How to order

Use the orderform: Please fill in ALL the fields and follow the instructions.
Hints on filling out the form:
On the right of the form, you can see the various lists, most browsers will allow you to go into these lists, copy an item, then go back to the form and insert the copied.
Here is how to do it -
1. Click on the list the item is on,
2. locate the item and highlight it (keep the left mouse-button down as you go over the text).
3. Hold down the 'CTRL'-key and press 'C'.
4. Click on the 'Back'-button on your browsers top menu, to get back to the order form.
5. Click inside the textbox,
6. hold down the 'CTRL'-key and press 'V'
Now your copied item should be on the form.
To get another item, simply repeat.

Back to the order Form.