Postal Rates.

New postal rates as per January 1st 2016.


UP TO 500 GRAM: $8
UP TO 2000 GRAM: $16

UP TO 500 GRAM: $10
UP TO 2000 GRAM $23

Roughly up to 500 gram holds 8-10 45’s or 1 LP but as no two records weigh exactly the same, your order will be individually weighed, and the exact amount will be confirmed with your order.

Rates for quantities exceeding 2000 GRAM will be shipped as Parcels and will be quoted with the confirmation of your order


The Registered cost is an extra $12 for any size letter and this cost is on top of the normal Air Mail price.

If you choose not to, please remember that the records will be sent AT YOUR OWN RISK as non Registered packages cannot be traced in case they go awol!

If you have chosen Registered Air Mail you can follow it here en route to you:

When your order is shipped I will supply you with the item ID

Procedure for Packages that goes AWOL:

This of course is very unfortunate when it happens but I’m afraid that it does happen from time to time although I must say that thankfully it hasn’t happened to me for several years now.

As mentioned if you have chosen NOT REGISTERED it is at your own risk if your package goes AWOL and or is lost. It cannot be traced and you will not be reimbursed your payment. Please note this applies to all methods of payment including Paypal.

However, if you have chosen Registered Mail and in case your package does go AWOL you will be reimbursed a MAXIMUM amount of $50. This extremely low figure has recently been agreed by the World post convention and leaves us the sender and the receiver far worse off than we were before, and in my humble opinion this leaves a huge question mark as to whether one should be bothered sending registered at all, but off course in the end it is your decision. To me it seems a waste of money to spend $12 sending registered and then ending up with a maximum of $50.

This is the procedure if your Registered package goes AWOL:

It is entirely in the hands of the Postal services of our two countries, and I will fill out a form for packages that has not reached it’s destination once this has been informed to me. This will be handed in together with my receipt for the Registered shipment in question.

Following that the Postal services of our two countries will between them try and locate the package, and this does take anywhere between 4-8 weeks and in some cases much longer before the case is either closed or the package is found and hopefully the latter will be the case.

During this process you will also be contacted by your Postal services.

In case the package is considered lost for good I will be informed of this, and you will at this stage be reimbursed the money in question of the lost package.

Any information coming to me from the Danish Postal service will be passed on to you. Should the package turn up during this process then please do let me know.

This time frame calls for patience and I thank you for your understanding on this matter.


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