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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
533B. C. & M. ChoirStealing In the Name Of the LordCreed5192$10us m-
534B.B. & Q. BandOn the BeatCapitol4993$6us vg+
535B.B. & Q. BandShe's A WomanCapitol1A006-1868247$18holpsm-/vg++
536B.B. Blues Boy KingQuit My BabyRPM494$20usblack lblvg++
537B.B. KingAin't Nobody HomeABCABC 11316$15us m-
538B.B. KingAin't Nobody HomeMCA257446-7$8gerpsm-/m-
539B.B. KingBetter Not Look DownMCAMCA 515$8uk vg++
540B.B. KingBim BamAceNS 69$15uk m-
541B.B. KingEyesight To the BlindKentK 441$30usdemovg++
542B.B. KingEyesight To the BlindKentK 441$15us m-
543B.B. KingHow Blue Can You GetABC-Paramount45-10527$25usdemom-
544B.B. KingHow Do I Love YouABC-Paramount45-10486$20usdemovg++
545B.B. KingI AmKent45-317$15usblack lblvg+
546B.B. KingI Like To Live the LoveProbePRO 613$15uk m-
547B.B. KingInto the NightMCA947$12ukpsm-/m-
548B.B. KingNever Trust A WomanABC-Paramount45-10599$15us m-
549B.B. KingPhiladelphiaABC1C006-95943$15gerpsm-/vg++
550B.B. KingRock Me BabyKentK 393$40us m-
551B.B. KingRock Me BabyKentK 393$35us vg++
552B.B. KingThat Evil ChildKentK 4542$25us m-
553B.B. KingThe Seven MinutesABC11310$4us vg-
554B.B. KingThe Thrill Is GoneBluesWay45-61032$6us vg
555B.B. KingThe Thrill Is GoneGoldiesD 1449$6us m-
556B.B. KingThe Thrill Is GoneGoldiesD 1449$4us vg++
557B.B. KingThe Thrill Is GoneStatesideSS 2161$15uk vg++
558B.B. KingThe Woman I LoveAriola14168$15gerpsvg-/vg
559B.B. KingThe Woman I LoveKentK 492$30usdemom-
560B.B. KingTo Know You Is To Love YouProbe1C006-94683$18gerpsm-/vg++
561B.B. KingTormentedABC10766$20usdemovg++
562B.B. KingYou Know I Go For YouKent45-301$15usblack lblvg+
563B.C.G. (B.C. Generation)Street Talk20th CenturyTC-2271$10us vg++
564B.J. ArnauBaby Don't Get Hooked On MeRCA Victor2332$15ukdemom-
565B.J. ArnauI Want To Go Back There AgainPolydor2058196$15gerdemo/wolvg+
566B.J. ArnauLive And Let DieRCA Victor74-16335$15gerps/wocvg++/vg+
567B.T. ExpressCan't Stop Groovin' Now Wanna Do It Some MoreEMI InternationalINT 522$10uk vg++
568B.T. ExpressCan't Stop Groovin' Now Wanna Do It Some MoreEMI InternationalINT 522$6uknocvg+
569B.T. ExpressDo It ('til You're Satisfied)Scepter/RoadshowSCE 12395$8us vg+
570B.T. ExpressDo It ('til You're Satisfied)Scepter/RoadshowSCE 12395$10uswolvg++
571B.T. ExpressDoes It Feel GoodCalibreCAB 503$8uk vg++
572B.T. ExpressExpressRoadshowRD 7001$12us m-
573B.T. ExpressExpressRoadshowRD 7001$10us vg++
574B.T. ExpressGive It What You GotRoadshowRD 7003$6us vg+
575B.T. ExpressGive It What You GotRoadshowRD 7003$8us vg++
576B.T. ExpressGive It What You GotRoadshowRD 7003$10us m-
577B.T. ExpressGive Up the Funk (Let's Dance)CalibreCAB 503$10uk vg+
578B.T. ExpressGive Up the Funk (Let's Dance)Columbia1-11249$12uswolvg+
579B.T. ExpressHeart Of FireColumbia1-11200$20usdemom-
580B.T. ExpressLet Yourself GoCoast To Coast/RoadshowZS5 02630$10us vg++
581B.T. ExpressStretchColumbia11-11400$12us vg+
582B.T. ExpressStretchColumbia11-11400$15us vg++
583B.T. ExpressWhatcha Think About ThatRoadshowRD 7005$20us m-
584Baby Boy WarrenMy Special Friend BluesGothamG 507$15us vg++
585Baby CortezRinky DinkJulia1829$30us vg
586Baby DollsThere You AreGambleG 213$15us vg
587Baby LloydWait And SeeAtco45-6175$25us vg+
588Baby WashingtonBreakfast In BedCotillion44055$60usdemom-
589Baby WashingtonI Don't KnowCotillion45-44047$30usdemo/wolvg++
590Baby WashingtonIs It Worth ItChess2099$75usdemom-
591Baby WashingtonRun My HeartSue45-119$35us vg+
592Baby WashingtonThe TimeWarren100$45us m-
593Baby WashingtonYou Are What You AreSue45-150$4usdemo stampedg
594Baby Washington Care FreeMaster Five3500$12us vg++
595Baby Washington I've Got To Break AwayMaster Five9107$12us vg+
596Baby Washington & Don GardnerBaby Let Me Get Close To YouMaster Five9103$10us vg++
597Baby Washington & Don GardnerBaby Let Me Get Close To YouMaster Five9103$12us m-
598Baby Washington & Don GardnerBaby Let Me Get Close To YouPeoplePEO 101$10uk m-
599Baby Washington & Don GardnerLay A Little Lovin' On MeMaster Five9110$10us vg+
600Baby'OIn the ForestBaby'OBO 1003$6ussolvg++
601BacchusYa Gotta Get Up To Get DownGreat North WesternGNW 001$20uk vg++
602Bad BascombBo DiddleyParamountPAA 0209$10us m-
603Bad BoysBlack OlivesPaula254$30usdemom-
604BagdadsBring Back Those Doo-WoppsDouble Shot133$20us vg++
605BagdadsLivin' In FearDouble Shot128$40uswolvg++
606BagdadsLove Has Two FacesDouble Shot140$20us m-
607Ballin' JackThis SongMercury73429$8usdemovg+
608Baltimore and Ohio Marching BandCondition RedJubilee45-5592$30us vg+
609Baltimore and Ohio Marching BandCondition RedStatesideSS 2065$150swpsm-/m-
610BanbarraShack UpUnited ArtistsUP 36113$30uk vg++
611Band Of AngelsWill You Still Love Me TomorrowRCA Victor2648$8uk vg+
612Band Of OzShaggin'MegaUR 1632$8us vg
613BandwagonBreakin' Down the Walls Of HeartacheDirection58-3670$12uk vg++
614BandwagonBreakin' Down the Walls Of HeartacheEpic5-10352$10holps/yellow lblvg/vg
615Bang GangWho Said Honky's Ain't Got SoulWarner BrosWBS 8135$15uswolvg++
616Bang GangWho Said Honky's Ain't Got SoulWarner BrosWBS 8135$20us vg++
617Banks & HamptonWe're Movin' OnWarner BrosWBS 8344$20us vg++
618BanzaiChinese Kung FuScepterSCE 12407$10us m-
619Barbara & BrendaA Special Kinda LoveHeidi45-106$25uswolvg+
620Barbara & the BrownsBig PartyStaxS-150$25usblue lblvg++
621Barbara & the BrownsI Don't Want To Have To WaitCadet5544$60usdemo/1 sidedvg
622Barbara AcklinCome And See Me BabyBrunswick55379$30us vg++
623Barbara AcklinCome And See Me BabyCoralC 60013$25gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg
624Barbara AcklinI Can't Do My ThingBrunswickB 55447$25us m-
625Barbara AcklinJust Ain't No LoveBrunswick55388$15us vg++
626Barbara AcklinSomeone Else's ArmsBrunswick755433$15us m-
627Barbara AcklinStop Look & Listen (To Your Heart)Brunswick55465$25us m-
628Barbara Blake & the UniquesI Need Your Love So Bad20th CenturyTC-2210$10us vg+
629Barbara EnglishI've Got A DateRepriseRR 27066$50holpsm-/m-
630Barbara EnglishI've Got A DateRepriseRR 27066$15hol vg+
631Barbara GeorgeI KnowUnited ArtistsXW-516-X$10us m-
632Barbara GeorgeI Know (You Don't Love Me No More)A.F.O.45-302$20us vg++
633Barbara GeorgeYou Talk About LoveA.F.O.304$30usdhvg++
634Barbara GeorgeYou Talk About LoveA.F.O.304$18us vg
635Barbara GeorgeYou Talk About LoveA.F.O.304$35us vg++
636Barbara GeorgeYou Talk About LoveA.F.O.304$35usdhm-
637Barbara GeorgeYou Talk About LoveA.F.O.304$35uswolm-
638Barbara GreeneI Should Have Treated You RightRenee5001$20us vg++
639Barbara GreeneI Should Have Treated You RightRenee5001$25us m-
640Barbara Jean EnglishIf It Feels This GoodRCA VictorXBO 2126$60fraps/rssvg+/vg++
641Barbara Jean EnglishIf It Feels This GoodRCA VictorXBO 2126$60fraps/solvg+/vg++
642Barbara Jean EnglishIf It Feels This GoodRCA VictorXBO 2126$50frapsvg+/vg+
643Barbara LewisDon't Forget About MeAtlantic45-2316$25usdhm-
644Barbara LewisDon't Forget About MeAtlantic45-2316$12us vg
645Barbara LewisDon't Forget About MeAtlantic45-2316$25us vg++
646Barbara LewisDon't Forget About MeAtlantic45-2316$20usdhvg++
647Barbara LewisDon't Forget About MeAtlanticAT 4068$40ukblack lblm-
648Barbara LewisFool Fool Fool (Look In the Mirror)Atlantic45-2413$25usdhvg++
649Barbara LewisGirls Need Loving CareAtlantic45-2346$15usdhvg++
650Barbara LewisHello StrangerAtlanticATL 70104$35sw vg++
651Barbara LewisI Say LoveAtlantic45-2283$20us vg+
652Barbara LewisI'll Keep BelievingAtlantic45-2514$40us vg++
653Barbara LewisMake Me Your BabyAtlantic45-2300$20us vg+
654Barbara LewisMake Me Your BabyAtlantic45-2300$10us vg-
655Barbara LewisMy Heart Went Do Dat DaAtlantic45-2141$50usdemovg++
656Barbara LewisSnap Your FingersLondonHLK 9832$30uk vg+
657Barbara LewisYou're A Dream MakerAtlantic45-2550$15usdhvg+
658Barbara LewisYou're A Dream MakerAtlantic45-2550$18usdhvg++
659Barbara LewisYou're A Dream MakerAtlantic45-2550$18ussolvg++
660Barbara Lynn(Don't Pretend) Lay It On the LineJamie1295$20us vg++
661Barbara LynnDon't Spread It AroundJamie1286$30usdemo/wolvg++
662Barbara LynnEverybody Loves SomebodyJamieJ 1265$15us m-
663Barbara LynnHe Ain't Gonna Do RightAtlantic45-2585$35usdemovg++
664Barbara LynnHe Ain't Gonna Do RightAtlantic45-2585$40usdemom-
665Barbara LynnHe Ain't Gonna Do RightAtlantic45-2585$25usdhvg++
666Barbara LynnI'm A One Man WomanAtlantic45-2853$40usdemovg++
667Barbara LynnI'm Sorry I Met YouJamie1240$25us vg++
668Barbara LynnLove Ain't Never Hurt NobodyAtlantic45-2553$40us m-
669Barbara LynnLove Ain't Never Hurt NobodyAtlantic45-2553$50usdemom-
670Barbara LynnLove Ain't Never Hurt NobodyAtlantic45-2553$35us vg++
671Barbara LynnOh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')Jamie1277$45usdemovg+
672Barbara LynnOh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')Jamie1277$40us vg++
673Barbara LynnOh! Baby (We Got A Good Thing Goin')Jamie1277$35usdhvg++
674Barbara LynnPeople Gonna TalkJamie1292$25us m-
675Barbara LynnTake Your Love And RunAtlantic45-2812$20us vg+
676Barbara LynnTo Love Or Not To LoveJamie1251$20us m-
677Barbara LynnTo Love Or Not To LoveJamie1251$10us vg
678Barbara LynnYou Better Quit ItAtlantic45-2880$25us vg++
679Barbara LynnYou Better StopJamie1260$30us m-
680Barbara LynnYou Can't Be SatisfiedJamie1244$20us vg++
681Barbara LynnYou Can't Be SatisfiedJamie1244$25us m-
682Barbara LynnYou Make Me So HotAtlantic45-2931$20usdemom-
683Barbara LynnYou'll Lose A Good ThingJamie1220$30us m-
684Barbara LynnYou'll Lose A Good ThingJamieJ 907$10us vg+
685Barbara LynnYou'll Lose A Good ThingOvalOVAL 1006$15uknocvg++
686Barbara LynnYou'll Lose A Good ThingOvalOVAL 1006$20uk m-
687Barbara MasonBead And BoardBuddahBDA 296$10uswolvg+
688Barbara MasonCome To MeArctic108$30us vg+
689Barbara McNairEverything Is Good About YouMotownM-1099$25uswolvg++
690Barbara McNairFlipped Over YouCoral9-61972$10us vg
691Barbara McNairGlory LandKCKC-109$10us vg
692Barbara McNairHere I Am BabyMotownM-1106$18usdhvg+
693Barbara McNairHere I Am BabyMotownM-1106$25us vg++
694Barbara McNairWhere Would I Be Without YouMotownM-1123$20uswolvg++
695Barbara McNairWhere Would I Be Without YouMotownM-1123$15usdhvg+
696Barbara McNairYou Could Never Love Him (Like I Love Him)MotownM-1133$25usdhm-
697Barbara PenningtonAll American BoyRecord ShackSOHO 28$10swpsm-/m-
698Barbara PenningtonRunning In Another DirectionIslandWIP 6280$15ukdemom-
699Barbara WestI'm A Fool For You BabyRonnRONN 22$35usdemom-
700Barbara WestI'm A Fool For You BabyRonnRONN 22$20us vg+
701Barbra MercerHeyGolden WorldGW-21$20us vg+
702Bar-KaysA Hard Day's NightVolt45-158$10usdhvg
703Bar-KaysAttitudesMercuryDJ 550$10usdemovg++
704Bar-KaysBody FeverMercury76097$6us vg++
705Bar-KaysBoogie Body LandMercury76088$10us m-
706Bar-KaysBoogie Body LandMercury45-76088$8us vg++
707Bar-KaysCold BloodedVoltVOA 4111$6uswol/cuvg+
708Bar-KaysCopy CatVoltVOA 4007$25us vg++
709Bar-KaysGive Everybody SomeStax169019$10fraps/wolg/vg
710Bar-KaysGive Everybody SomeVolt45-154$20usdhvg
711Bar-KaysHoly GhostStaxBF 18650$20gerpsvg++/vg++
712Bar-KaysMontego BayStax2025011$20gerps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
713Bar-KaysMove Your Boogie BodyMercury76015$4us vg+
714Bar-KaysMove Your Boogie BodyMercury76015$8us m-
715Bar-KaysShake Your Rump To the FunkMercury6167417$10holpsvg+/vg+
716Bar-KaysShake Your Rump To the FunkMercury6167417$12holpsvg+/m-
717Bar-KaysShake Your Rump To the FunkMercury6167417$15holpsm-/m-
718Bar-KaysShake Your Rump To the FunkMercuryDJ 462$15usdemo/wolvg++
719Bar-KaysSon Of ShaftVoltVOA 4073$12uswolvg++
720Bar-KaysSoul FingerAtlanticATL 70219$30swpsm-/m-
721Bar-KaysSoul FingerAtlanticATL 70219$40swps/demovg++/m-
722Bar-KaysSoul FingerAtlanticATL 70219$25swpsvg++/m-
723Bar-KaysSoul FingerAtlanticATL 70219$18swpsvg+/vg
724Bar-KaysTake Some Time To Love SomebodyMercury6170061$25holps/sample sticker on lbl/slvvg++/vg++
725BarrabasBoogie RockRCA Victor74-16325$14gerpsvg++/m-
729BarrabasCheckmateAtco45-7036$12us vg++
730BarrabasOn the Road AgainHansa InternationalARI 8207$12gerpsm-/m-
731BarrabasWild SafariRCA Victor74-0863$6us vg
732BarrabasWild SafariRCA Victor74-16193$15gerpsvg++/vg+
733Barrett StrongMoney (That's What I Want)Anna1111$25usblack/silver lblvg-
734Barrett StrongStand Up And Cheer For the PreacherEpic1778$8ukyellow lblvg+
735Barry St. JohnI Won't Be A PartyBradleysBRAD 7507$10uk m-
736Barry WhiteAny Fool Could See(You We're Meant for Me)Unlimited GoldULG 7304$12holpsvg+/vg+
737Barry WhiteBaby We Better Try To Get It Together20th Century6162091$10holpsvg+/vg+
738Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough Of Your Love, Babe20th CenturyTC-2120$12usdemom-
739Barry WhiteCan't Get Enough Of Your Love, BabePhilips6162023$15gerpsm-/m-
740Barry WhiteDon't Make Me Wait Too Long20th CenturyBTC 2309$15ukdemom-
741Barry WhiteHoney Please, Can't Ya See20th CenturyTC-2077$10usdemovg+
742Barry WhiteHoney Please, Can't Ya SeePhilips6162013$10gerpsvg/m-
743Barry WhiteHow Did You Know It Was Me ?20th CenturyTC-2433$8us m-
744Barry WhiteI'm Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby20th CenturyTC-2018$10us m-
745Barry WhiteI'm Qualified To Satisfy You20th Century6162113$10holpsvg+/vg+
746Barry WhiteI'm Qualified To Satisfy You20th CenturyBTC 2328$8ukdemo/date on lblm-
747Barry WhiteIt's Exstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me20th Century6162128$8holpsm-/vg
748Barry WhiteIt's Exstacy When You Lay Down Next to Me20th Century6162128$8holpsvg+/vg+
749Barry WhiteLet the Music PlayPhilips6162068$10holpsvg+/vg++
750Barry WhiteLet the Music PlayPhilips6162068$15holpsvg++/m-
751Barry WhiteNever Gonna Give Ya UpPye International7N 25633$15ukdemom-
752Barry WhiteNever Never Gonna Give Ya UpPhilips6162007$12gerpsvg++/vg++
753Barry WhiteOh What A Night For Dancing20th Century6162139$10holpsvg+/vg+
754Barry WhiteSha La La Means I Love You20th CenturyBTC 1041$8uk vg++
755BassixTears Of A ClownEpic34-07256$6uswolvg+
756Beasty Boys(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)Def Jam650418-7$15ukpsvg++/m-
757Beautiful BendBoogie MotionMarlin3327$8us vg++
758Bee Bee ButlerWalking SlowSMCSMC-1-115$25us vg++
759Bee HoustonHave A HeartJoliet203$45us vg++
760Beginning of the EndFunky Nassau Part 1AtlanticK 10021$10uknoc/wolvg
761Belford HendricksCrazy 'bout My BabyCapitol5021$12uswolvg-
762Belford HendricksRockin' the Stroll Part 1Mercury71276$20us vg++
763Bell and JamesLivin' It Up (Friday Night)A&MAMS 7424$4uk vg+
764Ben & SpenceI DoAtlantic45-2460$40usdhm-
765Ben AikenBaby You Move MeLoma2100$15usdemovg-
766Ben AtkinsGood Times Are ComingEnterpriseENA 9048$10us vg++
767Ben BranchSoul In De HoleHI45-2246$10usdemovg+
768Ben E. KingAmorAtco45-6203$15us vg+
769Ben E. KingAmorAtlanticATL 70058$15sw vg+
770Ben E. KingAround the CornerAtco45-6288$40usdemo/wolvg+
771Ben E. KingAround the CornerAtco45-6288$30uswolvg++
772Ben E. KingAround the CornerAtco45-6288$20us vg+
773Ben E. KingDon't Play That SongAtco45-6222$6ussolvg
774Ben E. KingDon't Play That Song (You Lied)AtlanticATL 70084$10sw vg+
775Ben E. KingEcstasyAtco45-6215$50usdemo/wolvg+
776Ben E. KingEcstasyAtco45-6215$25uswolvg++
777Ben E. KingEcstasyAtlanticATL 70076$20swpsvg/vg+
778Ben E. KingFirst Taste Of LoveAtlanticK 10508$12ukdate on lblm-
779Ben E. KingFirst Taste Of LoveAtlanticK 10508$15uk m-
780Ben E. KingForgive This FoolAtlantic584184$50ukdate on lblm-
781Ben E. KingGypsyAtco45-6275$25usdemo/wolvg+
782Ben E. KingGypsyAtco45-6275$15us vg
783Ben E. KingGypsyAtlanticATL 70117$35swpsm-/vg+
784Ben E. KingHere Comes the NightAtco45-6207$30usdemo/wolvg+
785Ben E. KingHere Comes the NightAtco45-6207$30uswolm-
786Ben E. KingHow Can I ForgetAtlantic90120x45$25itapsvg+/vg+
787Ben E. KingI Betcha Didn't Know ThatAtlantic45-3337$25us vg++
788Ben E. KingIt Ain't FairAtco45-6637$20usdhm-
789Ben E. KingIt Ain't FairAtco45-6637$15usdhvg++
790Ben E. KingIt Ain't FairAtlantic69500$40turpsm-/vg++
791Ben E. KingLet the Water Run DownAtco45-6315$25us vg++
792Ben E. KingMusic TranceAtlantic3635$10ussolm-
793Ben E. KingOne More TimeAtlantic45-3359$20us m-
794Ben E. KingSave the Last Dance For MeManhattan1C006-201910-7$8gerpsm-/vg++
795Ben E. KingShe Knows What To Do For MeAtco45-6527$40usdemovg++
796Ben E. KingSpanish HarlemAtlanticOS 13068$4uswolm-
797Ben E. KingSupernatural ThingAtlantic45-3241$10us vg++
798Ben E. KingSupernatural ThingAtlanticATL 10565$18gerpsvg+/vg++
799Ben E. KingSupernatural ThingAtlanticATL 10565$20gerpsvg+/m-
800Ben E. KingTake Me To the PilotCBS7785$8ukorange lblvg+
801Ben E. KingWalking In the Footsteps Of A FoolAtco45-6237$75usdemo/wolvg+
802Ben E. KingWe Got LoveAtlantic45-3308$20us vg
803Ben E. KingWhat Can A Man DoAtco45-6303$35us vg+
804Ben E. KingWhat Is SoulAtlantic584069$25ukred lblvg++
805Ben E. KingWhite MoonCBS7397$8ukorange lbl/wolvg++
806Ben E. KingWhite MoonCBS7397$10ukorange lblvg++
807Ben E. King & AWBGet It UpAtlantic3402$20us vg+
808Ben E. King & AWBGet It UpAtlantic3402$25us vg++
809Ben MonroeBroken HomeDakarDK 4557$40us vg++
810Ben SidranSpace CowboyBlue ThumbBTA 236$15usdemom-
811Ben VereenGot It MadeAriola102759$12gerpsm-/m-
812Benny (Mother-In-Law) SpellmanRoll On Big WheelAce630$30us m-
813Benny GordonGonna Give Her All the Love I GotWandWND 1188$25usdhvg+
814Benny GordonSugar Mama Part 1 (You Know You're My Baby)EstrillA 1000$12us vg+
815Benny LatimoreLove Don't Love MeDade45-2017$18us vg++
816Benny SpellmanEvery Now And ThenMinit652$50us m-
817Benny TroyThe Girl With San Francisco In Her EyesAmpexX 11011$15usdemom-
818Bernard WrightJust Chillin' OutGRPGS 2511$8uswolm-
819Best Ever and Muhammad AliRope A DopePolydor2001594$50gerpsvg++/vg++
820Bette McLaurinWhat A Night For LoveAtco45-6099$25us vg++
821Bette WilliamsA Feeling For Someone Else Has GrownGregar71-0110$20usdemom-
822Betty Baker & the JaxsisMarching Out Of Your LifeQuicksand1001$30us m-
823Betty EverettBetter Tomorrow Than TodayUni55122$10us vg+
824Betty EverettI Can't Say No To YouMCABAG 3$25uknoc/wolvg++
825Betty EverettI Got To Tell SomebodyFantasyFANT 652$25us vg++
826Betty EverettIt's In His Kiss (The Shoop Shoop Song)PresidentPT 215$12uk vg+
827Betty EverettKeep It UpFantasyF 738$8us vg
828Betty EverettKeep It UpFantasyFTC 118$12uk vg++
829Betty EverettMaybeUni55141$10us m-
830Betty EverettMaybeUni55141$8us vg++
831Betty EverettSweet DanFantasyF 714$12us vg++
832Betty EverettTake MeUni55100$10us vg
833Betty EverettThe Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)Vee-JayVJ 585$20usrainbow lblvg+
834Betty EverettThere'll Come A TimeMCAMU 1055$35ukdemovg++
835Betty EverettTrue Love (You Took My Heart)United ArtistsUA-X1200-Y$25us vg++
836Betty EverettYour Loving ArmsC.J.619$10us vg
837Betty EverettYou're No GoodVee-JayVJ 566$20usrainbow lblvg+
838Betty Everett & Jerry ButlerLove Is StrangeVee-JayVJ 633$12usrainbow lblvg+
839Betty HarrisCry To MeJubilee45-5456$30usdemo/wolm-
840Betty HarrisCry To MeJubilee45-5456$20us vg++
841Betty HarrisCry To MeVirgoVO 6014$10us m-
842Betty HarrisHis KissJubilee45-5465$15usdemovg+
843Betty HarrisHis KissVirgoVO 6036$8us m-
844Betty HarrisI'm Evil TonightFlashbackFLB 43$15us m-
845Betty HarrisI'm Evil TonightSansu466$30us vg+
846Betty HarrisI'm Gonna Git YaSansu471$40usdemovg++
847Betty HarrisI'm Gonna Git YaSansu471$30us vg+
848Betty HarrisMo Jo HannahJubilee45-5480$30uswolvg++
849Betty LavettMy Man He's A Lovin' ManAtlantic45-2160$35usdemovg++
850Betty LavettWitch Craft In the AirLu-PineL 123$30us vg+
851Betty LavetteDo Your DutySilver FoxSF 21$20us vg++
852Betty LavetteMy Train's Comin' InSilver FoxSF 24$20us vg++
853Betty LavetteMy Train's Comin' InSilver FoxSF 24$25usdemovg++
854Betty LavetteNearer To YouSilver FoxSF 17$12us vg+
855Betty LavetteNearer To YouSilver FoxSF 17$15us vg++
856Betty SwannFall In Love With MeAbetABET 9455$40us m-
857Betty WrightBaby SitterAlston4614$15usdhvg+
858Betty WrightClean Up WomanAtlanticK 10335$20ukdemom-
859Betty WrightGirls Can't Do What the Guys DoAlston4569$20usdhvg++
860Betty WrightIf I Ever Do WrongAlston3722$6us vg
861Betty WrightIf You Love Me Like You Say You Love MeAlstonAL 4609$30us vg+
862Betty WrightIs It You GirlAlston4611$10ussolvg++
863Betty WrightIs It You GirlAlston4611$12us vg++
864Betty WrightIs It You GirlAlston4611$10us vg+
865Betty WrightIt's Hard To StopAlstonA-4617$6us vg
866Betty WrightLet Me Be Your Love MakerAlston4619$8usred lbl/dhvg
867Betty WrightLovin' Is Really My GameAlston3745$15us m-
868Betty WrightLovin' Is Really My GameAlston3745$12us vg++
869Betty WrightMy Love IsAlston3747$10uswolvg++
870Betty WrightPainCool TempoCOOL 117$10ukpsm-/m-
871Betty WrightRock On Baby Rock OnRCA VictorXBO 2114$12frapsvg+/vg+
872Betty WrightSecretaryAlston4622$8us vg+
873Betty WrightSecretaryAtlanticK 10474$8uk vg++
874Betty WrightShoorah! Shoorah!Alston3711$10us m-
875Betty WrightShoorah! Shoorah!RCA VictorXB 02006$10gerpsvg+/vg+
876Betty WrightShoorah! Shoorah!RCA VictorXB 02006$18gerpsm-/m-
877Betty WrightShoorah! Shoorah!RCA VictorXB 02006$15gerpsvg++/m-
878Betty WrightShow You GirlAlston3719$15us m-
879Betty WrightShow You GirlAlston3719$4ussolvg-
880Betty WrightSlip And Do ItAlston3718$15us m-
881Betty WrightSlip And Do ItRCA Victor2611372$15gerpsm-/m-
882Betty WrightTo Love And Be LovedAlston3715$25us vg++
883Betty WrightTo Love And Be LovedRCA VictorXB0 2045$30gerps/socvg+/m-
884Betty WrightTo Love And Be LovedRCA VictorXB0 2045$40gerpsm-/m-
885Betty WrightWatch Out LoveAlston45-4571$15usdhvg+
886Betty WrightWhere Is the LoveRCA Victor2611270$6gerpsvg/vg++
887Betty WrightWhere Is the LoveRCA Victor2611270$8gerpsvg+/vg++
888Betty WrightWhere Is the LoveRCA Victor2611270$8gerps/sol/socm-/m-
889Betty WrightWhere Is the LoveRCA VictorXB 02027$10spapsvg+/vg++
890Bettye Jean PlummerBaby I Want You BackSalem2000$30us vg++
891Bettye LavetteDoin' the Best That I CanWest EndWES 1213$6us vg
892Bettye LavetteYou Seen One You Seen 'em AllMotownTMG 1257$8ukpsvg+/vg+
893Bettye LavetteYou Seen One You Seen 'em AllMotownTMG 1257$10ukpsvg++/vg++
894Bettye LavetteYou Seen One You Seen 'em AllMotownTMG 1257$12ukpsm-/vg++
895Bettye SwannDon't Wait Too LongAbetAB 9453$15us m-
896Bettye SwannDon't You Ever Get Tired (Of Hurting Me)Capitol2606$12us vg+
897Bettye SwannFall In Love With MeA-Bet9455$35us vg++
898Bettye SwannI'd Rather Go BlindAtlantic45-2921$15us vg++
899Bettye SwannI'm Just Living A LieFame1479$18us vg+
900Bettye SwannMake Me YoursMoney126$40us vg++
901Bettye SwannToday I Started Loving You AgainAtlantic10273$30frapsvg+/vg++
902Bettye SwannToday I Started Loving You AgainAtlantic45-2921$20usdemovg++
903Bettye SwannVictim Of A Foolish HeartAtlantic45-2869$30us vg++
904Beverly BremersGet Smart GirlScepterJK 4277$25aus vg++
905Beverly McKayBaby You're So RightOld Town1135$40us vg++
906Biddu & the OrchestraGirl You'll Be A Woman SoonEpic5023$18ukdemom-
907Biddu OrchestraExodusEpic4084$18ukdemom-
908Biddu OrchestraExodusEpicEPC 4084$15ukdemovg++
909Biddu OrchestraExodusEpicEPC 4084$12uk m-
910Biddu OrchestraNorthern DancerEpic3318$6uknoc/wolvg++
911Biddu OrchestraSoul CoaxingEpicEPC 5416$6ukwolvg+
912Biddu OrchestraSoul CoaxingEpicEPC 5416$10uk vg++
913Big Al DowningIt Takes LoveTeamTRS 1004 AS$8us vg++
914Big Al Sears QuintetRecord HopPrestige45-192$6uswolvg
915Big Boy Myles & the Shaw-WeesHickory Dickory DockSpecialty590$10usre-issuem-
916Big Boy Myles & the Shaw-WeesWho's Been Fooling YouSpecialty564$10usre-issuevg++
917Big Boy Myles & the Shaw-WeesWho's Been Fooling YouSpecialty564$12usre-issuem-
918Big Boy Myles with Mac Rebennack's Orch. New OrleansAce605$25us m-
919Big DaddyWhere In the WorldGeeG-1051$30usdemom-
920Big Dee Irwin(You've Got) PersonalityColpixCX 42909$15dk m-
921Big Dee Irwin(You've Got) PersonalityColpixCX 42909$35dkpsvg++/vg++
922Big Dee IrwinAnd Heaven Was HereDimension1001$75us m-
923Big Dee IrwinHeigh-HoColpixCP 15043$25dkpsvg+/vg++
924Big Dee IrwinSomeday You'll Understand WhyStatesideSS 261$15sw vg+
925Big Dee IrwinSomeday You'll Understand WhyStatesideSS 261$12swnocvg+
926Big Dee IrwinSoul Waltzin'DimensionD 1015$20us vg+
927Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$15dkps/green slvvg+/vg
928Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$20dkps/green slvvg+/vg+
929Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$30dkps/green slvvg+/m-
930Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$35dkps/green slvvg++/m-
931Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixPX 11010$8uk vg+
932Big Dee IrwinSwinging On A StarColpixCP 15042$15dkps/yellow slvvg-/vg++
933Big Dee Irwin & SuzieAin't That Loving You BabySonetT 7648$12swps/wocvg-/vg-
934Big FootI Apologize (For Taking You For Granted)SueSRI 1124-7$18us vg++
935Big Jay McNeelyBig Jay ShufflePlay Back2603$8us vg++
936Big Jay McNeelyThere's Something On Your MindSwingin'45-614$12us vg++
937Big John HamiltonHow Much Can A Man TakeMinaretMIN-136$15us m-
938Big John HamiltonI Have No OneMinaretMIN-129$15us vg++
939Big John HamiltonJust Seeing You AgainMinaretMIN-200$25us vg++
940Big John HamiltonJust Seeing You AgainMinaretMIN-200$20uswolvg++
941Big John HamiltonTake A Chance With MeSSS InternationalSSS 835$8us vg+
942Big MackRough Dried Woman Part 1Dawn102$40us vg++
943Big MackRough Dried Woman Part 1Dawn102$30us vg+
944Big MackRough Dried Woman Part 1RonnRONN 8$15usdhm-
945Big MaybelleDon't Pass Me ByRoJac1969$20usdemo/1 sidedm-
946Big Sambo & the House WreckersAt the PartyEric7003$20us vg
947Big Walter & the ThunderbirdsPack Fair And SquarePeacock5-1666$15usre-issuem-
948Big Walter & the ThunderbirdsWatusie Freeze Part 1Myrl409$18us m-
949Bill CodayDoctor Thrill GoodEckoER-1003$8us vg++
950Bill CodayJury Of Love (8 Men 4 Women)Crajon48208$18us vg++
951Bill CodayJury Of Love (8 Men 4 Women)Crajon48208$20us m-
952Bill CodayLet Me Be Your Handy ManGalaxy781$40us vg++
953Bill CodayThat's When the Blues BeganEckoSGL 2108-7$10us m-
954Bill CodayYou're Gonna Want MeCrajonC-48204$30us m-
955Bill CodayYou're Gonna Want MeCrajonC-48204$25us vg++
956Bill CodayYou're Gonna Want MeGalaxy777$25us m-
957Bill CosbyHush HushWarner BrosA 7072$35gerpsvg++/vg+
958Bill CosbyI Luv Myself Better Than I Luv MyselfCapitol4299$6uswolvg+
959Bill Deal & the RhondellsAre You Ready For ThisPolydor59334$18gerpsvg+/vg+
960Bill Deal & the RhondellsAre You Ready For ThisPolydor59334$25gerpsm-/m-
961Bill Deal & the RhondellsI've Been HurtHeritageHE 812$12us vg+
962Bill Deal & the RhondellsI've Been HurtPolydor59286$20gerpsvg+/vg+
963Bill Deal & the RhondellsMay IHeritageHE 803$10us vg+
964Bill Deal & the RhondellsSwingin' TightHeritageHES 821$15us m-
965Bill Deal & the RhondellsWhat Kind Of Fool Do You Think I AmPolydor59334$40gerpsm-/vg++
966Bill DoggettHonky Tonk Part 1King45-4950$15us m-
967Bill DoggettNight Train Part 1King45-5878$15us m-
968Bill DoggettNight Train Part 1King45-5878$12us vg++
969Bill Doggett & his ComboHam FatColumbia4-42689$15usorange lblvg+
970Bill FredericksLove With YouPolydor2058946$40uksilver lblvg++
971Bill FredericksLove With YouPolydor2058946$50ukred lblm-
972Bill MossNumber OneBell826$20usblue lblvg++
973Bill MossNumber OneBell826$18usdh/blue/white lblvg++
974Bill Moss & the CelestialsDoin' My Job For JesusWestboundW 196$15usdemom-
975Bill Moss & the CelestialsEverything Is Going To Be AlrightWestboundW 168$15usdemom-
976Bill Moss & the CelestialsI've Got A Satisfied MindWestboundW 176$10us m-
977Bill SlaybackMove Over Babe (Here Comes Henry)KarenK-714$50us m-
978Bill SummersDancing LadyPrestigeP-769$8us vg+
979Bill Summers & Summers HeatStraight To the BankPrestige768$6us vg+
980Bill Summers & Summers HeatStraight To the BankPrestige768$8us vg++
981Bill WithersFriend Of MineSussexSUX 257$12ussolvg++
982Bill WithersLean On MeA&M/Sussex AMS 7004$8ukbrown lblvg++
983Bill WithersLean On MeA&M/Sussex AMS 7004$10ukbrown lblm-
984Bill WithersLovely DayA&M 5773$10holpsvg++/vg++
985Bill WithersMake Love To Your MindColumbia3-10255$4us vg
986Bill WithersThe Same Love That Made Me LaughSussexSR 513$6us vg+
987Bill WithersUse MeSussexSUX 241$10us vg++
988Billy BlandUncle BudOld Town1109$25us vg++
989Billy Boss & the Boss TonesSweet Ruby Red LipsGuyden2080$35usdemovg++
990Billy Butler She's Got Me SingingCurtomCMS 0120$30us m-
991Billy Butler & InfinityHung Up On YouPridePR 1026$10us vg+
992Billy Butler & InfinityNow You KnowPridePR 1009$8us vg+
993Billy DavisIt's All OverHI45-2146$45usdemovg++
994Billy EckstineFor Love Of IvyMotownM-1131$10usdhvg++
995Billy EckstineFor Love Of IvyMotownM-1131$15us m-
996Billy EckstineHad You Been AroundMotownM-1077$18uswolvg++
997Billy EckstineHad You Been AroundTamla MotownGO 42621$30holps/wocvg/vg+
998Billy EckstineWish You Were HereMotownM-1091$15uswolm-
999Billy Gayles & Ike Turner's Kings Of RhythmDo Right BabyFederal45-12282$40us vg-
1000Billy Graham & the EscalatorsOop-Poo-Pa-DooAtlantic45-2372$25us vg++
1001Billy GriffinSystematicColumbia38-04899$8uspromo stamped lblvg++
1002Billy HarnerShe's Almost YouOr1253$15us vg++
1003Billy Joe RoyalHushCBS3044$30norps/orange lblm-/m-
1004Billy Joe RoyalHushCBS3044$25norps/orange lblvg++/m-
1005Billy Joe RoyalHushCBS3044$15norps/orange lblvg/vg+
1006Billy Joe RoyalHushCBS3044$15fraps/orange lbl/woc/wolvg-/vg+
1007Billy MillsEasy Goin' FellowSeventy Seven77-111$25us vg++
1008Billy MylesHoney BeeEmberE-1026$25us vg+
1009Billy MylesI'm Gonna WalkEmberE-1046$15us m-
1010Billy MylesThe Joker (That's What They Call Me)EmberE-1026$30usorange lblvg++
1011Billy MylesThe Joker (That's What They Call Me)EmberE-1026$8usred lblvg-
1012Billy Nichols & FunkTreat Your NeighborMercury73024$15usdemo stampedvg
1013Billy Nichols & FunkTreat Your NeighborMercury73024$20usdemo stampedvg+
1014Billy Nichols & FunkTreat Your NeighborMercury73024$25us vg++
1015Billy PaulBe Thruthful To MePIRZS8 3551$8us vg++
1016Billy PaulLet 'em InPIR5143$4holwolvg+
1017Billy PaulLet 'em InPIR5143$6uk vg++
1018Billy PaulLet's Make A BabyPIRPIR 4144$18holpsvg++/m-
1019Billy PaulOnly the Strong SurvivePIR5699$10holps/wol/socvg/m-
1020Billy PaulOnly the Strong SurvivePIR5699$10holpsvg+/vg+
1021Billy PaulOnly the Strong SurvivePIRPIR 1928$8uk vg++
1022Billy PaulOnly the Strong SurvivePIRZS8 3635$10us vg+
1023Billy PaulPeople PowerPIRZS8 3593$8uswolvg+
1024Billy PaulSexual TherapyTotal ExperienceTES1-2434$6us m-
1025Billy PaulYour SongEpicEPC 1055$15holps/yellow lblm-/m-
1026Billy PaulYour SongEpicEPC 1055$12holps/yellow lblvg++/m-
1027Billy Perry & RammitFunky Like A DonkeyFantasyF 773$10usdemovg
1028Billy PrestonAll That I've GotAppleAPPLE 21$60ukpsm-/vg++
1029Billy PrestonEverything's All RightAppleAPPLE 19$40swps/tocm-/vg++
1030Billy PrestonGet BackA&MAMS 6622$8holpsvg+/vg+
1031Billy PrestonHopeMotown100-07-065$12gerpsvg+/vg++
1032Billy PrestonHow Long Has the Train Been GoneA&MAMS 7097$20ukdemom-
1033Billy PrestonMy Sweet LordApple1826$10us vg++
1034Billy PrestonNothing From NothingA&MAMS 7126$6uk vg+
1035Billy PrestonOuta SpaceA&MAMS 7007$4uk vg+
1036Billy PrestonSpace RaceA&M1463$10us m-
1037Billy PrestonSpace RaceA&MAMS 7084$15ukdemom-
1038Billy PrestonSpace RaceA&MHS 994$10spapsvg/vg
1039Billy PrestonThat's the Way God Planned itAppleAPPLE 12$8ukps/socvg+/vg
1040Billy PrestonThat's the Way God Planned itApple1808$8us vg++
1041Billy PrestonThat's the Way God Planned itAppleAPPLE 12$8ukps/wol/wocvg/vg++
1042Billy PrestonWill It Go Round In CirclesA&MAMS 7049$10uk m-
1043Billy Preston & SyreetaGo For It Part 1Motown1C006-62728$18gerpsvg++/vg++
1044Billy Preston & SyreetaGo For It Part 1Motown1C006-62728$12gerpsvg+/vg+
1045Billy Preston & SyreetaIt Will Come In TimeMotownTMG 1175$12ukpsvg++/vg++
1046Billy Preston & SyreetaIt Will Come In TimeMotownTMG 1175$6uk vg+
1047Billy Preston & SyreetaSearchin'MotownM-1520F$6us vg+
1048Billy Sha-RaeDo ItLaurieLDG 117$12us m-
1049Billy Sha-RaeDo ItSpectrumSPEC 114$12usburgundy lbl/wolvg-
1050Billy StewartCross My HeartChess2002$25usdhvg++
1051Billy StewartI Do Love YouChess1922$8us vg
1052Billy StewartOl' Man RiverChessAR 25511$30holpsvg/vg
1053Billy StewartSecret LoveChessAR 25442$18holpsvg/vg++
1054Billy StewartSecret LoveChessAR 25442$30holpsm-/m-
1055Billy StewartSummertimeChess1966$10us vg+
1056Billy StewartSummertimeChess9003$12usdemovg+
1057Billy StewartSummertimeChessAR 45258$20holpsvg/vg+
1058Billy StewartSummertimeChessAR 45258$50holpsm-/m-
1059Billy ThornhillThe KeyWandWND 1176$15usdhvg+
1060Billy ThornhillThe KeyWandWND 1176$20usdhm-
1061Billy ThornhillThe KeyWandWND 1176$12usdh/wolvg+
1062Billy ThornhillThe KeyWandWND 1176$18usdhvg++
1063Billy Vera & Judy ClayReally TogetherAtlanticATL 70247$20gerpsm-/m-
1064Billy Vera & Judy ClayReally TogetherAtlanticATL 70247$6ger vg+
1065Billy Vera & Judy ClaySo Good (To Be Together)Atlantic45-2480$6usdhvg+
1066Billy Vera & Judy ClaySo Good To Be TogetherAtlantic45-2480$8usdhvg++
1067Billy Vera & Judy ClayWhen Do We GoAtlantic45-2515$6usdhvg+
1068Billy Vera & Judy ClayWhen Do We GoAtlantic45-2515$8usdhvg++
1069Billy Ward & his DominoesDeep PurpleLibertyF 55099$15us vg++
1070Billy YoungI'm AvailableJay BoyBOY 55$25uk m-
1071Bimbo JetEl BimboScepterSCE 12406$6us vg+
1072Bimbo JetEl Bimbo (Version 1)ColumbiaOC006-12957 $4uk vg
1073Birds of A FeatherElvis How Could I ResistAmourAM 8425$6can vg+
1074Black BloodA.I.E.BradleysBRAD 7518$6uk vg+
1075Black BloodAmandaCBS5259$25swpsm-/m-
1076Black BloodAmandaCBS5259$10swps/wocvg/vg
1077Black BloodAmandaCBS5259$15swps/wol/wocvg+/m-
1078Black BloodChicanoMainstreamMRL 5574$10us vg+
1079Black BloodChicanoMainstreamMRL 5574$8us vg
1080Black HeatCheck It All OutAtlantic45-3033$8us vg+
1081Black HeatCheck It All OutAtlantic45-3033$10us vg++
1082Black HeatNo Time To BurnAtlantic45-2987$10uswolvg++
1083Black HeatThe Jungle Pt. 1Atlantic45-2934$20us vg++
1084Black IvoryDaily NewsBuddahBDA 506$10us vg++
1085Black IvoryDaily NewsBuddahBDA 506$12us m-
1086Black IvoryNo One Else Will DoKwanzaKWA 7800$6us vg-
1087Black IvoryPush Comes To ShovePower ExchangePX 277$40uk vg++
1088Black IvoryWe Made ItTodayTS-1524$20us vg++
1089Black IvoryWe Made ItTodayTS-1524$15us vg+
1090Black KnightsI'm Not My Brother's KeeperPolydor2058360$15ukwolvg++
1091Black SatinsMy Confession Of LoveAstroscopeA 107$20uswolvg++
1092Black SocietyI FeelMCA40068$18us vg++
1093Black SoulBlack Soul MusicImport Disque45030276$12us vg+
1094BlackbeardDon't Let This Good Thing Go BadLightningLIG 517$20uk m-
1095BlackbyrdsFlying HighFantasy747$8us vg+
1096BlackbyrdsHappy MusicFantasy762$6us vg
1097BlackbyrdsHappy MusicFantasyFTC 129$8uk vg++
1098BlackbyrdsI Need YouFantasyFTC 117$8uk vg+
1099BlackbyrdsStreet GamesFantasyFTC 150$15ukdemovg++
1100BlackbyrdsTime Is Movin'FantasyF 787$8us vg+
1101BlackbyrdsTime Is Movin'FantasyF 787$10us vg++
1102BlackbyrdsWalking In RhythmFantasy736$6us vg
1103BlackbyrdsWalking In RhythmFantasy736$8us vg+
1104BlackbyrdsWalking In RhythmFantasyFTC 114$6uk vg
1105BlackbyrdsWalking In RhythmFantasyFTC 114$10uk vg++
1106BlackwellsHoley SombreroGuyden2020$25us vg+
1107Blanca Rosa GilFue Por Mi BienInternational8003$12usdemom-
1108Blast Furnace Band & Grapevine SingersHammering Hank Part 1ClintoneCT 012$25usdhm-
1109BlendellesLa La The Magic SongJoteeJO 601$25uswolm-
1110BlinkyI Wouldn't Change the Man He IsMotownM 1134$8usdhvg
1111Blinky & Edwin StarrOh How HappyGordyG-7090$15us vg++
1112Blood, Sweat & TearsPut Out the LightABC4202$15uk m-
1113BloodstoneJudy JudyDeccaF 13303$20ukdemom-
1114BloodstoneJudy JudyDeccaF 13303$15uk/dkpsvg/vg
1115BloodstoneJudy JudyDeccaF 13303$20uk/dkpsvg+/vg++
1116BloodstoneJudy JudyDeccaF 13303$30uk/dkpsm-/m-
1117BloodstoneJudy JudyDeccaF 13303$12uk/dkps/nocvg/vg
1118BloodstoneLoving You Is Just A PastimeDeccaF 13571$15uksample sticker on lblm-
1119BloodstoneNatural HighDeccaF 13382$10uk m-
1120BloodstoneNever Let You GoDeccaF 13454$20ukdemom-
1121BloodstoneOutside WomanLondonL 1052$20us vg++
1122BloodstoneSave MeLondon5N-1064$20us vg+
1123BloodstoneSave MeLondon5N-1064$30us m-
1124BloodstoneSave MeLondon5N-1064$25us vg++
1125BlossomsSomething So WrongBell780$25usblue lblvg++
1126BlossomsSomething So WrongBell780$30usdemo/blue/white lblvg++
1128Blue MagicGuess WhoAtco45-6910$10us vg++
1129Blue MagicJust Don't Want To Be LonelyAtco45-6961$12us m-
1130Blue MagicJust Don't Want To Be LonelyAtco45-6961$8us vg+
1131Blue MagicStop To StartAtco45-6949$8us vg++
1132Blue-BellesI Sold My Heart To the JunkmanHMV45-POP 1029$70uk vg++
1133Blues BustersI Can't StopJay BoyBOY 44$35uk m-
1134Blues BustersI Can't StopShoutS-235$35usdemom-
1135Bo Diddley500 Percent More ManChecker1123$18usmaroon lblvg++
1136Bo DiddleyCall MeCheckerCK 985$6usmaroon lblvg+
1137Bo DiddleyDon't Want No Lyin' WomanChessCH 2142$20usdemom-
1138Bo DiddleyHey Good Lookin'Checker1098$30us m-
1139Bo DiddleyI Said Shutup WomanChessCH 2117$20usdemom-
1140Bo Diddley & Chuck BerryBo's BeatChecker1089$35uschess board lblm-
1141Bo Diddley & Chuck BerryBo's BeatChecker1089$30uschess board lblvg++
1142Bo Donaldson & the HeywoodsGirl Don't Make Me WaitABCABC 12039$8uspromo sticker on lblvg+
1143Bo Kirkland & Ruth DavisWe Got the RecipeClaridgeCL 414$8us vg++
1144Bo Kirkland & Ruth DavisYou're Gonna Get Next To MeEMI InternationalINT 532$8ukwolvg+
1145Bo Kirkland & Ruth DavisYou're Gonna Get Next To MeEMI InternationalINT 532$12uk vg++
1146Bob & EarlDancin' EverywhereB&CCB 102$8uk vg+
1147Bob & EarlDancin' EverywhereB&CCB 102$6ukwolvg+
1148Bob & EarlHarlem ShuffleIslandWIP 6053$12uknoc/pink lbl/black block logovg+
1149Bob & EarlHarlem ShuffleIslandWIP 6053$15ukpink lbl/black block logovg+
1150Bob & EarlHarlem ShuffleIslandWIP 6053$20ukpink lbl/black block logom-
1151Bob & EarlHarlem ShuffleIslandWIP 6053$8ukpink lbl/eye logovg-
1152Bob & EarlHarlem ShuffleIslandWIP 6053$18ukpink lbl/black block logovg++
1153Bob & EarlHarlem ShuffleIslandWIP 6053$25ukpink lbl/eye logovg++
1154Bob & EarlPuppet On A StringMarc105$20us vg++
1155Bob & EarlYour Time Is My TimeMarc106$15usdemo/wolvg
1156Bob Brady & the Con ChordsIllusionChariot525$20usdhvg+
1157Bob Brady & the Con ChordsIt's LoveChariot527$30usdhvg+
1158Bob Brady & the Con ChordsIt's LoveChariot527$35usdhvg++
1159Bob Brady & the Con ChordsMore More More Of Your LoveChariotCH 101$25usdemo/wolvg
1160Bob Brady & the Con ChordsSavin' All My Love For YouChariot528$25usdhvg++
1161Bob JamesMain Theme from Star TrekColumbia/Tappan Zee1-11171$15usps/demovg++/vg++
1162Bob JamesWestchester Lady Part 1CTICTI 306$12itapsvg+/vg+
1163Bob Kuban & the In-MenThe CheaterMusicland U.S.A.20001$30usblue lblvg+
1164Bob LandersCherokee DanceSpecialtySP 576$15usre-issuem-
1165Bob WilsonConceptionSound Stage 7SS45-2570DJ$20usdemovg+
1166Bob Wilson & San Remo QuartetAll Turned OnRic-TicRT-104$50usdemovg++
1167Bob Wilson & San Remo QuartetAll Turned OnRic-TicRT-104$10usred lblvg
1168BobbettesHappy Go Lucky MeMayhew1060$50us m-
1169BobbettesMr. LeeAtlantic45-1144$30us vg+
1170BobbettesUm Bow BowAtlantic45-1194$25us vg+
1171Bobbi HumphreySweeter Than SugarBlue NoteBN-XW785-Y$15uswolvg++
1172Bobbi MartinFor the Love Of HimUnited Artists35103$30gerpsm-/vg++
1173Bobbi MartinFor the Love Of HimUnited Artists35103$18gerps/socvg+/vg+
1174Bobbi MartinMan Was Made To Love WomanGreen MenuGM 10052$20us vg+
1175Bobbi-PinsSad Sad GirlMercury72389$40usdhvg++
1176Bobby "Sofine" ButlerCheaper Crude Or No More FoodIBCIBC 0001$10us vg+
1177Bobby BlandAin't Doing Too BadDuke383$25us m-
1178Bobby BlandBlind ManDuke386$25us m-
1179Bobby BlandBlue MoonDuke347$35us vg++
1180Bobby BlandHoney ChildDuke375$15us vg-
1181Bobby BlandLove To See You SmileABCAB 12360$18us vg++
1182Bobby BlandTurn On Your LovelightDuke344$30uswolvg++
1183Bobby BloomSign Of the VEarthE-106$12us vg++
1184Bobby Blue BlandThis Time I'm Gone For GoodProbe1C006-94838$18gerpsm-/vg++
1185Bobby BrownSeven Lonely DaysEight Ball1558$125us vg++
1186Bobby Byrd I Know You Got SoulUrbanURB 8$20uk m-
1187Bobby Byrd & James BrownYou've Got To Change Your MindKing45-6151$12us vg++
1188Bobby CaldwellWhat You Won't Do For LoveClouds11$12us vg++
1189Bobby DayRock-In RobinClass229$6us vg-
1190Bobby DayRockin' RobinLondon45-HL 8726$20uktrivg-
1191Bobby Day & the SatellitesLittle Bitty Pretty OneHMV45-POP 425$275dkdemo/wolvg+
1192Bobby Day & the SatellitesLittle Bitty Pretty OneHMV45-POP 425$175dkdemovg-
1193Bobby Day & the SatellitesLittle Bitty Pretty OneHMV45-POP 425$110dkmauve/gold lbl/nocvg
1194Bobby FloresEvery Day I Have To CryWhiz604$10us vg++
1195Bobby FreemanC'mon And SwimAutumn2$12us vg+
1196Bobby FreemanOughta Be A LawDouble Shot139$30us m-
1197Bobby FreemanSusie SunshineDouble Shot144$8uswocvg+
1198Bobby FreemanWhen You're SmilingJosie45-855$6us vg
1199Bobby GoldsboroShe Chased MeUnited ArtistsUA 50318$25usps/demovg++/m-
1200Bobby GoldsboroShe Chased MeUnited ArtistsUA 50318$18uspsvg++/vg++
1201Bobby HarrisMore Of the JerkAtlantic45-2270$30us vg++
1202Bobby HarrisMore Of the JerkAtlantic45-2270$25us vg+
1203Bobby HarrisMr. SuccesShoutS-203$30uswolvg++
1204Bobby HarrisMr. SuccesShoutS-203$20usyellow/brown lbl/wolvg++
1205Bobby HebbBound By LovePhilips40482$30usdhvg++
1206Bobby HebbLove Love LovePhilips40400$25uswolvg+
1207Bobby HebbLove MePhilips40421$12usdhvg
1208Bobby HebbNight Train To MemphisRich1001$30us vg+
1209Bobby HebbSome Kind Of MagicPhilips40448$20us m-
1210Bobby HebbSunnyPhilips304103 BF$40holpsvg++/vg++
1211Bobby HebbSunny '76LaurieLDG 117$8us m-
1212Bobby HendricksToo Good To Be TrueSue732$25usblack lblm-
1213Bobby HutchersonUmmhBlue NoteBN 45004$25fraps/wocm-/m-
1214Bobby JamesonI'm LonelyTalamo1934$40us m-
1215Bobby JamesonReconsider BabyPenthouse501$50usdemovg+
1216Bobby MacKeep OnMoonglowM 5019$10us vg
1217Bobby Marchan(Ain't No Reason) For Girls To Be Lonely Pt. 1GambleG 216$15usdemovg++
1218Bobby Marchan(Ain't No Reason) For Girls To Be Lonely Pt. 1GambleG 216$10us vg++
1219Bobby MarchanChickee Wah-WahAce523$18usyellow lblvg++
1220Bobby MarchanI Can't Stop Loving YouAce532$40us vg++
1221Bobby MarchanI Wanna Bump (With the Big Fat Woman)Mercury6167522$10uk vg+
1222Bobby MarchanQuit My JobAce595$25us m-
1223Bobby MarchanShake Your TamborineCameoC 429$10us vg-
1224Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your MindBobby Robinson101$15us vg++
1225Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your MindFire1022$30us m-
1226Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your MindFire1022$25us vg++
1227Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your MindFire1022$15us vg
1228Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your MindFire1022$20us vg+
1229Bobby MarchanThere's Something On Your MindGoldiesD 2514$8us m-
1230Bobby McClureDoing It Rite On TimeHI5N-2321$25us m-
1231Bobby McClureYou Got Me BabyChecker1152$20us vg
1232Bobby McDowellI'll Take Care Of YouAmy964$25us vg++
1233Bobby Moore(Call Me Your) Anything ManHot LineHL 2312$8us vg-
1234Bobby Moore(Call Me Your) Anything ManScepterSCE 12405$6us vg+
1235Bobby Moore(Call Me Your) Anything ManScepterSCE 12405$10us m-
1236Bobby Moore(Call Me Your) Anything ManScepterSCE 12405$8us vg++
1237Bobby MooreChained To Your HeartChecker1180$35us vg++
1238Bobby MooreChained To Your HeartChecker1180$30us vg+
1239Bobby MooreTry To Hold OnScepterSCE 12417$15us m-
1240Bobby Moore & the Rhythm AcesI Won't CryChecker1193$35usdemom-
1241Bobby Moore & the Rhythm AcesSearching For My LoveChecker1129$25usdhvg+
1242Bobby Moore's Rhythm Aces featuring ChicoTry My Love AgainChecker1156$15us vg+
1243Bobby Moore's Rhythm Aces featuring ChicoTry My Love AgainChecker1156$20us vg++
1244Bobby NewsomeJody Come Back And Get Your ShoesMojo2093018$10uk vg+
1245Bobby NewtonA Little Bit Of SoapAtlantic45-2932$15uswolvg++
1246Bobby ParkerWatch Your StepV-Tone223$50usorange lbl/re-issuem-
1247Bobby PattersonI Got To Get OverContempoCS 2115$40ukpromo sticker on lblvg++
1248Bobby PattersonRight Place Wrong TimeAll PlatinumAP 2371$10us vg
1249Bobby Peterson QuintetOne DayV-Tone221$25us m-
1250Bobby PowellC.C. RiderCaliforniaC 1434$50dkpsm-/m-
1251Bobby PowellThe BellsWhit6907$12uswolvg+
1252Bobby PowellWhy (Am I Treated So Bad)Whit730$18us m-
1253Bobby RushI Wanna Do the DoPIR7805$25uk m-
1254Bobby RushMary JaneGalaxy778$50us vg+
1255Bobby SheenDon't Make Me Do WrongWarner BrosWB 7732$25us m-
1256Bobby SkelSay It NowSoftS 1005$15us vg+
1257Bobby TaylorMy Girl Has GoneGordyG-7092$18uswolm-
1258Bobby Taylor & the VancouversDoes Your Mama Know About MeGordyG-7069$20uswolm-
1259Bobby Taylor & the VancouversDoes Your Mama Know About MeGordyG-7069$20usdhm-
1260Bobby Taylor & the VancouversI Am Your ManGordyG-7073$30us vg++
1261Bobby Thomas & the HotlineSugar BoogieMCAMCS 8419$18gerpsvg++/vg++
1262Bobby Thomas & the HotlineSwept AwayMCA40542$15ussample sticker on lblvg++
1263Bobby ThurstonCheck Out the GrooveEpic8348$10uk vg+
1264Bobby ThurstonCheck Out the GroovePreludePRL 8011$10us vg+
1265Bobby ThurstonCheck Out the GroovePreludePRL 8011$15us m-
1266Bobby ThurstonI Really Didn't Mean ItPreludePRL 8027$25uswolvg++
1267Bobby ThurstonI Really Didn't Mean ItPreludePRL 8027$30us m-
1268Bobby ThurstonYou Got What It TakesChartADS 648$15swpsm-/m-
1269Bobby ThurstonYou Got What It TakesEpicEPC 8594$10uk vg+
1270Bobby ThurstonYou Got What It TakesPreludePRL 8009$12usdemovg+
1271Bobby ThurstonYou Got What It TakesPreludePRL 8009$15us m-
1272Bobby TuckerYour Love Is All I NeedMalaM 12006$35usdhvg++
1273Bobby Walls & CompanyBaby DollPaula377$25usdemovg+
1274Bobby WilliamsYou Need Love Like I Do (Don't Fight the Feeling)R&RRR 15312$20us m-
1275Bobby WilliamsYou Need Love Like I Do (Don't Fight the Feeling)R&RRR 15312$18us vg++
1276Bobby WilsonHere Is Where the Love IsChain2101$25us vg++
1277Bobby Womack(I Wanna) Make Love To YouMCAMCA 1108$12ukpsm-/m-
1278Bobby WomackBroadway WalkMinit32030$15us vg
1279Bobby WomackBroadway WalkMinit32030$25us vg++
1280Bobby WomackCheck It OutUnited ArtsUA-XW621-X$2us g
1281Bobby WomackDaylightUnited ArtsUP 36098$30ukdemovg++
1282Bobby WomackGypsy WomanMCA52793$6usps/sample sticker on lblvg++/vg+
1283Bobby WomackI'm Through Trying To Prove My Love To YouUnited ArtistsUA-XW255-W$10uswolvg
1284Bobby WomackIt's All Over NowUnited ArtistsUA-XW674-Y$6us vg+
1285Bobby WomackIt's All Over NowUnited ArtistsUA-XW674-Y$8us vg++
1286Bobby WomackIt's All Over NowUnited ArtistsUA-XW674-Y$4uswolvg+
1287Bobby WomackLiving In A BoxMCA53190$8usps/demo/socm-/vg++
1288Bobby WomackLookin' For A LoveUnited ArtistsUA-XW375-W$8us vg+
1289Bobby WomackSurprise SurpriseMotownTMG 1353$15ukpsm-/m-
1290Bobby WomackSweet Caroline (Good Times Never Seemed So Good)United Artists50946$8usdemovg
1291Bobby WomackTell Me WhyMotownTMG 1339$15ukpsm-/m-
1292Bobby WomackThat's the Way I Feel About ChaUnited ArtistsUP 35335$12fraps/woc/toc/dhvg+/vg+
1293Bobby WomackWhere Do We Go From HereBeverly GlenBG 2001$15us vg++
1294Bobby WomackWoman's Gotta Have ItUnited Artists50902$8usdemovg+
1295Bobby Womack & BrotherhoodStanding In the Safety ZoneColumbia3-10493$10us vg++
1296Bobby Womack & Patti LaBelleIt Takes A Lot Of Strenght To Say GoodbyeBeverly GlenBG 2018$8us vg++
1297Bobby Womack & Patti LaBelleLove Has Finally Come At LastBeverly GlenBG 2012$10us m-
1298Bobo Mr. SoulAnswer To the Want AdsAtlantic45-2823$15us m-
1299Boby FranklinWhat Ever's Your Sign (You Got To Be Mine)BabylonBRC 1123$18us vg++
1300Bocky & the VisionsGood Good Lovin'AtlanticATL 70145$50sw vg
1301Body ShopNeverBuddahBDA 613$10us vg++
1302BohannonDance Your Ass OffBrunswick640080$18fraps/rssvg++/m-
1303BohannonDisco StompBrunswick640065$10fraps/socvg++/vg++
1304BohannonHouse TrainMCA53685$6us m-
1305BohannonI've Got the Dance FeverPhase IIZS5 02897$8us vg++
1306Bohannon BandStop And GoDakarDK 4518$10uswolvg
1307Boiling PointLet's Get FunktifiedBang13$8uk m-
1308BombersLet's DanceFlamingoFM 4$15ukdemo/solm-
1309Bongi and JudyLet's Get TogetherBuddahBDA 16$20usdhvg++
1310Bonnie BramlettNever Gonna Give You UpCapricornCPS 0262$10us m-
1311Bonnie PointerI Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)MotownM 1478F$8us vg++
1312Bonnie PointerI Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie Honey Bunch)Motown1C006-63501$12gerpsvg++/vg+
1313BoogoosBubbles Part 1TrampTR 1007$10ger vg+
1314Booker NewberryIIITeddy BearPolydorPOSP 637$6ukps/dhm-/vg+
1315Booker T. & MG'sAw' MercyStaxS-131$20usdemovg+
1316Booker T. & MG'sChinese CheckersStaxS-137$25usblue lblvg++
1317Booker T. & MG'sGroovin'Stax45-224$6usblue lblvg-
1318Booker T. & MG'sSilver BellsStax45-236$2usblue lblg
1319Booker T. & MG'sSlum BabyStaxSTA 0049$15uswolm-
1320Booker T. & MG'sSoul LimboStaxSTA 0001$12us vg++
1321Booker T. & MG'sSoul LimboStaxSTAX 102$12uk vg++
1322Booker T. & MG'sSticky StuffAsylumE-45392$8us vg++
1323Booker T. & MG'sTime Is TightPolydor2025040$12gerps/tocvg+/vg+
1324Booker T. & MG'sTime Is TightStaxSTA 0028$12swblack lblvg++
1325Booker T. & MG'sTime Is TightStaxSTXS 2014$6ukwolvg+
1326Booker T. & MG'sTime Is TightStaxSTAX 119$10uk vg+
1327Booker T. & PriscillaThe Wedding SongA&M $30usps/3 track flexi promo only in 8 page oversized bookletm-/m-
1328Boots RandolphGames People PlayMonumentMON 1028$10uk m-
1329BootsyMug PushWarner BrosWBS 49599$8uspsm-/vg+
1330Booty PeopleSpirit Of '76CallaCAS 110$8uswolvg++
1331Booty PeopleSpirit Of '76CallaCAS 110$8us vg+
1332Booty PeopleSpirit Of '76CallaCAS 110$10us vg++
1333Boys in the BandHow About A Little Hand For the Boys In the BandPolydor2066036$15gerpsvg+/vg+
1334Boys in the BandHow About A Little Hand For the Boys In the BandPolydor2066036$20gerpsm-/vg+
1335Boys in the BandHow About A Little Hand For the Boys In the BandPolydor2066036$25gerpsm-/m-
1336Boys in the BandHow About A Little Hand For the Boys In the BandSpringSPR 103$8us vg++
1337Boys in the BandHow About A Little Hand For the Boys In the BandSpringSPR 103$10us vg++
1338Brandy & MonicaThe Boy Is MineAtlantic7-84039$4uswolvg-
1339Brandy LaneShare Your Love With MeWandWDJ 11268$15usdemovg+
1340Brass ConstructionChangin'United ArtistsUA-XW837-Y$8us vg+
1341Brass ConstructionConquestCapitolCL 371$10ukpsvg+/vg++
1342Brass ConstructionDon't Try To Change MeLiberty1387$8us vg+
1343Brass ConstructionGet UpUnited Artists10C006-082654$15spapsvg+/vg+
1344Brass ConstructionGet UpUnited ArtistsUA-X1262-Y$10uswolvg++
1345Brass ConstructionInternationalCapitolCL 341$4uk vg-
1346Brass ConstructionMovin'United ArtistsUP 36090$12ukdemovg+
1347Brass ConstructionPick Yourself UpUnited ArtistsUA-X1242-Y$8uswolvg++
1348Brass ConstructionShakitUnited ArtistsUP 615$6uk vg+
1349Brass ConstructionShakitUnited ArtistsUP 615$8uk vg++
1350Brass ConstructionWhat's On Your Mind (Expression)United ArtistsUA-XW957-Y$12usps/sol/wolvg++/vg+
1351Brass MonkeyYou Keep Me Hangin' OnRare EarthR 5022$10uspromo stamped lblvg++
1352BreakwaterLet Love InAristaAS 0518$15usdhm-
1353Brecker BrothersSneakin' Up Behind YouAristaAS 0122$12us m-
1354Brecker BrothersSneakin' Up Behind YouAristaAS 0122$10us vg++
1355Brenda & the Tabulations(I'm A) SuperstarChocolate CityCC 009$8us vg++
1356Brenda & the TabulationsRight On the Tip Of My TongueCBS7279$12ukorange lblvg++
1357Brenda & the TabulationsRight On the Tip Of My TongueTop and Bottom407$25usdemom-
1358Brenda & the TabulationsStay Together Young LoversDionn501$20us vg+
1359Brenda GeorgeEverybody Don't Know About My Good ThingRonn60$10us vg+
1360Brenda GeorgeI'm Not Trying To Make You Pay Pt. 1GatorG 501$15us vg++
1361Brenda HollowayEvery Little Bit HurtsTamla54094$25us vg++
1362Brenda HollowayEvery Little Bit HurtsTamla54094$6uswolg
1363Brenda HollowayI'll Be AvailableTamla54115$20uswolvg+
1364Brenda HollowayI'll Be AvailableTamla54115$25uswolvg++
1365Brenda HollowayWhere Were YouTamlaT-54137$25us m-
1366Brenda LeeComing On StrongBrunswick5967$35uk/dkpsvg++/vg++
1367Brenda LeeComing On StrongBrunswick5969$35ukdemom-
1368Brenton WoodBoogaloosa Louisian'Double Shot150$25us vg++
1369Brenton WoodCatch Me On the ReboundDouble Shot121$10ussol/wolvg
1370Brenton WoodCatch Me On the ReboundDouble ShotDS 121$30usyellow lblvg++
1371Brenton WoodCatch Me On the ReboundDouble ShotDS 121$30canorange lblvg++
1372Brenton WoodGimme Little SignLiberty15021$10gerpsvg+/vg+
1373Brenton WoodGimme Little SignLiberty15021$15dk/gerpsm-/m-
1374Brenton WoodGimme Little SignLiberty15021$6ger vg+
1375Brenton WoodGimme Little Sign/Oogum Boogum SongMidnight HourUP 35824$2ukwol/nocvg
1376Brenton WoodGimme Little Sign/Oogum Boogum SongMidnight HourUP 35824$6uk m-
1377Brenton WoodIt's Just A Game LoveDouble Shot135$15us vg++
1378Brenton WoodLovey Dovey Kinda Lovin'Liberty15074$18gerps/wocvg+/vg+
1379Brenton WoodSad Little Song (La-Tee-Ta)Double Shot156$20us vg++
1380Brenton WoodSome Got It Some Don'tDouble Shot130$12us vg++
1381Brenton WoodSome Got It Some Don'tHispavoxH 385$15spapsvg-/vg+
1382Brenton WoodSticky Boom Boom Too Cold Part 1Epic1042$10uk vg++
1383Brenton WoodSticky Boom Boom Too Cold Part 1EpicEPC 1042$20holps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
1384Brenton WoodSticky Boom Boom Too Cold Part 1Epic1042$4ukwolvg
1385Brenton WoodThe Oogum Boogum SongDouble Shot111$18us vg++
1386Brenton WoodThe Oogum Boogum SongLiberty15006$20gerpsm-/m-
1387Brenton WoodWhoop It On MeDouble ShotDS 142$20us m-
1388Brian & Brenda RussellGonna Do My Best To Love YouRocketROKN 516$6uk vg+
1389Brian Auger & the TrinityI Want To Take You HigherRCA Victor1947$15ukdemo/date on lblm-
1390Brian Auger & the TrinityI Want To Take You HigherRCA Victor74-16026$18gerpsvg++/m-
1391Brian Auger & the TrinityI Want To Take You HigherRCA Victor74-16026$20gerpsm-/m-
1392Brian Auger & the TrinityTigerPolydor59227$30ger vg+
1393Brian Auger & the TrinityTigerPolydor59227$40ger m-
1394Brian BennettChase Side Shoot-UpFontana6007040$40uk m-
1395Brian Bennett BandThunderboltDJMDJS 10714$25ukps/demom-/m-
1396Brian Bennett BandThunderboltDJMDJS 10714$8uk vg++
1397Brian Bennett BandThunderboltDJMDJS 10714$10uk m-
1398BrickAin't Gonna Hurt NobodyBangB 735$8jamwolvg+
1399BrickSweat (Til You Get Wet)ColumbiaZS5 02246$6jam vg
1400BrickWide OpenBangZS5 02599$4uswolvg
1401Brighter Side of DarknessJust A Little Bit20th CenturyTCR 1$10us m-
1402Brinkley & ParkerDon't Get Fooled By the Pander ManDarnelDA 1111$6us vg-
1403BroadwayThis Funk Is Made For DancingHilltakHT 7805$6us vg+
1404Brook BentonA Black Child Can't SmileCotillion45-44138$15usdemom-
1405Brook BentonAnother Cup Of CoffeeMercury72266$20uspsvg+/vg++
1406Brook BentonBoll Weevil SongMercuryMF 1099$15ukdemom-
1407Brook BentonDo Your Own ThingAtlantic584222$20ukred lbl/release date stamped on lblm-
1408Brook BentonDo Your Own ThingCotillion45-44007$10usdhvg++
1409Brook BentonDo Your Own ThingCotillion45-44007$12usdhm-
1410Brook BentonDon't It Make You Want To Go HomeCotillion45-44078$8us vg++
1411Brook BentonHit RecordMercury127030 MCF$30norps/tocm-/vg++
1412Brook BentonHit RecordMercury127030 MCF$20norps/noc/wocvg++/vg++
1413Brook BentonI Cried For YouPolydorPD 2015$10us vg++
1414Brook BentonI Got What I WantedMercury127092 MCF$12nor vg++
1415Brook BentonI Keep Thinking To MyselfStaxSTN 0231$15usdemovg++
1416Brook BentonIf You Got the TimeMGMK 14440$10us vg+
1417Brook BentonIf You Got the TimeMGMK 14440$15us m-
1418Brook BentonLet Us All Get Together With the LordCotillion44141$12us vg++
1419Brook BentonNothing Can Take the Place Of YouCotillion45-44034$15usdemom-
1420Brook BentonRainy Night In GeorgiaCotillion45-44057$10us vg++
1421Brook BentonRainy Night In GeorgiaCotillion45-44057$12us m-
1422Brook BentonShe Knows What To Do For MeAtlanticATL 70376$12gerpsvg+/vg+
1423Brook BentonShe Knows What To Do For MeAtlanticATL 70376$18gerpsvg++/m-
1424Brook BentonSo Many WaysMercury71512$12dk vg
1425Brook BentonSo Many WaysMercury71512$25us m-
1426Brook BentonStill Waters Run DeepMercury72055$40uspsvg++/vg++
1427Brook BentonStill Waters Run DeepMercury127077 MCF$45norpsm-/vg++
1428Brook BentonThank You Pretty BabyMercury71478$6us vg
1429Brook BentonThink TwiceMercury71774$35uspsm-/vg++
1430Brook BentonTwo Tickets To ParadiseMercury127112 MCF$15nor/dkpsvg/vg
1431Brook Benton & the Dixie FlyersHeaven Help Us AllCotillion45-44110$8us vg+
1432Brook Benton & the Dixie FlyersShoesCotillion45-44093$15us vg++
1433Brooklyn PeopleBoogie Man Part 1CheriC 504$25us vg++
1434Brooklyn PeopleBrooklyn ExpressCheriC 502$18us vg+
1435Brother Jack McDuff Down Home StyleBlue NoteBN 1953$18us vg++
1436Brother Jack McDuff Quintet & David NewmanBut It's AlrightAtlantic45-2488$40usdemovg++
1437Brother To BrotherEvery Nigger Is A StarTurboTU 040$25usdemom-
1438Brother To BrotherIn the BottlePhilips6146300$10holps/wol/wocm-/vg++
1439Brother To BrotherIn the BottlePhilips6146300$12holpsvg++/vg++
1440Brother To BrotherLeavin' MeTurboTU 049$10us vg++
1441Brother To BrotherLet Your Mind Be FreePhilips6146433$25fraps/sample stamped slvvg+/vg++
1442Brother To BrotherLet Your Mind Be FreeTurboTU 045$12usblue lblvg++
1443Brother To BrotherLet Your Mind Be FreeTurboTU 045$15usblue lblm-
1444Brother To BrotherLet Your Mind Be FreeTurboTU 045$12usred lblvg++
1445Brother To BrotherLet Your Mind Be FreeTurboTU 045$6us vg
1446Brothers and SistersThe Mighty QuinnCBS5336$15dkps/orange lblvg+/vg+
1447Brothers and SistersThe Mighty QuinnCBS5336$10dkorange lblm-
1448Brothers JohnsonAin't We Funkin' NowA&MAMS 6634$10holpsvg/vg++
1449Brothers JohnsonDancin' And Prancin'A&M2086$10us m-
1450Brothers JohnsonStompA&M2216-S$8us vg++
1451Brothers JohnsonStompA&MAMS 7509$8ukwolvg++
1452Brothers JohnsonStrawberry Letter 23A&M1949-S$2us g
1453Brothers JohnsonStreetwaveA&M2238$6us vg+
1454Brothers JohnsonStreetwaveA&M2238$10us m-
1455Brothers JohnsonStreetwaveA&MAMS 7672$15holpsvg++/vg++
1456Brothers JohnsonThe Real ThingA&M2343$8us vg++
1457Brothers JohnsonThe Real ThingA&MAMS 9145$10holps/soc/wolvg+/vg+
1458Brothers JohnsonYou Make Me Wanna WiggleA&MAMS 9103$12holpsvg+/vg+
1459Brothers JohnsonYou Make Me Wanna WiggleA&MAMS 9103$15holpsm-/vg+
1460Brothers JonesFollow MeOvationOVS 1204$10uk vg++
1461Brothers of LoveYes I AmBlue RockB-4057$20usdhvg++
1462Brothers of LoveYes I AmBlue RockB-4057$25usdhm-
1463Brown SugarBye Bye BabyDemandD45-002$15us m-
1464Brown SugarSomebody StrongerAbkco5001$10us vg-
1465Bubber JohnsonFinger TipsKing45-5132$20us vg++
1466Buchanan BrothersI'll Never Get EnoughPage OnePOF 154$40uk m-
1467Buck Ram PlattersA Little MoreAvalancheAV 67330$10uk m-
1468BuckinghamsDon't You CareColumbia4-44053$25usdemo sticker on lbl/wolm-
1469Buddy AceHold On (To This Old Fool)Duke414$35us vg++
1470Buddy Baily & the CloversThat's What I Will BePorwin1004$20us vg++
1471Buddy FiteSo RareCyclone75009$6usdhvg+
1472Buddy FiteSo RareCyclone75009$8usdhvg++
1473Buddy GuySlop AroundChess1759$40uswhite lblvg++
1474Buddy GuyWhen My Left Eye JumpsChess1838$50usdark blue/silver lblvg++
1475Buddy MilesDown By the RiverMercury73086$8us vg+
1476Buddy MilesWe Got To Live TogetherMercury6052045$30norpsm-/m-
1477Buddy MilesWholesale LoveMercury6052086$6ger vg+
1478Buddy Miles & the Freedom ExpressThem ChangesMercury6052007$10nor vg+
1479Buddy Miles ExpressMiss LadyMercury127436 MCF$15norps/solvg/vg
1480Buddy TurnerYou're What's Missin' In My LifeOcean7507$40us vg++
1481Buddy Vincent's CasualsMake Someone HappyHallmarkH 102$8usblue lbl/wolvg
1482Buddy Vincent's CasualsMake Someone HappyHallmarkH 102$4usyellow lblg
1483Buddy Vincent's CasualsMake Someone HappyHallmarkH 102$10usblue lblvg
1484Bull & the MatadorsI Can't ForgetToddlin' TownTT 116$18usdhvg+
1485Bull & the MatadorsI Can't ForgetToddlin' TownTT 116$12usdhvg
1486Bull & the MatadorsI Can't ForgetToddlin' TownTT 116$25usdhm-
1487Bull & the MatadorsI Can't ForgetToddlin' TownTT 116$20usdhvg++
1488Bull & the MatadorsThe Funky JudgeToddlin' TownTT 108$25usdhvg++
1489Bull & the MatadorsThe Funky JudgeToddlin' TownTT 108$15usdhvg
1490Bull & the MatadorsThe Funky JudgeToddlin' TownTT 108$20usdhvg+
1491Bull Moose JacksonBowlegged WomanGustoGT4-2065$10us m-
1492Bumble Bee UnlimitedLove BugMercury73864$10us vg++
1493Bumble Bee UnlimitedLove BugRed GregG 203$25us vg++
1494BumpersDance the BumpRouletteR-7184$10uswolvg++
1495Bunny DeBargeSave the Best For MeGordy1869GF$10usps/demovg++/m-
1496Bunny DeBargeSave the Best For MeGordy1869GF$12usps/demom-/m-
1497Bunny DeBargeSave the Best For MeMotownZB 41119$6gerpsvg+/vg+
1498Bunny SiglerBy the Way You Dance (I Knew It Was You)SalsoulSSOL 117$10uk m-
1499Bunny SiglerDon't Even Try (Give It Up)Gold MindG7 4014$8us vg++
1500Bunny SiglerGlad To Be Your LoverGold MindG7 4018$6us vg+
1501Bunny SiglerGlad To Be Your LoverGold MindG7 4020 DJ$10usdemovg-
1502Bunny SiglerI LiedPIR2376$10ukdemom-
1503Bunny SiglerLet Me Party With YouGold MindGM 4008$8us vg+
1504Bunny SiglerLet Me Party With YouSalsoul612298$15gerpsm-/m-
1505Bunny SiglerLet the Good Times Roll & Feel So GoodParkwayP-153$4us g
1506Bunny SiglerPicture UsPIRZS7 3523$10us vg+
1507Burke FamilyUnder the SpellCobblestoneCB 701$35us vg+
1508Burnett Bynum & the Soul InvadersThe Funky Fat ManCargoC 32175-F$20us vg+
1509Burundi SteiphensonBlackBurundi BlackBarclay61398 L$20frapsvg+/vg+
1510Burundi SteiphensonBlackBurundi BlackBarclay61398 L$30frapsm-/m-
1511Burundi SteiphensonBlackBurundi BlackBarclayBAR 3$4ukwol/solvg-
1512Busta JonesJust A Little MisunderstandingSpringSP 3009$35us vg++
1513Buster BrownCrawling King SnakeChecker1099$50usdemom-
1514Buster BrownCrawling King SnakeChecker1099$40us m-
1515Buster BrownFannie MaeFlashbackFLB 23$10us vg++
1516Buster BrownIs You Is Or Is You Ain't My BabyFire1023$30us vg++
1517Buster BrownSugar BabeBlue Horizon57-3147$50uksolvg+
1518Buster BrownSugar BabeFire507$25us vg++
1519Butter ScotchTry A Little HarderFania704$15usdemom-
1520Buzz & TraciWhere's My BabyElf90005$15us vg++
1521Byron Lee & the DragonairesEvery Day Will Be Like A HolidayJadJ 210$10us vg



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