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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
4134G. Kerr Orch.Back LashAll PlatinumAP 2316$6uslight green lblg
4135G.L. CrockettIt's A Man Down There4 Brothers4B 445$40usyellow lblvg++
4136G.L. CrockettLook Out MabelChecker1121$25usmaroon lblvg++
4137Gabor SzaboPaint It BlackImpulse45-257$10usorange/black lblvg-
4138Gabor SzaboWitchcraftImpulse45-254$10usorange/black lblvg-
4139Gail SondersPlease Don't Awake MeGateway45-728$15us vg
4140GalaxyBook Of RulesSidewalk7C006-06997$4swblack/yellow lbl/nocvg
4141GalaxyBook Of RulesSidewalk7C006-06997$18swpsm-/vg++
4142GalesDon't Let the Sun Catch Your CryingJ-V-B34$15usred vinylm-
4143GallianoNothing Has Changed (All Aboard Edit)Talkin Loud878980-7$8gerpsvg++/vg++
4144Gap BandBaby Baba BoogieMercury6170043$8gerps/blue/black lblm-/m-
4145Gap BandBaby Baba BoogieMercury6173012$12fraps/promo stamped slvvg++/vg++
4146Gap BandBeep A FreakTotal ExperienceTES1-2405$8usps/black/silver lblm-/vg+
4147Gap BandBurn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)Mercury76091$8us vg++
4148Gap BandBurn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)Mercury6170043$8holps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
4149Gap BandBurn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)Mercury6170043$10fraps/promo stamped slv/wocvg++/vg+
4150Gap BandEarly In the MorningTotal ExperienceTE-8201$6usgrey/silver lbl/wolvg+
4151Gap BandGoing In CirclesTotal ExperienceTES1-2436$8usblack/silver lblm-
4152Gap BandGot To Get AwayMercury74053$8us vg++
4153Gap BandI Found My BabyTotal ExperienceTES1-2412-DJ$10usdemo/black/silver lblm-
4154Gap BandI'm Gonna Git You SuckaArista112016$10gerpsm-/m-
4155Gap BandParty LightsMercury76062$4usskyscraper lblvg+
4156Gap BandParty LightsMercury76062$6usskyscraper lblvg++
4157Gap BandParty LightsMercury76062$8usskyscraper lblm-
4158Gap BandSteppin' OutMercury6167868$12holps/sample sticker on lbl & slvvg++/vg+
4159Gap BandWho Do You CallMercury76037$6usskyscraper lblvg+
4160Gap BandWho Do You CallMercury76037$10usskyscraper lblm-
4161Garden State ChoirShowers Of BlessingAtlantic45-7556$15usdemo/red/white lblm-
4162Garland DavisI've Got A GirlWildcatW 001$75us vg
4163Garland Green80-90-100 M.P.H.Cotillion45-44159$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
4164Garland GreenJealous Kind Of FellaUni55143$20usyellow/rainbow swirl lblm-
4165Garland GreenYou And I Go Good TogetherSpringSPR 151$18usgreen/white lbl/solvg++
4166Garnet MimmsA Little Bit Of SoapUnited ArtistsUA 796$20usblack/silver lblvg++
4167Garnet MimmsIt's Been Such A Long Way HomeVeepV 1232$20usyellow/black lblvg+
4168Garnet MimmsLook AwayUnited ArtistsUA 773$35usblack/silver lblvg+
4169Garnet MimmsTell Me BabyUnited ArtistsUA 694$25usblack/silver lblm-
4170Garnet Mimms & the EnchantersBaby Don't You WeepUnited ArtistsUA 658$15usblack/silver lblvg+
4171Garnet Mimms & the EnchantersCry BabyUnited ArtistsUA 629$12usblack/silver lblvg
4172Garnet Mimms & the EnchantersCry BabyUnited ArtistsXW-109$4usblack/silver car lblvg
4173Garnet Mimms & Truckin' CompanyWhat It IsAristaARISTA 109$25ukdemovg++
4174Garry Davis & the VendorsFunk Machine20th CenturyTC-2272$30us m-
4175Gary U.S. BondsFood Of LoveTop RankT 1099$35swps/wocvg+/vg++
4176Gary U.S. BondsHavin' So Much FunLegrand1015$6us vg
4177Gary U.S. BondsI'm That Kind Of GuyLegrand1040$18usdhvg++
4178Gary U.S. BondsI'm That Kind Of GuyStatesideKSS 3$25dkpsvg/vg+
4179Gary U.S. BondsMixed Up FacultyLegrand1045$15us m-
4180Gary U.S. BondsNew OrleansLegrand1003$20us m-
4181Gary U.S. BondsOut Of WorkEMI America1A006-86562$10holpsm-/vg++
4182Gary U.S. BondsQuarter To ThreeTop RankT-1060$6nor vg
4183Gary U.S. BondsSchool Is InTop RankJAR 595$25ukred/white lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
4184Gary U.S. BondsSchool Is OutFrank Guida ProductionsLEG 1009$12us vg++
4185Gary U.S. BondsSchool Is OutTop RankT 1072$6norred/white lblvg-
4186Gary U.S. BondsTwist Twist SenoraGoldies D 2620$6us vg++
4187Gato BarbieriFiestaA&M1885$6us m-
4188Gato BarbieriLast Tango In ParisUnited Artists35505$15gerps/tan/brown lblvg+/vg
4189Gato BarbieriSecret FiestaA&M2189-S$10usdemo/white/red lblvg++
4190Gavin ChristopherOne Step Closer To YouManhattan1A006-201337-7$6holps/dhm-/vg+
4191Gayle AdamsBaby I Need Your LovingJupiter613493$40gerps/orange/green lblvg++/vg+
4192Gayle AdamsBaby I Need Your LovingPreludePRL 8046$40us m-
4193Gayle AdamsLove FeverPreludePRL 8040$8us vg+
4194Gayle AdamsLove FeverPreludePRL 8040$10us vg++
4195Gayle AdamsPlain Out Of LuckPreludePRL 8012$15us m-
4196Gayle AdamsPlain Out Of LuckPreludePRL 8012$12us vg++
4197Geater (Jeater) DavisDon't Marry A FoolHouse Of OrangeHO45-2401$20usorange/black lblvg++
4198Geater DavisDon't Marry A FoolHouse Of OrangeHO45-2401$20us vg+
4199Geater DavisI'm Gonna ChangeSeventy 7SS 136$20usdemo/white/blue lblm-
4200Geater DavisI'm Gonna ChangeSeventy 7SS 136$15usdemo/white/blue lblvg++
4201Geater DavisLong Cold WinterSeventy 777-124$10us m-
4202Geater DavisWraped Up In YouHouse Of OrangeHO 2405E$12usorange/black lblvg+
4203Geater DavisWrapped Up In YouHouse Of OrangeHO 2405$12usorange/green lblvg+
4204Geater DavisYou Made Your Bed HardSeventy 777-130$15usorange/yellow/black lblm-
4205Gene & EunicePoco-LocoCase1001$30usblack/silver lblvg+
4206Gene & JerryYou Just Can't Win (By Making the Same Mistake)Mercury73163$20usred lbl/wolvg++
4207Gene AllisonSomebody SomewhereDecca9-30185$45usdemo/pink/black lblvg++
4208Gene AllisonYou Can Make It If You TryVee-JayVJ 256$35usmaroon lblm-
4209Gene AllisonYou Can Make It If You Try/Have FaithRef-O-Ree727$35usyellow/black lblvg++
4210Gene AmmonsThe BeatUnitedU-137$10usmaroon/silver lblvg
4211Gene Ammons QuintetCanadian SunsetMetronomePR45-176$8swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
4212Gene BargeBlowin' In the WindChecker1201$15usblue 2 tone lblvg+
4213Gene ChandlerBless Our LoveConstellationC-136$15usblue/silver lbl/dhvg+
4214Gene ChandlerDo What Comes So NaturalChi-SoundTC-2428$10us vg+
4215Gene ChandlerDo What Comes So NaturalChi-SoundTC-2428$12us vg++
4216Gene ChandlerDuke Of EarlMCAD 2437$10us m-
4217Gene ChandlerGet Down20th Century6162149$6holpsvg/vg++
4218Gene ChandlerGet Down20th Century6162149$10gerps/wocm-/m-
4219Gene ChandlerGet Down20th Century6162149$10gerps/wolm-/m-
4220Gene ChandlerGet Down20th Century6162149$6holps/wol/wocvg+/vg++
4221Gene ChandlerGet Down20th CenturyBTC 1040$8uk m-
4222Gene ChandlerGet DownChi-SoundTC-2386$8us m-
4223Gene ChandlerI UnderstandCurtomCR 1986$40us vg++
4224Gene ChandlerI UnderstandCurtomCR 1986$18us vg
4225Gene ChandlerLet Me Make Love To You20th CenturyTC-2451$18us vg++
4226Gene ChandlerLucyStaminaSTA 1501$6holps/blue lblvg/vg
4227Gene ChandlerLucyStaminaSTA 1501$12holps/blue lblvg+/m-
4228Gene ChandlerSimply Call It LoveMercury73121$12usred lbl/dhm-
4229Gene ChandlerTeacher TeacherBrunswick55394$15usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblm-
4230Gene ChandlerThe Girl Don't CareBrunswick55312$10usblack/silver/rainbow arrow lblvg
4231Gene ChandlerWhat NowConstellationC-141$35usdemovg++
4232Gene ChandlerWhen You're # 1Chi-SoundTC-2411$8uswolvg+
4233Gene ChandlerWhen You're # 1Chi-SoundTC-2411-DJ$15usdemo/wolm-
4234Gene Chandler & Barbara AcklinFrom the Teacher To the PreacherBrunswickBR 30$25ukdemo/red/silver lblm-
4235Gene McDaniels(There Goes) The Forgotten ManLiberty55752$95usdemo/beige/blue lblvg+
4236Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds Of ClayLondon45-HLG 9319$8uknoc/solvg-
4237Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds Of ClayLondon45-HLG 9319$15uk vg+
4238Gene McDanielsA Hundred Pounds Of ClayLondon45-HLG 9319$12uk vg
4239Gene McDanielsAnother Tear FallsLibertyF-55405$12usblack/silver/rainbow lblm-
4240Gene McDanielsAnother Tear FallsLibertyLIB 55405K$10dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg
4241Gene McDanielsAnother Tear FallsLibertyLIB 55405K$6dkblack/silver lblvg+
4242Gene McDanielsAnother Tear FallsLibertyLIB 55405K$4dkblack/silver lblvg
4243Gene McDanielsChapel Of TearsLiberty55444$6usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg
4244Gene McDanielsIt's A Lonely Town (Lonely Without You)Liberty55597$40usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
4245Gene McDanielsPoint Of No ReturnLibertyLIB 55480$4ukblack/silver lblg
4246Gene McDanielsSpanish LaceLibertyLIB 55510$10ausblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
4247Gene McDanielsTower Of StrengthLibertyF-55371$20usblack/silver/rainbow lblm-
4248Gene McDanielsTower Of StrengthLondon45-HLG 9448$6uksol/lbl damagevg
4249Gene McDanielsTower Of StrengthLondon45-HLG 9448$15uk vg+
4250Gene PageClose Encounters Of the Third KindAristaARIST 171$6uksolid centrevg+
4251Gene PageCream Corner (Get What You Want)Atlantic45-3247$10uswolvg++
4252Gene PageInto My ThingAtlantic45-3338$10us m-
4253Gene PageInto My ThingAtlanticK 10801$8ukorange/blue lbl/solid centre/wolvg++
4254Gene PitneyShe's A HeartbreakerMusicorMU 1306$15us m-
4255Gene ReddingThis HeartHaven/Capitol7000$20us vg++
4256Gene Toone & Chapter IVBaby Boy Part OneWandWND 11293$8usorange lblvg++
4257Gene Toone & Chapter IVBaby Boy Part OneWandWND 11293$10usorange lblm-
4258General CrookDo It For MeDown To Earth74$18usyellow/red lblvg+
4259General CrookTell Me What'cha Gonna Do (When You Want To Be Loved)WandWND 11270$20usbrown lblvg+
4260General CrookTell Me What'cha Gonna Do (When You Want To Be Loved)WandWND 11270$25usbrown lblvg++
4261General CrookThe Best Years Of My LifeWandWND 11260$18usbrown lblvg++
4262General CrookWhat Time Is It Part 1Down To Earth77$30usrocket lbl/wolm-
4263General JohnsonAll In the FamilyAristaARISTA 45$12uk vg++
4264General JohnsonCan't Nobody Love Me Like You DoAristaAS 0359$8us vg+
4265General KaneHairdoozMotownZB 41033$10ukpsm-/m-
4266GeniesThe First TimeShad5002$15us vg+
4267Geno WashingtonThe End Of the WorldDJMDJS 365$12ukpsvg++/vg++
4268Geno Washington Dirty DirtyPye7N 45121$15ukblue/black lblvg++
4269Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandBring It To Me BabyPye7N 17649$20ukblue/black lblvg++
4270Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandHi! Hi! HazelPiccadilly7N 35329$40ukdemovg++
4271Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandHi! Hi! HazelPiccadilly7N 35329$15uknoc/wolvg+
4272Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandI Can't Quit HerPye7N 17570$20ukblue/black lblm-
4273Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandMichaelPiccadilly7N 35359$6ukred lbl/nocvg-
4274Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandMy Little ChickadeePye7N 17745$15holps/blue lblvg+/vg-
4275Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandQue Sera SeraPiccadilly7N 35346$15ukred/black lbl/nocvg+
4276Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandQue Sera SeraPiccadilly7N 35346$25uk/dkps/red/black lbl/wocvg+/vg+
4277Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandQue Sera SeraPiccadilly7N 35346$20ukred/black lblvg+
4278Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandTell It Like It IsPye7N 35403$30holps/red lblm-/m-
4279Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandTell It Like It IsPye7N 35403$20holps/red lbl/nocvg+/m-
4280Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandTell It Like It IsPye7N 35403$15holps/red lbl/noc/wocvg+/m-
4281Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandWaterPiccadilly7N 35312$12ukred/black lbl/noc/solvg+
4282Geno Washington & the Ram Jam BandWaterPiccadilly7N 35312$10ukred/black lbll/solvg
4283Gentle BenSlow That Fast Song Down To A Ballad Part 1ArisAN 405$10itaps/silver/blue lblvg/vg++
4284Gentlemen & Their LadiesLoose BootyContempoCS 2038$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
4285Gentlemen & Their LadiesOne More Time Part 2ContempoCS 2050$6ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
4286Gentlemen & Their LadiesOne More Time Part 2ContempoCS 2050$6ukblack/silver lbl/push out centrevg+
4287Gentlemen & Their LadiesParty BumpContempoCS 2030$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
4288Gentlemen & Their LadiesParty BumpContempo611780$12gerps/red lblvg+/vg++
4289Gentlemen & Their LadiesParty BumpJeanJR 731$12ussolvg++
4290GentsIt's Too Late To CryAll Boy45-8501$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
4291George "Bad" BensonSupershipCTIOJ 25F$12us vg++
4292George & Gwen McCraeI'll Do the Rockin'PresidentPT 447$8ukyellow/black lbl/solid centrevg++
4293George & Gwen McCraeLet's Dance Dance DanceRCA VictorTPBO 7018$15itaps/tan lblvg+/vg++
4294George & Gwen McCraeWinners Together Or Losers ApartRCA VictorPPBO 7055$12gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
4295George & Gwen McCraeWinners Together Or Losers ApartRCA VictorPPBO 7055$18gerps/yellow lblvg+/m-
4296George BensonInside Love (So Personal)Warner Bros929649-7$6gerps/dh/socvg+/vg+
4297George BensonNature BoyWarner BrosK 16921$6ukboulevard lbl/solid centrem-
4298George BensonOn BroadwayWarner BrosWB 17138$8gerpsvg+/m-
4299George BensonOn BroadwayWarner BrosWB 17138$4gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg+
4300George BensonOn BroadwayWarner BrosWBS 8542$6usboulevard lblvg++
4301George BensonTeaserWarner Bros7-28410$8usdemovg++
4302George BensonTurn Your Love AroundWarner BrosK 17877$8ukpsvg++/vg++
4303George ChandlerIt's All Over NowRCA VictorPB 5092$10ukdemo/yellow lblvg
4304George DukeSay That You WillEpic7095$10holps/orange lblvg+/vg+
4305George DukeShine OnEpic2072$15holps/blue lblm-/m-
4306George FischoffKing KingstonP.I.P.PIP 6503$8usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/wolvg++
4307George FlameYou're GoneSevilleSEV 1014$75ukdemovg++
4308George FlameYou're GoneSevilleSEV 1014$60ukdemo/wolvg+
4309George HowardSweetest TabooMCA53046$10usps/demo/white/black lblvg++/vg++
4310George JacksonFast Young LadyMuscle Shoals SoundMSS 9801$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
4311George JacksonFind 'em Fool 'em And Forget 'emFameP-1457$40usdemovg++
4312George JacksonI'm Gonna Hold On (To What I Got)Fame1468$30us vg++
4313George KranzDin Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)4th & BroadwayBRW 2$4uksolid centrevg+
4314George Lennard's LyricalsZambesiDartART 2060$10ukdemom-
4315George McCraeDon't You Feel My LoveT.K.1034$6usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
4316George McCraeI Ain't Lyin'Jay BoyBOY 105$8uklight brown lbl/solid centrevg++
4317George McCraeI Ain't Lyin'RCA VictorXB 02065$10gerps/yellow lblm-/vg
4318George McCraeI Can't Leave You AloneRCA VictorXB 02001$12gerps/socvg+/m-
4319George McCraeI Can't Leave You AloneRCA VictorXB 02001$20gerpsm-/m-
4320George McCraeI Want You Around MeT.K.1032$8usdemo/white/black lblvg+
4321George McCraeIt's Been So LongRCA VictorPPBO 7015$15gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
4322George McCraeLet's Dance (People All Over the World)T.K.1029$10us m-
4323George McCraeLook At YouT.K.1011$8uslarge lettering/dhvg+
4324George McCraeLook At YouT.K.1011$12ussmall lettering/dhm-
4325George McCraePlease Help Me Find My BabyUnited ArtistsUA 35723$4gertan/brown lblvg
4326George McCraeRock Your BabyJay BoyBOY 85$10uk vg++
4327George McCraeRock Your BabyRCA VictorKPBO 1004$15gerps/demo sticker on lblm-/m-
4328George McCraeRock Your BabyRCA VictorKPBO 1004$6gerps/wol/wocvg/vg++
4329George McCraeSing A Happy SongJay BoyBOY 95$10uklight brown lblm-
4330George McCreaYou Can Have It AllJay BoyBOY 92$6ukdemo/light brown/red A lbl/wolvg
4331George Perkins How Sweet It Would BeSoul PowerSP 113$15usdemo/purple/black lblvg++
4332George Perkins How Sweet It Would BeSoul PowerSP 113$20usdemo/purple/black lblm-
4333George Perkins & Fir-YaDance Dance DanceRoyal ShieldRS 101$30usbrown 2 tone lblm-
4334George Perkins & the Silver StarsCryin' In the Streets Part 1Silver FoxSF 18$20usred/green/blue lblm-
4335George Perkins & the Silver StarsCryin' In the Streets Part 1Silver Fox18$15usred/green/blue lblvg++
4336George Perkins & the Silver StarsCryin' In the Streets Part 1Silver FoxSF 18$18usblack lblvg++
4337George SouleGet InvolvedUnited ArtistsUP 35771$20uktan/brown lbl/wolvg
4338George Soule & Ava AldridgeI Hate the Way I Love ItMCA40958$18usdemo/white/black lblm-
4339George Soule & Ava AldridgeI Hate the Way I Love ItMCA40958$15ussample sticker on lblm-
4340George TindleyPity the Poor ManWandWND 11215$20usblack/white/red lblvg
4341Georgettes Down By the RiverPye International7N 25058$30uk vg++
4342Georgie WoodsPotato Salad Part 1Fat Back541$50us vg+
4343Gerald & Nancy RayI Got Everything I NeedAtco45-6586$75usdemo/white/black lblm-
4344Gerald & Nancy RayI Got Everything I NeedAtco45-6586$60usyellow/black lblvg++
4345Geraldine HuntBaby I Need Your LovingRouletteR-7129$20usorange/yellow lblm-
4346Geraldine HuntCan't Fake the FeelingAmo49686$15fraps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
4347Geraldine HuntCan't Fake the FeelingChampagneFIZZ 501$15uksolid centrem-
4348Geraldine HuntCan't Fake the FeelingChampagneFIZZ 501$10uksolid centrevg+
4349Geraldine HuntCan't Fake the FeelingPrismPFF 315$8usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
4350Geraldine HuntCan't Fake the FeelingPrismPFF 315$12us m-
4351Geraldine HuntIt Doesn't Only Happen At NightCarrere49849$15frapsm-/m-
4352Geraldine HuntLook All AroundPrismPFF 320$8usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
4353Geraldine HuntLook All AroundPrismPFF 320$4usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg
4354Gerri GrangerI Go To PiecesCasino ClassicsCC 3$8uknoc/wolvg++
4355Gerri GrangerI Go To PiecesCasino ClassicsCC 3$10uksolid centrevg++
4356Gerri HallI Cried A TearAtco45-6260$15us vg-
4357Getz & GilbertoThe Girl From IpanemaVerveVK 10323$10usblack/silver lblvg+
4358Giants of the Organ Come TogetherThe SquirrelGroove MerchantSGM 1020$15us vg+
4359Gibson BrothersCubaIslandIS 8832$8uswolvg++
4360Gibson BrothersMarianaMariann InternationalMIS 2263$10swps/wol/wocm-/vg++
4361Gibson BrothersQue Sera Mi VidaMariann InternationalMIS 1235$10swps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
4362Gil Scott-HeronJohannesburgAristaARIST 527$15ukps/blue/black lbl/solid centrevg+/vg++
4363Gil Scott-Heron & Brian JacksonJohannesburgAristaAS 0152$10us vg++
4364Gilberto GilAquéle AbracoPhilips365288$40bra vg++
4365Gino SoccioHeartbreakerWarner Bros/RFCRCS 49541$6usgreen lblm-
4366Gino VannelliFly Into This NightA&M1911$6us m-
4367Giorgio MoroderNight DrivePolydorPD 2064$6us vg+
4368Girls EnsembleTomorrowHOBHOB 189$4usdemo/white/black lblg
4369Gladys KnightAm I Too LateCBS7173$8uksolid centrevg++
4370Gladys KnightCome See About MeFury1073$40usdemo/black/white lblvg+
4371Gladys KnightIt's A Better Than Good TimeBuddah612414$12gerps/brown/pink rim lblm-/m-
4372Gladys KnightLicence To KillMCA257544-7LA$8gerpsm-/m-
4373Gladys KnightLicence To KillMCA257544-7LA$6gerps/solid centre/socm-/m-
4374Gladys KnightLicence To KillMCA257544-7LA$6gerpsvg++/m-
4375Gladys KnightLicence To KillMCAMCA 1339$4ukps/solid centrem-/m-
4376Gladys KnightThe One And OnlyBuddahBDS 470$5ukwolvg+
4377Gladys KnightYou Don't Have To Say I Love YouColumbia1-11088$10us vg++
4378Gladys Knight & the PipsAnother LoveMaxx329$25usblue/silver lblvg++
4379Gladys Knight & the PipsBaby Don't Change Your MindBuddah612131$15gerpsvg+/m-
4380Gladys Knight & the PipsBaby Don't Change Your MindBuddahBDS 458$6ukwolvg++
4381Gladys Knight & the PipsBest Thing That Ever Happened To MeBuddah2011211$18gerps/brown/pink rim lblvg++/m-
4382Gladys Knight & the PipsBest Thing That Ever Happened To MeBuddahBDS 432$12ukdemo/wolm-
4383Gladys Knight & the PipsBest Thing That Ever Happened To MeBuddahBDS 432$10ukbrown/pink rim lblm-
4384Gladys Knight & the PipsCome Back And Finish What You StartedBuddah612344$15gerpsm-/m-
4385Gladys Knight & the PipsEvery Beat Of My HeartDJMDJS 681$6uksolid centrevg+
4386Gladys Knight & the PipsEvery Beat Of My HeartDJMDJS 681$8uksolid centrevg++
4387Gladys Knight & the PipsFriendship TrainSoulS-35068$15uspurple/swirl lblm-
4388Gladys Knight & the PipsHelp Me Make It Through the NightTamla MotownTMG 830$6uk vg+
4389Gladys Knight & the PipsHome Is Where the Heart IsBuddah612176$10gerps/brown/pink rim lbl/wolvg+/m-
4390Gladys Knight & the PipsI Don't Want To Do WrongSoulS-35083$10us m-
4391Gladys Knight & the PipsI Don't Want To Do WrongTamla Motown5C006-92599$8hol m-
4392Gladys Knight & the PipsI Feel A Song (In My Heart)BuddahBDS 413$10ukdemom-
4393Gladys Knight & the PipsI Wish It Would RainSoulS-35047 DJ$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
4394Gladys Knight & the PipsIt Should Have Been MeSoulS-35045$8uspurple swirl lbl/black lettering/dhvg++
4395Gladys Knight & the PipsIt Should Have Been MeSoulS-35045$10uspurple swirl lbl/silver lettering/wolm-
4396Gladys Knight & the PipsIt's A Better Than Good TimeBuddah612414$15gerpsvg+/vg++
4397Gladys Knight & the PipsIt's A Better Than Good TimeBuddahBDS 478$6ukbrown/pink rim lblvg+
4398Gladys Knight & the PipsIt's A Better Than Good TimeBuddahBDS 478$6ukbrown/pink rim lbl/solid centrevg+
4399Gladys Knight & the PipsIt's Gonna Take All Our LoveMCA53351$6us vg+
4400Gladys Knight & the PipsI've Got To Use My ImaginationBuddahBDA 393$12uswolvg++
4401Gladys Knight & the PipsJust A Closer Walk With TheeMotownM-1128$18usdhvg+
4402Gladys Knight & the PipsKeep An EyeSoulS-35057$30uspurple swirl lblvg++
4403Gladys Knight & the PipsLandlordCBS8542$15holpsm-/vg++
4404Gladys Knight & the PipsLove Finds It's Own WayBuddahBDA 453$8usbrown/pink rim lblvg++
4405Gladys Knight & the PipsLove OverboardMCA53210$10usps/sample sticker on lblm-/vg++
4406Gladys Knight & the PipsLove OverboardMCA258115-7$10gerpsm-/m-
4407Gladys Knight & the PipsMake Me the Woman That You Go Home ToTamla Motown1C006-93143 M$15gerps/wocvg+/vg-
4408Gladys Knight & the PipsMake Yours A Happy HomeBuddahBDS 447$6ukbrown/pink rim lbl/solid centrevg+
4409Gladys Knight & the PipsMake Yours A Happy HomeBuddahBDS 447$10uk m-
4410Gladys Knight & the PipsMidnight Train To GeorgiaBuddah2011185$18gerps/purple/black lblvg++/m-
4411Gladys Knight & the PipsMidnight Train To GeorgiaBuddah2011185$12gerps/purple/black lbl/wocvg+/vg+
4412Gladys Knight & the PipsMidnight Train To GeorgiaBuddahBDA 383$8us vg++
4413Gladys Knight & the PipsOn And OnBuddah2011216$15gerpsvg+/m-
4414Gladys Knight & the PipsOn And OnBuddahBDA 423$15usps/brown/pink rim lblvg++/vg++
4415Gladys Knight & the PipsOn And OnBuddahBDA 423$6usbrown/pink rim lblvg+
4416Gladys Knight & the PipsOperatorFury1064$35usyellow/black lblvg++
4417Gladys Knight & the PipsPart Time LoveBuddahBDS 438$8ukbrown/pink rim lbl/solid centrem-
4418Gladys Knight & the PipsSave the Overtime (For Me)CBS3314$8holps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
4419Gladys Knight & the PipsStepping Closer To Your HeartSoulS-35034$40uspurple swirl lblm-
4420Gladys Knight & the PipsTake Me In Your Arms And Love MeTamla MotownTMG 604$30uk m-
4421Gladys Knight & the PipsTake Me In Your Arms And Love MeTamla MotownTMG 604$25uk vg++
4422Gladys Knight & the PipsTake Me In Your Arms And Love MeTamla MotownTMG 604$15uk vg
4423Gladys Knight & the PipsTake Me In Your Arms And Love MeTamla MotownTMG 604$12uknocvg
4424Gladys Knight & the PipsTaste Of Bitter LoveColumbia1-11330$25us vg++
4425Gladys Knight & the PipsThe Look Of LoveTamla MotownTMG 844$18uk vg++
4426Gladys Knight & the PipsThe One And OnlyBuddahBDS 470$6ukbrown/pink rim lblvg+
4427Gladys Knight & the PipsThe One And OnlyBuddahBDS 470$10ukbrown/pink rim lblm-
4428Gladys Knight & the PipsThe One And OnlyBuddahBDS 470$8ukbrown/pink rim lblvg++
4429Gladys Knight & the PipsThe Way We WerePyeBDS 428$15ireblue lbl/solid centrevg++
4430Gladys Knight & the PipsWhere Peaceful Waters FlowBuddah2011170$20gerpsm-/m-
4431Gladys Knight & the PipsWhere Peaceful Waters FlowBuddah2011170$8uk vg++
4432Gladys Knight & the PipsWhere Peaceful Waters FlowBuddahBDA 363$8us vg++
4433Gladys Knight & the PipsYou're My EverythingSoulS-35071$10uspurple swirl lblvg++
4434Glass FamilyNo One Can Find LoveJDCJDC 428$25usred vinylvg++
4435Glass HouseI Can't Be You (You Can't Be Me)InvictusIS 9076$12us vg++
4436Glass HouseI Don't See Me In Your Eyes AnymoreInvictusIS 9129$18us vg+
4437GlidersNo TimeAlva112$8usorange lblvg
4438Gloria Gaynor(If You Want It) Do It YourselfMGM2006543$10gerps/blue/black lblm-/m-
4439Gloria GaynorAnybody Wanna PartyPolydorPD 14558$6us m-
4440Gloria GaynorAnybody Wanna PartyPolydorPD 14558$4us vg++
4441Gloria GaynorCasanova BrownMGM2006577$10norps/gold/blue swirl lbl/wolvg+/vg++
4442Gloria GaynorHow High the MoonMGM2006558$8gerps/blue/black lblvg/vg++
4443Gloria GaynorHow High the MoonMGMM 14838$8usgold/blue swirl lblm-
4444Gloria GaynorHow High the MoonMGM2006558$12gerps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
4445Gloria GaynorI Am What I AmPolarPOS 1352$6swsolid centre/wol/solvg+
4446Gloria GaynorI Will SurvivePolydor2066979$6gerpsvg/vg+
4447Gloria GaynorI Will SurvivePolydor2066979$12gerpsvg++/m-
4448Gloria GaynorI Will SurvivePolydor2066979$10gerpsvg++/vg++
4449Gloria GaynorI Will SurvivePolydor2066979$8gerps/wol/wocvg+/vg++
4450Gloria GaynorLet Me Know (I Have A Right)PolydorPD 2021$4us vg++
4451Gloria GaynorLet Me Know (I Have A Right)PolydorPD 2021$6us m-
4452Gloria GaynorMidnight RockerPolydorPD 2056$6us m-
4453Gloria GaynorNever Can Say GoodbyeMGM2006463$10gerps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
4454Gloria GaynorNever Can Say GoodbyeMGM2006463$15gerps/blue/black lblm-/vg++
4455Gloria GaynorNever Can Say GoodbyeMGM2006463$12gerps/sample sticker on slv/wol/wocvg/vg++
4456Gloria GaynorReach Out I'll Be ThereMGM2006499$10spaps/gold/blue swirl lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
4457Gloria GaynorReach Out I'll Be ThereMGM2006499$15gerpsm-/vg++
4458Gloria GaynorReach Out I'll Be ThereMGMM 14790$12usdemo/wolvg+
4459Gloria GaynorShe'll Be SorryJodicaJ 300$35us vg++
4460Gloria GaynorWalk On ByMGM2006522$12gerps/blue/black lblvg+/vg+
4461Gloria GaynorWalk On ByMGM2006522$15gerps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
4462Gloria JonesBaby Don'tcha Know (I'm Bleeding For You)Tamla Motown4E006-94853$30sw vg++
4463Gloria JonesBring On the Love (Why Can't We Be Friends Again)EMIEMI 2720$40ukdemom-
4464Gloria JonesGet It OnEMIEMI 2437$25ukdemom-
4465Gloria JonesTainted LoveInfernoHEAT 6$45uk m-
4466Gloria JonesTainted LoveStardustURS 159$25uswhite/brown lblvg+
4467Gloria JonesWoman Is A WomanCapitol4662$15usred lblm-
4468Gloria KayeLast Tango In ParisEMIEMI 2019$12dkps/nocvg++/vg+
4469Gloria KayeLast Tango In ParisEMIEMI 2019$18dkpsvg++/vg++
4470Gloria LynneHey Candy ManFontanaF 1554$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
4471Gloria LynneI Know LoveEverest20008$10usdemo/white/black lblvg
4472Gloria LynneIndian Love CallEverest2042$8uslight blue lblvg+
4473Gloria LynneSoul SerenadeFontanaS-1890$20usps/demo/white/black lblm-/vg+
4474Gloria ScottJust As Long As We're TogetherCasablancaNB 815$35holps/blue lbl/textured slv/woc/wolvg+/vg+
4475Gloria ScottJust As Long As We're TogetherCasablancaNB 815$35holblue lblvg++
4476Gloria ScottJust As Long As We're TogetherCasablancaNB 815$35usblue lblvg++
4477Gloria TaylorGrounded Part 1Silver FoxSF 19$30usred/green/blue lblvg++
4478Gloria TaylorYou Got To Pay the PriceSilver Fox14$20usred/green/blue lblvg+
4479Gloria TaylorYou Got To Pay the PriceSilver Fox14$25usred/green/blue lblvg++
4480Gloria WalkerThem ChangesFederal45-12569$40usturquoise/silver lblm-
4481GonzalezAun No He Parado De Bailer (Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet)EMI10C006-006951$12spapsvg+/vg+
4482GonzalezAun No He Parado De Bailer (Haven't Stopped Dancing Yet)EMI10C006-006951$15spapsvg+/m-
4483GonzalezHaven't Stopped Dancing YetCapitol4674$6usred lbl/wolvg+
4484GonzalezHaven't Stopped Dancing YetEMI1C006-06951$12gerpsm-/vg+
4485GonzalezHaven't Stopped Dancing YetSidewalkSID 102$6ukblack/yellow lblvg+
4486GonzalezPack It UpEMIEMI 2200$15uksample sticker on lblm-
4487Gonzalez featuring Linda TaylorDigital Love AffairEMIEMI 5097$12ukdemovg+
4488Good Paul SylvanOpheliaColossusC 120$10us vg+
4489Good Time FourBoo Boo DanceNewman604$30usdemo/white/black lbl/promo sticker on lbl/wolvg++
4490Good TimersChain Of FoolsAtlantic45-2481$30usdemom-
4491GoodeesCondition RedHipHIA-8005$25usbrown lbl/dh/wolvg++
4492GoodeesCondition RedHipHIA-8005$15usred/purple/blue lblvg
4493GoodeesCondition RedHipHIA-8005$30usbrown lbl/dhvg++
4494GoodeesCondition RedStaxSTAX 113$20uk vg+
4495GoodeesGoodiesHipHIA-8016$15usred/purple/blue lbl/dhvg+
4496Googie ReneSkumboClass248$20usmaroon/silver lblvg++
4497Gospel ClefsBig WheelSavoy4098$10usblue/silver lblvg
4498GQReaching For the SkyAristaAS 0547$10us m-
4499GQReaching For the SkyAristaAS 0547$6uswolvg++
4500GQShakeAristaAS 0603$10us m-
4501GQShakeAristaAS 0603$8ussolm-
4502GQShakeAristaAS 0603$6uswolvg++
4503GQSitting In the ParkAristaAS 0510$8us vg++
4504GQStanding OvationAristaAS 0483$8us vg++
4505Grace JonesI Need A ManBeam JunctionBJ 104$8usblack/silver lblm-
4506Grace JonesI Need A ManBeam JunctionBJ 104$4usblack/silver lblvg+
4507Grace KennedyFandango DancingDJMDJS 10932$8ukdemo/red/white lbl/solid centrevg+
4508Grace KennedyTake It Or Leave ItNightmareMARES 14$10uksolid centrem-
4509Grady TateFreedom For the StallionJanusJ 223$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
4510Graffiti OrchestraStar Wars ThemeProdigalPROD 5$15ukdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblm-
4511Graham BonneySuper GirlEMIEMI 2250$25ukdemom-
4512Graham Central StationEntrow Part 1Warner BrosWBS 8325$8usboulevard lbl/wolvg++
4513Graham Central StationFeel the NeedWarner BrosWBS 8061$8usboulevard lbl/solvg+
4514Graham Central StationStomped Beat-Up And WhoopedWarner BrosWBS 8417$4usboulevard lbl/wolvg
4515Graham Central StationStomped Beat-Up And WhoopedWarner BrosWBS 8417$6usboulevard lblvg+
4516Grainger'sShine Your LightBCBC 002$15us vg+
4517Grandmaster & Melle MelJesseSugarhillSH 133$4uksolid centre/wolvg+
4518Grandmaster & Melle MelWhite Lines (Don't Don't Do It)SOSSOS 1173$15swpsm-/vg++
4519Grandmaster Melle Mel & the Furious FiveBeat Street Breakdown Part 1Atlantic789659-7$4gerps/green/orange lblvg/vg
4520Greatest Little Soul Band In the LandTenement HallsMCABAG 4$12ukblue swirl lblvg++
4521Green's IIIJimmy MackHCRCWS9-02954$10us vg++
4522Green's IIIJimmy MackHCRCWS9-02954$8us vg+
4523Greg PerryWill She Meet the Train In the RainCasablancaCBX 511$8ukblue lbl/nocvg+
4524Gregg DiamondStar CruiserMarlin3329$8us m-
4525Gregg DiamondThis Side Of MidnightT.K.STKR 7511$6uksolid centrevg+
4526Gregg Diamond & Bionic BoogieCrazy Lady LuckPolydorPD 2045$6us vg++
4527Grey & HanksDancin'RCA VictorPB 11460$4usblack/silver Nipper lbl/wolvg
4528Grey & HanksDancin'RCA VictorPB 11460$8usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
4529Greyhound ExpressEasy Lovin' LadyGalaxyGY 105$4ukblue 2 tone lblvg
4530Ground HogBumpin'GemigoGMA 100$20us m-
4531GroupSay Girl (Where Have You Been)AvalancheAV-XW200-W$30usdemom-
4532Group With No NameBaby Love (How Could You Leave Me)CasablancaCBX 521$10uksolm-
4533Grover Washington Jr.Just the Two Of UsElektraE-47103$6usps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg+
4534Grover Washington Jr.Just the Two Of UsElektraE-47103$4usred/white logo lblvg+
4535Grover Washington Jr.Just the Two Of UsElektraELK 12514$6gerps/red/white logo lbl/socvg+/vg+
4536Grover Washington Jr.Masterpiece Part 1KuduKu 916$18usyellow lbl/wolvg++
4537Guitar CrusherI Can't Help ItKing45-5813$50usblue/silver lblm-
4538Guitar GableIreneExcello45-2094$25usorange lblvg++
4539Guitar SlimLater For You BabySpecialty527$10usre-issuem-
4540Guitar SlimThe Things That I Used To DoSpecialtySP-482-45$4uswhite/yellow/black lblg
4541Guitar SlimThe Things That I Used To DoSpecialtySP 482$20uswhite/yellow/black lbl/re-issuem-
4542Guitar SlimYou're Gonna Miss MeSpecialty551$10usre-issuem-
4543Guitar Slim & Lloyd LambertHello How Ya' Been GoodbyeAtco45-6108$25us vg++
4544Guitar Slim & Lloyd LambertWhen There's No Way OutAtco45-6120$20us vg+
4545Guitar Slim & Lloyd LambertWhen There's No Way OutAtco45-6120$25us vg++
4546GumboLove Potion #7 (Ready Yo Mix)MaverickM7-107$25usps/demo/white/red lblm-/m-
4547GumboPower FailureCelebrationCEL 2244X$25canblack/silver lblvg++
4548Gus JenkinsSigning InPioneer International1003$15us vg+
4549Guy DarrellCrystal BallCBS202642$20ukdemovg+
4550Guy DarrellHard Lovin'CBS202510$15ukorange lblvg++
4551Guy DarrellI've Been HurtSanta PonsaPNS 4$15ukdemom-
4552Guy DarrellYou're Ready NowAriola13484$10gerps/wocvg-/vg-
4553Guys and DollsOpus 17RingR 5002$50dkpsm-/m-
4554Gwen GuthrieAin't Nothin' Goin' On But the RentPolydor885106-7$10uspsm-/vg++
4555Gwen GuthrieAin't Nothin' Goin' On But the RentPolydorPOSP 807$10ukpsm-/vg++
4556Gwen JonáeRed Light LoverERCERC 703$10swpsvg++/vg+
4557Gwen McCraeAin't Nothing You Can DoColumbia4-45448$18us vg+
4558Gwen McCraeCradle Of LoveCat2000$10us m-
4559Gwen McCraeFunky SensationAtlantic3853$25us m-
4560Gwen McCraeI Need To Be With YouAtlantic7-89961$10usdemo/light blue/black lblvg++
4561Gwen McCraeI Need To Be With YouAtlantic7-89961$12usdemo/light blue/black lblm-
4562Gwen McCraeLove InsuranceCat1999$15uswhite/yellow lbl/wolvg++
4563Gwen McCraeLove InsuranceCat1999$18usdemo/white/black lblvg+
4564Gwen McCraeLove InsuranceRCA VictorXB 02054$12gerps/yellow lbl/textured slv/solvg+/vg+
4565Gwen McCraeLove InsuranceRCA VictorXB 02054$15gerps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
4566Gwen McCraeMove Me BabyPresidentPT 427$12ukyellow/black lblvg++
4567Gwen McCraeRockin' ChairRCA VictorXB 02028$20gerps/yellow lblvg+/m-
4568Gwen McCraeRockin' ChairRCA VictorXB 02028$25gerps/yellow lblvg++/m-
4569Gwen McCraeRockin' ChairRCA VictorXB 02028$30gerps/yellow lblm-/m-



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