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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
L 7ShoveSub PopSP 1/105$50gerps/black/white lbl/solid centrem-/m-
L.E. White & Lola Jean DillonHome Sweet HomeEpicS EPC 5453$15ukdemo/orange/black A lbl/solid centrem-
La Bottega Dell'ArteLa AventuraOdeon10C006-018454$15spaps/blue/white logo lbl/solvg/vg+
La CostaEven Cowgirls Get the BluesCapitolP-4541$4usdemo/white/brown logo lbl/wolvg
La CostaThis House Runs On SunshineCapitolP-4082$6usdemo/white/brown logo lbl/wolvg+
La LupeLa CigarraTicoT 528$10usyellow/orange/blue logo lblvg-
La PielEl AbedulCBS6777$10mexorange lblm-
La SectaStill Don't FeelPlanet of NoisePON 005$18swpsm-/vg++
La Toya JacksonStay the NightPolydor2095 394$10gerpsvg+/vg+
La VelleRight NowYona2C00008-14840$25fraps/blue/white/red logo lblm-/m-
LabanLove In SiberiaMegaMRCS 2143$12eupsm-/vg++
Labi SiffreCrying Laughing Loving LyingPolydor2001 301$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Labi SiffreCrying Laughing Loving LyingPolydor2001 301$20gerpsm-/m-
Labi SiffreIt Must Be LovePolydor2001 261$12spaps/textured slvvg+/vg++
Labi SiffreLove-A Love-A Love-A Love-A-LoveEMIEMI 2357$8ukbrown/black/red logo lbl/solvg+
Labi SiffreMake My DayPolydor2001 099$20gerpsm-/m-
Labi SiffreMake My DayPolydor2001 099$10gerps/tocvg+/vg
Labi SiffreRun To HimPolydorPOSP 215$10uksolid centrem-
Labi SiffreSo Strong AMX 68775$15ukwhite lbl test pressing with stamped infovg+
Labi SiffreThank Your Lucky StarPolydor2001 157$12gerpsvg+/vg+
Labi SiffreThank Your Lucky StarPolydor2001 157$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Labi SiffreThank Your Lucky StarsPye International7N 25542$8ukps/blue/black lbl/flipback slv/wolvg-/vg
LaFawn Paul & the WhipprwillsLearning To LoveAbbott3009-45$8usyellow/black lbl/wolvg-
LafayettesLife's Too ShortRCA Victor47-8044$20usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
LafayettesLife's Too ShortRCA Victor47-8044$25usblack/silver Nipper lblm-
LafayettesLife's Too ShortRCA Victor47-8044$15usblack/silver Nipper lblvg+
Lafayettes featuring Frank BonarrigoCaravan Of Lonely MenRCA Victor47-8082$25ussolvg++
Laid BackBoliviaStrand613 137$12gerpsm-/m-
Laid BackSunshine ReggaeCBSCBS-A 3605$10porps/yellow/orange lblvg+/vg+
Laid BackSunshine ReggaeCNR145 043$10holred lblvg+
Laid BackWhite HorseMedleyMDS 242$20holps/promo only versionm-/m-
Laid BackWhite Horse (US Edit)MedleyMDS 272$15eecpsm-/m-
Laid BackWhite Horse (US Edit)MedleyMDS 272$12eecpsvg++/m-
Laid BackWhite Horse (US Edit)MedleyMDS 272$12eecpsm-/vg++
Laila WestersundDen Blinda SångerskanSparkSP 5027$25swps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Laila WestersundKär I MoccomatMoccomat $18swps/1 sided/orange lblvg/vg+
Lainey WalkerMake Up Make UpPenny Farthing06-069$12spaps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
Lainie KazanKiss Tomorrow GoodbyeMGMK 13657$10usblack/silver/rainbow logo lbl/dhm-
Lainie KazanKiss Tomorrow GoodbyeMGMK 13657$15usdemo/yellow/black lbl/wolvg++
Lainie KazanWhat Now My LoveMGMK 13595$12usdemo/yellow/black lblvg++
LakeOn the RunCBS5586$12ukdemo/light blue/black large purple A lblvg++
Lale AndersenLili MarleenHis Master's Voice7MW 649$6dkmauve/gold lbl/wolvg
Lale AndersenLili MarleenHis Master's Voice7MW 649$6dkturquise/silver lbl/nocvg+
Lale AndersenLili MarlenElectrolaE 22141$20gerps/red/white lblvg+/vg+
Lalla Hansson(Balladen Om) Nalen (American Pie)Columbia4E006-34665$20swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg
Lalla Hansson(Balladen Om) Nalen (American Pie)Columbia4E006-34665$25swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lalla HanssonAnna & Mej (Me & Bobby McGee)Columbia4E006-34447 M$18swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lalla HanssonDagnyEMI4E006-34870$25swpsm-/m-
Lalla LeoneNon Mi CapiraiItaldiscLL 178$18itaps/black/silver lbl/demo sticker on lbl/tocvg++/vg+
Lally StottSweet MeenyPhilips6025 052$15fraps/blue lblm-/m-
LaloWindyRCA Victor3-10252$18spaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lalo SchifrinBolero20th CenturyTC-2205$6us vg+
Lalo SchifrinHauntingMGMK 13163$75usdemo/yellow/black lblvg++
Lalo SchifrinJawsCTICTSP 005$6ukwolvg+
Lalo SchifrinJawsCTICTSP 005$8uk vg+
Lalo SchifrinTheme from Most WantedCTICTSP 008$10ukdate on lblvg+
Lalo SchifrinTheme from Most WantedCTICTSP 008$15uk vg++
Lamar MorrisIf You Love Me (Really Love Me)MGMK 14236$10usdemo/yellow/black lblvg
LambchopDumpThird Gear3G-23$12usps/beige/red lbl/solid centre/insert/limited editionvg++/m-
LambchopWhiteyMergeMRG 126$15usps/foldout slvm-/vg++
LambrettasPoison IvyRocket6079 695$35gerps/silver lblvg++/m-
LambrettasPoison IvyTwo StrokeXPRES 25$40ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
Lana BaylesJerusalemSPINR 11135$15uswhite/black lblm-
Lana BaylesJerusalemSPINR 11135-1$6uswhite/black lbl/solvg
Lancaster GateLazy LadySonetT 9571$15norbrown lblvg++
Lance PercivalRiviera CayfParlophoneR 5032$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
Lancelot Link and the Evolution RevolutionSha-La Love YouABCABC 11278$18dkps/black/silver lbl/woc/tocvg+/vg
LandscapeEinstein A Go-GoRCA VictorRCA 22$15ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
LandscapeEuropean ManRCA VictorEDM 1$8ukpsm-/m-
LandscapeTouch the Wind (Eres Tu)GullGULS 1$15ukdemom-
Lane BrodyAlibisEMI AmericaP-B-8218$8usdemo/grey/rainbow logo lblvg+
Lane BrodyHe Burns Me UpEMI AmericaP-B-8266$8usps/demovg+/vg++
Lane BrothersLittle BrotherRCA Victor47-7304$6usblack/silver Nipper lblvg-
Lane QuintetJosephineBell150$8usblue/silver lblvg
Lani HallBanquetA&M1433$10usps/brown lblm-/vg+
Lani HallDouble Or NothingA&M2144-S$15usdemo/white/red lblvg++
Lani HallNever Say Never AgainA&MAMS 9734$15holps/silver lblm-/m-
Lani HallNever Say Never AgainA&MAMS 9734$12holps/silver lbl/dhm-/vg++
Lani Hall & Jose FelicianoUn Amor AsiA&MAM 35049$10usred lblm-
Larry & the Paper ProphetsCan't Sit AroundEpic5-10186$40usdemo/white/black oval logo/large red A lblvg++
Larry Cunningham & the Mighty AvonsBig Ol'e ShoulderKingKG 1080$10uklight blue/black lblvg+
Larry Cunningham & the Mighty AvonsThe FugitiveKingKG 1073$15uk m-
Larry Cunningham & the Mighty AvonsThe Great El TigreBig TBIG 118$6ukorange/black lblvg+
Larry DeoneHeart And SoulPepper904$10usred/black lblvg+
Larry EllisMy Heart UnderstoodSwanS-4007$12uswhite/red lblvg+
Larry FinneganDear OneHis Master's Voice45-POP 1022$30dkps/turquoise/silver lblvg+/vg+
Larry FinneganDear OneHis Master's Voice45-POP 1022$35dkps/turquoise/silver lblvg+/vg++
Larry FinneganDear OneHis Master's Voice45-POP 1022$20dkps/turquoise/silver lbl/nocvg/vg+
Larry FinneganDear OneHis Master's Voice45-POP 1022$20dk/swps/turquoise/silver lbl/wolvg-/vg+
Larry FinneganDear One Part TwoRicS 104-64$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Larry FinneganGood Morning TearsSvensk AmericanSAS 1001$30swps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvm-/m-
Larry FinneganHälsa Hem Till MammaSvensk AmericanSAS 1018$30swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Larry FinneganHälsa Hem Till MammaSvensk AmericanSAS 1018$20swps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Larry FinneganLucindaSonetT 7622$35swps/red/white logo lbl/green vinyl/green slvvg++/vg+
Larry FinneganMaria Min VänSvensk AmericanSAS 1011$15swblack/silver lblm-
Larry FinneganOh Lonesome MeHis Master's VoiceX 8631$15swps/turquoise/silver lblvg/vg
Larry FinneganOh Lonesome MeHis Master's VoiceX 8631$15swps/turquoise/silver lbl/solvg-/vg+
Larry FinneganPick Up the PiecesSonetT 7554$15dkps/red/white logo lbl/white/blue/red slvvg/vg
Larry FinneganPick Up the PiecesSonetT 7554$50swps/red/white logo lbl/blue vinyl/wocm-/m-
Larry FinneganPretty Suzy SunshineLondon45-HLU 9613$30uk/dkps/red slv/picture on the leftvg+/vg
Larry FinneganPretty Suzy SunshineLondon45-HLU 961318uk/dkps/red slv/picture on the left/noc/solvg-/vg+
Larry FinneganPretty Suzy SunshineLondonHLU 9613$50uk/dkps/yellow slv picture on the rightvg+/m-
Larry FinneganPretty Suzy SunshineLondonHLU 9613$35uk/dkps/yellow slv picture on the rightvg+/vg+
Larry FinneganPretty Suzy SunshineLondonHLU 9613$25uk/dkps/yellow slv picture on the rightvg-/vg+
Larry FinneganSeven DaysSvensk AmericanSAS 1003$25swps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
Larry FinneganSnälla Söta MarieSvensk AmericanSAS 1026$30swps/black/silver lbl/laminated slvm-/vg++
Larry FinneganThe Other RingoRicS 146$25usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Larry GatlinPenny AnnieMonumentZS8 8643$6usbrown/black lbl/demo sticker on lblvg+
Larry Gatlin & the Gatlin Brothers BandIt Don't Get No Better Than ThisColumbia11-11438$12usdemo/white/black/red logo lblm-
Larry Gatlin with Family & FriendsBroken LadyMonument5142$15ukdemo/black/brown logo lblm-
Larry HagmanBallad Of the Good Luck CharmEpic9336$20ukpsm-/m-
Larry HallSandyCollectablesCOL 1293$6uspink/black lblm-
Larry HallSandyStrand25007$12usred/black lblvg
Larry HosfordLong Distance KissesShelterSR 40312$8usyellow 2 tone lbl/S logo lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Larry KingstonBossier CityWarner BrosWBS 8116$4usboulevard lblvg
Larry Page OrchestraHey JudePage One21010$8usred/white lbl/dhvg+
Larry Page OrchestraTheme From A DreamPenny FarthingPEN 728$4ukred/black lblvg-
Larry Page OrchestraWaltzing To JazzDeccaF 12320$12ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Larry Raspberry & the HighsteppersPlease Forgive A FoolMercury76028$10usdemo/blue/white skyscraper lblvg+
Larry RoquemoreMrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely DaughterGuyden2124$15usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg+
Larry SantosCan't Get You Off My MindCasablancaNB 844$40uswolvg++
Larry TaquinThis Is How I Want To GoCourtn'5013$20usorange/black lblvg+
Larry TriderMake It DoCoral62440$50usdemo/yellow/black lbl/wolm-
Larry VerneMister LivingstonEraHTE-5004$8usgrey/gold lblm-
Larry VerneMr. CusterEra3024$15usblack/silver lblvg+
Larry VerneMr. CusterLondon American45-HLN 9194$4ukblack/silver top lbl/wolvg-
Larry WallisPolice CarStiffBUY 22$8ukgrey/black/white logo lblvg+
Larry WallisPolice CarStiffBUY 22$15ukpsm-/vg++
Larry WallisPolice CarStiffBUY 22$18ukpsm-/m-
Larry WeissEvil WomanPhilips6162 028$35gerps/blue/black lbl/title misspelled on slv/wocvg+/vg++
Larry WeissRhinestone CowboyPhilips6162 055$12gerps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
Larry WilliamsBony MoronieSpecialty615$20us vg+
Larry WilliamsHootchy-KooSpecialty634$30usyellow/white/black lblm-
Larry WilliamsJust BecauseSpecialty597$30usyellow/white/black lblm-
Larry WilliamsPeaches And CreamSpecialty647$50usyellow/white/black lblm-
Larry WilliamsShort Fat FannieSpecialty608$30us m-
Larry WilliamsSteal A Little KissSpecialty665$25usyellow/white/black lblvg++
LarsLivet Er For KjiptNew NoiseNNS 2$10norpsvg-/vg+
Lars BerghagenEn Värld I Toner (The French Song)Polydor2053 078$30norpsm-/vg++
Lars BerghagenGunga Gunga (Where Did Our Love Go)KarusellKFF 741$20swps/red/white/blue lblvg+/vg++
Lars BerghagenGunga Gunga (Where Did Our Love Go)KarusellKFF 741$30swps/red/white/blue lbl/solvg++/m-
Lars BerghagenJennie JenniePolydor2041 630$20gerpsvg/vg++
Lars BerghagenJennie JenniePolydor2041 630$50itapsvg++/vg++
Lars HollmerBoeves PsalmSilenceZING 123$25swpsm-/m-
Lars JydeFrk. Brun De Har En Dejlig LatterZig ZagZ 7002$20dkps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
Lars Muhl & the HousewivesTekno LoveRCA VictorPB 42755$25gersilver/black lblm-
Larsen & BellamiLeningradColumbia657 814-7$20holps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg+
La'sTimeless MelodyGo Disc869 168-7$12ukpsvg++/vg++
La'sWay OutGo DiscGOLAS 1$15ukpsm-/vg++
Las GrecasTe Estoy Amando LocamenteCBSCBS 1645$18spaps/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Lasse DahlquistVår Lilla KomediCupolCS 45/191$15swpsm-/m-
Lasse DahlquistVarje År Kommer Våren Från VästCupolCS 45/190$15swpsm-/m-
Lasse Holm & Monica TörnellE' De' Det Här Du Kallar KärlekMariannMAS 2454$20swps/solid centrem-/m-
Lasse Hovd & Åse ThoresenSer Du Jan Så Hils Fra MigTriolaTN 325$30norps/blue/white lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg
LastEvery Summer DayBompBOMP 126$40uspsm-/m-
LastL.A. ExplosionBacklashBLS 003$40uspsvg++/m-
LastShe Don't Know Why I'm HereBompBOMP 119$25uspsm-/m-
LastShe Don't Know Why I'm HereBompBOMP 119$20uspsvg++/vg++
LastShe Don't Know Why I'm HereBompBOMP 119$35usps/demom-/vg++
Last GalaxieAll Good GiftsGeneral AmericanGAR 316$15usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Last Shadow PuppetsThe Age Of the UnderstatementDominoRUG 288X$10eupsm-/vg++
Last Station BeforeLive TogetherArpegesSTG 857$20belps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
Last WordsI Wish I Had TimeAtco45-6542$10usdhm-
Late ShowChainsDeccaF 13835$40ukps/yellow/red lbl/laminated flipback slv/signed by artistm-/vg+
Late ShowDrop DeadDeccaF 13777$30ukpsm-/m-
Late ShowI Like ItDeccaF 13788$30ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Late ShowPeppermint Twist/Tutti FruttiDeccaF 13851$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Latin QuarterAmerica For BeginnersArista/Rockin' HorseRH 110$10ukpsm-/m-
LatinsPalo BonitoRCA ItalianaPM45-3184$20itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Laughing DogsGet 'im Outa TownCBS7811$10uk m-
Laura BraniganSolitareAtlantic7-89868$6usps/red/black lblvg+/m-
Laura LeeMy Boy LollipopVarietyF45 NP 10071$10itamulticolor lblvg
Laura Lee & the Blue BeatsMy Boy LollipopMoonglowM 5250$10bellight brown/black lblvg
Laura LynnThe Lucky FewTryTR 629$20usyellow/black lbl/wolvg++
Laura MarlingGhostsVirginVS 1964$15eups/solid centrevg++/m-
Laura NyroOnce I Was Alright Now (Farmer Joe)CBS4031$10ukorange lbl/nocm-
Laura NyroTime And LoveCBS4719$10ukorange lbl/nocm-
Laurel & Hardy with the Avalon BoysThe Trail Of the Lonesome PineUnited ArtistsUP 36026$8uktan/brown logo lblvg++
Laurel & Hardy with the Avalon BoysThe Trail Of the Lonesome PineUnited ArtistsUP 36026$10uktan/brown logo lblm-
LaurenceSoleil Je N'ai Pas Compris PourquoiCapriccioMC 41002$15fraps/yellow/black lbl/textured flipback slvvg++/vg+
Laurent VaguenerNotre Vie C'est La MusiquePolydor/Az2052 169$30nor/frapsvg++/vg++
Laurie Allen & Bobby BrightI Belong With YouLTD International45-401$25usblack/silver/gold lblvg++
Laurie AndersonBig ScienceWarner BrosWB 17941$12gerpsvg++/vg++
Laurie AndersonBig ScienceWarner BrosWB 17941$15gerpsm-/m-
Laurie AndersonO SupermanWarner BrosK 17870$6uk m-
Laurie AndersonO SupermanWarner BrosWB 17870$12gerpsvg+/vg+
Laurie AndersonO SupermanWarner BrosWB 17870$15gerpsm-/m-
Laurie Andrew & ZeroI'll Never Love Anyone AnymoreAristaARISTA 34$12ukdemo/white/black/blue logo lblvg++
Laurie BeechmanAfter the FallEpicEPCA 4798$12holps/blue lblm-/vg++
Laurie DrydenThe Spirit Of Joe HillDeramDM 353$15swps/brown/white lbl/wocvg/vg-
Laurie DrydenThe Spirit Of Joe HillDeramDM 353$15ukbrown/white lbl/wolvg++
Laurie HaynesTurn Back TimeLittle FreedomLF 389$15usbeige lblm-
Laurie Johnson OrchestraDoin' the RaccoonPye7N 15406$10ukplum/silver lblvg++
Laurie Johnson OrchestraSucu SucuPye7N 15383$10ukplum/silver lblvg+
Laurie Johnson OrchestraSucu SucuPye7N 15383$15ukplum/silver lblm-
Laurie Johnson OrchestraTheme from Dr. StrangelovePye7N 15599$6ukred/black lblvg
Laurie London & the Rita Williams SingersA Railroadin' ManParlophone45-R 4426$8ukmauve/silver lblvg+
Laurie London & the Rita Williams SingersMy MotherParlophone45R 4474$25norclear blue vinyl/red/silver lblvg++
Laurie StyversBeat the ReaperChrysalisCHS 2002$8ukgreen/red logo/Island logo lbl/solid centrevg+
Laurie StyversBeat the ReaperChrysalisCHS 2002$35uk/dkps/green/red logo/Island logo lbl/solid centrevg++/vg+
Laverne & ShirleyChapel Of LoveAtlantic45-3367$8usred/black lblm-
LawLayin' Down the LawMCAMCA 40656$10usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/rssm-
Lawrence ReynoldsJesus Is A Soul ManWarner BrosA 7322$30swps/red lblm-/m-
Lawrence WalkerAllon Rock And RollLa LouisianneLL 8018$75us vg++
Lawrence WelkBaby Elephant WalkDotD 306$15swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lawrence WelkStockholmDotD 358$10swblack/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lblm-
Lawton WilliamsEverything'S O.K. On the LBJRCA Victor47-8407$15usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
Laya Raki & Schock-KingsDon't Kiss Me NowCarinaF 125$30dk vg++
LazarusLooking ThroughBearsvilleBSV 0002$10uswolvg++
LazarusThis Is A SongBearsvilleBSV 0017$6us vg++
LazyLet Me Down EasyLibraLS 16$40dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
Lazy BumsLazy BumsCBS650 894-7$20holpsvg++/vg++
Lazy CowgirlsFrustration Tragedy & LiesCryptCR-037$10us/canpsm-/m-
LCD SoundsystemGive It UpOutputOPRDFA 004$12ukpsm-/m-
Le Garde TwinsBallad Of Ned KellyColumbiaDO 4449$30ausblack/silver lbl/solid centre/sample sticker on lblvg++
Le Sorelle BandieraFatti Piu' In La'CBSCBS 6786$20itaps/yellow/orange lblvg+/vg++
LeadersNight PeopleFontanaF 1519$25usdemo/solm-
Leapy LeeGood MorningMCAMK 5021$15ukdemo/yellow swirl lblvg++
Leapy LeeGood MorningMCAMK 5021$6ukyellow swirl lbl/nocvg+
Leapy LeeHere Comes the RainStatesideKSS 1073$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Leapy LeeIt's All HappeningPye7N 17619$12uk/dkps/blue/black lbl/woc/wolvg/vg+
Leapy LeeLittle ArrowsStatesideKSS 1053$18dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Leapy LeeLittle ArrowsStatesideKSS 1053$10swblack/silver lblm-
Leather NunGimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)WireWRS 009$10ukpsm-/m-
Leather NunPrimemoverScabriSCS 3$50swpsm-/vg++
Leather NunRide Into Your TownWireWRS 28$8swpsm-/vg+
LeavesHey JoeMira222$15usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg-
Leaving TrainsBringing Down the HouseHappy SquidHS 009$30usps/insertm-/m-
LeciaDet' En HemlighedEMI6C006-1395027$15eecpsm-/vg+
LeciaDet' En HemlighedEMI6C006-1395027$6eecpsvg-/vg
LeciaDet' En HemlighedEMI6C006-1395027$8eecpsvg+/vg
LeciaHvis Nu Lykken FindesMegaMRCS 2125$18holpsm-/vg++
LeciaHvis Nu Lykken FindesMegaMRCS 2125$15holpsm-/vg+
LeciaLandet CamelotPolydor889 028-7$10hol m-
LeciaLandet CamelotPolydor889 028-7$6hol vg+
Lecia & LucienneA Lovers ConcertoEMI6C006-39379$30swpsm-/vg++
Lecia & LucienneBye ByeEMI6C006-39341$15swpsvg+/vg+
Lecia & LucienneBye ByeEMI6C006-39341$25swpsm-/vg++
Lecia & LucienneDen Hvide Due (Den Vita Duvan)MetronomeB 4135$20dkpsm-/m-
Lecia & LucienneDit Liv Mit LivEMI6C006-39283$12dkpsvg+/vg+
Lecia & LucienneDit Liv Mit LivEMI6C006-39283$20dkps/wocm-/vg++
Lecia & LuciennePenge Penge Penge (Money Money Money)MetronomeB 4160$20dkpsm-/m-
Lecia & LucienneRør Ved Mig (Eres Tu)MetronomeB 1788$15dkps/blue 2 tone lblvg+/m-
Lecia & LucienneRør Ved Mig (Eres Tu)MetronomeB 1788$20dkps/blue 2 tone lblm-/m-
Lecia & LucienneTa' Og Ta' Mig Væk Fra Sne Og Is (Jag Vil Resa Bort)MetronomeB 4105$25dkpsvg+/vg++
Lecia & LucienneWaterlooMetronomeB 4102$10dkps/red slvvg++/vg+
Lecia & LucienneWaterlooMetronomeB 4102$15dkps/red slvm-/m-
Lectric FunkShanghaiedNeon17792$10itaps/blue lblvg/vg+
Led ZeppelinBlack DogAtlanticATL 10 103$75gerpsvg+/vg+
Led ZeppelinBlack DogAtlanticATL 10 103$90swred/black lbl/nocvg++
Led ZeppelinImmigrant SongAtlanticATL 70 460$20gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg
Led ZeppelinImmigrant SongAtlanticATL 70 460$40gerps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta LoveAtlantic45-2690$20usdemo/white/red lbl/some lbl damage on A side/lbl missing on B sidevg+
Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta LoveAtlanticATL 70 409$40gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
Led ZeppelinWhole Lotta LoveAtlanticATL 70 409$45gerps/red/black lbl/socvg+/vg++
Lee BennettNot One Minute MoreBell133$15usblue/silver lblvg
Lee CaronBack To An Empty RoomJoy45K-267$25usblack/silver/rainbow rim lblvg++
Lee ClaytonOh How Lucky I AmCapitol7C006-86348$18swps/purple/silver lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
Lee GarrettHeart Be StillChrysalisCHS 2101$15ukdemo/green/red logo/black A lbl/wolm-
Lee GarrettYou're My EverythingChrysalisCHS 2087$8ukgreen/red logo lbl/wolvg++
Lee HazlewoodI've Got To Be MovingPolydor2053 265$60nor vg++
Lee HazlewoodMorning DewRepriseRA 0699$30gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lbl/socvg+/vg
Lee HazlewoodOde To Billie JoeReprise613$30usdemovg++
Lee HazlewoodOde To Billie JoeReprise613$20usred/brown lblvg++
Lee HazlewoodOde To Billie JoeRepriseRA 0613$35gerps/brown/red lblvg++/vg+
Lee HazlewoodOde To Billie JoeRepriseRA 0613$20gerps/brown/red lblvg-/vg+
Lee HazlewoodRainbow WomanRepriseRA 0667$25gerps/brown/red lblvg+/vg+
Lee HazlewoodSummer WineMGM61 204$30gerps/black/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++/m-
Lee HazlewoodSummer WineMGM61 204$35gerps/black/silver/rainbow logo lblm-/m-
Lee HazlewoodSummer WineMGM61 204$15gerps/black/silver/rainbow logo lblvg/vg
Lee HazlewoodSummer WineMGM61 204$10norblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
Lee HazlewoodSummer WineMGMMGS 61204$15sw/gerps/yellow/black lblvg+/vg
Lee HazlewoodSuzi Jane Is Back In TownMGM61 213$25gerps/gold/blue swirl lblvg+/vg+
Lee HazlewoodTrouble MakerLHILHI 20$10usyellow/orange/brown lbl/dhvg+
Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane HokomSand.MGMMGM 6590$35swps/yellow/black lblm-/vg+
Lee Hazlewood & Suzi Jane HokomSand.MGMMGM 6590$40swps/yellow/black lblm-/vg++
Lee Hazlewood's WoodchucksFrenesi (Cancion Tropical)MGMK 13474$50usdemo/yellow/black lblm-
Lee KingsWhy Why WhyRCA VictorFAS 760$40swps/black/silver lbl/noc/wocvg-/vg
Lee KristoffersonDinner With DracThrustRUFF 1$12ukpsm-/m-
Lee LawrenceRock 'n' Roll OperaColumbia45-DB 3855$15ukmauve/gold lblvg-
Lee LawrenceValley ValparaisoColumbiaSCM 5283$12ukmauve/gold lbl/archive sticker on lblvg
Lee LynchI'll Hold You In My HeartPye7N 17363$15ukred/black top lblm-
Lee LynchStay AwhilePolydor59 344$30norpsvg++/m-
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamount1C006-91108$18gerps/grey/black lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountH-559$25spaps/grey/black lbl/textured flipback slv/solm-/m-
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountPAA 0010$10usgrey/black lblvg+
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountPARA 3004$15dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountPARA 3004$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountPARA 3004$18dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountPARA 3004$18dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountPARA 3004$25swpsvg++/vg++
Lee MarvinWand'rin StarParamountPARA 3004$20ukdemo/grey/black lblm-
Lee MichaelsCan I Get A WitnessA&M10881 AT$20gerps/brown lblvg+/vg+
Lee MichaelsKeep the Circle TurningA&M1262$10usbrown lblvg++
Lee RossAcres Of Everything But LoveSonetT 8167$40dkps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg+
Lee Roy ParnellOughta Be A LawAristaAS 2028$15usdemo/black/silver lblm-
Lee Scratch PerryKentucky SkankMojo MusicMOJO 1$8ukred/yellow/green/white lbl/solid centrevg++
Lee Scratch PerryKentucky SkankMojo MusicMOJO 1$10ukred/yellow/green/white lbl/solid centrem-
Left BankeI Haven't Got the NerveSmashS-2041$15us vg++
Left BankePretty BallerinaPhilipsBF 1540$20ukblue/silver lblvg+
Lefty FrizzellI Love You A Thousand WaysColumbia9-770$2us g
Lefty FrizzellRailroad LadyABCABC 11442$8us m-
Legendary LoversKing Of the WorldTrax On WaxWAX 008$30swwhite lbl test pressingm-
Legendary Masked SurfersGonna Hustle YouUnited ArtistsUP 35542$35uk m-
Legendary Stardust CowboyParalyzedMercury72862$25usorange/brown swirl lbl/dhvg+
Legendary Stardust CowboyParalyzedMercury72862$30usorange/brown swirl lbl/dhvg++
Legendary Stardust CowboyParalyzedMercury72862$35usred lbl/dhm-
LegendsRock And Roll WomanEpic5-10937$15usyellow/black oval logo lblvg+
Legs DiamondHelp WantedCreamCR 7937$6us vg++
Leiber-Stoller OrchestraCafe EspressoUnited Artists45-POP 1050$35ukturquoise/silver lbl/nocvg++
Leigh Bell & the ChimesTerryQualityK 1948$10canyellow/red lbl/wolvg
Leila & the SnakesRock & Roll WeirdosAspA 0001$30uspsm-/m-
LeinemannMy Baby Left MeWamCB 6030$15gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Lelly BooneSend Your LovePenny Farthing06-101$12spaps/red lblvg++/vg+
Lemko HallEach Standin' In the Other LightSpeakerphoneDIAL 007$10swps/insert/limited editionm-/m-
Lemon DropsCanadian CapersDore589$25us vg+
Lemon PipersGreen TambourineBuddah201 006$18gerps/shiva lblvg/vg+
Lemon PipersGreen TambourineBuddah201 006$30gerps/shiva lblm-/m-
Lemon PipersGreen TambourineBuddah201 006$10gershiva lblvg++
Lemon PipersGreen TambourineBuddahBDA 23$2usshiva lblg
Lemon PipersGreen TambourinePye International7N 25444$8ukblue/black lblvg+
Lemon PipersJelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmelade)Buddah201 013$25gerps/shiva lblm-/vg++
Lemon PipersJelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmelade)BuddahBDA 41$4usshiva lbl/dhvg
Lemon PipersJelly Jungle (Of Orange Marmelade)BuddahBDA 41$8usshiva lbl/dhvg++
Lemon PipersRice Is NiceBuddah201 010$25norps/shiva lblm-/m-
Lemon PipersRice Is NiceBuddah201 010$10norps/shiva lblvg-/vg
Lemon PipersRice Is NiceBuddahBDA 31$25usps/shiva lblvg++/vg++
Lemon PipersRice Is NiceBuddahBDA 31$25usps/shiva lbl/dhm-/m-
Lemon PipersRice Is NiceBuddahBDA 31$15usps/shiva lbl/dhvg/vg++
Lemon PipersWine And VioletBuddahBDA 63$6usshiva lbl/dhvg+
Lemon PipersWine And VioletBuddahBDA 63$4usshiva lbl/dhvg
Lemonade CharadeThe Yellow Brick RoadEpic5-10216$20usyellow/black oval logo lbl/wolvg++
Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$6ukblack/silver lblvg-
Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$10ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$20uk/dkps/black/silver lbl/solvg-/vg+
Len Barry1-2-3.Brunswick5942$15uk/swps/black/silver lbl/woc/nocvg+/vg
Len Barry1-2-3.MCA259 551-7$12gerpsvg++/vg++
Len BarryIt's A Crying ShameDecca5955$25turblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Len BarryYou're My Picasso BabyAmy11037$18uspink lbl/dhvg+
Len BarryYou're My Picasso BabyAmy11037$25uspink lbl/dhm-
Len BarryYou're My Picasso BabyAmy11037$15uspink lbl/dhvg
Lena & JohnnaHajti Bombajti (Heidschi Bumbeidschi)Odeon6E006-37028$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lena AnderssonÄr Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång? (I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again)PolarPOS 1124$25swps/yellow slvvg++/vg++
Lena AnderssonÄr Det Konstigt Att Man Längtar Bort Nån Gång? (I'm Gonna Be A Country Girl Again)PolarPOS 1124$10sw vg++
Lena AnderssonBetter To Have Loved (Than Never Loved At All) (Säj Det Med En Sång)PolarPOS 1149$60swps/yellow stripe slvvg+/vg++
Lena AnderssonGlöm Dig Själv För En Dag (Walk A Mile In My Shoes)PolarPOS 1139$18swps/red slv/nocvg+/m-
Lena AnderssonGlöm Dig Själv För En Dag (Walk A Mile In My Shoes)PolarPOS 1139$25swps/yellow slvvg++/m-
Lena AnderssonSäj Det Med En SångPolarPOS 1148$30swpsm-/m-
Lena AnderssonSäj Det Med En SångPolarPOS 1148$20swps/orange top slvvg+/m-
Lena HanssonEn Man En Fiol Och En Sång (Zo Hoog In De Hemel)Columbia4E006-34453M$8swblack/silver lblvg++
Lena HanssonLägg Av Den Gamla Stilen (The Look Of Love)ColumbiaDS 2404$15swps/black/silvervg/vg+
Lena HanssonLägg Av Den Gamla Stilen (The Look Of Love)ColumbiaDS 2404$12swps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Lena HorneFeeling GoodUnited ArtistsUA 851$6usred/silver lblvg+
Lena HorneHoneysuckle RoseRCA Victor45-RCA 1120$6ukblack/silver lblvg+
Lena HorneI Love To LoveHis Master's Voice7M 309$12ukmauve/gold lblvg+
Lena HorneRocky RaccoonSkye4523$15usblack/silver lblm-
Lena HorneStormy WeatherRCA Victor45390$6frablack/silver lbl/wolvg
Lena HorneStormy WeatherRCA Victor47-9193$15dkblack/silver lblm-
Lena HorneSweet ThingRCA Victor47-6997$8usblack/silver Nipper lblvg
Lena JunoffPadreOlgaSO 45$30swpsm-/m-
Lena MariaLet's Get TogetherPhilips6015 072$30swblue/silver lblvg+
Lena MariaLet's Get TogetherPhilips6015 072$40swblue/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
Lena ValaitisJamaika Reggae ManAriola101 680-100$20gerpsvg++/vg++
Lena ValaitisJohnny BlueAriola102 939$15gerpsm-/vg++
Lena ZavaroniMa! (He's Making Eyes At Me)Philips6006 367$25norps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lena ZavaroniMa! (He's Making Eyes At Me)StaxSTA 0206$15usyellow lblvg++
Lena ZavaroniSmilePhilips6006 462$10ukblue/black lblm-
Lene & Rico's KvintetRøde Roser Kan Man KøbeTriolaTD 379$12dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg+/vg
Lene LovichAngelsStiffBUY 63$10ukpsm-/m-
Lene LovichBird SongStiffBUY 53$20swps/red lblm-/m-
Lene LovichBird SongStiffBUY 53$10ukps/green lblm-/m-
Lene LovichI Think We're Alone Now StiffBUY 32$10ukps/red lbl/flipback slvm-/m-
Lene LovichI Think We're Alone Now StiffBUY 32$8ukps/red lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Lene LovichIt's You Only You (Mein Schmerz)StiffBUY 164$15norps/red lblvg+/vg++
Lene LovichLucky NumberStiffBUY 42$15ukps/yellow lblm-/m-
Lene LovichLucky NumberStiffBUY 42$10ukyellow lblm-
Lene LovichLucky NumberStiffBUY 42$4uk vg+
Lene LovichNew ToyStiffBUY 97$10ukps/laminated flipback slv/solid centrem-/m-
Lene LovichSay WhenStiffBUY 46$10ukpsm-/m-
Lene LovichWhat Will I Do Without YouStiffBUY 69$15ukps/2x45/gfldm-/m-
Lene LovichWriting On the WallStiff/Epic9-50767$12us m-
Leni HegelundHjælp Mig MadonnaTono45-ST 41444$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Leni HegelundHjælp Mig MadonnaTono45-ST 41444$35dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lenne & the Lee KingsL.O.D. (Love On Delivery)GazellC-173$45swps/dhvg+/vg+
Lenne & the Lee KingsL.O.D. (Love On Delivery)GazellC-173$20swps/grey/white/red lbl/red slv/woc/nocvg-/vg-
Lenne & the Lee KingsStop the MusicMetronomeM 820$75gerps/black/silver lblvg-/vg++
Lennie Baldwin's Dauphin Street SixOld Man MoseStoryvilleA 45080$10dkpsvg/vg
Lennie Baldwin's Dauphin Street SixOld Man MoseStoryvilleA 45080$25dkps/dhvg+/vg++
Lennie MacDonaldThunderstrikesAristaARISTA 29$12ukdemo/white/black/blue logo lblvg++
Lennie MartinShoesRobbeeR 118$8uswhite/black lbl/wolvg+
Lennie Tristano TrioUntitled BluesKeynoteSNP 1050$75japps/1 sided/grey/black lbl/solid centrem-/vg++
Lennon SistersSad Movies (Make Me Cry)DotD 45-263$25dkps/black/silver lblvg/m-
Lennon/Ono & the Plastic Ono BandInstant KarmaAppleAPPLES 1003$40dkpsm-/m-
Lennon/Ono & the Plastic Ono BandInstant KarmaAppleAPPLES 1003$20dkps/play loud lbl/wocvg/vg+
Lennon/Ono & the Plastic Ono BandInstant KarmaAppleAPPLES 1003$40swpsm-/m-
LennonsI'm A Man Of Constant SorrowRCA45-1127$50dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg+
LennonsWonder Where My Baby Is TonightRCA Victor47-9660$75ger/dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lenny HenrySweet Soul DreamHandkerchiefHANKY 11$15ukdemom-
Lenny HenrySweet Soul DreamHandkerchiefHANKY 11$8uksolid centrevg++
Lenny Kaye & the Lone WolvesChild BrideMer604$15usps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lenny Kaye & the Lone WolvesChild BrideMer604$25usps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Lenny Le BlancHound Dog Man (Play It Again)Big TreeBT 16062$10usbirds lblm-
Lenny Le BlancHound Dog Man (Play It Again)Big TreeK 11005$12ukbirds lbl/solid centrem-
Lenny RoybalWalk With MeMGMK 13478$12usdemo/yellow/black lblvg
Lenny WelchA Sunday Kind Of LoveAtco45-6894$15usdemovg++
Lenny WelchBreaking Up Is Hard To DoCommonwealth UnitedC 3004$10us m-
Lenny WelchI Need SomeoneCadence1373$15usred/silver lblvg++
Lenny WelchI Thank You LoveFigF 101$25uswolvg++
Lenny WelchRight In the Next RoomMainstreamMRL 5545$15us m-
Lenny WelchSince I Don't Have YouMainstreamMRL 5545$15us m-
Lenny WelchSince I Fell For YouCadence1439$6usred/black rim lblvg+
Leno & LilianCoisinha Estupida (Something Stupid)CBS33498$15braorange lbl/solid centrevg+
Leo DiamondThe Dream Of OlwenRepriseR 20016$8dkbeige/grey lblvg+
Leo DiamondThe Dream Of OlwenRepriseR 20016$12dkps/beige grey lblvg+/vg
Leo O'NeilI'm A Tom CatTribe45-8325$10usdemo/yellow/orange swirl lblvg
Leo SayerHow Much LoveChrysalisCHS 2140$25dkps/green/red logo lblm-/vg++
Leo SayerOne Man BandChrysalisCHS 2045$15ukdemo/green/black A lbl/release date stamped on lblm-
Leon & Mary RussellRainbow In Your EyesParadisePDS 8208$10usdemovg++
Leon AshleyAnna I'm Taking You HomeEmeraldMD 1090$10ukgreen/white logo lblvg+
Leon AshleyLove Fits Me BetterAshley45-35013$10usdemo/yellow/orange swirl lblvg+
Leon AshleyThere Ain't No Easy WayAshley45-35008$15usdemo/yellow/orange swirl lblm-
Leon BibbRocks And GravelVanguardVRS 35006$10us vg++
Leon BibbTimes Are Getting HardTop RankTR 5020$18ukblue/silver lblvg++
Leon Jordon & the Memphis ExpressOne Sided Love AffairMemphis ExpressionsAV 1155$25usyellow lblvg++
Leon PayneReflex ReactionHaciendaWW 003$15us vg+
Leon RauschDance Toward the DoorSims232$12usdemo/white/black lblvg+
Leon RedboneSeducedAtlanticK 11589$8ukorange/green/white stripe lbl/solid centrevg++
Leon RedboneSeducedEmerald CityEC 7326$12usdemo/white/grey lblm-
Leon RedboneYour Cheatin' HeartEmerald CityEC 7330$12usdemo/blue lblm-
Leon RussellA Hard Rain's Gonna FallPhilips6073 400$20holps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
Leon RussellA Hard Rain's Gonna FallPhilips6073 400$20norps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Leon RussellDelta LadyA&MAMS 806$10ukbrown lblvg++
Leon RussellDelta LadyA&MAMS 806$15ukdemo/yellow/red A lblm-
Leon RussellDelta LadyA&MAMS 806$20uk/dkps/brown lblvg+/m-
Leon RussellDelta LadyA&MAMS 806$12uk/dkps/brown lbl/solid centrevg/vg
Leon RussellDelta LadyA&MAMS 806$25uk/dkps/brown lblvg+/m-
Leon RussellElvis And MarilynParadiseK 17244$8uk m-
Leon RussellElvis And MarilynParadisePDS 8667$15uspsvg++/vg++
Leon RussellIf I Were A CarpenterShelterSR 40210$15uspsm-/vg++
Leon RussellLady BlueShelterSR 40378$10usyellow 2 tone/S logo lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
Leon RussellQueen Of the Roller DerbyPhilips6073 413$15norps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Leon RussellThe Balled Of Mad Dogs & EnglishmenA&MAMS 841$10norbrown lblvg++
Leon RussellThe Balled Of Mad Dogs & EnglishmenA&MAMS 841$12norps/brown lblvg+/vg
Leon RussellThe Balled Of Mad Dogs & EnglishmenA&MAMS 841$25norps/brown lblm-/vg++
Leon RussellThe Balled Of Mad Dogs & EnglishmenA&MAMS 841$10norps/brown lbl/wolvg+/vg
Leon RussellTight RopePhilips6073 409$15gerps/blue/black lblvg+/m-
Leon RussellTight RopePhilips6073 409$18gerps/blue/black lblvg++/m-
Leon RussellWild HorsesPhilips6073 415$15holps/blue/black lbl/toc/wocvg++/vg+
Leona WilliamsYour Shoeshine GirlHickoryHK 304$18usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Leonard CohenDo I Have To Dance All NightCBSCBS 4431$30holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Leonard CohenFirst We Take ManhattanCBS651 352-7$30holpsm-/m-
Leonard CohenJoan Of ArcCBSCBS 7292$15holps/orange lblvg+/vg
Leonard CohenLover Lover LoverCBSCBS 2699$25holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
Leonard CohenSuzanneCBS3337$20fraps/orange lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Leonard CohenWinter LadyCBSCBS 7684$25holps/orange lbl/Julie Christie on slvvg+/vg++
Leonore O'MalleyFirst Be A WomanPolydor2095 181$15gerps/wocvg+/vg+
Leppe SundevallGnestaCupolCS 45/186$20swpsvg++/vg++
Leppe Sundewall & Git SkiöldVar Nöjd Med Altt Som Livet Ger (The Bare Necessities)ColumbiaDS 2433$18swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
LeRoi BrothersAin't I'm A DogDemonD 1027$12ukpsm-/m-
Leroy AndersonBelle Of the BallDecca45-BM 04870$6dkblack/silver curved logo lblvg+
Leroy HolmesPromises PromisesUnited ArtistsUA 50499$6usdemo/white/black lblvg-
Leroy HolmesSpanish RockMGMST M 21129$8geryellow/black lblvg+
Leroy PullinsI'm A NutKappK 2121$25dkps/maroon/silver lblm-/m-
Leroy PullinsI'm A NutKappK 2121$15dkps/maroon/silver lblvg/vg+
Leroy PullinsI'm A NutKappK 2121$20dkps/maroon/silver lblvg+/vg++
Leroy PullinsI'm A NutMCAMCA 315$12ukdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblm-
Leroy Van DykeHow Long Must You Keep A SecretMercury127 061 MCF$30dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Leroy Van DykeIf A Woman Answers (Hang Up the Phone)Mercury71926$4swblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Leroy Van DykeI've Never Been LovedWarner Bros7001$10usdemo/white/black lbl/re-issuevg++
Leroy Van DykeWalk On ByMercury71834$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Leroy Van DykeWalk On ByMercury71834$15swps/woc/tocvg/vg+
Leroy Van DykeWalk On ByMercury45-AMT 1166$4ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Leroy Van DykeWalk On ByPhilips320 123 BF$15nor/dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
LeRoysDon't Cry BabyHis Master's VoicePOP 1274$10ukblack/silver lblvg-
Les AllumettesMustaphaAB ProductionAB 200$12fraps/white/black lblvg/vg++
Les Barney GugelMy Hogs Gone WildCucaJ 6551$6usblack/silver/yellow logo lblvg-
Les BaxterLost In MeditationCapitolF 2106$10uspurple/silver lbl/tri centrevg+
Les BaxterMilordCapitolF 4249$15dkps/purple/silver lblm-/vg+
Les BaxterThe Left Arm Of BuddhaCapitolF 3573$10dkpurple/silver lblvg+
Les BaxterTheme From Helen Of TroyCapitolF 3336$6uspurple/silver lblvg-
Les BaxterWake the Town And Tell the PeopleCapitolF 3120$12dkpurple/silver lblvg+
Les BrownSomebody Loves MeGold MorGM 00019$6us vg++
Les CarleBoys CryEmbassyWB 620$4uk vg-
Les CarleDon't Let the Sun Catch You CryingEmbassyWB 631$15uk vg++
Les CarleThe Night Has A Thousand EyesEmbassy45-WB 552$6uk vg
Les ChakachasBrigitte BardotRCA Victor45N-1197$40itaps/black/silver lbl/Brigitte Bardot on slv/wocvg+/vg+
Les ChakachasTwist TwistRCA Victor47-9369$20gerps/black/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Les CharlotsDerriere Chez MoiVogueV 45-1757$15fraps/pink/white lbl/textured slv/wocvg/vg
Les CharlotsHey MaxVogue45-STU 42299$45dkpsvg++/m-
Les CharlotsSois ErotiqueVogueV45-1743$25fraps/pink/white lbl/flipback slvvg++/m-
Les Chats SauvagesTwist A Saint-TropezHis Master's VoiceX 8628$15dkps/green/silver lbl/noc/wol/woc/tocvg/vg-
Les Chats SauvagesTwist A Saint-TropezHis Master's VoiceX 8628$25dkps/green/silver lblvg/vg-
Les Chats Sauvages & Dick RiversLes Bras De L'amourPathé45 G 1724$15frared/black lbl/promo stamped lblvg++
Les Compagnons De La ChansonNe Viens Pas A Paris (Take A Message To Mary)CBS4621$12holps/orange lblvg/vg++
Les CraneDesiderataWarner BrosK 16119$18ukcream/black A lbl/solid centrevg++
Les CraneDesiderataWarner BrosWB 16139$25gerps/boulevard lblvg++/m-
Les EmmersonControl Of MeLionLION 141$4usyellow/blue lblvg
Les EmmersonControl Of MeLionLION 141$10usyellow/blue lblm-
Les EmmersonControl Of MeLionLION 141$6usyellow/blue lblvg+
Les EmmersonControl Of MeMGM2006 187$20gerps/blue lblm-/m-
Les Irresistibles (The Beloved Ones)My Year Is A DayCBS3330$18holps/orange lblvg/vg+
Les KingsRhum Lá (Sur Un Air De Fernand Donatien)Hit ParadeGR 86$20fraps/brown/black lbl/laminated front flipback slvvg/m-
Les Maxel'sTi JeannineDisque Debs45 DD 296$18fraps/brown lbl/laminated slvvg+/m-
Les MeteorythmsLes Vacances D'AlbertPathé2C006-10412 M$25fraps/red lbl/wocvg++/vg+
Les MilordsLet Me Love You (Nous On Est Dans Le Vent)Vogue45-STU 42169$45dkps/black/silver lbl/wol/wocvg/vg+
Les ModelsYes With My BodyDreyfusFDM 8261$15holpsm-/m-
Les Negresses VertesZobi La Mouche (The Fly)Rhythm KingLEFT 33$5ukpsm-/m-
Les Parisiennes Jimmy BrownPhilips6009 004$30fraps/blue lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
Les Parisiennes et Claude BollingCa Vaut Mieux Que D'Attaper La ScarlatinePhilipsB 370 653 F$35fraps/green/silver/white lblvg+/vg++
Les Paul & Mary FordCinco RoblesCapitolF 3612$6uspurple/silver lbl/wolvg+
Les Paul & Mary FordJura (I Swear I Love You)PhilipsPB 1155/322 764 BF$6ukblue/silver lblvg
Les Paul & Mary FordThe World Is Waiting For the SunriseCapitolF 1748$30uspurple/silver lbl/tri centrem-
Les Paul & Mary FordWhither Thou GoestCapitolCF 2928$15gerpurple/silver lbl/tri centrevg+
Les Reed Man Of ActionChapter 1SCH 189$12ukpurple/silver lbl/nocvg++
Les Reed Rain Of LoveChapter OneCH 108$18ukdemo/green lblvg++
Les Reed & Julie SullivanHow Small We Are How Little We KnowChapter 1CH 158$20ukdemo/purple/silver lblm-
Les Reed OrchestraGood King Went RidiculousFontanaTF 765$15ukblue/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Les Rita MitsoukoLes Histoires d'AVirgin109237$6gerps/silver/black lblm-/m-
Les Rita MitsoukoMandolino CityVirgin111879$6gerps/silver/black lblm-/vg++
Les Rita MitsoukoTongue DanceVirgin112061$4gerps/silver/black lbl/dhvg++/vg++
Les RivalsMove OnTriolaTD 246$50dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
Les RivalsMove OnTriolaTD 246$25dkps/blue/white lblvg-/vg
Les SauterellesHeavenly ClubDeccaD 19950$40gerred/black lbl/solvg+
Les SurfsDefense De Toucher A Mon AmourTriolaTD 290$15dkps/blue/white lbl/socvg+/vg+
Les SurfsDéfense De Toucher Á Mon Amour (Keep Your Hands Off My Baby)TriolaTD 290$30dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
Les SurfsDéfense De Toucher Á Mon Amour (Keep Your Hands Off My Baby)TriolaTD 290$20dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
Les SurfsDon't Make Me Over (T'en Vas Pas Comme Ca)TriolaTD 228$15dkpsvg+/vg
Les SurfsDon't Make Me Over (T'en Vas Pas Comme Ca)TriolaTD 228$30dkpsm-/m-
Les SurfsDon't Make Me Over (T'en Vas Pas Comme Ca)TriolaTD 228$20dkpsvg+/vg+
Les SurfsIn Un FioreTriolaTD 312$30dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
Les SurfsIn Un FioreTriolaTD 312$18dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Les SurfsIn Un FioreTriolaTD 312$10dkps/blue/white lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg
Les SurfsIn Un FioreTriolaTD 312$12dkps/nocvg+/vg
Les SurfsReviens Vite Et Oublie (Be My Baby)TriolaTD 274$30dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
Les SurfsReviens Vite Et Oublie (Be My Baby)TriolaTD 274$18dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Les SurfsReviens Vite Et Oublie (Be My Baby)TriolaTD 274$10dkps/blue/white lbl/woc/nocvg/vg
Les ThugsNight DanceGougnaf MouvementGM 005$195fraps/laminated slv/insertm-/m-
Les Troubadours du Roi BaudouinSanctusPhilips319 854 BF$10fraps/blue lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg
Les Vote & the EmperorsPreacher BoyArcticM 17190$25canblue/silver lblvg
Lesa Cormier & Sundown PlayboysSaturday Nite SpecialSwallow45-21008$12us m-
Leslee BarnhillI Will Follow HimRepublicREP 022$10us vg++
Lesley DawsonPastel Shades Of LoveMercuryMF 924$8ukblack/silver lblvg-
Lesley DuncanI Can See Where I'm Going (Edited Version)GMGMS 036$10uksilver lblm-
Lesley DuncanLullabyRCA VictorRCA 1746$10ukblack/silver lblvg++
Lesley DuncanSing Children SingCBSCBS 8061$30holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvm-/m-
Lesley DuncanSing Children SingCBSCBS 8061$15holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
Lesley DuncanSing Children SingCBSCBS 8061$20holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
Lesley DuncanWatch the TearsGMGMS 016$6ukblue/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Lesley GoreI'm Going Out (The Same Way I Came In)Mercury72649$10usred lblvg+
Lesley GoreImmortalityA&MAMS 7184$25ukpress releasem-
Lesley GoreIt's Gotta Be YouMercury127 138 MCF$30nor/dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Lesley GoreIt's My PartyMercury127 101 MCF$15gerblack/silver lblvg++
Lesley GoreIt's My PartyMercury6052 179$6ukwolvg+
Lesley GoreIt's My PartyMercuryAMT 1205$12ukblack/silver lbl/wolvg+
Lesley GoreLook the Other WayMercury72867$8usred/white logo lbl/dhvg+
Lesley GoreMaybe I KnowMercury72309$40usps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Lesley GoreSummer And SandyMercury72683$40usps/red lblm-/vg++
Lesley GoreSunshine Lollipops And RainbowsMercury72433$6usred lblvg
Lesley GoreThat's the Way the Boys AreMercury72259$10usblack/silver lblvg+
Lesley GoreThat's the Way the Boys AreMercury127 135 MCF$30holps/black/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblm-/vg+
Lesley GoreYou Don't Own MeMercury127 126 MCF$12norblack/silver lblvg+
Lesley Gore featuring Brothers JohnsonSometimesA&M1829$10us m-
Leslie UggamsI (Who Have Nothing)Atlantic45-2469$20usdhvg++
Leslie UggamsInheret the WindPhilipsPB 1063/322 646 BF$25uk/dkps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Leslie UggamsThat Old Sweet Roll (Hi-De-Ho)Atlantic45-2675$20usdemom-
Leslie-Ann BeldammeThe One I LoveDeccaF 12212$125uk/dkps/nocvg++/vg++
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy Mountain BreakdownMercury127 309 MCF$25nor/dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Lester Flatt & Earl ScruggsFoggy Mountain BreakdownMercury127 309 MCF$18nor/dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lester MontroseRainy SundayWirlB 314$10barblue/black lblvg++
Lets ActiveI Feel FunnyBucketfull of BrainsBOB 10$15ukflexi/promo onlym-
LettaLittle StarChisaCH-002$10us m-
LettermenGoin' Out Of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off YouCapitol2054$10usyellow/orange swirl lblvg++
LettermenGoin' Out Of My Head/Can't Take My Eyes Off YouCapitolCL 15526$10swblack/silver lblvg++
LettermenHurt So BadCapitol2482$15usred/orange target lblvg++
LettermenTraces/Memories MedleyCapitol2697$10usred/orange target lblvg++
LettermenTraces/Memories MedleyCapitol2697$4usred/orange target lblvg
LettermenWhen I Fall In LoveCapitol4658.$18usps/purple/silver lbl/socvg++/vg-
Level 42A Physical Presence EPPolydorPOSP 746$10ukpsm-/m-
Level 42MicrokidPolydorPOSP 643$5ukpsm-/m-
Levon HelmSummertime BluesCapitol1A006-86505$15eecps/purple/silver lblm-/m-
Levy & FinkelsteinSing My SorrowVogue45-STU 42342$30dkps/pink/white lblvg++/m-
Levy & FinkelsteinSing My SorrowVogue45-STU 42342$20dkps/pink/white lbl/nocvg+/vg++
Levy & FinkelsteinSing My SorrowVogue45-STU 42342$20dkps/pink/white lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Lew Lewis 1-30 2-30 3-35StiffBUY 68$15ukps/green lblm-/m-
Lew Lewis Lucky SevenLew LewisLEW 1$20uk vg++
Lew Lewis Lucky SevenStiffLEW 1$40ukps/yellow/white logo lbl/flipback slvm-/m-
Lew Lewis Lucky SevenStiffLEW 1$30uk m-
Lew Lewis & his bandBoogie On the StreetStiffBUY 5$15ukps/push out centrem-/m-
Lew Lewis & his bandBoogie On the StreetStiffBUY 5$12ukps/push out centre/nocm-/m-
Lew Lewis & his bandBoogie On the StreetStiffBUY 5$15ukps/solid centrem-/vg++
Lew Lewis BandOut For A LarkUnited ArtistsUP 36217$10uktan/brown logo lblm-
Lew Lewis ReformerWin Or LoseStiffBUY 48$10ukps/yellow lblm-/m-
Lewis & Clarke ExpeditionBlue RevelationsColgems66-1006$25usps/demo/wocvg++/vg+
Lewis & Clarke ExpeditionBlue RevelationsColgems66-1006$10usred/white lblvg+
Lewis & Clarke ExpeditionBlue RevelationsRCA Victor66-1006$15gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Lewis & Clarke ExpeditionBlue RevelationsRCA Victor66-1006$18gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
Lewis & Clarke ExpeditionBlue RevelationsRCA Victor66-1006$25gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lewis RichI Don't Want To Hear It AnymoreParlophoneR 5434$75ukdemo/white/red A lblvg++
Lewis SistersYou Need MeV.I.P.25024$75ustan/black lbl/wolm-
Leyton BuzzardsI'm Hanging AroundChrysalisCHS 2328$12ukps/green vinylm-/m-
Leyton BuzzardsSaturday Night (Beneath the Plastic Palm Trees)ChrysalisCHS 2288$12ukpsm-/m-
Lia & I VeteraniDanza Delle Note (Puppet On A String)Melody1756$15itaps//black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Liam ReillySomewhere In EuropePolydor877 238-7$20ireps/laminated slv/solid centrem-/m-
LiarSoft Lights Sweet MusicDeccaF 13706$15ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
LiarStraight From the Hip KidDeccaF 13689$12ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
LiarStraight From the Hip KidDeccaF 13689$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg+
LiarStraight From the Hip KidDeccaF 13689$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
LiberaceBeer Barrel PolkaColumbia4-40217$6usred/gold lblvg+
LiberaceLiberace On LoveMaster Artists CorporationMAS 1$50usdemo/special presentation record april '63/wolvg+
LiberaceThe Way We WereAvi AntiquesANT 708-S$10usdemo/white/grey lblm-
Lieutenant Pigeon(I'll) Take You Home Again KathleenDeccaF 13486$20uk/dkosvg++/vg++
Lieutenant PigeonDesperate DanDeccaF 13365$18uk/dkpsvg++/vg+
Lieutenant PigeonDesperate DanDeccaF 13365$16uk/dkpsvg+/vg+
Lieutenant PigeonDesperate DanDeccaF 13365$25uk/dkpsm-/m-
Lieutenant PigeonDesperate DanDeccaF 13365$12uk/dkps/nocvg+/vg
Lieutenant PigeonGood-Bye (From the White Horse Inn)DeccaF 13638$15ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
Lieutenant PigeonMouldy Old DoughDeccaF 13278$8ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Lieutenant PigeonMouldy Old DoughDeccaF 13278$25uk/dkpsm-/m-
Lieutenant PigeonRockabilly Hot PotDeccaF 13602$25ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
Lieutenant PigeonYou Are My Heart's DelightDeccaF 13543$15ukdemo/blue/silver lblm-
LifeSnake BiteHI45-2138$30usdemo/yellow/orange lblvg++
Light FantasticAlley-OopMamMAM 112$20ukblack/silver lblm-
Light of the WorldLondon TownEnsignENY 43$8ukgreen/black lbl/solid centrevg++
LighthouseEight Miles HighRCA VictorRCA 1884$20ukdemo/yellow lblm-
LighthouseOne Fine MorningEvolution1048$6uswolvg+
LighthouseOne Fine MorningVertigo6073 152$20gerps/white/black swirl logo lblvg+/vg+
LighthouseOne Fine MorningVertigo6073 152$15norps/white/black small swirl logo lblvg+/vg
LighthouseTake It Slow (Out In the Country)Philips6073 153$25norps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lightning HopkinsWonder What Is Wrong With MeTop Rank11001$25frablue/black/white logo lblvg-
Lightning RaidersCriminal WorldRevengeREVS 200$40ukpsvg+/m-
Lightning SeedsWhat You SayEpic665 357-7$10ukwhite lbl promo/info sticker on lblvg-
Lighttown Skiffle GroupKomm Doch Zurück (Sloop John B)ImperialHI 1096$20holmauve/silver lblvg
Lil MalmkvistGe Mej En Cowboy Till ManScanDiscSC 1011$30swps/brown/black lblvg+/vg++
Lilac TimeIt'll End In TearsFontanaLILAC 10$10ukpsm-/m-
Lilac TimeReturn To YesterdayFontanaLILAC 2$10ukpsm-/m-
Lili & SussieOkey OkeyEMI1363447$18swps/solid centrem-/vg++
Lili WinkelOpbrudMSPSG 1851188$18holpsvg++/vg++
Lill & Bob LanderStop And Think It OverSweDiscSWES 1024$40swps/yellow/purple lblvg++/vg++
Lill BabsWo Finde Ich Den MannPolydorNH 24529$50gerpsvg+/vg+
Lill LindforsDon't Stop the SlopPolydor52742$50gerpsvg++/vg++
Lill LindforsDu Er Den EndePolydor59722$25norpsvg+/vg+
Lill LindforsEn Man I Byrån (If You Can Put That In A Bottle)PolydorNH 59786$50swpsvg++/m-
Lill LindforsForever And A DayMedleyMDS 368$25holpsm-/m-
Lill LindforsJag Är Från Topp Till Tå (Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss)PolydorNH 59755$20norpsvg+/vg++
Lill LindforsJag Är Från Topp Till Tå (Ich Bin Von Kopf Bis Fuss)PolydorNH 59755$15norpsvg/vg+
Lill LindforsJag Tycker Inte Om DejPolydorNH 10984$25swpsm-/vg++
Lill LindforsJag Tycker Inte Om DejPolydorNH 10984$20swps/nocvg+/m-
Lill LindforsTeresaPolydorNH 59771$50swpsvg++/m-
Lill und PeterMein Liebling Ist Mir TreuPolydorNH 52292$50gerpsm-/vg++
Lill-Arne Söderberg & WhisperingsCampOlgaSO 82$35swps/blue/yellow lblvg++/m-
Lill-Arne Söderberg & WhisperingsDrömmer Du Om Mej Nån Gång (Dream A Little Dream Of Me)OlgaSO 75$40swps/blue/yellow lblm-/m-
Lill-Arne Söderberg & WhisperingsMötas Skiljas (Good Night)OlgaSO 84$50swps/blue/yellow lblvg++/m-
Lill-BabsAtt Vara FörälskadKarusellKFF 433$25swps/red/white/blue lbl/blue vinylvg+/vg++
Lill-BabsAtt Vara FörälskadKarusellKFF 433$20swps/red/white/blue lbl/blue vinyl/wocvg+/vg+
Lill-BabsDen Femte Maj (Cinco De Mayo)KarusellKFF 721-ST$20swps/red/white/blue lblvg++/m-
Lill-BabsDet Var Min LyckaKarusellKFF 376$8dk/swps/red/white/blue lbl/wol/wocvg-/vg-
Lill-BabsDet Var Min LyckaKarusellKFF 376$25swps//red/white/blue lbl/blue vinyl/nocvg++/vg+
Lill-BabsGo' Och Gla'KarusellKFF 737$18swpsvg/m-
Lill-BabsJag Kan Inte Leva Utan Dig (La Plus Belle Pour Aller Danser)KarusellKFF 640$18swps/red/white/blue lblvg+/vg+
Lill-BabsLåt Solen Le (Turn On the Sun)Karusell2108 024$20norps/red/black lblvg+/vg++
Lill-BabsLåt Solen Le (Turn On the Sun)Karusell2108 024$18norps/red/black lbl/socvg++/vg+
Lill-BabsLeva Livet (It's My Party)KarusellKFF 543$15dkps/red/white/blue lblvg/vg+
Lill-BabsLeva Livet (It's My Party)KarusellKFF 543$10dk/swps/red/white/blue lbl/woc/solvg/vg
Lill-BabsLeva Livet (It's My Party)KarusellKFF 543$15swps/wocvg+/vg+
Lill-BabsManolitoKarusellKFF 733$25swps/red/white/blue lblvg+/vg++
Lill-BabsManolitoKarusellKFF 733$20swps/red/white/blue lblvg/vg++
Lill-BabsManolitoKarusellKFF 733$30swps/red/white/blue lblvg+/m-
Lill-BabsMin Sång Är Din (I Play And Sing)Karusell2108 042$30norps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
Lill-BabsNoch Einmal Und Noch Einmal (Der Udsigt Til Bryllup For Met' Mari)PolydorNH 52223$4gerwolvg-
Lill-BabsNu âr Jag Fri Från En DrömPhilips6015 147$18norpsvg+/vg++
Lill-BabsSäg Mig Farväl (Kiss Me Goodbye)KarusellKFF 730$25swps/red/white/blue lblvg+/m-
Lill-BabsSån Tur (Ein Glück Dass Man Das Glück Nicht Kaufen Kann)Karusell2108 010$18swpsvg/m-
Lill-BabsSplorrKarusellLB 1$20swps/1 sided/fan club release only/wolvg/vg
Lill-BabsTänk Om Han Vet (Maybe I Know)KarusellKFF 586$20swps/red/white/blue lblvg+/vg+
Lill-BabsTwist TwistKarusellKFF 376$25dkps/red/white/blue lblvg++/vg++
Lill-BabsVälkommen Till VärldenKarusell2108 036$12norps/red/black lbl/nocvg/vg++
Lill-Babs & Curt PetersonNå'nting Fånigt (Something Stupid)KarusellKFF 707$15swps/red/white/blue lbl/wol/wocvg/vg+
Lill-Babs & Lars BerghagenSvaret Från Klas-GöranPhilips6015 184$20nor/swps/grey/silver lblm-/m-
Lille Bent Werther & 3&1/2GabrielleLifeNP 1518$18dkpsvg++/vg+
Lille Bent Werther & 3&1/2GabrielleLifeNP 1518$25dkpsvg++/m-
Lille PalleSmedens ViseStardustSDS 1501$10dkps/red/black lbl/solid centrevg++/m-
Lille PerLille Per's Boogie WoogiePhilips355 246 PF$25dkps/blue/silver lbl/sol/wocvg+/vg+
Lille PerTil Julebal I NisselandPhilips355 138 PF$25dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lille Per, Mie & OleEn Vaskeægte SkifflePhilips355 166 PF$15dkps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg+
Lilli HolmerDe Kære Gamle SangeOktavOKS 1124$15dkpsvg++/vg+
Lilli HolmerDe Kære Gamle SangeOktavOKS 1124$25dkpsm-/m-
Lillian BriggsBe Mine (Alle Mädchen Wollen Küssen)Coral9-62193$40usdemo/blue/black lblvg++
Lillian Clark & Jimmy Carroll OrchestraOff ShoreBell1019$6us78 rpm/yellow/black slv/solid centrevg+
Lill-Jörgen PetersenThe Boulevard Of Broken DreamsColumbia45-DS 2204$30norgreen/silver lblm-
Lily & ChipsKing KongBarclay62003$8fraps/yellow/black lblvg/vg++
Lily BerglundAugustinTonoSTU 42044$30dkblack/silver lblvg+
Lily BerglundNu Er Allting Förbi (Let the Heartaches Begin)DuxDF 17013$18swps/black/silver/green lblvg+/vg++
Lily BerglundSommar'n Med DejDuxDF 17000$20swps/black/silver/green lbl/laminated slvvg+/vg++
Lily Broberg1-2-3!Philips355 262 PF$18dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lily BrobergEn Af De Ting (Le Bal De Madame De Mortemouille)Tono45-ST 41429$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lily BrobergEn Af De Ting (Le Bal De Madame De Mortemouille)Tono45-ST 41429$18dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lily BrobergÉn Men Sikken EnOdeon45-DK 1546$40dkps/red/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lily BrobergJeg Er Beatles' BedstemorTonoST 41430$30dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lily BrobergKaroline LundPhilips355 163 PF$30dkps/blue/silver lbl/wocm-/m-
Lily BrobergPanik I NikolineTono45-ST 41328$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lily BrobergPanik I NikolineTono45-ST 41328$12dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lily BrobergPigen Fra ParmagadePhilips355 175 PF$30dkps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lily BrobergSikke No'et (What A World)Tono45-ST 41390$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lily BrobergTango I Det Grønne (Tangi I Det Gröna)Philips355 242 PF$15dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lily BrobergVaskepigenTono45-ST 41300$12dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
Lily Broberg & Dirch PasserHul I Spanden (A Hole In the Bucket)Philips355 253 PF$18dkps/blue/silver lblvg/m-
Lilyann Carol & Jan Raye QuartetEverybodyMercury70958$15usblack/silver lbl/wolvg+
LimahlOnly For LoveEMILPLM 1$10ukpicture discm-
Lime Spiders25th HourG.R.E.E.N.BTS 972$30ausps/2x45m-/m-
Lime SpidersOut Of ControlCitadelCIT 015$20ausps/calender posterm-/m-
Lime SpidersSlave GirlCitadelCIT 008$20auspsm-/m-
Lime SpidersWeirdo LibidoVirginVOZ 012$10auspsm-/m-
LimelightHelt NormalMermaid30287$12holps/orange lblvg+/vg++
LimelitersYerakinaRCA Victor47-9447$15gerblack/silver lblvg++
LimeyBoth In Love With YouRCA VictorRCA 2758$20ukyellow/white logo lblvg++
Lin SniderYou Can't Get Rid Of MeAll Boy45-8516 V$45usdemo/orange/yellow swirl lblvg+
Lina & I RecordmenCuoreMicrosonS 194$6itablack/silver lblvg+
Lincoln Thompson & the RassesSpaceshipUnited AristsBP 369$20ukpsm-/vg++
LindaChaffis (Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man)AMDAMDS 21001$15swps/solid centrevg++/vg++
Linda BrownEmpty ClosetsA&MAMX 350$15candemo/white/black/red logo/red A lblm-
Linda FlanaganThe Keeper Of the KeyDecca31569$6usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lblvg++
Linda FletcherHushHansa International100 365$6gerblack/silver/red logo lblvg+
Linda Gail LewisThen We Said GoodbyeSmashS-2211$10usred/black lbl/dhvg++
Linda Gail LewisTurn Back the Hands Of TimeSmashS-2193$10usred/black lbl/dhvg+
Linda HargroveDown To My PrideCapitolP-4390$6usdemo/white/brown logo lbl/wolvg+
Linda HargroveLove Was (Once Around the Dance Floor)CapitolP-4153$4usdemo/white/brown logo lbl/wolvg
Linda HargroveMexican Love SongsCapitolP-4447$6usdemo/white/brown logo lbl/wolvg+
Linda HargroveWhat If We Were Runnin' Out Of LoveElektraEK 45877$10usdemo/white/black/butterfly lblm-
Linda KendrickGo On GirlPrivate StockPVT 147$8ukN.Y. lblvg++
Linda KendrickHold OnPhilipsBF 1816$30ukblue/silver lblvg++
Linda Kendrick FourStupid CupidCoconut103 435$10gerps/tan/brown lblm-/m-
Linda LaneStanley My Stand-In Boy FriendDotD 300$15swblack/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lblvg
Linda LaneStanley My Stand-In Boy FriendDotD 300$35swblack/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lblm-
Linda LaneStanley My Stand-In Boy FriendDotD 300$40sw/dkps/black/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lblvg++/vg
Linda LeeAnnie BelleImavoxIMS 10076$12spaps/white/black lbl/wocvg/vg
Linda LeeYes I'm Lonesome TonightTop RankT 1051$15norred/white lblvg++
Linda Lewis(Remember the Days Of) the Old SchoolyardBellBELL 1405$15ukdemo/silver/black slvm-
Linda Lewis109 Jamaica HighwayAriola101 190-100$12gerpsvg+/vg+
Linda LewisBaby I'm YoursAristaARISTA 43$8ukwhite/black/blue logo lbl/nocm-
Linda LewisBaby I'm YoursAristaARISTA 43$4ukwhite/black/blue logo lbl/noc/wolvg
Linda LewisI'd Be Surprisingly Good For YouAriola100 790-100$15gerpsvg+/m-
Linda LewisI'd Be Surprisingly Good For YouAriolaARO 166$10uksilver lblm-
Linda LewisIt's In His KissArista17$6ukwhite/black/blue logo lblvg
Linda LewisIt's In His KissArista1C006-96725$18gerps/white/black/blue logo lblvg++/vg+
Linda LewisIt's In His KissArista1J006-96725$20spaps/white/black/blue logo lblvg+/vg++
Linda LewisIt's In His KissArista5C006-96725$6holps/white/black/blue logo lbl/textured slvvg-/vg-
Linda LewisIt's In His KissArista5C006-96725$6holwolvg++
Linda LewisPlay AroundRaftRA 18505$12uk4 prong centrem-
Linda LewisPlay AroundRaftRA 18505$8uk4 prong centrevg+
Linda LewisPlay AroundRaftRA 18505$8uksolid centrevg+
Linda LewisRock A Doodle DooRaftRA 18502$6uksolid centre/wolvg+
Linda LewisRock And Roller CoasterAristaARISTA 25$4ukwhite/black/blue logo lblvg
Linda LewisThis Time I'll Be SweeterAristaARISTA 65$6ukwhite/black/blue logo lbl/nocm-
Linda LewisThis Time I'll Be SweeterAristaARISTA 65$6ukwhite/black/blue logo lbl/rssm-
Linda LewisThis Time I'll Be SweeterAristaARISTA 65$8ukwhite/black/blue logo lblm-
Linda LewisThis Time I'll Be SweeterAristaAS 0151$6us vg++
Linda LewisWinter WonderlandAristaARISTA 82 $6ukwhite/black/blue logo lblvg++
Linda LewisWinter WonderlandAristaARISTA 82 DJ$10ukdemom-
Linda ManningTurning Back the PagesGaylord45-6429$18usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg++
Linda ManningTurning Back the PagesGaylordG 1471$15us vg++
Linda MartinTerminal 3CBS4456$12holpsvg/vg+
Linda McGeorgeThanks Just the SameKanwicHFCS 116$10usred/silver lbl/wolm-
Linda RonstadtBack In the U.S.A.AsylumE-45519$10uspsvg++/vg++
Linda RonstadtHurt So BadAsylumE-46624$8us vg++
Linda RonstadtLong Long TimeCapitol2846$8usred/orange target lblvg+
Linda RonstadtLove Is A RoseAsylumAS 13024$15gerps/textured slvvg++/vg++
Linda RonstadtOoh Baby BabyAsylumE-45546$4us m-
Linda RonstadtThat'll Be the DayAsylumE-45340$4us m-
Linda RonstadtThe Long Way AroundCapitolCL 15669$15ukdemo/red/orange target lbl/nocm-
Linda RonstadtWhen Will I Be LovedAsylumCL 15820$15ukdemom-
Linda RonstadtYou're No GoodAsylumCL 15804$10uk vg++
Linda ScottDon't Bet Money HoneySonetT 7150$15dkps/red/white logo lbl/wocvg+/vg
Linda ScottDon't Bet Money HoneySonetT 7150$15dkps/red/white logo lblvg-/vg
Linda ScottFirst Of AllCBS4246$30ukdemo/white/black/orange A lblvg++
Linda ScottI'm So Afraid Of Losing YouSonetT 8165$30dkps/red/white logo lbl/wocm-/m-
Linda ScottIt's All BecauseCanadian AmericanCA-129$25usblack/silver/rainbow stripes lblvg++
Linda ScottIt's All BecauseSonetT 7161$25dkps/red/white logo lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Linda ScottIt's All BecauseSonetT 7161$35dkps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg+
Linda ScottI've Told Every Little StarSonetT 7142$12dkps/red/white logo lblg/vg+
Linda ScottLet's Fall In LoveKappK 2074$30dkps/plum/silver lblvg++/vg++
Linda ScottLet's Fall In LoveKappK 2074$20swps/plum/silver lblvg+/vg+
Linda ScottNever In A Million YearsCongress103$8usblack/silver lblvg+
Linda ScottNever In A Million YearsSonetT 8146$30dkps/red/white logo lbl/blue slvvg+/vg++
Linda ScottNever In A Million YearsSonetT 8146$25dkps/red/white logo lbl/blue slvvg/vg++
Linda ScottNever In A Million YearsSonetT 8146$30dkps/red/white logo lbl/red slvvg-/m-
Linda ScottThe ComposerCBS4528$12ukorange lbl/solid centrevg
Linda ScottYessireeCongress101$15usblack/silver lbl/wolvg+
Linda ScottYessireeSonetT 8144$45dkps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg++
Linda Susan BauerVenusAriola104 662-100$10gerpsvg+/vg++
Linda WebbStoned AgainMonumentMN 45-1146$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
LindisfarneAll Fall DownCharisma6073 319$20gerps/Mad hatter lbl/textured slvm-/m-
LindisfarneAll Fall DownCharisma6073 319$15gerps/Mad hatter lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
LindisfarneBrand New DayMercury6007 195$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg++
LindisfarneCourt In the ActCharisma6073 324$20holps/tan/black lbl/wocvg+/vg++
LindisfarneCourt In the ActCharismaCB 199$15ukMad Hatter lblm-
LindisfarneEasy And FreeMercuryNEWS 1$12ukps/silver lblvg++/m-
LindisfarneLady EleanorCharismaCB 153$10ukmagenta lblvg
LindisfarneMeet Me On the CornerCharismaCB 173$15ukps/magenta lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg+
LindisfarneMeet Me On the CornerPhilips6073 312$18holps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
LindisfarneMeet Me On the CornerPhilips6073 312$20holps/blue/black lblm-/m-
LindisfarneTaking Care Of BusinessCharismaCB 228$6ukMad Hatter lblvg+
LindisfarneTaking Care Of BusinessPhilips6073 349$20gerpsvg++/m-
LindisfarneTonightWarner BrosK 16489$15ukboulevard/black A lbl/solid centrem-
Lindsey BuckinghamCountdownMercury864 110-7$10gerpsm-/m-
Lindsey BuckinghamTroubleMercuryMER 85$10uksilver/black lbl/solid centrem-
Lindsey MeehanWhere She IsBuddha1004$15usdemo/white/black lblvg+
LindyMister Boo Bam ManChapter 1CH 120$15ukmulticolor lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Lindy LovelaceBe My BabyBellBELL 1346$15ukdemo/silver/black slvvg++
Line et WillyMoi Qui T'AimaisDisc AZAZ 10302$20frablue lbl/wolvg++
LinesOn the AirRedRS 001$25ukpsm-/vg++
LinesWhite NightIllegalILS 0011$30ukpsm-/m-
LinesWhite NightLinearSJP 782$60uk m-
Link "Big Mamou" DavisAlbuquerquePrincess4057$30usdemo/pink/white lblm-
Link (Route 66)Give Or FakePolydiscPDS 1025$15dkred/white lblvg++
Link CromwellCrazy Like A FoxOrkORK 81981$30usps/red lblvg+/m-
Link CromwellCrazy Like A FoxOrkORK 81981$30usps/red lblvg++/vg++
Link CromwellCrazy Like A FoxOrkORK 81981$35usps/red lblm-/m-
Link CromwellNo JesteringJasonJ-60568$20usred lblvg
Link CromwellNo JesteringJasonJ-60568$40usred lblm-
Link DaviesHouston JunctionRundellR 013$25ger m-
Link DavisSlipping & Sliding SometimesAceNS 52$30uk m-
Link WrayFire And BrimstonePolydor2066 120$25gerpsm-/vg++
Link WrayI Know You're Leaving Me NowVirginVS 142$15ukdemo/white/grey twinns lblm-
Link WrayI Know You're Leaving Me NowVirginVS 142$10ukwhite/grey twinns lblm-
Link WrayI'm So Glad I'm So ProudVirginVS 103$15uk m-
Link WrayIt's All Over Now Baby BlueCharismaCBC 333$20ukps/blue vinylm-/m-
Link WrayLawdy Miss ClaudyPolydor2066 352$10uk vg+
Link WraySaving All My LoveEpic659 086-7$90holps/blue stripes logo lblvg++/m-
Link Wray & the RaymenFriday Night Dance PartyNorton46$10uspsm-/m-
Link Wray & the RaymenJack the RipperSwanS-4137-J$30uswhite/red lblm-
Link Wray & the RaymenJack the RipperSwanS-4137-J$20uswhite/red lblvg+
Link Wray & the RaymenTrail Of the Lonesome PineEpic5 9361$12us vg
Link Wray & the RaymenVendettaNorton45-003$10uspsm-/m-
Linkin' Louisiana PepsJailer Bring Me WaterOlgaSO 43$35swred/white/blue lblvg
Linnea AmbjörnsonDe Tre Klockorna (The Three Bells)ScanDiscSC 1116$18swps/brown/black lblvg+/m-
Linton Kwesi JohnsonStoryFNAC597111$35fra m-
Linton Kwesi JohnsonWant Fi Goh RaveIslandWIP 6494$30ukps/demom-/m-
Linus & His BandHere Comes the NightSmashTAR 3$30swpsm-/vg++
Linus & His BandHere Comes the NightSmashTAR 3$35swpsm-/m-
LinxYou're LyingChrysalis102 494-100$8gerpsm-/m-
LioAmicalement VotreAriola102 874$10gerpsvg++/vg+
LioAmoureux SolitairesAriola102 444$12gerpsvg++/vg++
LioAmoureux SolitairesAriola102 444$10gerpsvg++/vg+
LioAmoureux SolitairesAriola102 444$10spapsvg+/vg++
LioLe Banana SplitAriola100 878$10frapsvg/vg
Lion GroupWestern PatrolTeener45-STU 42259$75dkps/black/silver lbl/nocm-/m-
Lion GroupWestern PatrolTeener45-STU 42259$40dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg/vg++
Lionel BartDon't Talk About It (Lay It On the Table)BronzeBRO 36$15ukdemom-
Lionel Long with Noel Gilmour Sextet & the DelltonesBotany BayColumbiaDO 4234$15ausorange lbl/sample sticker on lblvg
Lionel MortonWaterloo RoadRCA VictorRCA 1875$10ukyellow lblvg
Lionel NewmanThe Wrong Dog RagUnited ArtistsUA 36201$20itaps/tan/brown logo lbl/flipback slv/wocvg++/vg++
Lionel Newman Orch.It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World20th Century442$10usdemo/white/black lblvg
LionsHit House ShakeTriolaTD 263$25dkps/bkue/white lblvg/vg+
LionsHit House ShakeTriolaTD 263$15dkps/blue/white lbl/tocvg/vg
LionsHit House ShakeTriolaTD 263$20dkps/blue/white lbl/tocvg+/vg
LionsHit House ShakeTriolaTD 263$15dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg-/vg
LionsHit House ShakeTriolaTD 263$10dkps/blue/white lbl/woc/wolvg-/vg
LionsI Want YouDiscophonS 5017$10spablue/silver lblg
LionsI Want YouTriolaTD 299$50dkps/blue/white lblvg/vg+
LionsI Want YouTriolaTD 299$75dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
LionsI Want YouTriolaTD 299$250dkps/blue/white lbl/signed by all 5 group membersvg/vg++
LionsSomething You GotTriolaTD 325$50dkps/blue/white lblvg/vg++
LionsSticks And StonesTriolaTD 246$50dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg-/vg-
LionsTeenage LetterTriolaTD 277$50dkps/blue/white lbl/woc/wol/nocvg/vg
Lipstick KillersHindu Gods (Of Love)VoxxVOXX 45-1003$18us vg++
Lis BayBye Bye Baby GoodbyeRCA Victor45-1048$30dkps/black/silver lbl/solvg+/vg+
Lis BayGør En Pigelil Glad (Let the Little Girl Dance)RCA Victor45-1049$25dkps/black/silver lbl/solvg/vg+
Lis BayIh Hvor Du Kigger På Mig (What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For)RCA Victor45-1034$30dkps/black/silver lbl/sol/wocvg+/vg+
Lis Bay JacobsenHvad Gør Det Cha Cha ChaRCA Victor45-1028$35dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lis Bjørnholt Det Vil Komme Af Sig Selv (Come Prima)Odeon45-DK 1473$10dkmauve/silver lblvg+
Lis Bjørnholt Farvel Jimmy Farvel (Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye)Odeon45-DK 1492$18dkps/red/silver lblvg/vg
Lis Bjørnholt Farvel Jimmy Farvel (Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye)Odeon45-DK 1492$12dkred/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblvg+
Lis Bjørnholt & Jørn GrauengårdVi Har Nok I Kærlighed (Basta 'ammore Pe' Campa)Odeon45-DK 1476$15dkdemo/white/silver/black lbl/1-sided 2 tracks/wolvg
Lis Bjørnholt & Jørn Grauengårds EnsembleSig Mig Hvem Er Pigen Der (Tell Me Who's the Girl)Odeon45-DK 1551$25dkps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lis Bjørnholt & Jørn Grauengårds EnsembleSig Mig Hvem Er Pigen Der (Tell Me Who's the Girl)Odeon45-DK 1551$18dkps/red/silver lblvg-/vg+
Lis Bjørnholt & Jørn Grauengårds EnsembleSig Mig Hvem Er Pigen Der (Tell Me Who's the Girl)Odeon45-DK 1551$20dkps/red/silver lblvg/vg+
Lis Bjørnholt & Jørn Grauengård's OrchestraSpeedy Gonzales TwistOdeon45-DK 1584$25dkps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lis Bjørnholt & Jørn Grauengård's OrchestraSpeedy Gonzales TwistOdeon45-DK 1584$18dkps/red/silver lbl/nocvg-/vg+
Lis Bjørnholt & Jørn Grauengård's OrchestraSpeedy Gonzales TwistOdeon45-DK 1584$15dkps/red/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg-
Lis Bjørnholt & Perry with Jørn Grauengård's OrchestraSpeedy Gonzales TwistOdeon45-DK 1584$12dkps/red/silver lblvg-/vg-
Lis EversAlle Behøver En Ven Engang (Alla Behöver En Vän Ibland)His Master's VoiceX 9040$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lis EversAlle Behøver En Ven Engang (Alla Behöver En Vän Ibland)His Master's VoiceX 9040$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lis EversAlle Behøver En Ven Engang (Alla Behöver En Vän Ibland)His Master's VoiceX 9040$50dkps/black/silver lbl/signed by artistvg+/vg++
Lis EversEn Chance Til Ved Rouletten (One More Ride)OdeonDK 1707$50dkps/black/silver lbl/signed by artistvg++/vg++
Lis EversSimsalabim (Jack In the Box)OdeonDK 1730$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lis EversSimsalabim (Jack In the Box)OdeonDK 1730$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lis EversVent Til Ribsene Bli'r Røde (Warte Bis Die Kirchen Rot Sind)His Master's VoiceX 9036$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lis JannieDen Gamle Kloge DommerTriola TD 45-10$10dkwhite/pink lblvg
Lis JannieKommer Du I Aften (Sugartime)TriolaTD 45-9$15dkwhite/pink lblvg+
Lis Løwert & Ove SprogøSmå BidderHøng51$12dkps/blue/silver lbl/laminated flipback slvvg/vg+
Lisa BorayTonightAlbionION 154$10ukyellow/black lbl/solid centrem-
Lisa BurnsLove WantedHuman3020$25uspsm-/m-
Lisa BurnsWhen You Walk In the RoomMCAMCA 40931$12usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Lisa BurnsWhen You Walk In the RoomMCAMCA 40931$10usblack/silver/rainbow lblm-
Lisa Garber with TundraLet Me KnowA&MAMX 314$25canbrown lblm-
Lisa HartmanKentucky RainbowsKirshnerZS8 4265$10usdemovg++
Lisa LinnKarneval I PortugalTriolaTD 45-108$15dkps/blue/white lbl/nocvg+/vg
Lisa LinnKarneval I PortugalTriolaTD 45-108$15dkps/blue/white lbl/woc/nocvg+/vg+
Lisa LinnMarinaDomiDGR 119$50dkps/flexi/red/white lblvg/m-
Lisa LinnMit Hjerte Er Så Tungt Som Bly (A Hundred Pounds Of Clay)TriolaTD 45-103$40dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Lisa LinnSkal Skal Ikke (But I Do)TriolaTD 45-120$15dkblue/white lbl/nocvg-
Lisa NilssonDown the AvenueLittle Big AppleLBAS 1092$12swps/solid centrem-/vg+
Lisa StansfieldThis Is the Right TimeArista112 512$2gerpsm-/m-
Lisbet DahlMed Mor Til TeCarl Petter410-09$25dkpsvg++/m-
Lisbet DahlPippi LangstrømpeSpectator/Aalborg TeaterMES 108$70dkps/white/black lbl/push out centrevg/vg++
Lisbet DahlPippi LangstrømpeSpectator/Aalborg TeaterMES 108$90dkps/white/black lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Lisbeth DahlJeg Er Dit Lys I HorisontenDisneyland2141 046$45dkps/blue/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg+
Lisbeth FrandsenEn Smule ('n Beetje)TriolaTD 45-35$6dkpink/white lbl/solid centrevg
Lisbeth FrandsenEn Smule ('n Beetje)TriolaTD 45-35$20dkps/pink/white lblvg++/vg
Lisbeth FrandsenEn Smule ('n Beetje)TriolaTD 45-35$20dkps/pink/white lblvg+/vg+
Lisbeth FrandsenEn Smule ('n Beetje)TriolaTD 45-35$15dkps/pink/white lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Lise Lotte Norup & Jørn MaderSommersøndagMetronomeB 1765$12dkps/blue 2 tone lblvg+/vg
Lise ReinauDrømmerier (Danny Boy)MetronomeB 1632$15dkpsvg+/vg
Lise ReinauHele Året Rundt (Where Did They Go)Nikolaj150134$12dkps/red/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg-/m-
Lise ReinauHele Året Rundt (Where Did They Go)Nikolaj150134$18dkps/red/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg++/m-
Lise ReinauHele Året Rundt (Where Did They Go)Nikolaj150134$35dkps/red/black/silver lbl/solid centre/signed by artistm-/m-
Lise ReinauIh Hvor Du Kigger På Mig (What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For)SonetT 8059$15dkps/red/white logo lblvg/vg-
Lise ReinauKa' Du Li' Mig (I Don't Care Only Love Me)SonetT 8031$30dkps/red/white logo lbl/solvg+/vg++
Lise ReinauLykken Er Så LilleNikolaj221056$12dkpsvg-/vg++
Lise ReinauMarcelaine (Marjolaine)Odeon45-DK 1474$50dkmauve/silver lblvg+
Lise ReinauMors Lille TomMetronomeB 1609$20dkpsm-/m-
Lise ReinauShow-BizNikolaj1064$15dkps/yellow/black lbl/solid centrevg++/vg+
Lise ReinauShow-BizNikolaj1064$18dkps/yellow/black lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Lise ReinauSyv Flotte FyreSonetT 8050$50dkps/red/white logo lblvg-/vg
Lise ReinauSyv Flotte FyreSonetT 8050$75dkps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg
Lise Reinau & Max LethUd Og KigSMC13323PR$20dkpsvg++/m-
Lise Ringheim PrimaveraPolyphonXM 61939$50dkpsvg++/vg+
Lise Ringheim & Henning MoritzenNæ Har Man Hørt Så Galt (Goodness Gracious Me)PolyphonXM 61974$15dkpsvg/vg-
LiselotteJeg Gemmer Dine BrevePhilips355 296 PF$25dkps/blue/silver lblm-/vg++
Lise-LotteI De Gamle Eventyr (Little Bernadette)Philips355 173 PF$20dkps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Lise-LotteIkke No'et Med Kærlighed (Never In A Million Years)Philips355 265 PF$18dkps/blue/silver lblvg/m-
Lise-LotteIkke No'et Med Kærlighed (Never In A Million Years)Philips355 265 PF$20dkps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lise-LotteIkke No'et Med Kærlighed (Never In A Million Years)Philips355 265 PF$15dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lise-LotteNår Engang Vi Ser Hinanden (Einmal Sehen Wir Uns Wieder)Philips355 244 PF$18dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lise-LotteNår Engang Vi Ser Hinanden (Einmal Sehen Wir Uns Wieder)Philips355 244 PF$12dkps/blue/silver lblvg-/vg++
Lise-LotteTina Og Marina (Zwei Kleine Italiener)Philips355 257 PF$15dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg+
Liselotte MalkowskyDas Herz Von St. PauliPolydor23 366$15gerscroll/gold/stars logo lblvg++
Liselotte MalkowskyWas Ich Alles Von Dir Weiss (Uh! Jeg Ville Ønske Jeg Var Dig)PolydorNH 23952$50ger/dkpsvg-/vg++
Lissa LadefogedI AftenLast ResortLRS 006$15dkpsm-/m-
Lissa LadefogedI AftenLast ResortLRS 006$20dkps/press rel.m-/m-
Lita FordGotta Let GoMercury818 945-7$10holpsm-/m-
Lita FordHungry (Edit)RCA/DreamlandPB 49265$10ukps/black/silver lbl/solid centre/laminated slvm-/m-
Lita FordKiss Me DeadlyRCA/DreamlandPB 49575$10gerpsvg++/m-
Lita FordKiss Me Deadly (LP version)RCA/Dreamland6866-7-R$10usps/black/silver Nipper lblm-/m-
Lita Ford & Ozzy OsbourneClose My Eyes Forever (Remix)RCA VictorPB 49409$12gerps/silver/black lbl/socvg+/vg++
Little Bo BitchIt's Only LoveCobra/EMICOB 1$12ukps/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Little Bob StoryAll Or NothingMercury6007 141$12ukpsm-/m-
Little Bob StoryAll Or NothingMercury6007 141$15ukpsvg++/vg++
Little Bob StoryDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodArcane911 001$15frapsm-/m-
Little Bob StoryI'm CryingChiswickSW 7$15ukpsm-/m-
Little Bob StoryLet Me InArcane12842$40frapsm-/m-
Little DippersForeverMetronomeB 1393$6dkblack/silver lblvg-
Little DippersForeverUniversity210$10usyellow/black lblvg
Little EvaHe Is the BoyDimension1000$8usblue/silver lblvg++
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondon45-HL 9581$15uk/dkps/wocvg-/vg+
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondon45-HL 9581$15uk/dkps/wocvg+/vg+
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondonHL 9581$8uk vg+
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondonHL 9581$12uk/dkps/noc/wol/wocvg++/vg
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondonLOCO 1$10ukps/silver/black lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/vg++
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondon 45-HL 9581$40uk/dkpsvg++/vg++
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondon American45-HL 9581$25ukblack/silver top lblvg++
Little EvaHe Is the BoyLondon AmericanHL 9581$6ukblack/silver lblvg
Little EvaJust A Little GirlDimension1011$15usplum/silver lblvg+
Little EvaJust A Little GirlDimension1011$20usplum/silver lblvg++
Little EvaJust One Word Ain't EnoughVerveVK 10459$20usblue/silver lbl/dhvg++
Little EvaKeep Your Hands Off My BabyLondon45-HLU 9633$25uk/swpsvg/vg+
Little EvaKeep Your Hands Off My BabyLondon45-HLU 9633$12uk/swpsg/vg-
Little EvaKeep Your Hands Off My BabyLondon American45-HLU 9633$10ukblack/silver top lblvg
Little EvaOld Smokey LocomotionLondon45-HLU 9687$25uk/dkps/wol/wocvg/vg
Little EvaOld Smokey LocomotionLondonHLU 9687$20uk/dkps/wol/wocvg/vg
Little EvaOld Smokey LocomotionLondonHLU 9687$45uk/dkpsm-/vg++
Little EvaSomething About You BoySpringSPR 101$35usdemo/white/black lblm-
Little EvaSomething About You BoySpringSPR 101$30usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Little EvaThe LocomotionLondonLOCO 1$10ukps/silver lblm-/vg++
Little EvaThe Trouble With BoysDimension1013$30usplum/silver lblm-
Little EvaThe Trouble With BoysDimension1013$25usplum/silver lblvg++
Little FeatAll That You DreamWarner BrosWBS 8219$10usdemom-
Little FeatAll That You DreamWarner BrosWBS 8219$6us m-
Little FeatSpanish MoonWarner BrosWBS 8091$8usboulevard lblm-
Little FrankieThe Kind Of Boy You Can't ForgetColumbiaDB 7490$30ukblack/silver lbl/solvg++
Little Frankie BrunsonWhen You Were Sweet SixteenGeeG-1058$30usdemo/white/black/red logo lblm-
Little Frankie BrunsonWhen You Were Sweet SixteenGeeG-1058$25usgrey/red logo lblvg++
Little Gerhard & his Rocking G-MenThe Big BeatKarusellKFF 317$8dkred/white/blue lblvg
Little Gerhard & his Rocking MenGinger BreadKarusellKFF 256$15swred/white/blue lblvg+
Little Gerhard & his Rocking MenMy Lucky LoveKarusellKFF 258$15swred/white/blue lblvg+
Little GiantsCrazy DaisyEpic5-10572$12usdemovg
Little Jimmy OsmondLong Haired Lover From LiverpoolMGM2006 109$15gerps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
Little Jimmy OsmondTweedlee DeeMGM2006 175$15gerps/blue/black lblm-/vg++
Little JoeI'm On FireRakRAK 132$10uksolid centrem-
Little JoeWords And MusicMGMK 14361$15usdemo/yellow/black lblvg+
Little Joe & the ThrillersPeanutsRepriseR 20142$30swps/beige/grey lbl/wolvg-/vg-
Little Mary Mixup(I Was A) Truckdriver's WifeStupido TwinsSTUPIDO 011$10finblack/white lblm-
Little NellDo the SwimA&MAMS 7351$12ukps/yellow/red/black A lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Little NellFeverA&MAMS 7374$20ukps/clear yellow vinylm-/m-
Little NellFeverA&MAMS 7374$25ukps/demom-/m-
Little Peggy MarchI Will Follow HimRCA Victor47-8139$10gerblack/silver lblvg+
Little Peggy MarchI Will Follow HimRCA Victor47-8139$15gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Little Peggy MarchI Wish I Were A PrincessRCA Victor1015523$4ausblack/silver lblg
Little Peggy MarchI Wish I Were A PrincessRCA Victor47-8189$20gerblack/silver lblm-
Little Peggy MarchI Wish I Were A PrincessRCA Victor47-8189$25usps/black/silver Nipper lblvg-/vg++
Little Peggy MarchLady MusicRCA Victor47-9507$15gerps/black/silver lbl/flowers slv/wocvg/vg+
Little Peggy MarchLady MusicRCA Victor47-9507$25gerps/black/silver lbl/white dress slv/wocvg+/m-
Little Peggy MarchThe Impossible HappenedRCA Victor47-8267$35gerps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Little Peggy MarchTino (Dream World)RCA Victor47-9478$25gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Little RichardA Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnKarusellKFF 576$25dkps/red/white/blue lblvg-/vg+
Little RichardA Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnKarusellKFF 576$40dkps/red/white/blue lbl/nocvg+/vg++
Little RichardBaby FaceLondon45-HL 8770$20dkps/black slv/wocvg-/vg-
Little RichardBaby FaceLondon45-HL 8770$25dkps/blue slvvg-/vg-
Little RichardBaby FaceLondon45-HL 8770$35dkps/blue slvvg++/vg
Little RichardBaby FaceLondon45-HL 8770$10dkblack/silver lblvg+
Little RichardBaby FaceLondon45-HLU 8770$10ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg
Little RichardBaby FaceLondon45-HLU 8770$8ukblack/silver lbl/tri centre/wolvg
Little RichardBaby FaceLondon45-HLU 8770$8ukblack/silver lblvg
Little RichardBaby What You Want Me To Do Part 1ModernM 1043$15us vg++
Little RichardBama Lama Bama LooSonetT 7602$20dkps/red/white logo lbl/blue slvvg-/vg
Little RichardBama Lama Bama LooSpecialty692$15usyellow/white/black lblm-
Little RichardBy the Light Of the Silvery Moon/Kansas CityLondon45-HL 7079$25dkblack/silver lblvg+
Little RichardBy the Light Of the Silvery Moon/Kansas CityLondon45-HL 7079$20dkblack/silver lblvg
Little RichardCall My NameManticoreMA 7007F$30usgreen/black lbl/wolvg++
Little RichardFreedom BluesRepriseRA 0907$30gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblm-/m-
Little RichardFreedom BluesRepriseRA 0907$20gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblvg++/vg+
Little RichardFreedom BluesRepriseRS 20907$25ukdemo/yellow/black/red A lblm-
Little RichardGood Golly Miss MollyLondon45-HL 8560$35dkps/red slvvg/vg+
Little RichardGood Golly Miss MollyLondon45-HL 8560$10dkblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Little RichardGood Golly Miss MollyLondon45-HLU 8560$20ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg-
Little RichardGood Golly Miss MollyLondon AmericanHL 8560$8ukblack/silver top lbl/noc/solvg
Little RichardGood Golly Miss MollySpecialtySP 25267$30holps/orange lbl/Little Richard & the Beatles picture on back slvvg+/vg+
Little RichardGreat Gosh A'MightyMCAMCA 1049$8ukpsm-/m-
Little RichardHe Got What He WantedMercury127 063 MCF$25nor/dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg++
Little RichardI Got ItLondon45-HL 9065$30dkps/woc/tocvg-/vg-
Little RichardI Got ItSpecialty681$15us m-
Little RichardI Need LoveEpic4 7262$30holpsvg+/vg+
Little RichardI Need LoveEpic4 7262$50holps/yellow lblm-/m-
Little RichardJenny JennyLondonDL 20 122$12gerblack/gold lblvg+
Little RichardJenny JennySpecialty606.$12usyellow/white/black lblvg++
Little RichardKeep A Knockin'London45-HL 8509$25dkblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
Little RichardKeep A Knockin'London45-HLO 8509$35ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg
Little RichardKeep A Knockin'LondonDL 20 868$30gerps/red/white logo lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Little RichardKeep A Knockin'Specialty611.$15us m-
Little RichardLong Tall SallyLondon45-HL 8366$20dkblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Little RichardLong Tall SallyLondon American45-HLO 8366$20ukblack/silver top lblvg-
Little RichardLong Tall SallyLondon American45-HLO 8366$50uk/dkps/black/silver top lblvg/vg
Little RichardLong Tall SallySpecialty572$15us m-
Little RichardLucilleEpic4123$15holpsvg/m-
Little RichardLucilleEpic5 9960$12holps/yellow lbl/noc/wol/woc/tocvg+/vg++
Little RichardLucilleEpicEPC 8407$15holps/yellow lbl/textured slv/4 tracksvg+/vg++
Little RichardLucilleLondon American45-HLO 8446$25ukblack/silver top lblvg-
Little RichardLucilleSpecialtySP 25265$50holps/orange lbl/Little Richard & the Beatles picture on back slvm-/m-
Little RichardLucilleSpecialtySP 25265$50holps/orange lbl/Little Richard & the Beatles picture on back slvm-/m-
Little RichardLucille/Tutti FruttiEpicEPC 8407$18holps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Little RichardMoney IsRepriseREP 1062$15usbrown/red logo steamboat lblm-
Little RichardNeed HimCoral93358$35gerpsm-/vg+
Little RichardNeed HimCoral93358$30gerpsvg++/vg+
Little RichardNeed HimCoral93358$35gerpsvg++/vg++
Little RichardNever Gonna Let You GoOkeh4 7278$25uspurple/white logo lblvg++
Little RichardOoh' My SoulSpecialty633$15us m-
Little RichardPoor Dog (Who Can't Wag His Own Tail)Okeh4 7251$95usps/demom-/m-
Little RichardRip It UpSpecialty579$15us m-
Little RichardShake A Hand (If You Can)Reprise1005$15usbrown/red logo steamboat lblvg++
Little RichardSomebody's Comin'WEAYZ 98$10ukpsm-/vg++
Little RichardTravelin' ShoesAtlanticATL 70 107$20swps/red/black lblvg-/vg
Little RichardTutti FruttiSpecialty561$15us m-
Little RichardWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnStar Club148 501 STF$18gerps/red/white lblvg/vg
Little RichardWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnStatesideSS 340$12ukblack/silver lblvg+
Little RichardWhole Lotta Shakin' Goin' OnVee-JayVJ 612$20usdemo/white/blue lblm-
Little Richard & Jimi HendrixLawdy Miss ClaudieStateside1C006-93898$30gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Little Richard Jarvis & the Good Home Cookin'Heritage Part 1Capitol3614$10usred lblvg++
Little River BandFace In the CrowdCapitolCP 1823$10ausdemo/black/silver/rainbow rim lblm-
Little River BandNo Reins On MeCapitolCP 1764$8ausblack/silver/rainbow rim lblm-
Little River BandWhen the War Is OverCapitolCP 1895$10ausdemo/black/silver/rainbow rim lblm-
Little RoostersShe Cat Sisters FlooziePye7P 152$25uk m-
Little RoostersThat's How Strong My Love IsAmiAIS 101$40uk m-
Little Sandy ParkerThat's the Reason (I'm Leaving Town)ErwinE-Z 500$10uspink lblvg-
Little TonyCuore MattoSonetT 7693$35swps/red/orange lblvg-/vg++
Little TonyNotte Notte NotteLittleLR 2006$20itablue/yellow lblvg++
Little TonyPrega PregaDuriumLDA 7560$15itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Little TonyT'amo E T'ameroDuriumLDA 7327$20itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Little TonyT'amo E T'ameroDuriumLDA 7327$18itaps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg
Little Tony & his BrothersBelieve What You SayDuriumLDA 6438$4itaorange/white lbl/nocg
Little Tony & his BrothersI Can't Help ItDuriumLDA 26$8dkorange/white lbl/wolvg-
Little Tony & his BrothersLotta LovinDuriumLDA 25$50dkps/orange/white lbl/tittle misspelled on slv/tocvg/vg+
Little Willie LittlefieldKansas CityOdeon45-DK 1487$25dkred/silver lbl/wolvg-
Liva WeelGlemmer DuPolyphonXM 61959$15dkps/wocvg+/vg+
Liva WeelPolyphonXM 61958$20dkpsvg++/vg++
Live ReportWhy Do I Always Get It WrongBrouhahaCUE 7$12ukpsvg++/vg++
Live WireMoneyA&MAMS 7476$20ukpsm-/m-
Live WiresThe MaskBoomBM 60015$10usblack/silver/orange logo lblvg-
Liverpool ExpressDreamin'Warner BrosK 16933$8ukboulevard/black A lbl/solid centre/solvg++
Liverpool ExpressDreamin'Warner BrosWB 16933$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Liverpool ExpressEvery Man Must Have A DreamWarner BrosK 16854$8ukboulevard/black A lbl/solid centre/solvg++
Liverpool ExpressEvery Man Must Have A DreamWarner BrosK 16854$15ukps/solid centrevg++/vg++
Liverpool ExpressHold TightWarner BrosK 16799$10uksolid centrem-
Liverpool ExpressHold TightWarner BrosWB 16799$18gerpsm-/vg++
Liverpool ExpressNever Be the Same BoyAtco45-7058$15usyellow/white lblm-
Liverpool ExpressYou Are My LoveWarner BrosK 16743$6ukboulevard lblvg+
Liverpool ExpressYou Are My LoveWarner BrosK 16743$4ukboulevard/black A lbl/solid centrevg
Liverpool ExpressYou Are My LoveWarner BrosK 16743$10ukorange/picture lblm-
Liverpool ExpressYou Are My LoveWarner BrosK 16743$8uksolid centrevg++
Liverpool FiveCloudyRCA Victor47-9158$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Liverpool FiveHeartRCA Victor47-8725$50usdemom-
Liverpool FiveNew DirectionsRCA Victor47-8906$20usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Liverpool Football TeamSing A Song For LiverpoolPenny FarthingPEN 794$4ukred/black lblvg-
Livin' BluesWang-Dang-DoodlePhilips6075 111$15holblue/silver lblvg+
Living ColourCult Of PersonalityEpic34-68611$10usblue lblvg++
LivingstoneJeg Går Rundt Og Rundt I En Drømmeverden (Part Of the Union)LifeNP 1537$30dkpsm-/m-
LivingstonesFastest Car AroundSunlightSUN 003$35swwhite lbl test pressingvg++
Liz & EricFunny Little DoggieHitHR 702$8dkblue/silver lblvg-
Liz Damon's Orient Express1900 YesterdayWhite WhaleWW 368$6usblue/black lbl/wolvg-
Liz Damon's Orient Express1900 YesterdayWhite WhaleWW 368$10usblue/black lblvg++
Liz Winters & Bob CortJessamineDecca45-F 10899$18dkblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg-
Liz Winters & Bob CortJessamineDecca45-F 10899$30dkblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg+
LizaGimme the ScorePhilips6019 183$20dkblue/silver lblm-
LizaGimme the ScorePhilips6019 183$15dkblue/silver lblvg++
LizaSeriousMercury6019 201$35dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
LizaThat's What You Better DoMercury6019 200$40nor/dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
LizaThat's What You Better DoMercury6019 200$30nor/dkps/black/silver lbl/solvg++/vg++
Liza Minnelli(I Wonder Where My) Easy Rider's GoneA&M1244-S$12usdemo/white/black/red logo lblvg++
Liza MinnelliCabaretProbePRO 590$10ukpink/black lblm-
Liza MinnelliCabaretProbePRO 590$30uk/dkps/pink/black lblm-/m-
Liza MinnelliFrank MillsA&M1018$15usdemo/white/black/red logo lblm-
Liza MinnelliYou Are For LovingCadence1436$20usdemo/white/black lblvg+
LizetteSången Över HavetEagleES10-50$20swpsm-/m-
Lizzy Mercier DesclouxCalypso MogulsPolydor885 387-7$25fraps/purple lbl/laminated slv/promo sticker on slvvg++/m-
Lloyd BrownI KnowCharmCRT 881$10uk m-
Lloyd Cole She's A Girl And I'm A ManPolydor867 566-7$4gerpsm-/m-
Lloyd Cole & CommotionsBrand New FriendPolydorCOLE 4$4ukpsm-/m-
Lloyd Cole & CommotionsForest FirePolydorCOLE G 2$8ukps/gfldm-/m-
Lloyd Cole & CommotionsPerfect SkinPolydorCOLE 1$4ukpsm-/m-
Lloyd LambertHeavy SugarSpecialty553$50us vg++
Lloyd LambertHeavy SugarSpecialtySP 553-45$10uswhite/yellow/black lblm-
Lloyd MillerDear AnneCactusCT 054$30ukwhite lbl testpressing with handwritten info/solid centre/1 sidedvg
Lloyd Parks MafiaCactusCT 75$15ukyellow/black lbl/wol/solvg
Lloyd Parks & We the PeopleTravelling ManParks $8jamwhite/black/green lbl/wolvg-
Lloyd Price(You've Got) PersonalityABC-Paramount45-10018$10us vg++
Lloyd Price(You've Got) PersonalityProbeGFF 112$6uk m-
Lloyd PriceBe A LeaderABC-Paramount10288$12usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
Lloyd PriceFor LoveABC-Paramount45-10102$6us vg
Lloyd PriceIf You Really Love HimScepterSCE 12310$15usdemo/white/black lblvg+
Lloyd PriceI'm Gonna Get MarriedABC-ParamountP 212$10swblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg
Lloyd PriceI'm Gonna Get MarriedHis Master's Voice45-POP 650$8ukturquoise/silver lblvg-
Lloyd PriceI'm Gonna Get MarriedSparton4-795 R$4canmaroon/silver lblvg-
Lloyd PriceJust BecauseABC-Paramount45-9792$15us vg+
Lloyd PriceLawdy Miss ClawdySpecialty428$6usyellow/white/black lbl/re-issuevg+
Lloyd PriceLawdy Miss ClawdySpecialty428$10usyellow/white/black lbl/re-issuem-
Lloyd PriceLonely ChairKRCKA 2577$25usreprom-
Lloyd PriceNo If's No And'sABC-Paramount45-10102$6us vg
Lloyd PricePersonalityHis Master's Voice45-POP 626$12ukturquiose/silver lblvg+
Lloyd PricePersonalityKarusellP 209$6dkred/white/blue lblvg
Lloyd PricePersonalityKarusellP 209$8dkred/white/blue lblvg+
Lloyd PriceQuestionABC-Paramount45-10123$12us vg+
Lloyd PriceSuch A MessKRC5000$25us vg++
Lloyd PriceTake AllJadJ 208$25uspurple/green lblvg++
Lloyd PriceThe Legend Of Nigger CharleyParamountPAA 0168$10usgrey/black lblvg++
Lloyd PriceWhat Did You Do With My LoveLPGLPG 111$12usorange/white lbl/wolvg++
Lloyd PriceWhere Were You (On Our Wedding Day)His Master's Voice45-POP 598$8ukturquoise/silver lbl/nocvg-
Lloyd PriceWho Coulda' Told You (They Lied)ABC-Paramount45-10139$8usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
Lloyd Price & the DukesChee-ko BabySpecialtySP 535-45$45uswhite/yellow/black lblvg++
Lloyd Terrel Lulu ReturnsPamaPM 752$12ukorange/black lbl/solvg-
LoboCalifornia Kid And ReemoBig TreeBT 119$6us m-
LoboHow Can I Tell HerPhilips6073 826$12holps/blue/black lblm-/vg+
LoboHow Can I Tell HerPhilips6073 826$10holps/blue/black lblvg++/vg+
LoboI'd Love You To Want MeUKUK R 68$8ukturquoise/silver lblvg++
LoboMe And You And A Dog Named BooBig TreeBT 112$6us m-
LoboMe And You And A Dog Named BooPhilips6073 801$10gerps/blue lblvg++/m-
LoboMe And You And A Dog Named BooPhilips6073 801$12norpsm-/vg++
LoboThe AlbatrossPhilips6073 809$20norps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
Local OperatorLaw And OrderVirginVS 302$10ukpsvg++/m-
Lock Stock and BarrelHappy PeopleCBS4928$25nororange lblvg++
LocomotiveMovin' Down the LineParlophoneR 5835$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
LocomotiveNever Set Me FreeParlophoneR 5718$15dkps/white/black lbl/noc/sol/wol/wocvg+/vg-
LocomotiveNever Set Me FreeParlophoneR 5718$20dkwhite/black lbl/noc/wolvg++
LocomotiveNever Set Me FreeParlophoneR 5718$15ukblack/silver lblvg
LocomotiveNever Set Me FreeParlophoneR 5718$35dkps/white/black lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Lodi CarrWhen I Fall In LoveLaurie3075$10usred/white/black square lblvg-
Loggins & MessinaMy MusicCBS1888$15ukdemo/white/orange A lblm-
Loggins & MessinaYour Mama Don't DanceCBS8480$18holps/orange lblvg++/m-
Lois JohnsonFrom Warm To Cool To ColdMGMK 14217$15usdemo/yellow/black lblvg++
Lois LaneCome Down In TimeDJMDJS 255$50ukblack/silver/yellow logo lblvg++
Lol Creme & Kevin Godley5 O'Clock In the MorningMercuryGOD 001$8ukpsvg+/vg+
Lola DeePaper RosesWingW 90015$6usblue/silver lbl/solvg+
LolitaLa Luna (Quando La Luna)KappK 349X$8usblack/silver lblvg+
LolitaLa Luna (Quando La Luna)PolydorNH 24177$25dkpsvg+/vg+
LolitaLa Luna (Quando La Luna)PolydorNH 24177$15dkps/wocvg/vg
LolitaSailor Your Home Is the SeaPolydorNH 66818$4ger vg
Lolita PopHey WinnerMistlurMLRS 67$12swps/laminated slvm-/m-
Lolita PopHey WinnerMistlurMLRS 67$20swps/laminated slv/press release in Danishvg++/vg++
Lolita PopTarzan On A Big Red ScooterMistlurMLRS 70$20swps/2 postcardsm-/m-
Lolita PopTarzan On A Big Red ScooterMistlurMLRS 70$10swps/black/white lbl/solid centrevg+/vg+
LollipopsAll I HaveEMIX 9083$18dkpsm-/vg++
LollipopsGo'e Gamle SangeEMI $10dkpromo/test pressing white lbl with stickered infovg
LollipopsGo'e Gamle SangeEMI $20dkpromo/test pressing white lbl with stickered infom-
LollipopsGoodbye My BabyEMIX 9102$18dkpsm-/vg++
LollipopsGoody Goody Gum DropsPhilips355 373 PF$30nor/dkps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
LollipopsGoody Goody Gum DropsPhilips355 373 PF$25nor/dkps/blue/silver lblvg++/m-
LollipopsI Feel the Sun Up ThereCBSCBS 3292$35nor/dkps/orange lbl/flipback slvm-/m-
LollipopsI Feel the Sun Up ThereCBSCBS 3292$30nor/dkps/orange lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
LollipopsI Feel the Sun Up ThereCBSCBS 3292$18nor/dkps/textured orange lbl/flipback slvvg/vg+
LollipopsI See It NowKarusellKFF 642$25swps/red/white/blue lblvg-/vg
LollipopsJennyEMIX 9119$12dkps/tan/red logo lblvg++/vg+
LollipopsLady GodivaEMI6C006-39222$20dkpsm-/m-
LollipopsLittle Bad BoyKarusellKFF 603$30dkps/red/white/blue lbl/green group slvvg/vg
LollipopsLittle Bad BoyKarusellKFF 603$25dkps/red/white/blue lbl/green group slvvg/vg-
LollipopsLittle Bad BoyKarusellKFF 603$35swps/red/white/blue lbl/purple/blue circle slvvg/vg
LollipopsLonely LoveEMIX 9111$15dkpsvg+/vg++
LollipopsLonely LoveEMIX 9111$18dkpsm-/vg++
LollipopsLook At This BoySonet/KarusellKFF 581$40dkps/red/white logo lblvg-/vg-
LollipopsLook At This BoySonet/KarusellKFF 581$50dkps/red/white logo lbl/wocvg-/vg-
LollipopsLornaEMIX 9097$12dkps/nocvg+/vg+
LollipopsLouisianaEMI6C006-39142$50dkps/signed by artistvg++/m-
LollipopsLove Is A Game For TwoFontana271 603 TF$20nor/dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg
LollipopsLove Is A Game For TwoFontana271 603 TF$10nor/dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg-
LollipopsLove Is A Game For TwoFontana271 603 TF$15nor/dkps/blue/silver lbl/nocvg-/vg+
LollipopsMarry Her TonightCBSCBS 3293$20nor/dkps/orange lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
LollipopsMarry Her TonightCBSCBS 3293$12nor/dkps/orange lbl/flipback slvvg/vg
LollipopsMarry Her TonightCBSCBS 3293$15nor/dkps/orange lbl/flipback slv/wol/wocvg+/vg++
LollipopsMaxwell's SilverhammerCBSCBS 4581$18norps/orange lbl/orange slvvg+/vg++
LollipopsMaxwell's SilverhammerCBSCBS 4581$25norps/orange lbl/orange slvvg++/m-
LollipopsNaked When You ComePolydorNH 59724$50swpsvg/vg
LollipopsNaked When You ComePolydor/Polydor InternationalNH 59724$40swpsvg-/vg-
LollipopsOn A StageEMI6C006-37272$18dkpsvg++/vg++
LollipopsSådan En Som Dig (Someone Like You)CBS3554$15nororange lblm-
LollipopsSådan En Som Dig (Someone Like You)CBS3554$30norps/orange lbl/solm-/m-
LollipopsSe På Mit FjæsSonetT 8529$20sw/dkps/red/orange lblm-/m-
LollipopsStop (Before You Break My Heart)PolydorNH 59746$40nor/dkpsvg++/m-
LollipopsStop (Before You Break My Heart)PolydorNH 59746$25nor/dkps/wocvg+/vg++
LollipopsUng KærlighedEMIX 9112$15dkpsvg++/vg+
LollipopsWalk AwayEMI9063$15dkpsm-/vg+
Lollipops-LipsNu Er Det MorgenStarboxSX 1188$15nor vg+
Lon & DerrekMusic LoverA&M1643$12us m-
Lon & DerrekThe Harder You Pull The Tighter It GetsA&M8E-006-97454$12porps/brown lblvg+/vg+
LondonEveryone's A WinnerMCAMCA 305$15ukblack/silver/rainbow lblm-
LondonEveryone's A WinnerMCAMCA 305$12ukblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
London BridgeReason WhyCapitol3446$8usred lbl/wolvg++
London CowboysStreet Full Of SoulFlicknifeFLS 217$20ukpsm-/m-
London FogSongsMajor PacificMP 102$18usps/orange/yellow lblvg+/vg+
LondonbeatI've Been Thinking About YouAnxiousZB 43877$4gerpsm-/m-
Lone & FlemingChinchilla LadyKopenhagenKO-45-02$20gerpsm-/m-
Lone CowboysYou Light Up My LifeLCLC 1111$25uspsm-/m-
Lone HelmerChere MadameQuickORS 1008$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lone HelmerChere MadameQuickORS 1008$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lone HelmerChere MadameQuickORS 1008$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lone HelmerDu Kan Få Hvad Du Vil (Ich Been So Oder So)TonoST 41188$15dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg
Lone HelmerEn Dag Er Det Hele ForbiAloneSAPS 1605$50dkps/pink/black lbl/sleeve signed by artistvg+/vg+
Lone HelmerKiss Me Honey HoneyTonoST 41094$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lone HelmerMit Lille Lyse Lykkeland (My Little Corner)TonoST 41171$18dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Lone HelmerOh JoeQuickQRS 1006$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lone HelmerOh JoeQuickQRS 1006$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lone HelmerTiden GårQuickQRS 1005$18dkps/black lbl/silver lblvg+/vg+
Lone HelmerTiden GårQuickQRS 1005$20dkps/black lbl/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lone HertzSolskinsviseTono45-ST 41261$8dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg
Lone JusticeI Found LoveGeffenGEF 18F$8ukps/2x45/gfldvg++/vg++
Lone JusticeI Found LoveGeffenGEF 18F$10ukps/2x45/gfldm-/m-
Lone JusticeSweet Sweet Baby (I'm Falling Remix)Geffen6426$6holpsm-/vg++
Lone JusticeSweet Sweet Baby (I'm Falling Remix)Geffen7-28965$8uspsm-/m-
Lone JusticeWays To Be WickedGeffen6218$10ukpsm-/m-
Lone JusticeWays To Be WickedGeffen7-29023$8uspsvg++/vg++
Lone Kellerman & RockbandetSe Venedig Og DøCBSCBS 6430$10holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Lone Kellerman & RockbandetSe Venedig Og DøCBSCBS 6430$4holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
Lone Kellerman & RockbandetSpring UdCBSCBS 6253$8holps/textured slvvg+/vg++
Lone StarHypnotic MoverCBS5520$15ukdemo/white/black large orange/yellow A lblm-
Lonely Heart's Club BandSgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandRSORP 106$30usdemo/white/black lblm-
Lonely OneDancing All NightJacks Beat RecordsBR 1030$75dkps/red lblm-/m-
Lonely OneI Got NewsJacks RecordsBR 1065$35dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Lonely OneKidieoJacks Beat RecordsBR 1060$75dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Lonesome Rhodes (Sandy & Donna)Nothin' But Heartaches HereRCA Victor47-9134$30usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
Long and the ShortChoc IceDeccaF 12043$70ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Long and the ShortThe LetterDeccaF 11964$50ukdemo/blue/silver/curved logo lblvg+
Long John BaldryHold Back the DaybreakPye7N 17455$10ukblue/black top lbl/nocm-
Long John BaldryHow Long Will It LastUnited ArtistsUP 1107$110ukdemo/white/red A lbl/wolvg++
Long John BaldryI'm On To You BabyUnited ArtistsUP 1078$90ukblack/silver lbl/wolvg++
Long John BaldryIt's Too Late NowPye7N 17664$6ukblue/black top lbl/nocvg+
Long John BaldryLet Him Go (And Let Me Love You)United Artists67115$35gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg++/vg-
Long John BaldryLet the Heartaches BeginPye7N 17385$6ukblue/black top lbl/nocvg+
Long John BaldryLet the Heartaches BeginPye7N 17408$12norps/plum/silver lblvg/vg+
Long John BaldryLet the Heartaches BeginPye7N 17408$20norps/plum/silver lblm-/m-
Long John BaldryLet the Heartaches BeginPye7N 17408$12norps/plum/silver lbl/noc/wol/wocvg/m-
Long John BaldryMexicoPye7N 17563$20holps/red/black lblm-/m-
Long John BaldryMexicoPye7N 17563$15holps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
Long John BaldryMexicoPye7N 17563$6ukblue/black top lbl/nocvg+
Long John BaldryMexicoPye7N 17563$10ukblue/black top lbl/solid centrem-
Long John BaldryOn BroadwayGMGMS 9045$20ukwhite/blue lbl/press releasem-
Long John BaldrySetting Fire To the Tail Of A FoxPye7N 17921$25ukdemo/yellow/black/red A lblm-
Long John BaldryThis Boy's In Love AgainGMGMS 9043$10ukwhite/blue lblm-
Long John BaldryWait For MePye7N 17815$6ukblue/black top lbl/nocvg+
Long John BaldryWhen the Sun Comes Shining Thru'Pye7N 17593$12uk/dkps/blue/black lbl/toc/nocvg+/vg
Long John Silver & the Silver ElvesHarvey the HippoStarbrite101$6usblack/silver lblvg
Long RydersI Had A DreamZippo45-2$10ukpsm-/m-
Long RydersLooking For Lewis & ClarkIslandISD 237$15ukps/2x45m-/m-
Long Tall Ernie & the ShakersAlright OkayCBS1803$10gerpsvg++/vg++
LongdancerSilent EmotionsRocket6138 750$35fraps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
Lonnie BrooksI'll Take Care Of YouAlligatorAL 794$10us m-
Lonnie BrooksI'm Not Going HomeUSA789$50usdemom-
Lonnie DevantierHallo HalloHarlekinHMS 1389$100hol#114/400m-
Lonnie DevantierHallo HalloHarlekinHMS 1389$75hol m-
Lonnie Donegan500 Miles Away From HomePye7N 15579$8ukred/black lblvg+
Lonnie DoneganBattle Of New OrleansPye7N 45548$10ukdemom-
Lonnie DoneganBeans In My EarsPye7N 15669$40norps/plum/silver lblvg/vg++
Lonnie DoneganBeans In My EarsPye7N 15669$25ukdemo/white/black lbl/solid centrevg++
Lonnie DoneganDon't You Rock Me Daddy-OMercury71026$15usblack/silver lblvg+
Lonnie DoneganHave A Drink On MePhilips6005 131$10gerpsm-/m-
Lonnie DoneganLivelyPye7N 15312$10ukplum/silver lblvg++
Lonnie DoneganLouisiana ManPye7N 15893$20dkps/pink lbl/flipback slv/nocvg+/vg+
Lonnie DoneganMichael Row the BoatPye7N 3106$10ukblue/silver lblvg
Lonnie DoneganMy Old Man's A DustmanPye7N 15256$10ukplum/silver lblvg++
Lonnie DoneganMy Old Man's A DustmanPyePP-046$6ausyellow/black/red lbl/solid centrevg
Lonnie DoneganRock Island LineDeccaF 10647$8ukre-issuevg++
Lonnie DoneganSally Don't You GrievePye Nixa7N 15148$6ukplum/silver lblvg-
Lonnie DoneganSpeak To the SkyPye7N 45184$15ukdemo/yellow/black/red A lbl/release date stamped on lblm-
Lonnie DoneganThe Wreck Of the John BAtlantic45-2123$6usred/black lbl/wolvg
Lonnie DoneganThe Wreck Of the John BAtlantic45-2123$12usred/black lblvg++
Lonnie DoneganThe Wreck Of the John BAtlantic45-2123$8usred/black lblvg
Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle GroupDoes Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (On the Bedpost Over Night)Dot45-15911$4usblack/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lblvg
Lonnie Donegan & his Skiffle GroupPuttin' On the StyleMetronomeB 45-1155$30dkwhite/yellow/purple lblvg+
Lonnie Donegan Skiffle GroupBury My BodyDecca45-FJ 10695$40ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg++
Lonnie MackBaby What's WrongFraternityF 918$10usred/black lblvg
Lonnie MackBaby What's WrongFraternityF 918$20us m-
Lonnie MackCrying Over YouFraternityF 942$20usdemo/white/black lbl/release date stamped on lblvg++
Lonnie MackCrying Over YouFraternityF 957$15usred/black lblvg++
Lonnie MackGotta Be An AnswerVedetteVRN 34102$15itaps/black/silver lbl/wol/wocvg/vg
Lonnie MackHard LifeEpic34-08117$12usdemo/blue lblm-
Lonnie MackHighway 56RouletteR 7175$10us m-
Lonnie MackHighway 56RouletteRDJ 7175$15usdemovg++
Lonnie MackHonky Tonk '65FraternityDJF-951$20usdemovg++
Lonnie MackHonky Tonk '65FraternityF 951$15usred/black lblm-
Lonnie MackI Found A LoveFraternityF 1004$20usyellow lblm-
Lonnie MackI've Had ItFraternityF 925$35us m-
Lonnie MackLonnie On the MoveFraternityF 920$20us vg++
Lonnie MackMemphisFraternityF 906$20us m-
Lonnie MackSa-Ba-HoolaFraternityF 932$20us vg++
Lonnie MackSa-Ba-HoolaFraternityF 932$15us vg+
Lonnie MackSave Your MoneyFraternityF 986$20uswolm-
Lonnie MackSoul ExpressPresidentPT 198$20ukyellow/black lblvg++
Lonnie MackTension Part 1FraternityF 967$30us vg++
Lonnie MackToo Rock For Country Too Country For Rock And RollEpic34-07973$8usblue lblvg++
Lonnie MackWham!FraternityFR 912$10us vg++
Lonnie MackWham!StatesideSS 226$40ukblack/silver lblvg++
Lonnie SattinOh Baby Don't CryWarner Bros5112$25norps/red lblvg++/vg+
Lonnie SattinOh Baby Don't CryWarner Bros5112$12norps/red lbl/tolvg-/vg-
Lonnie SattinOh Baby Don't CryWarner Bros5112$20norps/red lblvg+/vg+
Lonzo & OscarWhen the Fields In the Valley Turn GreenGRCGRC 2063$8usmulticolor lblvg++
LookFeeding TimeMCAMCA 736$15norps/blue/rainbow lblvg++/vg++
Looking GlassBrandy (You're A Fine Girl)Epic5-10874$8usyellow/black oval logo lbl/demo sticker on lblvg+
Looking GlassBrandy (You're A Fine Girl)EpicEPC 8213$15holps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Looking GlassBrandy (You're A Fine Girl)EpicEPC S 8213$15gerps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Looking GlassRainbow ManEpicEPC 1302$15holps/yellow lblvg++/vg+
Loop Di LoveLay It DownUKUK 7$15uk/dkpsvg++/vg++
Loop Di LoveLay It DownUKUK 7$12uk/dkpsvg+/vg+
LoosegoatsNavajo (The Indians Are Restless)Chapel HillCHR 003$15swpsvg++/vg++
LootShe's A WinnerPage OnePOF 095$30ukred/silver lblvg
L'Orchestre Comet MamboYau Na YauVoumaVM 2$15conwhite/black lblvg+
Lord August & the Vision Of LightGet On HomeSSS InternationalSSS 739$45us vg++
Lord August & the Vision Of LiteMod FashionsAokAOK 1013$50us m-
Lord Dynamite & the ExplosionsT.V. SeriesEMI5C006-25611$10holps/textured slvvg++/vg++
Lord Flea & his CalypsoniansIt All Began With Adam And EceCapitolF 3712$8dkpurple/silver lbl/wolvg
Lord Flea & his CalypsoniansIt All Began With Adam And EceCapitolF 3712$10usdemo/white/black lblg
Lord Flea & his CalypsoniansShake Shake SenoraCapitolF 3659$8dkpurple/silver lblvg
Lord Flea & his CalypsoniansShake Shake SenoraCapitolF 3659$6dkpurple/silver lblvg-
Lord Flea & his CalypsoniansShake Shake SenoraCapitolF 3659$12dkpurple/silver lblvg++
Lord LaroBudget DebateWild FlowerWF 518$8usblue 3 tone lbl/wolvg-
Lord Rockingham's XIHoots MonDecca45-F 11059$12ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg+
Lord Rockingham's XIHoots MonDecca45-F 11059$10ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg
Lord Rockingham's XIWee TomDecca45-F 11104$20ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centre/wolvg+
Lord SitarEmerald CityDucretet ThomsonFD 102$35frared/black lbl/solvg+
LørdagspigerneTak For Alt I Det Gamle ÅrOdeonDK 1633$15dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
LordsGlory LandColumbiaC 23576$25gerps/blue/white lblvg+/m-
LordsGlory LandColumbiaC 23576$30gerps/blue/white lblm-/m-
LordsGlory LandColumbiaC 23576$20gerps/blue/white lblvg++/vg+
LordsPoison IvyColumbiaC 22949$25gerps/blue/white lblvg/vg++
LordsPoison IvyColumbiaC 22949$40gerps/blue/white lblm-/m-
Lords of the New ChurchDance With MeI.R.S.PFP 1022$10ukpsm-/m-
Lords of the New ChurchLive For TodayI.R.S.PFP 1015$12ukps/demom-/m-
Lords of the New ChurchNew ChurchIllegalILS 0028$10ukpsm-/m-
Lords of the New ChurchOpen Your EyesIllegalILS 0030$10ukpsm-/m-
Lords of the New ChurchRussian RouletteIllegalILS 0033$10ukpsm-/m-
LordzMaggie Tee IWorld SoundWSR 1002$15usblue lblvg+
Lorenzo HoldenFizzleCrown103$15us vg
Lorenzo SantamariaBlue JeansOdeon1J006-21118$12spaps/blue/white logo lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Lorenzo SantamariaRosyOdeon1J006-20773$8spaps/blue/silver lblvg-/vg
Loretta GoggiIo Sto Vivendo Senza TeDuriumLDA 7722$40itaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Loretta GoggiL'Atia Del Sabato SeraWEAT 18098$12itaps/yellow logo lblvg+/m-
Loretta GoggiPieno D'AmoreWEAWEA 19255$12gerpsvg++/vg++
Loretta GoggiVieni Via Con Me (Taratapunzi-e)DuriumLDA 7780$40itaps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Loretta LynnOne's On the WayMCA60168$6us vg++
Loretta LynnSaint To A SinnerDecca32045$4us vg+
Loretta LynnThe PillMCA193$15ukdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblm-
Loretta LynnThe PillMCA40358$6us vg++
Loretta LynnWings Upon Your HornsDecca732586$8usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lbl/dhm-
Loretta Lynn & Conway TwittyAs Soon As I Hang Up the PhoneMCA180$15ukdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblm-
Lorette Velvette & Mick CollinsMalted MilkLamplighterEST 06$75usps/insertm-/vg++
Lori & the ChameleonsThe Lonely SpyKorovaKOW 5$15ukpsm-/vg++
Lori RogersSeymourScepter1232$20usdhvg++
Lori Spee & Gary BrookerTwo Fools In LovePhilips884 600-7$15holps/white/blue lblm-/m-
Lorna BennettBreakfast In BedBlue MountainBM 1013$6uknocvg++
Lorna BennettBreakfast In BedIslandWIP 6237$20ukps/demom-/m-
Lorna BennettBreakfast In BedIslandWIP 6436$10uk m-
Lorna WrightSlow DancingRocketROKN 525$8ukgrey/train logo lblvg++
Lorne Gibson Red Roses For A Blue LadyDeccaF 10102$30uk/dkps/curved logovg+/vg++
Lorne Gibson Red Roses For A Blue LadyDeccaF 10102$20uk/dkps/curved logovg+/vg
Lorne Gibson Red Roses For A Blue LadyDeccaF 10102$35uk/dkps/curved logovg++/vg++
Lorne Gibson & the GamblersEva MagdalenaRCA Victor1917$25ukyellow lbl/large black A & release date stamped on lbl/press releasem-
Lorne GreenePop Goes the HammerRCA Victor47-8490$15gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Lorne GreenePop Goes the HammerRCA Victor47-8490$25gerps/black/silver lblm-/vg+
Lorne GreeneRingoRCA Victor47-8444$15usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
Lorne GreeneSand RCA Victor47-8554$20gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lorne GreeneSand RCA Victor47-8554$12gerps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Lorne GreeneSpirit Of AmericaArtists Of AmericaAOA 1776$8usblue/white lblvg++
Lorne LesleySome Of These DaysParlophone45-R 4518$40dkred/silver lblvg
Lorne LesleyTake All My LovePolydorNH 66928$40ger/dkpsvg+/vg+
Lorne LesleyWarmParlophone45-R 4567$25norclear blue vinyl/red/silver lblvg+
Lorne LesleyWarmParlophone45-R 4567$20norclear blue vinyl/red/silver lbl/nocvg+
Lorne LesleyWarmParlophone45-R 4567$12ukred/silver lbl/wolvg++
Lorne LesleyWe're Gonna DancePolydorNH 66956$30dkps/nocvg/vg-
Lorne LesleyWhere My Heart Has Never WanderedEmiDisc $25ukacetate/white/black lbl/typewritten detailsvg+
Lorne Lesley & the BeatniksMa Let's TwistFontana271 287 TF$40nor/dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg
Lorne Lesley & the BeatniksMa Let's TwistFontana271 287 TF$50sw/dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Lorne Lesley & the BeatniksMa Let's TwistFontana271 287 TF$40sw/dkps/blue/silver lbl/nocvg/vg+
Lorne Lesley & the BeatniksMa Let's TwistFontana271 287 TF$50sw/dkps/blue/silver lbl/noc/solvg++/vg++
Lorre WyattSugar Snow PuffLaurieLR 3389$15usred/white/black square lbl/dhm-
Los 5 del EsteSloopy (Hang On Sloopy)OdeonDSOL 66071$25spaps/green/silver lblvg+/vg-
Los AlbasKyrie EleisonVergara45-245$15spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg/vg
Los AlbasKyrie EleisonVergara45-245$18spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg-/vg++
Los AmosTrianaDiscophonS-PR 106$35spaps/light blue/black lbl/b/w publicity picture/wocvg+/vg++
Los AngelesAbre Tu VentanaHispavox31806$15argblue/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
Los AngelesManana Manana (Tomorrow Manyana)HispavoxH 299$18spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
Los AngelesManana Manana (Tomorrow Manyana)HispavoxH 299$25spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Los AngelesManana Manana (Tomorrow Manyana)HispavoxH 299$15spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
Los AngelesManana Manana (Tomorrow Manyana)HispavoxH 299$20spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
Los BetaCuando Sali De CubaSono PlaySN 20060$4spared/silver lblvg-
Los BetaLa La LaSono PlaySN 20096$25spaps/red/silver lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Los BetaTon Pare No Te NasRegalSCDL 69004$12spaturquoise/silver lblvg
Los BetaUn Poco De AmorPhilips6029 170$18spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 13367$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/nocvg++
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 13367$8ukblack/silver boxed logo lbl/noc/wolvg++
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 13367$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 22419$20kenblack/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 22419$12uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg/vg+
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 22419$25uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg++/m-
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 22419$15uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg+/vg+
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 22419$10uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg-/vg+
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 22419$15uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg/vg++
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaF 22419$20uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lbl/wocvg++/m-
Los BravosBlack Is BlackDeccaFR 13367$18ukdemo/blue/silver lbl/nocvg++
Los BravosBlack Is BlackTiffanyTIF 504$20itaps/green/white/orange lblvg-/vg+
Los BravosBring A Little Lovin'ColumbiaME 416$20spaps/green/silver lblvg/vg+
Los BravosBring A Little Lovin'ColumbiaME 416$30spaps/green/silver lbl/tri centrevg+/vg++
Los BravosBring A Little Lovin'ColumbiaME 416$18spaps/green/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Los BravosBring A Little Lovin'Parrot45-3020$10usblack/silver/yellow/green logo lbl/dh/sol/wolvg++
Los BravosI Don't CareBarclay60742$10fraps/orange/white lblvg/vg++
Los BravosI Don't CareDeccaF 22484$18uk/dkps/curved logo/wocvg-/vg+
Los BravosI Don't CareDeccaF 22484$40uk/dkps/curved logovg++/vg++
Los BravosIndividualityColumbiaMO 669$30spaps/green/silver lblvg++/m-
Los BravosLa Parada Del AutobusColumbiaME 254$40spaps/green/silver lbl/tri centrevg+/vg+
Los BrincosAmiga MiaNovolaNOX 61 J$15spaps/tan/black/red lblvg/vg+
Los BrincosCryNovolaNO 2$30spaps/tan/black/red lblvg+/vg++
Los BrincosI Try To FindNovolaNOX 26$20spaps/tan/black/red lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Los DiablosOh Julie (Oh Oh July)ColumbiaDB 8922$15ukdemo/green/black/large white A lblvg++
Los DiablosUn Rayo De Sol (Fernando)Odeon1J006-20157 M$20spaps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Los FlamingosDit Hjerte Er I Fare AndresenPolydorXM 62068$30nor/dkpsvg++/vg++
Los FlamingosDit Hjerte Er I Fare AndresenPolydorXM 62068$12nor/dkpsvg/vg-
Los Indian TabajarasMaria ElenaRCA Victor45N-1383$10itaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Los Indian TabajarasMaria ElenaRCA Victor47-8216$15gerps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Los JacopablosHuojuva TaloStupido TwinsSTUPIDO 018$50finpromo only/white/black lbl/solid centrem-
Los JuncalesBaby Ahora Que Te He Encontrado (Baby Now That I Found You)FonalFD 25$18spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
Los LobosDon't Worry BabyLondonLASH 4$6ukpsm-/m-
Los LobosOne Time One NightSlash/Warner bros7-28464$6uspsm-/m-
Los LobosWill the Wolf Survive (Remix)Slash/Warner bros7-29093$4uspsvg++/m-
Los MachucambosLa CumbiaDecca79586$20frapsvg+/vg+
Los Marcellos FerialSei Diventata Nera (Un Disco Per L'estate)DuriumCNA 9112$15itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Los MassotSugar SugarFonalMJ 26$6spablue/silver lblvg
Los MatecocoCielito LindoTono45-STU 42095$15dkblack/silver lbl/demo sticker on lblm-
Los MillonariosHoky CokyFonalMJ 25$18spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/vg+
Los NaipesBack In Majorca AgainFonalPM 1181$25spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
Los PrimasGuldmajQualiSoundQS 203 MS$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Los StopEl Turista 1.999.999Belter07-366$25spaps/demo/white/black lblvg++/vg
Los StopSalud Dinero Y AmorBelter07-396$25spaps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Los Tres GalanesDulce AdoracionFuentes629$25usblue/silver lblvg
Los ValentinosSlaughter On 10th AvenuePolydor2054 145$18dkpsm-/vg++
Los ValentinosSlaughter On 10th AvenuePolydor2054 145$15dkpsvg++/vg++
Los Z 66I've Been HurtOdeon1J006-20122 M$30spaps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
LostNo Reason WhyCapitol5725$30usyellow/orange swirl lblvg+
Lost and FoundI've Been HurtDiscophonS 5099$25spaps/wocvg/vg++
Lost and FoundNo No No NoDiscophonS 5057$20spaps/wocg/vg-
Lost and FoundNo No No NoTriolaTD 368$65dkps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
Lost and FoundNo No No NoTriolaTD 368$60dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
Lost and FoundNo No No NoTriolaTD 368$70dkps/blue/white lblvg++/m-
Lost and FoundNo No No NoTriolaTD 368$75dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
Lost and FoundNo No No NoTriolaTD 368$50dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Lost KidsDu Ka' Få Det Som Du VilMedleyMDS 147$20nor vg+
Lothar And the Hand PeopleMidnight RangerCapitolP-2556$35usdemo/red/orange target lblvg++
Lotta EngbergBoogalooMariannMAS 2482$20swps/solid centrem-/m-
LotteDans Med Mig (Dancing Queen)EMI6C006-39150$18dkps/wocvg-/vg
LotteJeg Er Blevet Lun På En London'erEMI6C006-39103$20dkpsvg+/vg++
Lotte OlsenFjorten Da'e (Yesterday)OktavOKS 1012$20dkpsvg++/vg++
Lotte Rømer BandParadisets HaveMetronomeB 4179$18swps/flipback slvm-/vg++
LotusDu Sover IndeniDiggitDGEP 0283$20swpsm-/m-
Lou & the Hollywood BananasKingston KingstonPolarPOS 1252$18swps/textured slv/wolvg+/vg+
Lou and the Hollywood BananasKingston KingstonPolarPOS 1252$15swps/textured slv/woc/wolvg+/vg++
Lou BennettViens Danser Le Twist (Let's Twist Again)RCA Victor45202$10frayellow/black lblvg
Lou BuschTango AfriqueCapitolF 3432$25dkpurple/silver lblvg++
Lou BuschTango AfriqueCapitolF 3432$15dkpurple/silver lblvg
Lou ChristieBeyond the Blue HorizonThree BrothersTHB 402$6usblue/yellow lblvg++
Lou ChristieI'm Gonna Make You MineBuddah116X$12canwhite/black lblvg+
Lou ChristieI'm Gonna Make You MineBuddah201 057$15norps/shiva lblvg/vg+
Lou ChristieI'm Gonna Make You MineBuddah201 057$10norps/shiva lblvg-/vg
Lou ChristieI'm Gonna Make You MineBuddah201 057$25norps/shiva lblm-/m-
Lou ChristieI'm Gonna Make You MineBuddah201 057$8spashiva lblvg+
Lou ChristieI'm Gonna Make You MineBuddah201 057$4ukblack/silver lblvg-
Lou ChristieOutside the Gates Of HeavenCo and CeC-235$15us vg++
Lou ChristieShake Hands And Walk Away Cryin'Columbia4-44062$15usdemo/white/red lblvg+
Lou ChristieTwo Faces Have IRouletteRL 21171$15holps/white/black/rainbow stripes lblvg/vg+
Lou ChristyCanterbury RoadBuddahBDA 76$15usshiva lbl/dhvg++
Lou ChristyCanterbury RoadBuddahBDA 76$25usdhm-
Lou MontePepino the Italian MouseRepriseR 20106$6usdemo/white/black/blue stripe lbl/wolvg
Lou PerryBring Back Your LoveCordakC 1703$40us vg+
Lou ReedCaroline SaysRCA VictorAPBO 0221$30gerps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Lou ReedCaroline SaysRCA VictorAPBO 0221$25gerps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Lou ReedCharley's GirlRCA VictorPB 10573$25gerpsm-/m-
Lou ReedI Believe In LoveAristaAS 0215$12usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg++
Lou ReedI Love You SuzanneRCA VictorPB 3841$30gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Lou ReedI Love You SuzanneRCA VictorPB 3841$30gerps/black/silver lbl/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
Lou ReedI Love You SuzanneRCA VictorRCA 417$10ukps/black/silver lbl/solid centre/laminated flipback slvm-/m-
Lou ReedMy Love Is ChemicalAtlantic7-89468-7$10gerps/red/black lblvg++/m-
Lou ReedNo Money DownRCA VictorPB 49843$15gerps/silver/black lblvg+/vg++
Lou ReedRomeo Had JulietteSire7-22875$10uspsm-/vg++
Lou ReedSatellite Of LoveRCA VictorRCA 2318$10ukyellow lbl/handwritten release date on lblm-
Lou ReedSeptember SongA&MAM 283$10ukps/silver/black lbl/solid centre/laminated slvm-/m-
Lou ReedWalk On the Wild SideRCA Victor2303$25ukdemo/yellow lblm-
Lou ReedWalk On the Wild SideRCA Victor74-16284$15gerps/yellow lblvg/vg+
Lou ReedWalk On the Wild SideRCA Victor74-16284$25gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
Lou ReedWalk On the Wild SideRCA Victor74-16284$25gerps/yellow lbl/wocvg+/m-
Lou ReedWalk On the Wild SideRCA Victor74-16284$35gerps/yellow lbl/wocm-/m-
Lou Reed & the Velvet UndergroundI'm Waiting For the ManMGM2006 310$25gerps/blue/black lblvg/vg++
Lou SteinGot A MatchMercury71328$12us vg+
Lou SteinGot A MatchMercuryB45-776$8swnoc/wolvg+
Lou SteinGot A MatchMercuryB45-776$6swnoc/wolvg
Loudon Wainwright IIIBicentennialAristaARISTA 53$15ukdemo/white/black/blue logo lblm-
Loudon Wainwright IIIBicentennialAristaAS 0174$8usdemo/black/silver lblvg
Loudon Wainwright IIIDead SkunkCBSCBS 1120$15holps/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
Louie & the LoversCaribbeanAtlantic45-2972$40usdemom-
Louie & the LoversCaribbeanAtlantic45-2972$35us m-
Louie & the LoversEl PasoAtco45-6902$30usdemo/white/black lbl/wolm-
Louie & the LoversI Know You KnowEpic5-10616$40usdemom-
Louie & the LoversLittle Georgie BakerEpic5-10825$35usdemo/wolvg++
Louie & the LoversLittle Georgie BakerEpic5-10825$40usyellow lbl/company slv signed by Louie Ortegavg+/vg+
Louis ArmstrongA Kiss To Build A Dream OnDecca45-BM 31257$18dkps/curved logo/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Louis ArmstrongA Kiss To Build A Dream OnDecca45-BM 31257$18dkps/curved logo/black/silver lbl/sol/wocvg+/vg+
Louis ArmstrongBare NecessitiesBuena VistaDF 466$30dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Louis ArmstrongBlueberry HillDecca9-24752$4usblack/silver lblvg
Louis ArmstrongBlueberry HillDecca/Brunswick45-BM 04372$12dkps/curved logo/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Louis ArmstrongDo You Know What It Means To Miss New OrleansRCA Victor47-1010$40dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongHello DollyKappK 2077$15dkps/maroon/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongHello DollyLondon AmericanHLR 9878$10ukblack/silver top lblvg++
Louis ArmstrongHello DollyMCAMCS 2121$15itapsvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongHello DollyMCAMU 1110$15ukdemo/black/blue/silver lblm-
Louis ArmstrongHere Is My Heart For ChristmasPhilips6073 701$18nor/gerps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongHigh Society CalypsoCapitolF 3506$20dkdemo/white/silver lbl/wolvg++
Louis ArmstrongI Still Get JealousKappK 2080$20dkpsm-/vg++
Louis ArmstrongI Will Wait For YouMCAMU 1029$15ukdemo/light blue lblm-
Louis ArmstrongRain RainRCA Victor47-6630$10usblack/silver Nipper lbl/solvg++
Louis ArmstrongSo Long DearieMercury127 155 MCF$30norps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongSt. James Infirmary BluesOdeon45-0 29313$30dkps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
Louis ArmstrongSt. James Infirmary BluesOdeon45-0 29313$15dkps/red/silver lbl/wol/wocvg-/vg-
Louis ArmstrongSt. Louis BluesParlophone45-PD 1002$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Louis ArmstrongSt. Louis BluesParlophone45-PD 1002$18dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Louis ArmstrongThe Beat GenerationMGM45-MGM 1035$8ukyellow/black lblvg+
Louis ArmstrongThe Beat GenerationMGM45-MGM 6518$15noryellow/black lbl/clear green vinylvg+
Louis ArmstrongThe Mardi Gras MarchDecca45-BM 05772$25dkps/curved logo/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Louis ArmstrongThe Sunshine Of LoveABCSS 2116$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Louis ArmstrongThe Sunshine Of LoveABCSS 2116$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Louis ArmstrongThe Sunshine Of LoveStatesideSS 2116$20ukdemo/green/black/white A lblm-
Louis ArmstrongThis Black Cat Has 9 LivesPhilips6073 702$20norps/blue/silver lblvg/vg
Louis ArmstrongThis Black Cat Has 9 LivesPhilips6073 702$35norps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg+
Louis ArmstrongThis Black Cat Has 9 LivesPhilips6073 702$30norps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful WorldA&M390 295-7$8gerps/silver/black lbl/textured slvm-/m-
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful WorldABCPOP 1615$15dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful WorldABCPOP 1615$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful WorldABCPOP 1615$12swps/black/silvervg++/vg
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful WorldABCPOP 1615$15swps/wocm-/vg++
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful WorldHis Master's VoicePOP 1615$4ukblack/silver lblvg
Louis ArmstrongWhat A Wonderful WorldProbe3C006-93281$15itaps/pink/black lblvg/vg++
Louis ArmstrongWhen You Wish Upon A StarBuena VistaPR 1003$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Louis ArmstrongWhite ChristmasDecca45-BM 05032$30dkps/curved logo/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongWilkommenDeccaAD 1013$18uk/dkps/curved logo/red/silver lblvg/vg++
Louis ArmstrongWilkommenDeccaAD 1013$30uk/dkps/curved logo/red/silver lblm-/vg++
Louis ArmstrongYou Are Woman I Am ManKappK 2136$18dkps/maroon/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis ArmstrongYou Are Woman I Am ManKappK 2136$20dkps/maroon/silver lblm-/m-
Louis Armstrong & Duke EllingtonIt Don't Mean A ThingRouletteRL 21180$35swps/white/black/rainbow stripes lbl/red vinylvg++/m-
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald Dream A Little Dream Of MeDeccaAD 1011$75uk/dkps/red/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis Armstrong & his All StarsMack the KnifeColumbia/Hall Of Fame13-33034$6usred/black lblm-
Louis Armstrong & His All-StarsSt. Louis BluesColumbiaB 1933$6usred/gold lblvg-
Louis Armstrong & His Hot FiveI'm Not RoughColumbiaSCM 5142$8ukmauve/gold lblvg
Louis Armstrong & His Hot FiveI'm Not RoughColumbiaSCM 5142$12ukmauve/gold lblvg+
Louis Armstrong & His Hot FiveKing Of the ZulusColumbiaSCM 5061$15ukmauve/gold lblvg+
Louis Armstrong & His Hot FiveKing Of the ZulusColumbiaSCM 5061$10ukmauve/gold lbl/nocvg+
Louis Armstrong & the All StarsWhen the Saints Go Marchin' inDecca/Brunswick45-BM 31197$15dkps/curved logo/black/silver lblvg+/m-
Louis Armstrong & the All-StarsBasin Street Blues Part 1Brunswick45-05303$15ukblack/silver lblvg+
Louis Armstrong's Hot FiveWest End BluesOdeon45-O 29219$30norps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
Louis ChedidHold-UpCBS4378$25holpsm-/m-
Louis JordanCat Scratchin'Mercury70993$15usreprovg++
Louis JordanHardheadTangerine45-TRC 930$35usdemom-
Louis JordanMorning LightMercuryB45-708$10swblack/silver lblvg-
Louis Jordan You're My MuleTangerine45-TRC 924$40usdemovg++
Louis MarischalMichellePanoramaPAN 1$15belps/white/blue lblvg+/vg++
Louis Miehe RenardFløjtesangenPolyphonXM 61985$15dkpsvg+/vg
Louis Miehe RenardOnkel Louis Og Hans Børn I MånerakettenPrestiRA 1$50dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Louis PhilippeGuess I'm DumbÉlGPO 40$40ukpsm-/m-
Louis PrimaMy Cucuzza (Goo Goot Za)DotD 45-208$15dkps/black/silver lbl/noc/wocvg++/vg+
Louis PrimaMy Cucuzza (Goo Goot Za)DotD 45-208$18dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Louis PrimaOl' Man MoseDot45-16151$8usblack/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lbl/solvg+
Louis PrimaOl' Man MoseDotD 45-240$25dkps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
Louis PrimaOl' Man MoseLondonDL 20 371$10gerblack/gold lblvg
Louis PrimaThat Darn CatBuena VistaF-445$10us vg++
Louis Prima & Gia MaioneWinnie the PoohHis Master's VoiceX 8487$50dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Louis Prima & Gia MaioneWinnie the PoohHis Master's VoiceX 8487$40dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Louis Prima & Keely SmithBei Mir Bist Du SchönDotD 45-189$30dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Louis Prima & Keely SmithThat Old Black MagicCapitol45-CL 14948$6ukpurple/silver lblvg
Louis Prima with Sam Butera & the WitnessesI've Got You Under My SkinPower ExchangePX 111$10ukdemo/tan/black/yellow lblvg++
Louisa Jane WhiteTake the Money And RunPye7N 45568$8ukwolm-
Louisa MarkAll My LovingSafariSF 1109$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg++
Louisa MarkAll My LovingSafari/BasfSF 1109$20uk/dkps/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg/vg++
Louisa MarkAll My LovingSafari/BasfSF 1109$15uk/dkps/black/silver lbl/solid centre/wocvg+/vg-
Louisa MarkCaught You In A LieSafariSF 1105$20ukblack/gold lbl/solid centrem-
Louise CordetI'm Just A BabyDecca45-F 11476$10ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Louise CordetI'm Just A BabyDecca45-F 11476$6ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/nocvg
Louise CordetI'm Just A BabyDecca45-F 11476$25uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg+/vg
Louise CordetI'm Just A BabyDecca45-F 11476$25uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg+/vg
Louise CordetSweet EnoughDecca45-F 11524$12ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Louise GoffinKid BlueAsylumE-46561$10usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg+
Louise GoffinKid BlueAsylumE-46561$8us m-
Louise HoffstenGenom Vatten Genom EldRivalRS 103$10swpsm-/vg++
Louise HoffstenHon Gör Allt För DigRivalRS 110$10swpsm-/vg++
Louise HoffstenHon Gör Allt För DigRivalRS 110$12swpsm-/m-
Louise HoffstenMessage Of LoveRivalRS 117$10swpsvg++/m-
Louvin BrothersCash On the Barrel HeadCapitolF 3523$10usdemo/wolvg-
Louvin BrothersThat's All He's Asking Of MeCapitolF 3467$18usdemo/wolvg++
Louvin BrothersThere Is No Easy WayCapitol5075$6usyellow/orange swirl lblvg
Lova MoorEt Je DanseSonetT 20116$12swps/silver/blue logo lbl/solid centrem-/vg+
Love7 And 7 IsElektraEK 45605$25usyellow/black lbl/dhm-
Love7 And 7 IsElektraEK 45605$12usyellow/black lbl/dhvg
Love7 And 7 IsElektraEK 45605$20usyellow/black lbl/dhvg++
Love7 And 7 IsElektraEK 45605$15usyellow/black lbl/dhvg+
LoveAlone Again OrElektraK 12231$50ukbutterfly lbl/solid centrevg+
Love AffairA Day Without LoveCBS3674$15fraps/orange lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg+
Love AffairBaby I KnowCBS4631$20norps/orange lbl/nocvg/m-
Love AffairBaby I KnowCBS4631$15ukorange lblvg+
Love AffairBringing On Back the Good TimesCBS4300$18ukorange lblm-
Love AffairBringing On Back the Good TimesCBSCBS 4300$25norps/orange lblvg++/vg++
Love AffairBringing On Back the Good TimesCBSCBS 4300$20norps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Love AffairBringing On Back the Good TimesCBSCBS 4300$15norps/orange lbl/nocvg-/vg+
Love AffairEverlasting LoveCBS3125$4uktextured orange lbl/wolvg
Love AffairEverlasting LoveCBS3125$4ukorange lblvg
Love AffairEverlasting LoveCBSCBS 3125$20norps/orange lblvg+/m-
Love AffairEverlasting LoveCBSCBS 3125$25norps/orange lblvg++/m-
Love AffairEverlasting LoveCBSCBS 3125$15norps/orange lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Love AffairEverlasting LoveCBSCBS 3125$10norps/orange lbl/wocvg-/vg-
Love AffairHelp (Get Me Some Help)ParlophoneR 5918$18swblack/silver lblvg+
Love AffairHelp (Get Me Some Help)ParlophoneR 5918$20swblack/silver lblvg++
Love AffairPrivate LivesCreoleCR 146$18ukdemo/brown 2 tone lbl/solid centre/wolvg++
Love AffairRainbow ValleyCBSCBS 3366$25norps/orange lblvg+/vg++
Love AffairShe Smiled SweetlyDeccaF 12558$110ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Love And TearsLove Of YesterdayPolydor2041 344$20gerpsm-/m-
Love And TearsNeedles And PinsPolydor2041 221$6uksample sticker on lbl/wolvg-
Love And TearsNeedles And PinsPolydor2041 221$4uksolid centrevg
Love BirdsHvor Er Alle Mine PigerMusiklandML 6018$25dkps/red/black/white logo lblvg++/m-
Love Children featuring Little JoeEasy SqueezyDeramDM 268$40ukbrown/white lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Love De-LuxeGood MusicWEAK 18392$6ukgreen/red/yellow/black A lbl/solid centrevg++
Love GenerationBeach PartyUnited Artists36143$18gerps/tan/brown logo lblvg++/vg+
Love GenerationHör Wieder RadioUnited Artists35794$30gerps/press release in Danishm-/vg++
Love GenerationIsraelUnited ArtistsUA 35477$10gerps/tan/brown logo lbl/woc/wolvg/vg
Love GenerationJohnny And Louise (She Didn't Forget Her Shoes)United Artists35709$20gerps/tan/brown logo lblvg++/vg++
Love GenerationJohnny And Louise (She Didn't Forget Her Shoes)United Artists35709$15gerps/tan/brown logo lblvg+/vg+
Love GenerationMontage From How Sweet It Is (I Know That You Know)LibertyLIF 66310 F$15fraps/red lbl/wocvg+/vg
Love GenerationSing HallelujahUnited Artists35413$10gerps/tan/brown logo lblvg/vg
Love GenerationSomething To Believe InUnited Artists35343$10gerps/tan/brown logo lblvg/vg
Love GenerationSomething To Believe InUnited Artists35343$15gerps/tan/brown logo lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Love MachineDesperatelyCharmdaleCSS 10000$4ukps/blue lbl/solid centre/tocvg-/g
Love MachinePoor Side Of TownPhilips6078 400$35holpsvg+/m-
Love MachinePoor Side Of TownPhilips6078 400$30holpsvg+/vg++
Love MachineRattlesnakeEMIEMI 2798$6ukbrown/black/red logo lblvg
Love MachineRattlesnakeEMIEMI 2798$15ukbrown/black/red logo lblm-
Love RevolutionHow Long You Been Waitin'RCA VictorXFPBO 073$18phiyellow/white logo lblvg++
Love SculptureSabre DanceParlophoneR 5744$40dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Love SculptureSabre DanceParlophoneR 5744$30itaps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Love SculptureSabre DanceParlophoneR 5744$6ukblack/silver lblvg
Love SculptureSeagullParlophoneR 5807$30uksolid centrevg++
Love SocietyDo You Wanna DanceScepterSCE 12223$8usdhvg+
Love SocietyDo You Wanna DanceScepterSCE 12223$10usdhvg++
Love SocietyDo You Wanna DanceScepterSCE 12223$6usdh/wolvg
Love SocietyDo You Wanna DanceScepterSCE 12223$10usdh/wolvg++
Love SocietyDo You Wanna DanceTee Pee834T-3878$10usred/black lblvg-
Love SocietyLet's Pretend (We're Making Love)TargetT 1006$10usblue/grey lblvg-
LovebirdsSing Sing SingSplashCP 4$10uklight blue/white logo lblvg++
Loved OnesEver Lovin' ManInIN-S 8007$15ausyellow/red lbl/solid centrevg
Lovelace WatkinsLet Them Play A Sad SongYorkSYK 546$35ukps/demo/blue/silver lblm-/m-
Loveland featuring Danny LovelandBlack Is BlackArtists Of AmericaAOA 121$15usblue/white lblvg+
Lovely PrevinFrom A To BSecretINT 113900$10gerps/black/red lblvg++/vg++
Lovely PrevinI'll Never Get Over YouSecretSHH 124$10ukps/yellow/red lbl/laminated flipback slvm-/m-
Lovely PrevinI'll Never Get Over YouSecretSHH 124$6ukps/yellow/red lbl/laminated flipback slvvg+/vg+
LoverboyExtracts from "Get Lucky"CBSPRO 160$30holps/promo onlym-/m-
LoverboyTurn Me LooseColumbia11-11421$4usorange/yellow lblvg+
Lover's LoveYouth Has Gone (Amour De Papier)VogueV 45-1804$50fraps/pink/white promo stamped lblm-/vg++
Lovett SistersLittle Dirty FaceImperialX 8272$15usred/silver lblvg+
Lovin' Spoonful6 O'ClockKama Sutra618 018$25gerps/yellow/red lblm-/m-
Lovin' Spoonful6 O'ClockKama Sutra618 018$20gerps/yellow/red lblm-/vg++
Lovin' SpoonfulDarling Be Home SoonKama Sutra618 015$20norps/yellow/red lblvg+/m-
Lovin' SpoonfulDarling Be Home SoonKama Sutra618 015$15norps/yellow/red lbl/noc/socvg+/m-
Lovin' SpoonfulDarling Be Home SoonKama SutraKA 220$20usps/dh/woc/socm-/vg++
Lovin' SpoonfulDaydreamKama Sutra618 003$15gerps/yellow/red lblvg+/vg
Lovin' SpoonfulDaydreamKama SutraKA 208$8usyellow/red lblvg+
Lovin' SpoonfulDaydreamPye International7N 25361$6ukred/black top lbl/solid centrevg+
Lovin' SpoonfulDid You Ever Have To Make Up Your MindKama Sutra618 004$15gerps/yellow/red lblvg+/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulDid You Ever Have To Make Up Your MindKama Sutra618 004$20gerps/yellow/red lblm-/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulDid You Ever Have To Make Up Your MindKama SutraDK 1006$30jappsvg++/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulDid You Ever Have To Make Up Your Mind Kama Sutra618 005$15swps/yellow/red/green shiva lbl/wocvg/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulMoneyKama Sutra618 022$30norpsm-/m-
Lovin' SpoonfulNashville CatsKama Sutra618 013$10gerps/noc/wolvg/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulNashville CatsKama SutraKA 219$15uspsvg/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulNever Going BackKama Sutra618 025$20gerps/socm-/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulRain On the RoofKama Sutra618 010$10gerps/soc/nocvg+/vg
Lovin' SpoonfulRain On the RoofKama Sutra618 010$8geryellow/red lblvg++
Lovin' SpoonfulRain On the RoofKama SutraKA 216$15uspsvg/vg+
Lovin' SpoonfulShe Is Still A MysteryKama Sutra618 020$25gerps/yellow/red lblm-/vg++
Lovin' SpoonfulShe Is Still A MysteryKama SutraKA 239$15usdemo/yellow/red rim lblm-
Lovin' SpoonfulShe Is Still A MysteryKama SutraKA 239$8usyellow/red lblvg++
Lovin' SpoonfulSummer In the CityKama Sutra618 007$12gerps/toc/soc/wocvg+/vg
Lovin' SpoonfulSummer In the CityKama SutraKA 211$12usdemovg+
Lovin' SpoonfulYou Didn't Have To Be So NiceKama SutraKA 205X$4canred/yellow lblvg
LovindeerWild GilbertTSOJ $30jampink/white/black lblvg+
LovindeerWild GilbertTSOJ $18jampink/white/black lblvg-
Loving InfluenceLet Me Make You A WomanPenny FarthingPEN 907$10ukred/black lblvg++
Low NumbersShok TreetmentsBig 7 InchBSS 001$25usps/blue lblm-/m-
Lowell GeorgeWhat Do You Want the Girl To DoWarner BrosWBS 8847$15usdemom-
Lowest NotePiggy BankWoofWOOF 008$30ukpsm-/m-
Loy ClingmanThe Proper Mrs. BrownCapitol2209$20usyellow/orange swirl lbl/dhm-
LucasHymn To the SunPolarPOS 1046$45swpsvg++/m-
LucasHymn To the SunPolarPOS 1046$35swps/wocvg++/vg+
LucasNight Of ConstructionPolarPOS 1052$20swpsvg/vg
LucasParchment FarmPolarPOS 1036$20swps/woc/wolvg/vg+
LuciaElMovie Play23195/6$20spapsvg++/m-
Lucia CavallariCuore (Heart)Net466$15itared/silver lblvg++
LucianoPeace My BrethenBlacker DreadBD 2002/40$20uk vg+
Luciano Time To UniteVikings $20jam m-
Luciano & CapletonNever Want the Youth Dem DieBlack Scorpio $15jam m-
Lucid BeausongeLettre A Un ReveurRCA VictorPB 8658$18frapsm-/vg++
Lucienne & Lars Stryg BandSchool Is OverChorus821104$25holps/textured slvvg++/vg++
Lucille StarrSit Down And Write A Letter To MeLondonHL 9900$20uk/dkpsvg/vg+
Lucinda WilliamsI Just Wanted To See You So BadRough TradeRT 224$20ukps/solid centre/laminated flipback slvm-/m-
Lucio BattistiIl Mio Canto LiberoVogue45-NUV 4227$15fraps/white/blue/orange/green lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
Lucky LookLast CallMusic CityMCR-LL-4-27-78-45$12uswhite/black lblvg++
Lucky StarrI've Been EverywhereParlophone45-R 4963$20ukred/silver lblvg++
Lucy SimonSally Go Round the SunRCA VictorPB 10582$18porps/yellow lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Lüde & die AstrosHarley-DavidsonWeltallLC 8507$15gerps/gold/black lblm-/vg++
Ludwig & the KlassicsMumphImperial66163$20usdemo/beige/green lbl/wolvg++
Luigi TencoMi Sono Innamorato Di TeRicordiSRL 10-290$15itaps/black/orange lbl/wocvg/vg+
Luis AguileCuando Sali DeSono PlaySN 20052$10spaps/red/silver lbl/textured slvvg-/vg-
Luis KalaffPa' Despues Venir LlorandoSeeco45-8816$10usblack/silver lblvg+
Luiz BonfaCantiga da VidaFontana261 362 TF$25hol/dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Luiz BonfaCantiga da VidaFontana261 362 TF$30hol/dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Luiz GeraldoOutro Ocupa Meu LugarOdeon31C-006420006$20bragrey/black lbl/solid centrevg++
Luiz GonzagaBoiadeiro ToadaRCA Victor83-0003$25brablack/silver lbl/solvg-
Luke JacksonCome TomorrowPopsicleUM 123-7$10 ps/gfld/1x45/1xDVDm-/m-
LullReluctant StereotypesOval1013$10ukpsm-/m-
LuluBoom Bang-A-BangColumbiaDB 8550$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
LuluBoom Bang-A-BangColumbiaDB 8550$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
LuluBoom Bang-A-BangColumbiaDB 8550$35swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
LuluBoom Bang-A-BangColumbiaDB 8550$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
LuluBoyColumbiaDB 8425$30swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
LuluBoy Meets GirlChelsea2005 031$10ukpurple lblm-
LuluEven If I Could ChangeAtlanticK 10185$10ukred/green/white stripe lbl/solid centrevg++
LuluI Could Never Miss You (More Than I Do)AlfaALF 1700$6holps/multicolor lbl/woc/wolvg-/vg+
LuluI'm A TigerColumbiaDB 8500$20dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
LuluI'm A TigerColumbiaDB 8500$30dkps/white lblm-/m-
LuluI'm A TigerColumbiaDB 8500$12ukblack/silver lblvg++
LuluI'm A TigerColumbiaDB 8500$10ukblack/silver lblvg+
LuluI'm A TigerColumbiaDNZ 10601$4nzblack/blue lbl/solid centre/wol/solvg-
LuluLeave A Little LoveDeccaF 12169$30ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
LuluLeave A Little LoveDeccaF 12169$40ukblue/silver curved logo lblm-
LuluLeave A Little LoveDeccaF 12169$25ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/solvg+
LuluLeave A Little LoveDeccaF 12169$40uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg++/vg
LuluLet's PretendColumbiaC 23561$25gerps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
LuluLet's PretendColumbiaC 23561$15gerps/blue/white lbl/wolvg/vg+
LuluLove Loves To Love LoveColumbiaDD 803$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
LuluLove Loves To Love LoveColumbiaDD 803$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
LuluLove Loves To Love LoveColumbiaDD 803$18dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
LuluLove Loves To Love LoveColumbiaDD 803$12dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg-
LuluMe The Peaceful HeartColumbiaDB 8358$15dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg++
LuluMe The Peaceful HeartColumbiaDB 8358$20dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
LuluMe The Peaceful HeartColumbiaDB 8358$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
LuluMe The Peaceful HeartColumbiaDB 8358$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
LuluMe The Peaceful HeartColumbiaDB 8358$18swps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
LuluMorning DewColumbiaDS 2409$25swps/wocvg+/vg+
LuluMorning DewEpic5-10367$2usyellow/black oval logo lblg
LuluOh Me Oh My (I'm A Fool For You Baby)AtlanticATL 70 405$25gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
LuluShoutDeccaSHOUT 1$18ukps/silver lblm-/vg++
LuluTake Your Mama For A RideChelsea2005 022$18gerps/purple/black lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
LuluTake Your Mama For A RideChelsea2005 022$20gerps/purple/black lbl/textured slvm-/m-
LuluThe Boat That I RowColumbiaDB 8169$18dkps/black/silver lbl/noc/wol/wocvg+/vg
LuluThe Boat That I RowColumbiaDB 8169$20dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
LuluThe Man Who Sold the WorldPolydor2001 490$15gerpsvg+/vg+
LuluThe Man Who Sold the WorldPolydor2001 490$12gerpsvg+/vg
LuluThe Man Who Sold the WorldPolydor2001 490$25gerpsm-/m-
LuluThe Man Who Sold the WorldPolydor2001 490$10gerps/socvg+/vg
LuluThe Man With the Golden GunChelsea2005 015$30gerps/purple lblm-/m-
LuluTo Sir With LoveColumbiaSCMQ 7077$30itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
LuluTo Sir With LoveEpic5-10187$6usyellow/black oval logo lblvg+
LuluTry To UnderstandDeccaF 12214$20ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
LuluYour Love Is EverywhereGTO2099 216$20gerps/silver/black lblm-/m-
Lulu & the LuversShoutDeccaF 11884$8ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg
Lulu & the LuversShoutDeccaF 11884$10ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/noc/wolvg++
LumbeeStreets Of GoldBondB 104$12usyellow/red lblvg++
Luna TwistAfrican TimeStatikSTAT 14$10ukpsm-/m-
LurkersAin't Got A ClueBeggars BanquetBEG 6$20ukps/incl. gold flexim-/m-
LurkersFreak ShowBeggars BanquetBEG 2$20ukpsm-/m-
LurkersI Don't Need To Tell HerBeggars BanquetBEG 9$12ukpsm-/m-
LurkersNew Guitar In TownBeggars BanquetBEG 28$12ukpsm-/m-
LurkersOut In the DarkBeggars BanquetBEG 19$12ukpsm-/m-
LurkersShadowBeggars BanquetBEG 1$20ukps/free admission singlem-/vg++
Luther GrosvenorHere Comes the QueenIslandWIP 6109$8ukpink rim lbl/solvg
Luther GrosvenorHere Comes the QueenIslandWIP 6109$18ukpink rim lbl/solid centrevg++
LuxWhen I'm GoneGazetteZS7 8002$10usdemovg
Lyda ZamoraRio MagdalenaTelefunken612 427$10gerps/red/white logo lblvg++/vg++
Lyda ZamoraRio MagdalenaTelefunken612 427$6gerps/red/white logo lbl/dhvg+/vg+
Ly-DellsWizard Of LoveMaster251$15usmaroon/silver lbl/2nd pressing/wolvg++
Lykke LiI'm Good I'm GoneLLLLR 002$18eups/white lbl/solid centre/laminated slvm-/vg++
Lyle LovettCowboy ManMCA/Curb52951$6us vg++
Lyme & CybelleFollow MeWhite WhaleWW 228$30usblue/black lbl/wolvg+
Lyn CornellNever On SundayDecca45-F 11277$12ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Lyn CornellSurely In LoveDecca45-F 11374$25uk/dkps/curved logo/artist name misspelled on slvvg/vg+
Lyn PaulIf Everybody Loved the Same As YouPye7N 45678$15ukps/demo/solid centrevg/vg+
Lyn RomanJust A Little Lovin' (Early In the Mornin')Dot17148$15ussquare light blue Evatone flexivg+
Lyn RomanJust A Little Lovin' (Early In the Mornin')Dot45-17148$10us m-
Lyn Van HeckeAin't Been Missin' YouFull MoonFMS 2108$15auspsm-/m-
Lynda K. LanceMy GuyRoyal AmericanRA-24$8us vg++
Lynda VirtuLay Back In Your Lovers ArmsMercury6079 577$15holps/blue/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++/m-
Lynn AndersonHow Can I Unlove YouCBSCBS 7410$15holps/orange lblvg+/vg++
Lynn AndersonListen To A Country SongCBS8181$20holps/orange lblm-/m-
Lynn AndersonPromises PromisesM and MFFMS 10008$20ukdemo/purple/silver lblm-
Lynn AndersonRose GardenCBS5360$12holps/orange lblvg/vg+
Lynn AndersonRose GardenCBS5360$15holps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Lynn AndersonRose GardenCBS5360$8ukorange lblvg++
Lynn AndersonUnder the BoardwalkMercury870 528-7$20holps/black lblm-/m-
Lynn AndersonYou're My ManCBSCBS 7198$15holps/orange lblvg/vg++
Lynne & the RebelsHe's ThereRoto NotoRN 1049$10canlight blue/black lblvg+
Lynsey De PaulGetting A DragMAMMAM 88$20gerpsm-/m-
Lynsey De PaulGetting A DragMAMMAM 88$10ukblack/silver lblm-
Lynsey De PaulGetting A DragMAMMAM 88$20uk/dkpsm-/m-
Lynsey De PaulNo HonestlyPolydor2001 580$10gerpsvg+/vg+
Lynsey De PaulOoh I DoWarner BrosK 16401$12uksolid centrem-
Lynsey De PaulRhythm And Blue Jean BabyPolydor2001 590$15gerpsvg++/m-
Lynsey De PaulSugar MeMAMMAM 81$18uk/dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/m-
Lynsey De PaulWon't Somebody Dance With MeMAMMAM 109$12ukdemo/red/silver lbl/nocm-
Lynsey De PaulYou Give Me Those FeelingsPolydor2058 915$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Lynsey De Paul & Mike MoranRock BottomPolydor2058 859$10norps/woc/soc/wolvg+/vg++
Lynyrd SkynyrdDouble TroubleMCAMCA 40532$8usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Lynyrd SkynyrdFree BirdMCAMCA 40665$6usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
Lynyrd SkynyrdFree BirdMCAMCA 40665$8usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
Lynyrd SkynyrdGimme Back My BulletsMCAMCA 40565$8usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
Lynyrd SkynyrdSweet Home AlabamaMCA611 525$150gerpsm-/m-
Lynyrd SkynyrdWhat's Your NameMCAMCA 40819$8usblack/silver/rainbow lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++
LyresHow Do You KnowNew RoseNEW 97$25fraps/#1812m-/m-
LyresI Want To Help You AnnAce of HeartsAHS 105$30uspsvg++/vg++
LyresTouchNew RoseNEW 116$30fraps/pink vinylm-/m-
Lys AssiaDer Sommer Ging Vorüber (Dansevise)TelefunkenU 55705$30gerps/red/gold lblvg++/vg+
Lys AssiaDer Sommer Ging Vorüber (Dansevise)TelefunkenU 55705$20gerps/red/gold lblvg+/vg
Lys AssiaMamatschiTelefunkenU 55190$15gerps/red/silver lblvg++/vg++
Lys AssiaMein Teddy (Little Blue Man)Decca45-F 18781$35dkps/curved logo/blue/silver lblvg++/vg+
Lys AssiaO Mein PapaTelefunkenU 55973$15gerps/red/gold lblvg+/vg++
Lyttelton Paseo BandMuskat RambleParlophoneMSP 6023$15ukmauve/gold lblvg++


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