SS Still Sealed. As the day it left the factory. Please note that most non-US pressings
did not come in a sealed condition.
M- Near Mint. A nearly perfect record/sleeve.
This is the highest grade for a record. I do not use the grade mint, as I don't believe
such a record exist.
VG++ Almost as perfect as new, but with some minor flaws.
VG+ Record/Sleeve show some signs of having been played, but is still in excellent condition.
VG Let's face it, this record has seen better days, but is still in playable condition, all be it with some surface noise etc.
VG- This record will show quite some wear, and is not in a very good condition.
G Good. could be used as a frisbee, or in some cases, it could carry you over until a better copy is found.

Please note, all grading is visual

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