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45's Sales Catalogue M

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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
MModerne ManDo It640147$10frapsm-/m-
MModerne ManMCAMCA 398$8ukpsm-/m-
MMoolight And MuzakMCAMCA 541$8ukpsm-/m-
MPop MuzikMCAMCA 413$6ukpsm-/m-
M 4Den Grønne Bred Den Blanke Å (Banks Of the Ohio)ColumbiaDD 852$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
M 4Den Grønne Bred Den Blanke Å (Banks Of the Ohio)ColumbiaDD 852$15dkps/black/silver lbl/socvg+/vg+
M 4En Herlig Melodi (Nickel Song)ColumbiaDK 1761$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
M.A.D.Spy Versus Spy (Radio Edit)WEA74968-7$10gerps/solid centrem-/m-
M.J. DoraneIf I Were A CarpenterPye7N 45162$10ukblue/black top lblvg+
M.K.T.C'est L'AmourEMI6C006-39233$20dkpsm-/vg++
M.K.T.Come Along To BarbadosEMI6C006-37294$20dkpsvg++/vg++
M.O.U.S.E.Woman Or A GirlBell918$10ussilver/black lbl/dhvg
M.O.U.S.E.Woman Or A GirlBell918$15ussilver/black lbl/dhvg++
M.T. PurseGotta DanceInter MusicINTSI 003$6dkdemo/yellow/black lblm-
M-3's Three Lonely NightsUnited ArtistsUA 889$15usdemo/white/black lblvg+
MabelBoom BoomVogue45X 117$20fraps/white/blue/orange/green lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
MabelClose Your EyesPolydor2054 188$20nor/dkpsm-/m-
MabelClose Your EyesPolydor2054 188$15nor/dkpsvg+/vg+
MabelClose Your EyesPolydor2054 188$18nor/dkpsvg++/vg++
MabelGo To Wonderful CopenhagenVogue45-X 1106$20frapsm-/vg++
MabelHey I Love YouPolydor2054 179$30nor/dkpsm-/vg++
MabelHey I Love YouPolydor2054 179$18nor/dkpsvg+/vg+
MabelHey I Love YouPolydor2054 179$30nor/dkps/wolm-/m-
MabelSkateboard RiderStarboxSX 1170$18nor/dkpsvg++/m-
MabelSkateboard RiderStarboxSX 1170$18nor/dkpsm-/vg++
MabelThe Look In Her EyesPolydor2054 158$45dkpsm-/vg++
MabelTwist Little SisterPolydor2054 169$25norps/promo sticker on lblm-/m-
MabelTwist Little SisterPolydor2054 169$18nor/dkpsvg++/vg++
Mabel featuring Mike & ClaudiusI Am A Hot DogStarboxSX 1176$35swps/white/blue/gold lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Mac & Katie KissoonBeautiful World Out ThereYoung Blood International2102 108$10nor m-
Mac & Katie KissoonChange It All (Piazza San Babila)Young Blood International2102 103$10norblue 2 tone lblm-
Mac & Katie KissoonChange It All (Piazza San Babila)Young Blood International2102 103$6norblue 2 tone lblvg+
Mac & Katie KissoonDon't Do It BabyStateSTAT 4$8uklight blue/yellow/blue logo lblvg++
Mac & Katie KissoonDon't Do It BabyStateSTAT 4$4uklight blue/yellow/blue logo lblvg
Mac & Katie KissoonI'm Just DreamingState2088 015$15gerpsm-/vg++
Mac & Katie KissoonI've Found My FreedomPolydor2001 340$8nor vg++
Mac & Katie KissoonI've Found My FreedomYoung BloodDL 25489$12gerps/white/red lbl/solvg/vg++
Mac & Katie KissoonLike A ButterflyStateSTAT 9$10ukgold lblm-
Mac & Katie KissoonLike A ButterflyStateSTAT 9$8ukwolm-
Mac & Katie KissoonSugar Candy KissesPolydor2058 531$15ukps/solid centrevg++/vg++
Mac & Katie KissoonSugar Candy KissesPolydor2058 531$6ukwolvg+
Mac & Katie KissoonThe Two Of UsStateSTAT 21$10uk vg++
Mac CurtisDucktailRollin' Rock45-007$10us m-
Mac CurtisToo Good To Be TrueEpic5-10257$12usdemo/white/black oval logo lblvg++
Mac DavisBurnin' ThingCBS3399$15holpsm-/m-
Mac DavisEverybody Loves A Love SongColumbia4-45727$4usgrey/white logo lblvg
Mac DavisHooked On MusicCasablancaNB 2327$10us m-
Mac DavisIn the GhettoCBS4920$15dkps/orange lblm-/m-
Mac DavisIt's Hard To Be HumbleCasablancaNB 2244$10us m-
Mac DavisRock n' Roll (I Gave the Best Years Of My Life)CBSS CBS 2920$10ukorange/yellow lbl/solid centrem-
Mac DavisThunder In the Afternoon (Let It Rain)CBS5157$15ukdemo/white/orange/yellow A lblm-
Mac GaydenMorning GloryABCABC 4082$12uk vg++
Mac GaydenMorning GloryABCABC 4082$15uk m-
Mac KissoonWear It On Your FaceYoung BloodYB 1005$10ukwhite/red lblvg
Mac MillerHarbor LoveVin1008$6usblue/white lblvg-
MacArthur ParkLotti LottiPhilips6006 086$15ukblue/silver lblm-
MachinationsJumping the GapWhite LabelK 9219$15auspsm-/m-
MachinationsMy Heart's On FireWhite LabelK 9672$15aus m-
MachinationsYou Got Me Going AgainWhite LabelK 9784$10aussolid centrem-
MachitoEl NicheTico45-242$10usyellow/black lbl/solvg-
Mack TwinsOh Love Thanks For Coming My WayLaurie3051$12usdemo/red/white/black square lblvg
Mack WhiteThou Shalt Not StealPlayboyP 6016$8us vg++
MacManus GangA Town Called Big NothingDemonD 1052$10ukpsm-/m-
Mad DaddysCat Scratch FeverSymphaty For the Record IndustrySFTRI 42$30usps/clear red vinylm-/m-
MadameDo It Now20th CenturyBTC 1003$4ukblue lbl/wolvg
Maddy Russell & the Magic StringsUnder Paris SkiesBell1020$8us78 rpm/yellow/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Made In DenmarkGrandad's Clock WorkColumbiaDD 860$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Made In DenmarkGrandad's Clock WorkColumbiaDD 860$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Made In DenmarkLong-Legged Rollerscating LadyColumbiaDD 866$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Made In DenmarkShotgunColumbiaDD 842$30dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Made In DenmarkShotgunColumbiaDD 842$35dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Made In DenmarkShotgunColumbiaDD 842$40dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Made In DenmarkSomedayColumbiaDD 839$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Made In DenmarkSomedayColumbiaDD 839$10dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg/vg-
Made In SwedenI Don't CareSonetT 7764$25swps/red/orange lblvg+/vg++
Made In SwedenI Don't CareSonetT 7764$40swps/red/orange lblm-/m-
Made In SwedenI Don't CareSonetT 7764$40swps/red/orange lbl/nocvg/m-
Made In SwedenPop-PoemPolydor2053 247$40norpsvg++/vg++
Madeleine PascalNe Vois-Tu PasCBS2156$50fraps/orange lbl/laminated flipback slvm-/m-
Madeleine PascalNe Vois-Tu PasCBSCBS 2156$40nor/dkps/textured orange lblvg-/vg
Madeline BellClimb Ev'ry MountainPhilipsBF 1596$12ukblue/silver lblvg+
Madeline BellDance Dance DancePye7N 45576$10ukwolm-
Madeline BellDoing Things Together With YouPhilips40539$15uslight blue/orange logo lblm-
Madeline BellI'm So GladRCA Victor2440$40ukyellow lblvg++
Madeline BellPicture Me GonePhilips40517$15uslight blue/orange logo lbl/dhvg+
Madeline BellPicture Me GonePhilips40517$20uslight blue/orange logo lbl/dhvg++
Madeline BellThinkin'PhilipsBF 1688$10uk vg+
Madeline BellWhat'm I Supposed To DoPhilips326 932 BF$40holwocvg++/vg++
MadisonIt's Snowing In New YorkMusicanzaM 106$6usblue/silver lblvg+
Madleen KaneCherchez Pas (Short Version)RCA VictorPB 9614$20swps/yellow lbl/textured slvm-/m-
Madleen KaneCherchez Pas (Short Version)RCA VictorPB 9614$15swps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
MadnessBaggy TrousersStiffBUY 84$8ukps/green lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
MadnessDriving In My CarStiffBUY 153$20norps/red lblvg++/vg++
MadnessEmbarrassmentStiffBUY 102$10ukps/laminated slvm-/m-
MadnessEventWarner BrosLYN 10353$20ukflexim-
MadnessMichael CaineStiffBUY 196$15swps/white/black lbl/textured slvm-/m-
MadnessOne Better DayStiffBUY 201$25swps/black/white slv/promo stamped slvm-/m-
MadnessOne Step BeyondStiffBUY 56$10ukpsm-/m-
MadnessOur HouseStiffPBUY 163$10ukpicture discm-
MadnessShut UpStiffBUY 126$8ukfaces lbl/solid centrem-
MadnessThe Prince2 ToneCHS TT 3$50ukpaper lbl/solid centerm-
MadnessThe Prince2 ToneCHS TT 3$30uksilver lblm-
MadnessThe Return Of the Las Palmas 7StiffBUY 108$10ukps/laminated flipback slv/solid centrem-/vg++
MadnessUn Paso Adelante (One Step Beyond)StiffMO 1922$25spapsm-/m-
MadnessUn Paso Adelante (One Step Beyond)StiffMO 1922$15spapsm-/m-
MadnessUncle SamVirgin107 736$6gerps/silver/black lblvg++/vg++
MadnessWork Rest & PlayStiffBUY 71$8ukps/saxophone player lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/vg++
MadnessYesterdays MenVirgin107584$5gerpsm-/m-
MadonnaAngel (Dance Mix Edit)Sire929 008-7$15gerpsm-/m-
MadonnaBorderlineSireW 9260$4ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
MadonnaCausing A Commotion (Single Screen Single Mix)Sire928 224-7$12gerpsvg/vg+
MadonnaCausing A Commotion (Single Screen Single Mix)Sire928 224-7$15gerpsvg+/vg+
MadonnaCrazy For YouGeffenGEFA 6323$15holpsm-/m-
MadonnaDear Jessie (LP Version)Sire22668-7$15gerpsvg+/vg+
MadonnaDress You UpSire928 919-7$15gerpsm-/m-
MadonnaExpress Yourself (7" Remix)Sire922 948-7$15gerps/solid centrevg+/vg++
MadonnaGamblerGeffenGEFA 6585$15holpsm-/m-
MadonnaHolidaySire929 478-7$15gerpsvg/vg++
MadonnaHolidaySire929 478-7$20gerpsm-/m-
MadonnaHolidaySire929 478-7$25gerps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
MadonnaHoliday (Edit)SireW 9405$6ukyellow/blue logo lbl/solid centrevg+
MadonnaJustify My LoveSire5439-19485-7$10gerpsvg/vg++
MadonnaJustify My LoveSire5439-19485-7$15gerps/solid centrem-/m-
MadonnaLa Isla Bonita (Remix)Sire928 378-7$15gerpsvg+/vg+
MadonnaLike A Prayer (Fade)Sire927 539-7$15gerpsm-/vg+
MadonnaLike A VirginSire7-29210$10uspsvg++/vg++
MadonnaLike A VirginSire929 210-7$18gerps/promo stamped slvm-/vg+
MadonnaLucky Star (Edit)SireW 9522$20ukpsm-/m-
MadonnaPapa Don't PreachSire928 636-7$15gerpsvg+/vg+
MadonnaThe Look Of LoveSire928 115-7$18gerpromo stamped slvm-/vg++
MadonnaTrue BlueSire928 550-7$15gerpsvg+/vg+
MadonnaTrue BlueSireW 8550$8ukyellow/blue logo lbl/solid centrevg++
MadonnaVogue (Single Version)Sire19851-7$15gerpsm-/m-
MadonnaWho's That GirlSire928 341-7$15gerps/dhm-/vg+
MadonnaWho's That GirlSire928 341-7$12gerps/wolvg+/vg+
MadonnaWho's That GirlSire928 341-7$6geryellow/blue logo lblm-
MadrugadaThe Hour Of the WolfHot RodHOT ROD 38$35norpicture discm-
MagazineA Song From Under the FloorboardsVirginVS 321$12ukbrown cardboard name slvm-
MagazineAbout the WeatherVirginVS 412$12ukpsm-/m-
MagazineGive Me EverythingVirginVS 237$10ukps/green/red lbl/solid centrem-/vg++
MagazineGive Me EverythingVirginVS 237$12ukps/green/red lbl/solid centrem-/m-
MagazineRhythm Of CrueltyVirginVS 251$12ukpsm-/m-
MagazineRhythm Of CrueltyVirginVS 251$20ukps/white lbl/solid centre/press releasem-/m-
MagazineShot By Both SidesVirginVS 200$12ukps/blue lbl/solid centrem-/m-
MagazineSweetheart ContractVirginVS 368$20uk2x45ss
MagazineSweetheart ContractVirginVS 368$18ukps/2x45m-/m-
MagazineTouch And GoVirginVS 207$12ukpsm-/m-
MagazineUpside DownVirginVS 334$8uk m-
Maggi WoodwardAli BamaOrbitR 521$8usred/silver lblvg
Maggie BellHazellSwan SongSSK 19412$10uk m-
Maggie BellOh My MyPolydor2058 447$12gerpsvg/vg+
Maggie FitzgibbonPlease Don't Look BackCBSS 5166$15ukorange lblvg++
Maggie MacNealAmsterdam AmsterdamWEA18217$12gerps/yellow logo lblvg+/vg+
Maggie MaeBaby Spass Muss Sein (Long Tall Sally)M Music13696 AT$20gerps/light blue lblvg+/vg+
MaggotsWhat A Girl Can't DoHipsvilleHIP 00806$18usps/orange/black lbl/marble vinyl/limited editionm-/vg++
Magic Disco QueenEMI6C006-39155$25dkps/press release in Danishm-/m-
Magic Thinking Of You (Laging Nasa Puso)RCA VictorXFPBO 075$15phiyellow/white logo lblm-
Magic ChristiansCome And Get ItCurC-3006$15usmulticolor lblvg+
Magic CircleIt's A Sin To Tell A Lie20th CenturyTC-2057$15usdemovg++
Magic LanternsExcuse Me BabyCBS202094$20ukorange lblvg
Magic LanternsGive Me LoveAtlantic45-2600$4usred/black lbl/dhvg
Magic LanternsGive Me LoveAtlantic45-2600$6usred/black lbl/dhvg++
Magic LanternsGive Me LoveAtlantic45-2600$8usred/black lbl/dhm-
Magic LanternsOne Night StandAtlantic70 507$20turred/black lblm-
Magic LanternsShame ShameAtlantic45-2560$4usred/black lbl/dhvg+
Magic LanternsShame ShameCamp602 007$4ukbrown lblvg-
Magic LanternsShame ShamePolydorPS 5$10satri centrevg
Magic LanternsStand For Our RightsPolydor2058 322$15uk vg+
Magic NumbersThis Is A SongHeavenlyHVN 165$6eups/gfld die-cut inner slv/solid centre/limited edition/record housed in plastic slv that has clouded the vinylvg+/m-
Magic RingDo I Love YouMusic FactoryMU 404$18usorange/yellow lbl/wolvg++
Magic RingDo I Love YouMusic FactoryMU 404$20usorange/yellow lblvg++
Magic SoundsVorrei Danzar Con TeThunderC 16850$25itaps/Audrey Hepburn on slvvg+/vg+
Magic StringsThe Story Of Three LovesBell1015$8us78 rpm/silver/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Magic TreeBring On the MusicLittle MotherLM 1014$6usred/black lblvg+
Magic TreeBring On the MusicLittle MotherLM 1014$4usred/black lblvg
MagiciansWet Your WhistleDeccaF 12361$10ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Magna CartaEasy If You TryVertigo6059 178$25spaps/white/black small swirl logo lbl/socvg++/vg++
Magna CartaOh My Dear RoseGTOGT 82$10uksilver/black lblm-
Magna CartaTook A Long TimeGTOGT 70$8uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg++
Magna CartaWish It WasVertigo6059 113$25spaps/white/black small swirl logo lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
Magnificent MalesMood MatcherNatecNSM 001$25ausgold/black lbl/solid centrevg
Magnificent MenSave the CountryCapitolCL 15570$25ukblack/silver lblvg+
Magnificent Mercury BrothersNew Girl In SchoolTransatlanticBIG 532$15ukblue/silver lblm-
Magnificent Mercury BrothersNew Girl In SchoolTransatlanticBIG 532$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Magnificent SevenReggae BagpipesDeccaF 13413$12ukdemo/blue/white lbl/wolvg++
Magnus CarlsonJag Ber Dig (Beggin')MetronomeWM45 271$75swps/white lbl promo onlyvg++/m-
Magnus SamuelsenVi Seiler For Velstand Og LykkeTriolaTN 190$15norblue/white lbl/solvg++
Magnus UgglaVarning På StanCBS5399$12swpsm-/m-
Mahalia JacksonIn the Upper RoomVogueV45-332$8frared vinyl/red/light blue lblvg
Mahalia JacksonSilent NightTop RankTROS 1400$10dkred/white lbl/solid centrem-
Mahalia JacksonSilent NightTop RankTROS 1400$15holps/blue/silver lblvg/vg
Mahalia Jackson & the Falls-Jones EnsembleDidn't It RainColumbia4-41150$10usdemo/white/black 4 eye lblvg+
Maher Shalal Hash BazHow's Your Bassoon TurquoirsGeographicGEOG 30$10ukpsvg++/m-
Mai TaiFemale IntuitionInjection134 719$6holpsvg+/vg+
Mai TaiHistoryCNR883 110-7$6gerps/textured slv/dhvg++/vg+
Mai TaiHistoryInjection134 686$8holpsvg+/vg++
Mai TaiTurn Your Love AroundInjection134 753$8holpsvg+/vg++
Mai TaiWhat Goes On (Radio Mix)Injection134 647$10holpsvg++/vg++
MaiaAmanda LundbomSonetT 8431$40dkps/red/orange lblvg++/vg++
MaiaAmanda LundbomSonetT 8431$20dkred/orange lblvg++
Maia & Full LimitCheers DearsMetronomeB 1700$75dkps/blue 2 tone lblm-/vg++
Maia & Per DichJeg Havde Engang En BådSonetT 8275$30dkps/red/orange lblm-/m-
Maia & Per DichJeg Havde Engang En BådSonetT 8275$25dkps/red/orange lblvg++/m-
Maiken WexøVild I VarmenVirginWEX 1$20gerps/silver/black lblvg/vg++
Maiken WexøVild I VarmenVirginWEX 1$30gerps/silver/black lblvg++/vg++
Mailer MacKenzie BandMovin'DeccaDL 25438$30gerps/red lblm-/m-
Mailer MacKenzie BandRed RoverAmpexX 11037$8usblue/white logo lbl/solvg
Mailer MacKenzie BandRed RoverAmpexX 11037$20usblue/white logo lblm-
Mailer MacKenzie BandThe Lady And the OutlawAmpexX 11014$20usblue/white logo lblm-
MainlandNo MoneyChristyCML 0105$15uksolid centrem-
MaisonettesHeartache AvenuePolydor810 868-7$6frapsvg/vg
MaisonettesHeartache AvenueReady Steady Go!INT 113 115$12gerpsm-/m-
MaisonettesHeartache AvenueReady Steady Go!INT 113 115$15gerps/clar green vinylm-/vg++
Majbritt & RonnyBarbie Och KenSweDiscSWES 1126$40swps/yellow/purple lbl/laminated slv/nocvg+/vg++
Majbritt & RonnyDet Är Vår Det Är VårSweDiscSWES 1158$20swps/yellow/purple lblvg++/vg+
Majbritt PerssonDrömdans (Dansevise)KarusellKFF 502$15swred/white/blue lbl/blue vinyl/nocvg-
MajorettesWhite Levi's (Tennis Shoes Surfin Hat And Big Plaid Pendleton Shirt)Troy1000$18usps/orange/black lblvg/vg+
MajorityA Little Bit Of SunlightDeccaF 12271$40ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
MajorityI Hear A PhapsodyDeccaF 12573$35ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/wolvg++
MajorityPretty Little GirlDeccaF 12186$20ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
MajorityTo Make Me A ManDeccaF 12504$40ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/solm-
Majority OneBecause I LoveOpaloOPL-1-12$10porps/green/red lblvg-/vg-
MajorsSpookey StompPsychoP 2601$10ukwhite/red/black lbl/solid centrevg++
MalLove Peace MusicRCA ItalianaPM 3579$30itaps/blue/white logo lblvg++/vg++
MalMighty Mighty And Roly PolyRCA Victor74-16124$10geryellow/white logo lblvg+
Malcolm HollandDawning Of the DayFontanaTF 1075$75ukdemo/white/black/large red A lblvg+
Malcolm McLarenCarmenVirgin/Charisma107 088$5gerpsm-/m-
Malcolm McLarenYou Need HandsMatrixbest640 161$2fraps/black/white lblg/vg-
Malcolm McLaren & the McLarenettesSowetoCharisma811 182-7$6holpsvg++/vg++
Malcolm McLaren & the Supreme TeamBuffalo GalsCharisma6000 914$5gerps/tan/black lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
Malcolm McLaren & the World's Famous Supreme TeamBuffalo GalsIsland7-99941$8usps/purple lblvg++/vg++
Malcolm RobertsBe My LoveBukBU 3004$15ukdemo/tan/brown lbl/wolm-
Malcolm RobertsLove Is AllColumbiaDB 8981$15ukblack/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Malcolm RobertsSunday Morning SunshineBukBU 3021$15ukdemo/release date handwritten on lblm-
Malcolm VaughanChapel Of RosesHis Master's Voice45-POP 325$12ukmauve/silver lblvg++
Malcolm VaughanMy Special AngelHis Master's Voice45-POP 419$10ukmauve/silver lblvg+
Malcolm VaughanMy Special AngelHis Master's Voice45-POP 419$15ukmauve/silver lblm-
Malcolm VaughanMy Special AngelHis Master's Voice45-POP 419$4ukmauve/silver lbl/noc/wolvg
Malihini KvintettenSorte Sara Fra SaharaTono45-ST 41443$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
MallardHarvestVirginVS 168$20uk m-
Mallie Anne & SlimI'll Bear the ShameColumbia4-21342$15usdemo/white/black lbl/solvg
MaltaSommar'n Som Aldrig Säger NejEMI4E006-34835$40swpsm-/m-
MaltaSommar'n Som Aldrig Säger NejEMI4E006-34835$25swpsvg-/vg++
MalurtCPRMedleyMDS 167$20norpsm-/m-
MalurtCPRMedleyMDS 167$18norpsvg++/m-
MalurtMød Mig I MørketMedleyMDS 206$30eecps/newsletterm-/m-
MalurtSuperloveMedleyMDS 168$30norps/newsletterm-/m-
MalurtTar Til Tokoy (Single Mix)MedleyMDS 266$40eecps/press release in Danishm-/m-
MalvinaSos Chanteur En DetressePathé Marconi2C008-14826$10fraps/silver/black lblvg/vg++
Mama CassCalifornia EarthquakeDunhill/ABC45-4166$8usblack/silver/rainbow box logo lblvg++
Mama CassCalifornia EarthquakeStatesideKSS 1060$20swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mama CassIt's Getting BetterABC6E006-90276$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mama CassIt's Getting BetterABC6E006-90276$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mama CassMove In A Little Closer BabyDunhill/ABCD-4184$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Mama Cass ElliotMake Your Own Kind Of MusicDunhill/ABC45-4214$8usblack/silver/rainbow box logo lbl/solvg++
Mama Cass ElliotNew World ComingDunhill/ABCD-4225$18usdemo/white lblm-
Mama Cass ElliotNew World ComingStateside4E006-91121$20swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mama Cass ElliotNew World ComingStatesideSS 8039$20ukdemo/orange/black lblm-
Mama Cass with the Mamas & the PapasDream A Little Dream Of MeRCA Victor45-15067$15gerps/black lblvg+/vg+
Mama Cass with the Mamas & the PapasDream A Little Dream Of MeRCA Victor45-15067$18gerps/black lblvg++/vg+
Mama Cass with the Mamas & the PapasDream A Little Dream Of MeRCA VictorD-4145$10ausblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
Mama LionAin't Too Proud To BegPhilips6078 002$20gerps/blue/black lblvg+/vg+
Mama LionAin't Too Proud To BegPhilips6078 002$35gerps/blue/black lbl/dhvg++/m-
Mama LionAin't Too Proud To BegPhilips6078 002$18norblue/silver lblvg++
Mama LionAin't Too Proud To BegPhilips6078 002$12norblue/silver lbl/solvg+
Mama LionGive It Everything I GotPhilips6078 015$25holps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
Mama ORed SquareLogoGO 319$12ukdemo/beige lblvg
Mamas and PapasCalifornia Dreamin'RCA VictorRCA 1503$6ukblack/silver lblvg
Mamas and PapasCalifornia Dreamin'RouletteGG 146$6usorange/yellow lblvg++
Mamas and PapasCreeque AlleyRCA Victor45-15006$15gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Mamas and PapasDancing BearRCA VictorD-4113$4nzblack/silver/red logo lbl/solid centrevg-
Mamas and PapasDedicado A Quien Amo (Dedicated To the One I Love)RCA Victor3-10222$10spaps/black/silver lblvg-/vg-
Mamas and PapasDedicado A Quien Amo (Dedicated To the One I Love)RCA Victor3-10222$15spaps/black/silver lbl/soc/sol/nocvg+/vg+
Mamas and PapasDedicated To the One I LoveRCA Victor45-9767$12gerps/black/silver lbl/solvg/vg
Mamas and PapasFor the Love Of IvyDunhill/ABCD-4150$15usdemo/white lblm-
Mamas and PapasFor the Love Of IvyRCA Victor45-15077$25gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Mamas and PapasFor the Love Of IvyRCA Victor45-15077$20gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Mamas and PapasFor the Love Of IvyRCA Victor45-15077$25gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg+
Mamas and PapasI Saw Her AgainDunhill45-D-4031$10usblack/silver/yellow rim box logo lblvg+
Mamas and PapasI Saw Her AgainRCA Victor45-9709$15gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Mamas and PapasI Saw Her AgainRCA VictorRCA 1533$4ukblack/silver lblvg-
Mamas and PapasLook Through My WindowRCA Victor45-9728$15gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mamas and PapasMonday MondayABCABC 4131$10uksolid centrem-
Mamas and PapasMonday MondayRCA Victor45-9698$15gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mamas and PapasMonday MondayRCA Victor45-9698$18gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Mamas and PapasMonday MondayRCA Victor45-9698$12gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Mamas and PapasSafe In My GardenDunhill/ABC45-4125$15usblack/silver/rainbow box logo lblvg+
Mamas and PapasStep OutProbe1C006-93253$20gerps/pink/black lblm-/m-
Mamas and PapasStep OutProbe1C006-93253$15gerps/pink/black lblvg+/vg++
Mamas and PapasTwelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To the Canyon)Dunhill45-D-4099$4usblack/silver/yellow rim box logo lblvg
Mamas and PapasTwelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To the Canyon)RCA Victor49902$20fraps/blue/silver lbl/laminated front flipback slvvg+/vg++
Mamas and PapasTwelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To the Canyon)RCA Victor45-15026$25gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Mamas and PapasTwelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To the Canyon)RCA Victor45-15026$18gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mamas and PapasTwelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To the Canyon)RCA Victor45-15026$15gerps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Mamas and PapasYou BabyStateside/DunhillSS 8009$20ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
ManDay And NightUnited ArtistsUP 35739$8uktan/brown logo lblvg+
ManEroticaPye7NH 133$15holps/blue lblvg+/g
ManEroticaPyeIMS 100041 D$18porps/pink lbl/wocvg+/vg
ManOut Of Your HeadMCAMCA 236$8ukblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
ManagersShake It Up Shake It UpSireSIR 17969$20gerps/dhm-/vg++
ManagersShake It Up Shake It UpSireSIR 17969$12gerps/solvg/vg++
ManassasIt Doesn't MatterAtlantic10 147$25fraps/red/black lblvg++/m-
ManassasIt Doesn't MatterAtlanticATL 10 152$15gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
Manchester City F.C.Boys In BlueRCA VictorRCA 2200$4ukyellow/white logo lbl/solid centrevg
Manchester United Football TeamManchester UnitedDeccaF 13633$15ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
ManchestersI Don't Come From EnglandVee-JayVJ 700$45usdemo/white/blue lblvg++
Mandy SmithPositive ReactionPWLPWL 4$18swps/solid centrem-/vg++
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyHis Master's VoicePOP 1320$20dkps/blue/silver lbl/green slvvg-/vg+
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyHis Master's VoicePOP 1320$25dkps/purple/silver lbl/wolvg/vg
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyHis Master's VoicePOP 1320$45dk/swps/blue/silver lbl/blue slvvg+/vg++
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyHis Master's VoicePOP 1320$25dk/swps/blue/silver lbl/orange slv/wocvg/vg
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyHis Master's VoicePOP 1320$15swps/black/silver lbl/green slv/noc/solvg/vg
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyHis Master's VoicePOP 1320$10ukblack/silver lblvg++
Manfred MannDo Wah Diddy DiddyHis Master's VoicePOP 1320$8ukblack/silver lblvg+
Manfred MannHa! Ha! Said the ClownFontana267 698 TF$4aublue/silver lblvg-
Manfred MannHa! Ha! Said the ClownFontana267 698 TF$45nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/blue slvvg++/m-
Manfred MannHa! Ha! Said the ClownFontanaTF 812$10ukblue/silver lblvg+
Manfred MannHubble Bubble (Toil And Trouble)His Master's VoicePOP 1282$15uk vg++
Manfred MannIf You Gotta Go Go NowHis Master's VoicePOP 1466$25dkps/black/silver lbl/top wave slvvg+/vg+
Manfred MannIf You Gotta Go Go NowHis Master's VoicePOP 1466$20dkps/black/silver lbl/top wave slv/wocvg+/vg+
Manfred MannJust Like A WomanFontana267 610 TF$25nor/dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/m-
Manfred MannJust Like A WomanFontana267 610 TF$12nor/swps/blue/silver lbl/nocvg/vg++
Manfred MannJust Like A WomanFontana267 610 TF$18swps/blue/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg++
Manfred MannJust Like A WomanFontanaTF 730$8ukblue/silver lblvg+
Manfred MannJust Like A WomanFontanaTF 730/267 610 TF$25uk/swps/blue/silver lblvg/vg++
Manfred MannJust Like A WomanMercury72607$18usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Manfred MannLiving Without YouFontana6006 122$15ukblue/silver lblm-
Manfred MannLiving Without YouPhilips6006 122$12ukblue/silver lblvg++
Manfred MannMighty QuinnFontana267 798 TF$25norps/blue/silver lblvg++/m-
Manfred MannMighty QuinnFontana267 798 TF$20norps/blue/silver lblvg+/m-
Manfred MannMighty QuinnFontana267 798 TF$15norps/blue/silver lblvg/vg+
Manfred MannMighty QuinnFontana267 798 TF$18norps/blue/silver lbl/nocvg+/m-
Manfred MannMighty QuinnFontana267 798 TF12norps/blue/silver lbl/solvg/vg
Manfred MannMighty QuinnFontana267 798 TF$10norps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg/vg-
Manfred MannMighty QuinnFontanaTF 897$12ukblue/silver lblm-
Manfred MannMighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo)Mercury72770$8usorange/brown swirl lblvg+
Manfred MannMy Name Is JackFontana267 851 TF$45norps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Manfred MannMy Name Is JackFontana267 851 TF$20norps/blue/silver lblvg-/vg+
Manfred MannMy Name Is JackFontanaTF 943$15ukblue/silver lblm-
Manfred MannMy Name Is JackMercury72822$10usorange/brown swirl lbl/dhvg++
Manfred MannPoison IvyHis Master's VoicePOP 1541$15dkblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
Manfred MannPretty FlamingoHis Master's VoiceEMI 2644$18ukps/demom-/m-
Manfred MannPretty FlamingoHis Master's VoicePOP 1523$18dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Manfred MannPretty FlamingoHis Master's VoicePOP 1523$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Manfred MannPretty FlamingoHis Master's VoicePOP 1523$15dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg-/vg+
Manfred MannPretty FlamingoHis Master's VoicePOP 1523$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg
Manfred MannPretty FlamingoHis Master's VoicePOP 1523$35dkps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Manfred MannPretty FlamingoHis Master's VoicePOP 1523$4ukblack/silver lbl/wolvg-
Manfred MannSemi-Detached Suburban Mr. JamesFontana267 640 TF$15nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/green slvvg/vg+
Manfred MannSemi-Detached Suburban Mr. JamesFontana267 640 TF$15sw m-
Manfred MannSemi-Detached Suburban Mr. JamesFontanaTF 757$12ukblue/silver lblvg++
Manfred MannSemi-Detached Suburban Mr. JamesMercuryDJ 82$4usdemo/white/black lblg
Manfred MannSha La LaHis Master's VoiceX 8653$18dkps/purple/silver lblvg/vg+
Manfred MannSo Long DadFontana267 753 TF$30nor/dkps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
Manfred MannSo Long DadFontana267 753 TF$18nor/dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg+
Manfred MannSo Long DadFontanaTF 862$15ukblue/silver lblm-
Manfred MannSo Long DadFontanaTF 862$12ukblue/silver lblvg++
Manfred MannSweet PeaFontana267 716 TF$25nor/dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg+
Manfred MannSweet PeaFontanaTF 828$10ukblue/silver lblvg+
Manfred MannSweet PeaFontanaTF 828$15ukblue/silver lblm-
Manfred MannTheme Up the JunctionFontanaTF 908$15ukblue/silver lblvg++
Manfred Mann & Mike HugSki Full-Of-Fitness ThemeSkiSKI 1$15ukwhite/red lbl/solid centrevg++
Manfred Mann with Paul JonesI Can't Believe What You SayElectrolaE 23428$25gerps/red/white logo lbl/toc/sol/wocvg+/vg+
Manfred Mann's Earth BandDavy's On the Road AgainBronzeBRO 52$15ukdemom-
Manfred Mann's Earth BandDemolition ManBronzeBRO 161$5ukpsm-/m-
Manfred Mann's Earth BandDon't Kill It CarolBronzeBRO 77$8uk m-
Manfred Mann's Earth BandDon't Kill It CarolBronzeBROP 77$15ukpic discm-
Manfred Mann's Earth BandFather Of Day Father Of NightBronzeBRO 9$4ukIsland logo on lblvg
Manfred Mann's Earth BandI (Who Have Nothing)BronzeBRO 137$8uksilver lblm-
Manfred Mann's Earth BandI (Who Have Nothing)BronzeBRO 137$6uksilver lblvg++
Manfred Mann's Earth BandJoybringerVertigo6059 083$15gerps/silver/black lblm-/m-
Manfred Mann's Earth BandJoybringerVertigo6059 083$12uksilver/black lblm-
Manfred SchnelldorferWenn Du Mal Allein BistDeccaD 19610$10gerps/red/gold lbl/wocvg-/vg-
Manhattan BrothersBaby BabyMetronomeB 1580$12dkgreen/turquoise lbl/wolvg+
Manhattan TransferChanson d'AmourAtlantic45-1447$15spaps/red/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Manhattan TransferChanson d'AmourAtlantic45-1447$10spaps/red/white lbl/flipback UK & France flag slv/wocvg+/vg+
Manhattan TransferChanson d'AmourAtlanticATL 10 838$10gerps/orange/green lblvg+/vg++
Manhattan TransferCuentame (The Speak Up Mambo)Atlantic45-1513$12spaps/red/white lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
Manhattan TransferCuentame (The Speak Up Mambo)Atlantic45-1513$15spaps/red/white lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Manhattan TransferDon't Let GoAtlanticK 10930$8ukorange/green/white stripe lblvg++
Manhattan TransferGloriaAtlantic45-1572$10spaps/red/white lbl/textured flipback slv/wocvg+/vg+
Manhattan TransferGloriaAtlanticATL 10 953$15gerps/orange/green lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Manhattan TransferHelplessAtlantic45-3349$6usyellow/black lblvg+
Manhattan TransferIch Küsse Ihre Hand Madame (I Kiss Your Hand Madame)AtlanticATL 11 220$12gerps/orange/green lblvg+/vg++
Manhattan TransferJe Voulais (Te Dire Que Je T'attends)AtlanticK 11182$4ukorange/green/white stripe lbl/solid centre/solvg+
Manhattan TransferJe Voulais (Te Dire Que Je T'attends)AtlanticK 11182$4ukorange/green/white stripe lbl/solid centre/wolvg
Manhattan TransferNothin' You Can Do About ItAtlantic3756$8usred/black lblvg++
Manhattan TransferOperatorAtlantic10 670$15fraps/red/black lblvg+/m-
Manhattan TransferRoute 66Atlantic4034$10usdemo/white/red lblm-
Manhattan TransferWhere Did Our Love GoAtlanticATL 11 117$8gerps/orange/green lblvg/vg+
ManiTal Til MigSonetT 8518$35swps/red/orange lblvg++/m-
ManiacsPlease Please PleaseColumbiaDS 2338$20swblack/silver lblvg-
ManiacsPlease Please PleaseColumbiaDS 2338$10swblack/silver lblvg+
ManiacsPlease Please PleaseColumbiaDS 2338$50swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Manic MC'sMentalRCA VictorPB 43037$6ukpsm-/m-
Manic ToysFour Wheel DriveTeostoMT 1$30finps/2x45/gfld/white/black lbl/solid centre/press release in Finnishm-/m-
Manic ToysWhat To DoTeostoMT 3$25finps/green/white lbl/solid centre/lyrics inside slv/stickervg++/m-
ManikinsWhat Are You OnCBSBA 3426$30ausps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
Manja MourierBalladeColumbiaSCMK 3$25dkmauve/gold lbl/nocvg
Manja MourierTaskenColumbiaSCMK 2$30dkmauve/gold lbl/nocvg+
MannaWe Can Make ItColumbia4-45733$10usgrey/white logo lblvg+
ManolitoLittle Green ApplesKarusellKFF 765$30swps/red/black lblvg+/m-
MantovaniLoss Of LoveLondon45-20064$6usblue swirl lblvg+
Manuel De GomezCuando Calienta El SolTeeny45-STU 42126$12dkps/black/silver lbl/solvg+/vg+
ManuelaABCTelefunkenU 56114$18gerps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg++
ManuelaEtwas In Mir Wurde Trarig (Das Lied Meines Lebens)(Killing Me Softly With His Song)Basf05-11797-5$20gerps/red/black lbl/textured slv/solvg++/m-
ManuelaGestohlene OrangenHansa13543 AT$30gerpsvg++/vg++
ManuelaHey Boy Lass Doch Den Whisky (Don't Try To Fight It Baby)TelefunkenU 55722$18gerps/red/gold lblvg+/vg++
ManuelaIch Geh' Noch Zur SchuleTelefunkenU 55722$12gerpsvg-/vg++
ManuelaMonsieur DupontTelefunkenU 55979$20gerps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg+
ManuelaProst Onkel AlbertTelefunkenU 56173$25gerps/red/white logo lbl/wocm-/vg++
ManuelaSchuld War Nur Der Bossa Nova (Blame It On the Bossa Nova)TelefunkenU 55498$8gerps/plum/gold lblvg/vg-
ManuelaWas Hast Du GemachtBasf05-11690-2$10gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
ManuelaWenn Du LiebstTelefunkenU 56087$18gerps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg++
Manuela & Die 5 DopsEs Ist Zum WeinenTelefunkenU 55903$15gerps/red/gold lblvg+/vg
Manuela & Die 5 DopsEs Ist Zum WeinenTelefunkenU 55903$25gerps/red/gold lblm-/m-
Manuela & Die 5 DopsLord Leicester Aus ManchesterTelefunkenU 55966$15gerps/red/gold lblvg+/vg
Manuela & Die 5 DopsLord Leicester Aus ManchesterTelefunkenU 55966$18gerps/red/gold lblvg++/vg
Manuela & Die 5 DopsLord Leicester Aus ManchesterTelefunkenU 55966$18gerps/red/gold lblvg+/vg+
Manuela & Die 5 DopsSchwimmen Lernt Man Im See (Just So Bobby Can See)TelefunkenU 55778$25gerps/red/gold lblm-/m-
Maori Hi FiveHippy Hippy ShakeOdeon45-SD 5926$15dkred/silver lbl/nocvg
Mara GlasowGuarddo Il MareLuna ParkPARK 28018$25itaps/brown lblvg++/vg++
Mara Lynn BrownJust Call Me MaxiMax FactorMFP 101$20usblue/silver/red lbl/solid centrem-
MaraudersAlways On My MindDeccaF 11748$10ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
MarblesBreaking Up Is Hard To DoPolydor2058 010$8gersolvg++
MarblesBreaking Up Is Hard To DoPolydor2058 010$10ger vg++
MarblesBreaking Up Is Hard To DoPolydor2058 021$20norps/noc/wocvg++/vg+
MarblesBreaking Up Is Hard To DoPolydor2058 021$25norps/wocvg++/vg+
MarblesI Can't See NobodyPolydor59 311$10nor vg+
MarblesOnly One WomanPolydor56 272$15uk vg++
MarblesOnly One WomanPolydor59 225$20gerpsvg++/vg++
MarblesOnly One WomanPolydor59 225$15gerpsvg+/vg+
MarblesOnly One WomanPolydor59 225$10gerpsvg/vg
MarblesThe Walls Fell DownPolydor59 263$20nor/gerps/nocvg+/vg++
Marc AlmondLove LetterVirgin107735$5gerpsm-/m-
Marc AlmondStories Of JohnnyVirgin107623$5gerpsm-/m-
Marc AlmondTears Run RingsParlophoneR 6186$5ukpsm-/m-
Marc AlmondTears Run RingsParlophoneRX 6186$10ukps/boxm-/vg++
Marc AlmondThe Boy Who Came BackSome BizarreBZS 23$8ukpsm-/m-
Marc Almond & Gene PitneySomethings Gotten Hold Of My HeartParlophone006-203159-7$8holps/prm-/m-
Marc AryanUn Petit SlowMarkalMA 471$25fraps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
Marc BennoGood YearA&M1229$15usdemo/white/black/red A lblm-
Marc BennoSouthern WomanA&M1387$15usdemo/white/black/red A lblvg++
Marc BolanCat BlackCherry RedCHERRY 32$10ukps/silver lblm-/vg++
Marc BolanMarc Bolan Talking To Stevie Dixon 1973CubeBINT 1$20uk m-
Marc BolanMellow LoveMarc On WaxSBOLAN 13$15ukps/blue vinylm-/m-
Marc BolanSing Me A SongRarnMBFS 001$10ukps/solid centrem-/m-
Marc BolanThe WizardCherry RedCHERRY 39$15frapsvg+/vg++
Marc BolanThe WizardEarmark42064-2$15ukpsm-/m-
Marc BolanYou Scare Me To DeathCherry RedCHERRY 29$12ukpsvg++/vg++
Marc BolanYou Scare Me To DeathCherry RedCHERRY 29$25ukps/plus flexivg++/m-/vg++
Marc BolanYou Scare Me To DeathPlanet/Cherry RedCHERRY 29$15swps/light brown lbl/solid centrem-/vg+
Marc BolanYou Scare Me To DeathPlanet/Cherry RedCHERRY 29$15swps/light brown lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Marc Bolan & Gloria JonesTo Know Him Is To Love HimEMIEMI 2572$35dkps/brown/black/red logo lbl/noc/wocvg++/vg+
Marc Bolan & Gloria JonesTo Know Him Is To Love HimEMIEMI 2572$35dkbrown/black/red logo lblvg++
Marc Bolan & Gloria JonesTo Know Him Is To Love HimEMIEMI 2572$50ukdemo/brown/black/red logo lblm-
Marc Bolan & Gloria JonesTo Know Him Is To Love HimEMIEMI 2572$40ukbrown/black/red logo lblm-
Marc Bolan & T. RexChristmas BopMarc On WaxSBOLAN 12P$20ukpicture discm-
Marc Bolan & T. RexHot LoveCubeANT 2$15ukpsm-/m-
Marc EllingtonBlue Suede ShoesAmpexX 11030$10usblue/white logo lblvg+
Marc EllingtonStealin'Philips6006 323$18ukblue/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Marc GreyGreen GrassMercuryMF 920$35ukblack/silver lblvg++
Marc ThorHoliday FireIndyHUB 141$25us m-
Marc WirtzManiac vs BrainiacBompBOMP 135$30us m-
MarcelI've Been A Bad Bad BoyRed BusRBUS 74$6finpsm-/m-
Marcel AmontWheels (Dans Le Coeur De Ma Blonde)PolydorNH 66574$25itapsvg+/vg+
Marcel ZaniniTu Veux Tu Veux PasRiviera121 257$18fraps/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Marcel ZaniniTu Veux Tu Veux PasRiviera121 257$15fraps/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Marcello MastroianniQuesto Si Chiama AmoreRCA ItalianaPM45-3348$30itaps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Marcello Minerbis OrchestraThe Windmills Of Your MindSonetT 7773$15swps/red/orange lbl/Steve McQueen on slvvg+/m-
Marcello Minerbis OrchestraThe Windmills Of Your MindSonetT 7773$18swps/red/orange lbl/Steve McQueen on slvm-/vg++
Marcello Minerbis OrkesterZorba's DansSonetT 7638$25swps/red/white logo lbl/clear red vinylvg++/m-
MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$18dkps/gold/red logo lbl/flipback slv/noc/tocvg/vg+
MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$30dkps/gold/red logo lbl/flipback slv/wocvg+/vg+
MarcelsBlue MoonColpixCP 15014$20dkps/gold/red logo lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg+
MarcelsBlue MoonEric113$4us vg++
MarcelsHeartachesPye International7N 25114$10ukturquoise/gold lblvg-
MarcelsHold OnColpixCP 640$20usgold/red logo lblvg+
MarcelsMerry Twist-MasColpixCP 15011$25dkps/gold/red logo lbl/flipback slvvg/vg-
MarcelsReally Need Your LoveColpixCP 15023$12dksome miscolouring on a side lblvg++
MarcelsReally Need Your LoveColpixCP 624$6usgold/red logo lbl/wolvg
MarcelsSummertimeColpixCP 196$20usgold/red logo lbl/wolvg+
MarchaRecht Op In De WindRCA VictorPB 41259$20holps/silver lblm-/m-
Marcia ElderL.A. Here's Lookin' At YaGeovisionLA 101$20usps/silver/blue lblvg++/vg++
Marcia GriffithsElectric BoogieIsland/Mango112 964$15gerps/silver/black lblvg++/m-
Marcia GriffithsHold OnXterminator $8jamwhite/black lblvg+
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon45-HLU 9599$50ukps/red slv/wocvg/vg++
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon45-HLU 9599$25uk/dkps/blue slv/noc/woc/tocvg/vg
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon45-HLU 9599$60uk/dkps/red slvvg++/vg++
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon45-HLU 9599$45uk/dkps/red slvvg/vg
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon45-HLU 9599$50uk/dkps/red slv/soc/sol/nocvg/m-
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon45-HLU 9599$50uk/dkps/red slv/wocvg+/vg+
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon45-HLU 9599$55uk/dkps/red slvvg+/vg+
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondonDL 20 668/HL 9599$60ger/swps/black/gold lblvg++/vg++
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondonDL 20 668/HL 9599$30ger/swps/black/gold lblvg-/vg+
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlLondon American45-HLU 9599$30ukblack/silver top lblvg+
Marcie BlaneBobby's GirlSeville45-120$6usblack/silver lblvg
Marcie BlaneWer Einmal A Gesagt (What Does A Girl Do)LondonDL 20 694$35gerps/black/gold lbl/wocvg+/vg
Marcie GriffithsPut A Little Love In Your HeartHarry JTR 693$6uknocvg
Marco AntonySe Io Ti Regalo Un Fiore (Gimme Little Sign)Fonola1817$30itaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Marcus Hook Roll BandCan't Stand the HeatBasf06-19196-0$35gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
Marcus Hook Roll BandLouisiana LadyRegal ZonophoneRZ 3072$30uk m-
Marcy Jo & Eddie RambeauThe Car Hop And the Hard TopSwanS-4145-T$18uswhite/red lbl/stamped lblvg
Mardi GrasChica Tengo Noticias Para tiMap CityH 630$15spaps/white/black lbl/textured flipback slvvg+/vg+
Mardi GrasGirl I've Got News For YouDisc AZSG 188$20fraps/pink/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/m-
Mardi GrasGirl I've Got News For YouMap CityMC 303$20usdemom-
Mardi GrasToo Busy Thinking About My BabyBellBELL 1226$15ukwolvg++
Mardi GrasToo Busy Thinking About My BabyBellBELL 1226$20uk m-
Mardi GrasToo Busy Thinking About My BabyMap CityH 731$20spapsvg+/vg+
MargaluzGudy Gudy (Goody My Love)Odeon1J006-21008$25spaps/blue/white logo lblm-/vg++
Margaret SinganaCry To MeJo'BurgTJS 15-CD$12porps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg
Margaret WhitingAn Affair Of the HeartCapitolF 2869$12holpurple/silver lblvg++
Margaret WhitingCan't Get You Out Of My MindLondon45-124$10usblue/swirl lbl/dhvg
Margaret WhitingIt Keeps Right On A Hurtin'London45-119$10usblue swirl lbl/dh/sol/wolm-
Margaret WhitingJust Like A ManLondon45-LON 106$10usblue swirl lblvg++
Margaret WhitingJust Like A ManLondonHLU 10114$40uk/dkpsvg++/vg++
Margaux BuchananLittle GirlLoose EndLE 102$15ukps/green lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Margaux BuchananLondon TownMCAMCA 826$15ukps/blue/rainbow lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Margie RayburnI'm AvailableLibertyF 55102$2usturquoise/silver lbl/wolg
Margo & the Country FolkSatisfied MindOdeonRUB 113$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Margo & the Country FolkSatisfied MindOdeonRUB 113$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Margo & the Country FolkSatisfied MindOdeonRUB 113$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Margo, Franck Olivier, Diana Solomon, Malcolm Roberts, Ireen Sheer, Chris RobertsChildren Kinder EnfantsJupiter881 989-7$30gerps/b/w publicity photo 18x12,5cm/colour fan card 15x10,5cmm-/m-
Margot EskensAuf Ein WiedersehnPolydorNH 66782$25ger/dkpsvg++/vg++
Margot EskensCindy Oh CindyPolydorNH 23363$12gerps/wol/wocvg/vg
Margot EskensDeine Liebe (True Love)Polydor52500$15gerpsvg++/vg+
Margot EskensDie Zeiger Der UhrPolydor52635$20gerpsm-/vg+
Margot EskensMamaPolydorNH 52374$12gersol/wolvg+
Margot EskensMamatschiPolydorNH 23258$20gerscrool/gold/stars logo lblvg++
Margot EskensMamatschiPolydorNH 23258$15gerscrool/gold/stars logo lblvg+
Margot EskensMarioPolydorNH 23741$30dkpsvg++/vg++
Margot Eskens & Silvio FrancescoAlle Schönen Frauen (Morgens Mittags Abends Und Bei Nacht)PolydorNH 66785$40dkps/wolvg+/vg++
Margrethe ToresenIsland In the SunTriolaTN 528$30norpsm-/m-
Margrethe ToresenLykkelige Gate (La Maison Ou J'ai Grandi/Tar And Cement))TriolaTN 493$30norps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
MariLet's Spend the Night TogetherPolydor2052 117$25norpsm-/m-
Maria AnderbergFeel RightBoxBOX 103$15swpsm-/m-
Maria AnderbergGonna Be A Bit LateDing DongDD 003$15swpsm-/m-
Maria Beale FletcherNickless And PenniesMonument45-812$12uswhite/rainbow swirl lblvg++
Maria CecilieAldrig Mer'MSPSG 2270990$20holpsm-/m-
Maria CecilieKun DigHarlekinHMS 1374$20hol m-
Maria JimenezDosificameMovie Play023147/4$12spaps/green/black lblvg++/vg+
Maria McKeeShow Me HeavenEpic656 303-9$6holpsm-/m-
Maria McKeeSweetest ChildGeffenGES 19079$4gerpsvg++/m-
Maria MuldaurI'm A WomanRepriseREP 14387$20gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblvg++/vg++
Maria MuldaurMake Love To the MusicWarner BrosK 17192$10ukbrown/red logo steamboat lblm-
Maria MuldaurMidnight At the OasisRepriseK 14331$4ukbrown/red logo steamboat lblvg
Maria MuldaurMidnight At the OasisRepriseREP 1183$10usbrown/red logo steamboat lblvg++
Maria OstizUn Pueblo Es Hispavox45-1512$10spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slvvg+/vg+
Maria Persson & Inger Nilsson & Pär SundbergMors Lilla LathundPhilips6019 026$20norps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Maria StenzDer' Men'sker Overalt (Goodbye My Love Goodbye)SonetT 8427$20dkps/red/orange lblvg+/m-
Maria StenzDer' Men'sker Overalt (Goodbye My Love Goodbye)SonetT 8427$25dkps/red/orange lblvg++/m-
Maria StenzLivets Cirkel (Both Sides Now)SonetT 8395$4dkred/orange lblvg
MariahMystic LadyUnited ArtistsUA-XW665-Y$12ustan/brown logo lblvg++
Marian de GarrigaPretty ClothesC&ASL 1001$8holps/blue/black lblvg+/vg+
Mariana EfstratiouYour Star (A Star That Shines On You)Polydor889 338-7$60grepsm-/vg+
Marianne Altid Bare VenteSonetT 8092$15dkpsvg/vg
Marianne Ikke No'et Med Kærlighed (Never In A Million Years)SonetT 8154$20dkps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg++
Marianne Ikke No'et Med Kærlighed (Never In A Million Years)SonetT 8154$12dkps/red/white logo lbl/noc/wocvg-/vg++
Marianne Ikke No'et Med Kærlighed (Never In A Million Years)SonetT 8154$18dkps/red/white logo lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Marianne FaithfullAll I Wanna Do In LifeNemsNES 013$20ukdemo/black/silver lbl/release date handwritten on lblon lblm-
Marianne FaithfullAs Tears Go ByDeccaF 11923$4ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
Marianne FaithfullAs Tears Go ByIsland109 106$10gerpsm-/m-
Marianne FaithfullAs Tears Go ByLondon45-LON 9697$4uspurple/white lblvg
Marianne FaithfullBlowin' In the WindDeccaF 12007$20ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/wolvg++
Marianne FaithfullBlowin' In the WindDeccaF 12007$25ukdemo/blue/silver curved logo silver A lblvg+
Marianne FaithfullBroken EnglishIsland101 249$15gerps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg+/vg++
Marianne FaithfullBroken EnglishIsland101 249$18gerps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lblm-/vg+
Marianne FaithfullBroken EnglishIslandMF 100$20ukps/green/black rim lbl/flipback slvm-/vg++
Marianne FaithfullBroken EnglishIslandWIP 6542$15ukpsvg++/vg++
Marianne FaithfullCome And Stay With MeDeccaF 12075$8ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg
Marianne FaithfullCome And Stay With MeDeccaF 12075$10ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/solvg+
Marianne FaithfullGo Away From My WorldLondon45-LON 9802$10usblue swirl lblvg+
Marianne FaithfullIntrigueIslandWIP 6737$10uk m-
Marianne FaithfullRunning For Our LivesIslandIS 105$10ukps/palm tree orange/blue rim lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg++/m-
Marianne FaithfullSummer NightsDeccaF 12193$15ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Marianne FaithfullSummer NightsDeccaF 12193$6ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/noc/solvg
Marianne FaithfullSummer NightsDeccaF 12193$18uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lbl/wocvg/vg
Marianne FaithfullSweetheartIsland103 594$15gerps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg++/vg+
Marianne FaithfullSweetheartIslandWIP 6746$20swps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lbl/textured slvm-/m-
Marianne FaithfullSweetheartIslandWIP 6746$12swps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
Marianne FaithfullThe Ballad Of Lucy JordanIsland101 038$12gerps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg+/vg+
Marianne FaithfullThe Ballad Of Lucy JordanIsland101 038$10gerps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lbl/wolvg/vg
Marianne FaithfullThis Little BirdDeccaF 12162$6ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg
Marianne FaithfullThis Little BirdDeccaF 12162$10ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Marianne FaithfullThis Little BirdDeccaF 12162$8ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/solvg+
Marianne FaithfullTomorrow's CallingDeccaF 12408$20ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Marianne FaithfullTomorrow's CallingDeccaF 12408$6ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg
Marianne FaithfullYesterdayDeccaF 12268$15ukblue/silver curved logo lblm-
Marianne FaithfullYesterdayDeccaF 12268$25uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg+/vg+
Marianne FaithfullYesterdayDeccaF 12268$20uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg+/vg
Marianne KockSe Aldrig TillbakaColumbiaDS 2421$15swps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Marianne SahlertzGuld Og Grønne SkovePolydor2054 018$25norpsm-/vg++
Marianne SahlertzNatten Er Vor EgenPolydor2054 090$40norps/press release in Danishm-/vg++
Marianne ThemsenEn TamoureéSonetT 8183$50dkps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg++
Marianne ThemsenEn TamoureéSonetT 8183$45dkps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg+
Marianne Themsen & Melvis & his GentlemenModerEccoEST 117$30dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Marianne Themsen & the Zorro'sTrain Of LoveI. Chr. JensenDCR 101$50dkps/blue lbl/wocvg/vg
MaribelleIk Hou Van JouAriola106 325$25holpsm-/m-
MaribelleIn Love With YouAriolaARI 8375$30holpsm-/vg++
MaribelleIn Love With YouAriolaARI 8375$25holpsm-/m-
MarieDans Le CielPathé2C006-11847$25fraps/red lblm-/vg+
MarieIl Ne Faut Jamais Sourire D'un EnfantPathé2C006-11215$18fraps/red lblvg+/vg+
MarieSouviens Toi De Moi (Leaving On a Jet Plane)Pathé2C006-11476$18fraps/red lblvg++/vg+
MarieSouviens Toi De Moi (Leaving On a Jet Plane)Pathé2C006-11476$25fraps/red lblm-/m-
MarieUn Train Qui PartPathé5C006-12421$30holps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Marie FredrikssonEfter StormenEMI1362857$12swps/black/white lbl/solid centrem-/m-
Marie LaforetBlanche Nuit De Satin (Nights In White Satin)Polydor2121 474$20gerpsm-/m-
Marie LaforetHarmoniePolydor2056 700$15fraps/textured slvvg+/m-
Marie LaforetIl A Neige Sur YesterdayPolydor2056 648$20fraps/textured slvm-/m-
Marie LaforetIl A Neige Sur YesterdayPolydor2056 648$15fraps/textured slv/wocvg++/vg++
Marie LaforetLa Vendemmia Dell'Amore (Les Vendanges De L'Amour)FestivalFX 109$15itared/black lblvg+
Marie LaforetManchester Et LiverpoolMetronomeB 1685$30dkps/blue 2 tone lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Marie McKeeTo Miss SomeoneGeffen19663-7$4gerpsm-/vg+
Marie Monday & the MagnificentsTry A Little KindnessDinoDI 227$10usgreen/black lbl/wolvg++
Marie MyriamJ'aime Quand Tu Es JalouxDisc AZAZ/1-834$18frapsvg++/vg+
Marie MyriamL'oiseau Et L'enfantPolydor2056 601$15frapsvg+/vg+
Marie MyriamL'oiseau Et L'enfantPolydor2056 601$15frapsvg+/vg+
Marie MyriamL'oiseau Et L'enfantPolydor2056 601$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Marie MyriamL'oiseau Et L'enfantPolydor2056 601$12gerpsvg/vg+
Marie OsmondIn My Little Corner Of the WorldMGM2006 429$15gerps/blue/black lblvg+/m-
Marie OsmondIn My Little Corner Of the WorldMGM2006 429$20gerps/blue/black lblm-/m-
Marie OsmondThis Is the Way That I FeelPolydor/Kolob2066 793$18norpsvg++/vg++
Marie OsmondWhat Do Lonely People DoCapitolB-5478$4us vg++
Marie OsmondWho's Sorry NowMGM2006 496$20gerps/blue/black lblm-/m-
Marie OwensLove's Gonna Come To YouMCAMCA 40018$15usps/demo/white/black lblm-/vg++
Marie OwensSomeone Loves You Honey4 Star5-1019$8usdemo/white/black lblm-
Mariella FarréIo Cosí Non Ci StoCBSCBSA 3006$15holps/yellow/orange lblm-/m-
Marika KiliusWenn Die Cowboys TräumenCBSAAG 204$18norps/textured orange lblvg-/vg
MarillionFreaks (Live)EMIMARILP 9$18ukps/shaped picture disc/slv in LP format/press releasem-/m-
MarilynPray For That SunshineMercuryMAZ 5$8ukpsm-/m-
Marilyn LeeAll Alone Am IEmbassy45-WB 545$12uk vg+
Marilyn LeeMy GuyEmbassyWB 636$8uk vg-
Marilyn LeeOur Day Will ComeEmbassy45-WB 557$8uk vg
Marilyn MayeApplauseRCA Victor74-0318$12usdemo/yellow/black lblvg+
Marilyn MayeMontage From How Sweet It IsRCA Victor47-9560$15usdemo/yellow/black lblm-
Marilyn MayeToo Much In LoveRCA Victor47-9076$10usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
Marilyn MichaelsLet's PretendABC45-10979$6usblack/silver/rainbow square lblvg+
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouLiberty2C008-83377$25frapsvg+/vg++
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouLondon45-HL 8862$110dkpsvg+/vg++
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouLondon45-HL 8862$30dkblack/silver lblvg
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouLondon45-HL 8862$20dkblack/silver lblvg-
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouLondon American45-HLT 8862$35ukblack/silver top lbl/nocvg++
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouLondon American45-HLT 8862$40ukblack/silver top lblvg++
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouMaybellene67$25eecpicture discm-
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouUnited Artists67031$20gerblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouUnited Artists67031$35gerps/black/silver/rainbow lbl/socvg+/vg
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouUnited Artists67031$45gerps/black/silver/rainbow lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouUnited ArtistsUP 36484$15ukpsm-/vg+
Marilyn MonroeI Wanna Be Loved By YouUnited ArtistsUP 36484$12ukps/gfld/tan/brown logo lbl/wocvg-/vg+
MarinellaKrasi Thalassa Ke T'agori MouPhilips6060 199$50holps//blue lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++/vg++
Marino Marini Giovane GiovaneTeener45-STU 42151$35dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Marino Marini Giovane GiovaneTeener45-STU 42151$45dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Marino Marini & his QuartetCome PrimaDurium45-DC 16632$2ukplum/silver lbl/tri centreg
Marino Marini & his QuartetJessicaKarusellKFF 392$30swps/red/white/blue lbl/blue vinyl/wocvg/vg
Marino Marini & his QuartetJessicaKarusellKFF 392$35swps/red/white/blue lbl/blue vinylvg/vg
Mario BattainiGira Gira (Reach Out I'll Be There)G&RGR 6034$20itaps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
Mario LanzaSerenadeRCA Victor49-3155$8usred/silver lbl/clear red vinyl/silver centrevg+
Mario TessutoLisa Dagli Occhi BluCGDN 9704$20itaps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Mario Y Su Desafinado 4El PerezosoCBS6046$10mexorange lblvg++
Mario ZelinottiLei DiceDuriumCNA 9151$40itaps/black/white lblvg++/vg++
MarionAndyHansa19864 AT$10gerps/tocvg-/vg
MarionSugar SugarHansa14414 AT$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Marion MaerzBald Kommt Der Sommer WiederRepriseREP 14323$25gerps/demo/white/black lbl/phvg++/m-
Marion RungTipi-TiiPhilips340 581 PF$60finblue/silver lblvg++
Marion RyanLove Me ForeverMetronomeB 45-1180$10dkwhite/yellow/purple rim lblvg+
Marion WilliamsLoco-MotionTeenyT 186$12uspurple/silver lblvg
Marion Williams & the Stars Of FaithHallelujahKarusellKFF 521$25dkps/red/white/blue lbl/nocvg+/vg++
Marion WorthGo On HomeColumbia4-42184$10usdemo/solvg
Marion WorthTennessee TeardropsColumbia4-42640$25usps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Marion WorthYou Took Him Off My Hands (Now Please Take Him Off My Mind)Columbia4-42992$10usdemo/white/red lblvg+
MarisolNinaZafiroOOX 249$15spaps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
MaritInto My LifeDig ItDIGS 107$20finpsm-/m-
Maritza HornI Know What I AmArtistASP 102$20swps/orange/purple lblvg+/vg++
Marji IsmailWalkin'Record and Tape ExchangeRTE 001$15uk vg+
Marjorie NoëlVa Dire A L'AmourBarclay60551$25fraps/orange/white lblvg+/vg+
Mark Anthony's ChallengersEvelina LouEra45-1068$20usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg-
Mark AntonieThat's Good Enough For MeEra3121$10usdemo/orange/black lblvg-
Mark DinningAll Of This For SallyMGMK 13061$4usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg-
Mark DinningTeen AngelMGM2006 553$10ukblue lblm-
Mark DinningTop Forty News Weather And SportsMGMMGM 5341$6ausyellow/black lbl/solid centrevg
Mark Erskine HillFly AwayEHIEHI 001$12uksolid centrem-
Mark Erskine HillMondayEHIEHI 002$12uksolid centrem-
Mark FoggoCaribbean IslandBoni83009$10holps/blue/black lbl/wolvg+/vg
Mark GuerreroLila Love Me TonightOdeODE 66014$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
Mark IINight ThemeWye5-1001$4usblack/silver lblvg-
Mark IV(Make With) the ShakeCosmic704$18usblue/silver lblvg+
Mark IV(Make With) The ShakeCosmic704$8usblue/silver lblg
Mark IVHollow WomanColumbia4-43911$40usdemovg+
Mark IVI Got A WifeMercury71403$10usblack/silver lblvg
Mark IVI Got A WifeMercury71403$4usblack/silver lbl/sol/wolvg-
Mark IVI Got A WifeMercury71403$20usdemo/white/black lblvg+
Mark JamesIt's No Laughing MatterNew DesignZS7 1002$12usdemo/white/black lblvg+
Mark JamesRiver Of TearsVenturaV 712$40us vg++
Mark JamesSuspicious MindsScepterSCE 12221$25usdhvg+
Mark Knopfler & Willy DeVilleStorybook LoveVertigo888 989-7$12holps/swirl lblm-/m-
Mark LindsayArizonaCBS4699$25norps/orange lblm-/m-
Mark LindsayMiss AmericaCBS4924$15nororange lblvg++
Mark LindsaySilver BirdCBS5055$25norps/orange lblm-/m-
Mark RitterAlter Muddy RiverColumbia1C006-29847$40gerps/blue/white lbl/demo sticker on slvvg++/vg+
Mark RobbinMakin' LoveGroove58-0060$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Mark SteinLong And Winding RoadPhil Spector International2010 008$12uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg++
Mark StewartHypnotizedMute7MUTE 037$6ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
Mark ThatcherDid You Give the World Some Love Today BabeDiamondD 250$40usdemo/wolvg+
Mark Wirtz(He's Our Dear Old) WeathermanParlophoneR 5668$30dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg++/g
Mark WynterAladdin's LampPye7N 15511$6ukpink/black lblvg
Mark WynterAladdin's LampPye7N 15511$30uk/dkps/red lbl/flipback slv/socvg+/vg+
Mark WynterDream GirlDecca45-F 11323$25uk/dkps/curved logo/wocvg/vg
Mark WynterExclusively YoursDecca45-F 11354$35uk/dkps/curved logo/wol/wocvg+/vg+
Mark WynterGo Away Little GirlPye7N 15492$6ukred/black lblvg
Mark WynterImage Of A GirlDecca45-F 11263$4ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
Mark WynterKickin' Up the LeavesDecca45-F 11279$15ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Mark WynterOnly YouPye7N 15626$15dkps/pink lblvg-/vg
Mark WynterOnly YouPye7N 15626$30dkps/pink lblm-/m-
Mark WynterVenus In Blue JeansPye7N 15466$6ukred/black lblvg
Mark WynterVenus In Blue JeansPye7N 15466$30uk/dkps/red lbl/flipback slv/vg+/vg++
Mark WynterVenus In Blue JeansPye7N 15466$25uk/dkps/red lbl/flipback slv/wol/wocvg++/vg++
MarkettsOut Of LimitsWarner Bros5391$20usred/black/multicolor arrows lbl/solvg+
MarkettsOut Of LimitsWarner BrosA 5391$40gerps/red lbl/artist name misspelled on slvvg+/vg+
MarkettsThey Call the Wind MariaUni55173$15usyellow/rainbow swirl lbl/wolm-
Markku AroTie Uuteen PäiväänCBS5263$75finorange lblm-
MarkusIch Will SpassCBS2355$12holpsm-/m-
Marlena ShawIt's Better Than Walking OutBlue NoteUP 36125$15uknoc/wolvg++
Marlena ShawLove Dancin'CBS7766$10holpsvg/m-
Marlena ShawLove Dancin'CBS7766$12holpsvg+/m-
Marlena ShawMatchmaker MatchmakerCadet5592$15usdhvg++
Marlena ShawMercy Mercy MercyChessCRS 5001$20turnocvg
Marlena ShawTheme From Looking For Mr. GoodbarCBS6283$10holpsvg/vg
Marlene DietrichDie Antwort Weiss Ganz Allein Der Wind (Blowin' In the Wind)Amiga4 40 032$25gerps/red/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Marlene DietrichDie Antwort Weiss Ganz Allein Der Wind (Blowin' In the Wind)Amiga4 40 032$12gerps/red/white lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg-
Marlene DietrichDie Antwort Weiss Ganz Allein Der Wind (Blowin' In the Wind)His Master's VoiceEG 9407$40dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg++
Marlene DietrichI May Never Go HomeDotD 45-147$25dkps/maroon/silver lblvg+/vg+
Marlene DietrichI May Never Go HomeDotD 45-147$35dkps/maroon/silver lblvg++/vg++
Marlene DietrichIch Hab' Noch Einen Koffer In BerlinPhilips300 534 BF$20gerblue/gold lblvg
Marlene DietrichKleine Treue Nachtigall (Message To Martha)Barclay45-STU 42158$50dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Marlene DietrichLili MarleneMaybellene86$12eecpicture discm-
Marlene DietrichSag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind (Where Have All the Flowers Gone)ElectrolaE 22180$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Marlene DietrichSag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind (Where Have All the Flowers Gone)His Master's Voice/ElectrolaEG 9288/E 22180$25dk/gerps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Marlene DietrichSag Mir Wo Die Blumen Sind (Where Have All the Flowers Gone)His Master's Voice/ElectrolaEG 9288/E 22180$15dk/gerps/blue/silver lblvg/vg++
Marlene Dietrich & Rosemary ClooneyToo Old To Cut the MustardColumbiaSCM 5010$45ukmauve/gold lblvg+
Marlin GreeneI Couldn't Take It AgainUnited ArtistsUA 248$8usdemo/white/black lbl/wolg
Marlise HofstädterBlue Jeans RockQuick $50gerps/flexivg/vg
MarlonLet's Go To the DiscoPurplePUR 120$20dkps/purple lblvg+/vg+
Marly MarleyJoaosinho CabecudoMomoMO-29$12brablue/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
MarmaladeBaby Make It SoonCBS4287$25ukorange lbl/press releasem-
MarmaladeBaby Make It SoonCBS4287$15ukorange lbl/solid centrem-
MarmaladeButterflyCBS4615$25holps/orange lblm-/m-
MarmaladeButterflyCBS4615$12ukorange lbl/wolvg++
MarmaladeButterflyCBSCBS 4615$18norps/orange lblvg+/vg+
MarmaladeButterflyCBSCBS 4615$15norps/orange lblvg/vg+
MarmaladeCousin NormanDeccaF 13214$20ukdemo/blue/white lblvg++
MarmaladeCousin NormanDeccaF 13214$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
MarmaladeCousin NormanDeccaF 13214$20uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logovg++/vg++
MarmaladeFalling Apart At the SeamsTargetTGT 105$6ukwolvg+
MarmaladeFalling Apart At the SeamsTargetTGT 105$10uk m-
MarmaladeHello BabyTargetTGT 128$10uk m-
MarmaladeLovin' ThingsCBS3412$18ukorange lbl/3 prong centrevg+
MarmaladeLovin' ThingsCBSCBS 3412$30norps/orange lblvg++/vg++
MarmaladeOb-La-Di Ob-La-DaCBSCBS 3892$35norps/orange lblvg/vg++
MarmaladeOb-La-Di Ob-La-DaCBSCBS 3892$30norps/orange lblvg/vg+
MarmaladeOb-La-Di Ob-La-DaCBSCBS 3892$35norps/orange lblvg+/vg+
MarmaladeOb-La-Di Ob-La-DaCBSCBS 3892$25swps/orange lbl/wocvg-/vg+
MarmaladeOb-La-Di Ob-La-DaCBSCBS 3892$30swps/orange lbl/wocvg/vg+
MarmaladeRadancerDeccaF 13297$20uk/dkpsm-/vg++
MarmaladeRadancerDeccaF 13297$18uk/dkpsvg++/vg++
MarmaladeRadancerDeccaF 13297$12uk/dkps/wocvg+/vg+
MarmaladeRainbowDeccaF 13035$18uk/dkps/noc/socm-/m-
MarmaladeReflections Of My LifeDeccaF 12982$6ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/noc/wolvg++
MarmaladeReflections Of My LifeDeccaF 12982$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
MarmaladeReflections Of My LifeDeccaF 12982$18uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lbl/socvg++/vg+
MarmaladeReflections Of My LifeDeccaF 12982$20uk/swps/blue/silver boxed logo lbl/wocvg++/vg++
MarmaladeReflections Of My LifeLondon45-20058$10usblue swirl lblm-
MarmaladeThe Only Light On My Horizon NowTargetTGT 126$15ukdemom-
MarmaladeWait For Me Mary-AnneCBS3708$8ukdemo/white/black large orange A lbl/nocg
MarmaladeWait For Me Mary-AnneEpic5-10404$15usdemo/white/black oval logo/large red A lblvg-
MarmaladeWalking A TightropeTargetTGT 110$8ukwolm-
MarmaladeWalking A TightropeTargetTGT 110$10uk m-
MarmaladeWhat You Need Is A MiracleTargetTGT 113$10uk m-
MarmaladeWhat You Need Is A MiracleTargetTGT 113$8uk vg++
Marmalade featuring Dean FordCome Back JoeEMIEMI 2131$12uksample sticker on lblm-
MaroonsKung Fu FightingHarry JHJ 6694$12ukwhite/yellow/blue logo lbl/solid centrevg+
MarsDon't Wake Me Up (For Christmas)HandkerchiefHANKY 15$15ukdemo/solid centrem-
Marsha HuntC'est La VieBP06-130$6spaps/brown/yellow lblvg-/vg-
Marsha HuntKeep the Customer SatisfiedPolydor2058 961$20gerpsvg+/vg++
Marsha HuntKeep the Customer SatisfiedPolydor2121 002$10ger vg+
Marsha HuntKeep the Customer SatisfiedTrack604 037$20ukblack/silver lblvg++
Marsha HuntKeep the Customer SatisfiedTrack604 037$25ukblack/silver lblpromo sticker on lblm-
Marsha HuntThe Best Kind Of FeelingElectricWOT 6$8uk m-
Marsha RavenCatch Me (I'm Falling In Love)JonathanATO 27039$12fraps/silver/black lblvg+/vg++
Marshall CrenshawCynical GirlWarner Bros7-29771$6us vg++
Marshall CrenshawCynical GirlWarner BrosK 17971$10ukpsm-/m-
Marshall CrenshawLittle Wild One (No. 5)Warner Bros7-28865$8uspsm-/vg++
Marshall CrenshawSome HeartsWarner Bros7-22878$8uspsm-/vg++
Marshall CrenshawSomeday SomewayWarner BrosK 17995$8ukpsm-/m-
Marshall CrenshawSomething's Gonna HappenAlbionION 1029$10ukpsvg++/m-
Marshall CrenshawSomething's Gonna HappenAlbionION 1029$12ukpsm-/m-
Marshall CrenshawWhenever You're On My MindWarner Bros29630-7$10uspsm-/m-
Marshall CrenshawWhenever You're On My MindWarner BrosW 9630$8ukpsvg++/vg++
MarshallsMorgen Middag Aften (You Were On My Mind)SonetT 8421$20dkred/orange lblvg++
Marta ChristelJardin De RosasFonalMJ 53$18spaps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Martha & the MuffinsCheesies And GumDinDiscDIN 4$8ukpsss
Martha & the MuffinsEcho BeachDinDiscDIN 9$6ukpsm-/m-
Martha & the MuffinsSuburbian DreamDinDiscDIN 21$6ukpsm-/m-
Martha & the MuffinsWas EzoDinDiscDIN 27$6ukpsm-/m-
Martha HullFeelin' Right TonightRipsaw217$75uspsm-/m-
Martha Lou HarpTell Me You Love MeWarner Bros5052$12usdemo/white/black lblvg
Marti Jones(If I Could) Walk AwayA&M390 058-7$5gerpsm-/m-
Marti Webb & Simon May OrchestraAlways ThereBBCRESL 190$8uksolid centrem-
Martin BöttcherMarianne's MelodyTelefunkenU 56109$20gerps/red/white logo lbl/promo sticker on lblvg+/vg+
Martin BrileyThe Salt In My TearsMercury812 165-7$4usblack/silver/red lblvg+
Martin CircusJe M'Eclate Au SenegalVogueVATS 3011$15porps/pink/white lbl/textured slvm-/vg+
Martin DennyQuiet VillageLibertyF 55162$4usturquoise/silver lblvg-
Martin DennyQuiet VillageStardustURC 1242$6canlight blue/black lblm-
Martin HallBeat Of the DrumVirgin111675$10gerps/silver/black lblvg++/vg++
Martin HallPrime MaterialVirgin113361$75gerpromo only/silver lblvg++
Martin Jay1 2 3DJMDJS 10767$15ukps/demo/black/silver/yellow logo A lbl/solid centrem-/vg+
Martin JayVoices In the NightDJMDJS 10744$10ukblack/yellow A lbl/solid centrevg+
Martin MullDueling TubasCapricornCPR 0019$10us m-
Martin Rössel & the Dum Dum BoysPablo PicassoPulsating BeatJÖR 03$80swpsvg++/m-
Martin-Coulter Marching BandOlympic Games MarchPhilips6006 205$4ukblue/silver lblvg
Martin-Coulter Marching BandOlympic Games MarchPhilips6006 205$8ukblue/silver lblvg++
Martine ClemenceauSans ToiBarclay61770$20frapsvg+/vg++
Martine DaltonGo Back To Her ArmsElmorE 306$12usgreen/black lblvg
MartinhaEu Te Amo Mesmo AssimAuCS 7020$15braps/black/silver lbl/solid centre/tocvg/vg-
Marty BalinHeartsEMI America1A006-86391$8gerpsm-/m-
Marty Feldman A Joyous Time Of the YearDeccaF 12857$20ukdemo/blue/silver curved logo silver A lbl/nocvg+
Marty RobbinsAdios AmigoCBS5055$15ukdemo/white/orange/yellow A lblm-
Marty RobbinsBallad Of the AlamoColumbia4-41809$4canmaroon/silver 4 eye lblvg
Marty RobbinsBegging To YouColumbia4-42890$15usdemo/white/red lblvg+
Marty RobbinsCameliaColumbia4-45024$10usdemovg++
Marty RobbinsDevil WomanColumbia13-33070$4us m-
Marty RobbinsDevil WomanColumbia4-42486$40usps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Marty RobbinsDevil WomanColumbia45-DD 754$25dkps/green/silver lbl/socvg+/vg++
Marty RobbinsDevil WomanColumbia45-DD 754$15dkps/green/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Marty RobbinsDon't WorryFontana271 143 TF$10holblack/silver lblvg++
Marty RobbinsEl PasoColumbia13-33013$4us m-
Marty RobbinsEl PasoColumbia4-41511$4usred lblvg
Marty RobbinsEl PasoFontana263 091 TF$20dkps/blue/silver lbl/phvg+/vg+
Marty RobbinsLifeMCA185$15ukdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblm-
Marty RobbinsMan Walks Among UsColumbia4-43049$6us vg+
Marty RobbinsMy Woman My Woman My WifeCBSCBS 4975$20norps/orange lblvg++/vg++
Marty RobbinsPadreCBSCBS 5368$20norps/orange lblvg+/vg
Marty RobbinsTeenager's DadCBSAAG 141$18nororange lblvg++
Marty RobbinsThe Hanging TreeColumbia4-41325$8usred/black 1 eye lblvg+
Marty RobbinsThe Story Of My LifeColumbia4-41013$4usyellow/black 4 eye lblvg
Marty RobbinsThe Story Of My LifePhilips263 000 BF$10hol/dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg-
Marty RobbinsTry A Little TendernessCBS6119$15ukdemo/white/orange/yellow A lblm-
Marty ValentineWhen the Time Is RightMala421$15usgreen/silver lblvg+
Marty WildeA Teenager In LovePhilips326 370 BF$20dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg+
Marty WildeA Teenager In LovePhilips326 370 BF$15dkps/black/silver lbl/dancers slv/wocvg-/vg-
Marty WildeA Teenager In LovePhilips326 370 BF$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg-
Marty WildeA Teenager In LovePhilips326 370 BF$25dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Marty WildeAbergavennyPhilipsBF 1669$20ukblue/silver lblm-
Marty WildeEndless SleepPhilips326 320 BF$40dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg+
Marty WildeEver Since You Said GoodbyePhilips326 546 BF$15ukblue/silver lblm-
Marty WildeEver Since You Said GoodbyePhilips326 546 BF$10ukblue/silver lblvg+
Marty WildeIn DreamsKRLKRLA 2003$15ukps/solid centrem-/m-
Marty WildeShelleyPhilipsBF 1815$8ukblue/silver lblvg
Marty WildeWhen Does It Get To Be LovePhilips326 452 BF$15norblack/silver lblvg++
Marty WildeYour Seventeenth SpringPhilips326 431 BF$20dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg-
Marty WildeYour Seventeenth SpringPhilips326 431 BF$10ukblue/silver lblvg+
Marty Wilde & his WildcatsMy Lucky LovePhilips326 324 BF$15ukblue/silver lblvg+
Marty Wilde & the WildcatsKiss MeColumbiaDB 7285$30ukblack/silver lblm-
Marty, Paul & DannySweet MelindaRCA VictorRCA 2630$15ukdemo/yellow/white logo/black A lblm-
Martyn Ford OrchestraHustle With Every MuscleMountainTOP 7$10uk vg+
Martyn Ford OrchestraLet Your Body Go DowntownVertigo6079 013$30holps/white/black small swirl logo lbl/wolvg++/vg++
Marv and PattyTwo Fools In LoveMGMK 12625$12usyellow/black lbl/solvg+
Marve FleksnesMarves Siste SangPolydor2052 100$30norpsvg+/vg++
MarvelsGet On Your FeetTrojanTR 7921$20ukbrown lbl/promo sticker on lblm-
Marvin AshMaple Leaf RagCapitolF 15435$6uspurple/silver lbl/tri centrevg+
Marvin HamlischBond '77/The James Bond ThemeUnited ArtistsUP 36301$15uktan/brown logo lblm-
Marvin HamlischBond '77/The James Bond ThemeUnited ArtistsUP 36301$12uktan/brown logo lbl/wolvg++
Marvin HamlischBond '77/The James Bond ThemeUnited ArtistsUP 36301$10uktan/brown logo lbl/wolvg+
Marvin HamlischOneA&M1775$10us m-
Marvin HamlischThe EntertainerMCAMCS 7265$6gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblm-/m-
Marvin, Welch & FarrarFaithfulRegal ZonophoneRZ 3030$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Marvin, Welch & FarrarFaithfulRegal ZonophoneRZ 3030$40dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Marvin, Welch & FarrarFaithfulRegal ZonophoneRZ 3030$6ukred/silver lbl/solid centrevg
Marvin, Welch & FarrarLady Of the MorningRegal Zonophone5C006-04822$20holps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Marvin, Welch & FarrarLady Of the MorningRegal Zonophone6C006-04822$20dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
Marvin, Welch & FarrarLady Of the MorningRegal Zonophone6C006-04822$25dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Marvin, Welch & FarrarMarmadukeRegal ZonophoneRZ 3048$35uk/dkps/red/silver lblm-/vg++
Mary & the Western BoysHey JoeSonetT 8176$20dkred/white logo lblvg+
Mary Ann CurtisNo One ElseRaydinRR-100$60usdemom-
Mary Ann HartTell Me WhyPolydor2042 362$12gerpsvg+/vg++
Mary Ann HartTell Me WhyPolydor2042 362$12gerpsvg/m-
Mary CristyToi La Musique Et MoiPolydor2056 500$12frapsvg++/vg+
Mary CristyToi La Musique Et MoiPolydor2056 500$20frapsm-/m-
Mary CristyToi La Musique Et MoiPolydor2056 500$15gerpsm-/vg++
Mary HopkinGoodbyeApple2C006-90099$15fraps/flipback slv/wocvg-/vg+
Mary HopkinGoodbyeAppleAPPLE 10$20brasolid centrevg-
Mary HopkinGoodbyeAppleAPPLE 10$20dkpsvg+/vg+
Mary HopkinGoodbyeAppleAPPLE 10$15dkpsvg/vg+
Mary HopkinGoodbyeAppleAPPLE 10$10uk vg+
Mary HopkinIf You Love MeGood EarthGD 2$10uk vg+
Mary HopkinIf You Love MeRCA Victor/Good EarthPPBO 7037$18gerps/yellow lblm-/vg++
Mary HopkinKnock Knock Who's ThereAppleAPPLE 26$30dkpsvg+/vg+
Mary HopkinKnock Knock Who's ThereAppleAPPLE 26$4uksolid centrevg
Mary HopkinMary Had A BabyRegal ZonophoneRZ 3070$25ukred/silver lblvg+
Mary HopkinMary Had A BabyRegal ZonophoneRZ 3070$20ukred/silver lblvg
Mary HopkinMary Had A BabyRegal ZonophoneRZ 3070$15ukred/silver lbl/nocvg
Mary HopkinMary Had A BabyRegal ZonophoneRZ 3070$40uk/dkps/red/silver lblvg+/vg++
Mary HopkinQue Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)Apple1823$10uswith stereo middle leftm-
Mary HopkinQue Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)Apple1823$10uswith stereo upper leftm-
Mary HopkinQue Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be Will Be)Apple6E006-91624$25dkpsvg+/vg++
Mary HopkinTemma HarbourApple1816$10us m-
Mary HopkinThink About Your ChildrenApple1825$12uspsvg+/vg+
Mary HopkinThink About Your ChildrenApple1825$18uspsm-/vg++
Mary HopkinThink About Your ChildrenApple1825$20uspsm-/m-
Mary HopkinThink About Your ChildrenApple1825$15usps/star lblvg++/vg++
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysApple2$8?nocvg-
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysApple2$12dkps/blue slvvg+/vg+
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysApple2$15dkps/red covervg+/vg++
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysApple2$15dkps/red covervg++/vg+
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysApple2$18dkps/red covervg+/m-
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysApple2$10ukwolvg++
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysAppleO 23888$8gerblack/silver lblvg+
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysApple/Americom1801 P/M-238$550us4" pocket discvg++
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysOdeonFO 129$25fraps/red lbl/flipback slvvg++/m-
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysParlophoneMOL 22$25lebblack/silver lblvg
Mary HopkinThose Were the DaysUndergroundURC 1038$8canlight blue/black lblvg++
Mary HopkinWater Paper & ClayApple1843$8us vg++
Mary Kaye TrioYou Can't Be True DearWarner Bros5050$4uspink/black lblvg
Mary MacGregorTorn Between Two LoversAriola AmericaAA 111$6uk m-
Mary MasonAngel Of the Morning/Anyway That You Want MeEpicS EPC 5552$12holps/orange lblvg+/vg++
Mary MasonLittle Bit Right Little Bit WrongEpicS EPC 6078$15ukdemo/orange/black A lblm-
Mary MillerCry BabyRepriseR 20160$10dkbeige/grey lblvg
Mary MillerCry BabyRepriseR 20160$20dkbeige/grey lblvg++
Mary RoosArizona ManCBS4866$20gerps/orange lbl/textured slv/wolm-/vg++
Mary RoosAufrecht Geh'nHansa106 313$18gerps/silver lblvg++/m-
Mary RoosAufrecht Geh'nHansa106 313$20gerps/silver lblm-/m-
Mary RoosAufrecht Geh'nHansaARI 8376$20holps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
Mary RoosBing Bang HollyCBS1252$45fraps/orange lblvg++/m-
Mary RoosDie Welt Von MorgenColumbiaC 23798$18gerps/blue/white lblvg++/vg+
Mary RoosNur Die Liebe Lässt Uns LebenCBSCBS 7902$20holps/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Mary StavinFeeling Good Being BadAriolaARO 179$18ukps/solid centrem-/m-
Mary TraversMorning GloryWarner BrosK 16191$15ukdemo/white/black/orange A lblm-
Mary TraversThe Song Is LoveWarner Bros7517$8usgreen lblvg++
Maryann Farra GenesisSociety's ChildRare BirdR 5000$50usblack/silver lblvg++
MaryansUh! Oh!MetronomeST-J 45-557$15swdemo/white/silver/red lblvg+
Maryland CookiesDon't Lie To MeRainbow MusicRMS 107$25swtest pressing/insertvg++
Mascots/Merrymen/ShanesWords Enough To Tell YouBild Journalen $30swflexivg
MashSuicide Is Painless (Theme from M*A*S*H)CBSS CBS 8536$10ukorange/yellow lbl/solid centrevg++
MashmakhanDays When We Are FreeCBS5170$40holps/orange lblm-/m-
MashmakhanDays When We Are FreeCBS5170$35holps/orange lblvg++/m-
MashmakhanDays When We Are FreeCBS5170$30holps/orange lblvg+/m-
Masked MaraudersCow PieRepriseRA 0870$30gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lbl/wocvg++/vg+
Mason & CassSomething To Make You HappyProbe4E006-92178 M$10swblack/silver lblvg+
Mason DixonAcapulcoButtercup45-010$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Mason DixonGot My Heart Set On YouTexasTX 5510$6usblue lblvg
Mason ProffitHopeAmpexX 11048$12usblue/white logo lbl/solvg++
Mason ProffitHopeAmpexX 11048$12usblue/white logo lblvg+
Mason ProffitHopeAmpexX 11048$15usblue/white logo lblvg++
Mason WilliamsClassical GasWarner BrosA 7190$20gerps/green lblvg+/vg+
Mason WilliamsClassical GasWarner BrosA 7190$30gerps/green lblvg++/vg++
Mason WilliamsLove Are WineMercury72603$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
MassielLa La LaNovolaNOX 65$20spademovg+
MassielLa La LaNovolaNOX 65$15spaps/tan/black/red lblvg++/m-
MassielLa La LaTonoSTU 42316$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
MassielLa La LaTonoSTU 42316$10dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg++
MassielLa La LaTonoSTU 42316$10dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
MassielLa La La TonoSTU 42316$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Massimo RanieriL'Amore E Un AttimoCBS7167$25frapsvg++/vg++
Massimo RanieriL'Amore E Un AttimoCBS7167$25gerps/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
Massimo RanieriL'Amore E Un AttimoCBSCBS 7152$25holps/orange lblvg++/vg++
Massimo RanieriL'Amore E Un AttimoCBSCBS 7167$10spaps/orange lbl/textured slvvg-/vg-
Massimo RanieriL'Amore E Un AttimoCBSCBS 7186$20porps/orange lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Massive AttackSafe From HarmCircaWBRS 3$18ukpsm-/m-
Master SingersWeather ForecastParlophoneR 5523$10ukblack/silver lblvg+
Master TouchTouch MeEMIEMI 2431$12ukdemo/brown/black/red logo lblvg++
MastersI Miss YouBasf/RecaRS 2019$25dkps/red/black lblvg+/m-
MastersI Miss YouBasf/RecaRS 2019$30dkps/red/black lblm-/m-
Master's ChildrenWatch the Children And Give A DamnT.A.198$10usdemo/white/black lblvg-
MasterswitchAction ReplayEpicS EPC 6259$110ukorange lbl/solid centrem-
MatadorerneLittle LoverMetronomeB 1627$40dkps/green 2 tone lblvg+/m-
MatadorerneLove BirdsMetronomeB 1639$20dkps/green 2 tone lblvg+/vg++
MatadorerneLove BirdsMetronomeB 1639$30dkps/green 2 tone lblm-/m-
MatadorerneLove BirdsMetronomeB 1639$25dkps/green 2 tone lbl/woc/wolm-/m-
MatadorerneLove BirdsMetronomeB 1639$12dkps/green/turquoise lbl/film title stickered slv/wocvg-/vg+
MatadorerneMemphis TennesseeMetronomeB 1593$30dkps/green 2 tone lblvg++/vg++
MatadorerneMemphis TennesseeMetronomeB 1593$25dkps/green 2 tone lblvg+/vg+
MatadorerneMemphis TennesseeMetronomeB 1593$8dkps/green 2 tone lblg/vg
MatadorerneMemphis TennesseeMetronomeB 1593$15dkps/green 2 tone lblvg-/vg
MatadorerneMy SituationMetronomeB 1617$75dkps/green 2 tone lbl/movie slvvg+/vg++
MatadorerneMy SituationMetronomeB 1617$50dkps/green 2 tone lbl/movie slv/solvg/vg+
MatadorerneMy SituationMetronomeB 1617$50dkps/green 2 tone lbl/movie slv/wocvg/vg+
MatadorerneMy SituationMetronomeB 1617$55dkps/green/turquoise lbl/movie slvvg/vg+
MatadorerneOutrageMetronomeB 1656$20dkps/green 2 tone lblvg-/vg++
MatadorerneOutrageMetronomeB 1656$12dkps/green 2 tone lbl/nocvg++
MatadorerneOutrageMetronomeB 1656$8ger/dkps/black/silver lblg/vg
MatadorerneOutrageMetronomeB 1656$50ger/dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
MatadorerneRemember (Walkin' In the Sand)MetronomeB 1661$30dkps/green 2 tone lblm-/m-
MatadorerneRemember (Walkin' In the Sand)MetronomeB 1661$35dkps/green 2 tone lblm-/vg++
MatadorerneRemember (Walkin' In the Sand)MetronomeB 1661$10dkps/green 2 tone lbl/woc/nocvg+/vg+
MatadorerneVolgaMetronomeB 1591$50dkps/green 2 tone lblm-/m-
MatadorerneVolgaMetronomeB 1591$40dkps/green 2 tone lblvg+/vg+
MatadorerneVolgaMetronomeB 1591$18ger/dkps/black/silver lbl/socvg+/vg
Matchbox When You Ask About LoveMagnetMAG 191$6ukpsm-/m-
Matchbox featuring Kirsty MacCollI Want OutMagnetMAG 238$8ukpsm-/m-
MaterialBustin' OutZEWIP 6713$6ukyellow/black lblvg+
MaterialBustin' OutZEWIP 6713$10ukyellow/black lblm-
MaterialBustin' OutZEWIP 6713$4ukyellow/black lbl/wolvg+
MaterialDiscourseRedRED 45-001$15uspsm-/m-
Material with Nona HendryxBustin' Out (Edit)Island/ZeIS 49741$10usdemo/palm tree/orange blue rim lblvg++
Mathilde SantingYou Took Advantage Of MeIdiot/WEAK 19254$15ukpsm-/m-
MatlockIt's DaybreakLe CamLC 317$25uslight blue/red lblvg++
Mat'sYou've Got To Hide Your Love AwayJacks Beat RecordsBR 1013$45dkps/nocvg-/vg-
Mats MöllerKärlekens SpråkMistlurMLRS 52$8swpsm-/m-
Mats OlinLek Med MejPolarPOS 1037$20swpsvg+/vg+
Mats OlinLimon LimoneroPolarPOS 1074$25swps/red slvvg++/vg++
Mats OlofssonRaket RaketTrendTED 025$45swpsm-/vg++
Mats Olofsson & Docent DödKrig Och KärlekJäktskivanJÄKT 002$60swpsm-/m-
Mats Olofsson & Docent DödKrig Och KärlekJäktskivanJÄKT 002$50swps/wocm-/m-
Mats RonanderGör Mig Lycklig NuWEA90745-7$15gerred/green/yellow logo lbl/solid centrevg++
Matt LucasI'm Movin' OnPhilips320 162 BF$50holblack/silver lbl/sample sticker on lbl/nocvg+
Matt MonroAlguien Canto (The Music Played)CapitolCSL 2318$15spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slv/socvg+/vg++
Matt MonroBorn FreeCapitol5623$10usyellow/orange swirl lblm-
Matt MonroFrom Russia With LoveOdeonND 7435$12dk/norps/black/silver lbl/nocvg/vg+
Matt MonroFrom Russia With LoveOdeonND 7435$18dk/norps/black/silver lbl/same lbl on both sides/wolvg+/vg+
Matt MonroFrom Russia With LoveParlophoneR 5068$6ukblack/silver lblvg
Matt MonroFrom Russia With LoveParlophoneR 5068$8ukblack/silver lblvg+
Matt MonroI Love the Little ThingsParlophoneR 5103$10ukblack/silver lblvg++
Matt MonroLo Que Quedo (All That Remains)CapitolCSL 21296$15spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slv/wocvg+/vg++
Matt MonroMy Kind Of GirlParlophone45-R 4755$8ukred/silver lblvg+
Matt MonroMy Kind Of GirlWarwickM 636$4usred/black lblvg-
Matt MonroNo Puedo Quitar Mis Ojos De Ti (Can't Take My Eyes Off You)CapitolCSL 21297$18spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slvvg++/m-
Matt MonroNo Puedo Quitar Mis Ojos De Ti (Can't Take My Eyes Off You)CapitolCSL 21297$8spaps/blue/silver lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg+
Matt MonroPortrait Of My LoveParlophone45-R 4714$6ukred/silver lblvg+
Matt MonroWalk Away (Warum Nur Warum)OdeonR 5171$30norps/red/silver lblm-/m-
Matt MonroWalk Away (Warum Nur Warum)OdeonR 5171$25norps/red/silver lblvg++/vg++
Matt MonroWalk Away (Warum Nur Warum)OdeonR 5171$20norps/red/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Matt MonroWalk Away (Warum Nur Warum)ParlophoneR 5171$10ukblack/silver lblvg++
Matt MonroYesterdayParlophoneR 5348$25norps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Matt MonroYesterdayParlophoneR 5348$18norps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Matt MonroYesterdayParlophoneR 5348$20norps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Matt MonroYesterdayParlophoneR 5348$15norps/black/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg++
Matthew SmithBeautiful SailorPolydor2042 289$12gerpsm-/m-
Matthews Southern ComfortBallad Of Obray RamseyUniUN 521$20ukdemo/pink/black lblvg++
Matthews' Southern ComfortBallad Of Obray RamseyUniUN 521$12ukyellow/rainbow swirl lblvg+
Matthews' Southern ComfortColorado Springs EternalUniUNS 513$40ukdemo/pink lbl/press releasem-
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockDecca32774$6usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lbl/dhvg+
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockDecca32774$8usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lbl/dhvg++
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockUni6073 015$25norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lblm-/m-
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockUni6073 015$20norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lblvg++/m-
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockUni6073 015$12norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lbl/blue slv/wocvg+/vg+
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockUni6073 015$25norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lbl/dark blue slvm-/m-
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockUni6073 015$15norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lbl/dark blue slv/nocvg+/vg++
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockUni6073 015$18norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lbl/dark blue slv/nocvg++/vg++
Matthews' Southern ComfortWoodstockUniUNS 526/6073015$20ukps/yellow/green/orange swirl lblvg++/vg++
MatumbiEmpire RoadHarvestHAR 5169$10uk m-
MatumbiNothing At AllEMIEMI 5116$12ukpsm-/m-
MatumbiPoint Of View (Squeeze A Little Lovin)EMIRIC 101$10ukps/green lbl/die-cut laminated flipback slvvg+/vg++
MatumbiPoint Of View (Squeeze A Little Lovin)EMIRIC 101$15ukps/green lbl/die-cut laminated flipback slvm-/m-
MatumbiRock (Part 1)HarvestHAR 5162$12ukdemo/green 2 tone lbl/solvg+
MatumbiRock (Part 1)HarvestHAR 5162$10uk m-
Matys BrosWho Stole the KeeshkaSonetT 7558$25swred/white logo lbl/blue vinylvg++
MaudYesterday (I Går)AsaASA F 1004$25dkps/silver/black lblvg/vg
Maud AnnTell Me A Beautiful LiePolydorXM 62090$40nor/dkpsvg++/vg++
Maud AnnTell Me A Beautiful LiePolydorXM 62090$25nor/dkpsvg+/vg
MaudsHold OnMercury72694$10usred lblvg
MaudsHold OnPhilips127 301 MCF$15turblue/silver lblvg+
MaudsSoul Drippin'Mercury72832$15usorange/tan lbl/dhvg++
MaudsSoul Drippin'MercuryMF 1062$8ukblack/silver lblvg-
Mauno KuusistoHeijastus (Spegling)RCA VictorFAS 587$15finps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Maureen EvansAmong My SouvenirsEmbassy45-WB 371$8uk vg
Maureen EvansGoodbye Jimmy GoodbyeEmbassy45-WB 344$8uk vg
Maureen EvansPlease UnderstandTonoSTU 42075$25dkblack/silver lbl/demo sticker on lblm-
Maureen EvansPlease UnderstandTonoSTU 42075$25dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Maureen EvansPlease UnderstandTonoSTU 42075$40dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Maureen EvansStarlight StarbrightNashvilleNS 800$20swps/blue lbl/red vinyl/nocvg/vg-
Maureen EvansStarlight StarbrightNashvilleNS 800$30swps/blue lbl/wolvg+/vg++
Maureen EvansStarlight StarbrightOriole45-CB 1760$6ukblack/yellow lblvg-
Maureen McGovernThe Morning AfterPye International7N 25603$15ukblue/black top lblm-
Maureen RenéDarum Träum' Ich Nur Von Dir (All I Have To Do Is Dream)SonetT 8024$10dkred/white logo lbl/solvg
Maureen Tucker Around And AroundTrashT 82644$30uspsm-/m-
Maureen Tucker & FriendsI'm Sticking With YouVarulven805-111$40usps/insertvg++/vg++
Mauri LeightonI Want A Little BoyDecca9-30876$20usdemo/pink/black lblvg+
Maurice (1e Gaulois)Le Venduer Du Sex-ShopExpoEX 103$30belps/orange/black lbl/wocvg/vg++
Maurice Chevalier68 Ans D'AmourDisc AZSG 134$30fraps/pink/white lblm-/m-
Maurice Chevalier & Hayley MillsEnjoy ItBuena VistaBVF 409$18usps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Maurice GibbRailroadPolydor2058 013$30norps/wocvg+/vg+
Maurice GibbRailroadPolydor2058 013$15uk vg+
Maurice JarreLara's Theme (Dr. Schiwago)MGMMGM 61128$8dk/gerps/black/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Maury Dean & the Nite ShiftCatch You LaterFortune561$60uspink/blue lblm-
Max BygravesAlways TogetherPye7N 17126$10ukdemo/white/black A lbl/solid centre/release date stamped on lblvg++
Max BygravesDeck Of CardsPye7N 45276$12ukdemom-
Max FiveBliv Min Gæst (Be My Guest)CrescendoCR 45 26$25dkyellow/black lbl/wolvg-
Max Frost & the TroopersShape Of Things To ComeTower419$15usbrown/black lblm-
Max Frost & the TroopersShape Of Things To ComeTower419$6usbrown/black lblvg-
Max Frost & the TroopersShape Of Things To ComeTower419$12usbrown/black lblvg++
Max HansenÅh LouisePhilips355 250 PF$10norblue/silver lblvg++
Max Merritt A Little EasierArista19$8ukwhite/black/blue logo lblvg+
Max Merritt A Little EasierArista19$10ukwhite/black/blue logo lblvg++
Max Merritt A Little EasierArista19$12ukwhite/black/blue logo lblm-
Max Merritt & the MeteorsI Keep Forgettin'AristaARISTA 28$15ukwhite/black/blue logo lbl/noc/solvg+
Max Merritt & the MeteorsLet It SlideArista49$12ukdemo/white/black/blue logo lblvg+
Max QWay Of the WorldMercury876 004-7$6gerpsm-/m-
Max RomeoBig JackTropical Sound TracsTST 107$8ukbrown/black A lbl/solid centre/wolvg
Max RomeoDeacon WifeAngenANG 117$15ukwhite/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Max RomeoSixpenceAckeeACK 529$25ukorange lbl/solvg++
Max RomeoWet DreamUnityUN 503$8ukgrey/brown/white lblvg+
Max Romeo & the UpsettersWar In A BabylonIslandWIP 6283$18ukdemovg++
Max SplodgeBicycle SeatDeramBUM 2$15ukps/green/black lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Max SteinerEn Emporte Le Vent (Gone With the Wind)MGM61 613$18fraps/black/silver/rainbow logo lbl/laminated front flipback slvvg+/vg++
Max WallEngland's GloryStiffBUY 12$10ukps/black/white lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
Max WebsterExcerpts from A Million VacationsCapitolSF1 422$10ukflexi/black/silvervg+
Maximum BobLost In Your TownLidocaineLIDO 14$10dkpsm-/m-
Maximum JoyWhy Can't We Live TogetherGarageGAR 1$15ukpsvg++/m-
May BrittFalling In Love Again20th FoxF 504$10swblue/white skies/red logo lblvg
MayaPanzon Panzudo (Francisco Oro Blanco)Hispavox45-1486$12spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
MayfairTrain Of LoveCBSCBS 4265$18itaps/yellow/orange lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg+
Mayfield's MuleDouble Dealing WomanParlophoneR 5817$30ukblack/silver lblvg-
Maynard FergusonInvitationCBSCBS 4359$15itaps/yellow/orange lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg+
Maynard FergusonStar Wars Main TitleCBSA CBS 5583$8ukorange/yellow lbl/solid centrevg++
Maynard FergusonThe Hot CanaryCapitol6F 1713 M$18frapurple/silver lblvg+
MaytalsFeverDragonDRA 1021$15uk m-
MaywoodColour My RainbowCNR30606$8gerps/textured slvvg+/vg+
Mazarine StreetPlays Sun Ra & Dead BoysSteerSTR 001$12swpsm-/vg++
MC 5I Just Don't KnowGreaseFUN 1$25uspsvg++/m-
MC 5I Just Don't KnowGreaseFUN 1$30uspsm-/m-
MC 5Looking At YouA SquareNER 3012$25uspsm-/m-
MC EinarJul Det Er CoolCBS653 156-7$25holpsm-/vg++
McCormick BrosLonesome For YouHickory45-1184$15usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
McCoys(You Make Me Feel) So GoodImmediateIM 037$8ukwhite/black lblvg
McCoysCome On Let's GoAtlanticATL 70 168$40swps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
McCoysCome On Let's GoAtlanticATL 70 168$30swps/red/black lblvg-/m-
McCoysCome On Let's GoAtlanticATL 70 168$20swps/red/black lbl/woc/wolvg/vg++
McCoysDon't Worry Mother Your Son's Heart Is PureBangB-532$8usdhvg++
McCoysDon't Worry Mother Your Son's Heart Is PureMetronomeJ 45-719$50swps/green 2 tone lblm-/m-
McCoysFeverAtlanticATL 70 151$40swps/red/black lbl/wocvg++/vg++
McCoysFeverBangB-511$10usyellow/red logo lbl/wolvg-
McCoysHang On SloopyImmediateIM 076$15ukpink/black lblvg++
McCoysHang On SloopyMetronomeJ 45-685$6swps/green 2 tone lblg/vg-
McCoysHang On SloopyMetronomeJ 45-685$10swps/green 2 tone lbl/wocg/vg+
McCoysHang On SloopyStatesideMSS 2104$10nzgreen/black lbl/wolvg-
McCoysUp And DownAtlanticATL 70 163$50swpsred/black lblm-/m-
McGuinn, Clark & HillmannDon't You Write Her OffCapitol1C006-85837$20gerps/purple/silver lblvg++/vg++
McGuinn, Clark & HillmannDon't You Write Her OffCapitol5C006-85837$15holps/purple/silver lblvg++/vg+
McGuinn, Clark & HillmannDon't You Write Her OffCapitol5C006-85837$15holps/purple/silver lblvg+/vg++
McGuinn, Clark & HillmannDon't You Write Her OffCapitol5C006-85837$20holps/purple/silver lblm-/m-
McGuinn, Clark & HillmannDon't You Write Her OffCapitol5C006-85837$18holps/purple/silver lblvg++/vg++
McGuinn, Clark & HillmannDon't You Write Her OffCapitolCL 16077$15uk m-
McGuinness FlintLet the People GoBlue MountainBM 1005$20dkpsm-/m-
McGuinness FlintLet the People GoBlue MountainBM 1005$12dkpsvg+/vg+
McGuinness FlintMalt And Barley BluesCapitolCL 15682$12dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
McGuinness FlintMalt And Barley BluesCapitolCL 15682$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
McGuinness FlintMalt And Barley BluesCapitolCL 15682$18dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
McGuinness FlintMalt And Barley BluesCapitolCL 15682$8ukred/orange target lbl/nocm-
McGuinness FlintWhen I'm Dead And GoneCapitolCL 15662$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
McGuinness FlintWhen I'm Dead And GoneCapitolCL 15662$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
McGuire SistersEndless (I Want You I Need You I Love You)Coral89605-45$10gerdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg
McGuire SistersI Do I Do I DoCoral62288$4usorange/black lblvg
McGuire SistersI'll Walk AloneRepriseR 20338$18ukdemo/white/black/black A lbl/solid centrevg+
McGuire SistersJust For Old Time's SakeCoral62249$12usorange/black lbl/wolvg+
McGuire SistersMay You AlwaysCoralNC 93285$8gerbrown/black logo lblvg++
McGuire SistersRed River ValleyCoralNC 93303$8gerbrown/black logo lblvg+
McGuire SistersSugartimeCoral45-Q 72305$10ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg+
McGuire SistersSugartimeCoralNC 93254$15dkpsvg/vg
McGuire SistersSummertime (Is the Time For Love)RepriseR 20197$15usdemo/white/blue stripe lblm-
McKinleysBeggin'StukSTUK 56$15holps/white/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
McKinleysBeggin'StukSTUK 56$35holps/white/black lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
McKinleysBeggin'StukSTUK 56$25holps/white/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
McKinleysJessabellParlophoneDK 1794$30dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
McKinleysLet's Hang OnStukSTUK 50$25holps/white/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Me & Dem GuysBlack CloudDearbornD 550$30usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg
Me & You featuring We the People BandYou Never Know What You've GotLaserLAS 8$6ukblue/silver/yellow lbl/solid centrevg+
Me And Dem GuysBlack CloudPalmer5007$10usdemo/white/black lblvg+
MeadowCane & AbleParamountPAA 0208$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
MeadowHere I AmParamountPAA 0187$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Meat LoafGetting Away With MurderAtlantic7-89340$6usdemo/blue/black lblvg++
Meat LoafGetting Away With MurderAtlantic7-89340$8usdemo/white lblvg++
Meat LoafYou Took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)Epic/Cleveland5980$15ukdemo/orange lblm-
Meat LoafYou Took the Words Right Out Of My Mouth (Hot Summer Night)Epic/Cleveland5980$8ukorange lblvg++
Mec Op SingersDies Irae (El Dia De La Ira)Disc AZH 198$12spaps/blue lbl/textured flipback slvvg/vg+
MecoThe Empire Strikes Back MedleyRSO2090 458$12gerps/socvg++/vg+
MecoTopsyMillenniumMN 613$10us m-
Medical Missionaries of Mary Choral GroupAngelsPye7N 17009$6dkpink/black lblvg+
Medicine Head(And the) Pictures In the SkyDandelion19002$30gerps/purple lblm-/vg++
Medicine Head(And the) Pictures In the SkyDandelion19002$18gerps/purple lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Medicine HeadHow Does It FeelDandelion2001 383$8uksolvg
Medicine HeadHow Does It FeelDandelion2001 383$10ukhandwritten publisher credit change vg+
Medicine HeadHow Does It FeelPolydor2001 383$12gerpsvg-/vg+
Medicine HeadNatural SightDandelionK 19002$6ukwhite/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Medicine HeadOn the LandDandelion/Polydor2001 276$25gerpsm-/m-
Medicine HeadOne And One Is OnePolydor2001 432$20gerpsm-/m-
Medicine HeadOne And One Is OnePolydor2001 432$15spaps/textured slv/solvg+/vg+
Medicine HeadSlip And SlidePolydor2058 436$20gerpsm-/m-
Medicine HeadSlip And SlidePolydor2058 436$15gerps/wocvg+/vg++
Medicine HeadSlip And SlidePolydor2058 436$6ussolid centrevg
Meditation Singers with James ClevelandMy Soul Looks Back And WondersSpecialty919$15uswhite/yellow/black lblm-
MeditationsMiraclesTuff Gong $20jam vg++
Medium MediumHungry So AngryCherry Red/PlanetCHERRY 18$10swpsm-/m-
Medium Terzett6x6 = 36Polydor53 062$25gerdemo/white/black lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
MedowsShout ShoutFontana271 624 TF$40dkps/black/silver lbl/noc/tocvg-/vg-
MedowsShout ShoutFontana271 624 TF$55dkps/black/silver lbl/tocvg/vg
MegatonSammy Is DeadDeccaD 29114$50gerps/red lblvg+/vg+
MegatronsVelvet WatersLaurieAUD-101$15usred/white/black square lblm-
Mekanik DKDer Liebe Auf Der SpurMDKÜZ 01$35gerps/promo/limited edition of 500vg++/vg++
MekonsWhere Were YouFastFAST 7$30ukpsm-/m-
MekonsWork All WeekVirginVS 300$20ukps/white lbl/solid centre/laminated flipback slv/press release vg++/m-
MekonsWork All WeekVirginVS 300$12ukps/white lbl/solid centre/laminated flipback slv/press release vg+/vg+
Mel & KimRespectableMega $6dkpromo/blue/silver flexivg++
Mel BrooksTo Be Or Not To BeIslandIS 158$10ukps/lyrics incl.m-/m-
Mel CarterBe My LoveLiberty68905$10turblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
Mel CarterHold Me Thrill Me Kiss MeLibertyLIB 66113$45ukblack/silver lblvg++
Mel CarterSo WonderfulDerbyD 1003$20uspurple/yellow lblvg+
Mel McDanielMy Ship's Comin' InCapitol4983$15uspurple/silver lblm-
Mel McDanielMy Ship's Comin' InCapitol4983$12uspurple/silver lblvg++
Mel PriceSan Antonio RoseRedwing1001$4usred/black lbl/signed on b-side lblvg-
Mel RobbinsSave ItArgo5340$50usre-issuem-
Mel SimpsonHome On the RoadMAMMAM 146$4ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Mel SimpsonHome On the RoadMAMMAM 146$10ukblack/silver lbl/rssm-
Mel Tillis & the StatesidersBrand New WrapperMGMK 14275$15usdemo/yellow/black lblm-
Mel Tillis & the StatesidersCommercial AffectionMGMK 14176$10usdemo/yellow/black lblvg+
Mel Tillis & the StatesidersThe Arms Of A FoolMGMK 14211$12usdemo/yellow/black lblvg++
Mel TormeCast Your Fate To the WindsAtlantic45-2183$12us vg++
Mel TormeThe Queen Of Hearts Is MissingCapitolF 825$6uspurple/silver lblvg-
Mel TormeWait Until DarkColumbia4-44399$10usdemo/white/red lblvg+
Mel TormeWalk Like A DragonVerveV 10211$8usblack/silver lbl/demo stamped lblvg-
Mel TormeWords On MusicMaster Artists CorporationMAS 1$50usdemo/special presentation record april '63/wolvg+
MelanieBitter BadNeighborhood6E006-94249$15dkpsvg+/vg+
MelanieBrand New KeyBuddah2011 105$12gerps/shiva lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
MelanieDo You BeleiveNeighborhood1C006-94142$10gerps/dhvg+/vg+
MelanieNickel SongBuddah2011 071$20norps/shiva lblm-/vg++
MelaniePeace Will Come (According To Plan)BuddahBDA 186$15usdemo/shiva lblm-
MelanieRuby TuesdayBuddah2011 038$12norps/shiva lblvg/vg
MelanieRuby TuesdayBuddah2011 038$18norps/shiva lblvg+/vg+
MelanieRuby TuesdayBuddahBDA 202$15usdemo/shiva lbl/wolvg++
MelanieStop! I Don't Wanna Hear It Any MoreBuddah2011 058$15norps/shiva lblvg+/vg+
MelanieStop! I Don't Wanna Hear It Any MoreBuddah2011 058$15spaps/shiva lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
MelanieStop! I Don't Wanna Hear It Any MoreBuddah2011 064$10ukblack/silver lblm-
MelanieThe Good BookBuddahBDA 224$8usshiva lblvg++
Melba MontgomeryDon't Let the Good Times Fool YouElektraK 12172$15ukdemom-
Melba MontgomeryThe StarKariKARI III$10uspink lbl/wolm-
Mel'en SistersJeg Savner Dig Hvis Bare Du Vender Ryggen Til (I Get A Little Sentimental Over You)EMIX 9092$20dkpsvg++/vg++
Mel'en SistersJeg Savner Dig Hvis Bare Du Vender Ryggen Til (I Get A Little Sentimental Over You)EMIX 9092$12dkps/nocvg+/vg
Melina MercouriAnastassiMGM61 190$40norps/black/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+/vg++
Melina MercouriIlissosTonoSTU 42083$12dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Melina MercouriIlissosTonoSTU 42083$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Melina MercouriNever On SundayLondon45-HL 7098$15dkpsm-/m-
Melina MercouriNever On SundayLondon45-HL 7098$10dkps/wocvg+/vg+
Melissa EtheridgeBring Me Some WaterIsland111 664$8gerpsm-/m-
Melissa ManchesterFire In the MorningArista101 805-100$10gerpsvg+/vg+
Melissa ManchesterMidnight BlueArista5C006-96877$18holps/white/black/blue logo lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Melissa ManchesterMy Boyfriend's BackAristaARI 8316$10holpsvg+/vg+
MellgardsI Lyst Og I NødMusic CornerP 113$75dkps/yellow/black lbl/signed by artistvg++/m-
MellgardsIh Hvor Er Det Altså Godt (Hinky Dinky Parlee Voo)TriolaTD 327$20dkpsm-/m-
MeloL'oiseau Tombe Du NidVogueV 45-1532$25fraps/pink/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
MelodeersWishing Is For FoolsStudio9908$30usps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Melody and LaneMemories Are Made Of ThisDJMDJS 623$15ukdemo/black/silver/yellow logo lbl/solid centrem-
Melody MakerChildren Playing In the StreetsTuff Gong $20jam vg++
Melody MakersChildren Playing In the StreetsKorovaKOW 12$10ukpsm-/m-
Melody MakersDer Er Dejligst På Bornholm (Fin De Semana)OdeonDK 1737$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Melody MakersHjerte Og Smerte (Needles And Pinns)RecaRS 2090$20dkpsvg++/vg++
Melody MixersBlue BeatPolydorXM 62044$20nortextured lblvg-
Melody MixersBlue BeatPolydorXM 62044$50nor m-
Melody MixersDer Kommer Atter En Dag (A Banda)PolydorXM 62100$15dkpsm-/vg+
Melody MixersDer Kommer Atter En Dag (A Banda)PolydorXM 62100$15dkpsvg+/m-
Melody MixersHar Du Hørt Hva' Der Er Sket (Games People Play)PolydorXM 62112$20nor/dkpsm-/m-
Melody MixersHvis Du Går (Wenn Du Gehst)PolydorXM 62009$40dkps/tocvg++/vg+
Melody MixersStik Nu A' Jack (Hit the Road Jack)PolyphonXM 61991$40dkpsvg-/vg++
Melody MixersStik Nu A' Jack (Hit the Road Jack)PolyphonXM 61991$40dkpsvg/vg+
Melody MixersStik Nu A' Jack (Hit the Road Jack)PolyphonXM 61991$45dkpsvg+/vg++
Melody MixersStik Nu A' Jack (Hit the Road Jack)PolyphonXM 61991$60dkps/wocvg+/m-
Melody MixersStik Nu A' Jack (Hit the Road Jack)PolyphonXM 61991$30dkps/woc/tocvg/vg
MeltawayHoney Gets HardMergeMRG 063$20usps/silver/purple lbl/solid centrem-/m-
Melvin EndsleyHere I AmHickory45-1131$10usred/silver lblvg
Melvis & His GentlemenBarefootin'SonetT 7231$40dkps/red/orange lblvg+/vg++
Melvis & His GentlemenBye Bye LoveTriolaTD 281$50dkps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
Melvis & His GentlemenExodusTriolaTD 336$20dkps/blue/white lblvg-/vg
Melvis & His GentlemenExodusTriolaTD 336$40dkps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
Melvis & His GentlemenHippy Hippy ShakeTeener45-ST 41310$50dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Melvis & His GentlemenI'll Be SatisfiedCrescendoCR 45 S-17$50dkturquoise/purple/orange logo lblvg+
Melvis & His GentlemenMargieTono45-ST 41247$30dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Melvis & His GentlemenMargieTono45-ST 41247$30dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg
Melvis & His GentlemenTroublesCrescendoCRS 512$20dkps/blue/purple/orange logo lblvg-/vg-
Melvis BandJinksTono45-ST 41282$30dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg+
Melvis BandJinksTono45-ST 41282$40dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
MembersKilling TimeVirginVS 292$10ukps/solid centre/die-cut laminated flipback slvm-/m-
MembersOffshore Banking BusinessVirginVS 248$10ukpsm-/m-
MembersRadioGeneticWIP 6773$10ukpsm-/vg++
MembersSolitary ConfinementStiffOFF 3$40ukps/red lblm-/m-
MembersThe Sound Of the SuburbsVirginVS 242$25ukps/clear vinylm-/m-
MembersThe Sound Of the SuburbsVirginVS 242$18ukps/clear vinyl/solvg++/vg++
MembersThe Sound Of the SuburbsVirginVS 242$8ukps/green/red lbl/solid centrevg++/m-
MembersThe Sound Of the SuburbsVirginVS 242$10ukps/green/red lbl/solid centrem-/m-
Memphis BendUbangi StompUnited Artists/RockfieldUP 36132$15ukdemo/tan/brown logo/pink A lbl/nocvg+
Memphis Rockabilly BandLindy RockHeartbreak Hits5103$10usgroup slvm-
Memphis SlimEl CapitanStoryvilleA 45055$12dknocvg
Memphis SlimEl CapitanStoryvilleA 45055$35dkps/tolvg+/vg
Memphis Tenor C'sBig As Memphis (The King 1935-77)Hot RockHR 45-005$30ukred/yellow lbl/solid centrem-
MenThese Are Not My PeopleAnticK 11508$12ukrelease date stamped on lblm-
MenThese Are Not My PeopleAnticK 11508$12uk m-
Men at WorkDown UnderCBSCBSA 2066$6holps/yellow/orange lblm-/vg+
Men at WorkWho Can It Be NowCBS1611$6holpsm-/m-
Men of HarlechCharlie's Getting Married at LastEpic1274$8uk m-
Men Without HatsLiving In ChinaStatikTAK 3$6ukpsm-/m-
Mental As AnythingEgyptVirginVS 348$6ukpsm-/m-
Mental As AnythingThe Nips Are Getting BiggerVirginVS 309$6ukpsvg++/vg++
Mercey BrothersWhistle On the RiverColumbia4-44221$10usdemo/white/red lblvg+
MercyLove Can Make You HappyWarner Bros7291$20usgreen lblm-
MercyLove Can Make You HappyWarner BrosA 7291$10gergreen lblvg
MercyLove Can Make You HappyWarner BrosA 7291$20gerps/green lblvg++/vg++
Mercy DeeOne Room Country ShackSpecialtyXSP 458$15uswhite/yellow/black lbl/re-issuem-
MereteHen Over EngenEMI6C006-39449$20eecpsm-/m-
MereteHen Over EngenEminentES 1006$18dkpsm-/vg++
Meri WilsonTelephone ManPye International7N 25747$15ukdemom-
Meri WilsonTelephone ManPye International7N 25747$6ukred/black lblvg+
Merino Costa & Tijuana ColorFiesta En AcapulcoCannon3002$18holps/green/silver lblvg++/m-
Merit HemmingsonNär Vår Bliver Till SommarRCA VictorFAS 825$18swps/yellow lbl/brown text slv/woc/tocvg/vg
Merit HemmingsonNär Vår Bliver Till SommarRCA VictorFAS 825$15swps/yellow lbl/green text slv/soc/woc/tocvg/vg
Merle Haggard Amber Waves Of GrainEpic34-05659$4us m-
Merle Haggard Blues Stay Away From MeCapitol4477$10us m-
Merle Haggard If We Make It Through DecemberCapitol3746$10us m-
Merle Haggard If We Make It Through DecemberCapitolCL 15802$15ukdemo/red lblm-
Merle Haggard Kern RiverEpic34-05426$4us m-
Merle Haggard Out Among the StarsEpic34-06344$4us m-
Merle Haggard & the StrangersBranded ManCapitolF 5931$25norps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Merle Haggard & the StrangersEverybody's Had the BluesCapitol3641$10us m-
Merle Haggard & the StrangersMovin' OnCapitol4085.$10us m-
Merle KilgoreGod Bless the Working ManAshley45-35007$20usdemo/yellow/orange swirl lblm-
Merle KilgoreLove 'O' LoveWarner BrosWBS 8039$10usdemo/boulevard lblvg+
Merlin(Let Me) Put My Spell On YouCBSS CBS 2146$12ukorange/yellow lbl/solid centrevg++
MerlinAlrightCBS2421$15uksolid centrem-
Merrilee RushAngel Of the MorningBellBLL 1013$15ukturquise/silver lblvg
Merrilee RushAngel Of the MorningStatesideHSS 1278$15holblack/silver lblvg
Merrilee RushAngel On My ShoulderAGP126$12usred/black lbl/dhvg++
Merrilee RushChild Of MineScepterSDJ 12329$10usdemo/white/black lblvg+
Merrilee RushEveryday Livin' DaysAGP112$12usorange/black lbl/dhvg+
Merrilee RushEveryday Livin' DaysAGP112$18usorange/black lblvg++
Merrilee RushReach OutAGP107$12usorange/black lbl/dhvg
Merrilee RushSign On For the Good TimesAGP121$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Merrilee RushSign On For the Good TimesAGP121$15usorange/black lbl/dhvg++
Merrilee Rush & the TurnaboutsAngel Of the MorningBell705$12usdhvg++
Merrilee Rush & the TurnaboutsThat Kind Of WomanBell738$10usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
Merrilee Rush & the TurnaboutsThat Kind Of WomanBell738$4usblue/silver lbl/dhvg-
Merrilee Rush & the TurnaboutsThat Kind Of WomanBellBLL 1026$4ukturquoise/silver/black lblvg-
Merrilee Rush & the TurnaboutsThat Kind Of WomanStatesideKSS 1055$15swps/black/silver lbl/socvg/vg
Merrill MooreBarrel House BessieCapitolF 3721$250dkdemo/white/silver lblm-
Merrill MooreThe House Of Blue LightsCapitolF 2574$10uspurple/silver lblvg-
Merry-Go-RoundTime Will Show the WiserA&M834$10usbrown lblvg++
Merry-Go-RoundYou're A Very Lovely WomanA&M863$20usdemom-
MerrymenFire FireMerry DiscM 26$12barorange/black lblvg+
MerrymenFire FireMerry DiscM 26$6barorange/black lbl/wolvg-
MerrymenSoul CalypsoMetronomeM 25234$12gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg-
MerseybeatsDon't Turn AroundFontana267 341 TF$10norblue/silver lblvg++
MerseybeatsDon't Turn AroundFontanaTF 459$6ukblue/silver lblvg
MerseybeatsDon't Turn AroundFontanaTF 459$12ukblue/silver lblm-
MerseybeatsDon't Turn AroundFontanaTF 459$10ukblue/silver lblvg++
MerseybeatsDon't Turn AroundFontanaTF 459$15ukblue/silver lblsample sticker on lblm-
MerseybeatsI Love You Yes I DoFontanaTF 607$12uk vg++
MerseybeatsI Stand AccusedFontana267 526 TF$12nor vg++
MerseybeatsLast NightFontana267 389 TF$6norblue/silver lbl/noc/sol/wolvg+
MerseybeatsThis Is MerseybeatTudorCHEW 1$10ukpsvg++/vg+
MerseybeatsThis Is MerseybeatTudorCR 23$15ukps/solid centrem-/m-
MerseybeatsThis Is MerseybeatTudorCR 23$10uk vg++
MerseybeatsThis Is MerseybeatTudorCR 23$12uk m-
MerseybeatsWishin' And Hopin'FontanaTF 431$10ukre-issue/insertm-
MerseysLovely LorettaFontanaTF 955$35ukblue/silver lblvg++
MerseysSorrowFontanaTF 694$10ukre-issue/insertvg++
MessageVolcanoes Under the SunNova611888$20gerps/green/yellow lblvg++/vg
MessengersIn the JungleRare EarthR 5032F$6us vg
Metal UrbainHysterie ConnectiveRadarADA 20$20ukpsvg++/vg++
Metal UrbainHysterie ConnectiveRadarADA 20$25ukpsm-/m-
MetallicaEnter SandmanVertigoMETAL 7$25ukps/picture discm-/vg++
MeteorsA Girl In BlueTriolaTD 319$50dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
MeteorsA Girl In BlueTriolaTD 319$35dkps/blue/white lbl/nocvg++/vg++
MeteorsDe'r Altid Velkom'n I Vort Hus (You're Always At Our House)TriolaTD 334$30dkps/blue/white lblvg/vg
MeteorsGet A Load Of ThisPolydorNH 52263$40gerps/promo stamped lblvg+/vg
MeteorsGet A Load Of ThisPolydorNH 52263$20gerps/tocvg/vg-
MeteorsJohnny Remember MeIDEYE 1$15ukpsm-/m-
MeteorsJohnny Remember MeIDEYE 1P$15ukpicture discm-
MeteorsMutant RockWXYZABCD 5$15ukpsm-/m-
MeteorsOne Way TicketTriolaTD 345$60dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
MeteorsTorneroseTriolaTD 331$40dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
MeteorsTorneroseTriolaTD 331$25dkps/blue/white lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Meteors & Archie CokerMeadowlandsRave45R 209$10sablack/silver lbl/4 prong centrevg-
Meteors & Archie CokerMeadowlandsRave45R 209$25sablack/silver lbl/tri centrevg++
MethodKings On the CornerDo ItDUN 1$30ukpsm-/m-
MethodKings On the CornerDo ItDUN 1$25ukpsvg++/m-
MetroCriminal WorldTransatlanticBIG 560$10uk m-
Mette & MogensenSjov Sjov Sjov (Fun Fun Fun)SonetT 8444$18dkps/red/orange lbl/solid centrevg++/vg+
Mette & the CometsSørens FarSonetT 8388$20dkps/red/orange lblvg+/vg+
MexicanoCut ThroatIceICE 121$10usgreen/blue lblvg++
MexicanoMove Up Starsky (I'm Still Waiting)BaalBDN 38037$15ukorange rim lbl/wolvg+
MexicansZorba's TrumpetDeccaF 12388$10ukdemo/blue/silver curved logo silver A lblvg+
MezzoforteExpresswayRCA VictorPB 42707$6gerpsm-/m-
Mezzrow Bechet QuintetOle MissStoryvilleA 45059$20dkpsvg++/vg++
Mezzrow Bechet QuintetPerfido Street StompStoryvilleA 45082$18dkpsvg+/vg++
MGM OrchestraTheme from "Grand Prix"MGMMGM 61 147$30dk/gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Mia AdolphsonDet Var Den Sommaren (Let the Music Start)OdeonSD 6066$25swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Mia AdolphsonFår Jag Följa Dej (I Will Follow Him)Odeon4E006-34365$18swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mia LewisWish I Didn't Love HimDeccaF 12117$35ukdemo/blue/silver curved logo silver A lblvg++
Mia MartiniLiberaPolarPOS 1232$30swsolid centrevg++
Mia MartiniLiberaPolarPOS 1232$20sw vg
Mia MartiniPiccolo UomoRicordiSRL 10669$30itaps/black/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Miami Sound MachineBad BoyEpicEPCA 6255$5holps/blue lbl/dhvg+/vg+
Miami Sound MachineWords Get In the WayEpic650 079-7$5holps/blue logo lbl/dhvg+/vg+
Mica ParisLike Dreamers Do4th & BroadwayBRW 108$6ukpsm-/m-
MichaelEach And Every DayPolydorNH 59770$10sw vg-
Michael & the MesengersMidnight HourU.S.A.866$50usblue/white/red lblvg++
Michael AlbeckHan Er Fra ÅrhusSonetT 8437$15dkps/red/orange lblvg/vg+
Michael AlbeckKom September (Come September)SonetT 8369$25dkps/red/orange lblm-/m-
Michael AllenLove Is Spreading Over the WorldVerveVK 10669$10usdemo/blue/black lblvg++
Michael AllenWhere I'm WantedMGMK 13385$25usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
Michael B. TretowPaper DollsCBSCBS 4557$15swps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
Michael B. TretowPaper DollsCBSCBS 4557$18swps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Michael B. TretowPaper DollsCBSCBS 4557$15swps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
Michael BakerI Like ItSuperTL 001$10triwhite/blue lbl/wolvg+
Michael BeenTo Feel This WayRed DotRDT 3$20ukps/promo sticker on slvm-/m-
Michael Bolton(Sittin' On)The Dock Of the BayCBS651 387-7$2holpsm-/m-
Michael BundesenMattissongPolydorS 120$75dkps/promo only/press release in Danishm-/m-
Michael BundesenMin Kone Og Min BrorPolydor2054 083$20nor/dkpsm-/m-
Michael ChaplinI Am What I AmDeccaF 12142$50uk/dkps/curved logovg++/vg++
Michael ChaplinI Am What I AmDeccaF 12142$20uk/dkps/curved logovg-/vg
Michael ChaplinI Am What I AmDeccaF 12142$40uk/dkps/curved logo/nocvg+/vg++
Michael CoxStand UpHis Master's Voice45-POP 1065$35dkps/turquoise/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Michael CoxStand UpHis Master's VoicePOP 1065$25swps/turquoise/silver lbl/noc/wolvg/vg-
Michael CoxStand UpHis Master's VoicePOP 1065$35swps/turquoise/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg
Michael CoxStand UpHis Master's VoicePOP 1065$30swps/turquoise/silver lbl/woc/wolvg/vg
Michael CretuWild RiverPolydor2042 033$30gerpsvg++/vg++
Michael D'AboFuel To BurnA&MAMS 7121$8uksilver lbl/solid centrevg++
Michael Des BarresI'm Only HumanDreamlandDLSP 7$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
Michael Elo She Has GotPhilips6012 231$25holps/blue/black lblvg++/vg+
Michael Elo That's My BagPhilips6012 364$20holps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
Michael Elo We'll Find A WayPhilips6019 151$25norps/blue/silver lbl/rssvg++/vg++
Michael Elo Wizzy LizzyPhilips6019 091$15norps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg
Michael Elo Wizzy LizzyPhilips6019 091$25norps/blue/silver lblm-/vg++
Michael Elo Wizzy LizzyPhilips6019 091$20norps/blue/silver lblm-/vg+
Michael Elo & Palle MikkelborgNår Lykken VenderLademann FilmLF 770304$30dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Michael Elo & Palle MikkelborgNår Lykken VenderLademann FilmLF 770304$40dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Michael Elo & Palle MikkelborgNår Lykken VenderLademann FilmLF 770304$35dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Michael FalchUd Af MørketMedleyMDS 353$30holps/press release in Danishvg++/m-
Michael Flanders & Donald SwannA GnuParlophone45-R 4354$10ukmauve/silver lblm-
Michael FranksTiger In the RainWarner BrosWBS 8811$6uscream lblm-
Michael HarsvikLandmanden Og MeteorologenEMI6C006-39116$25dkpsm-/vg++
Michael HedgesThe Streamlined ManWindham Hill/A&M883 623-7$15gerdemo/tan/black lbl/promo slvvg++
Michael Henry MartinJust Hold My HandSSS InternationalSSS 762$12usmulticolor lbl/dhvg+
Michael Henry MartinJust Hold My HandSSS InternationalSSS 762$8usmulticolor/dh/wolvg+
Michael HollidayHot Diggity (Dog Ziggity Boom)ColumbiaSCM 5273$30ukmauve/gold lblvg++
Michael HollidayOld Cape CodColumbia45-DB 3992$18ukmauve/silver lblvg+
Michael HollidaySixteen TonsColumbiaSCM 5221$20ukmauve/gold lblvg
Michael HollidayStairway Of LoveColumbia45-DB 4121$8dkmauve/gold lblvg+
Michael HollidayStairway Of LoveColumbia45-DB 4121$12ukmauve/silver lblm-
Michael HollidayThe Runaway TrainColumbia45-DB 3813$25ukmauve/gold lblvg+
Michael HollidayThe Steady GameColumbia45-DB-4378$18norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinylvg+
Michael HollidayThe Story Of My LifeColumbia45-DB 4058$6ukmauve/silver lblvg
Michael HolmFlower Power TimeHansa19764 AT$10gerpsvg/vg
Michael HolmFlower Power TimeHansa19764 AT$8gerpsvg-/vg-
Michael HolmWhen A Child Is BornMercury73642$15usdemo/blue/white skyscraper lblvg++
Michael JagdDa Glad Var GladBillig Bill & BilletterneBBB 1$50dkps/white/purple lbl/solid centrem-/m-
Michael LandonCareless LoveRCA Victor47-9412$35swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Michael LandonGimme A Little Kiss (Will Ya Huh)ColumbiaDS 2209$25swps/green/silver lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg
Michael LandonGimme A Little Kiss (Will Ya Huh)ColumbiaDS 2209$25swps/green/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Michael LondonMiracles Sometimes HappenHis Master's Voice45-POP 1026$12ukturquoise/silver lbl/wolvg++
Michael Martin MurpheyRoute 66Warner Bros7-22666$8us m-
Michael Medwin, Bernard Bresslaw, Alfie Bass & Leslie FysonThe Army GameHis Master's Voice45-POP 490$10ukmauve/silver lblvg++
Michael NeshmithJoanneRCA VictorRCA 2001$10ukyellow/white logo lbl/nocm-
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandJoanneRCA Victor74-0368$8gerps/yellow lbl/phvg-/vg
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandNevada FighterRCA Victor74-0453$15gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandNevada FighterRCA Victor74-0453$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandSilver MoonRCA Victor3-10585$12spaps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg-/vg++
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandSilver MoonRCA Victor74-0399$18gerps/silver lbl/wolm-/m-
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandSilver MoonRCA Victor74-0399$18gerps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandSilver MoonRCA Victor74-0399$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Michael Neshmith & the First National BandSilver MoonRCA Victor74-0399$15gerps/yellow lblvg+/m-
Michael NesmithRioIslandWIP 6373$18ukdemo/1 sided/release date handwritten sticker on lblm-
Michael NesmithRioIslandWIP 6373$8ukgrey/white/green lblvg++
Michael NesmithRioIslandWIP 6373$10ukgrey/white/green lblm-
Michael O'BrienMade In GermanyStiffBUY 58$10ukps/green lblm-/m-
Michael O'DuffyO'Donnell AbuPye7N 17350$12ukred/black top lblvg++
Michael PalmerShe No Ready YetJammy$ $10jamblue/white lblvg+
Michael ProphetNice Children Of IsraelLightning $30jam vg++
Michael QuatroIn Collaboration With the GodsUnited ArtistsUA-XW672-Y$10ustan/brown logo lblvg++
Michael Rabon & ChoctawLet Your Light Shine OnUni55305$15usdemo/yellow/rainbow swirl lbl/solvg++
Michael Rabon & ChoctawMary MilesUni55289$15usdemo/yellow/rainbow swirl lblm-
Michael RoseGuess Who's Coming To DinnerOvalOVAL 1008$35uk vg++
Michael SalmonyMakin' LoveMetronomeB 1381$10dkblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Michael ShermanSadieMAMMAM 106$18uk/dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Michael ShermanSadieMAMMAM 106$20uk/dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Michael ShermanSadieMAMMAM 106$10uk/swps/black/silver lbl/noc/woc/socvg+/vg+
Michael Stewart QuartetLisbon AntiguaBell1128$4uswhite/black lblvg-
Michael WinslowI Am My Own WalkmanIslandIS 234$15ukpsvg++/vg++
MichaelaWind Und WolkenVogue45-STU 42144$30dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Michel AttenouxPetite FleurPanoramaMH 40$6fralight blue/black lblvg+
Michel DelpechCherie LiseBarclay61277$20fraps/orange/tan lblvg+/vg++
Michel DelpechLa Vie La VieBarclay61514$25fraps/orange/black lblm-/vg+
Michel DelpechLa Vie La VieBarclay61514$30fraps/orange/black lblvg++/m-
Michel DelpechLe Ble En HerbeBarclay61444 L$20fraps/orange/black lblvg/m-
Michel DelpechLes DivorcesBarclay61881$30frapsvg++/m-
Michel DelpechMeme Pendant La GuerreBarclay61573$30frapsm-/m-
Michel DelpechQuand J'Etais ChanteurBarclay62186$25fraps/orange/tan lblvg+/m-
Michel DelpechWight Is WightBarclay61150$15frapsm-/m-
Michel DelpechWight Is WightMajor MinorMM 686$10ukred/white/black lblvg++
Michel JonaszJoueurs de BluesAtlantic11 664$18frapsm-/vg++
Michel JonaszRay CharlesAtlantic249 192-7$15fraps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
Michel LegrandJesus Christ Superstar/Day By DayBell45215$10ussilver/black lblm-
Michel LegrandMerry-Go-Round (Complainte De La Butte)Columbia4-40661$12usdemo/white/black lblvg
Michel OrsoAngeliqueRiviera121 051$15fra m-
Michel PagliaroWhat the Hell I GotCBSDJC4 4107$10candemo/wolvg+
Michel PagliaroWhat the Hell I GotColumbia3-10205$12usdemom-
Michel PolnareffBeatnikDisc AZ/VogueJ 35106$15itaps/red/white lblvg-/vg
Michel PolnareffGloriaDisc AZSG 208$18fraps/pink/white lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Michel PolnareffLa MichetonneuseMetronomeM 25184$20gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Michel PolnareffL'Amour Avec ToiPalettePB 45 242$10holps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Michel PolnareffLettre A FranceAtlanticPRO 76$25frared/black lblm-
Michel PolnareffLipstick Part 1AtlanticK 10783$10ukorange/green/white stripe lbl/solid centrem-
Michel PolnareffTous Les Bateaux Tous Les OiseauxDisc AZSG 75$20fraps/pink/white lbl/laminated flipback slvvg+/vg+
Michel PolnareffTous Les Bateaux Tous Les OiseauxDisc AZSG 75$20fraps/pink/white lbl/textured flipback slvvg+/vg+
Michel PolnareffUn Train Ce SoirDisc AZSG 155$15fraps/pink/white lbl/textured flipback slvvg/vg
Michel SimonMemerePhilips6009 682$40fraps/blue/black lblvg+/vg+
MicheleNegro (In the Ghetto)RiFiRFN-NP 16375$30itaps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblm-/m-
Michele TorrI'm Just (A Simple Country Girl From France)SonetSON 2104$35ukred/orange lbl/solid centrevg++
Michéle TorrCe Soir Je T'AttendaisMercury154 082 MCF$50fraps/green/silver lblm-/m-
MichelinoE' Un Vero Peccato (Too Bad You Don't Want Me)ItaldiscM 177$20itaps/black/silver lbl/demo sticker on lblvg++/vg++
Michelle PfeifferCool RiderRSO2090 585$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Michelle PfeifferCool RiderRSO2090 585$20gerpsm-/m-
Michelle PhillipsAching KindA&M1996-S$10us m-
Michelle PhillipsNo Love TodayA&M1824-S$30uspsm-/vg++
Michelle ShockedAnchorageAmigoAMS 177$10swpsm-/m-
Michelle ShockedCome A Long WayLondonLON 316$10ukpsm-/m-
Michelle ShockedIf Love Was A TrainAmigoAMS 179$10swpsm-/m-
MichouZip Zip ZipChez MichouJ 77000$25fraps/orange lbl/laminated slv/signed/postcardvg+/m-
Mick and DonnaHey PaulaEMIEMI 2423$15ukdemom-
Mick and DonnaLove Me I Love YouEMIEMI 2362$15ukdemom-
Mick Farren & the New WavePlay With FireOrkORK 81980$30us m-
Mick GreenwoodLiving GameMCAMKS 5074$15ukblack/silver/blue/white lblm-
Mick JaggerJust Another NightCBS4722$8holpsm-/vg++
Mick JaggerLucky In LoveCBS6213$8holpsm-/vg++
Mick JaggerMemo From TurnerDeccaF 13067$50swps/tear on back of slvvg+/vg+
Mick JaggerMemo From TurnerDeccaF 13067$25ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Mick JaggerMemo From TurnerDeccaF 13067$80uk/dkpsm-/m-
Mick JaggerMemo From TurnerDeccaF 13067$50uk/dkps/nocvg+/vg+
Mick JaggerMemo From TurnerDeccaF 13067$50uk/dkps/nocvg/vg++
Mick JaggerSay You WillCBS651 248-7$10holpsm-/m-
Mick JaggerThe Mick Jagger Interview Vol. 1Glimmer TwinsGTR 002/LYN 1495$75ukps/promo/blue flexivg++/m-
Mick JaggerThe Mick Jagger Interview Vol. 1Glimmer TwinsGTR 002/LYN 1495$70ukps/promo/blue flexivg+/m-
Mick JaggerThe Mick Jagger Interview Vol. 2Glimmer TwinsGTR 003/LYN 1496$75ukps/promo/red flexivg++/m-
Mick RonsonBilly PorterRCA VictorPPBO-7010$18gerps/yellow lblm-/vg++
Mick RonsonBilly PorterRCA VictorPPBO-7010$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Mick RonsonBilly PorterRCA VictorPPBO-7010$18gerps/yellow lbl/wocm-/m-
Mick RonsonLove Me TenderRCA VictorAPBO 0212$30gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Mick RonsonLove Me TenderRCA VictorAPBO-0212$18gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
Mick RonsonSlaughter On 10th AvenueRCA VictorLPBO 5022$30gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Mick TinsleyLet It Be MeDeccaF 12544$18ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/wolvg
Mickey & KittyOoh-Sha-LalaAtlantic45-2024$20usred/black lblm-
Mickey & SylviaLove Is StrangeRCA Victor447-0599$15us vg++
Mickey & SylviaLove Will Make You Fail In SchoolVik4X-0280$20us vg++
Mickey & SylviaThere Oughta Be A LawVik4X-0267$20usblack/silver/multicolor logo lblvg++
Mickey BarnettKeep Your Cotton Pickin Hands Off My GinDown YonderDY 002$10us m-
Mickey CallanYou Just Gotta Love Me TooColpixCP 134$75usps/gold/red logo lblvg+/vg+
Mickey Carton's Orch.Stack Of BarleyCelticCI-45-1$4usmaroon/silver lblvg+
Mickey GilleyBlame It On the MoonPaulaPAULA 280$8uspink/black lblvg+
Mickey GilleyCall Me ShortyDot45-15706$25usreprom-
Mickey GilleyDrive In MovieKhoury's712$25usreprom-
Mickey GilleyFull Grown FoolEpic34-07009$10usdemo/white/black lblm-
Mickey GilleyNight After NightPaula402$10usred/black lblm-
Mickey GilleyRoom Full Of RosesPlayboy611 508$20gerpsm-/m-
Mickey GilleyRoom Full Of RosesPlayboy611 508$15gerps/wolvg++/m-
Mickey GilleyThat's All That MattersEpic9-50940$6usblue lblvg+
Mickey JuppClaggin OnWaterfrontWFS 40$10uk m-
Mickey JuppDon't Talk To MeGood FootGFR 001$10uk m-
Mickey JuppJoggin'A&MAMS 8222$10ukpsm-/m-
Mickey JuppModern MusicA&MAMS 8208$10ukpsm-/m-
Mickey JuppNature's RadioAristaARISTA 136$10uk m-
Mickey JuppOld Rock 'n' RollerStiff612 390$20gerpsm-/m-
Mickey JuppOld Rock 'n' RollerStiffBUY 36$12uk m-
Mickey JuppRooms In Your RoofChrysalisCHS 2388$15uk m-
Mickey Jupp & LegendMy TypewriterStiffUPP 1$15ukred lblm-
Mickey Lee LaneShaggy DogSwanS-4183$40usblack/silver lblm-
Mickey MooreSick And Tired Of All This Disco MusicSOSSOS 1026$10swpsm-/m-
Mickey Mozart QuartetLittle DipperSonetT 7055$25dkps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg++
Mickey NewburyAmerican TrilogyElektra12090$18fraps/butterfly lblvg+/vg+
Mickey NewburyBaby's Not HomeElektraE-45206$8usbutterfly lblvg++
Mickey NewburyHeaven Help the ChildElektraEK 45840$8usbutterfly lblvg++
Mickey NewburyMobile BlueElektraEKM 45771$15usdemo/white/black butterfly lbl/solvg++
Mickey NewburyTell Him BoysABCABC 4167$15ukdemo/white/black lbl/solid centrem-
Mickey NewburyWish I WasABC/HickoryAH 54034$12usyellow/orange swirl lbl/promo stamped lblm-
Mickey ThomasStand In the FireRCA VictorJK 14273$15usdemo/beige/black lblvg++
Micki LynnCrazy 'bout My BabyCapitol5413$30usyellow/orange swirl lblvg++
Micki Marlo That's RightABC-Paramount45-9841$25usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
Micki Marlo & Paul AnkaWhat You've Done To MeKarusellKFF 224$30sw vg++
Mickie FinnForty-Five Minutes From BroadwayDunhill/ABCD-4157$8usblack/silver/rainbow box logo lblvg+
Mickie FinnMickie Finn ThemeDunhill45-D-4038$10usblack/silver/yellow rim box logo lblvg++
Mickie MostMr. PorterDeccaF 11664$30ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/sample sticker on lblvg
MickyEnsename A CantarAriola17510$12gerpsvg/vg
Micky DayOh Oh What A KissAmigoAMS 103$25swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Micky DolenzDon't Do ItLondon AmericanHLH 10117$20ukblack/silver top lblvg+
Micky DolenzHuff PuffLondon AmericanHLH 10152$20ukblack/silver lblvg+
Micky DolenzLove LightChrysalisCHS 2297$15ukps/blue lblm-/vg++
Micky MoonshineBaby BlueDeccaF 13616$90ukbrown/silver/boxed logo lblvg++
Micky und GabyDas Hat Uns Schon Karl May ErzähltAriola45142$25dkred/white logo lblvg++
Micky und GabyDas Hat Uns Schon Karl May ErzähltAriola45142$15dk/gerps/red/white logo lblvg/vg
Micky und GabyTeddyAriola45143$18gerps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg
MicrobeGroovy BabyCBS4158$15ukorange lbl/4 prong centrevg+
Middle of the RoadBottoms UpRCA Victor74-16213$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Middle of the RoadBottoms UpRCA Victor74-16213$25gerps/yellow lbl/promo sticker on lblvg++/m-
Middle of the RoadChirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep (Spanish Version)RCA Victor3-10617$15spaps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Middle of the RoadKailakee KailakoRCA Victor74-16338$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Middle of the RoadSamson And DelilahRCA Victor74-16151$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Middle of the RoadSamson And DelilahRCA Victor74-16151$18gerps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Middle of the RoadTweedle Dee Tweedle DumRCA ItalianaPM 3580$18itaps/blue/white logo lblvg++/vg++
Middle of the RoadYellow BoomerangRCA Victor74-16280$18gerps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Midge UreNo RegretsChrysalis104 426$6gerps/silver/black lblm-/m-
Midge Ure & Mick KarnAfter A FashionChrysalis/MusicfestFEST 1$10ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
Midnight OilBeads Are Burning (Live)CBS658 235-7$10holpsm-/m-
Midnight OilDream WorldCBS653 051-7$6holpsm-/m-
Midnight PatrolHomemade SunshineBellBELL 1332$18ukdemo/silver/black lblvg++
Midnight SunBefore You KnowSonetT 7267$75dkps/red/orange lblm-/vg++
Midnight SunKing Of the SunSonetT 7262$75dkps/red/orange lblm-/m-
Midnight SunKul PåSonetT 8415$18dkps/red/orange lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg++
Midnight SunKul PåSonetT 8415$18dkps/red/orange lbl/solid centre/wolvg+/vg+
Midnight SunKul PåSonetT 8415$18dkps/red/orange lbl/4 prong push out centrevg+/vg
Mighty AvengersBlue Turns To GreyDeccaF 12085$50ukdemo/blue/silver curved logo silver A lblm-
Mighty AvengersSo Much In LoveDeccaF 11962$30ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/nocvg+
Mighty DiamondsHave MercyVirginVS 137$40uk m-
Mighty Dragon & the RevelationsBeautiful BarbadosWelcome InnWI 001$30barwhite/red/green lblvg
Mighty GypseyFor-CaneAntillanaB 980$10wiyellow/black lbl/sol/wolvg-
Mighty Lemon DropsInto the Heart Of LoveChrysalisAZUR 12$6ukpsm-/m-
Mighty Lemon DropsLike An AngelDreamworldDREAM 006$10ukpsm-/m-
Mighty LongTuff DubFireball $40jamwolm-
Mighty RoarsWhaleOne Little Indian761 TP7$10ukps/red vinylm-/m-
Mighty SparrowBon BamdeRARA 808$15triyellow/black lblvg
Mighty SparrowDragon DanceDynamicDYN 103$12ukdemo/orange/yellow lbl/nocvg+
Migil 5Boys And GirlsPye7N 15677$15ukdemo/noc/wolvg++
Migil 5Just Behind the RainbowPye7N 15757$20ukdemom-
Migil 5Mocking Bird HillPye7N 15597$15dkps/noc/sol/wocvg+/vg
Migil 5Mocking Bird HillPye7N 15597$20ukdemo/white/black A lblm-
Migil 5Near YouPye7N 15645$10ukdemo/noc/wolvg
Migil FiveTogetherColumbiaDB 8196$40ukblack/silver lbl/solvg+
Miguel Moreno & Los DinosNo No No NoFonalMJ 14$20spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slv/signed by artistg/vg+
Miguel RiosContra El CristalHispavoxH 484$10spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slv/wocvg+/vg+
Miguel RiosEl RioHispavoxH 373$15spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slv/wocvg+/vg+
Miguel RiosLike An EaglePolydor2001 125$8gerdemo/white/black lblvg+
Miguel RiosUnitedA&MAMS 865$20uk/dkps/brown lblm-/m-
Miguelito Valdes & GracielaLamento CubanoTicoT 439$8usyellow/orange/blue logo lbl/dhvg+
Mikael RickforsBlue FunIslandIS 175$15swpsm-/m-
Mikael RickforsDancing On the Edge Of DangerSonetT 7975$10swpsm-/m-
Mikael RickforsSkin Is ThinSonetT 10083$10swpsm-/m-
Mikael RickforsTender Turns TuffSonetT 10021$10swpsm-/m-
Mike & BillThings Won't Be This Bad AlwaysAristaARISTA 95$8ukdemo/black/silver/blue logo lblvg
Mike & MichaelLet's StopTelefunkenU 56226$18gerps/red/white logo lblm-/m-
Mike BattDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodEpic5662$15ukdemo/orange lblm-
Mike BattShort Back And SidesEpic4469$15ukdemo/light blue/red A lblm-
Mike BattThe Walls Of the WorldEpic5356$15ukdemo/orange lblm-
Mike Batt with the New EditionSummertime CityEpicS EPC 3460$10ukyellow/black square logo lbl/solid centrem-
Mike BerryAnniversary Song (Oh How We Danced)PolydorPOSP 231$10uk m-
Mike BerryDon't Be CruelRakRAK 198$4ukwolvg
Mike BerryIf I Could Only Make You CarePolydorPOSP 202$10uk m-
Mike BerryLike A FoolPolydorPOSP 419$10ukps/silver/black lbl/solid centrem-/m-
Mike BerryMemoriesPolydorPOSP 287$10uksilver/black lblm-
Mike BerryRaining In My HeartPolydor56182$20uk vg++
Mike BerryStay Close To MeLightningLIG 555$15ukred/blue lbl/solid centrevg++
Mike BerryThe Sunshine Of Your SmilePolydor2059 261$10frasilver/black lblm-
Mike BerryThe Sunshine Of Your SmilePolydor2059 261$8uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg++
Mike BerryThe Sunshine Of Your SmilePolydor2059 261$10uk m-
Mike Berry & the OutlawsDon't You Think It's TimeHis Master's Voice45-POP 1105$8norblue/silver lbl/noc/wolvg+
Mike Berry & the OutlawsDon't You Think It's TimeHis Master's Voice45-POP 1105$6ukblack/silver lblvg
Mike Berry & the OutlawsTribute To Buddy HollyColumbia1C006-94035$25gerps/blue/white lblvg++/vg+
Mike Berry & the OutlawsTribute To Buddy HollyHis Master's VoicePOP 912$12ukblack/silver lblvg
Mike Berry with the London Rock OrchestraI'm A RockerPolydor2058 925$6uksolid centrevg+
Mike BrantMais Dans La LumiereCBS5245$30gerps/orange lblm-/m-
Mike CiccarelliThe Sun RisesHI45-2191$35usdemo/yellow/orange lblvg++
Mike CliffordWhat To Do With LaurieUnited ArtistsUA 557$20usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
Mike Cotton SoundI Don't Wanna KnowMetronomeB 1595$75dkgreen 2 tone lblvg
Mike Curb CongregationFly Me A Place For the SummerMGMPK 1004$15usyellow/black lbl/Western Airlines Commercialvg++
Mike Curtis & the Ivy LeagueGypsy Rosa LeeBasf05 11905-4/06 11905 4$10gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Mike D'AboLet It RoarUni6073 013$25gerps/yellow/green/orange swirl lblvg++/vg++
Mike D'AboLet It RoarUni6073 013$30norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lblm-/m-
Mike D'AboLet It RoarUni6073 013$20norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lblvg+/vg+
Mike D'AboLittle Miss UnderstoodA&M1374$12usbrown lblvg++
Mike D'AboLittle Miss UnderstoodA&MAMS 7016$8ukbrown lblvg+
Mike D'AboLittle Miss UnderstoodA&MAMS 7016$15ukbrown lblm-
Mike D'AboLittle Miss UnderstoodA&MAMS 7016$12ukbrown lblvg++
Mike D'AboMiss Me In the MorningBellBLL 1134$15dkps/black/silver lbl/Peter Sellers & Goldie Hawn slvvg/vg+
Mike D'AboMiss Me In the MorningBellBLL 1134$15dkps/black/silver lbl/Peter Sellers & Goldie Hawn slv/nocvg+/vg+
Mike D'AboMiss Me In the MorningBellBLL 1134$18ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
Mike DoraneStop In the Name Of LoveRockersRRS 3$8ukwhite/purple lbl/wolvg+
Mike DouglasThe Men In My Little Girl's LifeEpic5-9876-H$20holps/yellow lblm-/m-
Mike FinneganJust One Minute MoreCBSS CBS 6656$20ukorange/yellow lbl/solid centrevg+
Mike FinneganJust One Minute MoreCBSS CBS 6656$30ukorange/yellow lbl/solid centrem-
Mike FinneganJust One Minute MoreCBSS CBS 6656$15ukorange/yellow lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
Mike FosterIt's Too LateImperial5C006-24610$20holps/orange lbl/textured flipback slv/solvg++/vg++
Mike HartYawney Morning SongDandelion4781$15uk vg+
Mike HeronSold On Your LoveZoomZUM 5$10ukps/red/black lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Mike KennedyI Can't Help MyselfBasf06-128681$18gerpsm-/m-
Mike KennedyLouisianaSonetT 7884$20swps/red/orange lblvg+/m-
Mike KennedyMultiplicationBasf06-12646-8$18gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Mike KennedyMultiplicationBasf06-12646-8$25gerps/red/black lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
Mike KennedyQue Te Quiero (Que Je T'aime)BarclaySN 20317$18spaps/orange/yellow lbl/tocvg+/vg+
Mike KonstanThis TimeMGMK 13604$40usdemo/yellow/black lblvg+
Mike LeroyIf You See DianaCBS4163$20ukdemovg-
Mike MaxfieldHey MisterCreoleCR 103$12ukbrown 2 tone lblm-
Mike McGearAll the Whales In the OceanCarrereCAR 144$30ukpink lbl/solid centrem-
Mike McGearAll the Whales In the OceanCarrereCAR 144$20ukpink lbl/solid centrevg+
Mike McGearLeave ItWarner BrosK 16446$10ukboulevard lblvg+
Mike McGearLeave ItWarner BrosK 16446$15ukboulevard lbl/solid centrem-
Mike Morton CombinationBurning BridgesPlexiumPXM 19$6ukred/black lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
Mike Morton OrchestraLove Theme from The Winds Of WarM&HMH 1002$10uk m-
Mike Oldfield ArrivalVirginVS 374$10ukpsvg++/vg++
Mike Oldfield Blue PeterVirginVS 317$12ukpsvg++/m-
Mike Oldfield Family ManVirginB 103793$8spapsvg+/vg
Mike Oldfield GuiltyVirginVS 245$10ukpsvg++/vg++
Mike Oldfield In Dulci JubiloVirginVS 131$12ukdemo/white/grey twins lblvg+
Mike Oldfield In Dulci JubiloVirginVS 131$20ukdemo/white/grey/black A twins lblm-
Mike Oldfield Mike Oldfield's Single (Theme from Tubular Bells)VirginVS 101$18ukwhite/grey twins lblvg++
Mike Oldfield PortsmouthVirginVS 163$8ukblue 2 tone/red/pink logo lblvg+
Mike Oldfield PortsmouthVirginVS 163$10ukblue 2 tone/red/pink logo lblvg++
Mike Oldfield PortsmouthVirginVS 163$12ukblue 2 tone/red/pink logo lblm-
Mike Oldfield PortsmouthVirginVS 163$10ukblue 2 tone/red/pink logo lbl/solid centrevg++
Mike Oldfield PortsmouthVirginVS 163$18ukdemo/blue 2 tone twins/blue A lbl/solid centrem-
Mike Oldfield William Tell OvertureVirginVS 167$8ukblue 2 tone/red/pink logo lbl/solid centrevg+
Mike Oldfield with Les PenningCuckoo SongVirginVS 198$8ukblue 2 tone/red/pink logo lbl/solid centrevg+
Mike PostThe A TeamRCA VictorPB 13859$10usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
Mike PostThe Rockford FilesMGM2006 521$15ukdemo/blue/black lblm-
Mike PostThe Rockford FilesMGMM 14772$4usblue/gold swirl lblvg
Mike PostThe Rockford FilesMGMM 14772$8usblue/gold swirl lblm-
Mike PostTheme from Magnum P.I.Elektra969 688-7$12gerps/black/red lblvg/vg
Mike Post & Larry CarltonTheme from Hill Street BluesElektraK 12576$15ukps/red/white logo lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/vg+
Mike PrestonDirty Old TownDecca45-F 11120$15ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg+
Mike PrestonI'd Do AnythingDecca45-F 11255$8ukblue/silver curved logo logovg+
Mike PrestonMr. BlueDecca45-F 11167$15dkps/blue/silver curved logovg/vg-
Mike PrestonMr. BlueDecca45-F 11167$15ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Mike PrestonMr. BlueDecca45-F 11167$6ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/nocvg
Mike PrestonMr. BlueDecca45-F 11167$15ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg+
Mike Raynor & SkyI'm Going DownDeccaF 22864$35nor/dkpsvg-/vg++
Mike Raynor & SkyI'm Going DownDeccaF 22864$40nor/dkpsvg/vg++
Mike Raynor & the CondorsIs She A Woman NowDeccaF 22690$40uk/dkps/woc/nocvg/vg++
Mike RedwayI'll Keep You SatisfiedEmbassy45-WB 601$6uk vg-
Mike Redway & the BeatmenSomeone SomeoneEmbassyWB 638$6uk vg
Mike ReidThe King's New ClothesPye7N 45514$15ukdemo/red/black A lbl/solid centrem-
Mike ReidThe Ugly DucklingPye7N 45434$15ukdemom-
Mike Roger & his Machine GunsLet's SlopElite SpecialF 4002$25swips/blue/silver lbl/sol/tocvg/vg-
Mike Rose & ColoursWhen You're AsleepSonet/AlaskaALA 3$8swred/orange lblvg+
Mike RutherfordWorking In LineCharisma6079 491$20spaps/Mad Hatter lbl/textured slv/wocvg/vg++
Mike Sammes SingersWhat Do I DoHis Master's VoicePOP 1546$4ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
Mike Sarne featuring Billie DavisWill I WhatParlophone45-R 4932$8ukred/silver lblvg+
Mike Sarne featuring Wendy RichardCome OutsideParlophone45-R 4902$25norps/red/silver lbl/noc/solvg/vg+
Mike Sarne featuring Wendy RichardCome OutsideParlophone45-R 4902$4norred/silver lbl/wolvg-
Mike Spenser & the CannibalsGood GuysBig CockF-UK 1$25ukpsm-/m-
Mike Spenser & the CannibalsGood GuysBig CockF-UK 1$35ukps/biogm-/m-
Mike Spenser & the CannibalsGood GuysBig CockF-UK 1$15uksolid centrem-
Mike Stoller & the Stoller SystemSilver Sea HorseAmy11027$30usdemo/pink lblvg++
Mike TherieauFly AwayDRRDRR 001$10uspsvg+/m-
Mike Wallace DaffodilMajor MinorMM 668$25uk/porps/wocvg+/vg
Mike Wallace & the CaretakersWhitsand BayInterdiscIPS 1151$30swps/noc/wocvg+/vg++
Mike Wallace & the CaretakersWhitsand BaySweDiscSWES 1151$25swps/yellow/purple lblvg/vg+
Mike WellsSing A Love Song Porter WagonerPlayboyP 6029$6us vg+
Mikey DreadRockers DelightDread at the ControlsMIK 1$10uk m-
Miki & GriffEverybody KnowsMajor MinorMM 612$8ukred/white/black lblvg++
Miki and GriffA Little Bitty TearPye7N 15412$8ukplum/silver lblvg+
Miki and Griff with the Lonnie Donegan GroupHold Back TomorrowPye Nixa7N 15213$8ukplum/silver textured lblvg
Miki AntonyAnother Without You DayBellBELL 1306$15ukdemo/silver/black lblm-
Miki AntonyCan't Get You (Out Of My Mind)EMIEMI 2683$18ukps/demom-/vg++
Miki AntonyChuckeeRCA Victor47-15188$20gerps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Miki AntonyChuckeeRCA Victor47-15188$20gerps/yellow lblm-/vg++
Miki AntonyIf It Wasn't For the Reason That I Love YouBell45330$30ussilver/black lblvg++
Miki AntonyIf It Wasn't For the Reason That I Love YouBellBELL 1275$10uksilver/black lblvg++
Mikis TheodorakisLa Danse de Zorba20th Century630 003 BLY$4frablack/gold lblvg
Mikis TheodorakisTheme from SerpicoParamountPARA 3045$6ukgrey/black lblvg+
Mikis TheodorakisTheme from SerpicoParamountPARA 3045$10ukgrey/black lblm-
Mikis TheodorakisTheme from SerpicoParamountPARA 3045$8ukgrey/black lbl/rssvg++
Miles DavisBudoPhilips362 000$6holps/red/silver lblvg+/g
Miles DavisMolester Part 1Columbia4-45709$10us vg+
Miles DavisTime After TimeColumbia38-04829$10usdemovg++
Miles Davis QuartetIt Never Entered My MindMetronomePR 45-165$20swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Miles Davis QuintetAireginMetronomeJ 45-531$10swblack/silver lblvg+
Miles Davis QuintetIt Never Entered My Mind Part 1Prestige45-165$10usmaroon/silver lblvg+
Milk Kan feat. Dolly PartonHere Ya Come Again & AgainMilkKan1$10uk m-
Milk 'n' CookiesLittle Lost And InnocentIslandWIP 6222$15ukpink rim lblvg+
MilkshakesSoldiers Of LoveUprightUP 6$25ukpsm-/m-
MillCotton JennyAriola17192 AT$10gerpsvg+/vg+
MillCotton JennyAriola17192 AT$18gerpsm-/vg++
MillThat's NiceAriola11511 AT$8gerpsvg-/vg-
Miller BrothersIf I Had A CigarMercuryB45-785$18swblack/silver lblvg+
Miller's Incredible Big Fat BandUnd Ve FlySpiralSPF 7009$10ukbrown/yellow lblm-
Millicent MartinSuspicionParlophoneR 5120$4ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg
MillieI Love the Way You LoveFontana267 387 TF$25nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg
MillieMy Boy LollipopBlue MountainBM 10266ukhandwritten release date on lblvg
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontana267 331 TF$15gerps/black/silver lbl/wolvg-/vg-
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontana267 331 TF$25nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/horizontal orange/white lbl/nocvg+/vg+
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontana267 331 TF$15nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/rssvg-/vg-
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontana267 331 TF$30nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/solid centre/horizontal orange/white lblvg+/vg+
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontana267 331 TF$20nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/vertical orange/white lblvg/vg
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontana267 331 TF$18nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/vertical orange/white lbl/sol/wocvg-/vg
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontana267 331 TF$25nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/vertical orange/white lbl/wolvg+/vg+
MillieMy Boy LollipopFontanaTF 449$6ukblue/silver lblvg+
MillieMy Boy LollipopIslandWIP 6574$20ukps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lbl/laminated flipback slvm-/m-
MillieMy Boy LollipopIslandWIP 6574$12ukps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lbl/laminated flipback slvvg+/vg+
MillieMy Boy LollipopIsland/Blue MountainBM 1026$20dkpsm-/vg+
MillieMy Boy LollipopIsland/Blue MountainBM 1026$15dkps/nocvg++/vg+
MillieMy Boy LollipopIsland/Blue MountainBM 1026$15dkpsvg+/vg+
Millie & WinstonStop BabyBig ShotBI 623$15ukorange lbl/noc/wolvg+
Millie SmallKiller JoeFontana267 619 TF$15norblue/silver lblvg
Millie SmallMy Boy LollipopSmashS-1411$10usred/black lblm-
Millie SmallReadin' Writin' ArithmeticDeccaF 12948$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/solvg-
Million Dollar QuartetTennessee Saturday NightMagic101$12ukpsm-/vg++
Million Dollar QuartetTennessee Saturday NightMagic101$10ukpsvg++/vg++
MillionairesThe Merry PloughboyPye7N 17190$10ukred/black top lblvg
Mills BrothersBetween Winston-Salem And Nashville TennesseeParamountPAA 0046$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Mills BrothersCab DriverDotD 121$18holpsvg+/m-
Mills BrothersCab DriverDotD 17041$15dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg+
Mills BrothersCab DriverDotD 17041$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mills BrothersCab DriverDotDOT 102$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Mills BrothersI'm Sorry I Answered the PhoneParamountPARA 0095$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Mills BrothersIt Ain't No Big ThingDot45-17321$10usdemo/white/black/red logo lblvg+
Mills BrothersIt Hurts Me More Than It Hurts YouDotD 356$18dkpsvg++/m-
Mills BrothersMy Shy VioletDotDOT 107$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mills BrothersMy Shy VioletDotDOT 107$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wol/wocvg++/vg++
Mills BrothersMy Sweet MamaParamount6E006-93385$18dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Mills BrothersWhite ChristmasDotD 420$30dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mills BrothersYou Always Hurt the One You LoveDotD 45-212$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg+
Milly ScottFernando & FilippoSonetT 7659$18swps/red/orange lblvg-/vg++
Milo LiggettStanding ByMonumentMN 45-102 DJ$10usdemo/white/black lblvg+
MilvaCuando Sali De Cuba (Quando Una Stella Cade)RicordiSRL 10-501$10itaps/black/yellow lblvg/vg+
Mimi Farina & Tom JansMadmanA&MAMS 857$20norps/brown lblm-/vg+
Mimi Farina & Tom JansMadmanA&MAMS 857$20norps/brown lblvg++/vg++
Mimi PerrinTwistin' In PareePhilips355 270 PF$20nor/dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
MinaBravaRifiRFN-NP 16101$15itaps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblvg+/vg+
MinaConversazioneRifiRFN-NP 16206$18itaps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblvg+/vg+
MinaE' Lúomo Per Me (He Walks Like A Man)RifiRFN 16050$18itaps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblvg/m-
MinaHeisser SandPolydorNH 24793$12gerps/wolvg+/vg
MinaInsiemePDUPA 1038$20itaps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
MinaLe Mille Bolle BluItaldiscMH 80$10itablue/silver lblvg
MinaNon CrederePDUPA 1019$18itaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
MinaOra O Mai PiuRifiRFN 16113$15itaps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblvg+/vg++
MinaUn Anno D'Amore (C'est Irréparable)RifiRFN 16071$18itaps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblvg+/vg++
MinaUn Buco Nella SabbiaFontanaFON 1041$45japps/blue/silver lbl/tri centrevg++/m-
MinaUna Casa In Cima Al MondoRifiRFN 16125$12itaps/black/silver/rainbow rim lbl/wocvg/vg+
MinaVorrei Che Fosse AmorePDUPA 1012$15itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Mind GarageTobacco RoadRCA Victor47-9812$15gerps/yellow lbl/solvg/vg
MindbendersA Groovy Kind Of LoveFontana267 525 TF$20nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg/vg-
MindbendersA Groovy Kind Of LoveFontanaTF 644$15ukblue/silver lbl/solvg++
MindbendersAshes To AshesFontana267 611 TF$6norblue/silver lblvg
MindbendersAshes To AshesFontanaF 1555$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
MindbendersAshes To AshesFontanaTF 731$6ukblue/silver lbl/solid centrevg
MindbendersThe LetterFontana267 763 TF$8norblue/silver lbl/wolvg-
Mindy CarsonHold Me TightColumbia4-40537$4usred/gold lblvg
Minimal CompactMy WillCrammed DiscCRAM 11457$15holpsm-/m-
Mink De VilleCadillac WalkCapitolCL 15952$18ukps/demo/red lblm-/vg++
Mink De VilleCadillac WalkCapitolCL 15952$8ukred lblvg++
Mink De VilleDemasiado Corazon (Too Much Heart)Atlantic78 9679-7$10gerpsm-/m-
Mink De VilleEach Word's A Beat Of My HeartAtlantic7-89750-7$10gerpsm-/m-
Mink De VilleIn the Heart Of the CityPolydorPOSP 745$8ukpsvg+/m-
Mink De VilleItalian ShoesPolydor881 938-7$10gerpsm-/m-
Mink De VilleLittle GirlCapitolCL 15942$15ukdemo/red lblm-
Mink De VilleMaybe TomorrowAtlanticK 11703$10uk m-
Mink De VilleMazurkaCapitol7C006-86488$10swpsm-/m-
Mink De VillePick Up the PiecesAtlantic78 9624-7$10gerpsm-/m-
Mink De VilleSoul TwistCapitolCL 16005$10ukps/pink vinyl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Mink De VilleSoul TwistCapitolCL 16005$18ukps/pink vinyl/flipback slvm-/vg++
Mink De VilleSoul TwistCapitolCL 16005$15ukps/pink vinylm-/vg+
Mink De VilleStand By MeAtlanticATL 11 745$18belpsvg++/m-
Mink De VilleStand By MeAtlanticATL 11 745$18frapsvg++/m-
MinnaMartyPlayPLAY 2076$10dkps/red/black lblvg-/vg
Minna MogensenLivet Er KortNordstjernenNSS 1002$30dkps/light blue lblvg+/vg+
Mino ReitanoLiverpool AddioAristonAR 0231$15itaps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg++
MinutemanVoodoo SlavesCitadelCIT 001$30aupsm-/m-
MinutemanVoodoo SlavesSonicsSON 03$30fraps/laminated slvm-/m-
Miracle WorkersSomethingPrivate StockPVT 11$15ukdemom-
Miranda MartinoNustalgiaRCA ItalianaPM45-3289$20itaps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Miranda MartinoScandalo Al SoleRCA Italiana45N 1094$25itaps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuA Blue Bayou (Blue Bayou)Philips6172 652$15fraps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuAdieu A La NuitBarclay45-STU 42295$15dkblack/silver lblvg++
Mireille MathieuAkropolis AdieuAriola10377 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuAloa-heAriola16716 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuAn Einem Sonntag In AvignonAriola14521 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuAu Bal Du Grand AmourBarclay61057$12fraps/orange/white lblvg/m-
Mireille MathieuAu Bal Du Grand AmourBarclay61057$20fraps/orange/white lblm-/m-
Mireille MathieuBravo Tu As Gagne (The Winner Takes It All)Ariola103 079-100$18gerpsvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuCe Soir Ils Von't S'aimerBarclaySTU 42301$10dksolid centrevg++
Mireille MathieuDer Pariser TangoAriola10155 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuEn Frappant Dans Nos MainsAriola12240 AT$12gerpsvg/vg
Mireille MathieuEn Frappant Dans Nos MainsAriola12240 AT$20gerpsm-/m-
Mireille MathieuEs Geth Mir Gut CheriAriola14626 AT$12gerpsvg/vg+
Mireille MathieuGanz Paris Ist Ein TheaterAriola14800 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuGanz Paris Ist Ein TheaterAriola14800 AT$18gerpsvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuHans Im GlückAriola12230 AT$18gerpsvg+/vg++
Mireille MathieuHans Im GlückAriola12230 AT$15gerps/dhvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuHinter Den Kulissen Von ParisBarclay61064$20frapsm-/m-
Mireille MathieuJ'Etais Si JeuneBarclay61683$10fraps/brown/black lbl/wocvg/vg
Mireille MathieuKorsikaAriola12012 AT$18gerpsvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuLa Bonne Année (Ein Glückliches Jahr)Ariola12973 AT$15gerpsvg++/vg+
Mireille MathieuLa Bonne Année (Ein Glückliches Jahr)Ariola12973 AT$18gerpsvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuLa Paloma AdeAriola12995 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuLa Paloma AdeAriola12995 AT$18gerpsvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuLa Premiere EtoileBarclay61054$18fraps/orange/white lblvg++/m-
Mireille MathieuLa Vie En RoseAriola16941 AT$10gerps/socvg/vg+
Mireille MathieuL'AveugleBarclay61235$20frapsm-/m-
Mireille MathieuLes Bicyclettes De BelsizeColumbiaDB 8513$10ukblack/silver lblvg++
Mireille MathieuMamy Oh MamyAriola102 133-100$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuMille ColombesAriola11790 AT$15gerpsm-/vg+
Mireille MathieuNous On S'aimeraBarclayM 983$15gerps/orange/tan lbl/wolvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuOn Ne Vit Pas Sans Se Dire AdieuPhilips6009 719$18fraps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
Mireille MathieuPardonne-Moi Ce Caprice D'enfantAriola14630 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuParis Vor Hundert JahrenAriola13899 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuParis Vor Hundert JahrenAriola13899 AT$18gerps/wocm-/m-
Mireille MathieuQu 'Elle Est BelleBarclayM 891$12gerps/orange/tan lblvg+/vg
Mireille MathieuQuand Fera-t-il Jour CamaradeBarclay60872$18fraps/orange/white lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuQuand Tu T'en IrasBarclayM 966$15gerps//orange/tan lblvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuRegen Ist SchönAriola12550 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuRoma Roma RomaAriola12750 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuRoma Roma RomaAriola12750 AT$18gerpsvg++/vg++
Mireille MathieuSanta MariaAriola11977 AT$10gerps/socvg/vg+
Mireille MathieuSouvenir Of StephanBarclay61011$15fraps/orange/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Mireille MathieuUn Homme Et Une FemmeBarclayM 926$12gerps/orange/tan lblvg+/vg
Mireille MathieuUn Homme Et Une FemmeBarclayM 926$18gerps/orange/tan lblvg+/m-
Mireille MathieuUn Jour Tu ReviendrasAriola13699 AT$12gerpsvg+/vg
Mireille MathieuUn Jour Tu ReviendrasAriola13699 AT$15gerpsvg++/vg+
Mireille MathieuUn Monde Avec Toi (The World We Knew)Barclay60869$12fraps/orange/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg
Mireille MathieuUn Monde Avec Toi (The World We Knew)Barclay60869$15fraps/orange/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuUn Monde Avec Toi (The World We Knew)Barclay60869$18fraps/orange/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Mireille MathieuUnd Der Wind Wird Ewig SingenAriola13550 AT$18gerpsm-/m-
Mireille MathieuUne Femme Amoureuse (Woman In Love)Ariola102 650-100$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille MathieuWalzer Der LiebeAriola17644 AT$10gerps/socvg/vg+
Mireille MathieuWennes Die Liebe willAriola13277 AT$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Mireille Mathieu/Paul AnkaYou and IAriola103 497$15holpsvg+/vg+
Miriam 100 Jahre (Never Ending Song Of Love)Ariola10401 AT$15gerpsm-/vg++
Miriam MakebaAfrican ConventionPläne88202$15gerpsm-/m-
Miriam MakebaBabalaziReprise755$6usbrown/red logo steamboat lblvg+
Miriam MakebaBabalaziReprise755$10usbrown/red steamboat lbl/dhm-
Miriam MakebaForbidden GamesRCA Victor47-8326$15gerps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
Miriam MakebaForbidden GamesRCA Victor47-8326$20gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Miriam MakebaI Shall Be ReleasedRepriseRA 0804$15gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblvg+/vg+
Miriam MakebaI Shall SingRepriseRA 0921$15gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblm-/vg+
Miriam MakebaMr. ManMercury127 333 MCF$20norps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Miriam MakebaPata PataRepriseRA 0606$15gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblvg++/vg++
Miriam MakebaPata PataRepriseRA 0606$8gerps/red/brown lblvg/vg
Miriam MakebaPata PataRepriseRS 20606$10ukbeige/grey lbl/solid centrem-
Miriam MakebaRing Bell Ring BellRepriseRA 0654$18gerps/red/brown lblvg++/vg++
Miriam MakebaWhat Is LoveRepriseRA 0671$18gerps/red/brown lblvg++/vg++
Miriam MakebaWhat Is LoveRepriseRA 0671$15gerps/red/brown lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Miro MiroeNights Of ArabiaCBS2429$15holpsm-/m-
MirrorsCould This Be HeavenMercury6007 245$12holpsvg+/vg++
MisdemeanorsShe Doesn't Love You AnymoreEMIEMI 5013$25ukpsm-/vg++
Miss B. HavenJoleneIt's Magic7001$30holps/press rel.m-/m-
Miss B. HavenLangt Ude I SkovenMedleyMDS 518$20holpsm-/m-
Miss B. HavenLangt Ude I SkovenMedleyMDS 518$15holps/rssvg++/m-
Miss B. HavenMaking Love In the SnowEurobond20065$25fraps/light blue lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Miss B. HavenMaking Love In the SnowEW71216-7$18gerps/white/black lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Miss B. HavenTil SommerMedleyMDS 505$25holps/socm-/vg++
Miss Frankie NolanI Still CareABC-Paramount45-10231$50usdemo/white/black lblvg+
Miss Toni FisherThe Big HurtSignet3-275$10us vg+
Missa LubaSanctusPhilipsBF 1732$12ukps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Missing ScientistsBig City Bright LightsRough TradeRT 057$18ukpsvg+/m-
MissionWastelandPhonogramMYTH B2$25ukboxm-/m-
Mission of BurmaTrem TwoAce of HeartsAHS 106$40uspsm-/m-
Mista ChargeShow Me (What You're Made Of)TargetTGT 112$10ukrssm-
Mista ChargeShow Me (What You're Made Of)TargetTGT 112$12uk m-
Mista ChargeThe Taste Of LoveTargetTGT 123$8uk vg++
Mister Jim & the Rhythm MachineMrs. RobinsonDate2-1611$15usdemo/white/green lblvg+
Mister K the SynthesizerLousianaFour LeafEFG-OS 31042$20swgreen/white lblvg++
MistyResurrection ShufflePrincess100$30us m-
MistySix One PennyNacksving45-3$45swtextured yellow/orange group/title die cut slv/purple white lbl/solid centrevg+/vg++
MisunderstoodChildren Of the SunCherry RedCHERRY 22$20frapsm-/vg++
MisunderstoodYou're My GirlBucketfull of BrainsBOB 2$15ukflexivg++
Mita MediciSe Ci Sta Lui (Oh Babe What Would You Say)CGDCGD 1200$25itaps/sample stamped lblm-/m-
Mitch MillerHey Little BabyPhilips322 205 BF$4gerblack/silver lblvg
Mitch MillerThe Great EscapeCBSAAG 158$15nor/dkps/textured orange lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg++
Mitch MillerThe River Kwai March/Colonel BogeyPhilips322 219 BF$10hol/dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg+
Mitch 'n GaryDo I Ever Cross Your MindCoronado145$10usyellow/brown lblvg
Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseDynoVoiceDY 901$25us vg++
Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideKSS 4$30dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mitch RyderBlessing In DisguiseStatesideSS 2063$45ukblack/silver lblvg++
Mitch RyderWhen You Were MineTowerbellTOW 44$15ukpsm-/vg++
Mitch RyderYou Are My SunshineStatesideSS 2075$25ukblack/silver lblvg++
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss MollyColumbia/StatesideC 23358$30gerblue/white lblm-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsDevil With A Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss MollyStatesideSS 549$25ukblack/silver lbl/nocm-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsI'd Rather Go To JailNew Voice824$25usmulticoloured lbl/dhm-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsI'd Rather Go To JailNew VoiceNV 824$25usblue/silver lbl/dhm-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsI'd Rather Go To JailNew VoiceNV 824$15us vg+
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsI'd Rather Go To JailNew VoiceNV 824$20us vg++
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$20swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsLittle Latin Lupe LuStatesideKSS 1021$30swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsSock It To Me BabyColumbia/StatesideC 23459$40gerblue/white lblm-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsSock It To Me BabyNew Voice820$30uspsvg+/vg++
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsToo Many Fish In the Sea/Three Little FishesNew Voice822$4usmulticoloured lbl/dhvg-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsWild ChildNew VoiceNV 826$25usblue/silver lbl/dhm-
Mitch Ryder & the Detroit WheelsWild ChildNew VoiceNV 826$15usdhvg+
Mitchell KeyesThe World Without YouAtco45-6227$20usdemo vg+
Mitchell TrioDark Shadows And Empty HallwaysMercury72591$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Miucha & Tom JobimTurma Do Funil (No Baixo Leblon)RCA Victor101683$25brablack/silver Nipper lblvg++
MixturesCaptain ZeroPolydor2058 165$15uk m-
MixturesHenry FordPolydor2058 103$20norpsm-/m-
MixturesHenry FordPolydor2058 103$6uk vg+
MixturesThe Pushbike SongPolydor2058 083$15gerdemo/white/black lblm-
MixturesThe Pushbike SongPolydor2058 083$12norpsvg/vg
MixturesThe Pushbike SongPolydor2058 083$4uk vg
MoFace Of LoveEMI Columbia12C006-1334437$8gerpsm-/m-
Mo BirchDance OnNemsNES 002$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
MoanHealth Of FreedomPolydor2050 074$25gerpsvg+/vg++
MobDisappearMercuryMF 1026$30ukblack/silver lblm-
MobI'l Like To See More Of YouUKUSA 4$20ukred/silver lbl/nocvg+
MobMoney (That's What I Want)Polydor2001 200$25gerdemo/white/black lblm-
MobMoney (That's What I Want)Polydor2001 200$30gerpsvg++/vg++
MobilesAmour AmourRialtoRIA 5$8fraps/silver/black lbl/solid centrem-/m-
Moby DickVarje Gång Jag BlundarSonetT 10346$10swpsm-/m-
Moby GrapeTrucking ManCBS3945$15ukorange lbl/wolvg+
MocedadesEres TuMetronomeJ 27128$10swgreen 2 tone lblvg++
MocedadesEres TuMetronomeJ 27128$10swgreen 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
MocedadesEres TuMetronomeJ 27128$25swps/green 2 tone lblvg+/m-
MocedadesEres TuNovolaNOX 188$18spaps/tan/black/red lblvg++/vg++
MocedadesTomame O DejameNovolaNOX 210$10spaps/tan/black/red lblvg+/vg++
MockingbirdsHow To Find A LoverDeccaF 12510$75ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg
Mod ModsThe Greatest Story (Is Still Being Told)RepR 102$60usyellow/black lblvg++
ModelsFreezeStep ForwardSF 3$40ukps/The Models credit on lblm-/m-
ModelsNo Shoulders No HeadMushroomK 9325$12aussolid centrevg+
Modern EnglishGathering Dust4ADAD 15$15ukpsm-/m-
Modern EnglishSwans On Glass4ADAD 6$15ukpsm-/m-
Modern Folk ÜclüsüDerikoBaletBA 20$30turps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Modern LoversRoadrunnerBeserkleyBZZ 1$8ukblack/yellow lblvg+
Modern LoversRoadrunnerBeserkleyBZZ 1$15ukblack/yellow lblm-
Modern RomanceAy Ay Ay Ay MooseyWEA18883$5gerpsm-/m-
Modern RomanceBy the WayWEAK 19185$5ukps/solid centrem-/m-
Modern RomanceQueen Of the Rapping SceneWEA18928$5gerpsm-/m-
Mo-dettesPaint It BlackDeramDET-R 1$12ukps/blue lblm-/vg++
Mo-dettesPaint It BlackDeramDET-R 1$15ukps/blue lbl/flexi/card insertm-/m-
Mo-dettesTonightDeramDET 3$12ukps/tri fold slvm-/m-
Mo-dettesWhite MiceMo-dettesMODE 1$25ukps/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg+
ModulosTodo Tiene Su FinHispavoxH 550$12spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slvvg-/vg-
Moe Koffman QuartetteThe Swingin' Shepherd BluesJubilee45-5311$15usblue/silver lbl/solvg++
Moe Koffman QuartetteThe Swingin' Shepherd BluesJubilee45-5311$8usblue/silver lbl/wolvg
Moe Koffman QuartetteThe Swingin' Shepherd BluesLondon45-HLJ 8549$8ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg-
Moebius BottleO My MotherRiviera121 309$20frapsvg+/vg++
Mogens PetersenDjangoPhilips6019 158$25nor/dkps/blue/silver lblm-/vg++
Mogens SvaneCharlie's ShoesTono45-ST 41281$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Mogens SvaneKeep Your Love For MeTono45-ST 41281$30dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Mogens WiethDen Blå AnemonePolyphonXM 61926$18dkps/wocvg/vg++
Mogensen & Co.Jeg Vil Ikke Gi' Slip På En Go' Gammel RockSonetT 8470$10dkred/orange lblvg++
Mohamed JerrariYa Tir TetanaliPathéEA 814$18fraps/white/red lbl/laminated front flipback slv/wocvg+/vg
Moira AndersonSomewhere In the Shadow Of My DreamsDeccaF 13262$15ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
Moira AndersonThe Holy CityDeccaF 12989$20ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
MoiranaBreak It UpPolydor2054 109$25nor/dkps/flipback slvvg++/vg+
Mo-i-ranaSo My Daddy SaysPolydor2054 076$35nor/dkps/textured slvvg++/m-
Mo-i-ranaSo My Daddy SaysPolydor2054 076$15nor/dkps/textured slvvg/vg-
Mo-i-ranaYou Really Got MePolydor2054 094$45nor/dkpsvg++/m-
Mo-i-ranaYou Really Got MePolydor2054 094$40nor/dkpsvg+/m-
Mojo MenDance With MeAutumn19$18uswolvg++
Mojo MenSit Down I Think I Love YouReprise539$15usred/brown lblvg++
Mojo MenSit Down I Think I Love YouReprise539$4usred/brown lblvg-
Mojo MenSit Down I Think I Love YouRepriseRA 0539$15gerps/red/brown lblvg/vg-
Mojo Nixon & Skid RoperElvis Is Everywhere (Edited Version)EnigmaB-75011$6uswhite/black lblm-
MojosEverything's Al'rightDeccaF 11853$30ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
MojosEverything's Al'rightDeccaF 11853$8ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/wolvg
MojosGood-Bye Dolly GrayDeccaF 12557$30ukdemo/blue/silver curved logo silver A lblvg+
MojosWhy Not TonightDeccaF 11918$12ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Molly & the HeymakersMountain Of LoveReprise7-19025$6us m-
Molly HatchetIt's All Over NowEpic8084$25holpsvg++/m-
Molly HatchetPower PlayEpic1985$18holpsm-/vg++
Molly HatchetSatisfied ManEpic34-04648$8usdemo/white/black lblvg+
MomentsWalk Right InEra3099$4usgreen/blue lblg
Moms And DadsThe Rangers WaltzPye7N 45382$15ukdemom-
Moms And DadsThe Rangers WaltzSonetT 7886$20swps/red/orange lblm-/m-
Moms MableyAbraham Martin And JohnMercuryDJ 128$10usdemo/white/black lblvg
Mon DinoLa Danse Des MotsIslandIS 164$10ukps/promo stamped slv/solid centrem-/m-
MonaBlød NougatRCA Victor45-1204$20dkps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
MonaBlød NougatRCA Victor45-1204$30dkps/yellow lblm-/m-
MonaDe Glade Tyvere (The Entertainer)RCA Victor45-1214$15ger/dkps/yellow lblm-/m-
MonaDu Kom Du Så Du Sejred' (You Came You Saw You Conquered)RCA Victor45-1215$25dkps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Mona GrainKärlek Och PepparrotCupolCS 45/90$30swpsvg++/vg++
Mona LarsenUden For Tid Og StedCBS653 052-7$35holps/red/white logo lblm-/vg++
Mona WessmanGå Och Göm Dej Åke TråkRCA VictorFAS 800$18swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Mona WessmanGör Som Jag (Take My Heart)RCA VictorFAS 794$20swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Mona WessmanI Många Många Tusen ÅrRCA VictorFAS 797$20swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Mona Wessman & Claes Göran HederströmNånting Fånigt (Somethin' Stupid)RCA VictorFAS 778$15swps/black lblvg/vg
MonacoGod Only KnowsPinnaclePIN 64$20ukps/gfld presentation packm-/m-/vg++
MoneyCome Laughning HomeMajor MinorMM 620$8uk vg
Money MakersMindre Jeg Mindre NejMetronomeB 1690$40dkps/blue 2 tone lbl/dhm-/vg+
Mongo Santamaria BandWatermelon ManRiversideRIF 106909$10holpsvg/vg-
MonicaIslandPhilips6060 348$15norpsvg+/vg+
Monica AspelundLapponiaRCA VictorPB 9044$150gerps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Monica ForsbergFår Jag Skänka Dig Min Sång (Nickel Song)Mercury6062 020$15norps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
Monica ForsbergFår Jag Skänka Dig Min Sång (Nickel Song)Mercury6062 020$10norps/black/silver lbl/nocvg/vg
Monica MorellIch Fange Nie Mehr Was An Einem Sonntag AnColumbia1C006-33649$15gerps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Monica MorellIch Fange Nie Mehr Was An Einem Sonntag AnColumbia1C006-33649$12gerps/blue/white lbl/solvg+/vg+
Monica TörnellI'm In Love With A Big Blue FrogPhilips6015 158$15gerps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
Monica ZetterlundNär Min VänPhilips350 198 PF$20sw/dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Monica ZetterlundNär Min VänPhilips350 198 PF$25sw/dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Monica ZetterlundSakta Vi Gå Genom Stan (Walking My Baby Back Home)Philips350 192 PF$15sw/dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg+
Monica ZetterlundSakta Vi Gå Genom Stan (Walking My Baby Back Home)Philips350 192 PF$30sw/dkps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Monica ZetterlundSvaret Är Kärleken (What Is Love)MetronomeJ 27005$50swps/demo/white/black/silver/red lblvg+/vg++
Monica ZetterlundSvaret Är Kärleken (What Is Love)MetronomeJ 27005$30swps/noc/socvg++/vg++
MonikaSweet LovePop MusicPM 32003$50gerps/orange/purple/white lbl/phvg++/vg++
MonitorsTelegramRSORSO 39$20ukpsvg++/vg++
Monkees(Theme from) The MonkeesRCA Victor66-15005$25gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Monkees(Theme from) The MonkeesRCA Victor66-15005$50gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Monkees(Theme from) The MonkeesRCA Victor66-15005$35gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
MonkeesA Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouColgems66-1004$8uswhite/red lblvg+
MonkeesA Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouRCA Victor66-1004$20gerps/black/silver lbl/on stage slv slvvg+/vg+
MonkeesA Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouRCA Victor66-1004$30gerps/black/silver lbl/on stage slv slvm-/m-
MonkeesA Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouRCA Victor66-1004$25gerps/black/silver lbl/on stage slv slvm-/vg+
MonkeesA Little Bit Me A Little Bit YouRCA Victor66-1004$25gerps/black/silver lbl/standing on barrels slv/wocvg+/vg+
MonkeesAlternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)RCA Victor66-15017$30gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
MonkeesAlternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)RCA Victor66-15017$20gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
MonkeesAlternate Title (Randy Scouse Git)RCA VictorRCA 1604$10ukblack/silver lblvg+
MonkeesD.W. WashburnColgems66-1023$30usps/red/white lblvg+/vg+
MonkeesD.W. WashburnColgems66-1023$10usred/white lblvg++
MonkeesD.W. WashburnColgems66-1023$8usred/white lblvg+
MonkeesD.W. WashburnRCA Victor66-1023$45gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
MonkeesD.W. WashburnRCA Victor66-1023$30gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
MonkeesDaydream BelieverRCA Victor66-1012$20gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
MonkeesDaydream BelieverVictorSS 1775$50japps/black lblvg+/vg++
MonkeesI'm A BelieverRCA Victor66-1002$50gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
MonkeesI'm A BelieverRCA Victor66-1002$40gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
MonkeesI'm A BelieverRCA Victor66-1002$45gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
MonkeesI'm A BelieverRCA Victor66-1002$25gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
MonkeesI'm A BelieverRCA Victor66-1002$15swpsvg/vg
MonkeesI'm A BelieverRCA Victor66-1002$8swps/toc/wocvg-/vg-
MonkeesI'm A BelieverVictorSS 1719$60japps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
MonkeesMonkee's ThemeBellBELL 1354$15ukdemovg++
MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayRCA Victor66-1007$30gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayRCA Victor66-1007$25gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayRCA Victor66-1007$15gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayRCA Victor66-1007$25gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayRCA Victor66-1007$15gerps/black/silver lbl/sol/wocvg+/vg+
MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayRCA VictorRCA 1620$15ukblack/silver lblm-
MonkeesPleasant Valley SundayRCA VictorRCA 1620$8ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
MonkeesPorpoise SongColgems66-1031$40usps/demovg++/vg+
MonkeesSomeday ManColgems66-5004$30usps/red/white lbl/solvg+/vg+
MonkeesSomeday ManRCA Victor66-5004$25gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg
MonkeesTake A Giant StepRCA Victor66-1001$25gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
MonkeesValleriColgems/RCA Victor66-1019$40usps/red/white lblm-/m-
MonkeesValleriRCA Victor66-1019$10gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg-
MonkeypigHuman Test DriverPandemoniumPANN 012$8ukps/light blue/red lbl/solid centre/laminated slvvg++/vg++
MonksI Ain't Gettin' AnyEMIEMI 2972$10ukpsm-/vg++
MonksLove Can Tame the WildPolydor52 958$20gerps/black lbl/bootlegm-/m-
MonksNice Legs Shame About Her FaceCarrereCAR 104$6ukpink lblvg+
Monn KeysBare Ja Ja JaTriolaTN 203$20norblue/white lblvg+
Monn KeysBare Ja Ja JaTriolaTN 203$15norblue/white lbl/wolvg
Monn KeysOh Ma-MaTriolaTD 45-133$40dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Monn KeysOperasjon LøvsprettTriolaTN 288$35norps/blue/silver lbl/red slvvg+/vg++
Monn KeysOperasjon LøvsprettTriolaTN 288$25norps/blue/white lbl/blue slvvg/vg+
Monn KeysStackars Stora Starka KarlarKarusellKFF 367$30swps/red/white/blue lblvg++/vg++
Monn KeysSucu SucuTriolaTN 241$25dkps/blue/white lbl/tocvg/vg+
Monn KeysTulipaner Fra AmsterdamTriolaTN 45-135$40norps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
Monn KeysTulipaner Fra AmsterdamTriolaTN 45-135$50nor/dkps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
Monochrome Set405 LinesDindiscDIN 23$12ukpsm-/m-
Monos!Uh Oh Uh OhRCA VictorPB 5232$25ukblack/silver lbl/diy flipback group logo sleevem-/vg++
MonotonesZero To ZeroBluebirdBBS 106$10norpsm-/m-
Monserate starring Lyda ZamoraMoliendo CafeTelefunken612 239$12gerps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg++
Monsieur AfriqueFeuer Feuer FeuerHansa14886 AT$4gerBlack/silver/red logo lbl/solvg
Monsieur Jeffrey Evans & La FongWhistle BaitSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 101$15usps/orange vinylm-/m-
MontageI Shall Call Her MaryLaurie3438$25usdemovg++
MontageI Shall Call Her MaryLaurieLR 3438 DJ$30usdemom-
MontanasYou've Got To Be LovedIndependenceIND 83$8usred/white/blue lblvg-
MontanasYou've Got To Be LovedIndependenceIND 83$15usred/white/blue lblvg++
Montie Montana Jr.Ragged But RightPan AmPA 1$10uswhite/blue lblvg++
MontroseRock the NationWarner BrosK 16428$25ukboulevard lbl/solid centre/Vivian Standshall "Baba Tunde" lbl on b-side!vg
Monty Ton Jour De ChanceBarclay60674$25frawhite label test pressing with handwritten infom-
Monty BabsonUtopiaPalettePB 40065$35dkps/white/red/green lblvg++/vg++
Monty BabsonUtopiaPalettePB 40065$20swps/white/red/green lblvg+/vg
Monty KellySummer SetLondon45-HL 9085$8dkblack/silver lbl/solvg+
Monty KellySummer SetLondon American45-HLL 9085$4ukblack/silver top lblvg
Monty KellySummer SetLondon American45-HLL 9085$8ukblack/silver top lblvg++
Monty PythonI Like ChineseCharisma600 536$10ausMad Hatter lbl/solid centrevg
Monty PythonMonty Python's Tiny Black Round ThingCharisma/NMESFI 1259$15holflexiss
Monty PythonTeach Yourself HeathBBZ14$25ukps/flexivg++/m-
Monty PythonTeach Yourself HeathBBZ14$20ukps/flexivg+/vg++
Monty PythonTeach Yourself HeathBBZ14$15ukps/flexi/wocvg+/vg++
Monty Sunshine QuartetOld Rugged CrossPye Nixa7NJ 2020$10ukblack/silver lbl/wolvg++
MoodsBaby Don't Do ItTwo Zero45-TZR 011$12norblue/silver lbl/clear red vinylm-
Moody BluesBlue WorldThresholdTR 605$10us m-
Moody BluesEverydayDeccaF 12266$18ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Moody BluesFrom the Bottom Of My Heart (I Love You)DeccaF 12166$18ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Moody BluesGemini DreamThresholdTR 601$8us vg++
Moody BluesGo NowDeccaF 12022$6ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
Moody BluesGo NowDeccaF 12022$8ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg
Moody BluesGo NowLondon45-LON 9726$8usblue swirl lblvg+
Moody BluesI Don't Want To Go On Without YouDeccaF 12095$15ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Moody BluesI Know You're Out There SomewherePolydor887 600-7$15gerpsvg++/m-
Moody BluesI'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)ThresholdTH 13$18ukpsvg+/vg+
Moody BluesI'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)ThresholdTH 13$20ukpsvg++/vg+
Moody BluesI'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)ThresholdTH 13$10ukps/nocvg+/vg
Moody BluesI'm Just A Singer (In A Rock And Roll Band)ThresholdTH 13$15ukps/wocvg+/vg+
Moody BluesIsn't Life StrangeThresholdTH 9$30uk/swps/white/purple lblm-/m-
Moody BluesMadera de Deriva (Driftwood)DeccaMO 1835$25spapsvg++/vg++
Moody BluesNights In White SatinDeram17007$25fraps/blue/white lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Moody BluesNights In White SatinDeram84047$40fraps/blue/white lbl/laminated front flipback slvvg++/vg++
Moody BluesNights In White SatinDeramDM 161$6ukbrown/white lblvg+
Moody BluesNights In White SatinDeramDM 161$8ukbrown/white lblvg++
Moody BluesNights In White SatinDeramME 418$25spaps/green/silver lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Moody BluesNights In White SatinOld GoldOG 8349$10ukpsvg++/m-
Moody BluesQuestionThresholdTH 4$25ukdemo/white/purple lblm-
Moody BluesQuestionThresholdTH 4$4ukwhite/purple lblvg-
Moody BluesRide My See-SawDeramDM 213$20ukbrown/white lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
Moody BluesSteppin' In A Slide ZoneDeccaF 13790$8ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Moody BluesSteppin' In A Slide ZoneDeccaF 13790$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Moody BluesThe Story In Your EyesThresholdTH 6$35ukps/white/purple lblm-/vg++
Moody BluesThe Story In Your EyesThresholdTH 67006$8uswhite/purple lblvg++
Moody BluesVoices In the SkyDeram17014$25fraps/blue/white lbl/flipback slv/wocvg+/vg+
Moody BluesVoices In the SkyDeram45-DEM 85033$12usbrown/white lbl/dhm-
Moody BluesVoices In the SkyDeramDM 196$15ukbrown/white lblm-
Moody BluesYour Wildest DreamsPolydor883 906-7$15gerpsm-/m-
Moody BluesYour Wildest DreamsPolydor883 906-7$10uspsm-/vg++
MoonDay Dreamin'Epic4667$15ukdemo/orange lblm-
MoonI'm Leaving YouEpicS EPC 5508$12ukdemo/orange/black A lbl/solid centrevg++
Moon MartinBad Case Of Lovin' YouCapitolCL 16037$10ukpsm-/m-
Moon MartinHot Nite In DallasCapitol1C006-85682$10gerps/purple/silver lblm-/vg++
Moon MartinHot Nite In DallasCapitolCL 16029$15ukdemom-
Moon MartinRoleneCapitolCL 16105$10ukpsm-/m-
Moon MartinX-Ray VisionCapitol1A006-86489$8eecpsm-/m-
MoondustStaring At A Grain Of SandWarner BrosWB 16234$30dkps/green lbl/flipback slvm-/m-
MoondustStaring At A Grain Of SandWarner BrosWB 16234$40dkps/green lbl/flipback slv/press releasem-/m-
Moone BrothersFrankie Was A RebelTargetTGT 114$15ukdemovg++
Moone BrothersHands Up For LoveTargetTGT 104$8uk vg++
Moone BrothersHands Up For LoveTargetTGT 109$15ukdemovg++
Moone BrothersHands Up For LoveTargetTGT 109$10uk m-
Moone BrothersRight Number Wrong ReplyTargetTGT 104$8uk vg++
MoonlightersRock-A-Bayou BabyTara102$40usreprom-
MoonlightsTo Meter Og FemDepoQSS 503$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
MoonriderI Found LoveAnchorANC 1023$12uksolid centrem-
MoonriderI Found LoveAnchorANC 1023$10uksolid centrevg++
MoonshineJust A Little More LineRCA VictorRCA 1954$15ukyellow/white logo lblm-
MoonshineRocking Horse ManRCA VictorRCA 2022$15ukyellow lblm-
MoonshyneJust A Little More LineA&M1202$20usdemo/white/black/red logo lblvg+
MörbyliganVärlden Tillhör Dom VackraMistlurMLR 7S$30swps/clear yellow vinylm-/m-
MörbyliganVärlden Tillhör Dom VackraMistlurMLR 7S$25swps/clear yellow vinylm-/vg++
Morecambe & Wise(We Get Along So Easily) Don't You AgreeEMIEMI 2475$15ukdemom-
Morgan BrothersKissin' On the Red LightMGMK 12795$15usdemo/yellow/black lbl/solvg+
Morgan James DuoSweet PussycatPhilipsBF 1462$10ukblue/silver lblvg-
Moriss TaylorBaby's HomeMandina Music $15usacetatevg++
Morning GloryThe Green Green Grass Is DyingChapter 1CH 140$20ukdemo/multicolor lblvg++
Morogoro Jazz BandJirani NisaidieSaba Saba7 7$25kenblack lblvg
MorphineSexy Christmas Baby MineSolSOL 356-7$20us m-
MorrisseyEveryday Is Like SundayHis Master's Voice006-202603-7$12gerpsm-/m-
MorrisseyInteresting DrugHis Master's Voice006-203301-7$30eecps/blue lbl/press release+H24405m-/m-
MorrisseyInteresting DrugHis Master's VoicePOP 1621$15ukpsm-/m-
MorrisseyMy Love LifeHis Master's Voice006-204483-7$10eupsvg+/m-
MorrisseyNovember Spawned A MonsterHis Master's VoicePOP 1623$10ukpsvg++/m-
MorrisseyOur FrankHis Master's Voice204155-7$10eecpsm-/vg++
MorrisseyPiccadilly PalareHis Master's Voice006-204054-7$10eecpsm-/vg++
MorrisseyPregnant For the Last TimeHis Master's VoicePOP 1627$15ukpsm-/m-
MorrisseySing Your LifeHis Master's VoicePOP 1626$15ukpsm-/m-
MorrisseySuedeheadHis Master's VoicePOP 1618$15ukps/blue lbl/laminated flipback slvm-/vg++
MorrisseyThe Last Of the Famous International PlayboysHis Master's Voice006-203218-7$6eecpsvg+/vg+
Mort ShumanBrooklyn By the SeaPhilips6009 338$15gerps/blue/black lblm-/m-
Mort ShumanBrooklyn By the SeaPhilips6009 338$12gerps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
Mort ShumanImaginePhilips6042 216$10fraps/blue/black lblvg+/vg+
Mort ShumanPoor Old GodPhilips6009 453$12norps/blue/silver lblm-/vg+
Mort ShumanSorrow Philips6042 135$15gerps/blue/black lblvg++/m-
Mort ShumanSorrow (OST-A Nous les Petites AnglaiesesPhilips6042 107$12fraps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
Mort ShumanSorrow (OST-A Nous les Petites AnglaiesesPhilips6042 107$10fraps/blue/black lblvg+/vg+
Morti VizkiBetween the LegsO.B. FanclubFAN-S-4$15swpsm-/m-
Mortimer ShumanBlack BaudelairePhilips6009 260$12norps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mortimer ShumanLe Lac MajeurPhilips6009 285$8holps/blue lblvg++/vg+
Mortimer ShumanLe Lac MajeurPhilips6009 285$15holps/blue lblm-/vg++
Mortimer ShumanShami-ShaPhilips6009 317$12ukblue/silver lbl/wolvg+
MortonBye Bye RaindropsPye7N 45478$15ukdemo/red/black A lbl/solid centrem-
Morwell Esquire77 FestivalJoe Gibbs $15jam vg++
Mory KanteTamaBarclay887 714-7$6gerpsm-/m-
Mory KanteYé Yé Yé KéBarclay887 048-7$6gerpsvg++/vg++
Mose'Preghiera A San FrancescoFontana6026 013$10itablue/silver lblvg++
Mose Allison TrioDon't Ever Say GoodbyeMetronomeJ 45-522$25swblack/silver lblvg++
Mose JonesBarroom SweeperSounds of the South/MCA40086$12usyellow/black lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
Mose JonesDo You Want SomebodyRCA VictorJH 11414$12usdemo/beige/black lblvg++
Most BrothersWhole Lotta WomanDecca45-F 10998$30ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg+
MotelsClosets & BulletsCapitolCL 16107$8ukpsm-/m-
MotelsDangerCapitol1C006-86224$6gerps/purple/silver lblm-/m-
MotelsDays Are O.K.Capitol1C006-86161$6gerps/purple/silver lblm-/vg++
MotelsOnly the LonelyCapitol1A006-86534$6holps/purple/silver lblm-/m-
MotelsShameCapitol1A006-200743-7$6holps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblm-/m-
MotelsShameCapitol1A006-200743-7$15holps/black/silver/rainbow rim lbl/press release in Danishm-/m-
MotelsShameCapitolB-5497$6usps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblvg++/vg++
MotelsSuddenly Last SummerCapitolB-5271$8usps/black/silver/rainbow rim lblvg+/vg+
MotelsTake the L (Out Of Lover)CapitolCLP 245$10ukpicture discm-
MotelsTotal ControlCapitolCL 16113$8ukpsm-/m-
MotelsWhose ProblemCapitol1A006-86247$6holps/purple/silver lblm-/m-
Mother EarthSatisfiedMercury73116$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Mother Nature's ChildrenMonkey Back RidePresidentPT 468$15ukdemo/yellow/black/red A lblvg++
Mother's CookiesSen-Sa-ShunValhalla691$30usdemo/blue lbl/wolm-
Mothers Of InventionBig Leg EmmaVerveVK 10513$75usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
Mothers PrideOh Well Oh WellPye7N 45476$30ukdemo/red/black A lbl/solid centrem-
Motive : MusicHey There BlondieScepter12214$10usdhvg-
Motive : MusicHey There BlondieScepter12214$30usdhm-
Motive : MusicHey There BlondieScepter12214$20usdhvg+
Mötley CrüePrimal ScreamElektra64848-7$18gerpsm-/m-
Mötley CrüeSmokin' In the Boys Room (Edit)Elektra969 625-7$20gerps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
Motor Boys MotorDrive FriendlySilentSSH 4$10ukps/laminated front flipback slvm-/m-
MotorheadAce Of SpadesBronzeBRO 106$10ukpsvg/vg++
MotorheadBomberBronzeBRO 85$20ukps/blue vinylvg++/vg++
MotorheadLouie LouieBronzeBRO 60$18ukps/flipback slvvg++/vg++
MotorheadLouie LouieBronzeBRO 60$15uk m-
MotorheadMotorheadBig BeatNS 13$15ukpsm-/vg++
MotorheadMotorheadBig BeatNS 13$18ukps/white vinylm-/vg++
MotorheadMotorheadBronzeBRO 124$10ukps/silver lblm-/m-
MotorheadMotorheadChiswickNS/S 13$25ukpsm-/m-
MotorheadMotorheadChiswickNS/S 13$20ukpsm-/vg++
MotorheadOverkillBronzeBRO 67$12ukpsm-/vg++
MotorheadOverkillBronzeBRO 67$15ukpsm-/m-
MotorheadThe Train Kept A-Rollin'Flexipop7$15ukblue flexim-
Motorhead & GirlschoolPlease Don't TouchBronzeBRO 116$18ukpsvg++/m-
Motorhead & GirlschoolPlease Don't TouchBronzeBRO 116$10ukps/solid centrevg++/vg+
MotorhomeWhole In My HeadDirtDRT 006$10usps/cardboard slv/mint green vinyl/ltd. Edition #219/500m-/m-
MotorpsychoGo To CaliforniaMunsterREF 7156$30spaps/2x45/gfldm-/m-
MotorsBe What You Gotta BeVirginVS 194$10ukpsm-/m-
MotorsDancing the Night AwayVirginVS 186$10ukpsm-/m-
MotorsForget About YouVirginVS 222$4ukblue 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg+
MotorsForget About YouVirginVS 222$8ukblue 2 tone lbl/solid centrem-
MotorsLove And LonelinessVirginVS 263$8ukpsvg++/m-
MotorsSensationVirginVS 206$10ukpsm-/m-
MotorsTodayVirginVS 236$8sw m-
MotorsTodayVirginVS 236$6sw vg++
MotorsTodayVirginVS 236$8uk m-
Mott the HoopleAll the Way From MemphisCBSCBS 1764$15holps/orange lbl/textured slv/noc/wolvg+/m-
Mott the HoopleAll the Way From MemphisCBSCBS 1764$20holps/orange lbl/textured slv/sample stamped lblm-/m-
Mott the HoopleAll the Young DudesCBS8271$4ukorange lbl/solid centrevg
Mott the HoopleFoxy FoxyCBS2439$25sw/holps/orange lblm-/m-
Mott the HoopleFoxy FoxyCBSCBS 2439$20holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvm-/m-
Mott the HoopleFoxy FoxyCBSCBS 2439$18holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Mott the HoopleFoxy FoxyCBSCBS 2439$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/wolvg+/m-
Mott the HoopleFoxy FoxyCBSCBS S 2439$20gerps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
Mott the HoopleHonaloochie BoogieCBS1530$20ukorange lbl/push out centre/release date sticker on lblm-
Mott the HoopleHonaloochie BoogieCBS1530$18ukorange lbl/solid centrem-
Mott the HoopleLa Epoca DE Oro Del Rock 'n' Roll (The Golden Age Of Rock 'n' Roll)CBSCBS 2177$20spaps/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
Mott the HoopleRoll Away the StoneCBS1895$15holps/orange lbl/noc/wolvg+/m-
Mott the HoopleRoll Away the StoneCBSS CBS 1895$8ukorange lbl/vg++
Mott the HoopleRoll Away the StoneCBSS CBS 1895$6ukorange lbl/wolvg++
Mott the HoopleSaturday GigCBS2754$20holpsm-/m-
Mott the HoopleSaturday GigCBS2754$18holpsvg++/m-
Mott the HoopleThe Golden Age Of Rock 'n' RollCBS2177$30sw/holps/orange lblm-/m-
Mott the HoopleThe Golden Age Of Rock 'n' RollCBSCBS 2177$15holps/orange lbl/textured slv/label missing on A sidevg++/vg++
MountainFor Yasgur's FarmWindfall533$4uswhite/black/brown/red rim lbl/dhvg
MountainFor Yasgur's FarmWindfall533$8uswhite/black/brown/red rim lbl/dhm-
MountainFor Yasgur's FarmWindfall533$6uswhite/black/brown/red rim lbl/dh/solm-
MountainSittin' On A RainbowBellBLL 1125$40ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
Mouse & the TrapsSometimes You Just Can't WinFraternityF 1005$50us vg++
MousetrapSusieAuroraAU 5424$35ukred/white lblsolvg
Mouth & McNealHow Do You DoDeccaFR 13267$15ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
MoveBlackberry WayILNIL 9015$6itabrown lblvg-
MoveBlackberry WayPolydor59254$15norpsvg/vg+
MoveBlackberry WayPolydor59254$20norpsvg/vg++
MoveBlackberry WayPolydor59254$25norps/textured slvvg+/vg++
MoveBrontosaurusRegal ZonophoneRZ 3026$20ukred/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
MoveCalifornia ManHarvest1C006-05045$30gerpsm-/m-
MoveCalifornia ManHarvest1C006-05045$15gerps/solvg+/vg
MoveCalifornia ManHarvestHAR 5050$10ukgreen 2 tone lblvg++
MoveCalifornia ManHarvestHAR 5050$12ukyellow/green lblm-
MoveCurlyPolydor59 330$45norps/blue slv/wocvg/vg++
MoveCurlyRegal ZonophoneRZ 3021$8ukred/silver lblvg-
MoveFire BrigadeFlyECHO 104$15ukpsm-/m-
MoveFire BrigadePolydor59171$30norpsvg+/vg++
MoveFire BrigadeRegal ZonophoneRZ 3005$4ukblue/silver lbl/noc/wolvg
MoveFire BrigadeRegal ZonophoneRZ 3005$20uk m-
MoveFlowers In the RainRegal ZonophoneRZ 3001$15ukblue/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
MoveFlowers In the RainRegal ZonophoneRZ 3001$20uk m-
MoveFlowers In the RainSalvoSALVOSV 002$10ukpsm-/m-
MoveI Can Hear the Grass GrowDeramDM 117$6ukbrown/white lblvg-
MoveI Can Hear the Grass GrowDeramDM 117$10ukbrown/white lblvg+
MoveI Can Hear the Grass GrowDeramDM 117$20ukbrown/white lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
MoveNight Of FearDeramDM 109$12ukbrown/white lblvg+
MoveNight Of FearDeramDM 109$15ukbrown/white lblvg++
MoveNight Of FearDeramDM 109$10ukbrown/white lblvg
MoveNight Of FearDeramDM 109$20ukbrown/white lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
MoveTonightHarvest1C006-04819$8geryellow/green lblvg++
MoveTonightHarvest1C006-04819$10geryellow/green lblm-
MoveTonightHarvestHAR 5038$8ukgreen 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
MoveWild Tiger WomanPolydor59231$30gerpsvg+/vg+
MoveWild Tiger WomanRegal ZonophoneRZ 3012$15ukblue/silver lblvg
MoveWild Tiger WomanRegal ZonophoneRZ 3012$30ukblue/silver lblm-
MoveWild Tiger WomanRegal ZonophoneRZ 3012$8ukblue/silver lbl/solvg-
MoveYellow RainbowA&M966$15usbrown lbl/dhvg++
MoviesFancy ManA&M1789$10us m-
MovietoneSun DrawingDominoRMG 56$15ukpsm-/m-
Mr Joe EnglishLay Lady LayFontanaTF 1034$40ukdemo/white/black/red A lblvg+
Mr. Acker BilkSummer SetMetronomeB 1384$10dkblack/silver lblm-
Mr. Acker Bilk Stranger On the ShoreColumbia45-DB 4750$6ukgreen/silver lblvg+
Mr. Acker Bilk Stranger On the ShoreColumbia45-DB 4750$4ukgreen/silver lblvg
Mr. Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz BandBurgundy StreetPye7N 45117$18ukdemo/yellow/black/red A lblm-
Mr. Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz BandMarching Through GeorgiaPye7NJ 2029$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
Mr. Acker Bilk & his Paramount JazzbandSchlafe Mein Prinzchen (Goodnight Sweet Prince)MetronomeB 1428$15dkdemo/white/silver/red lbl/wolvg-
Mr. Acker Bilk & the Leon Young String ChoraleMoonlight Tango (Un Clair De Lune A Maubeuge)MetronomeB 1569$10gerblack/silver lbl/green vinylvg++
Mr. AverageMr. AverageWarner BrosK 17111$8ukboulevard/black A lbl/solid centrevg++
Mr. BigFeel Like Calling HomeAllled Record2412-S$18ustest pressingvg+
Mr. BigWonderful CreationEMIEMI 2372$10uk m-
Mr. Bloe71-75 New OxfordDJMDJS 245$18norps/black/silver/yellow logo lblm-/vg+
Mr. BloeAnyway You Want ItDJMDJS 678$10ukblack/silver/yellow logo lbl/wolm-
Mr. BloeCurried SoulDJMDJS 229$20norps/black/silver/yellow logo lblvg+/vg+
Mr. BloeCurried SoulDJMDJS 229$30norps/black/silver/yellow logo lblm-/m-
Mr. BloeCurried SoulDJMDJS 229$25norps/black/silver/yellow logo lblvg++/vg++
Mr. BloeGroovin With Mr. BloeHansa14618$15gerps/black/silver/yellow logo lblvg/vg
Mr. BloeSinfulDJMDJS 216$20norps/black/silver/yellow logo lblvg+/vg+
Mr. G. WhizNo. 1 SongDJMDJS 331$10ukdemo/black/silver/yellow logo lbl/solid centrevg+
Mr. MenMr. Topsy-TurvyEpicS EPC 4333$10ukyellow/black square logo lbl/solid centrem-
Mr. PresidentLa La AkimboSatrilSAT 143$6ukblue lbl/solid centrevg++
Mrs. MillerDowntownCapitolK 23219$30gerps/purple/silver lblm-/vg++
MSGNightmare (Single Edit)Electrola1C006-147594-7$10eecpsm-/m-
Mt. AiryGrizzly BearThimbleTS 005$15usbrown/yellow lblvg+
Mt. AiryGrizzly BearThimbleTS 005$20usbrown/yellow lblvg++
MudCrazyRakRAK 146$25uk/dkpsm-/m-
MudCut Across ShortyRCA VictorPB 5075$4ukyellow/white logo lblvg
MudDynamiteRakRAK 159$20dkpsm-/m-
MudHypnosisRakRAK 152$25dkpsm-/m-
MudHypnosisRakRAK 152$20uk/dkpsm-/vg++
MudLean On MePhilips6078 457$20holps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
MudLean On MePhilips6078 457$15holps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
MudL-L-LucyPhilips6078 450$18norps/blue/silver lblvg++/m-
MudLonely This ChristmasRakRAK 187$15dkpsvg+/vg+
MudLonely This ChristmasRakRAK 187$18ukpsm-/vg+
MudMoonshine SallyRakRAK 208$10uk m-
MudNite On the TilesPhilips6078 456$20norps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
MudOh BoyRakRAK 201$18dkpsm-/vg++
MudOne NightRakRAK 213$20dkpsm-/vg++
MudRocketRakRAK 178$20dkpsm-/vg++
MudSecretsRakRAK 194$15dkpsvg/vg++
MudShow Me You're A WomanPhilips6078 451$20holps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
MudThe Cat Crept InRakRAK 170$15ukdemom-
Mud/Rubettes/Glitter BandNever Too Young To RockGTO FilmsLYN 3087$30ukdemo only 3 trackvg+
Mudd FamilyJohnny B. GoodeScepterSCE 12151$6usdhvg+
MudhoneyNight Of the HuntedSuper ElectroSE 716$20usps/insertm-/m-
MudhoneyTouch Me I'm SickSub PopSP 18$75usps/second editionvg++/m-
MudhoneyTouch Me I'm SickSub PopSP 18$80usps/second editionm-/m-
MudhoneyYou Stupid AssholeEmptyMT 166$15uspsm-/m-
Mudhoney/Gass HufferYou Stupid Asshole/Knife ManualMusical Tragedies/EmptyMT 166/HS 96$20gerps/white/black lbl/solid centre/promo sticker on slvvg+/vg++
Mudlarks(You've Got To) Move Two MountainsColumbia45-DB 4513$15ukgreen/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
MudlarksCandyColumbia45-DB 4417$15ukdemo/white/black lblvg+
MudlarksLollipopColumbia45-DB 4099$20dkdemo/white/gold/black lblm-
MudlarksWaterlooColumbia45-DB 4331$15norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinylm-
MudlarksWaterlooColumbia45-DB 4331$12norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinyl/noc/wolvg++
MudlarksWhich Witch DoctorColumbia45-DB 4210$10nordemo/white/silver/red lbl/wolvg
Mudlarks & Ken Jones Jive GroupBook Of LoveColumbia45-DB 4133$10ukmauve/silver lblvg++
MuenchI Just Want To Love YouRepublicREP 027$8us m-
MuffinsSubway TravelerRCA Victor47-9211$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
MuffsBig MouthSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 238$12uspsm-/m-
MuffsNew LoveSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 121$20uspsm-/m-
MugwumpsSearchin'Warner BrosA 7018$30gerps/red lblvg+/vg+
MugwumpsSearchin'Warner BrosA 7018$25gerps/red lblvg+/vg
MulcaysNear YouCardinal1011$10usmaroon/gold lblm-
MulesWe're Good PeopleOrgan GrinderKART 015$20ukwhite lbl test pressing/handwritten info on lblm-
MuleskinnersWolfmanSoma1418$75usdemo/white/black lblm-
Müller's Gesangs GitarristenDes Leuchttfurmwächters TöchterleinPolydor24 336$10gerdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg+
MumpsRock & Roll This Rock & Roll ThatPerfectPR 1$50usps/insertm-/m-
MunchComin' And Goin'RepublicR 305$6us vg
MunchTell Me That It's MeRepublicR 277$10us m-
Mungo JerryAlright Alright AlrightDawnDNS 1037$30dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Mungo JerryAlright Alright AlrightDawnDNS 1037$10ukorange/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Mungo JerryAlright Alright AlrightDawnDNS 1037$8ukpurple/black lblvg+
Mungo JerryAlright Alright AlrightDawnDNS 1037$20uk/dkps/purple/black lblvg+/vg++
Mungo JerryAlright Alright AlrightPye45 PY 4290$20fraps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
Mungo JerryAlright Alright AlrightPyeDNS 1037$15nor m-
Mungo JerryBaby JumpPye7N 2505$25dkps/pink/black lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Mungo JerryBaby JumpPye7N 2505$18dkps/pink/black lbl/flipback slv/nocvg-/vg++
Mungo JerryBaby JumpPye7N 2505$20dkps/pink/black lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg++
Mungo JerryBaby JumpPyePATS 7011$15porps/red lbl/wocvg/vg-
Mungo JerryCan't Get Over Loving YouPolydor2058 603$12gerpsvg++/vg++
Mungo JerryCan't Get Over Loving YouPolydor2058 603$10uk m-
Mungo JerryDon't Let GoPolydor2058 759$10uk m-
Mungo JerryHello NadinePolydor2058 654$10uk m-
Mungo JerryIn the SummertimeDawnDNS 1113$25ukdemo/black A lbl/solid centrem-
Mungo JerryIn the SummertimePye7N 2502$10dkps/pink/black lblvg+/vg+
Mungo JerryIn the SummertimePye7N 2502$15dkps/pink/black lblvg+/m-
Mungo JerryIn the SummertimePye7N 2502$15norpsvg++/vg++
Mungo JerryIn the SummertimePyeH 610$10spaps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg
Mungo JerryIn the SummertimePyeH 610$12spaps/red/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
Mungo JerryIn the SummertimePyeLL-2377-Y$30japps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
Mungo JerryLady RoseDawn/Pye7N 2510$20uk/dkps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Mungo JerryLady RosePye7N 2510$30norps/plum/silver lblm-/m-
Mungo JerryLady RosePye7N 2510$18norps/plum/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Mungo JerryLady RosePye7N 2510$15norps/plum/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Mungo JerryLong Legged Woman Dressed In BlackDawnDNS 1061$10ukwhite/black lblvg++
Mungo JerryMaggiePye45 PV 15342$30fraps/red lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Mungo JerryMaggiePye7N 2503$15norplum/silver lblm-
Mungo JerryMaggiePye7N 2503$25norps/plum/silver lblvg+/vg++
Mungo JerryMaggiePye7N 2503$20norps/plum/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mungo JerryMy Girl And MePye7N 2515$45dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Mungo JerryMy Girl And MePye7N 2515$25dkps/black/silver lbl/dh/nocvg+/vg+
Mungo JerryOpen UpPye7N 2514$30norps/plum/silver lblvg+/vg+
Mungo JerryOpen UpPye7N 2514$40norps/plum/silver lblvg++/vg++
Mungo JerryWild LoveDawnDNS 1051$8uksolid centrevg++
Mungo JerryWild LoveDawnDNS 1051$10uksolid centrem-
Mungo JerryWild LoveDawnDNS 1051$10uk m-
Mungo JerryWild LoveDawnDNS 1051$20uk/dkpsvg++/vg+
Mungo JerryYou Don't Have To Be In the Army To Fight the WarDawnDNX 2513$20ukps/demo/yellow/red A lblm-/m-
Mungo JerryYou Don't Have To Be In the Army To Fight the WarPye10469 AT$10gerps/blue/black lblvg/vg
Mungo JerryYou Don't Have To Be In the Army To Fight the WarPye7N 2513$15norps/plum/silver lblvg+/vg+
Muppet ShowFor What It's WorthPye7N 4608515uk m-
MuppetsMah Na Mah NaPye7N 45698$10ukred/black lblvg++
MurmaidsBlue DressChattahoocheeCH 628$2usred lblg
MurmaidsPopsicles And IciclesStatesideSS 247$40ukblack/silver lblm-
Murray HeadSay It Ain't So JoeIslandWIP 6252$20ukdemo/palm tree orange/blue rim lblm-
Murray HeadSomeone's Rocking My DreamboatIslandWIP 6304$10ukpalm tree orange/blue rim lblm-
Murray HeadSuperstarMCAMKS 5019$18ukps/demo/laminated front flipback slvm-/vg+
Murray HeadSuperstarMCAMKS 5019$10ukyellow swirl lblm-
Murray HeadThe Bells Of RhymneyColumbiaDB 7771$15ukblack/silver lblvg-
Murray HeadWhen You're In LoveVirginVS 667$5ukps/green/red lbl/solid centre/laminated flipback slvm-/m-
Murray Schaff & his AristocratsOoh How I Love YaJosie45-788$10uslight brown/Joz logo lblvg-
Muses('Til) I Kissed YouBell119$6usblue/silver lbl/solvg-
Music City FiveMemphisHit72$15usblack/silver lblvg
Music City SingersWalk Right InHit49$15usblack/silver lblvg
Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulLaurieLR 3380$15us m-
Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$30ukblack/silver lblvg+
Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$35ukblack/silver lblvg++
Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulStatesideSS 2028$25ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
Music ExplosionLittle Bit O'SoulUKUSA 9$10uk m-
Music ExplosionRoad RunnerLaurie3429$15usred/white/black square lblm-
Music ExplosionRoad RunnerLaurieLR 3429$10usred/white/black square lbl/dhvg++
Music ExplosionRoad RunnerLaurieLR 3429$12usred/white/black square lbl/dhm-
Music ExplosionSunshine GamesLaurieLR 3400$12usred/white/black square lblvg++
Music ExplosionSunshine GamesLaurieLR 3400$15usred/white/black square lblm-
Music ExplosionWe Gotta Go HomeLaurieLR 3414$10usred/white/black square lbl/dhvg++
Music ExplosionWe Gotta Go HomeLaurieLR 3414$6usred/white/black square lbl/dhvg
Music ExplosionWe Gotta Go HomeLaurieLR 3414$12usred/white/black square lbl/dhm-
Music MachineLet Me Feel Your HeartbeatPye7P 125$6uk m-
Music MachinePoint Of No ReturnSplendid InternationalLYN 17191$40ukflexi/promo onlyvg++
Music MachineTalk TalkUndergroundURT 3013$18canblack/silver lblvg++
Music RoomI Don't Mind the RainDeccaF 13130$20ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
Musical Linn TwinsIndian RockNorton863$10us m-
Musical Youth007.MCAYOU 6$10ukps/wolvg++/vg++
Musical YouthPolitical021 RecordsOTO 6$4ukpsm-/m-
Musical YouthShe's TroubleMCA52312$10usps/sample sticker on lbl/woc/wolvg+/vg++
MusikpatruljenKlar Til HvornårPolydor2054 070$25nor/dkpsvg++/vg++
MusikpatruljenKlar Til HvornårPolydor2054 070$15nor/dkps/wocvg+/vg+
MustangsMoanin' BluesCapitol5596$25usorange/yellow swirl lblvg++
MutabarukaEvery Time A Ear De SouxHigh Time $40jam vg++
Mutt 'n' JeffDon't Nag Me MaDeccaF 12335$15ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
MX 80 SoundSomeday You'll Be KingRalphMX 8001-S$30uspsm-/m-
My FriendsI'm An Easy RiderRare EarthR 5036F$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
My Kind Of PeopleSomebody's ComingCBS5133$10ukdemovg
My Own Lies/Houses In TexasMy Own Lies/Houses In TexasFlowerviolence10$10gerps/fold out green slv/purple vinyl/white/black lbl/solid centre/insertsm-/m-
My Sister KlausChateau RougeTigersushiTSR 019$8fra m-
Mylon Peace Begins WithinCotillion45-44100$15usred/yellow/black logo lblm-
Mylon Lefevre & Broken HeartTrains Up In the SkyMyrrh901626208-DJ$15usdemo/orange 2 tone lblvg++
Myriam MakebaMalcom XSonafricSYL 565$25frayellow/white/red lblvg+
Myron Lee & the CaddiesAw C'mon BabyHepHEP 2146$8usreprom-
MyrthWe Got To Get TogetherRCA Victor74-0191$15uswolvg+
Mystic CrashLove-In KindABC45-11012$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Mystic Moods OrchestraHomeward BoundPhilips2-40581$10uslight blue/orange logo lbl/dhvg++
MysticsDanger DangerLolita1002$10frademom-
MysticsHushabyeHis Master's Voice45-POP 646$50ukturquoise/silver lblvg+
MysticsHushabyeLaurie3028$30usred/white/black square lbl/solvg+


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