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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
11275UdellThe Promise Of LoveRKM4B006-98726$20belps/green/black lbl/soc/solvg/vg++
11276U-DWI Peoples ParaphernaliaPush And Pull (The Tom Jones)BRCBRC 102$4usblack/rainbow lblg
11277UllabellaLove Is Leading MeTeener45-ST 41440$50dkps/black/silver lbl/bootleg slv/wocvg+/vg++
11278UllabellaLove Is Leading MeTeener45-ST 41440$150dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
11279UllabellaLove Is Leading MeTeener45-ST 41440$200dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
11280UllandaWant AdsOcean7500$10us m-
11281UllandaWant AdsOcean7500$8us vg++
11282UllandaWant AdsOcean7500$6us vg+
11283UltimateTouch Me BabyCasablancaNB 966$8us m-
11284Ultra NatéIt's Over NowWEA246556-7$6gerpsm-/vg++
11285UltrafunkGotham City BoogieContempoCS 2100$10ukblack/silver lbl/promo sticker on lblvg+
11286UltrafunkLiving For the CityContempoCS 2001$12ukblack/silver lbl/wolvg+
11287UltrafunkSweet F.A. (Funky Al)ContempoCS 2020$12ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
11288Ultrafunk featuring Mr. Superbad Freddie MackKung Fu ManContempo7701$10usgold/black lblvg+
11289Ultrafunk featuring Mr. Superbad Freddie MackKung Fu ManContempoCS 2023$8ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
11290Undisputed TruthBall Of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today)GordyG-7112F$8us vg++
11291Undisputed TruthBall Of Confusion (That's What the World Is Today)GordyG-7112F$6uswolvg++
11292Undisputed TruthHigher Than HighTamla MotownTMG 1014$6uk vg+
11293Undisputed TruthLaw Of the LandGordyG-7130F$6us vg
11294Undisputed TruthLaw Of the LandTamla Motown2C006-94590$18fraps/red lbl/wocvg/vg
11295Undisputed TruthUngena Za Ulimwengu (Unite the World) Friendship TrainTamla Motown2C006-93327$20fraps/red lblm-/vg+
11296Undisputed TruthYou + Me = LoveWarner BrosK 16804$6ukboulevard lbl/solid centrevg+
11297Undisputed TruthYou + Me = LoveWarner BrosK 16804$2ukboulevard lbl/solid centrevg-
11298Undisputed TruthYou + Me = LoveWhitfieldWHI 8231$6us vg+
11299Undisputed TruthYou Got the Love I NeedGordyG-7108$10uswolvg-
11300Undisputed TruthYou Got the Love I NeedTamla Motown5C006-92723$25hol m-
11301Unexpected(Hey Girl) Work Your ShowMonument45-208$12usblack/silver lblvg++
11302UnexpectedOpen Up Your HeartSound Stage 7ZS8 1517$35usdemo/white/black lblvg++
11303UnforgettablesWas It AlrightColpixCP 192$15usgold/red lblvg+
11304UnificsToshisumasuKappKS 2026$20usdemo/white/black lblm-
11305UnificsWhich One Should I ChooseKappK 935$20usblack/silver/red/white lblvg++
11306Universal Robot BandFreak With MeRed GregRG-217$10usblue/red logo lblm-
11307Unlimited CompanyThe HustleBDSBK 6011$8yugps/white/black lbl/tocvg-/g
11308Unlimited FourWalk Away LoverChansonCH 1180$15usyellow/red lblvg
11309Unlimited TouchIn the MiddlePreludePRL 8023$12uswolvg++
11310Unlimited TouchIn the MiddlePreludePRL 8023$10us vg+
11311Unlimited TouchIn the MiddlePreludePRL 8023$15us vg++
11312Unlimited TouchSearching To Find the One (Remix)PreludePRL 8029$10us m-
11313UpsettersDown HomeABC11120$35usdemovg++
11314UpsettersRolling OnGeeG-1055$30usdemo/white/red logo lblm-
11315Upsetters & Jimmy WessTossin' & Turnin'ABC45-11081$40us vg+
11316Urzula DudziakFunk RingsAristaARISTA 31$15ukwolvg++
11317Urzula DudziakFunk RingsAristaAS 0153$15uswolvg++
11318UsOstrichSpringSPR 150$8usgreen/white lbl/solvg+
11319Val YoungMind GamesGordy1795 GF$18usps/promom-/vg++
11320Val YoungSeductionGordy1812 GF$4us vg
11321Val YoungSeductionGordyZB 40419$10gerpsvg++/vg++
11322Valentine & the SweetheartsLipstick And High-Heel ShoesBig Top45-3147$25usdemovg+
11323Valentine BrothersMoney's Too Tight (To Mention)BridgeBR 1982$8us vg+
11324Valentine BrothersMoney's Too Tight (To Mention)Fifth WorldFW 004$12ukps/solid centre/laminated slvm-/m-
11325Valentine BrothersMoney's Too Tight (To Mention)Fifth WorldFW 004$10ukps/solid centre/laminated slvvg++/m-
11326ValentinosIt's All Over NowSarSAR 152$50uswhite/greeb/yellow lblm-
11327Valerie DunnWhere's My LoveAmadeo InternationalAVRS 21356$20au vg+
11328Valerie SimpsonSilly Wasn't ITamla54224 F$2usyellow/brown top lblg
11329Vallentine AdamsI Found A Love Part 1CherylCH 002$4usyellow/black lblvg-
11330Vallentine AdamsI Found A Love Part 1CherylCH 002$6usyellow/black lblvg
11331Van & GraceSet Me FreeSSS InternationalSSS 765$25usdhvg++
11332Van & GraceSet Me FreeSSS InternationalSSS 765$20usdhvg+
11333Van & TitusCry Baby CryElf90016$50usgreen lblvg++
11334Van BroussardFeed the FlameJin45-1029$20uswhite/gold lblm-
11335Van BroussardFeed the FlameMalaM 12021$30usdemo/yellow/black lblvg++
11336Van DykesI Won't Hold It Against YouMala520$15usblue/silver lblvg-
11337Van McCoyChange With the TimesAvco6105042$6ukpurple/black lbl/solid centrevg+
11338Van McCoyLet Me Down EasyBuddahBDA 310$15uswolvg+
11339Van McCoyNever Trust A FriendRock'n101$4usblue/silver lblg
11340Van McCoyNight WalkH&LHL 4667$6usorange/purple rim lbl/wolvg++
11341Van McCoySoul Cha ChaH&LHL 4682$6usorange/purple rim lblvg+
11342Van McCoySoul Improvisations Part 1BuddahBDS 418$15ukbrown/pink rim lblvg++
11343Van McCoySoul Improvisations Part 1BuddahBDS 418$8ukbrown/pink rim lblvg
11344Van McCoySoul Improvisations Part 1BuddahBDA 297$12uswolvg++
11345Van McCoyThe HustleAvco6105038$6uk vg+
11346Van McCoyThe HustleAvcoAV 4653$2usorange/purple rim lblvg-
11347Van McCoyThe ShuffleH&L6105076$6ukpurple/black lbl/solid centrevg+
11348Van McCoyThe ShuffleH&L6105076$10ukpurple/black lbl/solid centrem-
11349Van McCoy & the Soul City SymphonyThe HustleAvco6105037$8uk vg++
11350Van McCoy & the Soul City SymphonyThe HustleAvco16049 AT$8ger vg++
11351Van Prince Orchestra featuring Sahib ShihabAdlon Hully Gully Part 1AdlonSP 1$30dkblack/silver lblvg
11352VandalsIn My OpinionT NeckTN 923$15us vg-
11353Vanity Pretty MessMotownTMG 1360$8ukps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
11354Vanity 6He's So DullWarner BrosWB 17983$6holpsvg/vg+
11355Vann PerryI'm Not ParticularStonelSL 1005$40usdemo/white/black lbl/some lbl damage on B-sidevg-
11356Various: Detroit Spinners/John Holt/Jah WooshThe Rubberband Man/Doctor Love/Albert ClassauBlack MusicSF1 256$10ukflexivg+
11357Veda BrownDon't Let the Green Grass Fool YouStaxSTA 0143$10usyellow lblm-
11358Veda BrownDon't Let the Green Grass Fool YouStaxSTA 0143$8uswolm-
11359Veda BrownShort StoppingStax812$12frayellow lblvg++
11360Veda BrownShort StoppingStaxSTA 0163$15usyellow lblm-
11361Veda BrownShort StoppingStax2025198$4gerolive green/black lbl/demo stamped lblvg
11362Veda BrownShort StoppingStax2025198$10gerolive green/black lblvg+
11363Veda BrownShort StoppingStaxSTA 0163$10usyellow lbl/wolvg+
11364Veda BrownShort StoppingStaxSTA 0163/2025198$30us/gerpsm-/m-
11365Veda BrownShort StoppingStaxSTXS 2008$4ukyellow lblvg
11366Veda BrownShort StoppingStaxSTAX 812$12frayellow lblvg++
11367Veda BrownTake It Off Her (And Put It On Me)StaxSTA 0123$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
11368Veda BrownTake It Off Her (And Put It On Me)StaxSTA 0123$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
11369Veda BrownTake It Off Her (And Put It On Me)StaxSTA 0123$10uswolm-
11370Vee AllenCan ILionLION 140$6usyellow/blue lblvg+
11371VelvelettesNeedle In A HaystackMotownY 480F$8us vg++
11372VelvelettesNeedle In A HaystackTamla MotownTMG 806$15uk m-
11373VelvetBet You If You Ask AroundPerceptionPS 543$30uslabel mising on b-side/wolvg++
11374VenusMadison '76 Part 1Columbia3-10341$8uswolvg++
11375Vera PowellI Didn't Know How Happy I Could BeCheriCHE 506$10us vg+
11376Verna WilliamsYou Better Prove ItBelinda100$40usorange/black lblvg++
11377Vernon BurchFun CityChocolate CityCC 3211$8us vg++
11378Vernon BurchFun CityChocolate CityCC 3211$6us vg+
11379Vernon BurchPlaying Hard To GetSRIB-00021$10us m-
11380VernonsMama Tembu's WeddingGalaxyGY 101$15ukblue 2 tone lbl/solvg++
11381Vessie SimmonsWill You Still Love Me TomorrowSimcoSR-V 8426$8usblue/silver lblvg++
11382VibrationsMy Girl SloopyAtlantic45-2221$18us vg++
11383VibrationsStranded In the JungleChecker982$30uswhite/black lblm-
11384Vic Pitts Cheaters featuring Omar DuPreeModern CrucifixionJewel846$20usdemo/white/black lblvg+
11385ViceroysUncle Sam Needs YouSmashS 1716$35usdemo/white/black lblvg++
11386Vicki Sue RobinsonNever Gonna Let You GoRCA VictorPB 10775$4usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
11387Vicki Sue RobinsonTurn the Beat AroundRCA VictorRCA 2673$8ukyellow lblvg++
11388Victoria MedlinNo Chain ReactionLondon5N-231-DJ$12usdemo/yellow swirl lblvg-
11389Victoria SosaIf This World Were MinePolygramPD 2170$10ussilver/black lblm-
11390View From the HillNo ConversationEMIEMI 5565$6ukpsvg++/vg++
11391VigonAnnabel LeeEgg640010$25fraps/yellow/grey lblvg+/vg+
11392Vikki AndersonI Got A Good Man (And I Know It)Tuff420$18usyellow/black lblvg
11393Village PeopleSan Francisco(You've Got Me)DJMDJS 10817$8uksolid centrevg+
11394Village PeopleY.M.C.A.CasablancaNB 945$2us m-
11395Vin CardinalLet the Water Run DownA&MAMS 812$18norps/brown lblm-/vg+
11396Vin Cardinal & the QueensI Need Your Lovin'Philips333843 JF$20holps/blue/silver lblvg/vg+
11397Vince DonofrioI Won't Be ThereWorld Pacific77838$40usdemo/wolm-
11398Vince Howard & the Vin-ettesThe Wayward WindBig R200$75usdemo/white/black lbl/solvg-
11399Viola WillsGonna Get Along Without You NowHansa International101066$10holpsvg/vg++
11400Viola WillsLove PainsMouse Music $30belwhite lbl test pressingvg+
11401ViolinairesI Don't KnowChecker5043$8usdhvg+
11402Virgil BrothersTemptation 'bout To Get MeRare EarthR 5006$50uswolm-
11403Virginia WolvesStayAmy966$20usdemo/light blue lbl/bootlegvg
11404ViscountsHarlem NocturneFlashbackFLB 29$10us m-
11405ViscountsHarlem NocturneMadisonM 123$6us vg
11406ViscountsNight TrainAmy949$18usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
11407ViscountsNight TrainAmy949$20usblue/silver lbl/dhm-
11408ViscountsRaindropMercury71073$30us vg++
11409Vitamin "E"SharingBuddahBDA 574$40usbrown/pink rim lblm-
11410Vitamin "E"SharingBuddahBDA 574$25usbrown/pink rim lbl/solvg+
11411Vivian ReedYours Until TomorrowEpic5-10319$20us m-
11412Vivian ReedYours Until TomorrowEpic5-10319$12usdemo/wolvg-
11413VoggueLove BuzzAtlantic4011$5us m-
11414VoicesSanta Claus BoogieSpecialty754$12usclear red vinyl/re-issuem-
11415VolumesCome Back Into My HeartChex1005$15ussolvg+



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