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45's Sales Catalogue A

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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
999EmergencyUnited ArtistsUP 36399$10ukps/black/silver/pink logo lblvg++/vg++
999EmergencyUnited ArtistsUP 36399$15ukps/black/silver/pink logo lblm-/m-
999EmergencyUnited ArtistsUP 36399$30ukps/demom-/m-
999Found Out Too LateRadarADA 46$8ukpsvg++/m-
999Found Out Too LateRadarADA 46$10ukpsm-/m-
999HomicideUnited ArtistsUP 36467$15ukps/black/silver/pink logo lblm-/m-
999HomicideUnited ArtistsUP 36467$12ukps/black/silver/pink logo lblm-/vg++
999HomicideUnited ArtistsUP 36467$20ukps/green vinylm-/m-
999Me And My DesireUnited ArtistsUP 36376$15ukpsm-/m-
999Nasty NastyUnited ArtistsUP 36299$15ukpsm-/m-
999Nasty NastyUnited ArtistsUP 36299$40ukps/green vinylm-/m-
(Shy) Clyde OwensPitching Wishing PenniesGreat1040$30usgreen/black lblvg++
10 CCArt For Arts SakeMercury6008 017$15gerps/blue lblm-/vg++
10 CCArt For Arts SakeMercury6008 017$18gerps/blue lblm-/m-
10 CCDonnaUKUK 6$10ukturquoise/silver lblm-
10 CCDonnaUKUK 6$20uk/dkps/turquoise/silver lblvg++/vg++
10 CCDonnaUKUK 6$25uk/dkps/turquoise/silver lblm-/m-
10 CCDon't Turn Me AwayMercury6059 479$15holps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
10 CCGood Morning JudgeMercury6008 025$12norps/skyscraper lblvg++/vg+
10 CCI'm Mandy Fly MeMercury6008 019$25norpsm-/m-
10 CCI'm Mandy Fly MeMercury6008 019$15norps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/m-
10 CCI'm Mandy Fly MeMercury6008 019$15norps/skyscraper lblvg+/vg++
10 CCI'm Mandy Fly MeMercury6008 019$25nor/dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
10 CCI'm Not In LoveMercury6008 013$20fraps/blue/black lblm-/m-
10 CCI'm Not In LoveMercury6008 013$15fraps/blue/black lblvg+/m-
10 CCI'm Not In LoveMercury6008 014$12gerps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
10 CCI'm Not In LoveMercury6008 014$18gerps/blue/black lblm-/vg++
10 CCJohnny Don't Do ItUKUK 22$10uk m-
10 CCLazy WaysMercury6008 020$18fraps/blue/black lblm-/m-
10 CCLazy WaysMercury6008 020$15fraps/blue/black lblm-/vg++
10 CCLazy WaysMercury6008 020$12fraps/blue/black lbl/wocvg/m-
10 CCMemoriesMercury6059 502$15holps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
10 CCRubber BulletsUKUK 36$18ukdemo/turquoise/silver lblvg++
10 CCRubber BulletsUKUK 36$10ukturquoise/silver lblm-
10 CCRubber BulletsUKUK 36$18uk/dkps/turquoise/silver lbl/woc/nocvg++/m-
10 CCRubber BulletsUKUK 36$18uk/swps/turquoise/black lblm-/vg++
10 CCSilly LoveUK611 531$10gerps/turquoise/black lblvg+/vg++
10 CCThe Dean And IUKUK 48$6ukturquoise/silver lblvg+
10 CCThe Dean And IUKUK 48$10ukturquoise/silver lblm-
10 CCThe Dean And IUKUK 48$25uk/dkps/turquoise/silver lblvg/m-
10 CCThe Dean And IUKUK 48$25uk/dkps/turquoise/silver lbl/nocvg++/vg++
10 CCThe Things We Do For LoveMercury6008 022$15norpsm-/m-
10 CCThe Wall Street ShuffleUKDL 25640$10gerps/turquoise/black lblvg+/m-
10 CCThe Wall Street ShuffleUKDL 25640$15gerps/turquoise/black lblm-/m-
10 CCThe Wall Street ShuffleUKUK 69$10uk m-
10 CCThe Worst Band In the WorldUKDL 25626$12gerps/rss/wocvg++/m-
10 CCThe Worst Band In the WorldUKDL 25626$12gerps/turquoise/black lblvg+/vg++
10 CCWaterfallUKUK 36$25uk/dkps/turquoise/black lbl/noc/wolvg++/vg++
101'ersKeys To Your HeartChiswickNS 3$40uksolid centrem-
101'ersSweet RevengeBig BeatNS 63$20ukpsm-/m-
101'ersSweet RevengeBig BeatNS 63$15ukpsvg+/m-
14th JulyMe And My GunGreasy PopGPR 110$25auspsvg++/vg++
15-60-75Here In the LifeHearthanHR 108$20us vg+
1910 Fruitgum Co.Go AwayBuddah2011 031$25nor/dkps/shiva lblm-/m-
1910 Fruitgum Co.Indian GiverBuddah2010 037$15nor/gerps/shiva lbl/nocvg+/vg++
1910 Fruitgum Co.May I Take A Giant Step (Into Your Heart)BuddahBDA 39$6usshiva lbl/dhvg+
1910 Fruitgum Co.May I Take A Giant Step (Into Your Heart)Pye International7N 25458$6ukblue/black top lbl/nocvg+
1910 Fruitgum Co.Simon SaysBuddah201 007$12gerps/shiva lblvg/vg++
1910 Fruitgum Co.Simon SaysBuddah201 007$10gerps/shiva lblvg/vg+
1910 Fruitgum Co.Simon SaysBuddah201 007$10gerps/shiva lbl/wocvg+/vg+
1910 Fruitgum Co.Simon SaysBuddah201 007$18norps/shiva lblvg+/m-
1910 Fruitgum Co.Special DeliveryBuddahBDA 114$6usshiva lbl/dhvg+
2 + 1UnbelievableRita Marley Music $15jamred/yellow/green lblvg+
2 of ClubsWalk TallFraternityF 975$18uswolvg+
2 TimersNow That I've Lost My BabyVirginVS 216$15ukpsvg++/vg++
2 x SørenJeg Vil Ringe På Døren (I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door)Philips355 239 PF$35dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
20 MilesRagged Backyard ClassicsIn the RedITR 040$30usps/3x45/insertm-/m-
20/20CheriPortraitPRT 8035$20holpsm-/m-
202 MachineGet Up (Rock Your Body)PolarPOS 1259$10sw vg++
20th Century Steel BandWe've Got To Work To Stay TogetherUnited Artists36065$20gerps/tan/brown logo lblm-/vg++
22nd StreetSunny Sleeps LatePolydor2058 212$12ukwolvg++
22-PistepirkoFrankensteinSpiritSPIRITS 001$10finblue/silver lblm-
22-PistepirkoFrankensteinSpiritSPIRITS 001$30finps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
27#11Oh How To Do NowBrainwashedBRAIN 011$6swps/orange vinyl/limited editionm-/m-
3 & ½ med Bent WertherVæk Mig Om Hundred' År (Wake Me One Hundred Years From Now)LifeNP 1525$8dkwhite/black/green lblvg++
3 DanesDeliah's GoneRhapsodyRR 653$45dkps/red/black lblvg+/vg++
3 JacksAlle Og Enhver Ka' Bli' Forelsket (Everybody Loves Somebody)OdeonDK 1625$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
3 JacksAlle Og Enhver Ka' Bli' Forelsket (Everybody Loves Somebody)OdeonDK 1625$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
3 JacksAlle Og Enhver Ka' Bli' Forelsket (Everybody Loves Somebody)OdeonDK 1625$14dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg+
3 JacksAlle Og Enhver Ka' Bli' Forelsket (Everybody Loves Somebody)OdeonDK 1625$14dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg+
3 JacksLoddy LoOdeonDK 1618$12dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
3 JacksLoddy LoOdeonDK 1618$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
3 x Neumann Ulla, Mikael & Ulrik NeumannMin Egen Stad (Maybe It's Beacause I'm A Londoner)ColumbiaDS 2378$20swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
3 x Neumann Ulla, Mikael & Ulrik NeumannRockefeller (Cinderella Rockefeller)ColumbiaDD 807$18dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
3-DTelephone NumberPolydorPD 2069$10us m-
3rd Avenue Blues BandI Never Promised You A Rose GardenUni6073 010$12norps/yellow/green/orange swirl lblvg/vg-
4 Every 1And The Beat Goes OnItchy MusicIMS 002$12swps/white/black lbl/laminated slvm-/vg++
4 FranckersJeg Vil Bygge Bjerget (Gonna Build A Mountain)TriolaTD 233$18dkpsvg++/m-
4 of UsI Just Can't Get EnoughCBS653 055-7$5holpsm-/m-
4 PenniesWhen the Boy's HappyEnsignENY 23$12ukpink lblm-
4 PenniesWhen the Boy's HappyEnsignENY 23$10ukpink lblvg++
4 TeensThe Boy In the First Seat (In the Fifth Row)3 H'sHHH 225$25uspink/black lblvg+
45'sCouldn't Believe A WordStiffBUY 52$12ukyellow lbl/solid centrem-
49ersDie WalküreBeat BoxBB 7181$5swpsm-/m-
49th ParallelBlue Bonnie BlueVentureVE 612$30usdemo/white/black lbl/Metric Music sticker on lblm-
5 DeMarco SistersDreamboatDecca9-29470$12usblack/silver lblvg+'sEdie Is A Sweet CandyRockvilleROCK 6097-7$25usps/clear orange vinylm-/m-
53rd & 3rd featuring the Sound Of ShagChick-A-BoomUK2012 002$15gerps/silver lblm-/m-
5th Dimension(Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At AllBell45195$8ussilver/black lblvg++
5th DimensionAnother Day Another HeartacheLiberty68907$15turblack/silver/rainbow lblm-
5th DimensionAnother Day Another HeartacheSoul City755$40usps/demom-/m-
5th DimensionAshes To AshesBell45380$10ussilver/black lblm-
5th DimensionBlowing AwayLibertyLBF 15308$6ukblue 2 tone lblvg+
5th DimensionCarpet ManSoul City762$4usblack/silver/yellow lbl/wolvg
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLiberty15193$12gerps/black/rainbow lblvg/vg+
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLibertyFC 55047$8brablack/silver/rainbow lbl/solid centrevg
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLibertyLBF 15193$15ukblue 2 tone lblm-
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLibertyLBF 15193$12ukblue 2 tone lblvg++
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLibertyLIB 9042$18itaps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg+/vg++
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLibertySCR 772$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLibertySCR 772$10dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaLibertySCR 772$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaSoul CitySCR 772$4usblack/silver/brown/yellow lblvg
5th DimensionDon'tcha Hear Me Callin' To YaSoul CitySCR 772$15usps/black/silver/brown/yellow lblvg++/vg+
5th DimensionFeelin' AlrightBell940$8ussilver/black lbl/dhm-
5th DimensionFeelin' AlrightBellBLL 1137$10dkblack/silver lblvg++
5th DimensionFeelin' AlrightBellBLL 1137$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
5th DimensionFeelin' AlrightBellBLL 1137$15dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
5th DimensionFeelin' AlrightBellBLL 1137$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wolvg++/vg++
5th DimensionFlashbackBell45425$20usdemo/white/red lbl/wolvg+
5th DimensionLight SingsBellBLL 1161$12dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg
5th DimensionLight SingsBellBLL 1161$15dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
5th DimensionLove's Lines Angles And RhymesBell965$6ussilver/black lblvg+
5th DimensionLove's Lines Angles And RhymesStateside1J006-92388$20spaps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg+
5th DimensionOn the Beach (In the Summertime)Bell913$6ussilver/black lbl/dhvg++
5th DimensionOn the Beach (In the Summertime)Bell913$8ussilver/black lbl/dhm-
5th DimensionPaper CupLiberty15037$25gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblm-/vg++
5th DimensionPoor Side Of TownLiberty15037$40gerpsm-/m-
5th DimensionPoor Side Of TownLiberty15037$25gerpsvg+/vg+
5th DimensionPuppet ManBell880$6ussilver/black lbl/dhvg+
5th DimensionPuppet ManBell880$10ussilver/black lbl/dhm-
5th DimensionPuppet ManBellBLL 1108$6ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg+
5th DimensionStoned Soul PicnicSoul City766$6usblack/silver/yellow lblvg+
5th DimensionSunshine Of Your LoveLiberty15243$12gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg/vg
5th DimensionSunshine Of Your LoveLiberty15243$15gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg+/vg+
5th DimensionSunshine Of Your LoveLibertyLIB 9059$18itaps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg++/vg++
5th DimensionSweet BlindnessLiberty15143$18gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg++/vg++
5th DimensionSweet BlindnessLiberty15143$20gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblm-/m-
5th DimensionThe DeclarationBell860$8ussilver/black lblm-
5th DimensionThe DeclarationBellBLL 1098$20swps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
5th DimensionTogether Let's Find LoveBell2008 020$6gersilver/black lblvg+
5th DimensionUp Up And AwayBell25002$4usgold/black lblvg-
5th DimensionUp Up And AwayLibertyL 23528$20gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
5th DimensionUp Up And AwayLibertyLIB 756$10swps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
5th DimensionUp Up And AwaySoul City756$8usblack/silver/yellow lblvg++
5th DimensionWedding Bell BluesLibertySCR 779$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
5th DimensionWedding Bell BluesLibertySCR 779$15dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg++/vg++
5th DimensionYou Are the Reason (I Feel Like Dancing)Motown1C006-60573$12gerpsm-/vg+
68 ComebackChantilly RockSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 215$15uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackFlip Flop & FlyGet HipGH 168$12uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackHigh School ConfidentialPCP EntertainmentPCP 014$15uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackIt Gets A Little RedIn the RedITR 016$30uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackPeepin' & Hidin'Casting CouchCCR 010$10uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackSixteen Tons1+2SL 1043$15japps/clear gold vinylm-/m-
68 ComebackSomeday My Prince Will ComeSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 390$15usps/2x45/gfldm-/m-
68 ComebackThe Annex Sessions Volume OneSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 450$12uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackThe Annex Sessions Volume TwoSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 451$12uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackThe RubBag Of Hammers36975$10uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackTobacco Road Part 1Sympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 292$20uspsm-/m-
68 ComebackYou Could Call Me JobSub PopSP 216$15uspsm-/vg++
8 Eyed SpyDiddy Wah DiddyFetishFE 19$30ukpsm-/m-
9 Below ZeroThree Times EnoughA&MAMS 9123$6holpsvg+/m-
99th Floor(Take Me To) WonderlandExercises In StyleEIS S 003$15swpsm-/vg+
A Beautiful FriendAgeingUniversal251731775-8$8eecps/#225 of 460m-/m-
A Certain RatioAll Night PartyFactoryFAC 5$35ukpsm-/vg++
A Certain RatioI Need Someone ToniteFactoryFAC 72$25ukplain white lbl/artist name stamped on plain white slv/solid centrem-/m-
A Certain RatioShack UpFactory BeneluxFAC BN1-004$20belpsvg++/vg++
A Flock of SeagullsNightmaresJiveJIVE 33$5swpsm-/m-
A Foot In Coldwater(Isn't Love Unkind) In My LifeIslandWIP 6162$12ukpink rim lblvg++
A Foot In Coldwater(Make Me Do) Anything You Want)ElektraE-45224$10usbutterfly lblm-
A La CarteDo Wah Diddy DiddyHansa International101 677$6gerpsvg+/vg+
A New British GenerationSmokey Blue's AwaySonetT 7742$40swps/red/orange lbl/blue rim slvvg/m-
A RaincoatI Love You For Your Mind (Not Your Body)EMIEMI 2289$30ukbrown/black/red logo lblm-
A Small WorldThe Life You LeadMira250$50usdemo/white/black lblvg++
A. MoreJudyQuangoHMGS 10$10ukpsm-/m-
A. ToshSame Dog Bite You A MorningObservers $8jamwhite/blue lblvg-
A.H.G. YarhamSindy TwistStudiotechnik A. Gysin4598 AG$50swipromo only/1 sided/red/silver lblvg
A.V. LevyBig Bad JohnPhilips60006 590$8ukblue/black lbl/solid centrevg+
A-AThe City KingCassandra1$25dkps/rss/lyric sheet/solid centrem-/m-
Aage Thatis & His SidemenNight Fall In TokyoZenithZS 29668$35dkps/yellow/black lblvg+/vg++
Aage Wilstrup & the Black DevilsTrue Fine MamaColumbia45-DD 748$10dkgreen/silver lblvg-
Aage Wilstrup & the Black DevilsTrue Fine MamaColumbia45-DD 748$8dkgreen/silver lbl/nocvg-
Aasmund NordrumMr. WonderfulTriolaTN 45-119$15norpink/white lblvg
AbacusFly With UsZebra2047 006$90gerps/black/silver/white lbl/demo stamped sleeve/labelvg++/vg++
AbbaBang-A-BoomerangVogue45X 12161$25frapsvg++/m-
AbbaChiquititaPolarPOS 1244$12swps/textured slvvg+/vg++
AbbaChiquititaPolarPOS 1244$15swps/textured slvm-/vg+
AbbaChiquititaPolarPOS 1244$18swps/textured slvvg++/m-
AbbaChiquititaPolarPOS 1244$12swps/textured slv/wolvg++/vg++
AbbaDancing QueenMelba45X 140 132$20fraps/white/purple/pink lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
AbbaDancing QueenPolarPOS 1225$10dkpsvg/vg
AbbaDancing QueenPolarPOS 1225$30dkpsvg++/vg++
AbbaDancing QueenPolarPOS 1225$12dkpsvg/vg+
AbbaDancing QueenPolarPOS 1225$10swpsvg/vg
AbbaDancing QueenPolarPOS 1225$12swpsvg/vg+
AbbaDancing QueenPolarPOS 1225$18swpsvg++/vg+
AbbaDoes Your Mother KnowEpic7316$8uk vg++
AbbaFernandoCarnabyMO 1582$15spaps/blue/yellow lbl/textured slvvg/m-
AbbaFernandoPolarPOS 1224$10swps/textured slvvg++/vg+
AbbaFernandoPolarPOS 1224$6swps/textured slv/nocvg/vg
AbbaFernandoPolarPOS 1224$6swps/textured/noc/wol/wocvg+/vg+
AbbaFernandoPolydor2001 639$18gerpsvg++/m-
AbbaGimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)PolarPOS 1256$15swpsvg+/vg++
AbbaGimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)PolarPOS 1256$25swpsm-/m-
AbbaGimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)PolarPOS 1256$40swps/press release in Danishvg+/vg+
AbbaGimme Gimme Gimme (A Man After Midnight)PolarPOS 1256$12swps/wol/wocvg++/vg++
AbbaHasta MananaPhilipsSFL-1867$30japblue/silver lblvg+
AbbaKnowing Me Knowing YouEpicEPC 4955$10ukorange lblm-
AbbaKnowing Me Knowing YouEpicEPC 4955$6ukorange lbl/solid centrevg+
AbbaKnowing Me Knowing YouMelba45X 140 188$25frapsvg++/m-
AbbaLive 77Polar/Jultidningsförlaget $50swps/5 track gold flexim-/m-
AbbaLive 77Polar/Jultidningsförlaget $40swps/5 track gold flexivg++/vg++
AbbaMoney Money MoneyEpic4713$30ukdemo/orange lblm-
AbbaMoney Money MoneyPolarPOS 1227$18swps/textured slvvg++/vg+
AbbaMoney Money MoneyPolarPOS 1227$25swps/textured slvm-/m-
AbbaMoney Money MoneyPolydor2001 696$15gerpsvg++/vg++
AbbaMoney Money MoneyPolydor2001 696$12gerpsvg+/vg++
AbbaOne Of UsEpic1740$10ukpsvg++/vg++
AbbaOne Of UsPolarPOS 1291$15swps/solid centrem-/m-
AbbaOne Of UsRTB1220187$18yugps/blue/black lblvg+/vg++
AbbaRock MePolarPOS 1207$75dkpsvg++/vg++
AbbaRock MePolarPOS 1207$60dkps/noc/wol/wocvg++/vg++
AbbaSo LongPolarPOS 1195$50dkps/noc/wol/wocvg++/vg+
AbbaSo LongPolarPOS 1195$10sw vg++
AbbaSOSPolarPOS 1213$30dkps/white letteringm-/m-
AbbaSOSPolarPOS 1213$12dkps/white lettering/nocvg/vg
AbbaSOSPolarPOS 1213$15dkps/yellow letteringvg/vg
AbbaSOSPolarPOS 1213$30dkps/yellow letteringm-/m-
AbbaSummer Night CityEpicS EPC 6595$10ukorange lbl/solid centrevg++
AbbaSummer Night CityPolarPOS 1239$20swpsm-/m-
AbbaSummer Night CityPolarPOS 1239$18swpsvg++/vg++
AbbaSummer Night CityPolarPOS 1239$10swps/solid centre/wol/wocvg/vg++
AbbaSuper TrouperPolarPOS 1274$18swpsm-/vg++
AbbaTake A Chance On MeAtlantic3457$15uspsm-/m-
AbbaThank You For the MusicPolar861 212-7$12gerps/white/black lbl/textured slvvg++/vg+
AbbaThe Day Before You CamePolarPOS 1318$6swno A side lbl/solid centrevg++
AbbaThe Day Before You CamePolarPOS 1318$12swps/textured slvvg+/vg+
AbbaThe Day Before You CamePolarPOS 1318$18swps/textured slvm-/vg++
AbbaThe Day Before You CameVogue101 691$12fraps/white/blue/orange/green lblvg+/vg+
AbbaThe Name Of the GameEpic5750$30ukdemo/orange lblm-
AbbaThe Name Of the GameEpic5750$10uk m-
AbbaThe Name Of the GameMelba140314$20fraps/white/purple/pink lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
AbbaThe Name Of the GamePepitaSPSK 70297$10hun vg+
AbbaThe Name Of the GamePolarPOS 1234$10swpsvg+/vg
AbbaThe Name Of the GamePolarPOS 1234$18swpsm-/vg++
AbbaThe Name Of the GamePolarPOS 1234$20swpsm-/m-
AbbaThe Name Of the GamePolarPOS 1234$12swpsvg+/vg+
AbbaThe Name Of the GamePolarPOS 1234$12swps/wol/wocvg+/vg++
AbbaThe Winner Takes It AllPolarPOS 1272$20swpsvg++/m-
AbbaThe Winner Takes It AllPolarPOS 1272$12swpsvg+/vg++
AbbaThe Winner Takes It AllPolarPOS 1272$15swpsm-/vg+
AbbaUnder AttackEpicEPC A 11-2971$50ukpicture discm-
AbbaUnder AttackPolarPOS 1321$15swps/solid centrem-/m-
AbbaUnder AttackVogue101 718$25fraps/white/blue/orange/green lblvg+/vg++
AbbaWaterlooDig It InternationalMM 0021$25itaps/red lblvg-/vg++
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$60dkps/green slv/advertising Polar albums on backvg++/vg++
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$40dkps/green slv/advertising Polar albums on back/noc/wocvg+/vg+
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$20dkps/green slv/noc/wol/wocvg/vg+
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$18dkps/green slv/woc/noc/solvg/vg
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$20dkps/red sleeve/advertising Abba albums on backvg/vg
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$30dkps/red sleeve/advertising Abba albums on backvg+/vg+
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$50dkps/red sleeve/advertising Abba albums on backm-/m-
AbbaWaterlooPolarPOS 1187$25dkps/red sleeve/advertising Polar albums on backvg+/vg
AbbaWaterloo (English Version)PolarPOS 1187$12sw vg++
AbbaWaterloo (Swedish Version)PolarPOS 1186$15sw m-
AbbaWaterloo (Swedish Version)PolarPOS 1186$6sw vg
Abba (Bjorn,Benny,Anna & Frida)Ring RingEpicSEPC 2452$15ukyellow lbl/solid centrem-
Abba/Bee GeesChiquitita/Too Much HeavenPolar/RSO2141 124$20aupsvg+/vg+
Abbey City & his Golden Spots BandIdeal Society & AuxilliaryAjaxFM-A 003$10uk m-
Abbey Tavern SingersThe Gallant Forty Twa'HBRHBR 498$6usblue/white lblvg+
Abby MarableLet Me Do A Little Number On Your HeadCapitol3247$10usred/orange target lblvg++
ABCPoison ArrowMercury6059 500$5holps/prm-/m-
ABCPoison ArrowNeutronNT 102$4ukpsvg++/vg++
ABCTears Are Not EnoughNeutronNT 101$5ukpsm-/m-
ABCTears Are Not EnoughVertigo6059 473$5gerpsm-/m-
ABCThe Look Of LoveNeutronNT 103$4ukpsm-/vg++
AbelMy Far Away CowCrazy Cajun518$195uswhite/red lblvg+
Abi OfarimShake Shake (Wenn Ich Dich Nicht Hätte)Philips345 702 PF$6gerblue/silver lbl/wolvg-
Abigail BrowneGuava JellyPrivate StockPVT 76$15uk vg++
Abigail BrowneGuava JellyPrivate StockPVT 76$18uk m-
Abigail BrowneThe Woman In MePrivate StockPVT 93$12uk vg++
A-BonesThe World's Greatest SinnerGiant ClawGCS 010$12ausps/blue vinyl/insert/#428m-/m-
A-BonesThe World's Greatest SinnerGiant ClawGCS 010$8ausps/blue vinyl/insert/#464vg+/m-
AbracadabraQuerte Mucho Extranarte PocoDisc JockeyTS 1401$10argorange/green lbl/solid centrevg
AbsenteeSomething To BangMemphis IndustriesMI 057S$10ukpsm-/m-
AbsoluteT.V. GlareReset7REST 5$20holps/white/black lblvg+/vg++
Absolute ElsewhereEarthboundWarner BrosK 16697$25ukps/boulevard lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg+
AC/DCBaby Please Don't GoAtlanticPRO 171$30gerdemo/orange/green lbl/wolvg++
AC/DCDangerAtlantic789 532-7$12gerps/orange/green lbl/poster slvm-/vg++
AC/DCDangerAtlantic789 532-7$18gerps/orange/green lbl/poster slv/promo stamped slvm-/m-
AC/DCFor Those About To RockAtlanticATL 11 721$15gerps/NCB logo on lbl/brown/black lblvg/vg+
AC/DCHeatseekerAtlantic789 136-7$12gerps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
AC/DCHells BellsAtlanticATL 11 650$6gerblack/grey lblvg+
AC/DCHighway To HellAtlantic45-1926$45spaps/red/white lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
AC/DCLet's Get It UpAtlanticATL 11 706$15gerps/brown/black lblm-/m-
AC/DCShake Your Foundations/DangerAtlantic $10uk6" black/silver Metal Hammer flexivg++
AC/DCThat's the Way I Wanna Rock n RollAtlanticA 9098$8ukps/orange/green lbl/glossy flipback slvvg+/vg++
AC/DCWho Made WhoAtlantic789 525-7$10gerps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night LongAtlantic11 600$10fraps/red/black lblvg/vg
AC/DCYou Shook Me All Night LongAtlanticATL 11 600$12gerps/grey/black lblvg+/vg
AceHow LongAnchor1C006-96008$12gerpsvg+/vg+
AceHow LongAnchor1C006-96008$12gerpsvg++/vg
AceHow LongAnchor1C006-96008$15gerpsm-/vg
AceHow LongAnchor5C006-96008$18holpsm-/vg++
AceHow LongAnchorANC 1002$4uknoc/wolvg+
AceHow LongPolydorPOSP 416$6uksilver lblvg++
AceHow LongPolydorPOSP 416$8uk m-
AceI Ain't Gonna Stand For This No MoreAnchorANC 1014$10uk m-
AceNo Future In Your EyesAnchorANC 1024$8uksolid centre/wolm-
AceNo Future In Your EyesAnchorANC 1024$10uk m-
AceSpeed FreakDeccaF 13216$25ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
Ace CannonCottonfieldsLondonHL 9745$30uk/dkpsvg++/vg++
Ace CannonSummer TimeFernwood45-135$4usyellow/black lbl/some lbl damagevg-
Ace CannonThere Goes My EverythingHI5N-2273$10us vg+
Ace CannonTuffHI45-2040$12usdhvg++
Ace CannonTuffLondon American45-HLU 9498$15ukblack/silver top lblvg+
Ace CannonTuffLondon American45-HLU 9498$8ukblack/silver top lblvg-
Ace FrehleyNew York GrooveCasablancaCAN 135$50ukps/clear blue vinyl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Ace FrehleyNew York GrooveCasablancaCAN 135$60ukps/clear blue vinyl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Ace FrehleyNew York GrooveCasablancaCAN 135$25uksolid centrevg++
AcheSlaraffenlandKMFPLAY 2125$125dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Acid DropsSurfin' Prostitute BeatGreasy PopGPR 107$15auspsm-/m-
Acker BilkA Taste Of HoneyMetronomeB 1544$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Acker Bilk Stranger On the ShoreMetronomeB 1492$18dkps/green 2 tone lblvg+/vg++
Acker Bilk Stranger On the ShoreMetronomeB 1492$10dkps/green 2 tone lbl/woc/wolvg/vg+
Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz BandBonny & ClydeMetronomeB 1689$20gerps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz BandDream SkaMetronomeB 1607$20dkps/green 2 tone lblvg/vg++
Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz BandSmile Sam SmilePRT7P 357$10ukpsm-/m-
Acker Bilk & his Paramount Jazz BandTarzan's MarchMetronomeB 1670$15gerps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
Acker Bilk & his Paramount JazzbandSentimental JourneyMetronomeB 1546$8gerblack/silver lblvg++
ActToo Late At 20HannibalHNS 701$10ukpsvg++/vg++
Active MindsMurder In the LaboratoryLoony TunesTUNE 4$15ukps/black/white lbl/solid centre/insert/laminated slvvg++/vg++
Ad LibsHe Ain't No AngelBlue CatBC 114$8usblue/yellow lblvg-
Ad LibsHe Ain't No AngelBlue CatBC 114$15uswolvg++
Ad LibsThe Boy From New York CityBlue CatBC 102$20us m-
Ad LibsThe Boy From New York CityRed BirdRB10 102$60ukwhite/red lblvg+
Adam & EveThey Can Look At Us (And Laugh)BellaphonBL 1038$20gerps/tocvg+/vg
Adam & Eve & the JaguarsTell HimBellaphonBL 1041$25gerpsvg-/vg
Adam and the AntsA.N.T.S.Flexipop4$15ukblue flexivg++
Adam and the AntsAnt RapCBS1738$6holpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsAntmusicCBS9352$6holpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsAntmusicCBS9352$8ukpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsAntmusicEpic07-5P-143$15japps/blue lblvg++/vg+
Adam and the AntsDeutscher GirlsEG2002 121$8gerpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsDog Eat DogCBS9039$8ukpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsFriendsDo ItDUN 20$8ukpsvg++/vg++
Adam and the AntsKing Of the Wild FrontierCBS8877$8ukpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsLadyDeccaF 13803$30ukpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsLadyDeccaF 13803$20ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Adam and the AntsLadyDeccaF 13803$18ukps/blue/black lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Adam and the AntsPrince CharmingCBS1408$6holpsm-/m-
Adam and the AntsZeroxDo ItDUN 8$10ukpsm-/m-
Adam FaithA Message To Martha (Kentucky Bluebird)ParlophoneR 5201$4ukblack/silver lblvg
Adam FaithAs You Like ItParlophone45-R 4896$15dkps/red/silver lblvg/vg+
Adam FaithEasy Going MeParlophone45-R 4766$4ukred/silver lblvg
Adam FaithEasy Going MeParlophone45-R 4766$8ukred/silver lblvg++
Adam FaithEasy Going MeParlophone45-R 4766$6ukred/silver lblvg+
Adam FaithI SurvivedWarner BrosK 16437$6uksolid centrevg+
Adam FaithKnocking On WoodParlophoneR 4964$25dk/swps/red/silver lblvg+/vg++
Adam FaithKnocking On WoodParlophoneR 4964$20swps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
Adam FaithKnocking On WoodParlophoneR 4964$25swps/red/silver lblvg+/vg++
Adam FaithKnocking On WoodParlophoneR 4964$12swps/red/silver lblvg-/vg+
Adam FaithLonely Pop (In A Christmas Shop)Parlophone45-R 4708$6ukred/silver lblvg
Adam FaithMade YouOdeon45-DK 1556$8dkps/red/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg-
Adam FaithMix Me A PersonParlophone45-R 4930$6ukred/silver lbl/noc/wolvg+
Adam FaithMy Last WishParlophone45-R 4807$12ukred/silver lblvg+
Adam FaithThe Time Has ComeParlophone45-R 4837$25norps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
Adam FaithThe Time Has ComeParlophone45-R 4837$15norps/red/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Adam FaithThe Time Has ComeParlophone45-R 4837$15norps/red/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Adam FaithThe Time Has ComeParlophone45-R 4837$25norps/red/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Adam FaithThe Time Has ComeParlophone45-R 4837$8ukred/silver lblvg+
Adam FaithThe Time Has ComeParlophone45-R 4837$4ukred/silver lbl/wocvg
Adam FaithWhat Do You WantParlophone45-R 4591$10norred/silver lbl/clear blue vinylvg+
Adam FaithWhat Do You WantParlophone45-R 4591$15norred/silver lbl/clear blue vinylvg++
Adam FaithWith Open ArmsParlophone45-R 4689$8ukred/silver lblvg++
Adam FaithYou Make My Life WorthwhileParlophoneR 5673$35ukdemo/green/black/white A lblm-
Adam Faith & the RoulettesIf He Tells YouParlophoneR 5109$8ukblack/silver lblvg+
Adam Faith & the RoulettesIt's AlrightAmy913$6usblue/silver lblvg
Adam Faith & the RoulettesIt's AlrightParlophoneR 5138$8ukblack/silver lblvg+
Adam Faith & the RoulettesThe First TimeParlophoneSD 5953$30dk/swps/red/silver lblvg+/vg++
Adam GreenFriends Of MineRough TradeRTRADS 171$12ukpsm-/m-
Adam SingersDaughter Of the KingPalettePG 9007$10ukred/silver lblm-
Adam Stag Party SpecialPreviewFaxFAX-EP$20usps/light blue lbl/blue vinyl/3 insertsvg+/vg
Adam WadeLindaCoedCO 556$10usblack/rainbow logo lblvg++
Adam WadePoint Of No ReturnHis Master's Voice45-POP 896$8finmauve/silver lbl/wolvg
Adam WadeTheme From Irma La Douce (Look Again)Epic5 9609$15usps/yellow lblm-/vg++
Adam Wade Why Do We Have To Wait So LongEpic5 9590$15usyellow/black oval logo lblvg
AdamoCade La Neve (Tombe La Neige)His Master's Voice7MQ 1911$12itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg
AdamoCara BambinaPolydorNH 54825$30itapsvg/vg
AdamoC'est Ma ViePathé2C004-81900$12fraps/red lblvg+/vg+
AdamoC'est Ma ViePathé2C004-81900$8fraps/red lblvg-/vg-
AdamoC'est Ma ViePathé2C004-81900$20fraps/red lblm-/m-
AdamoDolce PaolaHis Master's Voice7MQ 1947$18itaps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
AdamoElle Etait Belle PourtantHis Master's Voice7QH 5087$18holps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
AdamoInch' AllahElectrolaE 23439$20gerps/red/white logo lblm-/m-
AdamoLa Notte (La Nuit)His Master's Voice7MQ 1971$20itaps/black/silver lblm-/m-
AdamoLa Notte (La Nuit)His Master's Voice7MQ 1971$18itaps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
AdamoLe NeonElectrolaE 23638$20gerps/red/white logo lblm-/m-
AdamoLe Ruisseau de Mon EnfanceHis Master's VoiceVF 511$12fraps/red lbl/wocvg++/vg+
AdamoPetit BonheurColumbia1C006-23104$12gerps/blue/white lblvg++/vg+
AdamoPetit BonheurColumbia1C006-23104$20gerps/blue/white lblm-/m-
AdamoPetit BonheurHis Master's Voice2C006-23104$12fraps/red lblvg+/vg+
AdamoViens Ma BruneHis Master's VoiceGBP 140$25belred/silver lblvg
AdamoVous Permettez MonsieurElectrolaE 22724$15gerps/red/white logo lblvg+/vg++
AdamoVous Permettez MonsieurHis Master's Voice7MQ 1889$12itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
AddixToo Blind To SeeZig ZagZZ 22002$50ukpsvg++/m-
Addrisi BrothersAs Long As the Music Keeps PlayingScotti BrothersSB 506$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Addrisi BrothersAs Long As the Music Keeps PlayingScotti BrothersSB 506$12usdemo/white/black lbl/wolm-
Addrisi BrothersWait For Me (Busted Bad)Private StockPSR 45012$10us m-
Addrisi BrothersWe've Got To Get It On AgainCBS7855$25holps/orange lblm-/m-
Adelaide RibeiroEsperanzaDecca45-F 44391$30dkps/curved logovg/vg
Adelaide RibeiroEsperanzaDecca45-F 44391$45dkps/curved logovg++/vg+
AdeleChasing PavementsXLXLS 321$10ukps/solid centrem-/m-
Adge Cutler & the WurzelsDrink Up Thy ZiderColumbiaDB 8081$15ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
Adolescent Music FantasyTheme From A Summer PlaceSympathy For the Record IndustrySFTRI 295$12uspsm-/m-
Adrian BakerCandy BabyAriola16472 AT$20gerpsvg++/vg++
Adrian BakerCrazy About YouPolydor2054 238$20norpsvg++/vg++
Adrian BakerSherryAriola16278 AT$20gerpsvg++/vg++
Adrian GurvitzClassicRak1A008-64716$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Adrian GurvitzUntouchable And FreeJetJET 147$10holps/textured slvvg+/vg+
Adrian LoveridgeI Love You OliviaHandkerchiefHANKY 12$12ukdemo/solid centrem-
Adrian MunseyC'est SheepVirginVS 266$15ukps/green/red lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/m-
Adrian MunseyC'est SheepVirginVS 266$12ukps/green/red lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Adrian MunseyThe Lost SheepVirginVS 254$10ukgreen/red lbl/solid centrevg+
Adrian MunseyThe Lost SheepVirginVS 254$12ukgreen/red lbl/solid centrevg++
Adrian WolfSing Das Lied Der Liebe (Sing A Song Of Freedom)United Artists35340$18gerpsm-/vg++
Adriano CelentanoChi Non Lavora Non Fa L'AmoreGazellC-244$50swps/grey/white/red lblvg++/m-
Adriano CelentanoDon't Play That SongAriola11336 AT$25gerps/socvg++/vg++
Adriano CelentanoIl Ragazzo Della Via GluckClanACC 24032$20itapsvg/m-
Adriano CelentanoLa Coppia Piu' Bella Del MondoClanACC 24051$12itapsvg/vg+
Adriano CelentanoLa Coppia Piu' Bella Del MondoClanACC 24051$15itapsvg/vg++
Adriano CelentanoLa Lotta Dell' AmoreAriola14077 AT$12gerpsvg+/m-
Adriano CelentanoPersonalityJollyJ 20089$15itablue/silver lblvg
Adriano CelentanoPrisencolinensinainciusolEpicS EPC 1886$10ukyellow/black square logo lbl/solid centrevg+
Adriano CelentanoStai Lontana Da Me (Tower Of Strength)ClanACC 24001$18itaps/gfldvg+/vg++
Adriano CelentanoStai Lontana Da Me (Tower Of Strength)ClanACC 24001$10itaps/gfld/wocvg/vg
Adriano Celentano & Anita TraversiRitorna Lo ShimmyJollyJ 20092$10itablue/silver lblvg+
AdvertisingLipstickEMIEMI 2710$15ukpsm-/m-
AdvertisingLipstickEMIEMI 2710$10ukbrown/black/red logo lblm-
AdvertsGary Gilmore's EyesAnchorANC 1043$12ukpsvg++/vg+
AdvertsGary Gilmore's EyesAnchorANC 1043$20ukps/push out centrem-/m-
AdvertsGary Gilmore's EyesAnchorANC 1043$12ukps/solid centrevg/m-
AdvertsGary Gilmore's EyesAnchorANC 1043$18ukps/solid centrem-/m-
AdvertsGary Gilmore's EyesAnchorANC 1043$10ukpush out centrem-
AdvertsNo Time To Be 21BrightBR 1$18ukps/black/white lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
AdvertsOne Chord WondersStiffBUY 13$30ukpush out centrem-
AdvertsSafety In NumbersAnchorANC 1047$15ukpsm-/m-
AdvertsTelevision's OverRCA VictorPB 5128$10ukps/yellow lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Aerial LandscapeBoth Sides NowRCA Victor47-9520$15usdemo/yellow/black lblvg-
Aerial LandscapeBoth Sides NowRCA Victor47-9520$35usdemo/yellow/black lblvg++
AeroCalifornia GoldPolydor2054 240$10norps/wolvg+/vg+
AerosmithCome TogetherCBSCBS 6584$25holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
AerosmithCome TogetherCBSCBS 6584$25holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
AerosmithWalk This WayColumbia13-33350$4us vg++
Affetuosos of St. VincentChildren Of the CarribbeanMCAMCA 385$40ukdemo/black/silver/rainbow lblvg++
Afghan WhigsConjure MeSub PopSP 142$30usps/lilac vinylm-/m-
Afraid of MiceI'm On FireCharisma6000 708$15holps/Mad Hatter lbl/textured slvm-/m-
African Brother's BandAku SikaHappy BirdAN 110$40gha vg+
African Brother's BandNea Moye Yi MahuObuobaDKN 205$45ghalight blue/silver lblvg++
African Brother's BandYaw BerkoHappy BirdAN 113$40gha vg+
African JazzIndependance Cha ChaAfrican JazzAJ 1$10frayellow lblvg
African JazzMawonso MpambaAfrican JazzAJ 3$30frayellow lblvg++
African JazzTable RondeAfrican JazzAJ 4$30frayellow lblvg++
African Magic ComboMagic ComboBimbo2C006-99555$25fraps/black/yellow lblvg++/vg++
African Magic ComboMagic ComboBimbo2C006-99555$20fraps/black/yellow lblvg+/vg++
African Magic ComboMagic ComboBimbo2C006-99555$15fraps/black/yellow lbl/wocvg+/vg+
After AllIf You Need MeRepriseN-5-66-36$10porps/brown/red logo steamboat lblvg++/vg++
After HoursSchool FoolBukBU 3020$12ukdemom-
After the FireDer KommisarEpic2399$6holpsm-/m-
After the FireLaser LoveCBSS CBS 7769$12ukps/clear orange vinyl/die cut slvvg++/m-
After the FireLaser LoveCBSS CBS 7769$15ukps/clear orange vinyl/die cut slvm-/m-
After the FireOne Rule For YouCBS7025$10ukclear red vinylm-
Agents Aren't AeroplanesThe UpstrokeProto/RCAAGE 1$6ukpsm-/m-
AglaeLe Travail C'est La SanteFantasticFA 3692$8canblue/silver lbl/solvg++
AglaeOn Se QuitteFantasticFA 3610$6canblue/silver lbl/solvg+
AglaeViens Voir Anjou (Adieu L'ete)Barclay60376$8cansolvg++
Aglae & Alain GoraguerMon P'tit BonheurEpicCF4-1059$4canyellow/black stripes rim lbl/solvg
Agnaldo RayolLivreCopacabana629$15braps/red lbl/solid centre/wocvg+/vg
Agnes AnielEt Si Tu RevenaisTele Disc74525$15fraps/blue/black lbl/laminated slvvg-/vg++
Agnetha FältskogDen Jag Väntat På (Your Love Is Everywhere)CupolCS 236$10swnocvg-
Agnetha FältskogEn Gång Fanns Bara Vi TvåCupolCS 250$160swpsvg++/m-
Agnetha FältskogFölj Med Mig (Hello Love)CupolCS 45-211$15swnocvg
Agnetha FältskogOm Tårar Vore GuldCupolCS 264$160swpsvg++/m-
Agnetha FältskogOne Way LovePolarPOS 1373$25swps/promo sticker on slv/solid centrem-/vg++
Agnetha FältskogThe Heat Is OnPolarPOS 1335$10swpsm-/m-
A-HaCry WolfWarner Bros928500-7$12gerps/limited edition fold-out laminated front picture slvm-/m-
A-HaLiving DaylightsWarner BrosW 8305V$6gerps/gfld/die-cut laminated slvvg+/m-
A-HaLiving DaylightsWarner BrosW 8305V$10gerps/gfld/die-cut laminated slvm-/m-
A-HaMove To MemphisWarner Bros19098-7$6gerpsm-/vg++
AirHow Does It Make You FeelSource46241-7$15eups/white/red lbl/solid centre/laminated slvm-/vg++
Air SupplyMaking LoveArista8341$2holpsm-/m-
Airbomb RepeaterMurdersvilleMobstar24$15ukps/purple/white lbl/red vinyl/solid centre/insert/info sticker on outer platic slvvg++/m-
AirborneSomeoneTiffany6121 503$10uksilver lblm-
AirchordsPiccolo ManPye7N 17614$40ukdemo/yellow/black/black A lblvg++
AirdashThank God It's MondayAb Discophon OyPROMO 100$50finpromo only/black/white lblm-
AirwavesLove StopRockfieldUP 36267$15ukdemom-
AirwavesNobody IsRockfieldUP 36319$15ukdemom-
AirwavesNobody IsRockfield/United ArtistsUP 36319$10uktan/brown lblm-
AirwavesSo Hard Living Without YouRockfieldUP 36229$20ukps/demovg++/vg++
AirwavesSo Hard Living Without YouRockfield/United ArtistsUP 36229$6uktan/brown lblvg+
Aja & Melody MakersFald Ned (Get Down)OdeonDK 1796$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Ajda PekkanPet'r OilPhilips601 0156$30fraps/blue/black lblvg++/vg++
Ajda PekkanPet'r OilPhilips601 0156$20fraps/blue/black lbl//promo stamped slvvg+/vg+
Akira MitakeDo You Really Want To Hurt MeEpicEPCA 3075$10holps/blue lblvg+/vg+
AkrylykzSpydermanDouble RRED 2$20frapsm-/m-
Al "Porky" Witherow & the PioneersBarbara AnnArcticGTO 2$10usgreen lblvg+
Al AlbertsI Am A Sick AmericanAlstelALS 315$10usyellow/black lblm-
Al BanoIl Ragazzo Che SorrideColumbiaC 23833$25gerps/blue/white lblm-/m-
Al BanoNel SoleHis Master's VoiceMQ 2085$12itaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
Al BanoPensando A TeColumbia1C006-17006$15gerps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Al Bano & Romina PowerMagic Oh MagicBaby107 320$8gerps/silver/black lblvg+/vg+
Al Bano & Romina PowerMagic Oh MagicBaby107 320$20gerps/silver/black lbl/promo stamped slvvg++/m-
Al Brown's Tunetoppers featuring Cookie BrownThe MadisonAmy804$15us vg+
Al CaiolaBonanzaUnited ArtistsUA 302$15usblack/silver/rainbow lblvg++
Al CaiolaFrom Russia With LoveUnited ArtistsUA 711$6nzblue/silver lbl/solid centrevg
Al CaiolaMoon RiverUnited ArtistsUS 67501$10ger/dkps/black/silver/rainbow lbl/Audrey Hepburn on slv/nocvg/vg
Al CaiolaThe Magnificent SevenUnited ArtistsPOP 889$8ukblack/silver lblvg++
Al Casey & the K-C-EttesSurfin' HootenannyStacy962$15usgold/red lblvg-
Al De LoryElegyCapitol2991$10usred/orange/target lblvg++
Al Grannum & his Granulated SoulsWhen I Come HomeA&GAG 2040$25usgreen/black lblvg++
Al HibblerBreeze (Blow My Baby Back To Me)Decca9-29660$8usblack/silver lbl/solvg++
Al HirtJavaRCA Victor447-0712$6usred/white logo lblvg++
Al HirtJavaRCA Victor47-8280$12gerps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Al HirtJavaRCA Victor47-8280$15gerps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
Al HirtTrumpet Pickin'RCA Victor47-8854$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Al JolsonThere's A Rainbow 'Round My ShoulderJolly Roger4516$8usorange/black lblvg+
Al JonesMad Mad WorldHis Master's Voice45-POP 451$375dkdemo/white/gold/black lblm-
Al JonesMad Mad WorldHis Master's Voice45-POP 451$375dkmauve/gold lblm-
Al KooperBrand New DayCBSCBS 5146$12norps/orange lblvg/vg
Al KooperBrand New DayCBSCBS 5146$20norps/orange lbl/nocvg++/vg+
Al KooperThis Diamond RingUnited Artists17506$12gerps/tan/brown logo lblvg+/vg
Al KooperYou Never Know Who Your Friends AreCBS4011$20ukorange lbl/nocm-
Al KooperYou Never Know Who Your Friends AreCBSCBS 4011$20norps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Al KooperYou Never Know Who Your Friends AreColumbia4-44748$10usred/black lblm-
Al Kooper/Blood Sweat & TearsCollage from I Stand Alone& God Bless the ChildColumbia Special Products Auravision $15usflexim-
Al KorvinJoseph's Trumpet ShakeFermataFB 33160$4brablack/silver lbl/solid centrevg
Al MartinoLove Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)CapitolK 23709$18gerps/purple/silver lblm-/vg++
Al MartinoLove Is Blue (L'Amour Est Bleu)CapitolK 23709$20gerps/purple/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblm-/vg++
Al MartinoMary In the MorningCapitol5904$6usyellow/orange swirl lblvg+
Al MartinoMore Than the Eye Can SeeCapitolK 23613$18gerps/purple/silver lblm-/vg++
Al MartinoSpeak Softly LoveCapitol1C006-81124$15gerps/red/orange target lblm-/vg++
Al MartinoSpeak Softly LoveCapitol6E006-81124$4dkblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Al MartinoTears And RosesCapitol5183$6usyellow/orange swirl lblvg+
Al MartinoThe Glory Of LoveCapitol2053$8usyellow/orange swirl lbl/wolvg++
Al MartinoThe Next Hundred YearsCapitol1C006-85410$15gerps/tan lblm-/vg++
Al MartinoThe Story Of TinaCapitol45-CL 14163$25ukpurple/silver lbl/trivg+
Al MartinoThe Story Of TinaCapitol45-CL 14163$30ukpurple/silver lbl/trivg++
Al MartinoThe Wheel Of HurtCapitol5741$8usyellow/orange swirl lblvg++
Al MartinoWhite ChristmasCapitolK 23629$15gerps/purple/silver lblm-/m-
Al PerryWhat Ever Turns You On (Is All Right With Me)LoveL 781$15usballoon lbl/signed by artist on lblvg++
Al PerryWhat Ever Turns You On (Is All Right With Me)LoveL 781$10usballoon lblvg++
Al StewartYear Of the CatRCA VictorRCA 2771$10ukyellow/white logo lblm-
Al StewartYou Don't Even Know MeCBSCBS 7763$15ukps/orange lbl/top wave flipback slvvg++/vg++
Al TerryMiss Me Miss Mary AnnDotD 45-273$10dkblack/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lblvg+
Al ThomasJealousy (Little Green Man)ScepterSCE 12155$15usdemovg++
Alain BarriereE Piu Ti AmoRCA Victor45N-1398$10itaps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Alain BarriereEcoute Bien C'est Un TangoAlbatros/Trema10116$15fraps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Alain BarriereElle Etait Si JolieRCA Victor45268$4frablack/silver lblvg
Alain BarriereVivro' (Ma Vie)RCA Victor45N-1408$10itaps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg
Alain BarriereVivro' (Ma Vie)RCA Victor45N-1408$25itaps/black/silver silver lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Alain Barriere & Noëlle CordierTu T'en VasAlbatrosALB 10118$15fraps/blue/black lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Alain ChamfortBambouCBS1337$10holpsm-/vg++
Alan BownMagic HandkerchiefMGM61 205$20gerps/black/rainbow logo lblvg+/vg
Alan BownMagic HandkerchiefMGM61 205$30gerps/black/rainbow logo lblvg++/vg+
Alan BownMoanin'CBS3366$15ukdemom-
Alan BownStill As StoneDeramDM 259$30ukdemo/light blue/white lblm-
Alan BownToylandMGM61 170$25gerpromo white lblvg++
Alan BownToylandMGM/Polydor61 166$18fraps/black/rainbow logo lbl/wocvg/vg
Alan CarvellGeorgia On My MindUnited ArtistsUP 36124$15ukdemo/pink A lblm-
Alan HullA Walk In the SeaRocketXPRES 19$15uksilver lblvg++
Alan JacksonHere In the Real WorldAristaAS1-9922$8us vg++
Alan James EastwoodSeedsPresidentPT 320$18ukyellow/black lbl/solid centrem-
Alan KleinNothing Like A Long Gone ManDeccaF 13091$30ukdemo/blue/white lblm-
Alan LoganYesterday I Heard the RainRCA Victor74-0504$20usdemo/yellow/black lblm-
Alan LongmuirI'm ConfessingArista1C006-99198$15gerpsm-/vg++
Alan Moorhouse(The Ballad Of) The Green BeretsPye7N 17073$20dkps/pink lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Alan Moorhouse(The Ballad Of) The Green BeretsPye7N 17073$15ukdemo/white/black/black A lbl/solid centre/release date written on lblvg+
Alan O'DayUndercover AngelPacificPC 001$6usorange rim lblvg++
Alan PriceGoodnight IrenePolydor2058 682$8uk vg++
Alan PriceIn Times Like TheseWarner BrosK 16452$10ukboulevard/black A lblm-
Alan PriceJarrow SongWarner BrosK 16372$8ukboulevard lbl/solid centrevg++
Alan PriceJarrow SongWarner BrosK 16372$25ukdemo/white/red A lbl/press releasem-
Alan PriceJust For YouJetJET 135$10holpsvg++/m-
Alan PriceJust For YouJetJET 135$4ukyellow/spotlight lbl/solid centrevg+
Alan PriceKissed Away the NightPolydor2058 806$8uk m-
Alan PriceNot Born To FollowParrot45-3019$20usdemo/orange/yellow swirl lblvg+
Alan PricePoor PeopleWarner BrosK 16293$6ukboulevard lbl/solid centre/wolvg+
Alan PriceSunshine & Rain (The Name Of the Game)DeccaF 13017$20uk/swpsvg++/vg+
Alan PriceThe Trimdon Grange ExplosionDeramDM 263$15ukdemo/light blue/white lblvg+
Alan PriceThe Trimdon Grange ExplosionDeramDM 263$10ukbrown/white lbl/nocm-
Alan PriceUm Homem De Sorte (O Lucky Man)Warner BrosN-S-63-70$15porps/boulevard lbl/textured flipback slvvg+/vg+
Alan Price & Rob HoekeI Almost Lost My MindPolydor2050 497$8holps/wocvg+/vg+
Alan Price SetAny Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird)DeccaF 12217$12ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Alan Price SetDon't Stop the CarnivalDeccaF 12731$8ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg+
Alan Price SetDon't Stop the CarnivalDeccaF 12731$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Alan Price SetHi-Lili Hi-LoDeccaF 12442$10uk/dkps/curved logo/noc/wol/wocvg+/vg+
Alan Price SetHi-Lili Hi-LoDeccaF 12442$10uk/dkps/curved logo/wocvg+/vg
Alan Price SetHi-Lili Hi-LoDeccaF 12442$12uk/dkps/curved logo/woc/noc/wolvg+/vg+
Alan Price SetI Put A Spell On YouDeccaF 12367$12ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Alan Price SetI Put A Spell On YouDeccaF 12367$25uk/dkps/curved logovg++/vg++
Alan Price SetI Put A Spell On YouDeccaF 12367$20uk/dkps/curved logo/noc/wocm-/vg++
Alan Price SetI Put A Spell On YouDeccaF 12367$15uk/dkps/curved logo/noc/woc/solvg++/vg++
Alan Price SetShameDeccaF 12691$10ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Alan Price SetShameDeccaF 12691$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Alan Price SetShameDeccaF 12691$15uk/dkps/wocvg/vg
Alan Price SetSimon Smith And the Amazing Dancing BearDeccaF 12570$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Alan Price SetSimon Smith And the Amazing Dancing BearDeccaF 12570$15uk/dkps/dancing slv/tocvg+/vg
Alan Price SetSimon Smith And the Amazing Dancing BearDeccaF 12570$12uk/dkps/group slvvg/vg+
Alan Price SetSimon Smith And the Amazing Dancing BearDeccaF 12570$15uk/dkps/group slvvg+/vg+
Alan Price SetSimon Smith And the Amazing Dancing BearDeccaF 12570$20uk/dkps/group slvvg++/vg++
Alan Price SetSimon Smith And the Amazing Dancing BearDeccaF 12570$25uk/swps/group slvvg++/vg++
Alan Price SetThe House That Jack BuiltDeccaF 12641$25uk/dkpsm-/m-
Alan Price SetThe House That Jack BuiltDeccaF 12641$15uk/dkpsvg+/vg++
Alan Price SetThe House That Jack BuiltDeccaF 12641$20uk/dkpsm-/vg++
Alan Price SetThe House That Jack BuiltDeccaF 12641$20uk/swpsvg++/vg++
Alan Price SetThe House That Jack BuiltDeccaF 12641$15uk/swps/wocvg++/vg+
Alan Price SetWillow Weep For MeDeccaF 12518$12uk/dkpsvg/vg++
Alan Price SetWillow Weep For MeDeccaF 12518$20uk/dkpsm-/vg++
Alan Price SetWillow Weep For MeDeccaF 12518$10uk/dkpsvg+/vg
Alan Price SetWillow Weep For MeDeccaF 12518$25uk/dkpsm-/m-
Alan RandellMrs. Hanky Panky's Fancy ManMAMMAM 19$20ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
Alan RandellWhere Does Father Christmas Hang His StockingsMAMMAM 54$15ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
Alan RossWhat You Gonna Do About ItEbonyEYE 6$10ukyellow/white/brown logo lblvg
Alan Rush & the StonehouseIt Takes MinutesMega615-0002$15usdemo/yellow/red lblm-
Alan SorrentiIf You Need Me NowCarrere49616$18frapsvg+/vg++
Alan SorrentiNon So Che DareiStrand612 755$4gerpsvg+/vg+
Alan StivellIan Morrisson ReelFontana6010 092$15fraps/blue/black lbl/promo stamped slvvg++/vg++
Alan Tew OrchestraYour Actual Pop FugueCBS3605$12ukorange lbl/nocvg++
Alan ValloneA Little Bit Of This And A Little Bit Of ThatLaurieLR 3459$20usdemovg+
Alan VegaBe Bop A LulaCelluloid106 409$40frapsm-/m-
Alan VegaJukebox BabeCelluloid106 218$20frapsm-/m-
Alan VegaJukebox BabeCelluloidWIP 6744$18ukpsm-/vg++
Alan VegaVideo BabeElektra969 768-7$20gerpsm-/m-
AlaskaI Don't Know WhyWarner BrosK 16440$10ukboulevard lbl/solid centrem-
Alaska & the PegamoidesBailandoKingdomKV 8025$40ukgreen lbl/solid centrevg++
AlbaniaGo Go GoChiswickCHIS 150$10ukpsm-/m-
AlbatrossRock 'n' Roll Boogie ManMooncrestMOON 29$4uknocvg+
AlbatrossSpin AwayLionLION 143$8usblue/yellow lblvg++
AlbatrossTobacco RoadGullGULS 16$10uk vg++
Albee and FriendsHexorcist World PremiereNik NikNN 74$8usyellow/black lblvg+
Albee and FriendsHexorcist World PremiereNik NikNN 74$6usyellow/black lblvg
Albert HammondEverything I Want To DoEpicEPC 1834$10swps/yellow lbl/solid centre/textured slv/wocvg+/vg+
Albert HammondI'm A TrainEpicEPC 2150$10holps/yellow lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Albert HammondNames Tags Numbers & LabelsMumsZS8 6032$15usdemo/white lblvg++
Albert HammondNunca Llueve En El Sur De California (It Never Rains In Southern California)EpicEPC 8499$15spaps/yellow lblm-/m-
Albert HammondThe Free Electric BandMumsS MUM 1494$10ukpurple/orange lbl/solid centrem-
Albert HammondThese Are the Good Old DaysEpicEPC 3701$10holps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
Albert LeeCountry BoyA&MAMS 7443$10uk m-
Albert LeeThat's All RightBell839$50usdemom-
Albert WestTell Laura I Love HerCBSCBS S 1679$10gerps/Blitzinformation slv/orange lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg
Albert's NegritaThat's the BallJupiter17241 AT$15gerps/orange/green lblvg++/vg++
Albion Dance BandThe Postman's KnockHarvestHAR 5128$15ukdemo/green 2 tone lblm-
AlbuenRyesgades Blegrøde DronningPhilips6019 106$25norps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
AlbuenRyesgades Blegrøde DronningPhilips6019 106$18norps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Alden & the One NightersLove-O-MeterRCA Victor47-7490$8usblack/silver Nipper lblvg
Aldo PaganiCape TownAmadeo InternationalAVRS 21366$15aups/white/red lblvg+/vg+
AlessiAll For A Reason (New Version)A&M2045-S$15usdemo/white/red lblvg+
AlessiDon't Hold BackA&M1896-S$10ussilver lblm-
AlessiGimme Some Lovin'A&MAMS 7627$12holps/silver lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
AlessiJoannaA&M1933-S$10ussilver lblm-
AlexHappy GuitarMTU Recording110234$40dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Alex ChiltonDalia LamaNew RoseNEW 102$20fraps/2x45/gfldm-/m-
Alex ChiltonMargieShoeshineSHOE 005$12uklimited editionm-
Alex Harvey TangerineCapitol3847$4usred lbl/wolvg
Alex Harvey Tulsa TurnaroundCapitolCL 15735$6ukred/orange target lblvg+
Alex Harvey the New BandShakin' All OverRCA VictorPB 5199$10gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
Alex MurrayAll My OwnDecca45-F 11225$6ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/nocvg
Alex TaylorBaby RuthCapricornC-8016$12usgreen lblm-
Alex Welsh And His BandThe Black BottomMetronomeB 1455$15dkblack/silver lblvg+
Alexander BrothersMillions Of RosesPye7N 15932$15uk/dkps/red/black lbl/solid centrevg+/vg+
Alexander BrothersMillions Of RosesPye7N 15932$15uk/dkps/red/black lbl/solid centre/woc/wolvg++/vg++
Alexander CurlyI'll Never Drink AgainPolydor2001 391$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Alexander Faris OrchestraWingsBBCRESL 37$10ukdemo/large blue A lbl/solid centre/rssvg++
Alexander HaigFast FascistSubterraneanSUB 22$10ukpsm-/m-
Alexander SpenceAll My Life (I Love You)SundazedS 153$10usps/grey vinylm-/m-
Alexander's Timeless BloozbandMaybe BabyKappK 967$40usdemo/white/black lblvg++
AlexandraErstes MorgenrotPhilips388 374 PF$15gerps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
AlexandraIllusionenPhilips384 567 PF$12gerps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
AlexandraIllusionenPhilips384 567 PF$15gerps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg+
Alexei SayleUllo John Gotta New MotorIslandIS 162$12ukpsm-/vg++
AlfMalmö CityDoloresDOL 123$40sw m-
Alf RobertsonTycker Du Om Mig Så Skriv (The Day the Saw-Mill Closed Down)RCA VictorFAS 826$20swps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
Alfred Apaka & Rosalie StephensonKe Kali Nei Au (Hawaiian Wedding Song)Decca9-29724$10usblack/silver/rainbow stripe lblvg++
Alfred LynchI'll Stay SingleDecca45-F 11171$15ukblack/silver curved logo lblvg++
AlgotssömmerskornaJobben Ska RäddasMNWMNW 55S$12swps/red/black lbl/solid centre/textured slvvg++/vg++
AlicePer ElisaEMI3C006-18529$12itaps/textured slvvg++/vg+
AliceProspettiva NevskiEMI1C006-118729-7$18eecpsm-/vg++
AliceUna Notte SpecialeEMI1C006-18532$8gerpsm-/vg
Alice & BattiatoI Treni Di TozeurEMI06-1186627$20itapsvg++/vg++
Alice & RitaAlle Drømmer Vi Om Sommer Igen (You Don't Have To Be A Baby To Cry)OdeonDK 1688$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Alice & RitaAlle Har En Drøm Om Lykke (Alles Was Wir Woll'n Auf Erden)OdeonDK 1729$18dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg++
Alice & RitaAlle Har En Drøm Om Lykke (Alles Was Wir Woll'n Auf Erden)OdeonDK 1729$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Alice & RitaAlle Har En Drøm Om Lykke (Alles Was Wir Woll'n Auf Erden)OdeonDK 1729$12dkps/black/silver lbl/solvg+/vg+
Alice & RitaAlting Forandrer Sig (Du Lebst In Deiner Welt)OdeonDK 1769$175dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Alice & RitaCo-CoOdeonDK 1738$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Alice & RitaEt Held At Lykken Ikke Koster Noget (Ein Glück Dass Man Das Glück Nicht Kaufen Kann)OdeonDK 1686$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Alice & RitaFlyv Lille Fugl (Silver Bird)EMI6C006-39174$18dkpsm-/vg++
Alice & RitaHokus Pokus (Honey Honey)OdeonDK 1816$30dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Alice & RitaNu Er Græsset Grønt (Ma Che Musica Maestro)OdeonDK 1725$18dkps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
Alice & RitaNu Er Græsset Grønt (Ma Che Musica Maestro)OdeonDK 1725$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Alice & RitaSolskin Til Dig (Sonne Für Dich)EMI6C006-37298$25dkpsvg++/vg++
Alice & RitaSommer Hele Året (It Might As Well Rain Until September)Odeon6E006-37041$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Alice & RitaSukkertoppen Firefyrre Nul Nul Fem (Pasadena 44-00-8)OdeonDK 1789$50dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
Alice & RitaVi Har Jo Alle Lov At Drømme (You're My Only Fascination)OdeonDK 1826$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Alice & TittiClose To YouTelefunkenU 5467$30gerps/red/white logo lblvg++/m-
Alice BabsJazz FugueSweDiscWES 1013$45swps/yellow/purple lblvg++/m-
Alice BabsJazz FugueSweDiscWES 1013$20swps/yellow/purple lbl/nocvg+/vg
Alice BabsLillans TrumpetareSweDiscSWES 1054$18swps/yellow/purple lblm-/vg++
Alice Babs & Bengt HallbergDesafinadoPolydorNH 10935$50swpsvg++/vg+
Alice Babs & Bengt Hallbergs OrkesterFråga Mig Inte VarförWarner BrosSS 20005$18swpsvg+/vg+
Alice Babs & Bengt Hallbergs OrkesterFråga Mig Inte VarförWarner BrosSS 20005$25swps/red lblvg++/vg+
Alice Babs & Bengt Hallbergs OrkesterMånbubblorWarner BrosSS 20003$25swps/red lblvg++/vg+
Alice Babs & Mats Olssons OrkesterSamma Gamla Låt (Scatterbrain)Warner BrosSS 20008$25swps/red lbl/tocvg++/vg+
Alice Cooper(No More) Love At Your ConvenienceWarner BrosK 16935$15ukps/boulevard lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Alice Cooper(No More) Love At Your ConvenienceWarner BrosWBS 8448$8uswolvg++
Alice CooperBed Of NailsEpic655 318-7$8holps/bkue logo lblvg++/vg+
Alice CooperBillion Dollar BabiesWarner BrosWB 7724$10us m-
Alice CooperClones (We're All)Warner BrosWBS 49204$15uspsm-/vg++
Alice CooperDepartment Of YouthAnchorANC 1012$12uk vg++
Alice CooperDepartment Of YouthAtlantic45-3280$6usred/black lblvg+
Alice CooperElected!Warner BrosK 16214$15ukgreen lblm-
Alice CooperElected!Warner BrosK 16214$4ukgreen lbl/solid centrevg-
Alice CooperElected!Warner BrosWB 16214$15dk/gerps/green lbl/woc/nocvg/vg
Alice CooperElected!Warner BrosWB 16214$15gerps/green lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Alice CooperElected!Warner BrosWB 16214$30swgreen lbl/4 prong push out centrem-
Alice CooperFreedomMCA258 138-7$10gerps/prm-/m-
Alice CooperGo To HellWarner BrosK 16792$25ukps/large A stamped lbl/wol/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
Alice CooperGo To HellWarner BrosWBS 8228$6usboulevard lblvg++
Alice CooperGo To HellWarner BrosWBS 8228$10uspromo stampm-
Alice CooperHello HurrayWarner Bros16248$12fraps/green lbl/textured slv/tocvg/vg+
Alice CooperHello HurrayWarner BrosK 16248$8ukgreen lblvg+
Alice CooperHello HurrayWarner BrosWB 16248$15gerps/green lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
Alice CooperHello HurrayWarner BrosWB 16248$20gerps/green lbl/textured slv/nocvg++/vg++
Alice CooperHello HurrayWarner BrosWB 16248$20gerps/green lbl/textured slv/solvg++/vg++
Alice CooperHouse On FireEpicALICE Y4$10ukps/blue logo lbl/solid centre/yellow vinyl ltd editionvg++/vg+
Alice CooperI Am the FutureWarner BrosW 15004$20itaps/flipback slv/dhm-/m-
Alice CooperNo More Mr. Nice GuyWarner BrosWB 7691$10usgreen lbl/wolvg
Alice CooperOnly My Heart Talkin'Epic655 758-7$10holpsm-/m-
Alice CooperOnly WomenAnchorANC 1018$6uk vg+
Alice CooperSchool's OutWarner Bros16188$15fraps/green lbl/wolvg/vg
Alice CooperSchool's OutWarner BrosWB 16188$4itagreen lbl/wolvg-
Alice CooperSchool's OutWarner BrosWB 16188$15swgreen lblvg
Alice CooperSchool's OutWarner BrosWB 16188$30swgreen lblm-
Alice CooperSlick Black LimousineWarner Bros/LyntoneLYN 2585$25ukflexivg++
Alice CooperTeenage Lament '74Warner BrosK 16345$10ukboulevard lbl/solid centrevg+
Alice CooperTeenage Lament '74Warner BrosWB 16344$18gerps/boulevard lbl/wolvg+/vg+
Alice CooperUnder My WheelsWarner BrosK 16127$30ukboulevard lbl/solid centrevg+
Alice CooperWelcome To My NightmareAnchorANC 1025$6uksolid centrevg+
Alice RåbjergKontormusenQualiSoundQS 404$30dkps/red/silver lbl/solvg++/m-
Alice Wonder LandHe's Mine (I Love Him I Love Him I Love Him)Bardell774$15uswhite/red/black lbl/wolvg+
Alice Wonder LandHe's Mine (I Love Him I Love Him I Love Him)Bardell774$25uswhite/red/black lblm-
Alicia & Nubes GrisesHombre Y MujerRegal1J006-20612$10spaps/blue/silver lbl/textured flipback slvvg/vg
Alison MoyetAll Cried OutCBS4757$5holps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
Alister JonsBad BoyPhilips6006 414$10ukblue lblm-
AlivaltiosihteeriOle Nöyrä! Live EPHiljaiset LevytHIKS 009$25finpsm-/m-
Alive & KickingLondon BridgeRouletteR 7094$15usdemo/white/black lbl/release date stamped lblvg++
Alive & KickingTighter TighterRouletteRO-410$30swps/white/black/rainbow stripes lblm-/m-
Alive & KickingTighter TighterRouletteRO-410$20swps/white/black/rainbow stripes lbl/solvg+/m-
All Steel CoachesWave Of FameASCJOKE 916$10swplastic slv with info stickerm-
All That JazzEven The TreesWireWRS 021$5swps/socm-/m-
Allan BotschinskyEn Dejlig DagRCA Victor45-1200$20ger/dkps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Allan BotschinskyGlem KontoretRCA Victor45-1199$25ger/dkps/yellow lblm-/m-
Allan BotschinskyGlem KontoretRCA Victor45-1199$15ger/dkps/yellow lblvg+/m-
Allan BotschinskyGlem KontoretRCA Victor45-1199$20ger/dkps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Allan ClarkeI Don't Know When I'm BeatPolydor2058 979$10uksolid centrevg+
Allan MortensenI Believe In MusicMetronomeB 4109$25dkpsm-/vg++
Allan MortensenMusikalske Venner (Lazos De Amistad)MetronomeB 4101$20dkpsvg++/vg++
Allan Mortensen Das Ist Nicht Liebe (I'm Not In Love)AtlanticATL 10 673$30gerpsm-/m-
Allan Mortensen Give Me Some MoreOpheliaORS 128$8dkwhite/red lblvg+
Allan Mortensen Prøv (Something)SonetT 8398$25dkps/red/orange lblvg++/vg++
Allan Mortensen SuperstarSonetT 8384$18dkps/red/orange lblvg+/vg++
Allan Mortensen SuperstarSonetT 8384$25dkps/red/orange lbl/b-side lbl on both sidesm-/m-
Allan Mortensen & Brd. Bisp BandVoldsom VolvoEbba Ejlertsen's PladeselskabEBBAS 103$20hol vg++
Allan Mortensen & RainbowJust Too Many PeopleMetronomeB 4126$25dkps/green 2 tone lblm-/m-
Allan ShermanHello Mudduh Hello FadduhWarner BrosWB 106$10ukred/black/multicolor arrows lblvg++
Allan ShermanThe End Of A Symphony Part 1RCA VictorRCA 1419$12ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg++
Allan TaylorSometimesLibertyLBF 15447$30ukdemo/black/silver/blue/green silver A lbl/wolm-
Allen Wayne & Hank CappsBallad Of Willie JonesRocksmith Music $15usacetatevg++
AllensHigh TideMoWestMW 3029$8ukdemo/wol/solvg
Allez AllezShe's Stirring UpScalp1A006-64649$6holpsm-/m-
Allied Army BandThe Longest DayBarclay45-STU 42125$15dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
AllisonsAre You SureFontana267 139 TF$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg++
AllisonsSweet And LovelyFontana267 231 TF$6ukblue/silver lblvg+
Allman and Woman (Greg and Cher)Move MeWarner BrosWBS 8504$8uswolvg++
Allman BrothersBlack Hearted WomanCapricorn45-8003$20usgreen lblvg
Allman BrothersCrazy LoveCapricorn2089 068$15gerps/tan/black lblvg+/vg++
Allman BrothersCrazy LoveCapricorn2089 068$20gerps/tan/black lblvg++/m-
Allman BrothersRamblin ManCapricornCPR 0027$4usbeige/brown logo lblvg+
Allman Brothers BandJessicaCapricornK 17517$15ukdemom-
Allman Brothers/Marshall Tucker BandRamblin' Man/Take To the HighwayRolling StoneSF1 165$8ukflexi/black/silvervg+
Alma CoganChantez ChantezHis Master's Voice45-POP 336$30ukmauve/gold lblvg++
Alma CoganCowboy Jimmy JoeColumbia45-DB 4607$10norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinylvg+
Alma CoganCowboy Jimmy JoeColumbia45-DB 4607$40norps/green/silver lbl/yellow vinyl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Alma CoganCowboy Jimmy JoeColumbia45-DB 4607$30norps/green/silver lbl/yellow vinyl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Alma CoganFly Away LoversHis Master's Voice45-POP 500$10ukturquoise/silver lblvg
Alma CoganGot'n IdeaRCA Victor47-6236$25usdemo/white lblvg+
Alma CoganHill Billy Boy (Home On the Range)ColumbiaC 22882$35gerps/blue/white lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Alma CoganJust Once MoreColumbiaDB 7059$25dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Alma CoganJust Once MoreColumbiaDB 7059$20dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/nocvg/vg+
Alma CoganMake Love To MeHis Master's Voice7M 196$30ukmauve/gold lbl/solvg+
Alma CoganPlease Mister Brown (Mister Jones Mister Smith)His Master's Voice45-POP 415$15ukmauve/silver lblvg
Alma CoganSnakes Snails And Poppydog TailsColumbiaDB 7652$40dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg-
Alma CoganSo Fängt Es Immer An (A Lovers Concerto)ColumbiaC 23107$10gerps/blue/white lblvg-/vg-
Alma CoganSo Fängt Es Immer An (A Lovers Concerto)ColumbiaC 23107$18gerps/blue/white lblvg/vg++
Alma CoganTell HimColumbiaDB 4965$20dk/swps/green/silver lbl/noc/solvg/vg++
Alma CoganTell HimColumbiaDB 4965$20dk/swps/green/silver lbl/noc/wocvg/vg++
Alma CoganTell HimColumbiaDB 4965$25dk/swps/green/silver lbl/wocvg/vg++
Alma CoganTell HimColumbiaDB 4965$15dk/swps/green/silver lbl/woc/wolvg/vg+
Alma CoganTennessee WaltzAmerican ArtsAA 4$25us m-
Alma CoganTennessee WaltzColumbiaDB 7233$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wave top flipback slvvg-/vg++
Alma CoganTennessee WaltzColumbiaDB 7233$12dk/swps/black/silver lblvg-/vg++
Alma CoganTennessee WaltzColumbiaDB 7233$8dk/swps/black/silver lbl/tocvg-/vg
Alma CoganThat's HappinessHis Master's Voice45-POP 392$40dkmauve/gold lblvg+
Alma CoganThe Birds And the BeesColumbiaDS 2267$12dkblack/silver lblvg+
Alma CoganThe Birds And the BeesColumbiaDS 2267$25dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Alma CoganThe Birds And the BeesColumbiaDS 2267$35dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg++/vg++
Alma CoganThe Birds And the BeesColumbiaDS 2267$20dkps/black/silver lbl/wave top flipback slvvg/vg
Alma CoganThe Birds And the BeesColumbiaDS 2267$25dk/swps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
Alma CoganThe Birds And the BeesColumbiaDS 2267$40swps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Alma CoganThe Train Of LoveHis Master's Voice45-POP 760$30norblue/silver lbl/clear red vinylvg++
Alma CoganWe Got LoveHis Master's Voice45-POP 670$20norblue/silver lbl/clear red vinylvg+
Alma CoganWe Got LoveHis Master's Voice45-POP 670$15norblue/silver lbl/clear red vinyl/nocvg
Alma CoganWith You In MindColumbia45-DB 4679$15ukgreen/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
Almond LettuceThe Tree Dog SongColumbiaDB 8442$15ukdemovg-
AlphaLiberated LadyRCA VictorPB 5039$10ukyellow/white logo lblm-
Alrunes RodPigen På StrandenSonetT 8332$95dkps/red/orange lblm-/m-
Alrunes RodPigen På StrandenSonetT 8332$60dkps/red/orange lblvg++/vg+
Alrunes RodPigen På StrandenSonetT 8332$80dkps/red/orange lbl/nocvg+/m-
Alrunes RodPigen På StrandenSonetT 8332$40dkps/red/orange lbl/wocvg/vg+
Altered ImagesDon't Talk To Me About LoveEpic3083$6holpsm-/m-
Altered ImagesHappy BirthdayEpic1522$6holpsm-/m-
Altered ImagesSee Those EyesEpic2198$6holpsm-/m-
Alternative T.V.Love Lies LimpSniffing GlueSG 75$10ukflexivg++
Alternative T.V.Love Lies LimpSniffing GlueSG 75$12ukflexim-
Alternative TVHow Much LongerDeptford Fun CityDCF 002$18ukpsm-/vg++
Althia & DonnaUp Town Top RankingLightningLIG 506$8ukgreen/black lbl/solid centrevg++
Althia & DonnaUp Town Top RankingLightningLIG 506$6uk vg+
Althia & DonnaUp Town Top RankingLightningLIG 506$10uk m-
Althia & DonnaUp Town Top RankingWarner BrosWB 17098$12gerps/boulevard lblvg+/vg++
Alton EdwardsI Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)StreetwaveSTRA 1897$10holpsvg+/vg++
Alton EdwardsI Just Wanna (Spend Some Time With You)StreetwaveSTRA 1897$6uk m-
Alton EllisAnd I Love HerIslandWIP 6478$25ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg++
Alvin Lee & Co.I'm Writing You A LetterChrysalis6155 039$15norps/green/red logo lblvg+/vg+
Alvin Lee & Co.I'm Writing You A LetterChrysalis6155 039$25norps/green/red logo lblvg++/m-
Alvin Lee Ten Years AfterRide On CowboyPolydor2001 930$10uk m-
Alvin StardustAngel From Hamburger HeavenAriola16395 AT$15swps/solvg++/vg+
Alvin StardustGrowing UpMagnetMAG 88$20ukps/demom-/m-
Alvin StardustJealous MindAriola13176 AT$10gerpsm-/m-
Alvin StardustMy Coo Ca ChooMagnetMAG 1$12ukdemo/wolm-
Alvino ReyThe BatCapitolF 4239$30usdemo/light blue/black lbl/wolvg
AlzoThat's Alright (I Don't Mind It)AmpexX 11052$15usblue/white logo lbl/large lettersm-
AlzoThat's Alright (I Don't Mind It)AmpexX 11052$15usblue/white logo lbl/small lettersm-
Amanda LearEnigma (Give A Bit Of Mmh To Me)Polydor2121 363$12itaps/textured flipback slvvg+/vg+
Amanda LearFabulous Lover Love MeAriola100 899$12gerpsvg+/vg++
Amanda LearFabulous Lover Love MeAriola100 899$10gerpsvg+/vg+
Amanda LearFashion Pack (Studio 54)Ariola100 382$10gerpsvg+/vg+
Amanda LearFashion Pack (Studio 54)Ariola100 382$18gerpsm-/vg++
Amanda LearFeverAriola104 053$18gerpsvg++/vg++
Amanda LearFollow MeAriola11950 AT$15gerpsvg++/vg++
Amanda LearFollow MeAriola11950 AT$12gerpsvg++/vg+
Amanda LearIncredibilmente DonnaAriolaARI 8243$12holpsvg++/vg+
Amanda LearIncredibilmente DonnaAriolaARI 8243$18holps/promo sticker on lbl/slvm-/vg++
Amanda LearLove Your BodyAriola105 240$12gerpsvg+/vg+
Amanda LearNymphomaniaAriola8105$12holpsvg+/vg+
Amanda LearNymphomaniaAriolaARI 8105$15holpsvg++/vg++
Amanda LearQueen Of China-TownAriola11366 AT$10gerps/dh/wocvg+/vg+
Amanda LearSolomon GundleAriola102 223$10gerps/dhvg++/vg
Amanda LearTomorrowPolydor2060 145$12itapsvg+/vg+
Amanda ThigpenMy Baby Loves His Guitar Better Than MeDot45-16196$20usblack/silver/yellow/red/blue logo lblvg+
Amazing George FinkstonKevin BerryTeener45-STU 42214$12dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Amazing George FinkstonKevin BerryTeener45-STU 42214$30dkps/black/silver lbl/wocm-/vg++
Amazing Rhythm AcesThe End Is Not In SightABCABC 4133$8ukblack/silver/rainbow square lbl/solid centrevg++
Amazing Rhythm AcesThe End Is Not In SightABCABC 4133$10ukblack/silver/rainbow square lbl/solid centre/rssm-
Amazing Rhythm AcesThird Rate RomanceABCABC 4066$10uk m-
Amazing SpeedboatsVoodooSilenceZING 129$25swps/press releasevg++/m-
AmazorbladesCommon ThruthChiswickNS 20$30ukps/solid centrem-/m-
AmazorbladesCommon ThruthChiswickNS 20$10uksolid centrevg+
AmazuluCairoTowerbellTOW 35$4fipsm-/m-
AmazuluToo Good To Be ForgottenIslandIS 284$4ukps/palm tree/white/rainbow rim lbl/solid centre/laminated flipback slvvg/vg
Amber HueThe Last Blues SongQCA404$20usyellow lblvg++
Amboy DukesJourney To the Center Of the MindMainstream684$25us m-
Ambros SeelosUn Homme Et Une FemmeSabaSB 3086$20gerps/red lblvg++/vg+
Ambros Seelos OrchesterCsardas v. MontiSemaSM 001/DEL 100$25sw/gerps/red lblvg++/vg+
Ambros Seelos OrkesterMördande TangoSabaSB 3097$18ger/swps/red lblvg+/vg
AmbrosiaHow Can You Love MeWarner BrosK 17933P$10ukpicture discm-
AmbrosiaMagical Mystery Tour20th Century6162 118$10holpsvg/vg
AmbrosiaMagical Mystery Tour20th Century6162 118$12holpsvg+/vg+
AmbrosiaMagical Mystery Tour20th Century6162 118$16holpsm-/m-
Amelie MorinJ'etais Venue Pour Dire BonjourPhilips6010 395$15frapsvg+/vg++
Amen Corner(If Paradise Is) Half As NiceImmediateIM 073$6ukpink/black lbl/4 prong push out centrevg
Amen Corner(If Paradise Is) Half As NiceImmediateIM 073$15ukpink/black lbl/solid centrem-
Amen Corner(If Paradise Is) Half As NiceImmediateIM 24007$10gerwhite/black lblvg+
Amen CornerGet BackImmediateIM 084$12ukpink/black lbl/nocvg+
Amen CornerGin House BluesDeccaF 13634$20ukdemom-
Amen CornerGin House BluesDeccaF 13634$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
Amen CornerGin House BluesDeramDM 136$25ukdemo/light blue/white/lightblue A lblm-
Amen CornerGin House BluesDeramDM 136$30uk/dkps/brown/white lblvg-/vg-
Amen CornerHello SusieImmediate1C006-90310$15gerpsvg+/vg+
Amen CornerHello SusieImmediateIM 081$12ukpink/black lbl/wocvg+
Amen CornerHigh In the SkyDeccaF 13634$10ukbrown/white lblm-
Amen CornerHigh In the SkyDeramDM 197$25ukdemo/light blue/white/lightblue A lblm-
Amen CornerHigh In the SkyDeramDM 197$12ukbrown/white lblvg++
AmericaA Horse With No NameWarner BrosWB 16135$15gerred lblm-
AmericaCalifornia Dreamin'American InternationalAI 700$8uswolvg++
AmericaCalifornia Dreamin'American InternationalAI 700$12us m-
AmericaDaisy JaneWarner BrosWBS 8118$6usboulevard lblvg+
AmericaDon't Cross the RiverWarner BrosWB 7670$15usdemo/white lbl/wolm-
AmericaLonely PeopleWarner BrosWBS 8048$10usps/boulevard lblvg++/vg++
AmericaSister Golden HairWarner BrosWB 16547$15gerps/boulevard lbl/textured slvvg++/vg++
AmericaSister Golden HairWarner BrosWBS 8086$10us m-
AmericaYou Can Do MagicCapitolB-5142$4uspurple/silver lblvg+
American BreedBend Me Shape MeActa45-811$8us vg++
American BreedBend Me Shape MeParamountPARA 303$15ukdemo/grey/black lblvg+
American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideKSS 6$10dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg-
American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideKSS 6$25dkps/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg++/vg+
American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideKSS 6$15dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
American BreedBend Me Shape MeStatesideSS 2078$15ukblack/silver lblvg++
American BreedGreen LightDotDOT 101$40dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg+
American BreedGreen LightDotDOT 101$15dkps/black/silver lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg
American DreamI Ain't Searchin'AmpexX 11001$15usps/blue/white logo lblvg+/vg+
American DreamI Ain't Searchin'AmpexX 11001$20usps/blue/white logo lblvg++/vg++
American SpringShyin' AwayCBS1590$30ukorange lbl/solid centrevg++
American TearsHe Don't Want Your Money (Doctor Abreaction)Columbia3-10095$6usorange/yellow lnl/promo sticker on lblvg+
Ames BrothersIt's Only A Paper MoonRCA Victor61-7365$8gerblack/silver lbl/silver tri centrevg+
Ames BrothersMelodie D'Amour (Melody Of Love)RCA Victor47-7046$10usblack/silver lblvg+
Ames BrothersThe Naughty Lady Of Shady LaneHis Master's Voice7M 281$12ukmauve/gold lblvg
Ames Brothers with Hugo WinterhalerMelodie D'Amour (Melody Of Love)RCA Victor45-RCA 1021$4ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg
Ami AspelundFantasy DreamPolarvoxRPS 153$6finpsvg+/vg+
Ami AspelundFantasy DreamPolarvoxRPS 153$10finpsm-/m-
Ami AspelundFantasy Dream & interview by Frank RobsonPolarvoxRPS 15$50finps/promo onlyvg++/vg++
Amigos De Musica BandSusie QFontanaF 1635$15uslight blue/black lbl/dhvg-
Amii StewartKnock On WoodHansa International100212$8gerps/socvg+/vg+
Amii StewartLight My FireHansa International100 482$8gerps/dhvg+/vg+
AminaLe Dernier Qui A ParlePhilips868 332-7$20frapsm-/m-
Amos Garrett Dough Sahm Gene Taylor BandJust Like A WomanStony PlainSPS 1052$15us vg++
Amos Milburn Jr.Dance Her By Me (One More Time)Le Cam45-974$25uswhite/black lblvg
AmsterdamBlue Steel 44MetronomeB 1738$35dkps/blue 2 tone lblvg++/m-
AmsterdamIndian PipePolydor2050 005$20hol vg+
Amy HollandHow Do I SurviveCapitol1A006-86226$12holps/purple/silver lblvg++/vg+
Amy HollandHow Do I SurviveCapitol1A006-86226$10holps/purple/silver lbl/solvg++/vg+
An Emotional FishCelebrateEast WestYZ 489$10ukpsm-/m-
Ana BelenQue SeraCBS9042$20spaps/promom-/vg++
AnabelaA Cidade (Até Ser Dia)CNR2000 293$25holpsvg++/vg++
AnabelaA Cidade (Até Ser Dia)DiscosseteDSG 918$50porpsm-/m-
AnabelaA Cidade (Até Ser Dia)RM1180407$30belpsm-/vg++
AnacondaBaby Turn Me LooseEpicEPC 1555$75holps/yellow lblm-/m-
AnacondaBaby Turn Me LooseEpicEPC 1555$65holps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
AnacondaBaby Turn Me LooseEpicEPC 1555$50holps/yellow lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Anarchic SystemGenerationDelphine116/64016 Y$10fraps/orange/black lbl/wocvg/vg++
Anarchic SystemLove Oh My Love AmourDelphine64004$8fraps/purple/black lbl/textured slvvg+/m-
Anarchic SystemNana Guili Guili Gouzy GouzyDisc AZ45-1187$12spaps/blue lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Anarchic SystemPop CornBellaphonBF 18114$4gerpurple/silver lblvg-
Anarchic SystemPop CornJokerM 7141$4itablack/silver lblvg
Ancient Beatbox with Sheila ChandraRaining (My Eyes Are Filled With Clouds) (DJ Edit)Cooking VinylFRY 014$6ukps/solid centre/laminated flipback slvm-/vg++
And the LefthandedWalking On MirrorLeftaLEFTA 010$35finpsm-/m-
Andeane (Anneke Konings)Lovers Bye ByeMunichMU 1001$18holps/green/black lbltocvg/vg
Anders F. RönnblomJag Kysste Henne VåldsamtMercury6016 034$40swpsm-/m-
Anders F. Rönnblom & SeskatonLång TidMercury6016 065$12swps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Anders Koppel & Otto BrandenburgPreciosaPolydor2054 143$30dkpsvg++/vg++
Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson med Jytte PilloniHimlen Over DigDR/OlafssongsOSP 007$20dkps/white/black lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Anders Roland & Finn Olafsson med Jytte PilloniHimlen Over DigDR/OlafssongsOSP 007$30dkps/white/black lbl/solid centre/press releasem-/m-
Andre BrasseurEarly BirdPalette/VogueDV 14464 B$15gerps/black/white lblvg+/vg+
Andre BrasseurSaturnusRCA VictorYBPBO 400$25gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Andre BrasseurSaturnusRCA VictorYBPBO 400$20gerps/yellow lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Andre BrasseurSaturnusRCA VictorYBPBO 400$15gerps/yellow lbl/woc/solvg+/vg+
André ClaveauDors Mon AmourPathé45 G 1395$8frared/black lbl/solvg+
Andre WilliamsPoor Mr. SantaNorton69$10uspsm-/m-
Andrea & NicoleLa Prima VoltaOdeon3C006-18143$10itaps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Andrea CarrollIt Hurts To Be SixteenMetronomeB 1567$25dkgreen/turquoise lblvg++
Andrea CarrollSally FoolRCA Victor47-8618$20usblack/silver Nipper lbl/Metric Music promo sticker on lblvg++
Andrea MarcovicciI'm Dreamin'Private StockPVT 172$6ukN.Y. lblvg+
Andrea MarcovicciWhat Is A FriendBellB 894$10ussilver/black lbl/dhvg++
Andrea ParisyL'amour En FrancePhilips6009 242$12fraps/blue/black lblvg/m-
Andrea RobinsonFire And RainProbePRO 541$10ukpink/black lblvg++
Andrew GoldDo Wah DiddyAsylumE-45378$6us m-
Andrew GoldThank You For Being A FriendAsylumE-45456$6uswolm-
Andrew JohnOld Compton Street BluesCBSCBS 8365$25holps/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg+
Andrew JohnOld Compton Street BluesCBSCBS 8365$35holps/orange lbl/textured slvm-/vg++
Andrew JohnOld Compton Street BluesCBSCBS 8365$35holps/orange lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
Andrew JohnStreets Of LondonCBSCBS 7017$12dkorange lblvg++
Andrew JohnStreets Of LondonCBSCBS 7017$30dkps/orange lblm-/m-
Andrew JohnStreets Of LondonCBSCBS 7017$25dkps/orange lblvg++/m-
Andrew JohnStreets Of LondonCBSCBS 7017$20dkps/orange lbl/lyrics on black background back slvvg+/vg++
Andrew JohnStreets Of LondonCBSCBS 7017$20dkps/orange lbl/lyrics on white background back slvvg/m-
Andrew JohnThe Great Kansas HymnCBSCBS S 7682$25uk/dkps/orange lbl/solid centrevg+/vg++
Andrew JohnThe Great Kansas HymnCBSCBS S 7682$40uk/dkps/orange lblm-/m-
Andrew JohnThe Great Kansas HymnCBSCBS S 7682$30uk/dkps/orange lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Andrew JohnThe Great Kansas HymnCBSCBS S 7682$18uk/dkps/orange lbl/solid centre/wolvg+/vg+
Andrew JohnThe Great Kansas HymnCBSCBS S 7682$25uk/dkps/orange lbl/4 prong push out centrevg+/vg++
Andrew JohnThe Great Kansas HymnCBSS-7682$25ukwhite lbl test pressing with handwritten details/solid centrevg+
Andrew JohnThree Score And TenBasf05-15278-7$20dkps/red/black lblvg+/vg++
Andrew JohnThree Score And TenBasf05-15278-7$25dkps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
Andrew JohnTooth For ToothStarboxSX 1119$30norps/white/blue/gold lblm-/vg+
Andrew John & LissaGlemmer DuLast ResortLRS 005$30dkps/press rel.m-/m-
Andrew John & LissaSensible ShoesLast ResortLRS 003$20dkps/black/silver lblvg+/m-
Andrew John & LissaSensible ShoesLast ResortLRS 003$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Andrew John & LissaVed KajenLast ResortLRS 004$30dkps/press rel.m-/m-
Andrew John & Lissa BandValentinoPopulær MusikPM 1906$18dkps/brown lbl/solid centrevg+/vg+
Andrew Lloyd WebberVariation 16MCA40866$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Andrew Oldham Orchestra365 Rolling Stones (One For Every Day Of the Year)DeccaF 11878$75ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/sample sticker on lbl/nocvg++
Andrews SistersBei Mir Bist Du SchönMCA32025$10gerpsm-/m-
Andrews SistersBoogie WithMCAMCA 829$8ukps/clouds/rainbow lbl/solid centre/flipback slvvg+/vg++
Andrews SistersOne Two Three FourKappK 2023$30dkps/maroon/silver lblvg++/vg++
Andy & David WilliamsBaby LoveMCAMCS 6505$12gerps/black/silver/blue/rainbow lblvg/vg
Andy & David WilliamsWhat's Your NamePhilips6000 145$15holps/blue/black lbl/rssvg++/vg++
Andy & the IslandersI Don't Wanna KnowAriola18 160 AT$20gerred/white logo lblvg-
Andy ArthursI Can Detect You (For 1000.000 Miles)TDSTDS 3$20ukpsm-/m-
Andy CaltecksBig Hat OnEMIEMI 1382$10aus m-
Andy CameronAlly's Tartan ArmyKlubKLUB 03$4ukwhite/red lbl/solid centrevg
Andy Fairweather LowChampagne MelodyA&M16688$12gerps/silver lblvg++/vg++
Andy Fairweather LowChampagne MelodyA&MAMS 7214$6uksilver lbl/solid centrem-
Andy Fairweather LowLa BoogaroogaA&M1752-S$10ussilver lblm-
Andy Fairweather LowLa BoogaroogaA&MAMS 7192$15ukdemo white lbl/handwritten details on lblm-
Andy Fairweather LowReggae TuneA&MAMS 7129$6uk m-
Andy Fairweather LowTravellin' LightA&MAMS 7248$6uksilver lbl/solid centrem-
Andy FisherMr. CannibalSonetT 7676$30swps/red/orange lblm-/m-
Andy FisherMr. CannibalVogueBV 14578$15gerps/red/white lblvg/vg
Andy FisherWalter WalterVogueDV 14990$6gerred/white lblvg+
Andy FisherWhe Really Wants ItVogueDV 14786$4gerred/white lbl/promo stamped lblvg-
Andy ForrayLet the Sun Shine InFontanaTF 999$40uk vg++
Andy Gibb Me (Without You)RSO2090 513$10gerpsm-/vg++
Andy Gibb Time Is TimeRSO2090 518$12gerpsm-/m-
Andy Gibb & Olivia Newton-JohnI Can't Help ItRSO2090 438$15gerpsvg++/m-
Andy Gibb & Victoria PrincipalAll I Have To Do Is DreamRSO2090 565$12gerpsvg+/m-
Andy Gibb & Victoria PrincipalAll I Have To Do Is DreamRSO2090 565$15gerpsm-/m-
Andy KimBaby I Love YouSteed45-716$8us vg+
Andy KimHow'd We Ever Get This WaySteed45-707$4us vg
Andy KimI've Been MovedDot734$6ukblack lbl c/o/sol/lyric sheetvg
Andy KimLove That Little WomanParamountPARA 3009$20dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Andy KimOh Pretty WomanCapitolCL 15868$10ukred lblm-
Andy KimOh Pretty WomanCapitolCL 15868$6ukred lbl/wolvg++
Andy KimSo Good TogetherSteed45-720$4us vg
Andy MackayA Song Of FriendshipBronzeBRO 64$15ukdemo/brown A lblm-
Andy MackayRide Of the ValkyriesIslandWIP 6197$20ukpink rim lblm-
Andy MackayWild WeekendIslandWIP 6243$15ukdemo/pink rim lblm-
Andy Nevison & his Rhythm MastersMailman BluesColumbiaC 23271$25gerps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
Andy PaulAnna Mari EleneTelaeg619918$20gerps/white/brown lblvg+/vg+
Andy PrattAvenging AnnieEpic1538$10ukyellow lblm-
Andy PrattSome Things Go On ForeverNemperorNE 008$6us vg++
Andy RobertsHome GrownAmpex X 11040$8usblue/white logo lblvg+
Andy ScottLady StarlightRCA VictorRCA 2929$25gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
Andy StewartTunes Of GloryTop RankJAR 565$8ukred/white lblm-
Andy WhiteVision Of YouDeccaF 101$18ukps/silver/black lbl/solid centrem-/m-
Andy Williams(Where Do I Begin) Love StoryCBS7020$10ukorange lbl/nocm-
Andy Williams(Where Do I Begin) Love StoryCBS7020$6ukorange lbl/solid centrevg+
Andy WilliamsA Woman's WayCBS4622$15holps/orange lblvg+/vg++
Andy WilliamsAlmost ThereCBS201813$20nor/dkps/orange lblvg++/vg++
Andy WilliamsAquarius/Let the Sunshine InCBSCBS 4887$18norps/orange lblvg++/m-
Andy WilliamsButterflyLondon45-HLA 8399$15ukblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Andy WilliamsButterflyLondon45-HLA 8399$15ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg-
Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing YouCBSAAG 138$10nor/dktextured orange lblvg++
Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing YouCBSAAG 138$10nor/dkps/textured orange lblvg/vg
Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing YouCBSAAG 138$15nor/dkps/textured orange lbl/soc/wocvg+/vg+
Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing YouCBSAAG 138$8nor/dkps/textured orange lbl/woc/nocvg/vg-
Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing YouColumbia4-42674$8usdemo/white/red lbl/wolvg
Andy WilliamsCan't Get Used To Losing YouColumbia4-42674$20usps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off YouCBS3298$4ukorange lbl/wolvg
Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off YouCBSCBS 3298$10nororange lblm-
Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off YouCBSCBS 3298$15norps/orange lblvg+/m-
Andy WilliamsCan't Take My Eyes Off YouCBSCBS 3298$18norps/orange lblvg++/m-
Andy WilliamsCharadeColumbia4-42950$8usorange/black lblvg++
Andy WilliamsDon't You Believe ItCBSAAG 116$10nor/dkps/textured orange lbl/flipback slvvg/vg
Andy WilliamsHappy HeartCBS4062$10ukorange lblm-
Andy WilliamsHome Lovin' ManCBSS 5267$8ukorange lbl/solid centrevg++
Andy WilliamsI Like Your Kind Of LoveCadence1323$4usred/silver lbl/wolvg
Andy WilliamsI Like Your Kind Of LoveLondon45-HLA 8437$20ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg
Andy WilliamsI Like Your Kind Of LoveLondon45-HLA 8437$35ukblack/silver lbl/tri centrevg+
Andy WilliamsI Like Your Kind Of LoveLondon45-HLA 8437$40ukblack/silver lbl/tri centre/solvg++
Andy WilliamsI Like Your Kind Of LoveLondon45-HLA 8437$30ukblack/silver lbl/tri centre/wolvg+
Andy WilliamsLast Tango In ParisCBSCBS 1366$12holps/orange lblvg/vg+
Andy WilliamsLonely StreetCadence1370$10usred/silver lblm-
Andy WilliamsLonely StreetHeliodor45-3052$20dkps/black/gold/pink lblvg++/vg+
Andy WilliamsLove Theme from the GodfatherCBS7976$20holps/orange lblm-/m-
Andy WilliamsLove Theme from the GodfatherCBS7976$15holps/orange lblvg+/m-
Andy WilliamsLoved OneColumbia4-43358$6usred/black lblvg+
Andy WilliamsMusic To Watch Girls ByCBS2675$25dkps/orange lblvg+/vg++
Andy WilliamsQuiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado)Columbia4-43456$10usdemo/white/red lblvg+
Andy WilliamsSadCBS5867$15ukdemo/light blue/red A lblm-
Andy WilliamsScarborough Fair/CanticleCBS3713$10nororange lblm-
Andy WilliamsSpeak Softly LoveCBSS 7976$12gerorange lbl/solvg++
Andy WilliamsSweet MemoriesCBSCBS 4818$18norps/orange lbl/blue slvvg+/vg+
Andy WilliamsThe Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au)HeliodorHE 45-3022$20dkps/pink/white/blue lblm-/vg++
Andy WilliamsThe House Of BambooCadence1358$10usred/silver lblvg
Andy WilliamsThe House Of BambooCadence1358$18usred/silver lblvg++
Andy WilliamsThe Peking Theme So Little TimeCBSAAG 147$10nor/dkps/textured orange lbl/flipback slvvg/vg
Andy WilliamsThe Peking Theme So Little TimeCBSAAG 147$18nor/dkps/textured orange lbl/flipback slv/wocvg++/vg++
Andy WilliamsThe Village Of St.BernadetteCadence1374$10usred/silver lblvg+
Andy WilliamsYou AreColumbia4-44929$10usred/black lbl/demo stamped lblm-
Andy Williams & St. Charles Borromeo ChoirBattle Hymn Of the RepublicColumbia4-44650$20usps/Bobby Kennedy on slv/red lblvg+/vg+
AnetteAlice's RestaurantTriolaTD 398$25dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
AnetteAlice's RestaurantTriolaTD 398$15dkps/blue/white lbl/rssvg++/vg+
AnetteHold Dig Til HelleTriolaTD 352$12dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg
AnetteHold Dig Til HelleTriolaTD 352$20dkps/blue/white lbl/solvg++/vg++
AnetteJeg Er Godt TilpasTriolaTD 393$20dkps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
AnetteJeg Er Godt TilpasTriolaTD 393$20dkps/blue/white lblvg+/m-
AnetteJeg Ka' Godt Li' Æbler (Aimez-vous Les Pommes)TriolaTD 296$18dkps/blue/white lblvg+/m-
AnetteKan Du Li' Mig (The First Night Of the Full Moon)TriolaTD 247$25dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
AnetteKan Du Li' Mig (The First Night Of the Full Moon)TriolaTD 247$10dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg+/vg
AnetteKlods Hans (Gina)TriolaTD 505$25dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
AnetteMelodien Kan FindesTriolaTD 297$50dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
AnetteMelodien Kan FindesTriolaTD 297$70dkps/blue/white lblvg++/m-
AnetteMelodien Kan FindesTriolaTD 297$60dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg++/vg++
AnetteMin Student Fra Upsala (Ein Student Aus Uppsala)TriolaTD 377$20dkps/blue/white lblvg++/m-
AnetteMister RockefellerTriolaTD 390$15dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
AnetteMister RockefellerTriolaTD 390$20dkps/blue/white lblvg+/m-
AnetteMød Mig I Nat På MånenTriolaTD 384$18dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
AnetteMød Mig I Nat På MånenTriolaTD 384$15dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg+/vg++
AnetteVandmanden Og Fisken (Wassermann Und Fisch)TriolaTD 504$15dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg+
AnetteWhat About MeTriolaTD 219$30dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg-/vg+
AnetteWhat About MeTriolaTD 219$35dkps/blue/white lbl/wocvg/vg+
Anette Sig 'Si Si' (Say Si Si)TriolaTD 541$20dkps/green/black lblvg++/m-
Anette & MogensJohnny Is My GuyTriolaTD 256$50dkps/blue/white lblvg++/vg++
Anette & MogensJohnny Is My GuyTriolaTD 256$40dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
Anette & MogensKarl-Emil (Prima O Poi)TriolaTD 276$25dkps/blue/white lbl/noc/woc/wolvg/vg+
Anette BlegvadDet Var En God TidTriolaTD 521$15dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
Anette BlegvadDu Har Min SympatiTriolaTD 533$25dkps/blue/white lblm-/m-
Anette BlegvadPrøv Og SmilTriolaTD 529$18dkps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
Anette BlegvadSig 'Si Si' (Say Si Si)TriolaTD 541$18dkps/green/black lblvg+/m-
Anette BlegvadSylviaTriolaTD 523$25dkps/blue/white lbl"Da-Dam-Da" B-sidevg++/m-
Anette BlegvadSylviaTriolaTD 523$20dkps/blue/white lbl/"Da-Dam-Da" B-side/nocvg++/m-
Anette BlegvadSylviaTriolaTD 523$15dkps/blue/white lbl/"Da-Dam-Da" B-side/B-side title sticker on slv/socvg+/vg++
Anette Blegvad & Rico KvintettenKærlighedens UrværkCaliforniaC 291$18dkps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg+/m-
Anette FaaborgFisken JosefinePolydorEPS 128$18nor/dkps/laminated slvvg++/vg+
Anette KayKom Når Du Vil (I'm Telling You Know)TriolaTD 206$20dkps/blue/white lblvg++/vg+
AngelLittle Boy BlueFly2016 077$40gerpsvg/vg+
AngelThe Angel And the StrangerDeccaF 13474$15ukdemo/blue/white lbl/wolvg++
Angel Corpus Christi(Li'l) Surfer GirlNext Big ThingNBT 4525$30eecps/demom-/m-
Angel Corpus ChristiCandyAlmoPRO-S-4726$15canps/demom-/m-
Angel Corpus ChristiPull GirlA&R/EntSL 007$30usps/2 insertsm-/m-
Angel Corpus Christi & Dean Wareham & Alan VegaJe T'Aime (Wanna Boogie With You)Via SatelliteVSAT 1966$50ukps/stickered pvc slv/postcardm-/m-
Angel Corpus Christi with Dean WarehamYouEmma's House EHR 004$25usps/clear red vinyl/insert/#184 of 200m-/m-
AngelaGuantanameraAmadeo InternationalAVRS 21367$20aupsvg+/vg+
AngelaGuantanameraAmadeo InternationalAVRS 21367$25aupsvg++/vg++
Angela CarrascoQuererte A TiAriola100 360$10spaps/grey/black lblvg++/vg
Angela Durand & die Nilsen BrothersDie Cowboys Von Der Silver RanchElectrolaE 21543$20gerps/red/white logo lbl/wocvg+/vg+
AngelettesDon't Let Him Touch YouDeccaF 13284$40uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lblm-/m-
AngelettesDon't Let Him Touch YouDeccaF 13284$35uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lblm-/vg++
AngelettesDon't Let Him Touch YouDeccaF 13284$30uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lblvg++/vg++
AngelettesDon't Let Him Touch YouDeccaF 13284$20uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lbl/wocvg+/vg+
AngelettesDon't Let Him Touch YouDeccaFR 13284$12ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg+
AngelettesI SurrenderMooncrestMOON 35$10uk vg++
Angelic UpstartsEnglandZonophoneZ 12$25ukpsm-/m-
Angelic UpstartsI'm An UpstartWarner BrosK 17354$10ukclear green vinylvg+
Angelic UpstartsI'm An UpstartWarner BrosK 17354$4ukcream lbl/solid centrevg-
Angelina ButlerKeep On Keepin' That ManCoBurtCB 100$35usdemo/white/black lblm-
AngeliquesLilla MammaCupolCS 231$25swpsg/m-
AngeliquesLilla MammaCupolCS 231$35swpsvg/m-
AngeloDen Lille BroJacks RecordsBR 1078$30dkps/white/black lbl/solid centrem-/m-
AngelsCry Baby CryCaprice112$10usblack/silver lblvg
AngelsDon't Waste My TimeMushroomK 80$10aussolid centrem-
AngelsLittle Beatle BoySmashS-1885$12usred/black lbl/dhvg+
AngelsMy Boyfriend's BackPhilips320 164 BF$10norblack/silver lblvg
AngelsMy Boyfriend's BackSmashS-1834$6usred/black lblvg
AngelsThank You And GoodnightSmashS-1854$6usred/black lblvg+
Angels of IslingtonWe Want A Superstar For ChristmasDeccaF 13614$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
Angels One-FiveToodyPye7N 45227$10ukblue/black top lblm-
AngiePeppermint LumpStiffBUY 51$12ukpsm-/m-
Angie PepperFrozen WorldCitadelCIT 005$25auspsm-/m-
Angie PepperFrozen WorldCitadelCIT 005$20auspsvg++/m-
Ania SandigDu TænkerEMI1395467$30holps/rssvg++/vg++
Anicia BanksI Want To Thank You JahAshandan $25jam vg++
Anima/Kenneth KnudsenStripteaseSonetT 7291$25swps/white/orange/yellow lblvg++/m-
Anima/Kenneth KnudsenStripteaseSonetT 7291$20swps/white/orange/yellow lblvg++/vg++
Animal MagicStandard ManRecreationalSPORT 8$10frapsm-/m-
AnimalsBaby Let Me Take You HomeColumbiaDB 7247$15swblack/silver lblvg+
AnimalsBaby Let Me Take You HomeColumbiaDB 7247$15uk vg+
AnimalsBoom BoomMGMK 13298$20usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
AnimalsBring It On Home To MeColumbiaDB 7539$10dkps//black/silver lbl/flipback slv/wocvg-/vg-
AnimalsBring It On Home To MeColumbiaDB 7539$12dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg-/vg-
AnimalsBring It On Home To MeColumbiaDB 7539$10ukblack/silver lblvg+
AnimalsDon't Bring Me DownDeccaF 12407$4ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
AnimalsDon't Bring Me DownMGMK 13514$2usblack/silver/rainbow logo lbl/dhg
AnimalsDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodColumbiaDB 7445$8ukblack/silver lblvg
AnimalsI'm CryingColumbiaDB 7354$20dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slv/nocvg/vg
AnimalsI'm CryingColumbiaDB 7354$18ukblack/silver lblvg++
AnimalsI'm CryingColumbiaDB 7354$15ukblack/silver lblvg+
AnimalsInside Looking OutDeccaF 12332$30ukblue/silver curved logo lblm-
AnimalsInside Looking OutDeccaF 12332$25ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
AnimalsInside Looking OutDeccaF 12332$35uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lbl/wocvg+/vg+
AnimalsIt's My LifeColumbiaDB 7741$40dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
AnimalsIt's My LifeColumbiaDB 7741$10ukblack/silver lblvg+
AnimalsThe House Of the Rising SunColumbiaDB 7301$35norps/green/silver lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
AnimalsThe House Of the Rising SunColumbiaDB 7301$40norps/green/silver lbl/flipback slv/solvg+/vg++
AnimalsThe House Of the Rising SunColumbiaDB 7301$30ukblack/silver lblvg++
AnimalsThe House Of the Rising SunColumbiaDB 7301$20ukblack/silver lblvg+
AnimalsThe House Of the Rising SunColumbiaDB 7301$40uk/swps/black/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
AnimalsThe NightIllegal3670$6holpsm-/m-
AnimalsWe've Gotta Get Out Of This PlaceColumbiaDB 7639$18ukblack/silver lblvg++
AnimalsWe've Gotta Get Out Of This PlaceColumbiaDB 7639$50dkps/black/silver lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
AnimalsWe've Gotta Get Out Of This PlaceMGMK 13382$15usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg++
AnimotionObsessionMercuryMS 76230$4canblue/white lblvg+
Anisette & Dandy SwingersStay With Me BabyPolydorXM 62088$30nor/dkpsvg+/vg++
AnitaEinfach WegLemon118011$25gerpsm-/vg++
Anita & th' So-And-So'sRinky Tinky RhythmRCA Victor47-7974$15usblack/silver Nipper lbl/wolvg++
Anita BryantMy Little Corner Of the WorldLondon45-HLL 9171$8uknocvg+
Anita BryantMy Little Corner Of the WorldLondon45-HLL 9171$18uk/dkpsvg/vg++
Anita BryantPaper RosesCarlton528$6usbrown lblvg+
Anita BryantPaper RosesEric180$8usblack/red lblm-
Anita BryantPaper RosesLondon45-HL 9114$12dkpsvg/vg+
Anita BryantPaper RosesLondon45-HL 9114$25dkpsm-/m-
Anita BryantPaper RosesLondon45-HL 9114$18dkpsvg+/vg++
Anita BryantPaper RosesLondon45-HL 9114$6dkblack/silver lblvg+
Anita BryantPaper RosesLondon45-HL 9114$10uk/dkpsvg/vg
Anita BryantStep By Step Little By LittleColumbia4-42257$10canmaroon/silver 4 eye lblvg++
Anita BryantStep By Step Little By LittleColumbia4-42257$4usred/black 1 eye lblvg
Anita BryantThe Wedding (La Novia)Philips322 807 BF$18uk/dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Anita BryantTill There Was YouCarlton512$12usbrown lblvg++
Anita HarrisAnniversary WaltzCBS3211$15nororange lblm-
Anita HarrisAnniversary WaltzCBS3211$12ukorange lblvg++
Anita HarrisDream A Little Dream Of MeCBS3637$15ukorange lblm-
Anita HarrisDream A Little Dream Of MeCBSCBS 3637$25norps/orange lblvg+/vg++
Anita HarrisJust Loving YouCBS2724$15nor/dkps/orange lblvg/vg++
Anita HarrisJust Loving YouCBS2724$25nor/dkps/orange lblm-/m-
Anita HarrisJust Loving YouCBS2724$20nor/dkps/orange lblvg++/vg++
Anita HarrisJust Loving YouCBS2724$18nor/dkps/orange lblvg++/vg+
Anita HarrisJust Loving YouCBS2724$12ukorange lblm-
Anita HarrisJust Loving YouColumbia4-44236$15usdemo/white/red lblvg++
Anita HarrisLoving YouCBS4157$15ukdemo/white/black/large orange A lblm-
Anita HarrisThe PlaygroundCBSCBS 2991$50norps/textured orange lblm-/m-
Anita HarrisThe PlaygroundCBSCBS 2991$25norps/textured orange lbl/wolvg+/vg
Anita HegerlandEn Sån Dag (Ricodano Con Tenerezza)Karusell2108 012$20nor/swps/red/black lblvg++/vg++
Anita HegerlandEn Sån Dag (Ricodano Con Tenerezza)Karusell2108 012$10nor/swps/red/black lblvg/vg
Anita HegerlandIt's Too LatePolydor2121 430$25gerpsvg++/m-
Anita HegerlandIt's Too LatePolydor2121 430$20gerpsvg++/vg++
Anita Kerr & the Anita Kerr SingersWine In the WindWarner Bros7211$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
Anita Kerr & the Anita Kerr SingersWine In the WindWarner Bros7211$12usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Anita LindblomBeatles Bossa NovaFontana271 245 TF$15norblue/silver lblvg+
Anita LindblomCharlie (Norman)Fontana271 204 TF$18dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
Anita LindblomCharlie (Norman)Fontana271 204 TF$20dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Anita LindblomCharlie (Norman)Fontana271 204 TF$10dkps/black/silver lbl/woc/wolvg/vg+
Anita LindblomCharlie (Norman)Fontana271 204 TF$15sw/dkps/blue/silver lblvg/vg+
Anita LindblomCigarettesFontana271 220 TF$15gerpsvg/vg
Anita LindblomDet Är Den Store Kärleken (My Elusive Dreams)CBSCBS 4235$20swps/orange lblvg++/vg++
Anita LindblomDet Är Den Store Kärleken (My Elusive Dreams)CBSCBS 4235$12swps/orange lblvg/vg+
Anita LindblomEn KarusellCBSS 8034$10sworange lblvg
Anita LindblomJa Det Var Då (Those Were the Days)CBSCBS 3360$75swps/orange lblvg++/vg++
Anita LindblomJag Lever För Dej (The Love Of A Boy)Fontana271 228 TF$30dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Anita LindblomJalousie (Tango Jalousie)CBS2367$18swpsvg/vg++
Anita LindblomKring De Små Husen I Gränderna Vid Hamnen (Unter Der Roten Laterne Von St. Pauli)CBSCBS 2798$15norps/orange lblvg+/m-
Anita LindblomKring De Små Husen I Gränderna Vid Hamnen (Unter Der Roten Laterne Von St. Pauli)CBSCBS 2798$10norps/orange lblvg/vg+
Anita LindblomKring De Små Husen I Gränderna Vid Hamnen (Unter Der Roten Laterne Von St. Pauli)CBSCBS 2798$12swps/orange lblvg+/vg+
Anita LindblomLass Die Liebe Aus Dem Speil (You Can Have Him)Fontana271 203 TF$12gerpsvg+/vg
Anita LindblomMinns Du Den GångenCBS2796$12swps/orange lblvg-/vg++
Anita LindblomMinns Du Den GångenCBSCBS 2796$12norps/orange lblvg/vg+
Anita LindblomMinns Du Den GångenCBSCBS 2796$15norps/orange lbl/misspelled song title on lbl & slvvg/vg++
Anita LindblomSän't Är Livet (You Can Have Her)Fontana271 201 TF$10dkps/black/silver lblvg-/vg+
Anita LindblomSän't Är Livet (You Can Have Her)Fontana271 201 TF$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Anita LindblomSän't Är Livet (You Can Have Her)Fontana271 201 TF$15dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg++
Anita LindblomSån't Är Livet (You Can Have Her) Fontana271 201 TF$12dkps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Anita LindblomSixteen TonsClub TrocaderoH 680$20swps/silver/black lbl/solid centre/textured slvvg+/vg++
Anita LindblomSmå Små Bubblor (Tiny Bubbles)CBSCBS 4978$20swps/orange lblm-/vg++
Anita LindblomTa' Ett Snälltåg Till Himlen (Night Train To Memphis)Fontana271 208 TF$25swps/blue/silver lbl/laminated slvvg+/vg+
Anita LindblomUptownFontana267 223 TF$35dkps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
Anita LindblomUptownFontana267 223 TF$30dkps/blue/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg++
Anita LindblomUptownFontana267 223 TF$20dkps/blue/silver lbl/wol/tocvg/vg++
Anita LindblomVintervän (Winterlude)CBSCBS 4986$10sworange lblvg++
Anita LindblomVintervän (Winterlude)CBSCBS 4986$20swps/orange lblm-/vg++
Anita LindblomVintervän (Winterlude)CBSCBS 4986$12swps/orange lblvg/vg+
Anita SkorganOliverEMI6C006-62597$18sw/dkpsvg+/vg+
Anita SkorganOliverEMI6C006-62597$20sw/dkpsm-/vg+
Anita SkorganOliverEMI6C006-62597$30sw/dkpsm-/m-
Anita SkorganOliverEMI6C006-62597$20sw/dkpsvg+/m-
Anita SkorganOliverEMI6C006-62597$12sw/dkps/noc/sol/socvg/vg
Anita SkorganOliverEMI6C006-62597$15sw/dkps/solvg+/vg+
Anita SkorganOliverEMI6C006-62597$18sw/dkps/brown/red logo lblvg/vg++
Anita SkorganOliverSnowflakeCLS 1002$45norpsm-/vg++
Anita SkorganOliver (English Version)EMI6C006-62597$8swbrown/black/red logo lblvg++
Anita SkorganThink Of Me ForeverRCA VictorYNPB 510$35norps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
Anita SkorganThink Of Me ForeverRCA VictorYNPB 510$40norps/yellow lbl/dhvg++/vg+
Anita WilsonBahama BoyPolydorNH 23979$30dkps/wocvg++/vg++
Ann BridgeforthLost A Lover (Need A Friend)CelebrationCEL 2066X$6canblack/silver lblvg
Ann CarlbergerThe CrowdMNWMNWS 141$25swwhite lbl test pressingm-
Ann ChristyJ'aurais Voulu T'ecrireColumbiaDCB 86$25belps/green/black lbl/promo stamped slv/lblvg+/vg+
Ann ChristySecret LoveMintCHEW 8$10ukgreen 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg++
Ann HagginRose Of the WaterfrontPody101.$10uswhite/black lblvg
Ann LizaDer Er Solskin I Mit HjertePolydor2054 074$18nor/dkpsvg+/vg++
Ann LizaDer Er Solskin I Mit HjertePolydor2054 074$30nor/dkps/press release in Danishm-/m-
Ann LizaEn Stjerne Der Falder Retur Til Dig (La Premiere Etoile)OdeonDK 1699$25dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Ann LizaEn Stjerne Der Falder Retur Til Dig (La Premiere Etoile)OdeonDK 1699$18dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Ann LizaJeg Vil Så Gerne Nå Ham (I Don't Know How To Love Him)Philips6019 069$20nor/dkps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
Ann LizaSpar Dame (Dark Lady)Polydor2054 110$18nor/dkpsvg/vg++
Ann LizaTeddybjørnen FrederiksenPolydor2054 029$15norpsvg++/vg+
Ann LouiseKärleken LeverGlenDiscHGP 155$8sw vg++
Ann SteelMy TimeStrand612 680$25gerpsvg++/vg++
Ann SteelMy TimeStrand612 680$30gerpsm-/m-
Ann SylvanIf You've Got A HeartPolydorXM 62052$30nor/dkpsvg++/vg++
Ann TholstedHvorfor Si'e Farvel (Comment Te Dire Adieu) TriolaTD 388$40dkpsm-/m-
Ann TholstedMaster JackTriolaTD 361$35dkps/white/blue lblvg++/m-
Ann TholstedMaster JackTriolaTD 361$40dkps/white/blue lblm-/m-
Ann TholstedMaster JackTriolaTD 361$30dkps/white/blue lblvg++/vg++
Ann WilliamsonBaby BlueMintCHEW 81$8ukblue 2 tone lbl/solid centrevg+
AnnaLike They Do In the MoviesRCA VictorRCA 101$18swps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Anna IdenticiQuando M'innamoroAristonAR 0242$12itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg+
Anna IdenticiQuando M'innamoroAristonAR 0242$15itaps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Anna MarinelliLa Dolce VitaRCA Victor57-5507$12canblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
Anna VishyLove Is A Lonely WeekendCBS2364$15holpsvg++/vg
Annabel Tell HimA&MAMS 8230$6ukpsvg++/vg++
Annabel LambOnce BittenA&MAMS 9280$8holpsm-/m-
Annabel LambThe Ghost Of YouMetronome887 840-7$18gerps/pink/black lblm-/vg++
Annabel LambThe Ghost Of YouMetronome887 840-7$10gerps/pink/black lbl/socvg+/vg++
Anna-LenaJag Vill TroMetronomeJ 45-772$15swps/green 2 tone lbl/nocvg+/m-
Anna-LenaLyckliga Gatan (Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck)MetronomeJ 45-760$12norps/green 2 tone lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Anna-LenaLyckliga Gatan (Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck)MetronomeJ 45-760$15swps/green 2 tone lblvg+/m-
Anna-LenaLyckliga Gatan (Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck)MetronomeJ 45-760$25swps/green 2 tone lblm-/m-
Anna-LenaLyckliga Gatan (Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck)MetronomeJ 45-760$20swps/green 2 tone lblvg++/m-
Anna-LenaLyckliga Gatan (Il Ragazzo Della Via Gluck)MetronomeJ 45-760$10swps/green 2 tone lblvg-/vg++
Anna-LenaMåndag Måndag (Monday Monday)MetronomeJ 45-746$15swps/green 2 tone lblvg/m-
Anna-Lena LöfgrenLyckanMetronomeJ 45-757$25swps/green/turquoise lblvg+/vg++
Anna-Lena LöfgrenTänk Om Den Känslan Försvann (After the Feeling Is Gone)MetronomeJ 27084$20swps/green 2 tone lblvg++/m-
Anna-Lena LöfgrenVärför Alla Dessa Frågor (Temma Harbour)MetronomeJ 27062$20swps/green 2 tone lblm-/m-
Ann-Charlott GenslerI Only Want To Be With YouAGAG 1001$20swpsm-/m-
Ann-Christine HedmarkAlla Behöver En Vän IblandKarusellKFF 767$20swps/red/black lblvg+/m-
Anne & TearsLysetArtistA-45-10102$45dkps/orange/purple lblvg+/vg++
Anne Cathrine & DrengeneEn Lille MelodiPineapplePINE 8701$12dkps/yellow/black lblvg++/vg++
Anne Cathrine & DrengeneEn Lille MelodiPineapplePINE 8701$10dkps/yellow/black lblvg+/vg++
Anne ChristyCould It Be HappinessPolarPOS 1208$25sw vg+
Anne ChristyCould It Be HappinessPolarPOS 1208$30sw vg++
Anne KarinGi' Naturen En ChanceHarlekinHMS 1361$18holpsm-/vg++
Anne KarinNår Man Kun Er 18 ÅrEMI6C006-39418$15dkpsvg+/vg+
Anne Karine StrømMata HariStarboxSX 1128$95norpsm-/vg++
Anne LerskovLængselTubaTUSP 509$20swps/solid centre/promo sticker on slv/socvg++/vg+
Anne LönnbergLe Silence Apres le CriPolydor2056 628$15fraps/wocvg++/vg++
Anne Marie B.Frere JacquesPathé2C006-14408$12fraps/red lblm-/vg++
Anne Marie B.Frere JacquesPathé2C006-14408$15fraps/red lblm-/m-
Anne Marie DavidJe Suis L'Enfant SoleilPolydor2056 778$20frapsm-/m-
Anne Marie DavidJe Suis L'Enfant SoleilSonetT 7969$25swps/red/orange lblvg++/m-
Anne Marie DavidTu Te ReconnaitrasEpicEPC 1353$18holps/yellow lblvg++/m-
Anne Marie DavidTu Te ReconnaitrasEpicEPC 1353$12holps/yellow lbl/nocvg+/vg++
Anne MurrayAre You Still In Love With MeCapitolP-B-44005$15usps/demo/white/black lblvg++/m-
Anne MurrayCotton JennyCapitol6C006-81086$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Anne MurrayCould I Have This DanceCapitol4920$10usps/purple/silver lblvg++/m-
Anne MurrayJust One LookCapitolCL 15794$10ukdemo/red lbl/release date stamped on lblvg++
Anne MurrayRobbie's SongCapitol1C006-81190$10gerps/red/orange target lblm-/vg++
Anne MurraySnowbirdCapitol6C006-82032$25dkps/red lblm-/m-
Anne MurraySnowbirdCapitolCL 15654$20dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg++
Anne MurrayThingsCapitolCL 15894$25uk/dkps/red lblm-/vg++
Anne MurrayWhat About MeCapitol4E006-81454$18swps/red lblm-/vg+
Anne og TearsLysetArtistA-45 10102$45dkpsvg++/m-
Anne og TearsLysetArtistA-45 10102$40dkps/wocvg++/m-
Anne PigalleHé StrangerZTTCERT 1$8ukps/solid centre/laminated flipback slvvg+/vg+
Anne PigalleHé StrangerZTTCERT 1$10ukps/solid centre/laminated flipback slvvg++/vg+
Anne SheltonCross Over the BridgeHis Master's Voice7M 197$30ukmauve/gold lblm-
Anne SheltonCross Over the BridgeHis Master's Voice7M 197$15ukmauve/gold lblvg
Anne SheltonHurry HomePhilips45-PB 878$8ukblue/silver lblvg
Anne SylvestreLettre Ouverte Á EliseSylvestre668 001$25fraps/green lbl/laminated slvvg+/vg++
Anne WaldmanUh-Oh Plutonium!Hyacinth Girls MusicHG 001$50usps/press rel.m-/m-
Anneke GrönlohDas Leben Kann Schön SeinPhilips327 530 JF$15holps/red/silver lblvg+/vg+
AnneliSå Vill Jag ÄlskaLektyr Love $15swpink/black lbl/solid centrevg
Anneli SaaristoLa Dolce VitaFifty FiftyFFS 1003$50finpsm-/m-
Anne-Lie RydéÄnnu En Förlorad Dag (Anyone Who Had A Heart)EMI1361757$10swps/grey/purple lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Anne-Lie RydéAnsikte Mot AnsikteEMI1362157$10swps/white/black lblvg++/vg++
Anne-MetteBoom Bang-A-BangTriolaTN 548$30dkps/blue/white lbl/wolvg+/vg++
AnnetteHow Will I Know My LoveDisneylandF 102$30uspurple/silver lblvg++
AnnetteO Dio MioBuena VistaF-354$20usdemo/white/black lbl/wolvg
AnnettePineapple PrincessMetronomeB 1441$18dkblack/silver lblvg+
AnnetteThe Monkey's UncleBuena VistaF-440$30uspsvg+/vg+
AnnetteTreat Him NicelyBuena VistaBFV 427$4uswolvg
AnnetteWild WillieMetronomeB 1349$15dkblack/silver lbl/dhvg+
Annette & the AfterbeatsTall PaulDisneylandS 45-25005$10dkgrey/silver lbl/solid centrevg
Annette & the AfterbeatsTall PaulDisneylandS 45-25005$4dkgrey/silver lbl/solid centreg
Annette BlichmannAltid Galt AfstedPMCPS 8002$30dkps/black/silver lblm-/m-
Annette BlichmannAltid Galt AfstedPMCPS 8002$20dkps/black/silver lbl/wolm-/vg++
Annette BlichmannAltid Galt AfstedPMCPS 8002$12dkps/black/silver lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg++
Annette BlichmannAltid Galt AfstedPMCPS 8002$20dkps/black/silver lbl/solid centrevg++/vg++
Annette KlingenbergSnart Er Du Mer' End Sytten År (Du Kannst Nicht Immer Siebzehn Sein)StukSTUK 21$15holps/brown lblvg+/vg+
Annette PeacockDon't Be CruelAuraAUS 102$10uksolid centrevg++
Annette PeacockDon't Be CruelAuraAUS 102$8uksolid centrevg+
Anni Sylvan & the BluebirdsYou Thrill MeColumbiaDD 761$25dkblack/silver lblm-
Annie CordyLa Bonne Du CuréCBSCBS 2751$15fraps/orange lblvg/vg+
Annie LykkeAc-cent-tchu-ate the PositiveMetronomeB 1608$20dkps/green 2 tone lblm-/vg++
Annie LykkeAc-cent-tchu-ate the PositiveMetronomeB 1608$10dkps/green 2 tone lbl/tocvg/vg
Annie Ry & Jørn Matts with TelstarsSig Dejlige Ting Til Mig (Say Wonderful Things To Me)DominoDO 1067$40dkwhite/black/red lblvg+
Anni-Frid LyngstadEn Gång Är Ingen Gång (There Goes My Everything)Columbia4E006-34462 M$12swblack/silver lbl/nocvg+
Anni-Frid LyngstadEn Gång Är Ingen Gång (There Goes My Everything)Columbia4E006-34462 M$8swblack/silver lbl/nocvg
Anni-Frid LyngstadMan Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan (Chi Salta Il Fosso)PolarPOS 1161$140swps/blue slv/nocvg+/m-
Anni-Frid LyngstadMan Vill Ju Leva Lite Dessemellan (Chi Salta Il Fosso)PolarPOS 1161$75sw vg++
Annika PalmTilsammans Igen (Together Again)Hi-BallHBMS 301$25swps/grey/blue rim lbl/nocvg+/vg++
AnnikasLa La LaScanDiscSC 1083$30swps/brown/black lbl/wocvg++/vg++
AnniqaÆdelsten Og Røde Roser (Gone On the Other Hand)SonetT 8432$25dkps/red/orange lblm-/m-
AnniqaDer Er Intet Der Kan Få Mig Til At Glemme Dig (I Get A Little Sentimental Over You)MetronomeB 4110$20dkpsvg+/m-
AnniqaDer Er Intet Der Kan Få Mig Til At Glemme Dig (I Get A Little Sentimental Over You)MetronomeB 4110$12dkpsvg/vg
AnniqaFiskerpigens SangBasf/RecaRS 2001$25dkps/green/black lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg++
AnniqaHånd I Hånd Med Dig (Hand In Hand With Love)MetronomeB 4124$10dkps/nocvg/vg-
AnniqaSikken Dejlig DameEMI6C006-39389$15dkpsvg/vg
AnniqaSikken Dejlig DameEMI6C006-39389$25dkpsvg++/vg+
AnnisetteLivet Er NuOktavOKS 1003$600dkps/grey/white lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Ann-Kristin Hedmark & Lee HazlewoodJag Ska' Vara Hos Dej Iväll (I'll Be Your Baby Tonight)DeccaF 44575$30swblue/silver boxed logo lblvg++
Ann-Kristin Molvig (Grynet)Johan På Snippen TwistRCA VictorNA 45-1258$15norblack/silver lblvg+
Ann-Kristin Molvig (Grynet)Johan På Snippen TwistRCA VictorNA 45-1258$15norblack/silver lbl/noc/solvg
Ann-Louise & BorisHej Paula (Hey Paula)MetronomeB 1554$35dkps/black/silver lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Ann-Louise HansonJag Känner Du Känner Som Jag (Je N'aime Que Vous)Philips350 368 PF$12swps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg+
Ann-Louise HansonMasqueradeCBSCBS S 4365$18gerps/demo/white/black/orange arrow lblvg+/vg+
Ann-Louise HansonSvenska FlickaPhilips350 356$25swps/blue/silver lblvg++/m-
Ann-MargretBye Bye BirdieRCA Victor47-8168$25swps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Ann-MargretBye Bye BirdieRCA Victor47-8168$10swps/black/silver lbl/noc/sol/toc/wocvg/vg-
Ann-MargretBye Bye BirdieRCA Victor47-8168$18swps/black/silver lbl/noc/wocvg+/vg+
Ann-MargretI Just Don't UnderstandRCA Victor47-7894$25usblack/silver Nipper lblvg++
Ann-MargretIt Do Me So GoodRCA Victor47-7952$10gerblack/silver lblvg
Ann-MargretLove Rush E-MinorOcean/Ariola America7511$8us vg++
Ann-MargretSlowlyRCA Victor47-9571$25gerps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Ann-MargretSlowlyRCA Victor47-9571$15gerps/black/silver lbl/wocvg-/vg
Ann-Margret & Lee HazlewoodSleep In the GrassLHILHI 2$18swps/orange/yellow lblvg/vg-
Ann-Margret & Lee HazlewoodSleep In the GrassLHILHI 2$25swps/orange/yellow lblvg/vg++
Ann-Margret & Lee HazlewoodSleep In the GrassLHILHI 2$15swps/orange/yellow lbl/tocvg+/vg-
Ann-Margret & Lee HazlewoodSleep In the GrassLHILHI 2$25swps/orange/yellow lblvg+/vg+
Ann-Mari Max HansenJul På Hele JordenPhilips355 248 PF$18dkps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Ann-Mari Max HansenJul På Hele JordenPhilips355 248 PF$10dkps/blue/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Anny GouldLes Rues Mónt DonnéFleur de Seine7 PART 23172$12frablue/silver lblvg+
Another Pretty FaceAll the Boys Love CarrieNew PleasuresZ 1$20ukps/red slvm-/vg++
Another Pretty FaceWhatever Happened To the WestVirginVS 320$18ukpsvg++/m-
Anthony CruzIt's Over NowStone Love $10jam vg++
Anthony NewleyAnd the Heavens CriedDecca45-F 11331$8ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg
Anthony NewleyAnd the Heavens CriedDecca45-F 11331$30uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg++/vg++
Anthony NewleyGirls Were Made To Love And KissDecca45-F 11220$10ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Anthony NewleyIf She Should Come To You (La Montana)Decca45-F 11254$6ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
Anthony NewleyPersonalityDecca45-F 11142$45dkpsm-/vg++
Anthony NewleyPersonalityDecca45-F 11142$15ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrem-
Anthony NewleyPersonalityDecca45-F 11142$12ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg++
Anthony NewleyPersonalityDecca45-F 11142$10ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg+
Anthony NewleyPop Goes the WeaselDecca45-F 11362$6ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg+
Anthony NewleyStrawberry FairDecca45-F 11295$10ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg++
Anthony NewleyStrawberry FairDecca45-F 11295$6ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/tri centrevg
Anthony NewleyWhat Kind Of Fool Am IDeccaF 11376$8ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/solvg+
Anthony NewleyWhat Kind Of Fool Am ILondon45-LON 9546$4uspurple/white lblvg-
Anthony NewleyWhyDecca45-F 11194$15dkps/blue/silver curved logo lblvg/vg
Anthony NewleyWhyDecca45-F 11194$10ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg++
Anthony QuinnI Love You You Love MeCapitol1561267$25fraps/red lblm-/m-
Anthony QuinnI Love You You Love MeCapitol1561267$15fraps/red lblvg/m-
Anthony QuinnI Love You You Love MeCapitol1561267$20fraps/silver/black lbl/laminated slvvg+/m-
Anthony QuinnI Love You You Love MeCapitolF 5930$12itaps/black/silver lblvg/vg
Anthony QuinnI Love You You Love MeCapitolK 23603$8gerred/orange target lblvg+
Anti-Nowhere LeagueI Hate PeopleWXYZABCD 2$8ukpsm-
AntiquesOh So Many WaysHI45-2105$6usdemo/yellow/orange swirl lblvg-
Antler'sIt Looks Like ReindeerKingdomKV 8011$15ukorange lbl/solid centrem-
AntoineJe L'Appelle CanelleVogueJ 35136$20itaps/red/white lbltocvg+/vg+
AntoineLa TramontanaVogue45-STU 42312$50dkps/red/white lblvg+/m-
AntoineLes Elucubrations D'AntoineVogueFV 45-1336$25fraps/red/white lblm-/m-
AntoineLes Elucubrations D'AntoineVogueFV 45-1336$15fraps/red/white lblvg/vg++
AntoinePietreVogueJ 35127$15itaps/red/white lbl/textured slvvg/vg++
AntoineWhere Did Everyone Go ToVogue45-STU 42335$50dkps/red/white lbl/wocvg++/m-
Antoine & Les ProblemesContre Elucubrations ProblematiquesVogueV 45-1352$10frared/white lblvg
Anton KarasThe Harry Lime ThemeDecca45-F 9235$18dkps/black/silver curved logo lbl/black slvvg++/vg++
Anton KarasThe Harry Lime ThemeDecca45-F 9235$18uk/dkps/black/silver curved logo lbl/black slvvg++/vg++
Anton KarasThe Harry Lime ThemeDecca45-F 9235$15uk/dkps/blue/silver curved logo lbl/blue slv/wocvg++/vg++
Anton KarasThe Harry Lime ThemeDeccaF 9235$15uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lbl/Orson Welles slvvg/vg
Anton KarasThe Harry Lime ThemeDeccaF 9235$25uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lbl/Orson Welles slvvg+/vg++
Anton KarasThe Harry Lime ThemeDeccaF 9235$18uk/dkps/black/silver curved logo lbl/Orson Welles slvvg+/vg++
Anton KarasThe Harry Lime ThemeDeccaF 9235$18uk/dkps/blue/silver boxed logo lbl/Orson Welles slvvg++/vg++
Anton KarasThe Third Man ThemeLondon30005$10usblue/silver lblvg++
Antonella LualdiNe Joue PasDisques ElyseesDSP 24$30fraps/red/silver lbl/flipback slv/wocvg/vg+
Antonio PrietoLa NoviaRCA Victor45N-1186$10itaps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
AnusiaImaginationCarrere/MetropolisCARS 13026$10eecpsvg++/vg++
Any Trouble2nd ChoiceStiffBUY 79$12ukpsm-/m-
Any Trouble2nd ChoiceStiffBUY 79$8ukps/black/silver lbl/laminated flipback slv/solid centrevg+/vg++
Any TroubleGirls Are Always RightStiffBUY 94$12ukpsm-/m-
Any TroubleTrouble With LoveStiffBUY 119$12ukpsm-/m-
Any TroubleTrouble With LoveStiffBUY 119$10ukpsvg++/m-
Any TroubleYesterday's LoveStiffBUY 74$10ukpsvg+/m-
ApemenTarzanCircus100$75uslight blue lbl/wolvg++
Aphrodites ChildBreakVertigo6032 900$30holps/small swirl lblm-/m-
Aphrodites ChildBreakVertigo6032 900$20ukdemo/small swirl/red A lblvg+
Aphrodites ChildEnd Of the WorldMercury132 502 MCF$25holps/blue/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblvg++/m-
Aphrodites ChildI Want To LiveMercury45-4128$10greblack/silver lblvg
Aphrodites ChildRain And TearsMercury132 501 MCF$8fraps/blue lbl/flipback slvg/vg
Aphrodites ChildRain And TearsMercury132 501 MCF$15norps/black/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
Aphrodites ChildRain And TearsMercury132 501 MCF$25spaps/black/silver lblvg++/m-
Aphrodites ChildRain And TearsMercuryMF 1039$30ukblack/silver lblm-
Apollo 100JoyPolydor2001 302$8norpsvg/vg
AppalachiansBony MaronieABC-Paramount45-10419$10usblack/silver/rainbow logo lblvg+
ApplejacksI Go To SleepDeccaF 12216$10ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg-
ApplejacksIt's Not A Game Any MoreDeccaF 12106$50ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg+
ApplejacksMelodi Grand Prix 1987RecaRS 2134$18dkpsm-/vg++
ApplejacksTell Me WhenDeccaF 11833$10ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/wolvg+
ApplejacksTell Me WhenDeccaF 11833$8ukblue/silver curved logo lblvg
ApplejacksThree Little WordsDeccaF 11981$6ukblue/silver curved logo lbl/nocvg-
Applejacks/Billy J. KramerLike Dreamers Do/I'll Keep You SatisfiedDeccaFR 13793$40swps/ltd editionm-/m-
AprilRollin' It OverPye7N 45462$20ukdemom-
April MarchVoo Doo DollKokopopKOKO 10$40us/canps/black/red lbl/pink vinyl/phm-/vg++
April StevensC'est Si BonParlophoneMSP 6060$12ukmauve/gold lblvg
April StevensC'est Si BonParlophoneMSP 6060$8ukmauve/gold lblvg-
April StevensC'est Si BonParlophoneMSP 6060$10ukmauve/gold lbl/solvg
April StevensDreamy MelodyRCA Victor47-4208$10usturquoise/silver lblvg
April StevensHot TamaleKing45-1271$10usred/gold lblvg-
April StevensI Like To Talk To MyselfRCA Victor47-4876$20usblack/silver lblvg++
April StevensOnce Upon A Very Special Time (John's Song)PalacePRS-500$10usyellow/red lblm-
April StevensOnce Upon A Very Special Time (John's Song)PalacePRS-500$8usyellow/red lbl/solm-
April StevensTeach Me TigerLiberty15013$20gerblack/silver/rainbow lblvg+
April StevensTeach Me TigerLiberty15013$20gerblack/silver/rainbow lbl/wolvg++
April StevensTeach Me TigerLiberty15013$35gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg+/vg++
April StevensTeach Me TigerLiberty15013$30gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg+/vg+
April StevensTeach Me TigerLibertyL 23488$35gerps/black/silver/rainbow lblvg-/vg+
April StevensTeach Me TigerUnited ArtistsUP 35968$25dkblack/silver lblvg++
April StevensTeach Me TigerUnited ArtistsUP 35968$35dkps/black/silver lbl/nocvg++/vg++
April StevensTeach Me TigerUnited ArtistsUP 35968$10dktan/brown logo lblvg-
April StevensTeach Me TigerUnited ArtistsUP 35968$15dktan/brown logo lblvg+
April StevensThat's My NameCaliforniaC 400$10dkblack/silver/rainbow lbl/noc/solvg-
April StevensThat's My NameImperial5907$10usdemo/white/black lblvg-
April StevensThe Story Of LoveVerveVK 10661$15usdemo/light blue/black lbl/wolvg+
April Stevens & Nino TempoColdest Night Of the YearAtlantic584 048$8ukred lbl/wolvg
April Stevens & Nino TempoDeep PurpleAtlanticATL 70 113$20swps/red/black lbl/sol/wocvg+/vg
April Stevens & Nino TempoParadiseAtlanticATL 70 096$25swps/red/black lblvg++/vg+
April Stevens & Nino TempoSweet And LovelyAtco45-6224$10usyellow/white lbl/dhm-
April Stevens & Nino TempoWhisperingAtlanticATL 70 119$25swps/red/black lblvg+/vg+
April WineI Like To RockCapitolCL 16121$6ukred lbl/wol/solvg+
Aquarian AgeEasy To Be HardItcoSS 102$18uswhite/blue lblm-
Arbogast & RossChaos Part 1LibertyF 55197$10usdemo/white/black lblvg
ArborsA Symphony For SusanDate2-1529$6usgreen/white logo lbl/wol/solvg
ArborsGraduation DayDate2-1561$6usgreen/white logo lblvg
ArborsThe LetterDate2-1638$15usgreen/white logo lblvg++
ArborsThe LetterDate2-1638$10usgreen/white lblvg+
ArbreFallin'DJMDJS 397$12ukdemo/solid centrevg++
Arcade FireNeighborhood #3 Power OutRough Trade $20ukps/grey vinylm-/m-
ArcadiaThe PromiseParlophoneNSR 2$10ukps/promo sticker on slvm-/m-
ArcadiansWith All Our LovingLes Disques du CrepusculeTWI 440$120eec m-
Archie Bronson OutfitCherry LipsDominoRUG 240$25eups/blue vinylm-/m-
Archie Bronson OutfitDead FunnyDominoRUG 228$8eupsvg++/m-
Archie Campbell & Lorene MannDark End Of the StreetRCA Victor47-9401$25usdemo/red/black lblm-
ArchiesA Summer Prayer For PeaceRCA Victor63-5014$15gerps/yellow lblvg/vg++
ArchiesA Summer Prayer For PeaceRCA Victor63-5014$12gerps/yellow lblvg/vg+
ArchiesA Summer Prayer For PeaceRCA Victor63-5014$20gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
ArchiesA Summer Prayer For PeaceRCA Victor63-5014$15gerps/yellow lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg++
ArchiesBang-Shang-A-LangRCA Victor63-1006$15gerps/black lblvg+/vg+
ArchiesFeelin' So Good(S.K.O.O.B.Y.D.O.O.)RCA Victor63-1007$25gerps/yellow lbl/wocvg+/vg+
ArchiesJingle JangleRCA Victor63-5002$15gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
ArchiesJingle JangleRCA VictorRCA 1918$15ukdemo/yellow lbl/release date stamped on lblm-
ArchiesPlum CrazyRCA Victor63-5021$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
ArchiesPlum CrazyRCA Victor63-5021$15gerps/yellow lbl/wol/wocvg++/vg++
ArchiesSugar SugarRCA Victor3-10418$12spaps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
ArchiesSugar SugarRCA Victor3-10418$18spaps/yellow lbl/textured slvvg++/m-
ArchiesSugar SugarRCA Victor63-1008$10gerps/yellow lbl/solvg/vg
ArchiesSugar SugarRCA VictorRCA 1872$15ukdemo/yellow lbl/release date stamped on lblm-
ArchiesSugar SugarRCA VictorRCA 1872$25ukdemo/yellow lbl/release date stamped on lbl/press releasem-
ArchiesSugar SugarRCA VictorRCA 1872$6ukyellow/white logo lblvg+
ArchiesThis Is LoveRCA Victor63-5011$12gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
ArchiesThis Is LoveRCA Victor63-5011$20gerps/yellow lblm-/m-
ArchiesThis Is LoveRCA Victor63-5011$15gerps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
ArchiesWho's Your BabyRCA Victor63-5003$15gerps/yellow lblvg+/m-
ArchiesWho's Your BabyRCA VictorRCA 1940$25ukdemo/yellow lbl/release date stamped on lbl/press releasem-
ArdigoMoon ChildrenHallmarkXX 9$6us vg
ArdigoMoon ChildrenHallmarkXX 9$8us vg+
ArdigoSummertime In BrooklynHallmarkSYB 322$6us vg
ArdigoSummertime In BrooklynHallmarkSYB 322$2us g
Arena TwinsMama Cara MammaKappK 2011$20dkps/maroon/silver lbl/faded print on lblvg+/vg+
Arena TwinsMama Cara MammaKappK 2011$18dkps/maroon/silver lbl/nocvg+/vg+
Arena TwinsThis Could Be the NightKappK 315X$10usmaroon/silver lblvg+
Aretha & EltonThrough the StormArista112 377$15ukpicture discm-
ArgentHold Your Head UpEpic5-10852$8usyellow/black oval logo lbl/dhvg+
ArgentHold Your Head UpEpicEPC 7662$15holps/yellow lblvg+/vg+
ArgentHold Your Head UpEpicEPC 7662$20yugps/yellow lblvg++/vg+
ArgentHold Your Head UpEpicS EPC 4321$15ukdemo/yellow/black square logo/large red A lbl/solid centrem-
ArgentHold Your Head UpEpicS EPC 7786$10ukyellow/black oval logo lblm-
ArgentIt's Only Money Part 2EpicEPC 1628$12holps/yellow lbl/nocvg+/vg+
ArgentSchoolgirlEpic5 9979$20holps/yellow lblvg++/vg++
ArgentTragedyEpicEPC 8115$18holps/yellow lblvg+/vg++
Arif MardinThe Blue BullAtlantic45-2538$6usred/black lbl/dhvg+
Arif MardinThe Blue BullAtlantic45-2538$10usred/black lbl/dhm-
Arif MardinThe Blue BullAtlanticATL 70 302$18swpsvg++/vg++
ArionesGimme Some LovinPan-Vox7PV 62$20grewhite/blue lbl/wocvg-
AristocratsThe Girl With the Laughning EyesOrioleCB 1928$10ukblack/yellow lblvg++
ArizonaDance If You Wanna DanceRCA VictorRCA 2642$8ukyellow/white logo lblvg++
ArizonaSo Hard Livin' Without YouRCA VictorRCA 2671$10ukyellow/white logo lblm-
Arja SaijonmaaHögt Över HavetMariannMAS 2475$12swps/solid centrevg+/vg
ArkadeSing Out the Love (In My Heart)Dunhill/ABC45-4247$15usblack/silver/rainbow box logo lblvg+
ArkadeThe Morning Of Our LivesDunhill/ABCD-4268$10usdemo/white/black lblvg+
ArlequinAdieu PetiteAmiAMI 86071$15fraps/orange/black lbl/textured slvvg/vg+
Arlette ZolaAmour On T'aimeJupiter613 457$20gerpsm-/m-
Arlette ZolaAmour On T'aimeMariannMIS 2359$15swps/blue/red lblvg+/vg++
Arlo GuthrieAlice's Rock & Roll RestaurantReprise877$12usdemo/white/black steamboat lbl/solvg
Arlo GuthrieAlice's Rock & Roll RestaurantRepriseRA 0877$30gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblm-/vg++
Arlo GuthrieAlice's Rock & Roll RestaurantRepriseRA 0877$15gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lbl/wocvg+/vg+
Arlo GuthrieAlice's Rock & Roll RestaurantRepriseRS 20877$25ukpress releasevg++
Arlo GuthrieCooper's LamentRepriseREP 1137$12usdemom-
Arlo GuthrieGuabi GuabiRepriseRPS 1376$6usbrown/red logo steamboat lblvg++
Arlo GuthrieGypsy DavyRepriseREP 1158$12usdemom-
Arlo GuthrieThe City Of New OrleansRepriseK 14202$25ukdemo/white/black/red A steamboat lblm-
Arlo GuthrieThe City Of New OrleansRepriseREP 1103$6canbrown/red logo steamboat lblvg+
Arlo GuthrieThe City Of New OrleansRepriseREP 14202$20gerpsvg++/vg++
Arlo GuthrieValley To PrayRepriseRA 0951$15gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lblvg/vg++
Arlo GuthrieValley To PrayRepriseRA 0951$15gerps/brown/red logo steamboat lbl/wocvg+/vg++
Arman Sumpe d.e.Fly HighPolydor2052 025$60norps/noc/wol/wocvg+/vg+
Armando GamaEsta Balada Que Te DouRTRT 51-48$15porpsvg/vg-
Armando GamaEsta Balada Que Te DouWEA249801-7$20gerpsm-/vg++
Armando SciasciaTelstarVedetteVV 3663$25itaps/green/black lbl/sample sticker on lblvg+/vg
Arne Bendiksen6-5 Hand JiveTriolaTD 45-15$50dkps/pink/white lbl/wol/wocvg/vg-
Arne BendiksenAlpenes FiolTriolaTN 286$25norblue/white lbl/promo sticker on lblvg+
Arne BendiksenMed Tuba Og Tyrolerhatt (Ich Kauf Mir Lieber Einen Tiroler Hut)TriolaTN 562$30norps/blue/white lblvg++/m-
Arne BendiksenMin Firbente Ven (A Four Legged Friend)TriolaTD 45-8$15norpink/white lblvg++
Arne BendiksenMin Firbente Ven (A Four Legged Friend)Triola/DotTD 45-8$25dkps/pink/white lblvg+/vg+
Arne BendiksenPepino (Den Italienske Musen)Triola45TN-338$25norps/blue/white lblvg/vg+
Arne Domnerus & Toots ThielemansLonely RoomMetronomeJ 45-582$15swblack/silver lblvg
Arne Henning & the New TelstarsSan SebastianNikolajNIK 1079$18dkps/black/silver lblvg++/vg+
Arne LamberthGabrielleKarusellKFF 611$25swpsm-/vg++
Arne LamberthLady BarbaraPolarPOS 1111$25swpsvg++/m-
Arne QvickRosenKarusellKFF 696$12norps/red/black lblvg++/vg+
Arne QvickRosenKarusellKFF 696$20swps/red/black lblvg++/m-
Arnie CorradoHow Many Times (Will I Send You Kisses)Date2-1557$15usdemo/white/green lblvg+
Arrigo SpinelliAfrican WalzDominoDO 1033$10dkps/white/black/red lbl/laminated flipback slvvg/vg
Arrigo Spinelli QuintettoSi-Si-SiDominoDO 1035$20dkps/white/black/red lbl/laminated flipback slvvg++/vg++
ArrivalFamily Tree (We'll Shake It And Break It Cos' We're Going To Make It Alone)CBS7617$25ukdemom-
ArrivalFriendsDeccaDL 25393$15gerps/red lbl/wocvg+/vg+
ArrivalFriendsDeccaF 12986$18uk/dkpsvg++/vg+
ArrivalFriendsDeccaF 12986$25uk/dkpsm-/m-
ArrivalFriendsDeccaF 12986$15uk/dkpsvg+/vg+
ArrivalI Will SurviveDeccaF 13026$25uk/dkpsm-/m-
ArrivalI Will SurviveDeccaF 13026$15uk/dkps/wocvg++/vg+
ArrowsMy Last Night With YouRakRAK 189$15ukdemom-
ArrowsOnce Upon A TimeRakRAK 231$15ukdemom-
ArrowsTheme from the Wild AngelsStatesideKSS 1030$25swblack/silver lblvg++
ArrowsTouch Too MuchRakRAK 171$18ukps/nocvg++/m-
ArrowsTouch Too MuchRakRAK 171$10uk m-
ArrowsToughen UpRakRAK 182$15ukdemom-
Art & Dottie ToddSweet SomeoneCapitol4778$8usyellow/orange swirl lblvg+
Art & Dotty ToddChanson D'Amour (Song Of Love)Era45-1064$8usblack/silver lblvg+
Art AugustHold Out Your HandTRCT-1014$15uswhite/black/red lblvg++
Art DecouteauSt. Peter SayStraker'sGS 189$12uslight blue/black lbl/wolvg
Art GarfunkelBreak AwayCBSCBS 3975$12holps/yellow/orange lbl/textured slv/wocvg+/vg++
Art GarfunkelBright EyesColumbiaAE7-1181$25usdemo/1 sided/white/black/red logo lblm-
Art GarfunkelCantara (I Shall Sing)CBS2013$18spaps/orange lbl/textured slvvg+/vg++
Art GarfunkelI Believe (When I Fall In Love It Will Be Forever)CBS4348$8uk vg++
Art GarfunkelI Only Have Eyes For YouCBS3575$15holpsm-/vg++
Art GarfunkelI Only Have Eyes For YouCBS3575$10uk m-
Art GarfunkelSometimes When I'm DreamingCBS4674$12holpsm-/vg++
Art LundPhiladelphia U.S.A.Coral93279$4dkyellow/black logo lblvg
Art MooneyTheme From "Rebel Without A Cause"MGM45-MGM 923$15ukyellow/black lblvg+
Art MooneyYou Are the OneMGMK 12219$2usyellow/black lbl/wolg
Art MovementI Love Being In Love With YouDeccaF 12768$25ukblue/silver boxed logo lblvg+
Art NevilleCha Dooky-DooSpecialty637$10usre-issuem-
Art NevilleThe Whiffenpoof SongSpecialty592$10usre-issuevg++
Art of NoiseClose (To the Edit)ZTTZTPS 01$8ukps/promo stampm-/m-
Art of NoiseMoments In LoveZTTZTPS 02$10ukpsm-/vg++
Art SullivanVivre D'Amour Besoin D'AmourDisques Apollo49-182$10belps/white/black/purple/pink lblvg+/vg+
ArtesiansTrick BagNorton838$15us m-
Artful DodgerCan't Stop PretendingCBS5686$12holpsvg++/vg+
Arthur Hifi WomanSonetT 7281$10swred/orange lbl/solid centre/rssm-
Arthur (Guitar Boogie) SmithExpress Train BoogieMGMMGM-SP 1039$20ukblack/silver lbl/sol/wolvg+
Arthur B. Hancock IIIWhat Of TomorrowMonumentMN 45-1020 DJ$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
Arthur BrownGypsiesGullGULS 4$8uk vg+
Arthur Lee & the American FourStay AwayNorton7N 7$18usps/marble coloured vinylm-/vg++
Arthur LouisKnockin' On Heaven's DoorIslandWIP 6448$30ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lblm-
Arthur LouisKnockin' On Heaven's DoorIslandWIP 6448$25ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg++
Arthur Lyman GroupYellow BirdSonetT 7506$18dkps/red/white logo lbl/red vinylvg+/vg
Arthur Lyman GroupYellow BirdVocalion POPV-9183$6ukblack/silver lbl/solvg+
Arthur's MotherOn the DolePolydor2058 093$25gerpsvg+/vg+
Artie KaplanHarmonyCBSCBS 1189$18itaps/orange lbl/flipback slvvg+/vg+
Artie LewisAbracadabraAtlanticATL 70 024$20swred/black lblm-
Artie LewisAbracadabraAtlanticATL 70 024$15swred/black lblvg++
Artie Shaw & his Gramercy BoysBesame MuchoBell1023$6us78 rpm/light blue/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Artists United Against ApartheidSun CityEMI Manhattan1C006-200927-7$2gerpsm-/m-
Artists United Against ApartheidSun CityManhattan1A006-200927-7$2eecpsm-/vg++
Arturo CorsoVero No? Chiaro Si´?RicordiSHL 10-553$25itaps/black/yellow lblvg++/m-
Arwyn DavidsonSimple ManPolydor2058 105$15norpsvg+/vg
Arwyn DavidsonSimple ManPolydor2058 105$20norpsvg+/vg+
Asa DymondFunky MonkeyGTOGT 13$6uksilver/black lbl/solid centrevg+
Åsa PerssonJeg Känner Mig KonstigRondoRON 319$25swps/red/black lbl/textured slvm-/m-
Åse ThoresenEn Gang Et Sted (Somewhere My Love)TriolaTN 454$18norps/blue/white lbl/nocvg++/vg++
Åse ThoresenEn Gang Et Sted (Somewhere My Love)TriolaTN 454$18norps/blue/white lblvg+/vg++
AsgardFriendsThresholdTH 10$10ukwhite/purple lbl/noc/solvg++
Asha PutliLoveCBS1910$15ukdemo/white/orange A lblm-
Ashes and BloodA Day Of LovePhilips6015 137$20swps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg++/vg++
Ashild Helgevold & Jorun SchouDen Lille Ole Med ParaplyenTriolaTN 324$18norblue/white lblvg+
Ashton, Gardner & DykeResurrection ShuffleCapitolCL 15665$15dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg
Ashton, Gardner & DykeResurrection ShuffleCapitolCL 15665$10sw m-
Ashton, Gardner & DykeResurrection ShuffleCapitolCL 15665$10ukblack/silver lbl/solid centrem-
Ashton, Gardner & DykeResurrection ShuffleCapitolCL 15665$4ukred/orange target lbl/solid centrevg
AskaHalo HaloJugotonSY 23885$50yugpsm-/vg++
AskaHalo HaloPolarPOS 1307$45swpsvg++/vg++
AskaHalo HaloPolarPOS 1307$25swpsvg/vg+
Asleep at the WheelBump Bounce BoogieCapitolCL 15854$6ukred lbl/wolvg+
Asleep at the WheelPine Grove BluesCapitolCL 16001$15ukdemom-
AssemblyWalk On Out Of My MindAtlantic45-2587$8usred/black lbl/dhvg+
Associates18 Carrot Love Affair  $25ukacetatevg+
AssociatesParty Fears TwoAssociatesASC 1$12ukpsm-/m-
AssociatesParty Fears TwoBeggars BanquetBEG 18967$12gerpsm-/m-
AssociatesThe Affectionate PunchFictionFICS 11$12ukps/silver/black lbl/solid centre/flipback slvm-/m-
AssociationAlong Comes MaryLondon HLT 10054$15uknocvg++
AssociationAlong Comes MaryValiantV 741$4usred/black lblvg-
AssociationCherishLondonHL 10074$30uk/dkpsvg+/vg+
AssociationCherishLondonHL 10074$35uk/dkpsvg+/vg++
AssociationCherishLondon AmericanHL 10074$8ukblack/silver top lblvg
AssociationEverything That Touches YouWarner BrosA 7163$8gerred/black/multicolor arrows lblvg+
AssociationGoodbye ColumbusWarner BrosA 7267$25gerps/green lblm-/m-
AssociationLook At Me Look At YouWarner Bros7372$4usgreen lblvg-
AssociationNever My LoveLondonHLT 10157$20uk/dkpsvg/vg+
AssociationNever My LoveLondon AmericanHLT 10157$20ukblack/silver lbl/sample sticker on lblm-
AssociationNever My LoveLondon AmericanHLT 10157$12uk vg+
AssociationPandora's Golden Heebie JeebiesLondon AmericanHLT 10098$40ukblack/silver top lblm-
AssociationPandora's Golden Heebie JeebiesValiantV 755$20usred/black lblvg++
AssociationSix Man BandWarner Bros7229$8usgreen lblvg+
AssociationSix Man BandWarner BrosA 7229$18gerps/green lblvg+/vg+
AssociationSix Man BandWarner BrosA 7229$10gerps/green lbl/wol/wocvg+/vg
AssociationSmall Town LoversElektraE-47146$8usdemo/white/black lblvg++
AssociationThat's Racin'Warner Bros7524$15usdemo/white/black lblm-
AssociationTime For Livin'Warner Bros7195$8usgreen lblvg+
AssociationTime For Livin'Warner BrosA 7195$30gerps/red lblm-/m-
AssociationTime For Livin'Warner BrosA 7195$18gerps/red lblvg++/vg
AssociationWindyWarner Bros7041$8usorange/black lblvg+
AssociationWindyWarner BrosA 7041$30gerps/red lblvg++/vg++
AsterixEverybodyDeccaF 13075$30uk/swps/noc/wol/wocvg++/vg+
Aston Reymers RivalerGodis Är GottMusiklagetMLS 12$25swps/press releasevg++/m-
Aston Reymers Rivaler med M.A. NumminenSlå Mej Med Din Rytmenpinne (Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick)SilenceZING 120$8swartist/title die-cut slv/solid centre/promo sticker on slvvg+/vg
Astro LanesYou Got What It TakesGaga GoodiesGO 20$12finps/white/black lbl/solid centrem-/m-
AstronautsBajaRCA Victor47-8194$10gerblack/silver lblvg-
AstronautsCome Along BabyPalladiumB 610$15usreprom-
AstronautsI'm Your AstronautStiffBUY 145$10ukps/green vinylm-/m-
AstronautsMy Sin Is My PrideRCA Victor47-8499$15gerblack/silver lblvg
AswadChasing For the BreezeIslandIS 160$10ukps/palm tree/orange/blue rim lbl/solid centre/laminated flipback slvm-/vg++
Asylum ChoirSweet Home ChicagoPhilips6073 403$25holps/blue/silver lblm-/m-
Asylum ChoirWelcome To HollywoodSmashS-2188$6usred/black lbl/dhvg+
Asylum ChoirWelcome To HollywoodSmashS-2188$8usred/black lbl/dhvg++
Asylum ChoirWelcome To HollywoodSmashS-2188$4usred/black lbl/dhvg
Atlanta Rhythm SectionAngel (What In the World's Come Over Us)PolydorPD 14262$10usdemo/white/black lblvg++
Atlanta Rhythm SectionDo It Or DiePolydor2095 081$15gerpsm-/m-
Atlanta Rhythm SectionImaginary LoverPolydor2066 910$12gerpsvg++/vg++
Atlanta Rhythm SectionNeon NitesPolydor2066 822$15gerpsm-/m-
Atlantic ExpressHej Min Skat (Hey Tonight)KMFPLAY 2116$35dkps/red lbl/press release in Danishvg++/m-
AtlantisRock 'n Roll PreacherVertigo6147 003$25gerps/swirl lblm-/m-
AtomStanding Room OnlyMercury6001 114$15holps/blue/silver lblvg+/vg++
AtomStanding Room OnlyMercury6001 114$20holps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
Atomic RoosterDevil's AnswerB&CCB 157$15ukblack/silver/green logo lbl/solid centrevg+
Atomic RoosterDevil's AnswerElektraEKS 45745$15usdemo/white/black lblvg+
Atomic RoosterEnd Of the DayPolydorPOSP 408$15ukpsm-/m-
Atomic RoosterTomorrow NightB&CCB 131$10ukblack/silver/green logo lbl/solid centrevg
Atomic RoosterTomorrow NightB&CCB 131$15ukblack/silver/green logo lbl/solid centrevg++
Atomic RoosterTomorrow NightFontana6073 204$18norblue/silver lblvg++
AttractionsArms RaceF BeatXX 10$8ukpsm-/m-
AttractionsBaby I'm Coming HomeDeccaF 13580$15ukblue/silver boxed logo lblm-
AttractionsSingle GirlF BeatXX 7$8ukpsm-/vg++
Atwood the Electric IcemanMichoacanUni55216$25usdemo/yellow/rainbow swirl lblvg++
Atwood the Electric IcemanMichoacanUni55216$12usdemo/yellow/rainbow swirl lbl/wolvg
Au PairsDiet021/HumanOTO 4$8ukpsvg++/vg++
AudienceIndian SummerCharismaCB 141$15ukmagenta lbl/solid centrem-
AudienceIndian SummerElektraEKS 45732$10usbutterfly lbl/wolvg++
AudienceIndian SummerPhilips6073 303$25gerps/blue/silver lblvg++/vg++
AudienceIndian SummerPhilips6073 303$15gerps/blue/silver lbl/wocvg/vg+
AudienceYou're Not SmilingCharismaCB 156$15ukmagenta lblvg
Audrey ArnoWillst Du Mein Boy-Friend Sein (Teen Queen Of the Week)Polydor52 004$15gerdemo/white/black lblvg
Audrey HallOne Dance Won't DoGermainDG7-1985$8ukpsm-/m-
Audrey LandersLittle RiverAriola105 787$10gerpsvg+/vg+
Audrey LandersManuel GoodbyeAriolaARI 8324$10holpsvg+/vg+
Audrey LandersShine A LightWEA170801-7$10gerpsvg+/vg+
Augie MeyersYou're On My MindSonetSON 2301$18swpsvg++/m-
Augie Meyers Just You And MeSonetSON 2242$15uk m-
Augie Meyers Kep Pa SoAtlantic America7-99382$15us m-
Augie Meyers & Domingo SalvidarWhy Don't We Make Love Like We Use ToCrazy MeskinCYM 106$10us m-
Augie Meyers & the Western Head BandDown In MexicoTexas Re-Cord Co.107$10us m-
Augie Meyers & the Western Head BandHigh Texas RiderTexas Re-Cord Co.103$15us m-
Augie Meyers & the Western Head BandI Would Like To See You AgainTexas Re-Cord Co.TRC 121$10us m-
Augusto MartelliHonky Tonk BeatTeener45-STU 42188$25dkps/black/silver lblvg+/vg+
Augusto MartelliHonky Tonk BeatTeener45-STU 42188$20dkps/black/silver lbl/Vince Taylor lbl on A side/nocvg+/vg+
Augustus PabloEthopia HighRockers International $30jamyellow/red lblvg++
Augustus PabloGolden SealMessage  $25jam vg+
Aural ExcitersSpooks In SpaceZEZE 7001$15ukclear grey vinyl/grey/orange/yellow logo lbl/solid centre/info stickered company taxi slvm-/vg
Austin RobertsChildren Of the TrainPrivate Stock6C006-97646$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Austin RobertsRockyPrivate Stock6C006-96990$25dkps/black/silver lblm-/vg++
Austin RobertsSomething's Wrong With MeChelsea78-0101$12usdemo/multicolor lblvg++
Austin RobertsSomething's Wrong With MeRCA Victor74-16234$18gerps/yellow lbl/solvg++/m-
Austin RobertsThis Time I'm In For LovePrivate StockPVT 58$10ukrssm-
Austin RobertsThis Time I'm In For LovePrivate StockPVT 58$6uk vg
Austin RobertsThis Time I'm In For LovePrivate StockPVT 58$10uk vg++
AutographsWhile I'm Still YoungRakRAK 281$30ukdemom-
AutographsWhile I'm Still YoungRakRAK 281$40ukps/demo/flipback slvvg++/vg++
AutographsWhile I'm Still YoungRakRAK 281$30ukps/flipback slv/sample sticker on slvm-/vg++
Automatic ManMy PearlIslandWIP 6301$12ukpalm tree/orange/blue rim lblvg++
Autry InmanBallad Of Two BrothersEpic5-10389$10usyellow/black oval logo lblm-
AutumnMy Little GirlPye7N 45090$25uk/porps/blue lblvg++/vg+
AutumnSebastianPolydor2054 096$30nor/dkpsm-/m-
Avalon BoysThe Laurel And Hardy Two StepUnited ArtistsUP 36164$6uktan/brown logo lblvg+
Avant-GardeYellow BeadsColumbia4-44388$25usdemo/white/red lblvg++
AvengersDays Of Pearly SpencerColumbia1C006-80024$35gerps/blue/white logo lbl/socvg++/vg
Avi ToledanoHoraPolydor2002 135$15gerpsvg++/vg++
AvonsFour Little HeelsColumbia45-DB 4522$8ukgreen/silver lblvg+
AvonsI Wanna Do ItKarusellKFF 485$25dkps/red/white/blue lblvg+/vg
AvonsI Wanna Do ItKarusellKFF 485$40dkps/red/white/blue lbl/wocvg++/vg++
AvonsI Wanna Do ItKarusellKFF 485$20dkred/white/blue lblvg+
AvonsI Wanna Do ItKarusellKFF 485$20dkred/white/blue lbl/wolvg++
AvonsSeven Little Girls Sitting In the Back SeatColumbia45-DB 4363$10norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinylvg+
AvonsSeven Little Girls Sitting In the Back SeatColumbia45-DB 4363$15norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinylvg++
AvonsSeven Little Girls Sitting In the Back SeatColumbia45-DB 4363$8norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinyl/wolvg+
AvonsWe're Only Young OnceColumbia45-DB 4461$6norgreen/silver lbl/yellow vinyl/nocvg
AxeMonie Monie/Land Of A 1,000 DancesMCAMUS 1180$15ukdemo/black/silver/blue lblvg++
AxeSing Sing SingMCAMCS 5942$30gerps/black/silver/blue/rainbow lblvg+/vg+
AxiomMy Baby's GoneWarner BrosWB 8021$35ukdemo/white/black/orange A lblm-
AxiomMy Baby's GoneWarner BrosWB 8021$12ukgreen lbl/solvg+
AxisEla ElaRiviera121 414 L$25fraps/blue lblm-/m-
AxisEla ElaRiviera121 414 L$15fraps/blue lblm-/vg
AxisEla ElaRiviera121 414 L$15fraps/blue lblvg/vg++
AxisOsannaRiviera121 393$15fraps/blue/red logo lblvg/vg+
AxisSomeoneRiviera121 439$30fraps/blue/black lblm-/vg++
AxisSomeoneRiviera121 439$15fraps/blue/black lbl/info sticker on slv/wolvg/vg++
Axis PointRed Hot And BlueRCA VictorPB 5229$15ukdemo/black/silver lblm-
Ayers RockLady MontegoA&M1697-S$10usdemo/white/red lblvg++
Aztec Camera & Mick JonesGood Morning BritainWEA72591-7$5gerpsvg++/vg++
Aztec Two-StepBakingElektraEK 45794$8usdemo/white/black/butterfly lblvg+