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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
9528S.C.I. Youth ChoirO Happy DayStateside1J006-90360$18spaps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
9529S.C.I. Youth ChoirO Happy DayStatesideSS 8019$10swps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg
9530S.N. and the Ct'sThe Pleasure Of Your CompanySunburst771$35usdemovg++
9531S.O.S. BandBorrowed LoveTabu7241$15holps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
9532S.O.S. BandDo It NowTabuZS6 2125$6us vg+
9533S.O.S. BandJust Be Good To MeTabuZS4 03955$4uswolvg
9534S.O.S. BandJust Be Good To MeTabuZS4 03955$10usdemo stamped lblm-
9535S.O.S. BandJust the Way You Like ItTabuZS4 04523$10usdemo stamped lblm-
9536S.O.S. BandS.O.S. (Dit Dit Dit Dash Dash Dash Dit Dit Dit)TabuXS9 5526$6us vg+
9537S.O.S. BandTake Your Time (Do It Right)TabuTAB 8564$12holpsvg+/vg++
9538S.O.S. BandTell Me If You Still CareTabuZS4 04160$8usdemo stamped lblvg++
9539S.O.S. BandWeekend GirlTabuZS4 04776$6usdemo stamped lblvg++
9540S.O.S. BandYouTabuZS5 02569$10us vg++
9541S.S.O.Tonight's the Night (Do What You Wanna Do)GullGULS 32$12ukdemom-
9542SabuEs Mi AmorInternational8005$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
9543SabuLoose LucyOcean7510$12us vg++
9544Sailor BoyWhat Have I Done WrongDig45-126$35us vg++
9545Salem TravelersDon't Disappoint the LordCheckerCK 1257$25usdemo/white/black lblm-
9546Salena JonesThis Is LoveCBS4767$25ukdemo/white/orange A lblvg++
9547Sally & the SultansShake Sheik Shake (The Arab Hustle)DJMDJS 10741$8uksolid centre/rssm-
9548Sally & the SultansShake Sheik Shake (The Arab Hustle)DJMDJS 10741$8uksolid centre/wolvg++
9549Sally & the SultansShake Sheik Shake (The Arab Hustle)DJMDJS 10741$10uksolid centrem-
9550Sally SagoeStopDartART 2055$15ukpink/white lbl/solid centrevg
9551Salsoul OrchestraNice 'n' NaastySalSoul612015$12gerpsvg+/m-
9552Salsoul OrchestraShort ShortsSalSoul612124$15gerps/dhvg++/m-
9553Salsoul OrchestraTangerineEpic4003$15holps/yellow lbl/wolvg+/m-
9554Salsoul OrchestraTangerineSalSoulSS-45-001$8us vg+
9555Salsoul OrchestraTangerineSalSoulSS-45-001$6phi vg
9556Salsoul OrchestraTangerineSalSoulSZ 2004$6us vg
9557Sam & BillBeautiful BabyJodaJ 100$40usblack/yellow lblm-
9558Sam & BillTreat Me RightJodaJ 104$30usblack/yellow lblm-
9559Sam & DaveA Little Bit Of Good (Cures A Whole Lot Of Bad)United ArtistsUA-XW438-W$8ustan/brown lblvg+
9560Sam & DaveCan't You Find Another Way (Of Doing It)Atlantic584211$20ukred lblm-
9561Sam & DaveCan't You Find Another Way (Of Doing It)Atlantic45-2540$10usdhvg++
9562Sam & DaveCan't You Find Another Way (Of Doing It)AtlanticATL 70304$12gerpsvg-/vg+
9563Sam & DaveEverybody Got To Believe In SomebodyAtlanticATL 70332$12gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
9564Sam & DaveEverybody Got To Believe In SomebodyAtlanticATL 70332$15swps/red/black lbl/sol/nocvg+/vg+
9565Sam & DaveGet ItAtlantic45-2608$10usdhvg+
9566Sam & DaveHold On I'm Comin'Atlantic584003$15ukred lblvg
9567Sam & DaveHold On I'm Comin'AtlanticK 10391$15ukrelease date on lblm-
9568Sam & DaveHold On I'm Comin'AtlanticATL 70173$20swps/red/black lblvg+/m-
9569Sam & DaveHold On I'm Comin'Perfect786014$6eups/socvg+/vg+
9570Sam & DaveI Thank YouAtlanticATL 70253$15swps/red/black lbl/solvg+/m-
9571Sam & DaveI Thank YouAtlanticATL 70253$12gerps/red/black lbl/tocvg+/vg+
9572Sam & DaveI Thank YouStax45-242$6usblue lblvg
9573Sam & DaveI'm Not An Indian GiverAtlanticATL 70428$15gerps/red/black lbl/woc/solvg++/vg+
9574Sam & DaveIt Was So Nice While It LastedRouletteRL 23012$8swwhite/rainbow lines lbl/nocvg+
9575Sam & DaveNo More PainRouletteR-4445$40usdemo/white/rainbow lines lblm-
9576Sam & DaveSoothe MeStaxS-218$20usblue lblm-
9577Sam & DaveSoul ManAtlanticATL 70235$15swps/red/black lblvg/vg+
9578Sam & DaveSoul ManAtlanticATL 70235$8swps/red/black lbl/noc/wolvg-/vg
9579Sam & DaveSoul Sister Brown SugarAtlanticATL 70344$30swps/red/black lblm-/m-
9580Sam & DaveSoul Sister Brown SugarAtlanticATL 70344$18swps/red/black lblvg/vg++
9581Sam & DaveWhen You Steel From Me (You're Only Cheating Yourself)Atlantic45-2728$25us vg++
9582Sam & DaveYou Don't Know Like I KnowAtlanticAT 4066$40ukblack/silver lblvg++
9583Sam & DaveYou Don't Know What You Mean to MeAtlantic584192$15ukred lbl/release date stamped on lblm-
9584Sam & DaveYou Don't Know What You Mean to MeAtlantic45-2517$15us m-
9585Sam & DaveYou Don't Know What You Mean to MeAtlanticATL 70287$20swps/red/black lbl/solvg+/m-
9586Sam & DaveYou Don't Know What You Mean to MeAtlanticATL 70287$18swps/red/black lbl/sol/nocvg+/m-
9587Sam & DaveYou Don't Know What You Mean to MeAtlantic45-2517$12usdhvg++
9588Sam AlcornBump BumpInstant3294$12usyellow/white lblvg++
9589Sam BakerI'm Number OneSound Stage 745-2590$30us vg++
9590Sam BakerJust A Glance AwaySeventy 7SP 2133$15usorange/yellow/black lblm-
9591Sam BakerStrange SensationSound Stage 7SS7-2620$8usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg
9592Sam Cooke(I Love You) For Sentimental ReasonsSpecialtySP 738$15uswhite/yellow/black lblm-
9593Sam CookeAnother Saturday NightRCA VictorPB 49849$4ukps/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg/vg
9594Sam CookeChain GangRCA Victor47-7783$15usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
9595Sam CookeCousin Of MineRCA Victor47-8426$15usblack/silver Nipper lblm-
9596Sam CookeFeel ItRCA Victor47-7927$15usblack/silver Nipper lbl vg+
9597Sam CookeGood NewsRCA Victor47-8299$10gerps/black/silver lblg/vg
9598Sam CookeIt's Got the Whole World Shakin'RCA Victor47-8539$15usblack/silver Nipper lblvg
9599Sam CookeLet's Go Steady AgainRCA Victor47-8803$15usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
9600Sam CookeLittle Red RoosterRCA Victor47-8247$15us vg
9601Sam CookeOnly SixteenHMV45-POP 642$20ukturquoise/silver lblvg
9602Sam CookeOnly SixteenKarusellKFF 302$25dkred/white/blue lblvg+
9603Sam CookeSad MoodRCA Victor61-7816$12usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
9604Sam CookeShakeRCA Victor47-8486$15usblack/silver Nipper lblvg
9605Sam CookeTeenage SonataRCA Victor47-7701$15gerblack/silver lblvg+
9606Sam CookeTeenage SonataRCA Victor47-7701$20usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
9607Sam CookeThere I've Said It AgainKeen8 2105$8us vg
9608Sam CookeYou Send MeKeen34013$20usblack/silver lblvg+
9609Sam DeesChild Of the StreetsAtlantic45-3243$20usred/black lblvg++
9610Sam DeesChild Of the StreetsAtlantic45-3243$25us m-
9611Sam DeesJust Out Of My ReachAtlantic45-2937$30usdemo/light blue/black lblm-
9612Sam DeesSo Tied UpAtlantic45-2991$40usdemo/red/white lblm-
9613Sam FletcherThe SinnerVee-JayVJ 623$20us vg+
9614Sam HawkinsNo Time For TearsDecca9-31059$20usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lblvg++
9615Sam HutchinsDang MeAGP106$30usdemo/white/black lbl/release date handwritten on lblvg
9616Sam HutchinsDang MeBellBLL 1044$25ukblue/silver/black lbl/noc/wolvg+
9617Sam MooreShop AroundAtlantic45-2814$40usdemovg++
9618Sam MooreTennessee WaltzAtlantic45-2762$15usdemo/red/white lblm-
9619Sam RussellFussin' And Fightin'PlayboyP 50007$18gerpsvg+/vg
9620Sam RussellFussin' And Fightin'PlayboyP 50007$25gerpsvg+/vg+
9621Sam the Man TaylorThat's How I Feel About YouMGMK 12831$12usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
9622Samantha SangIn the Midnight HourUnited ArtistsUA-X1313-Y$15usdemo/yellow/black lblvg++
9623Sammy Davis Jr.Baretta's Theme20th Century6162078$15norpsvg+/m-
9624Sammy Davis Jr.Baretta's Theme20th Century6162078$18norps/socm-/m-
9625Sammy Davis Jr.Baretta's Theme20th Century6162078$20norpsm-/m-
9626Sammy Davis Jr.Baretta's Theme20th Century6162078$18norpsvg++/m-
9627Sammy Davis Jr.Baretta's Theme20th Century6162078$18norpsm-/vg++
9628Sammy Davis Jr.Baretta's ThemePhilips6162078$12holpsvg+/vg+
9629Sammy Davis Jr.Baretta's ThemePhilips6162078$18holpsvg++/vg++
9630Sammy FitzhughI Feel AllrightAtco45-6181$15us vg+
9631Sammy LeeAs the City SleepsCommerceC 5017$30usyelow lblvg++
9632Sammy LewisYou Lied To Me Baby8th StreetESR 1001$50us m-
9633Sammy MastersRockin' Red WingWarner Bros5102$30hol vg+
9634Sammy TurnerAlwaysBig Top45-3029$15uspink lblvg+
9635Sammy TurnerI Want To Be LovedBig Top45-3038$8uspink lblvg
9636Sammy TurnerLavender BlueBig Top45-3016$20uspink lblvg+
9637Samona CookeOne Night AffairMercury6167670$6uktan/black lbl/solid centrevg+
9638Samuel ClarkBlack AmericansDCADC 103$6us vg+
9639San Remo Golden StringsFestival TimeGordyG 7060$20us vg++
9640San Remo StringsHungry For LoveTamla MotownTMG 807$10uksolid centrevg+
9641SandpebblesForget ItCallaC-134$6usred/white lbl/wolvg
9642SandpebblesIf You Didn't Hear Me the First Time (I'll Say It Again)CallaC-148$25us vg++
9643SandpebblesLove PowerGoldiesD 2484$10us m-
9644SandpebblesLove PowerPolydor59167$20nor m-
9645SandpebblesLove PowerPolydor59167$18norpsvg+/vg
9646SandpebblesNever My LoveCallaC-155$6usred/white lblvg
9647Sandra FevaLove Came Right On TimeJerniJR 2001$12usblack/red lblvg++
9648Sandra RhodesWhere's Your Love BeenFantasy692$25usdemovg+
9649Sandra SidwellChant A' MoiSutraSUA 111$10us vg++
9650Sandy WaddyEverything Is EverythingWand1169$60usblack/white/red lbl/dhm-
9651Sandy WaddyEverything Is EverythingWand1169$50usblack/white/red lblvg++
9652Sandy WaddyEverything Is EverythingWand1169$40usblack/white/red lbl/dhvg+
9653SapphiresThank You For Loving MeABC-Paramount45-10590$25us vg++
9654SapphiresWho Do You LoveSwanS-4162$18usblack/silver lbl/dhvg++
9655SapphiresWho Do You LoveSwanS-4162-W$25us m-
9656Sarah DashLook But Don't TouchKirshnerZS8 4278$12us m-
9657Sargent TuckerCome See MeMacolaCOLA 1$10uksolid centrem-
9658Sarr BandMagic MandrakeCalenderDAY 111$15uk m-
9659SassyLonely DancerFlamingoFM 3$8uk vg+
9660SatisfactionsBring It All DownImperial66170$30uswolm-
9661Saturday Night BandCome On Dance DanceCBS/PreludeSCBS 6367$10uksolid centrevg++
9662Saturday Night BandCome On Dance DanceCBS/PreludeSCBS 6367$8uksolid centrevg+
9663SatyriconOnly Love Spoken HereBuddahBDA 353$8usbrown/pink rim lblvg+
9664Scherrie PayneFlyMotownTMG 1098$12uk vg++
9665Scherrie PayneIt Ain't the World (It's the People In It)InvictusIS 9114$12uswolvg+
9666Scott Bros. Orch.A Hunk O' FunkToddlin' Town125$40us vg++
9667Scott Mac KenzieLook In Your EyesCapitolCL 15509$50dkps/nocvg++/vg
9668Scott Mac KenzieLook In Your EyesCapitolP-5961$95usdemo/light green lblvg++
9669Screamin' Jay Hawkins & the Chicken HawksI Hear VoicesEnrica1010$20us m-
9670SeawindI Need Your LoveA&M2274-S$12ussilver lblvg++
9671Sebastian Williams & his Soul MenThe One You Can't HaveCotillion45-44023$40usred/yellow logo lbl/dhvg++
9672Second City SoundA Touch Of Velvet A Sting of BrassMajor MinorMM 600$15uknocvg+
9673Secrets(Baby) Save MeWandWND 11288$12usorange lbl/wolm-
9674Secrets(Baby) Save MeWandWND 11288$15usorange lblm-
9675SedatriusJust One EarringClayton70401$40usgreen lblvg++
9676SedatriusJust One EarringClayton70401$30usgreen lblvg+
9677SeguidaLove IsFania744$10usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg-
9678Seldon Powell & CompanyMore Shame Part 1StangST 5059$10usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg+
9679Seldon Powell & CompanyMore Shame Part 1StangST 5059$15usblue 2 tone lbl/dhvg++
9680Senator JonesMiniskirt DanceBell687$30usblue/silver lbl/dh/wolvg+
9681Senator JonesMiniskirt DanceBell687$35usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
9682SendersI Dream Of YouKent320$10usblack/silver lblvg++
9683Senor SoulBy the Time I Get To PhoenixDouble Shot132$20usyellow lblvg+
9684Senor SoulPoquito SoulDouble Shot122$30usyellow lblvg++
9685Senor SoulThe MouseWhiz614$45uslight blue lblvg++
9686SensationsLet Me InArgo5405$10usbrown lblvg
9687Sensations featuring YvonneThat's What You Gotta DoJunior988$40usgreen/black lbl/wolvg+
9688Sensations featuring Yvonne MillsKiddy Car LoverAtco45-6115$30us vg+
9689Sergio MendesComin' Home BabyAtlantic45-2472$20usdhvg+
9690Sergio MendesComin' Home BabyAtlantic45-2472$25usdhvg++
9691Sergio MendesDance AttackA&MAMS 9778$12holps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
9692Sergio MendesNever Gonna Let You GoA&MAMS 9289$10holpsvg+/vg+
9693Sergio MendesNever Gonna Let You GoA&MAMS 9289$15holps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
9694Sergio MendesOlympiaA&MAM 2623$10uspsm-/m-
9695Sergio MendesReal LifeA&MAM 2672$8usred lblm-
9696Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Aza BrancaA&M1257-S$10usbrown lblm-
9697Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Fool On the HillA&M961$20usps/brown lblm-/m-
9698Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Fool On the HillA&M210035$12gerps/brown lblvg/vg+
9699Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Scarborough FairA&M986$25usps/demom-/m-
9700Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66Scarborough FairA&M210053$15gerps/brown lblm-/vg+
9701Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77Put A Little Love AwayBell2008197$18gerps/silver/black lblvg+/vg++
9702Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77Put A Little Love AwayBell2008197$10gersilver/black lblm-
9703Sergio Mendes & Brasil 77Where Is the LoveBellMABEL 5$15uksilver/black lblm-
9704Sergio Mendes & Brasil '86Take This LoveA&MAM 2875$10usdemo/white/black lblm-
9705Seventh WonderMissin' OutChocolate CityCC 3207$18us vg++
9706Shades of BluePenny ArcadeImpact1028$25usred/black lblvg++
9707Shakey JakeRoll Your Money MakerVivid100$75us m-
9708ShalamarA Night To RememberSolarK 13162$6ukps/solid centrem-/m-
9709ShalamarI Owe You OneSolarYB-12049$4us m-
9710ShalamarUptown FestivalSoultrainFB 0885$6ukblack/silver/green logo lblm-
9711ShampooHarlem HustleMercury6008533$10holps/blue/silver lblvg+/m-
9712ShampooHarlem HustleMercury6008533$12holps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
9713Shan MilesSoul PeopleShoutS-222$10uswhite/blue/red lbl/dhvg-
9714ShangoDay After Day (It's Slippin' Away)A&M1014$6usbrown lblvg-
9715Shani WallisFrom Atlanta To GoodbyeKappKS 2044$20usdemo/white/black/red A lblm-
9716Sharon BensonGet It Over WithEpic1572$8ukps/blue/yellow logo lbl/solid centre/wolvg+/vg++
9717Sharon BrownI Specialize In LoveProfilePRO 5006$10us vg++
9718Sharon BrownI Specialize In LoveSonetT 20030$20swps/red/orange lblvg++/vg++
9719Sharon Jones & the Dap KingsWhat If We All Stopped Paying TaxesDaptoneDAP 1019$12us m-
9720Sharon Paige & Harold Melvin & the Blue NotesTonight's the NightSourceSRC 103$8uknocm-
9721Sharon ReddBeat the StreetRams HornRAMSH 1134$12holpsvg+/vg+
9722Sharon ReddCan You Handle ItEpic9572$6ukblue/yellow logo lbl/solid centrevg+
9723Sharon ReddCan You Handle ItPreludePRL 8024$8uswolvg++
9724Sharon ReddCan You Handle ItPreludePRL 8024$10us m-
9725Sharon ReddNever Give You UpPreludePRLA 2755$6uksolid centre/wolvg+
9726Sharon ReddNever Give You UpPreludePRLA 2755$8uksolid centrevg++
9727Sharon ReddTakin' A Chance On LovePreludePHLA 3197$10ukps/solid centrevg++/vg++
9728Sharon Ridley Stay A While With MeSussexSUX 223$18usdemo/wolm-
9729Sharon Ridley Stay A While With MeSussexSR 636$8us vg+
9730Sharon Ridley & Van McCoyI'm In Your CornerPresidentPT 446$20ukdemo/yellow/black/red A lbl/wolm-
9731Sharon TandyYou've Gotta Believe ItAtlantic584194$50ukred lblvg++
9732SharonettesPapa Ooh Mow MowBlack MagicBM 102$6ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
9733SheepDynamiteBoomBM 60007$30us vg+
9734Sheer EleganceIt's TemptationABCSG 0050$18spaps/red lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
9735Sheer EleganceIt's TemptationPye International7N 25715$10ukred lblvg++
9736Sheer EleganceLife Is Too Short GirlABC12188$6ussolvg+
9737Sheer EleganceLife Is Too Short GirlABC12188$8sw vg+
9738Sheer EleganceLife Is Too Short GirlPye International7N 25703$8ukred lbl/solid centre/wolvg++
9739Sheila E.A Love BizarreWarner BrosW 8890$8ukpsm-/m-
9740Sheila E.The Belle Of St. MarkWarner Bros929180-7$6gerpsvg++/m-
9741Sheila E.The Belle Of St. MarkWarner Bros929180-7$8gerpsm-/m-
9742Sheila E.The Belle Of St. MarkWarner Bros929180-7$4gerpsvg++/vg++
9743Sheila E.The Glamorous LifeWarner Bros929285-7$8gerpsm-/m-
9744ShellsSippin' SodaRouletteGG-59$15usorange/yellow lbl/dhm-
9745ShellsSippin' SodaRouletteGG-59$12usorange/yellow lbl/dhvg++
9746Shep & the LimelitesThree Steps From the AltarHull45-H-747$25uspink/black logo lbl/wolvg++
9747SheppardsSteal AwayBunky7764$12usblue/red lblvg++
9748Sherrill RoeckerDon't Say Nothin' (If You Can't Say Anything Nice)SwanS-4173$75usdemo/white/black lbl/wolm-
9749Sherry PyeAsk the Girl Who KnowsMatchMA 305$15uswhite/red lblvg++
9750ShieldsYou CheatedTender45-567$30uspink lblm-
9751ShineheadWho the Cap FitVirginVS 917$12ukpsm-/m-
9752ShirellesBaby It's YouTop RankJAR 601$30ukred/white lbl/wol/solvg+
9753ShirellesBright Shiny ColorsScepterSCE 12192$25usdhvg++
9754ShirellesBright Shiny ColorsScepterSCE 12192$30usdh/wolm-
9755ShirellesCall Me (If You Want Me)Blue RockDJB 4$50usdemo/white/black lblvg++
9756ShirellesDon't Go Home (My Little Darlin')ScepterSCE 12185$10usdhvg++
9757ShirellesDon't Say Goodnight And Mean GoodbyeScepter1255$50usps/dhvg++/vg+
9758ShirellesDon't Say Goodnight And Mean GoodbyeStatesideSS 213$30uk m-
9759ShirellesEverybody Loves A LoverScepter1243$10us vg+
9760ShirellesEverybody Loves A LoverStateside45-SS 152$10ukblack/silver lblvg
9761ShirellesEverybody Loves A LoverStateside45-SS 152$15ukblack/silver lblvg+
9762ShirellesFoolish Little GirlStatesideSS 181$15ukblack/silver lblvg
9763ShirellesFoolish Little GirlStatesideSS 181$20ukblack/silver lblvg+
9764ShirellesFoolish Little GirlStatesideSS 181$25ukblack/silver lblvg++
9765ShirellesHis Lips Get In the WayScepter1267$20us m-
9766ShirellesI Met Him On A SundayDecca9-30588$15us vg++
9767ShirellesIt's A Mad Mad Mad Mad WorldFontana271800$25holps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
9768ShirellesIt's A Mad Mad Mad Mad WorldFontana271800$25holps/black/silver lbl/noc/tocm-/vg+
9769ShirellesIt's A Mad Mad Mad Mad WorldScepter1260$20us vg++
9770ShirellesIt's Gonna Take A MiracleUnited ArtistsUA 50693 S$20usblack/orange lblvg+
9771ShirellesMarch (You'll Be Sorry)ScepterSR 12101$25uswolvg++
9772ShirellesSha-La-LaScepter1267$20us m-
9774ShirellesSoldier BoyScepter1228$12us vg+
9775ShirellesSoldier BoyTop RankT 1100$25dkred/white lblvg++
9776ShirellesThere's A Storm Going On In My HeartBlue RockDJB 4$70usdemovg++
9777ShirellesTonight's the NightScepter1208$15usred/silver/black lblvg+
9778ShirellesWait Till I Give the SignalScepterSCE 12209$50usdhvg
9779ShirellesWait Till I Give the SignalScepterSCE 12209$60usdhvg+
9780ShirellesWait Till I Give the SignalScepterSCE 12209$75usdh/wolvg++
9781ShirellesWelcome Home BabyScepter1234$15usdhvg+
9782ShirellesWelcome Home BabyScepter1234$20us vg+
9783ShirellesWhat A Sweet Thing That WasScepter1220$30us m-
9784ShirellesWhat Does A Girl DoScepter1259$10usdhvg
9785ShirellesWhat Does A Girl DoScepter1259$15us vg+
9786ShirellesWhat Does A Girl Do Scepter1259$12usdhvg+
9787ShirellesWhat Does A Girl Do Scepter1259$18usdhm-
9788ShirleyBig Boss ManPaula314$15uspink lblvg+
9789Shirley & AlfredToo Much Too SoonWhiz605$8uslight blue lbl/wolvg+
9790Shirley & AlfredToo Much Too SoonWhiz605$12uslight blue lbl/wolvg++
9791Shirley & CompanyI Like To DancePhilips6146425$10holps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
9792Shirley & CompanyI Like To DanceVibrationVI-542$6usyellow/white lblvg+
9793Shirley & CompanyI Like To DanceVibrationVI-542$10usyellow/white lblm-
9794Shirley & CompanyShame Shame ShameAll Platinum6146301$6uk vg++
9795Shirley & CompanyShame Shame ShamePhilips6146400$20frapress releasem-
9796Shirley & CompanyShame Shame ShamePhilips6146400$8holps/blue/black lblvg/vg+
9797Shirley & CompanyShame Shame ShamePhilips6146400$6holps/blue/black lbl/wol/wocvg/vg+
9798Shirley & CompanyShame Shame ShameVibrationVI-532$2usblue/black lblg
9799Shirley & the ShirellesLook What You've Done To My HeartBellBELL 1251$30ukdemo/noc/wolm-
9800Shirley & the ShirellesNever Give You Up (Never Gonna Give You Up)BellB 815$40uswhite/blue lbl/dhvg+
9801Shirley & the ShirellesPlaythingsBellBLL 1065$15ukblue/silver/black lbl/wolvg++
9802Shirley (of Shirley & Lee)They Put the Last Clean Shirt On Leroy Jones TodayWhiz610$15uslight blue lblvg++
9803Shirley BrownAfter A Night Like ThisStaxSTX 3222$8uspurple/white lblvg+
9804Shirley BrownI Ain't Gonna TellA-BetA 9444$25usdemom-
9805Shirley BrownIt's Worth A Whippin'TruthTRA-3231$6usred lblvg+
9806Shirley BrownIt's Worth A Whippin'TruthTRA-3231$8usred lblvg++
9807Shirley BrownIt's Worth A Whippin'TruthTRA-3231$4usred lblvg
9808Shirley BrownIt's Worth A Whippin'TruthTRA-3231$10usred lblm-
9809Shirley BrownI've Got To Go On Without YouTruthTRA-3223$15usorange lblvg+
9810Shirley BrownI've Got To Go On Without YouTruthTRA-3223$10usyellow lblvg
9811Shirley BrownWoman To WomanStaxSTXS 2019$8ukorange lblvg++
9812Shirley BrownWoman To WomanTruthTRA-3206$10us m-
9813Shirley CaesarNo ChargeScepter/HobSCH 12402$8usblue lbl/dhvg++
9814Shirley CaesarSlow DownRoadshow/United ArtistsRS-XW1085$10us vg++
9815Shirley EllisThe Clapping SongMCAMU 1213$10uk m-
9816Shirley EllisThe Name GameKappK 2103$15dkps/mauve/silver lblvg+/vg+
9817Shirley EllisThe Name GameKappK 2103$20dkps/mauve/silver lblm-/vg+
9818Shirley EllisThe Name GameKappK 2103$25dkps/mauve/silver lblm-/m-
9819Shirley JacksonWait For MeMetroK 20031$25usblue/silver lblvg+
9820Shirley JonesDo You Get Enough LovePIRPIR2$10ukps/solid centrevg+/m-
9821Shirley JonesDo You Get Enough LovePIRB-50034$6us m-
9822Shirley LitesHeat You Up Melt You DownWest EndWEND 1$6ukblue/black lbl/solid centrevg+
9823ShondellsOoo SometimesKing45-5755$35us m-
9824ShondellsWonderful OneKing45-5656$35us m-
9825Shortin'Spread It OnFleet15675 AT$12holpsvg+/vg+
9826Short-KutsBorn On the BayouPepperPPR 445$15uspurple lblvg+
9827Shorty LongAin't No JusticeSoulS-35054$15uspurple swirl lbl/wolm-
9828Shorty LongAin't No JusticeSoulS-35054$12uspurple swirl lblvg++
9829Shorty LongAin't No JusticeSoulS-35054$10uspurple swirl lbl/dhvg++
9830Shorty LongFunction At the JunctionSoulS-35021$30uspurple swirl lbl/black lettering/wolvg+
9831Shorty LongFunction At the JunctionSoulS-35021$35uspurple swirl lbl/black letteringvg++
9832Shorty LongFunction At the JunctionSoulS-35021$20uspurple swirl lbl/silver lettering/dhvg
9833Shorty LongHere Comes the JudgeSoulS-35044$15uspurple swirl lblvg++
9834Shorty LongHere Comes the JudgeTamla Motown5C006-93832 X$20holps/wocvg+/vg
9835Shorty LongHere Comes the JudgeTamla MotownTMG 663$20uk vg++
9836Shorty LongNight Fo' LastSoulS-35040$18uspurple swirl lbl/dhvg++
9837Shorty LongWhen You Are AvailableSoulS-35064$20uspurple swirl lbl/dhvg+
9838Shorty LongYour Love Is AmazingSoulS-35031$25uspurple swirl lbl/wolvg++
9839ShotgunGood Bad And FunkyABCAB 12363$10ussolvg+
9840Show StoppersAin't Nothing But A House PartyBeacon3-100$15ukyellow/black lblvg++
9841Show StoppersAin't Nothing But A House PartyStatesideKSS 9$30dkps/black/silver lbl/noc/wol/wocvg+/vg+
9842Show StoppersHow Easy Your Heart Forgets MeMGMMGM 1436$30ukyellow/black lbl/wolvg++
9843Showmen39-21-46Imperial70$15usgold/black lblvg++
9844Showmen39-21-46Imperial70$12usgold/black lblvg+
9845Showmen39-21-46Minit32007$15usdemo/red/black/rainbow logo lblvg-
9846ShowmenIt Will StandImperial41$12usgold/black lblvg+
9847ShowmenIt Will StandMinit632$30us vg++
9848ShowstoppersReach In the Goody BagBeaconBEA 177$18ukgreen lblvg
9849Shy Guy DouglasEvening SoulSur-Speed221$15usblue lblvg+
9850Side EffectGoin' BananasFantasy801$8usbrown/orange logo lblvg++
9851Side EffectKeep That Same Old FeelingFantasy792$6usbrown/orange logo lblvg
9852Side EffectKeep That Same Old FeelingFantasyFTC 157$8ukdemo/lightning lbl/wolvg
9853Side EffectTake A Chance 'n' DanceElektraE-46609$6usred lblvg+
9854Side EffectTake A Chance 'n' DanceElektraE-46609$8usred lblvg++
9855Side EffectTake A Chance 'n' DanceElektraE-46609$10usred lblm-
9856Side EffectThere She Goes AgainFantasy754$6usbrown/orange logo lbl/wolvg+
9857SidekicksUp On the RoofRCA Victor47-8864$20us vg+
9858Sight UnseenOne More ThingRealR 5001$35uslight blue lblvg++
9859SilhouettesI Sold My Heart To the JunkmanAce552$30us vg++
9860Silver, Platinum & GoldLa-La-Love ChainsWarner BrosWBS 8057$25usboulevard lblm-
9861Simms TwinsI Gopher YouSarSAR 136$25usdemo/white/green/yellow lblm-
9862Simms TwinsSoothe MeSarSAR 117$18us vg+
9863Simms TwinsThe SmileSarSAR 125$20usdemo/white/green/yellow lblm-
9864Simon OrchestraMr. Big ShotPolydorPD 2019$6us m-
9865Simtec & WylieGotta Get Over the HumpMister ChandCH 8005$8can vg+
9866SineJust Let Me Do My ThingCBS/Prelude6351$6uksolid centrevg+
9867SineJust Let Me Do My ThingCBS/Prelude6351$8uksolid centrevg++
9868SinnamonThanks To YouBecketBKA 45-11$8us vg++
9869Sir Charles HughesLove EmotionsJe-EnaJA 4$12usorange/black lblvg
9870Sir Lattimore BrownCruise On Fannie (Cruise On)Sound Stage 745-2586$25usdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblvg+
9871Sir Lattimore BrownCruise On Fannie (Cruise On)Sound Stage 745-2586$30usdemo/black/silver/rainbow lbl/wolm-
9872Sir Lattimore BrownIt's Gonna Take A Little TimeSound Stage 745-2598$30usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
9873Sir Lattimore BrownIt's Gonna Take A Little TimeSound Stage 745-2598$35usblack/silver/rainbow lblm-
9874Sir Lattimore BrownIt's Such A Sad Sad WorldSound Stage 7SS45-2575DJ$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
9875Sir Mack RiceI Can Never Be Satisfied Pt. 1Atco45-7065$12us vg+
9876Sir Mack RiceIt Takes One To Know One Part 1May DayMD 2020$6usyellow lblvg+
9877Sir Mack RiceMini-Skirt MinnieStax45-213$35usdemovg++
9878Sir Wales WallacePeople Sure Act Funny (When They Get A Little Money)Now SoundNS 101$18usdemo/white/black lblvg++
9879Sister O.L. HollidayPrecious Lord Part 1Jewel130$95usblue lblvg+
9880Sister SledgeAll American GirlsCotillion46007$6uspurple lblvg+
9881Sister SledgeAll American GirlsCotillionCOT 11656$10gerps/purple lblvg+/m-
9882Sister SledgeAll American GirlsCotillionCOT 11656$6gerps/purple lbl/solvg+/vg+
9883Sister SledgeCircle Of Love (Caught In the Middle)Atco45-7020$10uswolvg++
9884Sister SledgeEasy StreetAtlanticK 11455$8ukorange/green lbl/solid centrem-
9885Sister SledgeEasy StreetCotillion45020$6uspurple lblvg+
9886Sister SledgeEasy StreetCotillion45020$8uspurple lblvg++
9887Sister SledgeFrankieAtlantic789547-7$10fraps/red/black lblvg+/m-
9888Sister SledgeGot To Love SomebodyCotillionCOT 11404$10gerps/purple lblvg+/vg+
9889Sister SledgeGot To Love SomebodyCotillionCOT 11404$12gerps/purple lblvg+/m-
9890Sister SledgeGot To Love SomebodyCotillionCOT 11404$8gerps/purple lbl/socvg+/vg+
9891Sister SledgeGot To Love SomebodyCotillion45007$6us vg++
9892Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillion46017$6uspurple lblm-
9893Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillionCOT 11593$10gerps/purple lblvg+/vg+
9894Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillionCOT 11593$15gerps/purple lblm-/m-
9895Sister SledgeHe's the Greatest DancerAtlantic44245$6jamwolvg+
9896Sister SledgeHe's the Greatest DancerAtlanticK 11257$8uk m-
9897Sister SledgeHe's the Greatest DancerCotillion44245$6uspurple lbl/wolvg++
9898Sister SledgeLet Him GoCotillion79-9889-7$12gerps/purple lblm-/vg++
9899Sister SledgeLost In MusicCotillion45001$10us m-
9900Sister SledgeLove Don't Go Through No Changes On MeAtco45-7008$35us m-
9901Sister SledgeLove Don't Go Through No Changes On MeAtco45-7008$25us vg+
9902Sister SledgeLove Don't Go Through No Changes On MeAtco45-7008$18us vg
9903Sister SledgeMama Never Told MeAtlantic45-1252$20spaps/red/white lblvg+/vg+
9904Sister SledgeMy GuyAtlanticATL 11710$10porps/red/white lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
9905Sister SledgeReach Your PeakCotillionCOT 11462$8gerps/purple lbl/solvg+/vg+
9906Sister SledgeReach Your PeakCotillion45013$8us m-
9907Sister SledgeWe Are FamilyCotillion44251$10us m-
9908Sister Soul & the Lucy Rodgers SingersTime Is Drawing NighChecker5028$10usblue 2 tone lblm-
9909Sisters LoveI'm Learning To Trust My ManTamla MotownTMG 1002$30uk vg+
9910Sisters LoveMr. Fix-It ManTamla Motown5C006-93448$30holps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
9911Sisters LoveRing OnceA&M1259$40usbrown lblm-
9912Sisters LoveRiseA&M1235$35usbrown lbl/wolvg++
9913Sisters LoveThe Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)A&M1292$15usbrown lbl/wolvg++
9914Sisters LoveThe Bigger You Love (The Harder You Fall)A&MAMS 808$8ukbrown lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
9915Sisters LoveYou've Got My MindMotownM 1275F$25us m-
9916Six TeensA Casual LookFlip45-315$6us vg-
9917Skunk FunkGet On TopEMI6C006-39192$40dkpsvg++/vg++
9918Skunk FunkGet On TopEMI6C006-39192$15dk vg+
9919Skunk FunkIf You Need A FriendPentagramPROM-SR 1$35holpromo only white/black lbl//1 sided 5 track samplervg++
9920Skunk FunkIf You Need A FriendPentagramPROM-SR 1$40holpromo only white/black lbl//1 sided 5 track samplerm-
9921SkylinersPennies From HeavenCalicoCSM 117$8usb-side lbl on both sidesvg
9922SkyyReal LoveAtlantic7-88816$6us m-
9923SkyySkyyzooSalSoulS7 2121$6us vg++
9924SkyySuperloveSalSoulS7 2136$6us vg+
9925SlaveWatching YouCotillion46006$15uspurple lblm-
9926SlaveWatching YouCotillion46006$12uspurple lbl/wolvg++
9927Sleepy Jim BerryLong Time Blues Part 1BerryB-102$20us m-
9928Sleepy KingPushin' Your LuckJoy45K-257$12us vg++
9929SlickSpace BassFantasyTFC 176$10uklightning lblvg++
9930SlickSpace BassFantasyTFC 176$8uklightning lblvg+
9931Slim & AnnIt's A SinFire503$15usred/black lblvg+
9932Slim Ali & the Famous Hodi BoysSweet MotherContempoCS 2132$20ukbrown/orange lbl/solid centre/solvg++
9933Slim Ali & the Famous Hodi BoysSweet MotherContempoCS 2132$15ukbrown/orange lbl/solid centrevg+
9934Slim HarpoBaby Scratch My BackExcello45-2273$25usblue lblvg++
9935Slim HarpoBaby Scratch My BackExcello45-2273$8uswolvg-
9936Slim HarpoBaby Scratch My BackStatesideSS 491$35uk vg+
9937Slim HarpoDon't Start Cryin' NowExcello45-2194$15usorange/black lblvg-
9938Slim HarpoFolsom Prison BluesExcelloEX 2306$40usswirl lblm-
9939Slim HarpoI've Got My Finger On Your TrigerExcello2309$35usdemo/swirl lblm-
9940Slim HarpoI've Got My Finger On Your TrigerExcello2309$30usdemo/swirl lblvg++
9941Slim HarpoMohair SamExcello2301$30usswirl lblvg+
9942Slim HarpoMohair SamExcello2301$35usswirl lblvg++
9943Slim HarpoThat's Why I Love YouExcello45-2305$25usswirl lblvg++
9944Slim HarpoThat's Why I Love YouExcello45-2305$30usswirl lblm-
9945Slim HarpoTip On In Part 1PresidentPT 187$30ukyellow/black lblm-
9946Sly & the Family StoneDance To the MusicDirection58-3568$10ukyellow/black lblvg+
9947Sly & the Family StoneDance To the MusicEpic5 9948$15holps/yellow lblvg/vg+
9948Sly & the Family StoneDance To the MusicEpic5 9948$30holps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
9949Sly & the Family StoneDance To the MusicEpicEPC 8017$8holps/blue lblvg/vg+
9950Sly & the Family StoneDance To the MusicEpicEPC 8017$12holps/blue lblm-/m-
9951Sly & the Family StoneFamily AffairEpic5-10805$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
9952Sly & the Family StoneFamily AffairEpicEPC 7632$25holps/yellow lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg++
9953Sly & the Family StoneHot Fun In the SummertimeDirection58-4471$12ukyellow/black lbl/wolvg++
9954Sly & the Family StoneHot Fun In the SummertimeEpic5-10497$10holps/yellow lblvg/vg
9955Sly & the Family StoneHot Fun In the SummertimeEpic5-10497$15holps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
9956Sly & the Family StoneHot Fun In the SummertimeEpic5-10497$25itaps/yellow lbl/wolvg+/vg++
9957Sly & the Family StoneHot Fun In the SummertimeEpic5-10497$12holps/yellow lblvg/vg+
9958Sly & the Family StoneIf You Want Me To StayEpicEPC 1655$15holps/yellow lblvg++/vg+
9959Sly & the Family StoneIf You Want Me To StayEpicEPC 1655$12holps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
9960Sly & the Family StoneIf You Want Me To StayEpicEPC 1655$8ukyellow lblm-
9961Sly & the Family StoneLifeEpic5-10353$15holps/yellow lblvg/vg
9962Sly & the Family StoneM'LadyDirection58-3707$10ukyellow/black lbl/wolvg+
9963Sly & the Family StoneRunnin' AwayEpicEPC 7810$25holps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
9964Sly & the Family StoneRunnin' AwayEpic15-2317$4usgrey/black lblvg
9965Sly & the Family StoneSmilin'EpicEPC 8018$12holps/yellow lblvg/vg++
9966Sly & the Family StoneSmilin'EpicEPC 8018$15holps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
9967Sly & the Family StoneStand!EpicS5-9972$10holps/yellow lblvg/vg
9968Sly & the Family StoneStand!EpicS5-9972$12holps/yellow lblvg/vg+
9969Sly & the Family StoneStand!EpicS5-9972$10holps/wol/wocvg-/vg+
9970Sly & the Family StoneThank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf AginEpic5-10555$12usyellow lblvg++
9971Sly & the Family StoneThank You Falettinme Be Mice Elf AginEpic5-10555$20usps/yellow lblvg/vg
9972Sly & the Family StoneTime For Livin'EpicS EPC 2530$10ukyellow lbl/solid centrem-
9973Sly FoxIf Push Comes To ShoveCapitolCL 423$10ukpsm-/m-
9974Smiley & Karen TaylorDoctor FunkOdeon10C006-082430$18spapsvg++/vg+
9975Smith ConnectionI Can't Hold On Much LongerMusic MerchantMS 1012$15us vg++
9976SmoggsGotta Have A Little Talk With the Peanut ManEventEV 254$15usyellow/red logo lblm-
9977SmokestackWall Between UsDakarDK 4503$25usdemo/white/black lbl/some lbl damagevg++
9978Smokey RobinsonAnd I Don't Love YouMotownTMG 1344$15ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
9979Smokey RobinsonAnd I Don't Love YouTamla1735 TF$10usyellow/brown top lblm-
9980Smokey RobinsonAnd I Don't Love YouTamla1735 TF$8usyellow/brown top lbl/wolvg++
9981Smokey RobinsonBaby That's BackatchaTamlaT-54258F$6usyellow/brown top lbl/wolvg+
9982Smokey RobinsonBaby That's BackatchaTamla Motown5C006-96591$18holps/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
9983Smokey RobinsonBaby That's BackatchaTamla MotownTMG 949$6uk vg+
9984Smokey RobinsonBeing With YouMotown100-07-096$15gerpsm-/m-
9985Smokey RobinsonBeing With YouMotownTMG 1223$6uk vg++
9986Smokey RobinsonBeing With YouTamlaT-54321F$6usyellow/brown top lblvg+
9987Smokey RobinsonBeing With YouTamlaT-54321F$10usyellow/brown top lblm-
9988Smokey RobinsonBeing With YouTamlaT-54321F$8usyellow/brown top lblvg++
9989Smokey RobinsonFood For ThoughtMotown100-07-102$15gerpsvg+/vg++
9990Smokey RobinsonGimme What You WantTamla1756TF$6usyellow/brown top lblm-
9991Smokey RobinsonJust My Soul RespondingTamla MotownTMG 883$4uk vg
9992Smokey RobinsonShoe SoulTamlaT-54296F$12usyellow/brown top lblvg++
9993Smokey RobinsonTheme from Big Time Part 1Motown5C006-99536$15holps/textured slvvg++/m-
9994Smokey RobinsonVitamin UMotownTMG 1076$8uk vg++
9995Smokey Robinson & Barbara MitchellBlame It On LoveTamla1684 TF$8usyellow/brown top lblm-
9996Smokey Robinson & the Miracles(Come Round Here) I'm the One You NeedTamla MotownTMG 761$8uksolid centrevg+
9997Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesAbraham, Martin And JohnTamlaT-54184$18usdemo/white/black lblm-
9998Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesBaby Baby Don't CryTamlaT-54178$2usyellow/brown top lblg
9999Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesBaby Baby Don't CryTamla MotownTMG 687$15uksolvg-
10000Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesCome Spy With MeTamlaT-54145$10usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10001Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesGoing To A Go-GoMotown YesteryearY 414F$6usbrown/white lblvg+
10002Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesHere I Go AgainTamlaT-54183$10usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10003Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesI Don't Blame You At AllTamla Motown1C006-92366$15gerpsm-/m-
10004Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesI Don't Blame You At AllTamla MotownTMG 774$8uk4 prong push out centrevg+
10005Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesI Don't Blame You At AllTamla MotownTMG 774$8uksolid centrevg+
10006Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesI Second That EmotionTamla MotownGO 25689$15holps/orange lbl/woc/tocvg/vg
10007Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesI Second That EmotionTamla MotownGO 25689$25holps/orange lblvg/vg+
10008Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesSatisfactionTamlaT-54211F$8usyellow/brown top lblm-
10009Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesSpecial OccasionTamlaT-54172DJ$20usdemo/white/black Detroit Michigan side by side globe lblvg+
10010Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesThe Tears Of A ClownTamla MotownTMG 1048$10uk m-
10011Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesThe Tears Of A ClownTamla MotownTMG 745$8uksolid centre/solvg+
10012Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesThe Tears Of A ClownTamla Motown1C006-91801 M$8gerps/wol/wocvg-/vg+
10013Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesThe Tracks Of My TearsTamla MotownTMG 696$12uksold in
10014Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesThe Tracks Of My TearsTamla MotownTMG 696$20uk m-
10015Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesYester LoveTamlaT-54167$12usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10016Smokey Robinson & the MiraclesYester LoveTamla MotownTMG 661$25uksolid centrevg++
10017SnapshotsI Need YouFederal45-12496$30usturquoise/silver lbl/wolm-
10018SnatchAnother Brick In the WallMillenniumYB 11792$8us vg++
10019Snoopy DeanSteppin' OutSevilleSEV 1006$8ukdemovg
10020Snoopy DeanSteppin' OutSevilleSEV 1006$4uk vg
10021Society Hill SevenHome GrownSwanS-4179$30usdemo/white/black lbl/wolm-
10022SoftonesAnd I Remember Your FaceH&LHL 4685$15usorange/purple rim lblvg++
10023SoftonesThat Old Black MagicAvco6105045$10ukpurple/black lblvg++
10024SoftonesWhy Why BabyAvcoAV 4663$10usorange/purple rim lblm-
10025SofTouchBe My Fortune TellerFantasy838$10uslightning lblvg++
10026SohoHippychickS&M/Savage7SAV 106$6ukpsm-/vg++
10027Solid GoldDisco KidPlayboyP 6036$10us vg++
10028SolitairesYou've SinnedDeltaD 3133$15canmaroon/silver lblvg++
10029Solomon BurkeBaby BluesChessCH 2159$30usdemo/grey/white lblm-
10030Solomon BurkeBaby Come On HomeAtlantic45-2314$12us vg++
10031Solomon BurkeDetroit CityAtlantic45-2459$8usdhvg
10032Solomon BurkeDetroit CityAtlantic45-2459$12us vg+
10033Solomon BurkeDetroit CityAtlantic45-2459$10usdhvg+
10034Solomon BurkeDown In the ValleyAtlantic45-2147$15us vg
10035Solomon BurkeDown In the ValleyAtlantic45-2147$25us vg++
10036Solomon BurkeGet Up And Do Something For YourselfMGMK 14425$15usdemo/wolm-
10037Solomon BurkeGoodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)Atlantic45-2226$15us vg+
10038Solomon BurkeGoodbye Baby (Baby Goodbye)Atlantic45-2226$20us vg++
10039Solomon BurkeGot To Get You Off My MindAtlantic45-2276$25us vg+
10040Solomon BurkeHe'll Have To GoAtlantic45-2218$20usdemo/black/white lblvg++
10041Solomon BurkeI Can't Stop Loving YouPridePR 1017$10us vg+
10042Solomon BurkeI Feel A Sin Coming OnAtlantic45-2327$20usdemo/black/white lblvg++
10043Solomon BurkeI Feel A Sin Coming OnAtlantic45-2327$12ussolm-
10044Solomon BurkeI Really Don't Want To KnowAtlantic45-2157$20usdemo/black/white lblm-
10045Solomon BurkeI Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)Atlantic584191$15ukred lbl/release date stamped on lblvg+
10046Solomon BurkeI Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)Atlantic45-2507$8usred/black lbl/dh/wolvg+
10047Solomon BurkeI Wish I Knew (How It Would Feel To Be Free)Atlantic45-2507$15usred/black lblm-
10048Solomon BurkeI'm Going Back To My RootsChessACH 30003$10usorange/blue/purple logo lblvg++
10049Solomon BurkeIn the GhettoBell891$15ussilver/black lbl/dhm-
10050Solomon BurkeJust As I AmAtlantic584122$30ukred lbl/withdrawn first issuevg++
10051Solomon BurkeJust Out Of Reach (Of My Two Open Arms)Atlantic45-2114$15us vg++
10052Solomon BurkeKeep LookingAtlantic45-2349$30us vg+
10053Solomon BurkeLet Me Wrap My Arms Around YouChessCH 2172$8ussample sticker on lblvg+
10054Solomon BurkeMore Rockin' SoulAtlantic45-2259$10us vg+
10055Solomon BurkeMy PrayerPridePR 1028$18usdemo/wolm-
10056Solomon BurkeNeed Your Love So BadAtlanticATL 70273$12gerps/red/black lbl/wocvg/vg
10057Solomon BurkeNo Man Walks AloneApolloAP 3587$20usblue/silver lbl/solvg-
10058Solomon BurkeOnly Love (Can Save Me Now)Atlantic45-2308$18usred/black lblvg+
10059Solomon BurkeOnly Love (Can Save Me Now)AtlanticAT 4061$40ukblack/silver lblvg++
10060Solomon BurkePlease Don't You Say Goodbye To MeAmherstAM 736$18us vg++
10061Solomon BurkeProud MaryBell783$10usblue/silver lblvg+
10062Solomon BurkeProud MaryBell783$18usblue/silver lblm-
10063Solomon BurkeProud MaryBellB 783$20usdemo/white/blue/black lbl/vg++
10064Solomon BurkeProud MaryBellBLL 1062$20ukdemom-
10065Solomon BurkeProud MaryBellBLL 1062$12swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
10066Solomon BurkeProud MaryBellBLL 1062$10swps/black/silver lbl/noc/wocvg/vg+
10067Solomon BurkeProud MaryBellBLL 1062$18swps/black/silver lbl/tocvg+/vg+
10068Solomon BurkeProud MaryBellBLL 1062$6uk vg
10069Solomon BurkeSave ItAtlantic45-2527$12us vg+
10070Solomon BurkeSave ItAtlantic45-2527$20us m-
10071Solomon BurkeSidewalks Fences And WallsInfinityINF 50046$10us m-
10072Solomon BurkeSidewalks Fences And WallsInfinityINF 50046$8us vg++
10073Solomon BurkeSomeone Is WatchingAtlantic45-2299$12us vg++
10074Solomon BurkeSomeone Is WatchingAtlantic45-2299$10us vg+
10075Solomon BurkeTake Me (Just As I Am)Atlantic650064$10frayellow/black lblvg+
10076Solomon BurkeTake Me (Just As I Am)Atlantic45-2416$15usdhm-
10077Solomon BurkeTake Me (Just As I Am)AtlanticATL 70221$25gerpsvg++/vg++
10078Solomon BurkeThat Lucky Old SunBell806$6usdhvg+
10079Solomon BurkeThe Do Right SongChessACH 401$12usorange/blue/purple logo lbl/solm-
10080Solomon BurkeThe Do Right SongChessACH 401$15usorange/blue/purple logo lblm-
10081Solomon BurkeThe Do Right SongChessACH 401$12usorange/blue/purple logo lblvg++
10082Solomon BurkeThe Generation Of RevelationsBell829$12usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
10083Solomon BurkeThe Generation Of RevelationsBell829$15gerblue/silver lblm-
10084Solomon BurkeThree Psalms Of Elton JohnMGM2006064$15gerdemom-
10085Solomon BurkeThree Psalms Of Elton JohnMGM2006064$12gerdemo/wolm-
10086Solomon BurkeTime Is A ThiefAtlantic45-2378$15usdhm-
10087Solomon BurkeTime Is A ThiefAtlantic45-2378$12usdhvg++
10088Solomon BurkeUp Tight Good WomanBell759$10usblue/silver lblvg++
10089Solomon BurkeUp Tight Good WomanBell759$8usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
10090Solomon BurkeWe're Almost HomeMGMK 14402$45usps/demom-/vg++
10091Solomon BurkeWhen She Touches MeAtlantic45-2359$8usdhvg+
10092Solomon BurkeYes I DoAtlantic45-2254$25us vg++
10093Solomon BurkeYou're Good For MeAtlantic45-2205$15us vg+
10094Sondra WilliamsHeartacheVee-JayVJ 941$20usdemo/white/blue lblm-
10095Sondra WilliamsHeartacheVee-JayVJ 941$15usdemo/white/blue lblvg++
10096SonnettesI've Gotten Over YouK.O.U 0001$30usyellow lblvg-
10097Sonny Boy WilliamsonThe GoatChecker943$30us m-
10098Sonny CasellaAmerican Music Part 1SevilleSEV 1017$8uksolid centre/wolm-
10099Sonny CharlesBlack PearlA&M/Americom1053 P$50us4" pocket discvg++
10100Sonny CharlesHalf As MuchA&MAMS 821$20norbrown lblvg+
10101Sonny CharlesHalf As MuchA&MAMS 821$25norbrown lblvg++
10102Sonny CharlesHalf As MuchA&MAMS 821$20norps/brown lblvg+/vg
10103Sonny CharlesIt's Alright In the CityRCA Victor74-0645$10usyellow lblvg+
10104Sonny CharlesPut It In A MagazineHighriseSHR 2001$15us vg+
10105Sonny Charles Half As MuchA&MAMS 821$18norps/nocvg+/vg
10106Sonny Charles & the CheckmatesBlack PearlA&M1053$8usbrown lblvg++
10107Sonny Charles & the CheckmatesBlack PearlA&M1053$10usbrown lblm-
10108Sonny Charles & the CheckmatesBlack PearlA&M210071$12gerps/brown lblvg+/vg+
10109Sonny Charles & the CheckmatesBlack PearlA&M210071$10gerps/brown lbl/wolvg+/vg+
10110Sonny Charles & the CheckmatesBlack PearlA&M210071$18norps/brown lblvg++/vg++
10111Sonny GreenCome And See MeUnited Artists/Hill50836$8ustan/brown lblvg-
10112Sonny GreenDon't Make A Good Boy Go BadHillHI-XW339-W$12usorange lblvg++
10113Sonny RollinsDon't Stop the CarnivalRCA Victor47-9434$15gerblack/silver lblm-
10114Sonny StittBlue MonsoonCadetCA 5701$4usyellow/red/blue logo lblg
10115Sonny StittGimme Gimme Good Lovin'Solid StateSD 2530$15usyellow/black lblm-
10116Sonny StittOcho RiosCadetCA 5708$10usyellow/red/blue logo lblvg++
10117Sonora PoncenaLas Mujeres Son De AzucarInca6080$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
10118Sonora PoncenaTumba La Cana JibaritoInca6048$25usdemo/white/black lblvg+
10119Sons of MosesSoul SymphonyMCA169$8ukwolvg
10120Sons Of Robin StoneGot To Get You BackAtco45-6929$15uswolvg
10121Sons of SlumRight OnStaxSTA 0120$35uswolvg++
10122Sons of SlumThe ManStaxSTA 0138$35uswolm-
10123Soul Affair OrchestraAmorCreoleCR 124$12ukbrown 2 tone lblvg++
10124Soul AmbassadorsI've Got the FeelingSound Stage 7SS7-2614$35usdemo white lbl/wocvg+
10125Soul AmbassadorsMake Love To My Woman Part 1Sound Stage 7SS7-2627$25usdemo/white/black lblvg+
10126Soul BrothersGotta Get A Good Thing Goin'Mercury72575$20usdemo/white/black lblvg+
10127Soul BrothersGotta Get A Good Thing Goin'MercuryMF 916$45ukblack/silver lbl/nocm-
10128Soul BrothersGotta Get A Good Thing Goin'Mercury72575$4usred lbl/dhg
10129Soul BrothersHorsing AroundNewmissNEW 6003$25uswhite/black lbl/dhvg+
10130Soul BrothersHorsing AroundNewmissNEW 6003$20uswhite/black lbl/dhvg
10131Soul BrothersHorsing AroundNewmissNEW 6003$15uswhite/black lbl/dh/wolvg
10132Soul BrothersHorsing AroundNewmissNEW 6003$30uswhite/black lbl/dhvg++
10133Soul BrothersKeep It UpBlue CatBC 107$18uswolvg+
10134Soul Brothers SixShe's Some Kind Of WonderfulAtlantic584256$15ukred lblvg-
10135Soul ChildrenCan't Give Up A Good ThingStaxSTX 3206$10uspurple/white lbl/wolvg++
10136Soul ChildrenCan't Give Up A Good ThingStaxSTAX 503$8ukpurple/white lbl/sample sticker on lblvg
10137Soul ChildrenDon't Take My Kindness For WeaknessStaxSTX 1033$10usred lblm-
10138Soul ChildrenFinders KeepersEpic8-50178$10us vg++
10139Soul ChildrenGive 'em LoveStaxSTA 0008$18usyellow lbl/dhvg+
10140Soul ChildrenHearsayStax2025102$6ukyellow lblvg+
10141Soul ChildrenHearsayStax2025102$2gerolive green/black lblg
10142Soul ChildrenHearsayStaxSTX 1032$8usred lblvg++
10143Soul ChildrenHearsayStaxSTA 0119$10usyellow lbl/wolvg
10144Soul ChildrenI'll Be the Other WomanStaxSTA 0182$8usyellow lbl/solvg++
10145Soul ChildrenLet's Make A Sweet Thing SweeterStaxSTA 0086$8usyellow lblvg++
10146Soul ChildrenLove Is A Hurtin' ThingStaxSTA 0170$10usyellow lbl/sol/wolvg+
10147Soul ChildrenLove Makes It RightStaxSTA 0218$12usyellow lblvg++
10148Soul ChildrenLove Makes It RightStaxSTA 0218$15usyellow lblm-
10149Soul ChildrenThe Sweeter He Is Part 1StaxSTX 1053$10usred lblm-
10150Soul ChildrenThe Sweeter He Is Part 1StaxSTA 0050$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
10151Soul ClanSoul MeetingAtlantic584202$30ukred lblvg++
10152Soul ClanSoul MeetingAtlantic45-2530$12usdhvg++
10153Soul ClanSoul MeetingAtlantic45-2530$15usdhm-
10154Soul ClanSoul MeetingAtlanticATL 70297$30gerps/gfld/red/black lblvg+/vg+
10155Soul ClanSoul MeetingAtlanticATL 70297$40gerps/gfld/red/black lblvg++/vg++
10156Soul DogSoul Dog Part 1AmherstAM 711$12uswolvg++
10157Soul GenerationMillion DollarsStickySTY 2$10ukorange/white logo lbl/nocvg++
10158Soul GenerationPraying For A MiracleEbony SoundsES 183$6uswolvg-
10159Soul GenerationThat's the Way It's Got To Be Body And SoulEbony SoundsES 175$20us vg++
10160Soul HustlersSuper Party Part 1LincoLO 154$10usgreen lbl/re-issuevg+
10161Soul II SoulBack To Life (However Do You Want Me)10112374$4gerpsm-/m-
10162Soul Inc.Funky LadySockS 1002$20us vg++
10163Soul on DeliveryHustle (Dance Of the Day)DeccaF 13601$12uknocvg++
10164Soul RunnersCharleyMoSoul5103$20usyellow lblvg++
10165Soul SearchersBlow Your WhistleSussexSXX 2$10ukbrown/rainbow circle lbl/wolvg-
10166Soul SearchersBlow Your WhistleSussexSUX 236$12usbrown/rainbow circle lbl/wolvg++
10167Soul SearchersBoogie Up the Nation Part 1PolydorPD 14277$15us vg++
10168Soul SearchersBoogie Up the Nation Part 1PolydorPD 14277$20usdemo/wolvg++
10169Soul SistersI Won't Be Your Fool AnymoreSue111$25usorange/black/white lblm-
10170Soul SistersLoop De LoopSue45-107$25usorange/black lbl/dhvg
10171Soul StirrersHe's My FriendChecker5022$15us m-
10172Soul StirrersI Know I'll Be FreeChecker5007$15us m-
10173Soul StirrersIf I Had A HammerChecker5047$20usdemom-
10174Soul StirrersJesus Wash My Troubles AwayChecker5010$20usdemom-
10175Soul StirrersThe Love Of GodSpecialty908$20uswhite/yellow/black lblm-
10176Soul StirrersThere's A ManChecker5034$20usdemom-
10177Soul SurvivorsExplosion In Your SoulCrimsonCR 1012$15us vg+
10178Soul SurvivorsExplosion In Your SoulCrimsonCR 1012$10us vg
10179Soul SurvivorsImpossible Mission (Mission Impossible)CrimsonCR 1016$15usdhvg++
10180Soul ToranodoesGo For YourselfBurt4000$30usblue/silver lblvg++
10181Soul Train GangSoul Train '76Soul TrainSB 10400$6uswolvg+
10182Soulful StringsI Wish It Would RainCadet5633$30usblue 2 tone lblm-
10183Sound ExperienceDon't Fight the FeelingSoulville14024$10usred/black lbl/wolvg
10184Soupy SalesMuck-Arty-ParkMotownM-1141$8usdhvg+
10185South Shore CommissionFree ManWandWND 11287$6usorange lblvg+
10186South Shore CommissionFree ManWandWND 11287$10usorange lblm-
10187South Shore CommissionTrain Called FreedomWandWND 11294$12usorange lblm-
10188South Shore CommissionWe're On the Right TrackWandWND 11291$25usorange lblm-
10189South Side MovementHave A Little MercyWandWND 11251$20usbrown lblvg+
10190South Side MovementHave A Little MercyWandWND 11251$30usbrown lblm-
10191Southern Bell SingersThe Tragedy Of KennedyVee-JayVJ 934$25usdemo/white/blue lblm-
10192Southroad ConnectionGotta Keep On Dancin'United ArtistsUA-X1333-Y$8usskies lblvg++
10193Southroad ConnectionWe Came To Funk You OutUnited ArtistsUA-X1361-Y$20usskies lblm-
10194Southroad ConnectionYou Like It We Love It Pt. 1MahoganyM 1277-2$12us vg+
10195Southshore CommissionRight On Brother Part 1Atlantic45-2684$30usdemo/red/white lblm-
10196Southwest F.O.B.Feelin' GroovyHipHIA-8022$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
10197Southwest F.O.B.Feelin' GroovyHipHIA-8022$20usdemo/white/black lblm-
10198SpaceMy Love Is MusicCasablancaNB 974$6us vg++
10199SpacesTry Some Of ThisAristaAS 0607$10us vg++
10200Spaghetti HeadBig Noise From WinnetkaCBSCBS 2937$35swps/wol/wocvg+/vg+
10201Spanky WilsonLittle Things Mean A LotMothers Records & the Snarf CompanyM 1038$15uswhite/black/orange logo lbl/wolm-
10202Special DeliveryDay DreamerShield6310$20ustan/shield lbl/wocvg+
10203Spencer WigginsDouble Lovin'Fame1470$25us vg
10204Spencer WigginsHe's Too OldGoldwax337$20usyellow lblvg
10205Spencer WigginsI'm At the Breaking PointKent SelectCITY 017$15ukblue/white lblm-
10206Spencer WigginsLove Me TonightFame1463$50us vg++
10207Spencer WigginsTake Me Just As I AmGoldwax308$30usblue/silver lbl/dhm-
10208Spencer WigginsTake Me Just As I AmGoldwax308$30us vg++
10209Spencer WigginsUp Tight Good WomanGoldwax321$20usyellow/white lblvg+
10210SpiceEverything Is YouLPGLPG 112$15usorange/white lblvg-
10211SpinGrasshopperAriola America7632$10usblack/silver lbl/wolm-
10212SpinnersAre You Ready For LoveAtlantic3546$30uswolvg++
10213SpinnersBe My LoveAtlantic3798$10us m-
10214SpinnersBody LanguageAtlantic3619$10us m-
10215SpinnersCould It Be I'm Falling In LoveAtlantic45-2927$8us vg++
10216SpinnersDon't Let the Green Grass Fool YouAtlantic45-2962$10us m-
10217SpinnersGhetto ChildAtlantic45-2973$8usdhvg+
10218SpinnersGhetto ChildAtlantic45-2973$10usdhvg++
10219SpinnersGhetto ChildAtlantic45-2973$12us vg++
10220SpinnersHe'll Never Love You Like I DoAtlantic45-3027$15us m-
10221SpinnersI Don't Want To Lose YouAtlantic45-3284$10us vg++
10222SpinnersI'll Be AroundAtlantic45-2904$30us vg++
10223SpinnersI'll Be AroundAtlantic45-2904$35usdemo/red/white lbl/wolvg++
10224SpinnersI'm Riding Your Shadow (Down To Love)Atlantic3400$10us vg++
10225SpinnersIn My DiaryV.I.P.VIP 25050$30us vg+
10226SpinnersLove ConnectionAtlanticATL 11701$15gerpsm-/m-
10227SpinnersLove Don't Love Nobody Part 1Atlantic45-3206$10us vg++
10228SpinnersLove Or LeaveAtlantic45-3309$8us vg+
10229SpinnersLove Trippin'Atlantic3757$10us m-
10230SpinnersMedley: Yesterday Once More/Nothing Remains the SameAtlanticATL 11564$15gerps/green/orange lblm-/m-
10231SpinnersMessage From A BlackmanV.I.P.VIP 25054$40usdhvg++
10232SpinnersMighty Love Part 1Atlantic45-3006$6us m-
10233SpinnersMy Whole World Ended (the Moment You Left Me)Tamla MotownTSM NP 64171$35itaps/orange/yellow/green/blue rim lblvg++/vg++
10234SpinnersNever Thought I'd Fall In LoveAtlantic4007$10us vg+
10235SpinnersPipedreamAtlantic3664$8us vg++
10237SpinnersPut Us Together AgainAtlantic799604-7$15gerpsm-/vg++
10238SpinnersTruly YoursMotownM-1093$40us vg++
10239SpinnersWorking My Way Back To You/Forgive Me GirlAtlantic3637$10us m-
10240SpinnersYou Go Your Way (I'll Go Mine)Atlantic3865$12us m-
10241Spiral StaircaseMore Today Than YesterdayColumbia4-44741$20us vg+
10242Spiritual ConceptI Don't Wanna HearPIRSPIR 2563$8uksolid centrevg+
10243Splash BandBuck RogersZyx1104$8gerps/orange lblm-/m-
10244Spooner & the SpoonsWish You Didn't Have To GoFameF-6405$50usyellow/white/rainbow logo lblvg++
10245Spooner OldhamIt's LoveAtlantic45-2564$25usdemo/red/white lblvg+
10246Springfield RifleThat's All I Really NeedBurdette455$95usdemom-
10247Spyder TurnerYou're Good Enough For MeMGMK 13617$30us vg+
10248Stacy LattisawDon't Throw It All AwayCotillion47011$6uspurple lblvg++
10249Stacy LattisawFeel My Love TonightCotillion46026$6uspurple lblvg+
10250Stage IVOur WorldMillieM 600$30usyellow/black lblvg+
10251StairstepsEasy WayBuddahBDA 291$10uswolvg++
10252Stanley ClarkeSilly PuttyNemperorNE 002$8us vg++
10253Stanley TurrentineI'm In LoveFantasyF 734$15usps/brown/orange logo lblvg+/vg+
10254Staple SingersAre You Ready Epic A 6580$10holps/grey/blue lblm-/vg+
10255Staple SingersBack Road Into TownStaxSTN 0248$8usyellow lblvg+
10256Staple SingersBe What You AreStax2025185$12gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
10257Staple SingersBe What You AreStaxSTA 0164$10us m-
10258Staple SingersBrand New DayStaxSTA 0074$15usdemom-
10259Staple SingersCity In the SkyStaxSTXS 2001$4ukyellow lblvg
10260Staple SingersFor What It's WorthEpic5-10220$40usdemovg++
10261Staple SingersFor What It's WorthEpic 5-10220$50usdemom-
10262Staple SingersHeEpic5-10264$15usdemom-
10263Staple SingersHeavy Makes You Happy (Sha-Na-Boom Boom)StaxSTX 1027$10usred lblm-
10264Staple SingersIf You're Ready (Come Go With Me)Stax2025215$18gerpsvg++/m-
10265Staple SingersI'll Take You ThereStax2025110$20gerpsm-/m-
10266Staple SingersI'll Take You ThereStaxSTA 0125$6usyellow lbl/wolvg+
10267Staple SingersI'll Take You ThereStaxSTA 0125$10us vg++
10268Staple SingersI'll Take You ThereStaxSTAX 815$6frayellow lblvg+
10269Staple SingersI'm So GladVee-JayVJ 930$18usdemo/white/black/grey rim lblm-
10270Staple SingersLet's Do It AgainCurtomCMS 0109$10uswolvg++
10271Staple SingersLet's Do It AgainCurtomCMS 0109$6us vg
10272Staple SingersLet's Do It AgainCurtomCMS 0109$12us vg++
10273Staple SingersLong Walk To D.C.StaxSTA 0007$10usyellow lbl/dhm-
10274Staple SingersLong Walk To D.C.StaxSTA 0007$8usyellow lbl/dhvg++
10275Staple SingersLove Is PlentifulStax2025019$12gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
10276Staple SingersLove Is PlentifulStax2025019$15gerps/yellow lblm-/vg+
10277Staple SingersLove Is PlentifulStax2025019$10gerps/yellow lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg++
10278Staple SingersMy Main ManStaxSTN 0227$8usyellow lblvg++
10279Staple SingersMy Main ManStaxSTXS 2018$10ukyellow lbl/solid centrem-
10280Staple SingersPray OnEpic 5-10104$18usdemo/white/black lblm-
10281Staple SingersRespect YourselfStax2025068$25gerpsm-/m-
10282Staple SingersSlippery PeopleEpicA 4784$10holps/blue lblm-/m-
10283Staple SingersSlippery PeopleEpicA 4784$8holps/blue lblm-/vg++
10284Staple SingersStep AsideEpic5-10054$15usdemom-
10285Staple SingersThe GhettoStaxSTA 19$10usdhvg++
10286Staple SingersThis WorldStax2025129$20gerpsm-/m-
10287Staple SingersThis WorldStax2025129$8uk vg++
10288Staple SingersThis WorldStaxSTA 0137$8ussolvg++
10289Staple SingersThis WorldStaxSTA 0137$8uswolvg++
10290Staple SingersWe the PeopleStax2025172$8uk vg++
10291Staple SingersWe the PeopleStaxSTA 0156$6usyellow lbl/wol/solvg+
10292Staple SingersWho Took the Merry Out Of ChristmasStaxSTA 0084$8us vg++
10293Staple Singers featuring Mavis StaplesAre You SureEpic5-10220$12usdemovg++
10294StaplesPass It OnWarner BrosWBS 8279$8us vg+
10295StargardLove Is So EasyMCAMCA 354$8ukdemovg+
10296StargardTheme Song From Which Way Is UpMCA32038$4gerps/sol/wol/wocvg/vg+
10297StargardWhat You Waitin' For MCA382$8uk m-
10298StargardWhat You Waitin' For (Hey Mr. DJ)MCA32051$8gerpsvg++/m-
10299StarpointI Just Wanna Dance With YouChocolate CityCC 3208$6us vg+
10300StarpointObject Of My DesireElektra7-69621$4usblack/red lblvg++
10301SteelersGet It From the BottomDate2-1642$15usgreen lbl/solvg-
10302SteelersGet It From the BottomDate2-1642$15usgreen lbl/wolvg-
10303StefanHoly CowStax2025153$25ukyellow lblvg++
10304StefanHoly CowStaxSTA 0145$15uswolm-
10305StefanKeep On Loving MeStaxSTA 0130$8uswolvg+
10306Stephanie Mills(You're Puttin') A Rush On MeMCA53151$12usps/sample sticker on lblm-/vg++
10307Stephanie MillsBetter Than Ever20th CenturyTC-2427$8us vg+
10308Stephanie MillsBit By BitMCA258987-7$10gerpsm-/m-
10309Stephanie MillsEdge Of the RazorCasablanca880445-7$10holpsm-/m-
10310Stephanie MillsEdge Of the RazorCasablanca880445-7$8holps/socm-/vg++
10311Stephanie MillsI Have Learned To Respect the Power Of LoveMCA52799$10uspsm-/m-
10312Stephanie MillsNever Knew Love Like This Before20th CenturyPB 9609$8gerpsvg+/vg+
10313Stephanie MillsNever Knew Love Like This Before20th CenturyPB 9609$10gerpsm-/m-
10314Stephanie MillsNever Knew Love Like This Before20th CenturyTC-2460$8us vg+
10315Stephanie MillsNever Knew Love Like This Before20th CenturyTC-2460$8fralight brown/black lbl/solid centrevg++
10316Stephanie MillsNever Knew Love Like This Before20th CenturyTC-2460$2us vg-
10317Stephanie MillsThe Medecine SongClubJAB 8$10ukps/silver/black lbl/solid centrevg+/vg+
10318Stephanie MillsTop Of My List20th CenturyTC-2501$12uk vg++
10319Stephanie MillsWhat Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' ?20th Century6162163$6holpsvg+/vg
10320Stephanie MillsWhat Cha Gonna Do With My Lovin' ?20th Century6162163$15holpsm-/vg++
10321Stephanie MillsWish That You Were Mine20th CenturyTC-2449$12us vg++
10322Stephanie MillsYou Can't Run From My LoveCasablancaCAN 1011$6ukps/silver lblvg+/vg++
10323Stephanie Mills & Teddy PendergrassTwo Hearts20th CenturyFB 2492$12gerpsm-/vg+
10324Stephanie Mills & Teddy PendergrassTwo Hearts20th CenturyFB 2492$15gerpsm-/vg++
10325Stephanie Mills & Teddy PendergrassTwo Hearts20th CenturyFB 2492$10gerpsvg++/vg+
10326Stephanie Mills & Teddy PendergrassTwo Hearts20th CenturyTC-2492$8us vg++
10327Steve AlaimoDenverAtco45-6561$25usdemom-
10328Steve AlaimoMais OuiABC-Paramount10680$10us vg+
10329Steve AlaimoMy FriendAtco45-6589$18usdh/wolvg++
10330Steve AlaimoMy FriendsChecker1018$15usdemovg+
10331Steve AlaimoNobody's FoolEntranceZS7 7503$50usdemom-
10332Steve AlaimoUnchained MelodyCaliforniaC 363$10dkps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg/vg
10333Steve AlaimoWatching the Trains Go ByAtco45-6620$25usdemovg++
10334Steve AlaimoWhen My Little Girl Is SmilingCBS7313$12holpsvg/vg-
10335Steve Alaimo & Betty WrightAfter the Smoke Is GoneAtco45-6659$10usdhvg++
10336Steve ArringtonDancin' In the Key Of LifeAtlantic789534-7$6gerpsvg++/vg++
10337Steve Rowland & the Ring LeadersHere Kum the KartsCross Country1-1818$25usred lblvg+
10338Stevie BBecause I Love You (The Postman Song)BCM7507$6gerpsvg++/vg++
10339Stevie WonderA Place In the SunTamlaT-54139$8canwhite/black/red/blue lblvg+
10340Stevie WonderA Place In the SunTamlaT-54139$10usside by side globe lblvg++
10341Stevie WonderA Place In the SunTamla MotownGO 25462$35holps/orange lblm-/m-
10342Stevie WonderA Place In the SunTamla MotownGO 25462$30holps/orange lblvg++/m-
10343Stevie WonderAnother StarMotown3C006-99498$20itapsvg++/vg++
10344Stevie WonderAsMotown1C006-60158$10gerpsvg+/vg
10345Stevie WonderAsMotown1C006-60158$20gerpsm-/vg++
10346Stevie WonderBlowin' In the WindTamlaT-54136$50usdemo/white/black Detroit Michigan side by side globe lblvg++
10347Stevie WonderBlowin' In the WindTamlaT-54136$6usside by side globe lblvg+
10348Stevie WonderBlowin' In the WindTamla MotownGO 45255$20holps/orange lblvg+/vg+
10349Stevie WonderBlowin' In the WindTamla MotownGO 45255$25holps/orange lblm-/m-
10350Stevie WonderBoogie On Reggae WomanTamlaT 54254F$6usyellow/brown top lbl/wolvg++
10351Stevie WonderBoogie On Reggae WomanTamla Motown1C006-96083$15gerpsvg++/vg+
10352Stevie WonderDid I Hear You Say You Love MeTamlaT 54328F$6usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10353Stevie WonderDo I DoMotown100-15-050$15gerpsvg+/vg++
10354Stevie WonderDo I DoTamla1612 TF$8usyellow/brown top lblm-
10355Stevie WonderDon't Drive DrunkMotownZB 69286$12gerpsvg+/vg+
10356Stevie WonderEvery Time I See You I Go WildTamla MotownTMG 626$18dkpsvg+/vg
10357Stevie WonderFor Once In My LifeTamla MotownTMK 118$18swps/wocvg+/vg++
10358Stevie WonderFor Once In My LifeTamla MotownTMK 118$20swpsvg++/vg+
10359Stevie WonderFor Once In My LifeTamla MotownTMK 118$10swps/sol/wocvg-/vg+
10360Stevie WonderHappy BirthdayMotown100-07-120$10gerpsm-/m-
10361Stevie WonderHappy BirthdayMotownTMG 1235$6uk vg++
10362Stevie WonderHeaven Help Us AllTamlaT-54200$8usyellow/brown top lbl/dhvg++
10363Stevie WonderHeaven Help Us AllTamlaT-54200$10usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10364Stevie WonderHeaven Help Us AllTamla Motown1C006-91953$18gerpsvg++/vg++
10365Stevie WonderHeaven Help Us AllTamla MotownTMG 757$10uksolid centrem-
10366Stevie WonderHey Harmonica ManTamla54096$40usDetroit Michigan side by side globe lblm-
10367Stevie WonderHigher GroundTamla Motown1C006-94696$15gerpsvg++/vg+
10368Stevie WonderHigher GroundTamla Motown1C006-94696$20gerpsm-/vg++
10369Stevie WonderHigher GroundTamla MotownTMG 869$6uk vg
10370Stevie WonderHigher GroundTamla MotownTMG 869$8uknoc/wolvg++
10371Stevie WonderI Ain't Gonna Stand For ItMotown100-07-060$12gerpsm-/vg++
10372Stevie WonderI Ain't Gonna Stand For ItTamlaT-54320F$4usyellow/brown top lblvg+
10373Stevie WonderI Ain't Gonna Stand For ItTamlaT-54320F$8usyellow/brown top lblm-
10374Stevie WonderI Don't Know WhyTamlaT-54180$10usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10375Stevie WonderI Don't Know WhyTamla MotownTMG 690$10uksolid centrevg
10376Stevie WonderI Don't Know WhyTamla MotownTMK 125$45swpsm-/vg++
10377Stevie WonderI Just Called To Say I Love YouMotownZB 69213$4gerps/wol/wocvg-/vg+
10378Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamlaT-54151$8usside by side globe lblvg+
10379Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamla MotownGO 25603$25holps/orange lblvg+/vg+
10380Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamla MotownGO 25603$30holps/orange lblvg+/vg++
10381Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamla MotownGO 25603$40holps/orange lbl/sample stamp on lblvg++/vg++
10382Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamla MotownTMG 613$15uk vg++
10383Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamla MotownTMG 613$20sw/norpsvg+/vg+
10384Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamla MotownTMG 613$20sw/norps/wocvg/m-
10385Stevie WonderI Was Made To Love HerTamla MotownGO 25603$18holpsvg-/vg+
10386Stevie WonderI WishMotown1C006-98490$15gerpsvg++/vg+
10387Stevie WonderI WishMotown1C006-98490$12gerpsvg++/vg
10388Stevie WonderI WishMotownT 54274F$8us vg++
10389Stevie WonderI WishMotownTMG 1054$6uk vg+
10390Stevie WonderI WishMotown1C006-98490$8gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg
10391Stevie WonderIf You Really Love Me TamlaT-54208$6usyellow/brown top lbl/sol/wolvg+
10392Stevie WonderI'm WonderingTamlaT-54157$12canwhite/black/red/blue lblvg+
10393Stevie WonderI'm WonderingTamlaT-54157$15us m-
10394Stevie WonderI'm WonderingTamla Motown1C006-91627$10gerps/wocvg-/vg
10395Stevie WonderLand Of La LaMotownZB 40747$10gerpsm-/vg++
10396Stevie WonderLiving For the CityTamlaT-54242F$8us vg++
10397Stevie WonderLiving For the CityTamla MotownTMG 881$4uknoc/wolvg+
10398Stevie WonderLiving For the CityTamla MotownTMG 881$6uk vg+
10399Stevie WonderMaster Blaster (Jammin')Motown1C006-64076$18gerpsm-/vg++
10400Stevie WonderMaster Blaster (Jammin')TamlaT-54317F$6usyellow/brown top lblvg+
10401Stevie WonderMasterblasterMotown7C006-64076$4swsolid centrevg+
10402Stevie WonderMy GirlTamlaT-54168$8usyellow/brown top lbl/wolm-
10403Stevie WonderNever Had A Dream Come TrueTamlaT-54191$10us m-
10404Stevie WonderNever Had A Dream Come TrueTamla Motown6E006-91119$20dkpsvg+/vg+
10405Stevie WonderNever Had A Dream Come TrueTamla MotownTMG 731$8uksolid centrevg++
10406Stevie WonderPart-Time LoverMotownZB 40251$10ukps/solid centrem-/vg+
10407Stevie WonderPart-Time LoverTamla1808TF$6usyellow/brown top lblm-
10408Stevie WonderRibbon In the SkyMotown100-15-055$12gerpsvg++/m-
10409Stevie WonderShoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-DayTamlaT-54165$12us m-
10410Stevie WonderShoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-DayTamla MotownTMG 653$8dkps/wocg/vg+
10411Stevie WonderShoo-Be-Doo-Be-Doo-Da-DayTamla MotownTMG 653$15uk vg++
10412Stevie WonderSigned Sealed Delivered I'm YoursTamla Motown1C006-91627$30gerpsm-/vg++
10413Stevie WonderSigned Sealed Delivered I'm YoursTamla Motown1C006-91627$8gerps/wocvg-/vg-
10414Stevie WonderSigned Sealed Delivered I'm YoursTamla Motown1C006-91627$12gerps/wolvg/vg
10415Stevie WonderSir DukeAmiga456291$6germauve/silver lblvg
10416Stevie WonderSir DukeMotown006-98936$15dkpsvg+/vg++
10417Stevie WonderSir DukeMotown006-98936$18dkpsvg++/vg++
10418Stevie WonderSir DukeMotown006-98936$8dkps/noc/wol/wocvg+/vg+
10419Stevie WonderSir DukeTamlaT-54281$8usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10420Stevie WonderStranger On the Shoe Of LoveMotownWOND 2$10ukps/solid centre/promo stamped slvm-/m-
10421Stevie WonderSuperstitionTamla Motown1C006-94013$18gerpsm-/vg++
10422Stevie WonderSuperstitionTamla Motown6E006-94013$10dkpsvg/vg
10423Stevie WonderSuperstitionTamla Motown6E006-94013$15dkpsvg/vg+
10424Stevie WonderSuperstitionTamla MotownM 5139$15spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slv/No. 1 in the U.S.A. sticker on slv/wocvg+/vg+
10425Stevie WonderSuperstitionTamla Motown6E006-94013$25dkpsvg++/vg+
10426Stevie WonderSuperstitionTamla MotownTMG 841$8uknocvg++
10427Stevie WonderThat GirlMotown100-07-200$12gerpsm-/vg++
10428Stevie WonderThat GirlTamla1602 TF$8usyellow/brown top lblvg++
10429Stevie WonderTravlin' ManTamla MotownGO 25517$25holps/orange lbl/sample stamp on lblvg++/vg++
10430Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)TamlaT-54124$15usside by side globe lblvg+
10431Stevie WonderUptight (Everything's Alright)Tamla MotownTMG 545$50uksold in
10432Stevie WonderWe Can Work It OutTamla T 54202$6usyellow/brown top lbl/wolvg++
10433Stevie WonderWe Can Work It OutTamla Motown1C006-92357$15gerpsvg++/vg+
10434Stevie WonderWe Can Work It OutTamla MotownTMG 772$8uksolid centrevg+
10435Stevie WonderYester-Me Yester-You YesterdayTamla Motown69812$40turpsvg++/vg++
10436Stevie WonderYester-Me Yester-You YesterdayTamla Motown4E006-90734$15swpsvg/vg++
10437Stevie WonderYester-Me Yester-You YesterdayTamla Motown6E006-90734$12dkpsvg+/vg
10438Stevie WonderYester-Me Yester-You YesterdayTamla Motown6E006-90734$10dkps/toc/wocvg/vg
10439Stevie WonderYester-Me Yester-You YesterdayTamla MotownTMG 717$6uknocvg+
10440Stevie WonderYester-Me Yester-You YesterdayTamla MotownTMG 717$4uksolid centrevg-
10441Stevie WonderYester-Me Yester-You YesterdayTamla MotownTMO 8945$6aussolid centrevg
10442Stevie WonderYou Are the Sunshine Of My LifeTamla Motown1C006-94307$15gerpsvg+/vg+
10443Stevie WonderYou Haven't Done Nothin'Tamla Motown1C006-95816$20gerpsvg++/vg++
10444Stevie WonderYou Haven't Done Nothin'Tamla Motown6C006-95816$15dkps/noc/woc/solvg+/vg+
10445Stevie WonderYou Haven't Done Nothin'Tamla MotownSN 20922$12spablue/silver lblvg++
10446StexStill Feel the Rain (The Grid Mix)Some BizarreSBZ7 002$10ukpsm-/m-
10447Sticks McGhee & His BuddiesDrinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-DeeAtlantic45-873$15usyellow/black lblm-
10448Sticky FingersWastin' My LovePreludePRL 71115$8uswhite lblvg++
10449Sticky FingersWastin' My LovePrelude640167$10fraps/pink/blue logo lblvg-/vg
10450StokesYoung Man Old ManAlon9029$25usblue/gold lbl/wolvg++
10451StoneTimeWest EndWES 1239$12ussilver lblvg+
10452Stormy MondayBoogie Children Let's Get DownContempoCS 2028$10ukblack/silver lblvg++
10453StraightSave Your BreathScepterSCN 12403$10us m-
10454StraightSave Your BreathScepter/EncoreSCN 12403$6usblue lblvg+
10455StraightSave Your BreathScepter/EncoreSCN 12403$8usblue lblvg++
10456Strange Bros. ShowRight OnSire45-4120$20usdhvg+
10457Strange Bros. ShowRight OnSire45-4120$30uslight blue/black lbl/dhvg++
10458Strangers In TownInside OutsideDate2-1531$40usdemo/white/green lblvg++
10459Stratavarious & LadyLet Me Be Your Lady TonightRouletteR-7200$20usorange/yellow lblm-
10460StreaksStreakin' & Freakin'20th CenturyTC-2087$10usdemovg++
10461Street ChristiansHey Did You Give Some Love Today?PipPIP 8928$10us m-
10462Street PeopleI Wanna Spend My Whole Life With YouVigorVI 1734$12usred/white lblvg++
10463Street PeopleNever Get Enough Of Your LoveVigorVI 1722$15usred/white lbl/wolm-
10464Street PeopleNever Get Enough Of Your LoveVigorVI 1722$15usred/white lblvg++
10465Street PeopleNever Get Enough Of Your LoveVigorVI 1722$18usred/white lblm-
10466StrikersBody MusicPreludePRL 8025$6us vg+
10467StrikersBody MusicPreludePRL 8025$10us m-
10468StrikersInch By InchPreludePRL 8033$10us vg+
10469StruttTime Moves OnBrunswickBR 35$8ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg++
10470Stuff 'n' RamjettIt's Been A Long Long TimeChelseaCH 3036$18uswolm-
10471StylisticsAlmost ThereTSOPZS5 02195$8uspurple/green lblvg++
10472StylisticsAnd I'll See You No MoreTSOPZS6 4798$6uspurple/green lbl/wolvg++
10473StylisticsAnd I'll See You No MoreTSOPZS6 4798$10uspurple/green lblm-
10474StylisticsAnd I'll See You No MoreTSOPZS6 4798$8uspurple/green lblvg++
10475StylisticsBetcha By Golly WowAvco EmbassyAVS 1010$15swpsm-/m-
10476StylisticsBreak Up To Make UpAvco6105020$6ukpurple/orange rim lblvg+
10477StylisticsBreak Up To Make UpAvcoAV 4611$8uspurple/orange rim lblvg++
10478StylisticsCan't Give You Anything (But My Love)Avco16233$10gerps/purple/orange rim lblvg+/vg+
10479StylisticsCan't Give You Anything (But My Love)Avco6105039.$10ukpurple/black lbl/solid centrem-
10480StylisticsCan't Give You Anything (But My Love)Avco6105039.$8uk vg++
10481StylisticsCan't Give You Anything (But My Love)AvcoAV 4656$6usorange/purple rim lbl/wolvg++
10482StylisticsCan't Help Falling In LoveH&L6105050$10uk m-
10483StylisticsFunky WeekendAvco6105044$8ukpurple/black lbl/solid centrevg++
10484StylisticsI Plead GuiltyH&L6105085.$10uk m-
10485StylisticsIf You Are ThereAvcoAV 4661$8usorange/purple rim lblm-
10486StylisticsI'm Stone In Love With YouAvco EmbassyAVS 1011$30swpsm-/m-
10487StylisticsOnly For the ChildrenAvcoAV 4634$6uspurple/orange rim lblvg+
10488StylisticsSing Baby SingAvco6105036$10uk m-
10489StylisticsStar On A TV ShowAvco6105035$10uk m-
10490StylisticsThank You BabyAvcoAV E7044652$8usorange/purple rim lblm-
10491StylisticsYou Are BeautifulAvcoAV 4664$15uspsm-/m-
10492StylisticsYou Make Me Feel Brand NewAvcoAVCO 4634X$6usblack/silver lblvg+
10493StylisticsYou Make Me Feel Brand NewAvcoAV 4634$8uspurple/orange rim lblvg++
10494SugarDancing In the StreetsRocky Road30063$18usorange lbl/wolvg++
10495SugarManhattan FeverIslandWIP 6456$8ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lblm-
10496SugarOcho RiosPower ExchangePX 275$12uk vg++
10497Sugar BillySuper Duper Love Part 1 (Are You Diggin' On Me)Fast TrackFT 2501$15us vg++
10498Sugar Blues BandRolling On Down To New OrleansBayou Soul45-400$8us vg
10499Sugar Pie De SantoI Don't Wanna FussChecker1093$35usdemo/black/white chess board lblvg++
10500Sugar Pie De SantoI Don't Wanna FussChecker1093$25uschessboard lblvg++
10501Sugar Pie De SantoSlip-In Mules (No High Heel Sneakers)Checker1073$15usmaroon/silver lblvg
10502Sugar Pie De SantoSlip-In Mules (No High Heel Sneakers)Checker1073$20uschessboard lblvg+
10503Sugar Pie DesantoI Want To KnowVeltone103$25usblack/silver lblm-
10504Sugar Pie DesantoI Want To KnowVeltone103$20usblack/silver lblvg++
10505Sugar Pie DesantoIt Won't Be LongChecker971$25uswhite/black lblvg+
10506SummitsLet Me Love You AgainDC International5001$25usblue/black lblvg++
10507SunElainaSussexSUX 211$8usbrown/rainbow circle lblm-
10508SunElainaSussexSUX 211$6usbrown/rainbow circle lblvg++
10509SunRadiation LevelCapitol4713$10usred lblm-
10510SunReaction Satisfaction (Jam Ya'll: Funk It Up)Capitol4981$10uspurple/silver lblvg++
10511SunWanna Make Love (Come Flick My BIC)Capitol4254$8usred lblvg++
10512SunWanna Make Love (Come Flick My BIC)Capitol4254$15usps/red lblvg++/vg+
10513SunfireYoung Free And SingleWarner Bros929897-7$15gerpsvg+/vg+
10514SunfireYoung Free And SingleWarner Bros929897-7$25gerpsvg++/m-
10515SunnyHeadline NewsEpic8-50063$8usdemo/white/black/orange lblvg-
10516SunnyHeadline NewsEpic8-50063$15usdemo/white/black/orange lbl/wolvg+
10517Sunny & the SunglowsGolly GeeOkeh4 7143$35usdemom-
10518Sunny & the SunglowsTalk To MeTear Drop3014$25us m-
10519Sunny & the SunlinersHip Huggin MiniRPRR 102$25us m-
10520Sunny Ozuna & the SunglowsGolly GeeOkeh4 7143$25usyellow lblvg+
10521Sunnygirls of SwedenI Can't Turn You LooseDiscophonS 5134$50swps/orange/black lbl/wocvg++/m-
10522SunriseDirty Mind (Part 1)PolydorPD 14403$15us m-
10523Sunshine BandRock Your BabyJay BoyBOY 104$6ukdemo/light brown /red A lblvg
10524Sunshine BandRock Your BabyJay BoyBOY 104$6uklight brown lbl/wolvg+
10525SupremesAutomatically SunshineTamla MotownTMG 821$10uk vg+
10526SupremesBaby LoveCBS1625$25gerps/orange lblvg-/m-
10527SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$8dkps/black/silver lbl/nocg/vg
10528SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
10529SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$15ukblack/silver lbl/sold in
10530SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$10ukblack/silver lbl/sold in
10531SupremesBaby LoveStatesideSS 350$20dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
10532SupremesBaby LoveTamlaM 1066$6canside by side globe lblvg-
10533SupremesBack In My Arms AgainTamla Motown1075$6ger vg-
10534SupremesCome See About MeStatesideKSS 1013$12dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg-
10535SupremesCome See About MeStatesideSS 376$30ukblack/silver lbl/sold in
10536SupremesEarly Morning LoveTamla MotownTMG 1012$8uk vg+
10537SupremesEarly Morning LoveTamla MotownTMG 1012$10uk vg++
10538SupremesEverybody's Got the Right To LoveMotownM-1167$6usdhvg+
10539SupremesEverybody's Got the Right To LoveMotownM-1167$10usdhm-
10540SupremesFloy JoyTamla MotownTMG 804$35dkps/wocvg++/vg+
10541SupremesHe's My ManTamla Motown1C006-96777$10gerpsvg/vg
10542SupremesHe's My ManTamla Motown1C006-96777$20gerpsvg++/vg++
10543SupremesHe's My ManTamla Motown1C006-96777$12gerpsvg+/vg
10544SupremesHe's My ManTamla MotownTMG 950$6uk vg
10545SupremesI Guess I'll Miss the ManTamla MotownTMG 884$10uksolm-
10546SupremesI Guess I'll Miss the ManTamla MotownTMG 884$10uk vg++
10547SupremesI Hear A SymphonyMotownM 1083$15us vg++
10548SupremesI Hear A SymphonyTamla MotownTMG 543$15uknocvg
10549SupremesI'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the WalkingTamla MotownTMG 1029$12uk vg++
10550SupremesLove Is Here And Now You're GoneTamla MotownGO 25505$25holps/orange lblvg+/vg++
10551SupremesLove Is Here And Now You're GoneTamla MotownGO 25505$15holps/orange lblvg/vg+
10552SupremesLove Is Here And Now You're GoneTamla MotownTMG 597$10dkps/sol/wolvg-/vg-
10553SupremesMy World Is Empty Without YouMotown1089$8us vg+
10554SupremesNathan JonesTamla MotownTMG 1046$8uk4 prong push out centrevg++
10555SupremesNathan JonesTamla MotownTMG 782$15uksolid centrem-
10556SupremesNathan JonesTamla MotownTMG 782$4uksolid centre/wolvg-
10557SupremesNathan JonesTamla MotownTMG 1046$6uk vg+
10558SupremesNothing But HeartachesMotownMT 1080$8us vg+
10559SupremesNothing But HeartachesTamla MotownTMG 527$25dkpsvg+/vg
10560SupremesOnly SixteenTamla MotownTMG 5001$30dkps/orange slv/tocvg/vg+
10561SupremesOnly SixteenTamla MotownTMG 5001$25swps/wocvg-/vg+
10562SupremesOnly SixteenTamla MotownTMG 5001$25swps/sol/wocvg/vg+
10563SupremesOnly SixteenTamla MotownTMG 5001$25dkps/orange slv/woc/wolvg/vg+
10564SupremesRudolph the Red Nosed ReindeerTamla MotownTMK 104$125dkps/solid centrevg+/vg
10565SupremesStoned LoveTamla MotownTMG 760$6uksolid centrevg
10566SupremesStoned LoveTamla Motown4E006-91999 M$12sw vg++
10567SupremesStoned LoveTamla Motown6E006-91999M$15dkpsvg+/vg
10568SupremesStoned LoveTamla Motown4E006-91999 M$4gernoc/wol/solvg-
10569SupremesStop In the Name Of LoveStatesideKSS 1016$10dkps/black/silver lbl/toc/wocvg-/vg-
10570SupremesThe HappeningMotownM-1107$8us vg+
10571SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownGO 25550$15holps/orange lblvg/vg
10572SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownTMG 607$25uk/dkpsvg+/vg++
10573SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownTMG 607$25uksolid centrem-
10574SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownTMG 607$20dkpsvg+/vg+
10575SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownTMG 607$12uksolid centrevg
10576SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownTMG 607$15dkpsvg/vg
10577SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownTMG 607$20dkps/solid centrevg/vg++
10578SupremesThe HappeningTamla MotownTMG 607$18dkps/wocvg+/vg+
10579SupremesUp the Ladder To the RoofTamla MotownTMG 735$35dkpsvg/vg+
10580SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoCBS1475$15gerps/orange lblvg/vg
10581SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoMotown1060$8us vg++
10582SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$10dkps/black/silver lbl/wocg/vg+
10583SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$12dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
10584SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$20ukblack/silver lbl/solvg++
10585SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$15dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg
10586SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoStatesideSS 327$6ukblack/silver lbl/solvg
10587SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoTamla MotownGO 25559$25holps/orange lblvg/vg+
10588SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoTamla Motown5C006-97030$20holps/orange lblvg+/vg+
10589SupremesWhere Did Our Love GoTamla MotownGO 25559$30holps/orange lblvg-/vg+
10590SupremesYou Can't Hurry LoveTamla MotownGO 45253$25dk/holpsvg+/vg+
10591SupremesYou Can't Hurry LoveTamla MotownGO 45253$30dk/holpsvg+/vg++
10592SupremesYou Can't Hurry LoveTamla MotownGO 45253$15holps/orange lbl/wocvg/vg+
10593SupremesYou Can't Hurry LoveTamla MotownTM 1097$10gerps/green/silvrer lbl/wocvg-/vg-
10594SupremesYou Can't Hurry LoveTamla MotownGO 45253$20dk/holps/wocvg+/vg+
10595SupremesYou Can't Hurry LoveTamla MotownGO 45253$20dk/holps/noc/wocvg+/vg+
10596SupremesYou Keep Me Hanging OnMotown YesteryearY 435F$8usbrown/white lblvg++
10597SupremesYou Keep Me Hanging OnTamla MotownTMG 585$15uk vg+
10598SupremesYou Keep Me Hanging OnTamla MotownTMG 585$10uknocvg+
10599SupremesYou Keep Me Hanging OnTamla MotownGO 25447$40holps/orange lblvg/vg++
10600SupremesYour Wonderful Sweet Sweet LoveTamla MotownTMG 835$8uksolid centrevg+
10601SupremesYou're What's Missing In My LifeMotownM-1407F$20us vg+
10602Supremes & Four TopsRiver Deep Mountain HighMotownM 1173$4usdhvg
10603Supremes & Four TopsYou Gotta Have Love In Your HeartTamla MotownTMG 793$12uksolid centrevg++
10604Suzanne FelliniPermanent DamageCasablancaNB 2263DJ$10usdemovg+
10605Swamp DoggSal-A-FasterCanyon30$20us vg+
10606Swamp DoggSal-A-FasterCanyon30$30us m-
10607Swamp DoggThe Mind Does the DancingIslandUSADJ 1001$10ukdemovg
10608Swamp DoggThe Other ManDJMDJS 10684$8uksolid centrevg+
10609Swamp DoggThe Other ManDJMDJS 10684$10uksolid centrevg++
10610Swamp DoggTotal Destruction To Your MindContempoCS 2046$8ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg++
10611Sweat BandBody ShopUncle JamZS6 70067$10usgrey lbl/wolvg++
10612Sweat BandBody ShopUncle JamZS6 70067$15usgrey lblm-
10613Sweet ApplesLove ChildVarietyNP 92004$6itaorange/green/blue lblvg-
10614Sweet CreamI Don't Know What I'd Do (If You Ever Left Me)EmberEMBS 364$6uksolid centrevg+
10615Sweet CreamI Don't Know What I'd Do (If You Ever Left Me)ShadybrookSB45-1044$8usgreen lblvg++
10616Sweet CreamYou Brought JoyShadybrookSB 1051$8usgreen lblvg+
10617Sweet CreamYou Brought JoyShadybrookSB 1051$10usgreen lblvg++
10618Sweet InspirationsBlack SundayCaribouZS8 9022$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
10619Sweet InspirationsBlack SundayCaribouZS8 9022$10us m-
10620Sweet InspirationsChainedAtlantic45-2653$15usdemo/wolvg++
10621Sweet InspirationsChange Me NotAtlantic45-2779$10usdhm-
10622Sweet InspirationsChange Me NotAtlantic45-2779$10us vg++
10623Sweet InspirationsEmergencyStaxSTA 017$20usyellow lblvg++
10624Sweet InspirationsEveryday Will Be Like A HolidayAtlantic45-2620$10usdhm-
10625Sweet InspirationsEveryday Will Be Like A HolidayAtlanticATL 70375$30gerps/red/black lblm-/m-
10626Sweet InspirationsEveryday Will Be Like A HolidayAtlanticATL 70375$12gerps/red/black lblvg-/vg
10627Sweet InspirationsEveryday Will Be Like A HolidayAtlanticATL 70375$25gerps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
10628Sweet InspirationsI Don't Want To Go On Without YouAtlantic45-2410$12us vg++
10629Sweet InspirationsI Don't Want To Go On Without YouAtlantic45-2410$10usdhvg++
10630Sweet InspirationsI'm BlueAtlantic45-2476$15us vg
10631Sweet InspirationsI'm BlueAtlantic45-2476$25us vg++
10632Sweet InspirationsI'm BlueAtlanticATL 70269$15gerps/red/black lblvg/vg
10633Sweet InspirationsI'm BlueAtlanticATL 70269$8swps/red/black lbl/noc/wolvg/vg-
10634Sweet InspirationsI'm BlueAtlanticATL 70269$25gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg++
10635Sweet InspirationsLight SingsAtlantic45-2750$10usdhm-
10636Sweet InspirationsLove Is On the WayRSORS 932$15us vg+
10637Sweet InspirationsLove Is On the WayRSORS 932$20us vg++
10638Sweet InspirationsReach Out For MeAtlantic45-2465$20usdhvg+
10639Sweet InspirationsSweets For My SweetAtlanticATL 70386$30gerpsm-/m-
10640Sweet InspirationsSweets For My SweetAtlanticATL 70386$15gerpsvg+/vg
10641Sweet InspirationsSweets For My SweetAtlanticATL 70386$15gerps/red/black lbl/noc/wolvg/vg++
10642Sweet InspirationsThat's How Strong My Love IsAtlantic45-2436$8usdhvg+
10643Sweet InspirationsThem BoysAtlantic45-2732$15usdemo/wolvg++
10644Sweet InspirationsUnchained MelodyAtlantic45-2551$8usdh/wolvg++
10645Sweet InspirationsUnchained MelodyAtlantic45-2551$10usdhvg++
10646Sweet InspirationsWhat the World Need Now Is LoveAtlantic45-2571$4usdhvg
10647Sweet InspirationsWhat the World Need Now Is LoveAtlantic45-2571$6usdhvg+
10648Sweet InspirationsWhat the World Need Now Is LoveAtlantic45-2571$8usdhvg++
10649Sweet InspirationsWhat the World Need Now Is LoveAtlanticATL 70335$18gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
10650Sweet MusicI Get LiftedWandWND 11295$6usorange lblvg+
10651Sweet MusicI Get LiftedWandWND 11295$10usorange lblm-
10652Sweet SalvationI Just Find Myself FallingElektraEK 45830$30usdemom-
10653Sweet SensationPurely By CoincidencePye7N 45421$6ukred lblvg++
10654Sweet SensationSad Sweet DreamerPye71002$8usmaroon lblvg+
10655Sweet SensationSad Sweet DreamerPye7N 45385$6ukred lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
10656Sweet SensationSad Sweet DreamerPye7N 45385$10uk vg++
10657Sweet SensationSweet RegretsPye7N 45571$6ukred lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
10658Sweet SmokeYou Don't Know Like I KnowAmy11053$20uspink lbl/dhvg++
10659Sweet ThunderBaby I Need Your Love TodayFantasy/WMOT826$15uswhite/orange lblvg++
10660Swiss MovementTake Some TimeRCA VictorAPBO 0092$20ussample sticker on lblm-
10661SwitchLove Over And Over AgainGordy66222$6us m-
10662SwordsmenHip ThangRCA Victor/Getto-Kitty74-0561$25usdemo/yellow lblm-
10663SwordsmenThat's When A Woman Needs A ManRCA Victor47-9745$25usdemo/yellow lblvg++
10664Sydney YoungbloodI'm So GladCircaYR 34$4ukpsm-/vg++
10665Syl JohnsonBack For A Taste Of Your LoveHI45-2250$12usdemom-
10666Syl JohnsonBack For A Taste Of Your LoveHI45-2250$6usblack/silver/red logo lblvg+
10667Syl JohnsonBout To Make Me Leave HomeHI5N-2308$12usblack/silver/red logo lblm-
10668Syl JohnsonI Only Have LoveHI5N-2295$12usblack/silver/red logo lblvg++
10669Syl JohnsonI Only Have LoveHI5N-2295-DJ$20usdemo/orange/yellow lblm-
10670Syl JohnsonI Want To Take You Home (To See Mama)HI5N-2275$50usblack/silver/red logo lblvg++
10671Syl JohnsonI'm YoursHI2260$10usblack/silver/red logo lblvg++
10672Syl JohnsonLittle Sally WalkerFederalF 12454$15usgreen/silver lblvg++
10673Syl JohnsonLittle Sally WalkerFederalF 12454$20usdemovg++
10674Syl JohnsonMs. Fine Brown FrameEpic3016$8uk m-
10675Syl JohnsonPlease Please PleaseFederal45-12476$30usturquise/silver lblm-
10676Syl JohnsonTake Me BackTwinight116$30us vg++
10677Syl JohnsonTake Me BackTwinight116$20ussolvg+
10678Syl JohnsonTake Me BackTwinight116$30us m-
10679Syl JohnsonTake Me To the RiverHI5N-2285-DJ$20usdemo/orange/yellow lblm-
10680Syl JohnsonTake Me To the RiverHI5N-2285-DJ$18usdemo/orange/yellow lblvg++
10681Syl JohnsonThank You BabyTwinight144$20usred/black lblvg+
10682SylversBoogie FeverCapitolCL 15850$6uk/dkps/red lblvg+/vg+
10683SylversBoogie FeverCapitolCL 15850$8uk/dkps/red lblvg+/vg++
10684SylversBoogie FeverCapitolCL 15850$6uk/dkps/red lblvg+/vg+
10685SylversCotton CandyCapitol1C006-82282$6gerps/red lblvg/vg+
10686SylversHigh School DanceCapitol5C006-85142$8holps/red lblvg/m-
10687SylversHigh School DanceCapitol5C006-85142$8holps/red lbl/solvg+/vg+
10688SylversHoochie Coochie Dancin'CasablancaNB 992$8us vg+
10689SylversHoochie Coochie Dancin'CasablancaNB 992$10us vg++
10690SylversHot LineCapitol4336$4usred lblvg+
10691SylversHot LineCapitol5C006-85050$8holps/red lblvg+/vg+
10692SylversHot LineCapitol5C006-85050$15holps/red lblvg++/m-
10693SylversMahoganyCasablancaNB 2207$10us m-
10694SylversMahoganyCasablancaNB 2207$8us vg++
10695SylvesterAll I NeedMegatoneS 1005$8ussolid centrevg++
10696SylvesterCan't Stop DancingFantasy879$6uslightning lblvg++
10697SylvesterCan't Stop DancingFantasyFTC 183$8uklightning lbl/sample stamp on lblvg+
10698SylvesterDance (Disco Heat)Fantasy827$4uslightning lblvg+
10699SylvesterTake Me To HeavenCool TempoCOOL 106$8ukpsm-/m-
10700SylvesterYou Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)Fantasy5C006-61678$10holps/brown/orange logo lblm-/m-
10701SylvesterYou Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)Fantasy5C006-61678$6holps/brown/orange logo lbl/wol/wocvg++/vg++
10702SylviaAutomatic LoverVibrationVI 576$6usyellow lblm-
10703SylviaEasy EvilVibrationVI 530$8us vg++
10704SylviaGimme A Little ActionVibrationVI-512$10usblue/black lbl/dhvg++
10705SylviaHave You Had Any LatelyLondonHLU 10429$15ukdemo/red/silver lblm-
10706SylviaHave You Had Any LatelyLondonHLU 10429$4uknocvg
10707SylviaPillow TalkLondonHLU 10415$25ukdemo/red/silver lblm-
10708SylviaPillow TalkLondonHLU 10415$18uk m-
10709SylviaPillow TalkLondonHLU 10415$25uk/dkps/noc/wocvg++/vg++
10710SylviaPillow TalkVibrationVI-521$8uslight blue/black lbl/dhvg+
10711SylviaThe Lollipop Man (Kojak Theme '77)VibrationVI 572$10usyellow/white lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
10712Sylvia & Ralfi PaganSoul Je T'aimeVibrationVI-525$8usblue/black lblvg++
10713Sylvia LoveInstant LoveRCA VictorPB 5138$10ukyellow lbl/nocvg++
10714Sylvia LoveInstant LoveRCA VictorPB 5138$8ukyellow lblvg++
10715Symbol 8Who's That Sexy LadyShockSH-5$10usblue/pink lblm-
10716Syndicate of SoundThe Upper HandBell646$10usdhvg
10717SyreetaHarmour LoveMotownM 1353F$12us vg++
10718SyreetaHarmour LoveMotownM 1353F$25uspsm-/vg-
10719SyreetaHarmour LoveTamla MotownTMG 954$18uk vg++
10720SyreetaI'm Goin' LeftTamla MotownTMG 926$20ukdemom-
10721SyreetaI'm Goin' LeftTamla MotownTMG 926$15uk m-
10722SyreetaQuick SlickMotown100-07-150$25gerpsvg++/vg++
10723SyreetaSpinnin' And Spinnin'Tamla Motown1C006-95838$15gerpsm-/vg+
10724SyreetaSpinnin' And Spinnin'Tamla MotownTMG 912$10uksolvg++
10725SyreetaTo Know You Is To Love YouMowestMW 3006$25uk vg++



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