AnswersVoltVON 4113$10usorange/yellow lblvg++
3533EmotionsTurn It OutColumbia/ARC18-02239$6usred/black lbl/wolvg+
3534EmpressDyin' To Be Dancin'PreludePRL 8026$12uswolvg++
3535EmpressTake A RiskPreludePRL 8050$12uswolvg++
3536Emy Munji Orchestra/Hi-PertensionsThe HustleVillar4 3175$8phired/black lblvg
3537En VogueHold OnAtlanticA 7908$8uk m-
3538En VogueMy Lovin (Radio Edit)East West98578-7$10gerps/black/silver lbl/solid centrem-/vg++
3539EnchantmentCome On And RideDesert MoonDM 6403$25usdemo/brown lblvg++
3540EnchantmentDance To the MusicUnited Artists/RoadshowUP 36204$15ukdemo/tan/brown logo/pink A lbl/nocvg+
3541EnchantmentIf You're Ready (Here It Comes)United Artists/RoadshowUP 36420$6uktan/brown logo lblvg+
3542EnchantmentIf You're Ready (Here It Comes)United Artists/RoadshowUP 36420$10uktan/brown logo lblm-
3543EnchantmentIt's You That I NeedUnited Artists5C006-60605$8holps/tan/brown logo lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
3544EnchantmentSettin' It OutRCA Victor32$4uk vg
3545EnchantmentSettin' It OutRCA Victor32$8ukdemo/black/silver A lblvg
3546EnchantmentSettin' It OutRCA Victor/RoadshowPB 12112$6usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
3547EnchantmentSettin' It OutRCA Victor/RoadshowPB 12112$8usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
3548EndDo the Jaws20th CenturyTC-2229$15us vg
3549Enoch LightBig Ben BossaCommandRS-45-4033$10us m-
3550EntertainersI Tried To Tell YouChess1951$15usdhvg+
3551EonLoveScepterSCE 12410$4usblue/black lblvg+
3552Eria FachinSavin' MyselfSaturday7 STD 1$6ukskyscraper lbl/solid centrevg++
3553Eric B. & RakimI Know You Got Soul (Double Trouble Remix)CoolTempo109 873$10gerps/silver/black lblvg++/m-
3554Eric B. & RakimMove the CrowdFourth & Broadway/Island109 700$12gerps/silver/black lblm-/m-
3555Eric B. & RakimPaid In Full (Mini Madness the Cold Cut Remix)Fourth & Broadway/Island109 472$15gerps/silver/black lblm-/m-
3556Eric Burdon & WarNo Pueden Quitarnos Nuestra Musica (They Can't Take Away Our Music)LibertyH 679$8spaps/black/silver/rainbow lbl/textured flipback slv/wocvg-/vg
3557Eric Burdon & WarThey Can't Take Away Our MusicLibertyLBF 15434$10dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg/vg-
3558Eric Burdon & WarThey Can't Take Away Our MusicLibertyLBF 15434$25dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
3559Eric MercuryI Can Smell That Funky MusicEnterpriseENA 9041$8uswolvg++
3560Eric MercurySweet SaraEnterpriseENA 9089$12uspromo sticker on lblvg++
3561Eric MercuryWhat's Usual Seems Natr'lEnterpriseENA 9047$4usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg-
3562Eric MercuryWhat's Usual Seems Natr'lEnterpriseENA 9047$10usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
3563Eric Mercury & Roberta FlackOur Love Will Stop the WorldAtlantic7-89931$6usred/black lblvg+
3564Eric TigTreat Her RightHIHI 2193$40usdemo/orange/yellow lblvg+
3565Erma FranklinOpen Up Your SoulShoutS-230$12uswhite/blue/red lbl/dhvg
3566Erma FranklinOpen Up Your SoulShoutS-230$15uswhite/blue/red lbl/dhvg+
3567Erma FranklinOpen Up Your SoulShoutS-230$25uswhite/blue/orange lbl/dhm-
3568Erma FranklinPiece Of My HeartEpicEPC 658384-7$4holps/Levis ad slvvg+/vg+
3569Erma FranklinPiece Of My HeartJay BoyBOY 41$10uk m-
3570Ernest Franklin & the Voices of Mt. EagleBlessed QuietnessChecker5026$10usblue 2 tone lblm-
3571Ernestine AndersonThe Best Is Yet To ComeSue45-803$4usorange/black lblg
3572Ernie & EddieWho's That Knocking At My DoorChecker1057$15usreprovg++
3573Ernie & Jean Terrell with the HeavyweightsGranpa's HouseCallaC-132$40us vg++
3574Ernie Andrews & the Fuzzy Kane TrioSomethingPhil L.A. of Soul343$8usyellow/black lblvg+
3575Ernie BushBreakawayContempo/ScepterSCE 12414$20usblack/silver lblvg+
3576Ernie BushBreakawayContempo/ScepterSCE 12414$25usblack/silver lblvg++
3577Ernie K-DoeA Certain GirlMinit634$30us vg+
3578Ernie K-DoeA Certain GirlMinit634$35us vg++
3579Ernie K-DoeBeating Like A Tom TomMinit651$30us vg++
3580Ernie K-DoeGet Out Of My HouseMinit656$30usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblm-
3581Ernie K-DoeHello My LoverBandy45-1495$25usorange/black lblm-
3582Ernie K-DoeMother-In-LawLondon American45-HLU 9330$30ukblack/silver top lblvg+
3583Ernie K-DoeMother-In-LawMinit623$18usorange/black lblvg+
3584Ernie K-DoeMother-In-LawMinit623$25usorange/black lblm-
3585Ernie K-DoeMy Mother-In-Law (Is In My Hair Again)Duke378$30usdemo/purple/blue/white logo lblvg++
3586Ernie K-DoePennies Worth Of HappinessMinit665$35usdemo/black/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
3587Ernie K-DoeReal ManMinit627$20usdemo/white/black lblvg+
3588Ernie K-DoeTe-Ta-Te-Ta-TaLondon American45-HLU 9390$50ukblack/silver top lblvg++
3589Ernie ShelbyThat I'm In Love With YouCapitol4879$25usyellow/orange swirl lbl/wolm-
3590Ernie WattsJust Holdin' onElektraE-47042$6usred/white logo lbl/wolvg+
3591Erotic Drum BandPop Pop Shoo WahPrism/ChartPFF 310/ADS 650$12swps/black/silver/rainbow lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
3592Errol SoberYou're In LoveAbnakAB 146$30usdemo/yellow vinylm-
3593Ersel HickeyTrying To Get To YouToot45-602$15usbrown/green lblvg++
3594EruptionI Can't Stand the RainHansa11761$10gerpsvg+/vg+
3595EruptionOne Way TicketHansa International100 377-100$6gerps/wol/wocvg+/vg+
3596Eruption featuring Precious WilsonI Can't Stand the RainHansa International11 761 AT$8gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg+
3597EscortsDisrespect Can WreckAlaskaALA 1014$20ukdemo/solid centrevg++
3598EscortsLet's Make Love (At Home Sometime)AlithiaAR-6066$10usorange/white/blue logo lbl/wolvg+
3599EscortsMake Me OverHansa International103166$15gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
3600EscortsMake Me OverHansa International103166$12gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
3601EscortsOne More Kiss Good NightWellsLF 102$25usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg+
3602EscortsSing A Happy SongKnockout10146$20usorange/black lblvg++
3603EsquiresAnd Get AwayBunkyBNK 7752$25usorange/yellow/black lbl/dhm-
3604EsquiresAnd Get AwayBunkyBNK 7752$20usorange/yellow/black lbl/dhvg++
3605EsquiresAnd Get AwayBunkyBNK 7752$30usorange/yellow/black lblm-
3606EsquiresAnd Get AwayBunkyBNK 7752$15usorange/yellow/black lbl/dhvg+
3607EsquiresAnd Get AwayStatesideKSS 1033$30swblack/silver lblvg++
3608EsquiresAnd Get AwayStatesideKSS 1033$35swblack/silver lblm-
3609EsquiresGet On UpBunky7750$4usred/black lblg
3610EsquiresGet On Up '76Ju-ParJUPAR 104$6usgreen/black lbl/wolvg
3611EsquiresI Don't KnowWandWND 1195$15usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg
3612EsquiresI Don't KnowWandWND 1195$15usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg+
3613EsquiresI Don't KnowWandWND 1195$15usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhm-
3614EsquiresThe Feeling's GoneBunky7755$20usorange/yellow/black lbl/dhvg++
3615EsquiresThe Feeling's GoneBunky7755$30usorange/yellow/black lblm-
3616EsquiresThe Feeling's GoneBunky7755$25usorange/yellow/black lbl/dhm-
3617EsquiresYou SayBunkyBNK 7753$25usorange/yellow/black lbl/dhvg++
3618EsquiresYou SayBunkyBNK 7753$8usorange/yellow/black lbl/dhvg-
3619EsquiresYou SayBunkyBNK 7753$18usorange/yellow/black lbl/dh/wolvg+
3620EsquiresYou've Got the PowerWandWND 1193$10usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg
3621EsquiresYou've Got the PowerWandWND 1193$20usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg+
3622EsquiresYou've Got the PowerWandWND 1193$30usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhm-
3623EsquiresYou've Got the PowerWandWND 1193$15usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dh/wolvg+
3624EsquiresYou've Got the PowerWandWND 1193$25usblack/white/red/gold logo lbl/dhvg++
3625EssexEasier Said Than DoneColumbiaDB 7077$25ukblack/silver lblvg+
3626EssexEasier Said Than DoneColumbiaDB 7077$40ukblack/silver lblm-
3627EssexEasier Said Than DoneRouletteRL 21 174$25dkps/white/black/rainbow stripes lbl/flipback slv/wocvg-/vg
3628EssexEasier Said Than DoneRouletteRL 21174$35dkps/white/black/rainbow stripes lbl/nocvg+/vg++
3629Essex A Walkin' MiracleRouletteR-4515$15usorange/yellow lbl/dhvg+
3630Essex featuring Anita HumesA Walkin' MiracleRouletteGG-45$6usorange/yellow lblvg+
3631Essex featuring Anita HumesOut Of Sight Out Of MindRouletteR 4530$6usorange/yellow lbl/dhvg-
3632Esther PhillipsCheater ManAtlantic45-2417$40usdemo/red/white lblvg+
3633Esther PhillipsCry Me A River BluesAtlantic45-2800$15usred/black lblm-
3634Esther PhillipsFeverKuduKU 929$6usyellow/black/red/green lblvg+
3635Esther PhillipsFeverKuduKU 929$10usyellow/black/red/green lblm-
3636Esther PhillipsFeverKuduKU 929$8usyellow/black/red/green lblvg++
3637Esther PhillipsFeverKudu45-1345$15spaps/yellow lbl/textured flipback slv/woc/wolvg++/vg+
3638Esther PhillipsI'm In the Mood For Love (Moody's Mood For Love)RouletteR-7031$25usdemo/white/black lblm-
3639Esther PhillipsJustifiedKuduKU 917$10usyellow/black/red lblm-
3640Esther PhillipsWhat A Difference A Day MadeKuduKUDU 925$8uktan/black lbl/solid centrevg++
3641Esther PhillipsWhat A Difference A Day MadeKuduKUDU 925$4uktan/black lbl/solid centrevg
3642Esther PhillipsWhat A Difference A Day MadeKuduKUDU 925$6uktan/black lbl/solid centrevg+
3643Esther PhillipsWhat A Difference A Day MadeKuduKUDU 925$6ukwolvg++
3644Esther PhillipsWhat A Diff'rence A Day MadeKuduKUDU 925$15itaps/yellow lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
3645Esther Phillips with the Dixie FlyersCrazy LoveAtlantic45-2775$15usdemo/red/white lblm-
3646Esther Phillips with the Dixie FlyersSet Me FreeAtlantic45-2745$15usred/black lblvg++
3647Eternal FlameCiao BabyVivaN-48-1$8porsol/wolvg+
3648Ethel EnnisWhen Will the Hurt Be OverRCA Victor47-8379$20gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
3649Ethel EnnisWhen Will the Hurt Be OverRCA Victor47-8379$35gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
3650Etta JamesAll the Way DownChessCH 2144$30usorange/blue/purple logo lbl/promo sticker on lblm-
3651Etta JamesFireCadet5620$35usblue 2 tone lbl/dhm-
3652Etta JamesFireCadet5620$30usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg++
3653Etta JamesFireChess68 151$20turblack/silver lblvg+
3654Etta JamesFool That I AmArgo5390$6usbrown/pink/white lblvg
3655Etta JamesI Found A LoveChessCH 2125$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
3656Etta JamesI Got the WillIslandIS 418$15ukpsm-/m-
3657Etta JamesI Got You BabeCadet5606$6usblue 2 tone lbl/wolvg
3658Etta JamesI Got You BabeCadet5606$10usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg++
3659Etta JamesI'm So Glad (I Found Love In You)Cadet5552$15usblue 2 tone lblvg+
3660Etta JamesI'm So Glad (I Found Love In You)Cadet5552$20usblue 2 tone lblm-
3661Etta JamesIt Must Be Your LoveCadet5564$20usblue 2 tone lblm-
3662Etta JamesJump Into LoveChessACH 30001$10usorange/blue/purple logo lblvg++
3663Etta JamesJump Into LoveChessACH 30001$12usorange/blue/purple logo lblm-
3664Etta JamesLeave Your Hat OnChessCH 501$20itaps/orange/blue/purple logo lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
3665Etta JamesLosers Weepers Part 1Cadet5676$20usdemo/blue 2 tone lblm-
3666Etta JamesOnly Time Will TellCadet5526$20usblue 2 tone lbl/sample stamped lblm-
3667Etta JamesOnly Time Will TellCadet5526$12usblue 2 tone lblvg+
3668Etta JamesPushoverTriolaTD 196$30dkps/blue/white lbl/noc/solvg/vg+
3669Etta JamesSecurityCadet5594$12usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg
3670Etta JamesSecurityCadet5594$30usblue 2 tone lblm-
3671Etta JamesSecurityCadet5594$20uswolvg+
3672Etta JamesSecurityChessCRS 8069$15ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
3673Etta JamesSteal AwayCadet5630$10usblue 2 tone lblvg++
3674Etta JamesTell MamaCadet5578$50us vg++
3675Etta JamesTell MamaChess6145 016$15ukwolvg+
3676Etta JamesThe Love Of My ManChess2100$20usdemo/blue 2 tone lblm-
3677Etta JamesTighten Up Your Own ThingCadet5664$50usdemo/blue 2 tone lblm-
3678Etta JamesTrust In MeArgo5385$12usbrown/pink/white lbl/title on two lines/wolvg
3679Etta JamesTrust In MeArgo5385$20usbrown/pink/white lbl/title on one linevg+
3680Etta JonesLonely CrowdRouletteR-4699$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
3681Eugene KempNo Pity In the CityExcelloEX 2342$12usblue/black lblvg+
3682Eugene KempNo Pity In the CityExcelloEX 2342$20usblue/black lblm-
3683Eugene KempNo Pity In the CityExcelloEX 2342$18usdemovg+
3684Eugene RecordLaying Beside YouWarner BrosK 16948$6ukboulevard lbl/solid centrevg+
3685Eugene WallaceDon't You Feel ItABCABC 11446$20usdemo/white/black lblvg+
3686Eugene WildeGotta Get You Home TonightPhilly World7-99710$8us m-
3687Eumir DeodatoUncle FunkWarner BrosWBS 49635$10ustan/black lblm-
3688EvasionsAll Wrapped UpSam81-5020$10uslight blue/orange logo lblm-
3689Evelyn Champagne KingActionRCA VictorPB 3682$10gerps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
3690Evelyn Champagne KingI Don't Know If It's RightRCA VictorPB 1386$15gerps/yellow lblm-/vg++
3691Evelyn Champagne KingI Need Your LoveRCA VictorPB 12156$6usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
3692Evelyn Champagne KingShameRCA VictorPB 11122$8us vg++
3693Evelyn Champagne KingShameRCA VictorPB 1122$12gerps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
3694Evelyn KingI'm In LoveRCA VictorRCA 95$4ukblack/silver lblvg+
3695Evelyn ThomasWeak Spot20th Century6162 075$6nor vg+
3696Excell WonsleyGrove PenguinGolden Beam105$40usyellow/red lblvg++
3697ExcelsLittle Innocent GirlAtlanticATL 70 314$18gerps/red/black lbl/tocvg/vg-
3698ExcelsLittle Innocent GirlCarla45-1901$18uswhite/black/yellow/blue lbl/dhm-
3699ExcitersA Little Bit Of SoapAtlanticATL 70 159$10swps/red/black lbl/nocg/vg-
3700ExcitersBlowing Up My MindContempoCS 2033$70ukblack/silver lblm-
3701ExcitersHard Way To GoUnited ArtistsUA 544$20usblack lblvg+
3702ExcitersHard Way To GoUnited ArtistsUA 544$25usblack lblvg++
3703ExcitersHe's Got the PowerUnited ArtistsUA 572$12usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
3704ExcitersLove You Baby20th CenturyBTC 1001$10uklight blue/black lblvg++
3705ExcitersLover's QuestionContempoCS 2010$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
3706ExcitersReaching For the Best20th CenturyBTC 1005$5uklight blue/black lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
3707ExcitersReaching For the Best20th CenturyBTC 1005$8uklight blue/black lbl/solid centrevg++
3708ExcitersReaching For the Best20th CenturyBTC 1005$15ukdemom-
3709ExcitersReaching For the BestBlackpool MeccaMECCA 1$10ukorange/yellow lblvg
3710ExcitersSwallow Your Pride20th CenturyBTC 1019$15ukdemo/release date stamped on lbl/solid centrem-
3711ExcitersTell HimUnited ArtistsX 029$10usblack/silver/car lblm-
3712ExcitersYou Got LoveOOTPOOTP 036$10uswhite/black lbl/bootlegvg++
3713Executive SuiteWhen the Fuel Runs OutCloud OneHIT 1$8ukdemo/grey/black/green lblvg++
3714Executive SuiteWhen the Fuel Runs OutPolydor2001 597$4uksolid centrevg-
3715ExumaBrown GirlKama SutraKA 557$12uswolvg+
3716ExumaBrown GirlKama Sutra2013 051$18gerps/olive gren/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
3717ExumaPretty WomanInaguaINA 3$15usyellow/black lblvg+
3718ExumaShake It Up (1-2-3)InaguaINA 1$10usyellow/black lblvg++



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