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FAME Rick Hall and his team are at it again, and if their new productions are anywhere near their fantastic homepage, then we are all in for a treat. Also lots of interesting historic material.

Ace Records Now this is a real Record Company! Started 21 years ago by Ted, Roger and Trevor who are still at the helm of the company today. Check out the "Heart of Southern Soul" compilations for starters.

Memphis Mojo Take the midnight train to Memphis. Everything you wanted to know about Memphis and more.

Alabama Music Hall of Fame While you're down south, you should check out the Alabama Music Hall Of Fame.

Porretta Soul Festival Planning to spend your holiday in Italy? If you like Memphis Soul Music, then Porretta (the city where they named a street after Otis Redding, and a park after Rufus Thomas) is the place for you.

The Soul of The Net. This is the best site of it's sort, that I have seen. Run by Yoni, a fan of Soul, for Soul fans.
Lots of goodies here, including contributions from John Ridley etc.
This site is updated every month, and also includes lots of interesting links. Check it out!

Rock'N Records Swedish record collecting site, the home of good ol� vinyl. also includes lots of interesting links. Check it out! Worth a visit

Rare Groove & Funky music Run by Massimo Santini. Check it out!

Frost Records Danish record label specializing in 60's Beat groups.

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