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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
11416Wa Wa NeeStimulationEpic34-07671$8usblue lbl/wolm-
11417Wade FlemonsEasy Lovin'Vee-JayVJ 344$15usmaroon/silver lblvg
11418Wade FlemonsHold Me CloseVee-JayVJ 309$20usmaroon/silver lbl/dhvg-
11419Wah Wah WatsonLove Ain't Somethin' (That You get for free)CBS4691$15ukdemom-
11420Wallace BrothersDarlin' I Love You SoSims248$25usorange lblvg+
11421Wallace BrothersGirls Alright With MeSims304$50usdemo/white/black lblvg++
11422Wallace BrothersI Need SomeoneJewel792$40us m-
11423Wallace BrothersI'll Let Nothing Seperate MeSims158$35usdemo/white/black lblvg++
11424Wallace BrothersI'll Step AsideSims229$15usorange lblvg+
11425Wallace BrothersI'll Step AsideSims229$20usorange lblvg++
11426Wallace BrothersLove Me Like I Love YouSims189$25usorange lblvg++
11427Wallace BrothersMy Mother-In-LawJewel804$18us vg++
11428Wallace BrothersOne Way AffairSims220$40usdemom-
11429Wallace BrothersYou're MineSims174$25us m-
11430Wally BadarouChief Inspector4th & BroadwayBRW 37$10uksolid centrevg++
11431Wally CoxI Can't Help ItArveeA 5008$25usorange/black lblvg+
11432Wally CoxThis ManPye InternationalDDS 105$30ukdemom-
11433Walter Arties ChoraleAll He Wants Is YouAtlantic45-7569$20usdemo/green/white lblm-
11434Walter Arties ChoraleAll He Wants Is YouAtlantic45-7569$15usdemo/red/white lblvg++
11435Walter JacksonAnyway That You Want MeCotillion45-44053$20usdemo/white/black lblm-
11436Walter JacksonAnyway That You Want MeCotillion45-44053$12usred/yellow logo lblvg++
11437Walter JacksonBaby I Love Your WayUnited Artists/Chi-SoundUP 36250$8uktan/brown lblvg++
11438Walter JacksonBaby I Love Your WayUnited Artists/Chi-SoundUP 36250$10uktan/brown lblm-
11439Walter JacksonEasy EvilBrunswickBR 5$40ukdemo/red/silver lblm-
11440Walter JacksonNo Easy DownWandWND 11247$20uswocm-
11441Walter Murphy & the Big Apple BandCalifornia StrutPrivate StockPVT 59$10ukwolvg
11442Walter WanderleySummer SambaVerveVK 10421$10usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
11443WanderersFor Your LoveCubK 9089$50usred/white/black lblvg++
11444WarAll Day MusicUnited Artists35281$12gerps/tan/brown lblvg+/vg+
11445WarAll Day MusicUnited ArtistsUA 50815$20frapsm-/m-
11446WarAll Day MusicUnited Artists35281$18gerps/tan/brown lbl/wocm-/vg++
11447WarCinco De MayoLAXWS8 02120$6usgreen/blue lblvg+
11448WarGalaxy (Edited Version)MCAMCA 339$8ukdemovg
11449WarGalaxy (Edited Version)MCAMCA 339$8uk m-
11450WarHey SenoritaMCA32045$10gerpsvg+/vg+
11451WarHey SenoritaMCA32045$12gerpsvg++/vg++
11452WarHey SenoritaMCA40883$20usslv with title and lyrics/promo sticker on lblvg++/m-
11453WarI'm the One Who UnderstandsMCA41061$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
11454WarL.A. SunshineBlue NoteBN-XW1009$10usblue/silver lblm-
11455WarLow RiderIslandWIP 6267$6ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg+
11456WarLow RiderIslandWIP 6267$6uk vg+
11457WarMe And Baby BrotherIslandWIP 6303$6ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lbl/nocvg+
11458WarMe And Baby BrotherUnited ArtistsUA 35623$15gerps/tan/brown lblvg++/vg++
11459WarMe And Baby BrotherUnited ArtistsUA 35623$10gerps/tan/brown lbl/wol/wocvg++/vg++
11460WarMe And Baby BrotherUnited ArtistsUA-XW350-W$10usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg
11461WarSun Oh SonLibertyLBF 15443$40dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
11462WarSun Oh SonLibertyLBF 15443$60ukdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblm-
11463WarThe Cisco KidUnited ArtistsUP 35521$18frapsm-/vg++
11464WarThe Cisco KidUnited Artists/Far OutUA-XW163$6ustan/brown lblvg+
11465WarThe Cisco KidUnited Artists/Far OutUP 35521$10ukdemo/tan/brown lbl/noc/wolvg++
11466WarThe World Is A GhettoUnited ArtistsUA 35469$12gerps/tan/brown lblvg+/vg
11467WarThe World Is A GhettoUnited ArtistsUA 35469$18gerps/tan/brown lblm-/vg++
11468WarWhy Can't We Be FriendsUnited Artists/Far OutUP 35836$6uktan/brown lblvg+
11469WarYou Got the PowerRCA VictorPB 13061$6usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
11470Ward SingersHe's Got the Whole World In His HandsBuena VistaF 425$8us vg
11471Wardell PiperCaptain BoogieMidsongMI 1001$4usyellow/white lbl/wolvg++
11472Wardell PiperCaptain BoogieMidsongPOSP 42$6uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg+
11473Wardell PiperCaptain BoogiePolydor2001867$12nor/dkpsm-/m-
11474Was (Not Was)Out Come the FreaksZEWIP 6709$10ukyellow lblm-
11475WashragPow!TMI75-0114$25us vg
11476Watson BeasleyDon't Let Your Chance Go Bye (Edit)Warner BrosWBS 49267$15us vg++
11477Watson T. BrowneGod Made His ChildrenMAMMAM 40$25ukdemo/press releasem-
11478Watson T. BrowneI'm On the Road AgainMAMMAM 16$15uk vg++
11479Watts 103rd Street Rhythm BandDo Your ThingWarner BrosA 7250$15gerps/green lblvg/vg
11480Watts 103rd Street Rhythm BandDo Your ThingWarner BrosA 7250$20gerps/green lblvg++/vg+
11481Watts LineNever Stop Lovin' MeBulletB-712$30usyellow/black lblvg++
11482Wayne BoykinMake Me YoursAtlantic45-2670$25usdemo/red/white lblm-
11483Wayne CochranGet ReadyChess2029$20usblue 2 tone lblvg+
11484Wayne Fontana & the MindbendersUm Um Um Um Um UmFontanaTF 497$10uk vg+
11485Wayne Fontana & the MindbendersUm Um Um Um Um UmFontanaTF 497$6uk vg-
11486Wayne GibsonUnder My ThumbPyeDDS 2001$30ukdemom-
11487Wayne GibsonUnder My ThumbPyeDDS 2001$20ukred lblvg+
11488Wayne GibsonUnder My ThumbPyeDDS 2001$15ukred lblvg
11489Wayne HendersonDancin' Love AffairPolydorSTEP 7$8uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg+
11490Wayne HendersonGet the Ants Out Ya PantsPolydorPD 2047$30uswhite lbl test pressing/label copyvg++
11491Weather GirlsSuccesCBS4401$12ukdemo/white/red/orange A lblm-
11492Weather ReportRiver PeopleCBS6743$6holpsvg/vg+
11493WebsTomorrowLondon5627$25hol vg+
11494WebsTomorrowPop-Side4593$20usblue/purple lblvg
11495Wee GeeHold On (To Your Dreams)Cotillion45012$10uspurple lblm-
11496Wes HendersonRealityRare EarthR 5007$20us m-
11497Wes MontgomeryA Day In the Life Part 1A&M865$6usbrown lbl/dhvg
11498Wes MontgomeryWindyA&M883$6usbrown lblvg
11499Wess & the AiredalesI Miei Giorni Felici (Chapel Of Dreams)DuriumCNA 9259$60itaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
11500Wet WillieMake You Feel Love AgainEpicEPC 6264$15ukdemo/orange/black A lblm-
11501Wet WillieStreet Corner SerenadeEpic8-50478$12usdemo/wolvg++
11502WhatnautsGive Him UpGSF6905$15usbrown lblvg+
11503WhatnautsInstigating (Trouble Making Fool)GSF6897$20usbrown lblvg+
11504WhatnautsInstigating (Trouble Making Fool)GSF6897$30usbrown lblm-
11505WhatnautsLet Me Be That Special OneStangST 5055$15usblue 2 tone lbl/wolm-
11506What's HappeningWhat's Happening Now: Peace!MCA53042$10usps/demo/white/black lblvg++/vg++
11507Whispering SmithWhy Am I Treated So BadExcello2338$20usdemo/blue lblm-
11508WhispersAnd the Beat Goes OnSolarSO 1$10uk m-
11509WhispersAnd the Beat Goes OnSolarFB 1894$15gerps/yellow lbl/promo sticker on slv/wol/wocvg+/vg++
11510WhispersI Can Make It BetterSolarYB-12232$6us vg++
11511WhispersIt's A Love ThingRCA Victor/SolarFB 2154$6gerps/yellow lblm-/vg
11512WhispersIt's A Love ThingSolarYB-12154$8us m-
11513WhispersIt's A Love ThingSolarYB-12154$4uspurple lbl/wolvg++
11514WhispersLadySolarYB-11928$8us vg+
11515WhispersOnce More With FeelingJanusJ 238$25usbrown lblvg++
11516WhispersP.O.W M.I.A. (Prisoners Of War Missing In Action)JanusJ 212$12usbrown lblvg++
11517WhispersSeems Like I Gotta Do WrongSoul Clock1004$25usgold lbl/wolm-
11518WhispersThe Time Will ComeSoul ClockSC 107$20usgreen lblvg++
11519White ChocolateLet's Get FunkedRCA VictorAPBO-0162$15usyellow lblm-
11520White HeatDancing Like A SuperstarMAMMAM 182$8ukbrown lblvg++
11521Whitney HoustonAll the Man That I NeedArista114000$4gerps/silver lblvg+/vg++
11522Whitney HoustonSo Emotional (Edit Remix)Arista109477$6gerps/silver/black lblvg+/vg++
11523Whitney HoustonWhere Do Broken Hearts GoArista109793$4gerps/silver lblvg+/vg++
11524WhodiniFive Minutes Of FunkJiveJS1-9276$8usblue lblm-
11525WhodiniMagic's WandJiveVS 2004$6usblue lblvg+
11526Wigan's Chosen FewFootseePye InternationalDDS 111$10ukred lblm-
11527Wigan's Chosen FewFootseePye InternationalDDS 111$8ukps/red lblvg+/vg
11528Wigan's Chosen FewFootseePye InternationalDDS 111$6ukred lblvg+
11529Wigans OvationPer-So-Nal-LySparkSRL 1129$6ukyellow/blue lbl/solid centrevg+
11530Wigans OvationSuper LoveSparkSRL 1133$8ukyellow/blue lbl/solid centrevg+
11531Wilbert Harrison(Just Got To Have Some) Money HoneyFury6000$15usyellow lblvg++
11532Wilbert HarrisonGet It While You CanActionACT 4613$10uknocvg+
11533Wilbert HarrisonGet It While You CanHot LineHOT 101$6uslight blue lblvg
11534Wilbert HarrisonKansas CityFury1023$6usyellow/black lblg
11535Wilbert HarrisonKansas CityFury1023$8usyellow/black lbl/wocvg-
11536Wilbert HarrisonKansas CityFury1023$10usyellow/black lblvg-
11537Wilbert HarrisonKansas CityKarusellKFF 290$20swred/white/blue lblm-
11538Wilbert HarrisonKansas CityMaybellene98$15eecpicture discm-
11539Wilbert HarrisonLet's Stick TogetherFury1063$20us vg++
11540Wilbert HarrisonLet's Work TogetherLondonHL 10307$2uk g
11541Wilbert HarrisonLet's Work TogetherLondonHL 10307$20frapsvg-/vg
11542Wilbert HarrisonLet's Work TogetherSueSUE 11$25usblack/white lblm-
11543Wilbert HarrisonLet's Work TogetherSueSUE 11$20usred lblvg++
11544Wilbert HarrisonLovin' OperatorBrunswick55511$10usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblvg++
11545Wilbert HarrisonMy Heart Is YoursSSS InternationalSSS 830$15usblue vinylm-
11546Wilbert HarrisonMy Heart Is YoursSSS InternationalSSS 830$20usdemo/blue vinylm-
11547Wilbert HarrisonOff To School AgainDoe1002$40us m-
11548Wilbert HarrisonOff To Work AgainNeptune123$25usgreen/silver lblvg++
11549Wilbert HarrisonStagger LeeLondonHL 10307$25ukdemom-
11550Wilbert Harrison & his Kansas City PlayboysOff To School AgainDoe1001$25us m-
11551Wilburt 'Kansas City' HarrisonMini ParadeRouletteR-4752$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
11552Wild HoneyAt the Top Of the StairsDrive6253$8usroad lbl/dhvg+
11553Wild HoneyDo the Best You Can (With What You've Got)Dash5043$10us vg+
11554Wild HoneyThere's No Stopping Us NowMamMAM 87$25uk m-
11555Wild MagnoliasSmoke My Peace PipeBarclay62076$30fraps/yellow/black lblvg+/m-
11556Wild TchoupitoulasHere Dey ComeIslandIS 071$25uspalm tree/orange/blue rim lblm-
11557Wild TchoupitoulasMeet De Boys On the BattlefrontIsland6138095$20fraps/pink/black lblvg++/vg++
11558WildweedsIt Was Fun (While It Lasted)Cadet5586$25us vg++
11559WildweedsNo Good To CryCadet5561$30usblue 2 tone lbl/dhm-
11560WildweedsNo Good To CryCadet5561$25usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg++
11561Will DowningA Love Supreme (Radio Mix)4th & BroadwayBRW 90$8ukpsm-/vg++
11562Will DowningA Love Supreme (Radio Mix)4th & BroadwayBRW 90$8ukpsm-/vg++
11563Will DowningFree (Remix)4th & B'WayBRW 112$8ukps/laminated flipback slvm-/vg++
11564Will HatcherWho Am I Without You BabyWandWND 11286$20usorange lblvg+
11565Will HatcherWho Am I Without You BabyWandWND 11286$25usorange lblvg++
11566Will KingBacked Up Against the Wall (re-edited version)Total ExperienceTES1-2430$15usblack/silver lblm-
11567Will KingI'm SorryTotal ExperienceTES1-2417$15usblack/silver lblm-
11568William BellA Tribute To A KingAtlanticK 10244$10ukorange/blue lblvg++
11569William BellComing Back For MoreMercury73922$25usskyscraper lblm-
11570William BellEloise (Hang On In There)Stax601019$12ukblue lblvg
11571William BellEveryday Will Be Like A HolidayWRC86-205$4uslight green lbl/wolvg-
11572William BellI Forgot To Be Your LoverStaxSTA 0015$25usdemo/wolvg++
11573William BellJust As I ThoughtStaxS-135$30usdemo/white/black lblvg+
11574William BellMarching Off To WarStax45-191$12usblue lblvg+
11575William BellNever Like This BeforeStax45-199$20usblue lblvg++
11576William BellTryin' To Love TwoMercury73839$10us vg++
11577William BellTryin' To Love TwoMercury6167424$15holps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
11578William BellTryin' To Love TwoMercury6167424$10holps/blue/silver lblvg/vg
11579William BellYou Don't Miss Your WaterStaxS-116$25usblue lblvg++
11580William Bell & Judy ClayPrivate NumberStaxSTXS 2011$10ukyellow lblm-
11581William Bell & Mavis StaplesLove's Sweet SensationStaxSTA 0043$12usdhvg++
11582William DeVaughnBe Thankful For What You Got Part 1Chelsea2005002$18gerps/sample stamped lbl/wocvg++/vg++
11583William DeVaughnHold On To LoveTEC767$20usbrown lblvg+
11584William Goldstein & the Magic Disco MachineMidnight PhapsodyMotownM 1400F$8uswolvg++
11585Willie "Beaver" HaleGroove OnT.K.TKR 7587$20uksolid centrevg+
11586Willie & the Mighty MagnificentsNot On the OutsideAll PlatinumAP 2313$45uslight green lblvg++
11587Willie BoboSunshine SupermanVerveVK 10448$6usblack/silver lbl/dhvg-
11588Willie BollingerI Won't Have To Cry No MoreKent SelectCITY 018$20ukblue/white lblm-
11589Willie ClaytonWhat A Way To Put ItCompleatCP 124$25ustest pressing white lblm-
11590Willie CobbsLonely BoyPure Gold302$30usblack/gold lblvg-
11591Willie CobbsYou Don't Love MeChimneyville10226$15us m-
11592Willie CollinsWhere You Gonna Be TonightCapitolCL 410$8ukpsm-/m-
11593Willie ColonEl CazangeroFania746$15us m-
11594Willie ColónSet Fire To MeA&M390110-7$15gerps/silver/black lblm-/vg++
11595Willie ColónSet Fire To MeA&MAM 2845$8usred lblm-
11596Willie DixonGod Blessed Our LoveAce3008$15us m-
11597Willie Gresham & the Free Food TicketI Cried Boo HooMajesty1040$30usmaroon/silver lblvg++
11598Willie HarperBut I Couldn'tAlon9000$45us vg++
11599Willie HeadenJust A Letter From You Part 1KentK 485$20usblack/silver/red logo lblm-
11600Willie HendersonGangster Boogie BumpPye International7N 25668$8ukred lbl/solid centrevg++
11601Willie HendersonGangster Boogie BumpPye International7N 25668$6ukred lblvg+
11602Willie HendersonGangster Boogie BumpPye International7N 25668$8ukred lbl/4 prong push out centrevg++
11603Willie HendersonLow Life DogPlayboyP 6064$10uswolvg++
11604Willie HendersonThe Dance MasterContempo611517$18gerps/red lblvg+/vg++
11605Willie HendersonThe Dance MasterContempoC 18$20ukdemo/red/silver lbl/wol/solm-
11606Willie HendersonThe Dance MasterContempoC 18$12ukblack/silver lblvg++
11607Willie HendersonThe Dance MasterContempoC 18$8ukblack/silver lbl/noc/wolvg++
11608Willie HightowerToo Many Irons In the FireAdventure OneAO-8502-X$12usblack/silver lblvg
11609Willie HightowerYou Used Me BabyFame1465$25us vg+
11610Willie HightowerYou Used Me BabyFameP-1465$40usdemo/black/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
11611Willie Hobbs(Please) Don't Let Me DownSeventy 777-113$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
11612Willie HobbsA Penny For Your ThoughtsSeventy 777-119$25usdemo/white/black lblm-
11613Willie HobbsA Penny For Your ThoughtsSeventy 777-119$20usorange/yellow/black lblm-
11614Willie HobbsA Penny For Your ThoughtsSeventy 777-119$15usorange/yellow/black lblvg++
11615Willie HobbsCry Cry CrySoftS 1018$25us vg++
11616Willie HobbsI Know I'm Gonna Miss YouSeventy 777-108$25usyellow lblm-
11617Willie HobbsLet's Steal AwayBanditB 9$20us m-
11618Willie HobbsWhere Did I Go WrongSeventy 7SS-101$15usyellow lblvg+
11619Willie HutchHip Shakin' Sexy LadyWhitfieldWHI 8689$15us vg++
11620Willie HutchLove PowerTamla Motown1C006-97306$20gerps/dhm-/vg+
11621Willie HutchSlickTamla MotownTSM NP 64166$30itagreen/yellow/orange/blue lbl/promo sticker on lblvg++
11622Willie JamesSweet Lips And Sensuous HipsFriends & Co.F 128$18usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
11623Willie MabonI'm the FixerUSA741$25uswhite/red/blue lblm-
11624Willie MabonNew Orleans BluesUSA759$25uswhite/red/blue lblvg++
11625Willie MabonSome Time I WonderUSA787$30usdemo/blue/red/white lblvg++
11626Willie Mitchell30-60-90LondonHL 1570$30itapsvg+/vg+
11627Willie MitchellBreaking PointHI45-2196$15usblack/silver/red logo lblvg+
11628Willie MitchellBum DaddyHI45-2147$25usdemo/orange/yellow lblvg++
11629Willie MitchellBum DaddyHI45-2147$18usblack/silver/red logo lbl/sol/wolm-
11630Willie MitchellBum DaddyHI45-2147$20usblack/silver/red logo lblm-
11631Willie MitchellRestlessHI45-2190$50usdemo/orange/yellow lblm-
11632Willie MitchellRobbin's NestHIHI 2175$15usblack/silver/red logo lbl/dhvg+
11633Willie MitchellRobbin's NestLondonHLU 10313$20ukdemom-
11634Willie MitchellSoul SerenadeLondon68208$10tur vg++
11635Willie MitchellSoul SerenadeLondonHLU 10186$25ukdemo/orange lblvg++
11636Willie MitchellThe Champion Part 1LondonHLU 10545$15uk m-
11637Willie MitchellUp HardHI45-2151$20usps/black/silver lbl/dhm-/m-
11638Willie ParkerYou Got Your Finger In My EyeM-Pac7236$35us vg++
11639Willie ParkerYou Got Your Finger In My EyeM-Pac7236$40us m-
11640Willie TeeThank You JohnAtlantic45-2287$25usdhvg++
11641Willie TeeThank You JohnAtlantic45-2287$30us m-
11642Willie TeeThank You JohnAtlanticOS 13150$10us vg++
11643Willie Tell & the OverturesKick-BackChess2086$50usdemo/wolvg+
11644Willie WestGreatest LoveDeesu306$15us vg++
11645Willie WilliamsWine Headed WomanSupremeSR 1001$8us vg
11646Willis JacksonBrown Eyed GirlAtlantic45-3294$8usdemo/light blue/black lbl/solvg+
11647WillowsChurch Bells May RingMelba102$10usblack/silver lbl/publishing credit on the rightvg-
11648Wilma ReadingPlay It AgainPye7N 45380$6ukred lblvg+
11649Wilma ReadingThere's Something About YouPye13301 AT$10gerps/blue lblvg/vg
11650Wilmar WalkerStompin' RoachesPhilips40030$40usdemo/white/black lblvg+
11651Wilmer & the DukesHeavy TimeAphrodisiacSME 261$20usorange lblvg++
11652Wilson Pickett634-5789Atlantic45-2320$20us vg+
11653Wilson PickettA Man And A HalfAtlanticATL 70337$15gerps/red/black lbl/wocvg+/vg+
11654Wilson PickettA Man And A HalfAtlanticATL 70337$25swps/red/black lblvg++/m-
11655Wilson PickettBorn To Be WildAtlanticATL 70380$15gerps/wol/wocvg+/vg+
11656Wilson PickettCall My Name I'll Be ThereAtlanticATL 10053$20gerps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
11657Wilson PickettCole, Cooke & ReddingAtlantic45-2722$8us vg+
11658Wilson PickettCole, Cooke & ReddingAtlanticATL 70431$15gerps/red/black lbl/socm-/vg+
11659Wilson PickettCole, Cooke & ReddingAtlanticATL 70431$10gerps/red/black lbl/wocvg+/vg
11660Wilson PickettDeborahAtlanticATL NP 03027$15itaps/red/black lbl/wocvg+/vg++
11661Wilson PickettDon't Fight ItAtlanticAT 4052$18ukblack/silver lblm-
11662Wilson PickettDon't Knock My Love Part 1AtlanticATS 546$8sared lbl/solid centrevg
11663Wilson PickettDon't Let the Green Grass Fool YouAtlantic45-2871$12us vg+
11664Wilson PickettEngine Number 9Atlantic45-2765$20us vg+
11665Wilson PickettEverybody Needs Somebody To LoveAtlanticK 10269$15ukdemom-
11666Wilson PickettFire And WaterAtlantic2091086$10ukred lblvg+
11667Wilson PickettFunky BroadwayAtlanticATL 70228$15gerps/red/black lblvg/vg+
11668Wilson PickettFunky BroadwayAtlanticATL 70228$18gerps/red/black lblvg/vg++
11669Wilson PickettGroove CityEMI America1C006-86020$10gerps/green lblm-/m-
11670Wilson PickettGroove CityEMI AmericaEA 104$2ukgreen lbl/nocvg-
11671Wilson PickettHey JoeAtlanticATL 70390$30gerpsm-/m-
11672Wilson PickettHey JoeAtlanticATL 70390$30swpsm-/m-
11673Wilson PickettHey JudeAtlantic650132$15fraps/yellow/black lblvg+/vg
11674Wilson PickettHey JudeAtlanticATL 70345$30gerps/red/black lblm-/m-
11675Wilson PickettHey JudeAtlanticATL 70345$30swps/red/black lblm-/m-
11676Wilson PickettHey JudeAtlanticH 421$20spaps/red/white lblvg+/vg+
11677Wilson PickettI Found A Love Part 1Atlantic45-2394$15us vg++
11678Wilson PickettI Found A Love Part 1AtlanticATL 70211$30gerpsm-/m-
11679Wilson PickettI Found A True LoveAtlantic45-2558$12usdhvg+
11680Wilson PickettI Found A True LoveAtlantic45-2558$15usdhvg++
11681Wilson PickettI Found A True LoveAtlantic45-2558$12usdh/wolvg++
11682Wilson PickettI Found A True LoveAtlanticATL 70326$30swpsm-/m-
11683Wilson PickettI'm A Midnight MoverAtlanticATL 70296$10swps/red/black lblvg-/vg
11684Wilson PickettI'm A Midnight MoverAtlanticATL 70296$25swps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
11685Wilson PickettIn the Midnight HourAtlanticATL 70144$30swps/red/black lblvg/vg++
11686Wilson PickettIn the Midnight HourAtlanticAT 4036$4ukblack/silver lbl/noc/solg
11687Wilson PickettIn the Midnight HourAtlanticATL 70144$35swpsvg/m-
11688Wilson PickettIn the Midnight HourMotownZB 41583$10gerps/silver/black lblvg/vg
11689Wilson PickettInternational PlayboyAtlantic45-2961$15uswolvg++
11690Wilson PickettIt's Too LateTrip OldiesTR 70$8us vg++
11691Wilson PickettI've Come A Long WayAtlantic45-2484$10usdhm-
11692Wilson PickettJealous LoveAtlantic45-2484$6us vg+
11693Wilson PickettJealous LoveAtlantic45-2484$8usdhvg++
11694Wilson PickettJealous LoveAtlanticATL 70264$20swps/red/black lblvg+/vg++
11695Wilson PickettLand Of A Thousand DancesAtlanticATL 70179$45swps/demovg++/m-
11696Wilson PickettLand Of A Thousand DancesPhilcoHP-11$30usps/hip-pocket m-/vg++
11697Wilson PickettMini-Skirt MinnieAtlanticATL 70365$25gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg++
11698Wilson PickettMini-Skirt MinnieAtlanticATL 70365$12gerps/red/black lbl/wocvg-/vg
11699Wilson PickettMr. Magic ManRCA Victor74-0898$12gerps/yellow lblvg+/m-
11700Wilson PickettMr. Magic ManRCA Victor74-0898$15gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
11701Wilson PickettMustang SallyAtlantic584066$25ukred lbl/solvg++
11702Wilson PickettMustang SallyAtlanticATL 70191$35swpsvg++/m-
11703Wilson PickettNew OrleansAtlantic584107$8ukred lbl/noc/wolvg
11704Wilson PickettShe Said YesAtlantic45-2753$15usdemo/red/white lblvg++
11705Wilson PickettShe Said YesAtlantic45-2753$8us vg+
11706Wilson PickettShe's Looking GoodAtlanticATL 70274$25swpsvg++/m-
11707Wilson PickettShe's Looking GoodAtlanticATL 70274$30swpsm-/m-
11708Wilson PickettShe's Looking GoodAtlantic45-2504$18usdhvg++
11709Wilson PickettSoft Soul Boogie WoogieRCA VictorAPBO 0174$8ukyellow lbl/solid centrevg++
11710Wilson PickettSoul Dance Number ThreeAtlanticATL 70215$25swps/red/black lblvg+/m-
11711Wilson PickettSoul Dance Number ThreeAtlanticATL 70215$40swps/demom-/m-
11712Wilson PickettSoul Dance Number ThreeAtlanticATL 70215$12swps/red/black lbl/wocvg-/vg+
11713Wilson PickettStag-O-LeeAtlantic45-2448$10us vg+
11714Wilson PickettStag-O-LeeAtlanticATL 70236$20gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
11715Wilson PickettStag-O-LeeAtlanticATL 70236$30swps/red/black lblm-/m-
11716Wilson PickettStag-O-LeeAtlanticATL 70236$25gerps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
11717Wilson PickettTake A Closer Look At the Woman You're WithRCA VictorAPBO 0049$6usyellow lbl/solvg
11718Wilson PickettThe Best Part Of A ManWicked8101$20us vg++
11719Wilson PickettThe Best Part Of A ManWicked8101$15usorange/black lbl/wolvg++
11720Wilson PickettTiene Buen Aspecto (She's Looking Good)AtlanticH 314$18spaps/red/white lblvg+/vg+
11721Wilson PickettTierra De Las Mil Danzas (Land Of A Thousand Dances)AtlanticH 155$15spaps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
11722Wilson PickettToe HoldAtlanticATL 70380$12ger vg+
11723Wilson PickettUn' AvventuraAtlantic3097$30itaps/red/black lbl/dhvg/vg++
11724Wilson PickettYou Can't Stand AloneAtlantic45-2412$20us vg+
11725Wilson PickettYou Keep Me Hanging OnAtlantic584313$15ukred lbl/release date stamped on lblm-
11726Wilson PickettYou Keep Me Hanging OnAtlanticATL 70410$18swps/red/black lbl/sol/nocvg+/m-
11727Wilton Felder & Bobby Womack(No Matter How High I Get)I'll Still be Lookin' up to YouMCA52467$10uspsm-/m-
11728Wilton Place Street BandBaby Love Sweet Sweet LoveIslandIS 086$18uspalm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg++
11729Wilton Place Street BandI Love Lucy ThemeIslandIS 078$8uspink/blue lblm-
11730WinnersGet Ready For the FutureAriolaARO 144$8uksilver/black lblm-
11731Winston GroovyRock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)Jive145185$6holpsm-/vg++
11732WinstonsLove Of the Common PeopleMetromediaMMS 142$18usblue lblvg++
11733WinstonsLove Of the Common PeoplePye International7N 25500$15ukblue lblvg+
11734WisdomNefertitiCrystalCR 7026$40ukblack/silver lbl/wolm-
11735WolfPapa Was A Rollin' StoneConstellation969849-7$18gerpsvg++/vg++
11736Womack & WomackCelebrate the World4th & B'wayBRW 125$6ukpsm-/m-
11737Womack & WomackLife's Just A Ballgame4th & B'way111912$6gerpsm-/m-
11738Womack & WomackLove WarsElektraE 9799$8ukpsvg++/vg++
11739Womack & WomackTeardrops4th & BroadwayBRW 101$6ukpsvg++/m-
11740WomanThat's How It IsShockS 1010$30usblack/white lbl/wolvg++
11741Woods EmpireThe Boogie's Gonna Get YouTabuZS6 02024$10uswolvg++
11742Woody HermanHushCadet5634$45usdemo/blue 2 tone lblm-
11743World PremiereShare the NightInjection134634$12holpsvg++/m-
11744WuelfoSiguelo Que Se SepaInca6073$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
11745Wylee DixonJust Like A WomanChecker1164$40usblue 2 tone lblm-
11746Wynton KellyIf That's the Way You Want ItVerveVK 10310$10usblack/silver lblvg++
11747Wynton KellyIt's All RightVerveVK 10316$10usblack/silver lblvg++



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