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12" Singles #29 Set Sale
12" Singles Cat. Set Sale List
45's Cat. Set Sale List
45's #80 Set Sale List
45's PS Set Sale List
Books Cat. Set Sale List
Circular Magazine Cat. Set Sale List
45's Demo /  Promo All Sorts Set Sale
EP's #36 Set Sale List
EP's Cat. Set Sale List
Eurovision Song Contest Set Sale List
Magazines Cat. Set Sale
Memorabilia Cat. Set Sale List
Rare LP's Set Sale #72
Rare LP's Set Sale Cat.
Sheet Music Cat. Set Sale List
Songbooks Cat. Set Sale List
Soul/Funk LP's Cat. Set Sale List
Soul/Funk LP's #61 Set Sale List
Soul 45's Cat. Set Sale List
Soul 45's #61 Set Sale List
Soul 45's PS
Special Feature
Soundtrack Set Sale Cat.
Still Sealed LP's Cat. Set Sale List
Tapes & 8-Tracks Cat. Set Sale