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ArtistTitleLabelPrefix #$CTYCommentsGrade
17th WonderDo It With Your BodyParachuteRRD 20525 DJ$40usdemo/wol/1 sidedvg++
2A Certain RatioBlown AwayFactoryFAC 22$15ukps/innervg+/vg+
3A Certain RatioGuess WhoFactory BeneluxFBN 17$12bel m-
4A Certain RatioWaterlineFactoryFAC 52$15ukpsm-/m-
5A.C. MariasTime WasMute12MUTE 70$10ukpsm-/m-
6ABCThe Look Of Love (Remix)NeutronNTX DJ 103$12ukpromo onlym-
7AC/DCFlick Of the SwitchAtlanticPR 530$25uspromom-
8AC/DCNervous ShakedownAtlantic786941-0$15gerps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
9AC/DCShake Your FoundationsAtlanticPR 754$25uspromom-
10Ace of BaseBeautiful Life + 8MegaPROMCX 2672$35dkpromo/twin pack/2x12"/gfldm-
11Ace of BaseNever Gonna Say I'm SorryBarclay2648$25frapromom-
12Ace of BaseNever Gonna Say I'm SorryMegaPROMCX 2678$25dkpromom-
13Ace of BaseWheel Of Fortune (Extended)Metronome861545-1$25gerpsm-/m-
15African ConnectionTiembelemaCelluloidCEL 177$25uspsvg+/m-
16AlarmSixty Eight GunsI.R.S.PFSX 1023$15ukps/press rel.m-/m-
17Alex ChiltonNo SexBig Time6013-1-BD$12us/canpsm-/m-
18Alexei Sayleullo John! Gotta New Motor?Island12IS 162$10ukps/promo stampm-/m-
19Alice CooperBed Of NailsEpicALICE P3$20ukpicture discm-
20Allen ToussaintNight PeopleIslandIPR 2031$20uklimited editionvg++
21Alma FayeDon't Fall In LoveCasablancaNBD 20170 DJ$20uspromovg++
22Alton EllisAnd I Love HerIsland12WIP 6478$25uk m-
23Amanda LearRun Baby RunAriola132/12$8ukps/limited edition red vinylvg+/vg+
24AmbrosiaFor Openers (Welcome Home)Warner BrosPRO-A-1024$15usps/promo/quiex II limited edtion pressingm-/m-
25Andy SheppardSolAntillesPR 2306$8uspromom-
26Angel Corpus ChristiBeen There Done ThatAlmo SoundsPRO-A-4792$35uspromom-
27Animal MagicGet It RightRecreationalSPORT 52$10ukpsm-/m-
28Animal NightlifeLove Is Just the Great PretenderIsland12IS 200$8ukpsvg++/m-
29Animal NightlifePreacher PreacherIsland12IS 245$8ukpsm-/m-
30Ann PeeblesI Can't Stand the RainHIUK 45T 7002$20uk m-
31Anne PigalleHé StrangerZTT12CERT 1$12ukpsvg++/vg++
32Archie Bell & the DrellsEverybody Have A Good TimePIR5179$20ukps/limited editionm-/m-
33Art ExistAubade DoloroseEast of Eden1001$25dkpsm-/m-
34Art ExistAubade DoloroseEast of Eden1001$35dkps/lyric sheet/press rel.m-/m-
35Art of NoiseBeatbox (Diversion One And Two)ZTTZTIS 108$15ukpsvg++/vg++
36Art of NoiseBeatbox (Diversion One And Two)ZTTZTIS 108$18ukpsm-/vg++
37Art of NoiseInto Battle withZTTZTIS 100$20ukpsm-/m-
38Art of NoiseMoments In LoveZTTWEEPS 1$20ukpsm-/m-
39AssociatesTell Me Easter's On FridaySituation : 2SIT 1/12$10ukpsm-/m-
40AswadChasing For the BreezeIsland12ISX 160$18ukps/2x12"m-/vg++
41AswadFinger Gun StyleCBSA13 1370$20uk m-
42Aswad featuring Vin Gordon & Michael Bami RoseWarrior ChargeIsland12WIP 6646$90uk m-
43Atlantic StarrStand UpA&MSP-17031$15uspromom-
44Aural ExcitersMy Boy LollipopZEZEA 12-005$20usdhss
45Aural ExcitersMy Boy LollipopZEZEA 12-005$15usdhm-
46B 52'sFuture GenerationIsland12IS 107$10ukpsm-/m-
47B. Baker Chocolate Co.Higher And Higher/The High And the MightyT.K. Disco141$25usdemom-
48Babatunde Tony EllisDisco BabyMNWMNW 5M$25swpsvg++/vg++
49Baby FordOochy KoochyRhythm KingRBFORD 1$6ukpsm-/vg
50Barbara JonesWhy Did You LeaveGG'sGG 070$25uk m-
51Bar-KaysYour Place Or MineMercury880966-1$10holpsvg+/vg+
52Bar-KaysYour Place Or MineMercury880966-1$12holpsvg++/vg++
53Baroque BordelloTodayALGNR 215$15frapsm-/m-
54BarracudasHouse Of KicksFlicknifeFLEP 103$15ukpsm-/m-
55Barry BiggsBreak Your PromiseTaxi12WIP 6847$15uk m-
56Barry Ford New BreedMaggie's FarmSun-StarSUNL 1005$30ukpsm-/m-
57Basement 5Silicone ChipIsland10WIP 6614$15uk10"m-
58BauhausBela Lugosi's DeadSmall WonderTEENY 2$12ukpsvg++/vg++
59Beastie BoysAlive Grand RoyalSPRO 7087$25uspromo/3 track/stickered slvm-
60Beastie BoysCh-Check It OutCapitolSPRO 7087-6$25eupromo/4 track/stickered slvm-
61Beastie BoysIn A World Gone Mad  $25euwhite labelm-
62Beastie BoysIntergalacticGrand Royal10CLDJ 803$25eu10"/promom-
63Beastie BoysThe Hiatus Is Back Off AgainCapitol18568-1$25ukpromo/4 track/stickered slvm-
64Beastie BoysTriple TroubleCapitol18718-1-4$25eupromo 4 track stickered slvm-
65BeatHand's Off She's MineGo FeetFEET 121$10uk m-
66BeatSave It For LaterGo FeetFEET 12333$10uk m-
67Bee GeesE.S.P (Edit)Warner BrosPRO-A-2918$18uspromom-
68BeeniemanFoundationTaxiTX1-0834$15uk m-
69Beres HammondShe Loves Me NowGreensleeves $15uk m-
70Beta BandAssessment C Swing's Bootleg Mix 12DJHEROES$20ukpromo white label 1 sidedm-
71BethnalDon't Do ItVertigoBET 12$12ukpsvg++/vg++
72Betty Boo24 HoursRhythm KingLEFT 45T$8ukpsm-/vg++
73Betty BooCatch MeSire0-40819$8uspsm-/vg++
74Billy IdolCatch My FallChrysalis601589$15gerps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
75Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy (Below the Belt Mix)ChrysalisIDOLX 4$15ukps/poster incl.m-/vg+
76Billy IdolFlesh For Fantasy (Below the Belt Mix)ChrysalisIDOLX 4$15ukpsm-/m-
77Birthday Party MutinyMute12MUTE 29$25ukps/lyric sheetm-/m-
78Birthday Party The Bad Seed4 ADBAD 301$20ukpsm-/m-
79Birthday Party & Lydia LunchDrunk On the Pope's Blood/The Agony Is the Ecstasy4 ADJAD 202$20ukpsm-/m-
80BishopsI Want CandyChiswickNS 3710$20ukps/10"m-/m-
81Bits & PiecesDon't Stop the MusicIsland12WIP 6717$20uk vg++
82Bits & Pieces IIILet's Do ItSpecial Disco Mixer $50us m-
83BjörkIt's In Our Hands SPT MixOne Little IndianHAND 1$50eupromom-
84Black SlateAmigoEnsignENY 4212$10uk m-
85Black UhuroPlastic SmileD-RoyDRDD 09$25jam vg+
86Black UhuruDarknessIsland10WIP 6787$15ukps/10"m-/m-
87Black UhuruSinsemilla (Discomix)Island12WIP 6626$25uk vg++
88Black UhuruSponji ReggaeIsland12WIP 6695$10ukpsvg/vg+
89Black UhuruSponji ReggaeIsland12WIP 6695$20ukpsm-/vg++
90Black Uhuru & Jah GrundyRent Man/Resident AreaJoe GibbsJ6D 8054$25us vg++
91Blanket of SecrecySay You Will (Extended Version)F BeatXX 24T$12ukpsm-/vg++
92Blondie(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence, DearChrysalisCHS 2217-12$20ukpsm-/m-
93BlondieAtomicChrysalisCHS12 2410$15ukpsm-/m-
94BlondieDenisChrysalisCHS 2204-12$25ukpsm-/m-
95BlondieHeart Of GlassChrysalisCHS12-2275$18ukpsm-/vg++
96BlondieHeart Of GlassChrysalisCHS12-2275$20ukpsm-/m-
97BlondieHeart Of GlassChrysalis9199964$25fraps/blue slvm-/vg++
98BlondieLlamame (Call Me Spanish Version)CaytronicsCY12-19$50us m-
99BlondieLlamame (Call Me Spanish Version)CaytronicsCY12-19$30us vg+
100BlondieRapture (Special Disco Mix)ChrysalisCHS12 2485$20frapsm-/m-
101BlondieSunday GirlChrysalisCHS12-2320$20ukpsm-/m-
102BlondieWar Child (Extended Version)ChrysalisCHS12-2624$15ukpsm-/m-
103Blue Oyster CultGodzilla LiveColumbiaAS 447$25uspromo/12" singlem-/m-
104BluebellsCathLondonLONX 20$12ukpsm-/m-
105BluebellsCathLondonLONX 20$10ukpsm-/vg++
106BluebellsForevermoreLondonLONX 14$10ukpsm-/vg++
107BluebellsI'm FallingLondonLONX 45$12ukpsm-/m-
108Blues ExplosionCrunchyMute12MUTE 336$20ukpsm-/m-
109Bob MarleyReggae On BroadwayCotillionDMD 291$20uspromom-
110Bob MarleyReggae On BroadwayWEAK 79250 T$20ukpsm-/vg++
111Bob Marley & the WailersBuffalo SoldierTuff Gong12IS 108$50ukpsm-/m-
112Bob Marley & the WailersBuffalo SoldierTuff Gong12IS 108$60ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
113Bob Marley & the WailersCould You Be LovedIsland12IS 210$15ukpsm-/m-
114Bob Marley & the WailersCould You Be LovedIsland12WIP 6610$30uk m-
115Bob Marley & the WailersI KnowTuff Gong $30jampsvg++/m-
116Bob Marley & the WailersJammingIsland12WIP 6410$25ukpsvg++/m-
117Bob Marley & the WailersJammingIslandIPR 2005$40uklimited editionm-
118Bob Marley & the WailersJammingIsland12WIP 6410$30ukpsm-/m-
119Bob Marley & the WailersJamming (Live)Island12WIP 6244$20uk m-
120Bob Marley & the WailersNatural MysticDaddy KoolDK12-102$35ukpsm-/m-
121Bob Marley & the WailersNo Woman No CryIsland12WIP 6244$30ukpsm-/m-
122Bob Marley & the WailersNo Woman No CryIsland12WIP 6244$15uk m-
123Bob Marley & the WailersOne LoveIsland12IS 169$15ukpsm-/m-
124Bob Marley & the WailersRedemption SongIsland12WIP 6653$30ukps/limited edtionm-/m-
125Bob Marley & the WailersThree Little BirdsIsland1066027427$25porpsvg+/vg+
126Bob Marley & the WailersTrench Town56 Hope Road $25jampsm-/vg++
127Bob Marley & the WailersWaiting In VainIsland12IS 180$20ukpsm-/m-
128Bob Marley & the WailersZimbabweIsland12WIP 6597$25uk vg++
129Bob Marley & the WailersZimbabweIsland12WIP 6597$30uk m-
130Bob Seger & Silver Bullet BandTryin' To Live My Life Without YouCapitolSPRO 9691/9692$12uspromo/stickered black slvm-
131Bobby BlandI Feel Good I Feel FineMCAL33-1835$10usps/promo/wocvg/vg+
132Bobby BlandThe Soul Of A ManABCABC 4186$8uk vg
133BongosHunting In the CongoFetishFET 005$15canpsm-/m-
134BongosMambo SunFetishFE 18T$15ukpsm-/m-
135Bonnie ByrdGood GirlWadworth417$25us vg++
136Boomtown RatsLookin' After No. 1EnsignENY 4$12ukpsm-/vg++
137Bootsy's Rubber BandBody Slam!Warner Bros0-29919$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
138Bow Wow WowBaby Oh NoRCA VictorPD 13306$10us m-
139Bow Wow WowI Want CandyRCA VictorRCAT 238$12ukpsm-/m-
140Bow Wow WowSee Jungle! (Jungle Boy)RCA VictorRCAT 220$15ukpsm-/m-
141Bram TchaiskovskySarah SmilesCriminalSWAG 3$10ukpsm-/m-
142Brian JamesAin't That A ShameBBJLP 1$25ukpsm-/vg++
143Britt EklandDo It To Me (Once More With Feeling)JetJET12 161$20ukps/gfldvg++/vg+
144Bronski BeatThruthdare DoubledareLondonSAMP 2$15ukpromo onlym-
145BrosWhen Will You Be FamousCBS651270-6$6holpsvg++/m-
146Brothers By ChoiceYoung Single And FreeAlaALA D-105$60us vg++
147Bruce SpringsteenChimes Of FreedomCBS653192-6$15holpsm-/m-
148Bruce SpringsteenChimes Of FreedomColumbia4C 44445$20uspsm-/m-
149Bruce SpringsteenCover Me (Undercover Mix)CBSQTA 4662$20ukpsvg++/vg++
150Bruce SpringsteenCover Me (Undercover Mix)CBSQTA 4662$25ukpsm-/m-
151Bruce SpringsteenDancing In the DarkCBSA12-4436$10holpsm-/m-
152Bruce SpringsteenGlory DaysCBSTA 6375$15holpsvg++/m-
153Bruce SpringsteenI'm On FireCBSA 12-6148$15holps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
154Bruce SpringsteenThe RiverCBSA13-1179$20uk m-
155Bruce SpringsteenThe RiverCBSCBS A13-1179$12ukpsvg+/vg+
156Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band/Jackson BrowneMedley: Devil With the Blue Dress/Good Golly Miss Molly/Jenny Take A RideAsylumAS 11442$75uspromo only/plain white slv with stickerm-/vg++
157Bunny WailerBright SoulSolomonic $25jam vg++
158Bunny WailerBright SoulSolomonic $30jam m-
159Bunny WailerCool RunningsSolomonicSMOO 5$30jampsm-/vg+
160Bunny WailerCrucialSolomonic $25jampsvg++/vg+
161Bunny WailerDancing ShoesIsland12WIP 6685$25uk m-
162Bunny WailerGalong SoSolomonic $25jam m-
163Bunny WailerGet Up Stand UpIslandIPR 2003$20uklimited editionvg++
164Bunny WailerLove FireIslandIPR 2015$30uk m-
165Bunny WailerRidingSolomonicSM 001$25uk m-
166Bunny WailerRidingSolomonicSMOO 1$50jam m-
167Buoyant BlueTime Must Have A StopSamSAM 24$25holps/press rel/photom-/m-
168Busta JonesJust A Little MisunderstandingSpringPRO 131$15usdemovg+
169Cabaret VoltaireThree MantrasRough TradeRT 038$30ukpsm-/vg++
170Cage featuring Nonah HendryxDo What You Wanna DoMetropolis12WIP 6769$10uk vg++
171Candi StatonA Dreamer Of A DreamWarner BrosPRO 670$10uspromovg+
172Capital LettersSmoking My GanjaGreensleevesGRED 5$50uk m-
173Captain SensibleWot!A&M129228$15spapsvg++/vg++
174Captain SensibleWot!A&MSP-12052$10us vg+
175Carla BakerHot Shot (I Want You)MangoMLPS 7812$8us vg+
176Carol WilliamsCome BackSalSoul12D 2031$25us vg+
177Champion Doug VeitchMargaritaCongaCON 02$15ukpsm-/m-
178Charli JohansenIreneSamSAM 04$40dkpsm-/m-
179CheriGive It To Me BabyVentureVD 5022$15us vg++
180Chet BakerAlmost BlueNovus3061-1$45usps/promom-/vg++
181Children Of the Night featuring Ranking RogerWe Play SkaJiveT 202$18ukpsvg++/vg+
182Chuck Brown & the Soul SearchersBustin' LooseSource12SOURCE 1$20ukpsm-/m-
183Ciccone YouthTuff Titty RapBlast FirstBFFP 8T$25ukpsvg++/m-
184Cinema NoirDagCinema NoirCN 2$25dkpsvg+/m-
185Circus MortSameLaborLAB 11$75uspsm-/m-
186ClashGates Of the WestEpicAS 617$35usdemom-
187ClashThis Is EnglandCBSA12-6122$15holpsm-/m-
188Clive Langer & the BoxesI Want the Whole WorldRadarRDR 2$12ukpsm-/vg++
189Coati MundiComo Esta UstedVirginVS 58512$10ukpsm-/m-
190Cocteau TwinsThe Spangle MakerVirgin601348$8gerpsm-/m-
191Cocteau TwinsThe Spangle MakerVirgin601348$6gerpsm-/vg++
192Compass Point All StarsPeanut ButterIsland12WIP 6675$75uk m-
193CosmeticCosmeticsRough TradeRT 102$15ukpsm-/m-
194Costello Show featuring ConfederatesDon't Let Me Be MisunderstoodF BeatZT 40556$15gerpsm-/m-
195CrampsBikini Girls With Machine GunsEnigmaENVPD 17$45ukps/shaped picture discm-/m-
196CrampsCan Your Pussy Do the DogBig BeatNST 110$8eecpsvg+/vg
197CrampsCan Your Pussy Do the DogBig BeatNST 110$18eecpsm-/vg++
198CrampsGet Off the RoadPlanetMOP 2002$35swpsm-/vg++
199CrampsThe CrusherI.R.S.PFSX 1008$45ukps/purple slvm-/m-
200CrampsThe CrusherI.R.S.PFSX 1008$45ukps/purple slvm-/m-
201CrampsWhat's Inside A GirlBig BeatNST 115$20eecps/white vinylm-/vg++
202CreaturesRight NowWonderlandSHEX 2$8uk m-
203CreaturesRight NowWonderlandSHEX 2$15ukpsm-/m-
204CristinaThings Fall ApartZeIPR 2052$20uk m-
205CristinaThings Fall ApartZE12WIP 6750$25ukpsm-/vg++
206CureLet's Go To BedFictionFICSX 17$15ukpsm-/m-
207CureThe CaterpillarFictionFICSX 20$15ukpsm-/m-
208CureThe Upstairs RoomFictionFICSX 18$15ukpsm-/m-
209Cut 'n' MoveSunshine RemixesSoul Power8680476$20holpsm-/m-
210Cut 'n' MoveTake No Crap (Get Serious)Epic656854-6$15holpsvg++/vg+
211Cutfather & DJ SoulshockCutshockSolid ProductionsBOST 1039$10dkps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
212D.A.D.Girl NationMegaSAM 642$475dkpromo onlym-
213D.A.D.Sleeping My Day AwayWarner BrosW 2775T$75ukps/promo sticker on slvm-/vg++
214Dag VagBlöt Dröm (Wet Dream)BallBAS 4$10swps/#238m-/vg++
215DaleSimon Simon (Extended Remix)Paisley Park0-20818$6uspsm-/vg+
216DamnedThe Shadow Of Love MCAGRIMX 2$15ukps/10"vg++/vg++
217DamnedThere Ain't No Sanity Clause (re-mix)Big BeatNST 92$15ukpsm-/vg++
218Dan HartmanInstant ReplayBlue SkySKY 6748$10holpsm-/m-
219Daniel Jackson ExplosionCinderella (Queen Of the Dance)SamS-12454$30usps/demovg++/vg++
220Daniel PonceNo ComprendoAntilles12ANN 2$12ukpsm-/m-
221Danielle DaxTomorrow Never KnowsSire0-21773$15uspsvg++/m-
222David BowieCat People (Putting Out the Fire)MCAMCAT 770$25ukpsm-/m-
223David BowieChina GirlEMI America12 EA 157$15ukpsm-/m-
224David BowieLet's DanceEMI America12 EA 152$12ukpsm-/vg++
225David BowieWhen the Wind BlowsVirgin608613$12gerps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
226David BowieWild Is the WindRCA VictorBOW T 10$12ukpsm-/m-
227David Byrne3 Big SongsSireDSRE 50034$15usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
228David EssexCity LightsCBSS-CBS 4050$95ukpromo/white slv with info stickerm-/m-
229David JosephLet's Live It Up (Nite People)MangoMLPS 7806$10us vg++
230David SylvianSilver MoonVirginVS 89512$15ukpsm-/m-
231David SylvianThe Ink In the WellVirgin601402$10gerpsm-/m-
232David SylvianWords With the ShamanVirgin602066$15gerpsm-/m-
233Dazz BandLet It All BlowMotownZC 69270$10gerpsm-/m-
234De Mighty TriniWalkie TalkieTriniTR 001$20barpsm-/vg++
235Death CultBrothers GrimmSituation TwoSIT 23T$12ukps/insertm-/m-
236Death CultGods ZooSituation TwoSIT 29T$12ukpsm-/m-
237Death CultGods ZooSituation TwoSIT 29T$10ukpsm-/vg++
238Debbie HarryBackfiredChrysalisCHS12-2526$10ukpsm-/m-
239DefunktChangeAntillesPR 2311$10uspromom-
240Denise La SalleThink About ItMCAL33-1838$20usdemom-
241Dennis BrownHave You Ever Been In Love BeforeTaxi $25jam vg++
242Dennis BrownSitting And WatchingTaxi4$30us vg++
243Dennis Brown & Big YouthEqual Rights StyleGibbs $15jam vg
244Dennis Brown with Sly & RobbieSitting And WatchingTaxi $35jam m-
245Dennis SeatonI'm Into Something GoodCreoleCRT 106$20uk m-
246Denny GreeneThe Great EscapeLenox International32-1$15uspsm-/m-
247Depeche ModeEnjoy the Silence Timo Maas Extended RemixMuteP 12BONG 34$75eups/limited edition/2x12"m-/m-
248Depeche ModeEverything CountsMuteP12BONG 16$125ukpromo onlym-
249Depeche ModeHalo Goldfrapp RemixMutePXL 12BONG 34$60eups/limited editionm-/m-
250Depeche ModeI Feel LovedMute12BONG 31$20belpsm-/vg++
251Depeche ModeNever Let Me Down AgainSirePRO-A-2847$50uspromom-
252Depeche ModePersonal JesusMuteL12 BONG 17$25ukpsvg++/vg++
253Depeche ModePolicy Of ThruthMute12BONG 19$12swpsm-/vg++
254Depeche ModeSomething To Do Black Strobe RemixMutePL 12BONG 34$60eups/limited editionm-/m-
255Depeche ModeSuffer WellMuteP12BONG 37$30ukps/promo onlym-/m-
256Derek & the DominosLaylaRSO2141493$12gerpsvg+/vg+
257Deutsch Amerikanische FreundschaftVerlieb Dich In MichVirginVS 52012$15ukpsm-/m-
258Devo(I Can't Get Me No) SatisfactionBooji BoyBOY 1$30ukstickered plain white slvm-
259Diana Ross & the SupremesSupremes' MedleyTamla Motown12TMG 1180$12uk vg+
260DictatorsSearch & DestroyAsylumK 13091$15ukps/limited edtionm-/m-
261Dire StraitsSo Far AwayVertigo880703-1$15holpsm-/m-
262Disneyland After DarkIt's After DarkMegaMRCX 12-2190$40gerpsm-/m-
263Disneyland After DarkStandin' On the Never NeverMegaMRCX 1241$175holps/first pressing with black triangle/red lbl and displaced picture on slvm-/m-
264DistractionsYou're Not Going Out Dressed Like ThatTJMTJM 2$20ukpsm-/vg+
265DistractionsYou're Not Going Out Dressed Like ThatTJMTJM 2$25ukpsm-/vg++
266Docent DödFrysMistlurMLRMZ-2$30swpsm-/m-
267Doctor Mix and the RemixHe Was A ManCelluloidCEL1-6585$15frapsm-/vg+
268Doctor Mix And the RemixWall Of NoiseRough TradeROUGH 6$35ukpsm-/m-
269Don HenleyDirty LaundryAsylum0-67956$20usdemom-
270Dooley SilverspoonCloser To Loving YouSevilleSEV 1025/12$15uk vg++
271DoorsGloria (Dirty LP Version)ElektraEAOR 4942$30uspromom-
272DoorsLove Me Two TimesElektraEAOR 4955$30uspromom-
273Dotty GreenI Caught You OutHot Melt12TC 004$10ukpsvg+/vg++
274Dr. FeelgoodBaby JaneUnited Artists12-UP 36332$18ukpsm-/m-
275Dr. FeelgoodShe's A WindupUnited Artists12-UP 36304$15uk m-
276Duran DuranNotorious Strange Behaviour '87 On TourEMI176600$40itapicture discm-/vg+
277Eartha KittPrimitive ManAriola612713$12ger ss
278Eddie & the Hot RodsLife On the LineIsland12WIP 6438$60ukps/signedm-/vg++
279Eddie & the Hot RodsLife On the LineIsland12WIP 6438$20ukpsm-/m-
280Edwin StarrYou Hit the Nail On the HeadA.S.K.L 111155$25uspsvg++/m-
281El CocoMondo DiscoAviAVID-12-130$40uspsm-/m-
282Electric Light OrchestraDon't Bring Me DownJetJET12 153$12ukpsm-/m-
283Electric Light Orchestra Part 2Honest MenTelstar12ELO 100$15ukps/promo sticker on slvm-/m-
284Electric SixDanger! High VoltageXLT 151$30uk m-
285Elisa FiorilloHow Can I Forget YouChrysalisELISAX 1$8ukpsvg++/m-
286Elisa FiorilloHow Can I Forget YouChrysalisELISAX 1$6ukpsm-/vg+
287Elvis Costello Baby Plays AroundWarner BrosW 2949 T$12ukpsm-/m-
288Elvis Costello Tomorrow Coast To Coast The Elvis Costello Interview With Tom SnyderColumbiaAS 958$40us m-
289Elvis Costello VeronicaWarner BrosW 7558 T$12ukpsm-/vg++
290Elvis Costello & the AttractionsEveryday I Write the BookColumbia44-04115$12uspsm-/m-
291Elvis Costello & the AttractionsEveryday I Write the BookF BeatXX 32T$12ukpsm-/m-
292Elvis Costello & the AttractionsEveryday I Write the BookF BeatXX 32T$10ukpsm-/vg++
293Elvis Costello & the AttractionsExcerpts From Imperial BedroomF BeatEC 2$50uk4 track promo only white lblm-
294Elvis Costello & the AttractionsGreen ShirtF BeatZT 40086$10ukgreen vinylvg
295Elvis Costello & the AttractionsHigh FidelityF BeatXX 3T$12ukpsm-/m-
296Elvis Costello & the AttractionsI Wanna Be LovedF BeatXX 35T$10ukpsvg++/vg++
297Elvis Costello & the AttractionsI Want YouIMPIMP 008T$12ukpsm-/m-
298Elvis Costello & the AttractionsI'm Your ToyF BeatXX 21T$12ukpsm-/m-
299Elvis Costello & the AttractionsLet Them All TalkF BeatXX 33T$12ukpsm-/m-
300Elvis Costello & the AttractionsRadio RadioRadarADA 24$45ukpromo m-
301Elvis Costello & the AttractionsThe Only Flame In TownF BeatXX 37Z$15ukpsm-/m-
302Elvis Costello & the AttractionsThe Only Flame In TownF BeatXX 37T$12ukpsm-/m-
303Elvis Costello & the AttractionsTokyo Storm WarningIMPIMP 007T$12ukpsm-/m-
304Elvis Costello & the AttractionsTown CryerF BeatXX 28T$12ukpsm-/m-
305Elvis PresleyIt Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)RCA VictorPC 9464$10ukps/die cut slvm-/m-
306EminemWithout MeInterscopeEMVP 3$20eupromom-
307Eramus HallCheckin' You Checkin Yourself OutCapitolV 8630$25us m-
308ErasureA Little Respect - Extended VersionMute12MUTE 85$8ukpsm-/vg++
309ErasureABBA EPMuteS 12MUTE 144$40uk m-
310ErasureABBA EPMute12MUTE 144$75ukwhite lbl promom-
311ErasureABBA EP RemixesMuteL12MUTE 144$50ukpsvg+/vg+
312ErasureLove To Hate You (Remix by Frank DeWulf)MuteDID 128342$110belpromo/limited m-
313ErasurePush Me Shove MeMuteERAS 1$40ukpsm-/m-
314ErasureSometimes MuteL12MUTE 51$30holps/demo stamped slvm-/m-
315ErasureSometimes (Club)MuteERAS 3$50ukDJ promom-
316Eric B. & RakimPaid In Full (Seven Minutes Of Madness the Coldcut Remix)4th & Broadway12BRW 78$25ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
317Eton CropGay Boys On the BattlefieldBigger Bank BalanceBALANCE 1$30holpsm-/vg++
319ExplorersFalling For NightlifeVirgin601603$8gerpsm-/m-
320FingerprintzDancing With MyselfVirginVS 235-12$12ukps/green vinylm-/vg++
321First ChoiceDoctor LoveSalSoul12G-4004$6can vg+
322Five SpecialYour Body HeatElektraAS 11544$20usdemovg++
323Flamin' GrooviesFeel A Whole Lot BetterSire6078619$20ukpsm-/m-
324Flamin' GrooviesGreaseSkydogFG 13$25frapsm-/m-
325Flemming FlyingDen Blå PlanetFrontFROSI 6$10dk m-
326Flesh 4 LuluSubterraneans (Metro Mix)PolydorFFLX 1$10ukpsm-/m-
327Flesh For LuluRoman Candle EPPolydorPOSPX 653$10ukpsm-/m-
328FleshtonesAmerican Beat '84I.R.S.A 12-4600$12holpsm-/m-
329FleshtonesRoman GoodsI.R.S.SP 70405$15us ss
330Fra Lippo LippiAngelVirginVS 98612$20ukpsm-/m-
331Fra Lippo LippiShouldn't Have To Be Like ThatVirginVS 83112$20ukpsm-/vg++
332Frank ZappaTrue GloveEMI1C-K062-200387-6$40gerpsm-/vg++
333Frankie Goes To HollywoodRage HardZTT/Island608434$10gerpsm-/m-
334Frankie Goes To HollywoodRelax (Sex Mix)ZTT12PZTAS 1$15ukpic discvg++
335Frankie Goes To HollywoodWelcome To the Pleasure DomeZTT302417$6holpsvg/vg++
336Frankie Goes To HollywoodWelcome To the Pleasure Dome (The Alternative)ZTT12XZTAS 7$10ukpsm-/m-
337Frat Cat Disco BandCome On Girls And Shake Your Pom PomAviAVI-12-266-D$15usdemovg++
338Freddie WaiteLove MeVirginVS 64412$18uk vg++
339FrictionDancing NowEsotericEST 002$20usps/lyric sheetm-/m-
340Front and FantasyTreatmentSound of MusicSOUND 1201$35gerps/gfldm-/vg++
341Front and FantasyTreatmentSound of MusicSOUND 1201$30gerps/gfldvg++/vg++
342Furious Five featuring Cowboy, Melle Mel & ScorpioStep OffSugarHillSH 32033$10fin vg+
343Futura 2000 featuring the ClashThe Escapades Of Futura 2000CelluloidCYZ 104$80ukpsm-/m-
344Fuzz BoxWe've Got A Fuzz Box And We're Gonna Ude It!VandalooUGH 11T$18uketched recordvg++/vg++
345Gang Of FourTo Hell With PovertyEMI12EMI 5193$15ukpsm-/vg++
346Gang Of FourWhat We All WantEMI12EMI 5146$10uk vg++
347GangwayDidn't I Make You LaughGenlyd74321-11330-1$80holns/danish only white label promo remixm-
348GangwayGoing AwayElectraEL 0115-12$300holps/unapprooved sleevem-/m-
349GangwayGoing AwayElectraEL 0115-12$60holpsvg++/vg++
350GangwaySteady IncomeGenlyd74321-21217-1$125holns/unreleased & unapprooved promom-
351GangwayThe Quiet Boy Ate the Whole Cake (5 track)ElectraEL 0115-12$125dkps/white slv signed by the group in coloured felt pensm-/m-
352Gene ChandlerThat Funky Disco Rhythm20th CenturyTCD-98$10us vg+
353General Echo & MadooHotel FeeGreensleevesGRED 30$25uk m-
354General Saint & Clint EastwoodAnother One Bites the DustGreensleevesGRED 56$20uk m-
355General Saint & Clint EastwoodTribute To General EchoGreensleevesGRED 49$20uk m-
356George Benson20/20 (Jellybean Remix)Warner Bros920300-0$10gerps/promo stamped slvvg+/vg+
357George FaithTo Be A LoverIslandIPR 2034$50uk m-
358George Hatcher BandHave Band Will TravelUnited ArtistsEXP 100$18ukps/10"/limited editionm-/vg++
359George KranzTrommeltanzPool620192$12gerpsm-/m-
360George MichaelFreeek! (Octave Mix/Jim Skreech Vocal MixGMGM 02$25ukstickered slvm-/m-
361George MichaelFreeek! (Slyness Mix/Scumfrogs Mix/Moogymen Mix/Max Reich Mix)GMGM 03-01$35uk2x12" stickered slvm-/m-
362George MichaelOne More TryEpic651532-6$12holpsvg++/vg++
363Gibson BrothersCubaIsland12WIP 6483$10uk m-
364Global InfantilistsThis MusicMNWMNW 7 M$18swpsm-/vg++
365GloveLike An AnimalWonderlandSHEX 3$18ukpsm-
366GnagsMr. Swing KingGenlydGENS 1076-12$20holpress rel.m-
367GnagsZigurrat (Club Mix)GenlydGENS 1018$15swpsm-/m-
368Go-BetweensRight HereTrue Tone888390-1$10auswhite lbl test pressingvg++
369GoddessSexual VampireUnited KultureUKRZES 1$10ukpsm-/m-
370Godley & CremeGolden Boy (Long Version)PolydorPOSPX 677$8ukpsm-/m-
371Grace JonesShe's Lost ControlIsland12WIP 6629$15ukpsvg++/vg++
372Grace JonesShe's Lost ControlIsland12WIP 6629$18ukpsm-/vg++
373Graham Parker & the RumourHey Lord Don't Ask Me QuestionsVertigoPARK 12$12ukpsvg++/vg++
374Graham Parker & the RumourMercury PoisoningVertigoSP 41$15ukpromo only/1 sidedm-
375Graham Parker & the RumourProjectionVertigo9198101$10uk m-
376Grandmaster FlashSign Of the TimesElektra966922-0$8gerpsvg++/vg+
377Grandmixer D.ST.Crazy Cuts (Long Version)Celluloid12IS 146$20uk m-
378Greg Kihn BandRememberBeserkleyBJ12-001$12usps/promo onlym-/m-
379Greg Kihn BandRememberBeserkleyBJ12-001$10usps/promo onlym-/vg++
380Gregory IsaacsCool Down the PaceIsland10WIP 6828$18ukps/10"m-/m-
381Gregory IsaacsCream Of the CropAfrican MuseumAM 07$25uk m-
382Gregory IsaacsI Can't Give You My LoveAfrican Museum $15jamwolvg
383Gregory IsaacsI Can't Give You My LoveAfrican Museum $30jam m-
384Gregory IsaacsI Can't Give You My Love AloneAfrican Museum $30jam m-
385Gregory IsaacsIf You See My MaryAfrican Museum1397$40uk vg++
386Gregory IsaacsNight NurseIsland10WIP 6800$20ukps/10"m-/m-
387Gregory IsaacsPrivate Beach PartyGreensleevesGRED 185$20ukpsm-/m-
388Gregory IsaacsSettle NoDiamond C DSC 0012$20uk vg++
389Gregory IsaacsSunday MorningSolomonicSM 002$50jam m-
390Gregory IsaacsWailing RudyAfrican Museum $20jam m-
391Gregory IsaacsWhat A FeelingTaxiTX 3$20jamclear red vinylm-
392Gregory Isaacs & TrinityChunnie You Are the Number OneGG's $30jam m-
393Gregory Isaacs & TrinityChunnie You Are the Number OneGG's/Hit $25jam vg++
394Gregory Isaacs & U BrownThe BorderGG'sCG 040$40uk m-
395Gregory Isaacs & U BrownThe BorderGG's/Hit $20jam vg+
396Gun ClubDeath PartyAnimalGUN 12-1$25ukpsm-/m-
397Gun ClubDeath PartyAnimalGUN 12-1$20ukpsm-/vg++
398Gwen McCraeKeep the Fire BurningAtlantic0-89905$30us vg+
399Hanna HaezeToo Late Extended Club Mix)Touch of Gold190049-1$8frapsm-/vg+
400Harvey ScalesRock Your BodyCasablancaNBD 20171 DJ$15uspromovg++
401HaywoodeI'm Your PuppetCBSSYD T1$10ukpsvg++/vg+
402HaywoodeI'm Your PuppetCBSSYD QT1$15ukps/poster slvm-/vg+
403HeartbreakersChinese RocksTrack2094135$25ukpsm-/m-
404Heaven 17ContendersVirgin608599$8gerpsm-/m-
405Helen ShapiroLet Yourself GoOvalHELEN 25/10$15ukps/10"m-/m-
406HeptonesStreet Of GoldTom $30jam vg++
407Hi TensionBritish HustleIslandISD 8742$15uspromovg++
408Hi TensionFunktifiedIsland12XWIP 6489$15uk m-
409Hip SinglesTypewriterHit SinglesHITD 006$12nzpsm-/m-
410House Of FreaksBottom Of the OceanRhinoRNTW 70408$10uspsm-/m-
411HousemartinsHappy HourGo! DiscsGOD X 11$8ukpsm-/m-
412I ThreesMusic For the WorldShanachie5007$20uspsm-/vg++
413Ian & the BlockheadsHit Me With Your Rhythm StickStiff12BUY 38$20uk m-
414Ian & the BlockheadsHit Me With Your Rhythm StickStiff12BUY 38$15uk vg++
415Ian & the BlockheadsHit Me With Your Rhythm StickStiff12BUY 38$20uk m-
416Ian Dury & the BlockheadsReasons To Be Cheerful Pt. 3Stiff12BUY 50$18ukpsm-/vg++
417Ian McCullochSeptember SongKorovaKOW 40T$15ukpsm-/m-
418Iggy & the Stooges(I Got) NothingSkydogSGIS 12$20frapsm-/m-
419Iggy & the Stooges(I Got) NothingSkydogSGIS 12$18frapsm-/vg++
420Iggy PopBang BangAristaSP 115$25uspromo onlym-
421Iggy PopCold MetalA&MAMP 452$15ukpicture discvg++
422Iggy PopLust For LifeRCA VictorPC 9888$25gerpsm-/m-
423Iggy PopLust For LifeRCA VictorPC 9888$20gerpsm-/vg++
424Iggy PopReal Wild Child (Wild One)A&MAMY 368$12ukpsm-/vg++
425In DeepWhen Boys TalkSound Of New YorkSNY 5104$15sw m-
426Inner CircleEverything Is GreatIsland12WIP 6472$20ukpromo white lbl/1 sidedm-
427InspiredIt's A Small WorldJefferson Blvd.D-78$8us vg+
428IntrudersWho Do You LoveStreetwaveMKHAN 34$8ukps/woc/wolvg+/vg+
429Irma ThomasSafe With MePoloPOLO 12-10$15uk vg+
430Isaac HayesIke's RapCBS650115-6$15holpsm-/vg++
431Israel VibrationNever Gonna Hurt Me AgainIsrael Vibes $25jam m-
432J.C. Lodge & TigerLove Me BabyGreensleevesGRED 253$20uk m-
433Jag MoritzBoot Up (Let X = Y)Hit SinglesHIT 14$15nzpsm-/m-
434JagsBack Of My HandIsland12SWIP 6501$30ukpsm-/m-
435Jaime Lynn & Gene ChandlerYou're the OneNY InternationalNYNY 1001$40us vg++
436Jaime Lynn & Gene ChandlerYou're the OneNY InternationalNYNY 1001$45us m-
437Jake Burns & the Big WheelShe Grew UpSurvivalSRDT 3$20ukpsvg++/vg++
438Jaki GrahamSet Me Free (Special Extended Remix)EMI1CK060-201306-6$4eecpsvg+/vg
439James BrownFunky MenT.K.465$15us m-
440James BrownSex MachinePolydorPOSPX 751$15ukpsm-/m-
441James BrownSex MachinePolydorPOSPX 751$12ukpsm-/vg++
442James BrownSoul PowerPolydorPOSPX 783$15ukpsm-/m-
443James BrownSoul PowerPolydorPOSPX 783$12ukpsm-/vg++
444James King & the Lone WolvesTexas LullabyTrushTRUSH 2$30ukpsm-/m-
445James King & the Lone WolvesThe Angels KnowSwamplandsSWX 3$25ukpsm-/m-
446James WellsThat's the Way the Wind BlowsAviPRO-12-254-D$20usdemovg++
447Janet KaySilly GamesArawakARK DD 003$12uk vg++
448Jason & the ScorchersWhite LiesEMI America12EA 192$12ukpsm-/m-
449Jesus And Mary ChainApril SkiesBlanco Y NegroNEG 24T$10ukpsm-/vg++
450Jesus And Mary ChainDarklands E.P.Blanco Y NegroNEG 29TE$15ukps/10"m-/m-
451Jimi HendrixGloriaPolydor21413227$20gerpsm-/vg++
452Jimi HendrixGloriaPolydor2141120$35auspsm-/m-
453Jimmy LindsayWhere Is Your LoveGemGEM 12-9$20ukps/demovg+/vg+
454Jimmy RileyMy Woman's LoveTaxiIPR 2043$20uk m-
455Jimmy RileySexual HealingTaxiIPR 2057$15uk m-
456John CaleAnimal JusticeIllegalIL 003$20ukpsm-/m-
457John FogertyEye Of the ZombieWarner BrosW 8657 T$20ukpsm-/m-
458John HiattLiving A Little Laughning A LittleGeffenTX 6121$10ukpsm-/m-
459John HiattSlow TurningA&MAMY 478$10ukpsm-/vg++
460John HiattTennessee PlatesA&MAMY 499$8uk m-
461John HoltGhetto QueenVolcano $25jam m-
462Johnny CashWithout LoveColumbiaAS 921$50uspromo only/1 sidedm-
463Johnny og de Kolde DemonerBlinkende LysIrmgardzIRMGM 1001$30dkps/poster/press rel.m-/m-
464Johnny ThundersIn Cold BloodNew Rose18$30fra vg++
465Johnny ThundersIn Cold BloodNew Rose31$40frapsvg++/vg++
466Johnny ThundersYou Can't Put Your Arms Rouns A MemoryRealARE 3$25ukyellow vinyl/limited editionm-
467Joy DivisionAtmosphereFactoryFACUS 2/UK$30ukpsm-/m-
468Joy DivisionShe's Out Of ControlFactoryFACUS 2$25uspsm-/m-
469Joy DivisionTransmissionFactoryFAC 13 x 12$60ukpsm-/vg++
470Judy ClayStayin' AliveL.A.LA-DCP-0912$15uspsvg+/vg++
471JuiceBest DaysChrysalis12CHS 5081$20ukps/promo sticker on slvm-/vg++
472Juice With SoulGang LingoAtlanticPR 4915$15usps/promo/plain white slv with stickerm-/vg++
473Julian CopeSunshine Playroom EPMercuryCOPE 112$15ukpsm-/m-
474Julian CopeSunshine Playroom EPMercuryCOPE 112$12ukpsvg++/vg++
475Junior TuckerOne Of the Poorest PeopleIslandIPR 2029$15ukpre-relm-
476Kalambya SistersKatelinaZensorZS 07$10gerpsm-/m-
477KalyanTan TanMakossaMD 9010$25us vg++
478Kate BushOn StageEMIEMS 10001$80japps/obi/lyric sheetm-/m-
479Kenny EverettSnot RapRCA VictorKENT 1$10ukps/wocvg+/vg+
480Kid Creole & the CoconutsAnnie I'm Not Your DaddyZE12WIP 6801$10ukpsm-/vg+
481Kid Creole & the CoconutsAnnie I'm Not Your DaddyZE12WIP 6801$12ukpsm-/vg++
482Kid Creole & the CoconutsChristmas In B'dilli Bay WithZE12WIP 6840$15ukpsm-/m-
483Kid Creole & the CoconutsMaladie D'AmourZE12WIP 6619$10ukpsm-/m-
484Killing JokeEightiesEGEGOX 16$18ukpsm-/m-
485Killing JokeLet's All Go (To the Fire Dances)EGEGOX 11$15ukpsm-/m-
486Killing JokeNervous SystemMalicious DamageMD 410$30ukps/"10/wolm-/m-
487KillsThe Good OnesDomino119067$15eups/black sleeve with stickerm-/vg+
488Kim WestonSignal Your IntentionNightmareMARE 26$15ukpsm-/vg+
489King ErrisonStay Lady StayAcklinsACK-E 809$20us m-
490King Sounds & the IsraelitesBrand New ChildGrove MusizIPR 2047$20uk m-
491King StittHerbsman ShuffleTrojanTROT 9064$30ukpsm-/m-
492KissI Was Made For Lovin' YouCasablancaNBD 20169DJ$40uspromo/1 sidedvg+
493KissI Was Made For Lovin' YouCasablancaCANL 152$20uk vg+
494KLFThe White Room - Dogg Bite MixEuro-MixxKLF-26$40usradio promovg+
495KongehusetIstidRCA Victor74321401531$10eec m-
496Kool And the GangFresh (Long Version)De-LiteDEX 18$10ukpsvg+/vg+
497KowalskiDer ArbeiterVirgin601000$10gerpsm-/m-
498KraftwerkAerodynamikEMI12EMDJD 637$50ukps/promo/2x12"m-/m-
499KraftwerkExpo 2000Kling Klang12KLANG 001$25ukpromom-
500KylieChocolateParlophone12R 6639$20ukpicture disc limited edition 3 trackm-
501Kylie MinogueGot To Be CertainPWLPWLT 12$10ukpsvg+/vg+
502Kylie MinogueI Should Be So LuckyPWLPWLT 8$10swpsvg+/vg++
503Kylie MinogueNever Too LatePWLPWMS 001$10ukpsvg+/vg+
504L.A. GunsThe Ballad Of JaneMercuryMERP 361$30ukps/limited edition shaped discm-/m-
505Laid BackElevatorboyMetronome821670-1$20gerpsm-/m-
506Laid BackIt's A ShameWEA258350-0$20gerpsm-/vg++
507Laid BackOne Life (Velvet Spike Mix)Sire0-20358$35usps/promo stamped slm-/m-
508Laid BackParty At the White HouseWEA258155-0$20gerpsm-/m-
509Laid BackSunshine ReggaeJive WireSV 0058$50sapsm-/m-
510Laid BackSunshine ReggaePolydor813710-1$35fraps/promo stamped slm-/m-
511Laid BackSunshine ReggaePolydor813032-1$30auspsm-/vg++
512Laid BackSunshine ReggaeSire20178-0$35usps/dhss
513Laid BackWhite Horse Polydor821332-1$45fraps/promo stamped slm-/vg++
514Laid BackWhite Horse Polydor821332-1$50fraps/promo stamped slm-/m-
515Laid BackWhite Horse '89SireW 2836T$45ukps/promo sticker on slvm-/vg++
516Larry GrahamDon't Stop When You're HotWarner BrosPRO-A-1027$15usps/promom-/m-
517Larry GrahamSooner Or LaterWarner BrosPRO-A-1046$15usps/promom-/m-
518La'sThere She GoesGo DiscGOLAS 212$15ukpsvg++/vg++
519Last MenThe WordZEZE 12009$40ukpsm-/m-
520LatimoreTonight's the NightT.K.468$10us m-
521Lee PrentissYou Plus Me (The Einstein Song)PhillyPDR 101$15us vg++
522Lene LovichBird SongStiff12BUY 53$12nor m-
523Lene LovichLucky NumberStiff12BUY 42$10uk m-
524Lene LovichLucky NumberStiffS12BUY 42$15uk m-
525Lene LovichSay WhenStiff12BUY 46$18ukpsm-/m-
526Les Rita MitsoukoLe Petit TrainVirgin613172$6gerpsm-/vg+
527Les Rita MitsoukoMarcia BailaVirgin601788$6gerpsm-/vg+
528Les Rita MitsoukoTongue DanceVirgin612061$4gerpsvg++/vg+
529Level 42The Sun Goes Down(Living it Up)Polydor813797-1$10gerpsm-/m-
530Light of the WorldLondon TownEnsignENY 4312$10uk vg+
531Lime SpidersVolatileVirginVOZ T 032$30auspsm-/m-
532Linda LewisClass/Style (I've Got It)ElectricityTRIC T5$10ukpsvg++/vg++
533Linton Kwesi JohnsonDe Black Petty BooswahIsland12WIP 6554$25ukpsm-/m-
534Linton Kwesi JohnsonWant Fi Goh Rave (Long Version)Island12XWIP 6494$25uk m-
535LioThe Girl From IpanemaPolydor879283-1$4gerpsvg/vg
536Lionel RichieAll Night Long (All Night)MotownTMGT 1319$6uk m-
537Lisa Dal BelloPretty Girls (Rock Disco Mix)TalismanTALI-US-RD-1$4usps/dhvg++/vg+
538Little Bob StoryCover GirlAccord137041$12frapsm-/vg+
539Little FeatRocket In My PocketWarner BrosSAM 139$20ukpromo onlyvg++
540Loose GravelFrisco BandFan Club1$45frapsm-/vg++
541Los LobosLa BambaLondon886168-1$10holpsm-/m-
542Lou ReedThe Blue MaskRCA VictorPC 9852$30gerpsm-/m-
543Lucinda WilliamsI Just Wanted To See You So BadRough TradeRTT 224$18ukpsm-/vg++
544LyresAHS 1005Ace of HeartsAHS 1005$50uspsm-/m-
545LyresBuried AliveAce of HeartsAHS 1005$45uspsm-/vg++
546MMoonlight And MuzakMCAMCAT 541$15ukpsm-/vg++
547MPop Musik/M FactorMCA12MCA 413$15ukpsm-/m-
548MadnessTomorrow's Just Another DayStiffBUY IT 169$20ukps/limited edition m-/m-
549MadonnaAngelSireMS 920335-0$15spapsvg+/vg+
554MadonnaBorderline (New Mix)SirePRO-A-2120$70usps/promom-/m-
555MadonnaBorderline (New Mix)SireO-20212$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
556MadonnaBorderline (New Mix)SireO-20212$12uspsvg+/vg+
557MadonnaBorderline (U.S. Remix)Sire920218-0$12gerpsvg+/vg++
558MadonnaBorderline (U.S. Remix)Sire920218-0$15gerpsm-/m-
560MadonnaDress You UpSire920369-0$20gerpsvg++/vg++
561MadonnaDress You UpSire920369-0$10gerpsvg/m-
562MadonnaDress You UpSireO-20369$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
563MadonnaDress You Up (12" Formal Mix)SirePRO-A-2353$50uspromom-
566MadonnaExpress YourselfSire921249-0$20gerpsvg++/vg++
567MadonnaHanky PankySire7599-21577-0$15gerpsvg+/vg+
568MadonnaHanky PankySire0-21577$18uspsvg+/vg++
569MadonnaHolidaySireW 9405T$30ukpsm-/m-
570MadonnaInto the GrooveSire920352-0$15gerps/dhvg+/vg+
571MadonnaInto the GrooveSire920352-0$20gerpsvg+/m-
572MadonnaInto the GrooveSire920352-0$25gerpsm-/m-
573MadonnaLa Isla BonitaSire0-20633$15uspsvg++/vg+
574MadonnaLa Isla BonitaSire920633-0$15gerpsvg+/vg++
575MadonnaLa Isla Bonita (Extended Remix)SireO-20633$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
576MadonnaLike A PrayerSire0-21170$15uspsvg++/vg++
577MadonnaLike A VirginSireO-20239$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
578MadonnaLive To TellSire920461-0$15gerpsvg+/vg+
579MadonnaLive To Tell (Edit)SirePRO-A-2470$45usps/promom-/m-
580MadonnaLive To Tell (LP Version)SireO-20461$25usps/promo stamped slvvg++/vg++
581MadonnaMaterial GirlSireO-20304$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
582MadonnaMaterial GirlSireO-20304$18uspsvg++/vg++
583MadonnaOpen Your Heart (Extended Version)Sire0-20597$16uspsvg+/vg+
584MadonnaPapa Don't Preach (Extended Remix)SireO-20492$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
585MadonnaPapa Don't Preach (Extended Remix)SireO-20492$14uspsvg+/vg++
586MadonnaPapa Don't Preach (LP Version)SirePRO-A-2517$55usps/promom-/m-
587MadonnaRescue MeSire9362-40034-0$12gerpsvg+/vg+
588MadonnaThe Look Of LoveSire920836-0$18gerps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
589MadonnaTrue Blue (Color Mix)SireO-20533$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
590MadonnaTrue Blue (Color Mix)SireO-20533$16uspsvg+/vg+
591MadonnaVogueSireW 9851 TP$50ukpicture disc/nsm-
592MadonnaVogue (12" Version)Sire7599-21525-0$15gerpsvg++/vg++
593Mai TaiBet That's What You Say (Escape House Mix)Injection234795$6gerps/wolvg++/vg+
594Mai TaiBody And SoulCNR883371-1$4gerpsvg+/vg
595Malcolm McLarenDouble DutchAmerican Double Dutch LeagueMALC 312$15ukpsvg+/vg++
596Malcolm McLarenDouble DutchIslandDMD 641$15uspsm-/vg++
597Malcolm McLaren & the Bootzilla OrchestraDeep In Vogue (Banjie Realness)Epic49-68801$8us vg+
598Malcolm McLaren & the World's Famous Supreme TeamBuffalo Gals (Scratch Version)Charisma6400732$18gerpsvg+/vg++
599Malcolm XNo Sell OutTommy Boy12IS 165$20ukpsvg++/vg++
600Mandingo featuring Foday Musa Suso & Herbie HancockHarimaCelluloidCEL 702$15ukpsm-/m-
601Mandingo featuring Foday Musa Suso & Herbie HancockHarimaCelluloidCEL 702$15ukpsm-/m-
602MandyBoys And GirlsPWLPWLT 11$25swps/test pressingm-/vg++
603MandyDon't You Want Me BabyPWLPWLT 37$6swps/wocm-/vg+
604MandyPositive ReactionPWLPWLT 4$6swpsm-/vg++
605MandyVictim Of PleasurePWLPWLT 18$4ukpsm-/vg+
606Mandy SmithI Just Can't WaitPWLPWLT 1$8swpsm-/m-
607Mandy SmithI Just Can't WaitPWLPWLP 1$30ukpicture disc/plastic bagm-
608Manic Street PreachersMotown JunkHeavenlyHVN 812$75ukpsm-/vg++
609MankindDr. WhoPinnaclePIN 71-12$20ukred vinylm-
610Marc BolanLife's A GasElectricANTS 001$20ukpsm-/vg++
611Marcia GriffithsWoman A ComeSolomonic $25jam m-
612Marianne FaithfullBroken EnglishIsland12MF 100$15ukpsvg+/vg+
613Marianne FaithfullBroken EnglishIsland12WIP 6542$15ukpsm-/vg++
615Marina Del ReyI Love A SharkHannibal12WIP 6669$10ukpsm-/m-
616Martha ReevesLove Don't Come No StrongerFantasyF-825-D$20usdemovg++
617Martini RanchHow Can the Labouring Man Find Time For Self Culture?Sire0-20453$15usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
618Mass ProductionTurn Up the MusicCotillionDMD 271$15uspromom-
619MaterialTime OutElektraED 4909$15uspromom-
620Mathilde SantingHand In HandMegadisc128302$10holpsm-/vg+
621Matt BiancoWhose Side Are You OnWEAYZ 9T$15ukpsm-/vg++
622MatumbiPoint Of ViewMR12RIC 101$15ukpsm-/m-
623Max GoldtL'eglise Des CrocodilesZensorARO 004$75gerfolder/press rel.m-
624Mazzy StarFade Into YouCapitol10CL 720$90ukps/10"/limited edition #2196vg+/vg+
625MC 5Looking At YouAlive/Total EnergyNER 3005/10$30usps/10"m-/m-
626MC EinarJul Det' CoolCBS653156-6$25holpsm-/vg++
627McAuley Schenker GroupGimme Your LoveEMI12EMP 30$15ukpicture discm-
628Me & MyDub I DubEncore12COR 019$15ukps/promo sticker on slvvg++/vg++
629MenI Don't Depend On YouVirginVS 26912$30ukpsm-/vg+
630Men They Couldn't HangThe Lion & the UnicornSilvertoneORE 22-10$10ukps/10"m-/m-
631Michael JacksonLeave Me AloneEpic654672-6$15holpsvg++/m-
632Michael ProphetFight To the Top (Discomix)Island12WIP 6583$95uk m-
633Michael RuffLet Her StayWarner BrosPRO-A-2279$40usps/promo/signed by artistm-/vg++
634MichaelaHappy RadioFFRRHHP X1$8ukpsss
635Mick Karn & David SylvianBuoyVirginVS 91012$10ukpsm-/m-
636Mickey JuppOnly For LifeTowerbell12TOW 55$4uk vg-
637Mickey JuppSwitchboard SusanLine620094$10gerpsm-/vg++
638Mighty DiamondsPass the KouchieMusic Works $30jam10"m-
639Mike OldfieldGuiltyVirginVS 24512$20ukps/blue vinylm-/m-
640Miles DavisTime After TimeCBSA12-4871$12holps/promo stamp on slvm-/m-
641Miles DavisTime After TimeCBSA12-4871$10holpsm-/m-
642Millie JacksonMess On Your HandsSpringPRO 195$10uspromom-
643MinistryNature Of LoveWaxWAX 009$40ustest pressingm-
644Mink DeVilleSpanish StrollCapitol12CLX 103$15ukpsm-/m-
645Miss B. HavenMaking Love In the SnowIt's Magic8022$25holps/press rel/picturem-/m-
646MkultraImmobiliseMute12MUTE 68$10ukpsm-/m-
647Mon DinoLa Danse Des MotsIsland12IS 164$10ukps/wolvg+/vg++
648Mondo KanéNew York AfternoonLissonDOLEQ 2$35ukpsvg++/vg+
649Moon MartinBad NewsCapitol2C052-52889 Z$15frapsm-/m-
650Morgan HeritageBubble In the StruggleXterminatorEXT 70$15uk m-
651MotorheadAce Of SpadesBronzeBROX 106$12ukps/limited editionvg/vg+
652MotorheadBeer Drinkers & Hell RaisersBig BeatSWT 61$30ukps/blue vinylm-/vg++
653MotorheadMotorheadChiswickS 13$20ukpsm-/vg+
654MotorheadMotorheadChiswickS 13$30ukpsm-/m-
655MotorheadOverkillBronze12BRO 67$15ukpsm-/vg+
656MotorsAirportVirginVS 21912$12ukblue vinylm-
657MotorsDancing the Night AwayVirginVS 186-12$10uk m-
658MotorsForget About YouVirginVS 22212$12ukred vinylm-
659MudhoneyHate the PoliceAu Go GoANDA 122T$40auspsm-/m-
660MudhoneyHate the PoliceAu Go GoANDA 122T$40auspsm-/m-
661MudhoneyYou're GoneGlitterhouseGR 0102$15gerpsm-/vg++
662MysticRitmo de la NocheFanfare12FAN 25$8ukps/wocvg+/vg+
663NailsHotel For WomenJimbocoCJN-111$10uspsm-/m-
664NaiveCarry OnIrmgardzIRMGM 1003$95holpsm-/m-
665Nature's Creation featuring Chief Sir FunkyLet's Fire It UpSound MakersSM 3008$40us ss
666Nena99 Red Balloons (Club Mix)EpicTA 4074$15ukpsvg++/vg+
667Neneh CherryManchildVirgin/Circa612341$4gerpsvg/vg+
668NerdShe Wants To MoveVirginBOOTCUTS 001$15eupromo 6 trackm-
669Neven508 StompDifferentDIF 006$12ukpsss
670NevenShriek!DifferentDIF 008$10ukpsss
671New Model ArmyNo RestEMI12NMA 1$12ukps/sample sticker on slvm-/m-
672New York DollsPersonality CrisesKameraERA 013/12$20frapsm-/m-
673New York DollsPersonality CrisisKameraERA 013-12$18ukpsm-/vg++
674New York New York ExperienceI Wanna Be Like YouBeach Culture2 BC$45frapsm-/vg++
675Nick KamenEach Time You Break My Heart (Dance Mix)WEA248526-0$10gerps/limited edition poster bagm-/m-
676Nick LoweL.A.F.S.F BeatXX 36T$12ukpsm-/m-
677Nick LoweL.A.F.S.F BeatXX 36T$8uk m-
678Nico et The Invisible GirlsProcession 1/2 Records112$15ukpsm-/vg+
679Nils LofgrenMoon TearsA&MAM 8459$20usdemom-
680Nina SimoneMy Baby Just Cares For MeCharlyCYX 201$12fraps/10"m-/vg++
681NirvanaSliverTupeloTUPEP 25$30gerpsm-/vg++
682Nitzer EbbMurderousTrans Global12NEB 4$10ukpsm-/m-
683NoblesRock OnVanguardSPV 38$35us vg++
684NomadsFire And BrimstoneAmigoAMMS 503$50swtest pressingvg++
685NomadsReal Cool TimeAmigoPROMAD 1$75swpromo only/stamped white slvm-
686Norma JeanShot In the DarkMCA23516$10uspromo stamped company bagm-
687North SideMy Rising StarFactoryFAC 298$10ukpsm-/m-
688Not Wanted/Beware Of Your MindFree At LastPop PartyPPR-45-1984-1$40dkps/lyric sheet/wocm-/m-
689Nuclear AssaultGood Times, Bad TimesUnder One Flag12FLAG 107$10ukpsm-/m-
690OasisLet There Be LoveBig BrotherRKID 32$15uk10"m-/m-
691Ohio PlayersFollow MeAir City12 AIR 3700$10uk vg+
692Ohm ArtifactsMysterious Changes Are OccurringOhmOHM 82$25swpsvg++/vg+
693O'JaysLove TrainPIR4ZH 07553$20us m-
694Olympic SideburnsI've Been AwayNew RoseFREE 5$40fra m-
695One Of UsSunshine MedleyTargetTR 1020/12$40belpsvg++/m-
696Only OnesLovers Of TodayVengeanceVEN 001$20uk vg++
697Orange JuiceLove…lovePolydorPOSPX 357$10ukpsm-/m-
698Our Daughters WeddingThe Digital Cowboy RecordEMI America12EA 129$15ukpsm-/vg++
699OutsetsDancin' In the DarkPlexusKME 218718$10uspsm-/m-
700P.J. ProbyLove Will Tear Us ApartSavoyPJS 2$20ukpsvg++/vg++
701Pablo GadBloodsuckersBurning SoundsBSD 009$40uk m-
702Pablo GadHard TimeBurning VibrationsBRDO 43$40uk m-
703Pablo GadTrafalgar SquareBurning RockersBRD 014$20ukred vinylvg++
704Paley BrothersEcstasySire6078613$30ukpsm-/m-
705Pam NestorHiding And Seeking (No More)ChrysalisCHS12-2349$20ukpsm-/m-
706Papa Michigan & General SmileyDiseasesGreensleevesGRED 72$25uk m-
707Papa Michigan & General SmileyOne Love Jam DownTuff GongIPR 2035$30uk m-
708Paradise GirlsHolding BackEasy StreetEZS 7528$30us m-
709Park AvenueSlow MotionCotillionDMD 356$25us vg++
710PassageTaboosCherry Red12CHERRY 30$12frapsm-/vg++
711Patricia RushenHeartache HeartbreakElektraED 5023$10uspromom-
712Patti BoulayeYou Stepped Into My LifePolydorPOSPX 37$6uk vg+
713Patti PalladinTrial By FireLone CorporationLONE 004$25ukpsm-/vg++
714Patti Smith GloriaAristaARISTA 135$20ukbrown paper bagvg++/vg+
715Patti Smith GloriaAristaARISTA 135$25ukbrown paper bagvg++/vg++
716Patti Smith GloriaAristaARISTA 135$30ukbrown paper bagm-/vg++
717Patti Smith GroupSet FreeAristaARIST 12197$20ukpsm-/vg++
718Patti Smith GroupSet FreeAristaARIST 12197$25ukpsm-/m-
719PattoBlack & WhiteTeldec620266$12gerpsm-/m
720Paul HaigBig Blue WorldLes Discques du CrepesculeTWI 231$10belpsm-/vg+
721Paul HaigHeaven SentLes Discques du Crepescule12IS 111$12ukpsm-/m-
722Paul HaigHeaven SentLes Discques du Crepescule12IS 111$8ukps/wocvg+/m-
723Paul HaigJusticeLes Discques du Crepescule12IS 138$12ukpsm-/m-
724Paul HaigNever Give UpLes Discques du Crepescule12IS 124$12ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
725Paul HaigNever Give UpLes Discques du Crepescule12IS 124$10ukpsvg++/m-
726Paul HaigNever Give UpLes Discques du CrepesculeFAS 59T$10belpsm-/vg++
727Paul McCartneyPressParlophone10R 6133$25ukps/10"/round slvm-/m-
728Paulinho da CostaTaj MahalPablo5155$20gerpsm-/m-
729Pet Shop BoysFlamboyant DJ Hell RemixParlophone12RDJ 6629$35ukpromo white label 2 trackm-
730Pet Shop BoysFlamboyant Scissor Sisters 12" MixParlophone12RDJX 6629$35ukpromo white label 2 trackm-
731Pet Shop BoysLeft To My Own DevicesParlophone060-203080-6$12holpsm-/m-
732Pet Shop BoysMiracles Extended MixParlophone12RDJ 6620$125ukpromo white label/1 sidedm-
733Pet Shop BoysNYC Boy The Almighty MixesParlophone12RDJ 6525$25ukps/promovg++/vg++
734Pet Shop BoysNYC Boy The Superchumbo MixesParlophone12RDJ 6525$25ukps/promovg++/vg++
735Pete Townshend & Ronnie LaneStreet In the CityPolydor2058944$20ukpsm-/m-
736Pete Townshend & Ronnie LaneStreet In the CityPolydor2058944$18ukpsm-/vg++
737Peter AllenI Go To RioA&M8399-S$15uspromom-
738Peter ToshDon't Look BackRolling Stones12EMI 2859$25ukpsm-/m-
739Peter ToshPeace TreatyIntel-Diplo $30jam vg++
740Pez BandTwo Old Two SoonPassportFAKE 2$15ukpsm-/vg++
741Philippe WynneYou Ain't Going Anywhere But GoneSuagarHillSH 598$10uspromovg++
742PILDeath DiscoVirginVS 274-12$30ukpsm-/m-
743Pink FloydOne SlipEMI12EMP 52$60ukps/poster slv limited edtionm-/m-
744Pink MilitaryBlood & LipstickEric'sERICS 002$18ukpsm-/vg++
745PiratesAll In It TogetherWarner BrosK 17113$15ukps/limited editionm-/m-
746PiratesAll In It TogetherWarner BrosK 17113$10uklimited editionm-
747PixiesDebaser4 ADPIX ONE$50ukpromo only/1 sidedm-
748PixiesDebaser4 ADPIX ONE$50ukpromo only/1 sidedm-
749PixiesDig For Fire4 ADBAD 0014$25ukpsm-/vg++
750Play DeadPropagandaJungleJUNG 17$12ukpsm-/m-
751PlimsoulsA Million Miles AwayShaky CityBMP 12134$12uspsm-/m-
752PlimsoulsOldest Story In the WorldGeffenPRO-A-2068$20usps/promo only/signedm-/vg++
753Poets of the SignatureBourgeois NouveauxSamSAM 06$80dkps/lyric sheetvg++/vg++
754Pointer SistersAutomaticPlanetFC 3721$6gerpsm-/m-
755Pop Dell'arte2002 Mc HolyVariodiscVD 001$12porpsm-/m-
756Positive NoiseWaiting For the Seventh ManStatikSTAT 1512$10ukpsm-/m-
757Power Solo/DefectorsSnot Dum EPCrunchy FrogFRO 1008$20dkpsss
758PretendersBack On the Chain GangRealARE 19T$5uk vg+
759Primal ScreamAcceleratorCreationCRE 33T$12ukpsm-/m-
760Primal ScreamBurning WheelCreationSAMPMS 4623$15ukps/promom-/m-
761Prince1999Warner Bros929820-0$30gerps/limited editionm-/m-
762Prince1999Warner Bros929820-0$25gerps/limited editionvg++/vg++
763Prince1999 (Album Version)Warner BrosPRO-A-1070$50usps/promovg++/m-
764Prince1999 (Full Lenght Version)Warner Bros920144-0$25gerps/promo stamped slvvg+/vg++
765Prince1999 (Single Version)Warner BrosPRO-A-2042$50usps/promom-/m-
766PrinceAlmost Black MixOh L'amour89105$12us m-
767PrinceControversyWarner BrosK 17866T$75ukpsm-/vg++
768PrinceLet's Pretend We're MarriedWarner Bros0-20170$20uspsm-/m-
769PrinceLittle Red CorvetteWarner Bros92-0107-0$30gerpsm-/m-
770PrinceLittle Red Corvette (LP Version)Warner BrosPRO-A-2001$45usps/promom-/m-
771PrinceSexualityWarner BrosWB 26197$130gerps/LP advertising on back slvm-/vg++
772Prince & the New Power GenerationGett OffPaisley Park40138-0$20uspsss
773Prince & the RevolutionI Would Die 4 UWarner BrosPRO-A-2233$40usps/promom-/m-
774Prince & the RevolutionKiss (Edit)Paisley ParkPRO-A-2448$35uspromom-
775Prince & the RevolutionKiss (Extended Version)Paisley ParkPRO-A-2458$35uspromom-
776Prince & the RevolutionMountainsPaisley ParkW 8711 TE$50ukps/10"/white vinyl/plastic slv/limited editionm-/m-
777Prince & the RevolutionPurple Rain (Edit)Warner BrosPRO-A-2192$45usps/promo/purple vinylm-/vg+
778Prince & the RevolutionPurple Rain (Long Version)Warner Bros920267-0$35gerps/postervg++/vg++
779Prince & the RevolutionRaspberry BeretPaisley ParkPRO-A-2313$35usps/promom-/vg++
780Prince BusterNaughty But NiceBlue BeatDDPB 3$60ukpsm-/m-
781Prince Charles & the City Beat BandCash (Cash Money)VirginVS 59612$10ukpsm-/m-
782Prince Charles & the City Beat BandMore MoneyVirgin601255$10gerpsm-/m-
783Princess SuperstarBad BabysitterRapsterRR 007 EP$10fraps/innervg++/vg+
784Priscilla RollinsLegend In My TimeParadisePR 001$12canpsvg++/vg++
785Public Image Ltd.Disappointed/Same Old StoryVirgin612236$8gerpsm-/m-
786QueenFriends Will Be Friends (Extended Version)EMIK060-201310-6$20holpsvg++/vg++
787QueenScandalParlophone12QUEENS 14$30ukpsvg+/vg+
788QuicksilverPool Hall ChiliCapitolSPRO 9734$8uspromo/white slv with info stickerm-/vg+
789R.E.M.(Don't Go Back To) RockvilleI.R.S.IRSX 107$30ukpsm-/m-
790R.E.M.Can't Get There From Here (Extended Mix)I.R.S.IRT 102$30ukps/extended/LP Versionm-/vg++
791R.E.M.Fall On MeI.R.S.IRMT 121$25ukpsvg++/m-
792R.E.M.SupermanI.R.S.IRMT 128$25ukpsm-/m-
793R.E.M.Talk About the PassionI.R.S.PFSX 1026$25ukpsvg++/vg++
794R.E.M.Talk About the PassionI.R.S.PFSX 1026$30ukpsm-/m-
795Radio StarsNervous WreckChiswickNS 23$10ukpsm-/vg++
796RadioheadSktterbrain Four Tet RMX 12RDJWL 6623$135ukpromo white label limited edition of 100 copies onlym-
797RamonesBonzo Goes To BitburgBeggars BanquetBEG 140 T$20ukpsm-/m-
798RamonesCrummy StuffBeggars BanquetBEG 167 T$30ukpsm-/m-
799RamonesSheena Is A Punk RockerSireRAM 001$30ukpsm-/m-
800RaveonettesLove In A Trashcan (4 mixes)ColumbiaCAS 51585$15usblack slv/promom-/m-
801Rave-UpsThese WishesFun StuffRU 104$15uspsm-/m-
802RecordsRock And Roll Love LetterVirginVS 24712$10ukpsm-/vg++
803RecordsRock And Roll Love LetterVirginVS 247-12$12ukpsm-/m-
804Red CrayolaMicro-Chips & FishRough TradeRTO 26$18ukpsm-/vg++
805Red SquaresGoodbye My LoveEMI1397526$10gerpsm-/m-
806Red SquaresGoodbye My LoveEMI1397526$8gerpsm-/vg++
807ReddingsParasitePolydor883236-1$15ustest pressingvg++
808Refrigerator BoysTriumph KissesSnog RockSNOG 2$12dkpsm-/m-
809Regina JamesAlfieT.K. Disco144$30usdemovg++
810Repeat RepeatChecking Out the MeatSonetRPM 45-1$20swps/press releasem-/m-
811Richard AshcroftA Song For the LoversHutHUTT 128$10ukpsm-/m-
812Richard BoneJoy Of RadiationSurvivalSUR 12-009$45frapsm-/vg++
813Richard StrangeNextInterslamSLAM 1$10ukpsm-/m-
814Rickie Lee JonesWe Belong TogetherWarner BrosPRO-A-977$18usps/promo/quiex II limited edtion pressingm-/m-
815Rip Rig & PanicBob Hope Takes RisksVirginVS 46812$10ukpsm-/m-
816Rita MarleyOne DrawTuff Gong $25jam m-
817Rita MarleyThat's the WayTridentTR12 003$20ukpsm-/m-
818Robbie & MaoHold Me TightD-RoyDRDD 20$12uk vg++
819Robbie WilliamsRadio RemixesChryalis12CHSDJ 5156$45ukps/promo 3 trackm-/m-
820Robert Gordon & Link WrayEndless SleepPrivate StockPVTS 127$15ukbrown paper bagm-
821Robert Gordon & Link WrayEndless SleepPrivate StockPVTS 127$20ukbrown paper bagss
822Robert Gordon & Link WrayEndlesss SleepPrivate StockPVTS 127$10uk m-
823Robert MarlowI Just Want To DanceResetINT 128646$10gerpsvg/vg
824Robert PalmerLooking For CluesIsland12WIP 6651$10uk m-
825Robert Wyatt ShipbuildingRough TradeRT 115T$15ukpsm-
826Robert Wyatt & the Swapo SingersThe Wind Of ChangeRough TradeRTT 168$15ukpsm-/m-
827Robin HolcombHand Me Down All StoriesElektraED-5575$15usps/promom-/m-
828Rock NalleA True Picture Of (featuring Dark End Of the Street)BR SoundMUX 1$25dkpsvg++/vg
829Rock NalleA True Picture Of (featuring Dark End Of the Street)BR SoundMUX 1$30dkps/insertvg++/vg+
830Rocky Sharpe & the ReplaysDevil Or AngelChiswickPROMO 5$20ukps/promo only/10"m-/m-
831Rod StewartThe Killing Of Georgie Part 1 And 2Warner BrosPRO 680$25uspromo only/blue vinylm-
832RogerGirl Cut It OutWarner Bros0-20276$25usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
833Roky Erickson & Evil Hook Wildlife E.T.The Beast/HeroinLive WireLW 5$30uspsm-/m-
834Roky Erickson & Evil Hook Wildlife E.T.The Beast/HeroinOne Big GuitarOBG 004T$15uk m-/m-
835Rolling StonesCock Sucker BluesIRRS 001$60ukpicture disc/The 1970 Versionm-
836Rolling StonesMiss YouRolling Stones12EMI 2802$30ukps/pink vinylm-/vg++
837Rolling StonesMiss YouRolling Stones12EMI 2802$35ukps/pink vinylm-/m-
838Rolling StonesOne Hit To the BodyRolling StonesCBSA 12-7160$18holpsm-/vg++
839Rolling StonesRock And A Hard PlaceRolling Stones44-73133$25usps/phm-/m-
840Rolling StonesShe Was HotRolling Stones1C-K062-2000426$30gerpsm-/vg++
841Romantics21 And OverNemperorAS 870$30usdemo onlym-
842Ronnie DysonYou Better Be FierceAtlanticDMD 687$18uspsm-/m-
843Rowland S. Howard & Lydia LunchSome Velvet Morning4 ADBAD 210$25ukpsm-/m-
844Roxy MusicTake A Chance With MeEGROXYX 5$8swpsm-/m-
845Roy AyersIn the DarkCBSTA 4855$10ukpsvg+/vg
846RoyalsStrange WorldKingdomKV 8017-12$20uk m-
847Russ BallardA Portrait Of An ArtistEMI AmericaPSLP 380$15ukps/promo onlym-/m-
848Russia HeatBomb Beat BoysGardenGARD 1001$25swps/press
849Russia HeatBomb Beat BoysGardenGARD 1001$30swps/press rel.m-/vg++
850Ry CooderCrazy 'bout An AutomobileWarner BrosK 17844T$10ukpsvg++/vg++
851Ry CooderCrazy 'bout An Automobile (Live)Warner BrosPRO-A-943$20uspromo/4 live tracksm-
852Ry CooderCrazy 'bout An Automobile (Live)Warner BrosPRO-A-943$15uspromo/4 live tracksvg++
853SaintsGrain Of SandMushroomX 14584$15aupsm-/m-
854SaintsThis Perfect DayHarvest12HAR 5130$20ukps/3 trackvg++/vg++
855SaintsThis Perfect DayHarvest12HAR 5130$25ukps/3 trackm-/m-
856Sally Timms & the Drifting CowgirlsLong Black VeilT.I.M.12 MT 4$50ukpsm-/m-
857Sally Timms & the Drifting CowgirlsLong Black VeilT.I.M.12 MT 4$40ukpsvg++/vg++
858Sam DeesAfter AllRCA VictorPT 43140$25ukpsm-/m-
859Samantha FoxTouch Me (I Want Your Body)JiveFOXY S 1$20ukpic discm-
860Sanchez & Lady GHalf My AgeGreensleevesGRED 264$20uk m-
861Sandie ShawHand In GloveRough TradeRTT 130$15ukpsm-/m-
862SandmenHate Your WaysGardenGARDM 1002$25swps/press rel.m-/m-
863ScorpionsWind Of ChangeVertigoVERX 58$20ukps/limited edtion 3-D white vinyl kaleidoscope/swirl lblvg++/m-
864Screamin' Jay HawkinsI Put A Spell On YouCrammed DiscsCRAM 052$30holpsm-/vg+
865Screaming TargetWho Killed King TubbyMango12MNG 754$15ukpromom-
866Scritti PolittiThe Sweetest GirlRough TradeTRADE 2/12$25uspsm-/m-
867Scritti PolittiWork In ProgressRough Trade/St. PancrasRT 027/SCRIT 2$12ukpsm-/m-
868Section Twenty FiveGirls Don't CountFactoryFAC 18/12$12ukpsm-/vg+
869Sex Gang ChildrenSebastiaheIlluminatedILL 2212$12ukpsm-/vg++
870Sex PistolsAnarchy In the U.K.VirginVS 60912$15ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
871Sex PistolsThe Biggest BlowVirginVS 22012$75ukps/with interview/A3 matrixm-/vg++
872ShakeCulture ShockSireSIR 4016$25ukps/10"m-/vg++
873Shari BelafonteWho Do You Think I AmMetronome887092-1$4gerpsm-/vg++
874Sharon ReddLove How You FeelPreludeTA 3868$10ukpsvg/vg
875Sheila HyltonBed's Too Big Without YouIsland12WIP 6671$15uk m-
876Sho NuffIt's AlrightEnsignENY 3712$8uk vg+
877Siouxsie and the BansheesArabian KnightsPolydorPOSPX 309$18ukpsvg++/vg++
878Siouxsie and the BansheesFireworksPolydorPOSPX 450$30uk vg++
879Siouxsie and the BansheesSpellboundPolydorPOSPX 273$18ukpsm-/vg++
880Sister SledgeB.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Baby)CotillionDMD 645$20uspromom-
881Sister SledgeDancing On the Jagged EdgeAtlanticDMD 868$20uspromom-
882Sister SledgeFrankieAtlanticDMD 850$20uspromom-
883Sister SledgeHe's Just A RunawayCotillionDMD 277$20uspromom-
884Sisters Of MercyBody And SoulMerciful ReleaseMR 029T$18ukpsm-/m-
885Sisters Of MercyNo Time To CryMerciful ReleaseMR 035T$18ukpsm-/m-
886Sisters Of MercyVision ThingMerciful Release47 T$25uk2 track album samplerm-
887Sisters Of MercyWalk AwayMerciful ReleaseMR 033T$18ukpsm-/m-
888SkidsWide OpenVirginVS 23212$12ukps/red vinyl/press rel.m-/m-
889Slaughter & the DogsWhere Have All the Boot Boys GoneDeccaLF 13723$45ukpsm-/vg++
890Sly & Robbie featuring Bernard FowlerGet To This Get To ThatMangoIS 1059$15can m-
891Sly DunbarHot You're HotTaxiIPR 2045$20uk m-
892SnatchShopping For ClothesFetishFET 004$18uk m-
893Sort SolAs She WeepsDen Danske Radeerforening $125holps/1 track/engraved by Knud Odde/insert/unnumbered copym-/vg++
894Sort SolAs She WeepsDen Danske Radeerforening $150holps/1 track/engraved by Knud Odde/insert/unnumbered copym-/m-
895Sort SolRuby Don't Take Your Love To TownMedleyMDX 321$35swps/top opening/1st pressingm-/vg++
896Sort SolSiggimund BlueColumbiaSAMP 1572$80holpromo onlym-
897Spandau BalletRawCBS652959-6$8holpsm-/vg++
898Special AKANelson Mandela2 ToneCHSTT12 26$18ukpsm-/m-
899SpecialsGhost Town2 ToneCHSTT12 17$20ukpsm-/m-
900Spirit FeelDirect LiveSpirit FeelSP 1$20ukwhite lbl promom-
901SportsWedding RingMushroomX 13052$25ausps/limited editionm-/vg++
902SqueezeCat On A WallDeptford Fun CityDFC 01$25uk m-
903SqueezeCool For CatsA&MAMSP 7426$12ukps/pink vinylm-/m-
904Stanley FrankRejectedPolydor2230105$25canpsm-/m-
905Steel PulsePredictionIsland12WIP 6461$20ukps/limited edtionvg++/vg++
906Steel PulseSound SystemIsland12XWIP 6490$18ukpsvg++/vg++
907Steel PulseSound SystemIsland12WIP 6490$20ukpsm-/m-
908Steinski & Mass MediaWe'll be Right Back4th & B'Way12BRW 59$18ukpsm-/m-
909Stephanie MillsBit By BitMCA23564$12usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
910Stephanie MillsStand BackMCA23598$12usps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
911Stephanie MillsStand Back (Extended Version)MCAL33-17076$25uspromom-
912Stephanie MillsYou're Puttin' A Rush On MeMCA23774$12usps/promo stamped slvvg++/m-
913Steve Harley & Cockney RebelIrresistibleRak1CK060-200700-6$12gerps/promo sticker on slvm-/m-
914Steve WinwoodNight TrainIsland12WIP 6710$8ukpsm-/m-
915Stevie WonderPart-Time LoverMotownZT 40352$10ukpsm-/vg++
916Stone FuryLife Is Too LonelyMCAL33-1262$6uspromom-
917StranglersAlways the Sun (Hot Mix)EpicSOLAR T 1$12ukps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
918StranglersDon't Bring HarryUnited ArtsGXA 6$25japps/obim-/m-
919Sugar GlamBrightest StarClaude XMZM 4299$25dkpsm-/vg++
920Sugar MinottIn A Rub-A-DubBlack RootsBR 26$18uk m-
921Sugar Minott & Ital GrooveMy Whole WorldBlack RootsBR 013$40ukclear yellow vinylm-
922Sugarhill GangRapper's DelightPhilips6029472$15spapsvg+/vg+
923Suicide23 Minutes In BruxellesRed Star828804$40us8" flexivg++
924SuicideChereeRed Star12BRO 57$40ukpsm-/vg++
925SummerhillDon't Let It DiePolydorTTRCT 2$15ukps/10"/limited edition #1329vg++/vg++
926Super Mazembe OrchestraShauri YakoRough TradeET 001$10uk vg+
927SuperchargeGet Down BoogieVirginVDJ 11$8ukpromom-
928SupergrassKiss Of LifeParlophoneKISS IT$16eupromo 2 track limited editionm-
929Suzane DenyHey JudeCarnavalCR 7002$20uspsvg++/vg++
930Syl JohnsonMs. Fine Brown FrameBoardwalkNB-99904-9$30us ss
931T. Ski ValeySexual RappingPamaPMD 3229$18ukpsvg+/vg++
932T. Ski ValeySexual RappingPamaPMD 3229$20ukpsvg++/vg++
933T.A.T.U.Not Gonna Get UsInterscopeTATUVP 2$35eups/promo 4 trackm-/m-
934TackheadThe GameFourth & Broadway12BRWX 65$10ukpsvg+/vg+
935Talking HeadsBurning Down the HouseSirePRO-A-2057$25usps/promo/wocvg++/vg++
936Talking HeadsCitiesSireSIR 4040T$20ukps/limited editionm-/vg+
937Talking HeadsHouses In MotionSireSIR 4050$20ukpsm-/m-
938Talking HeadsPsycho KillerSirePRO-A-1033$30usps/promom-/m-
939Talking HeadsPsycho KillerSire6078610$30ukpsm-/m-
940Talking HeadsSlippery People (Re Mixes)Sire92-0143-0$12gerps/promo stampm-/m-
941Talking HeadsThis Must Be the PlaceSirePRO-A-2101$25usps/promom-/m-
942Tami ShowShe's Only Twenty (Club Mix)ChrysalisCHS 12-3146$4ukpsm-/vg++
943TamlinsMy Whole World Is Falling DownTaxiIPR 2042$20uk m-
945Tav Falco's Panther BurnsBlow Your TopRough TradeRT 114T$20ukpsm-/m-
946Teardrop ExplodesYou Disappear From ViewMercuryTEAR 812$10ukpsm-/m-
947TelephoneLa Bombe HumaineEMI PatheOQP 1$40fraps/telephone shaped disc/red vinylm-/m-
948TelephoneLa Bombe HumaineEMI PatheOQP 1$50fraps/telephone shaped disc/yellow vinylss
949TelevisionFoxholeWarner BrosK 12287$18ukps/limited edition/green slv/red vinylm-/vg++
950TelevisionFoxholeWarner BrosK 12287$20ukps/limited edition/orange slv/red vinylm-/m-
951TelevisionLittle Johnny JewelOrkNYC 1 T$25ukpsm-/vg++
952TelevisionMarquee MoonElektraK 12252$15uklimited editionm-
953Tempations & Four TopsSpecial Medley LiveMotown120-15-030$25gerpsm-/m-
954Terri WellsI'll Be AroundLondonLONX 48$15ukpsvg++/vg++
955Test Dept.CompulsionSome BizarreTEST 112$25ukpsm-/m-
956The TheSweet Bird Of TruthEpicTRUTH 1$18ukps/poster incl.m-/m-
957The TheSweet Bird Of TruthEpicTRUTH 1$12ukpsm-/m-
958Theatre of HateNeroBurning RomeBRR 1931$10ukpsm-/m-
959Theatre of HateNeroBurning RomeBRR 1931$8ukpsvg++/vg++
960Them Howlin HorrorsDig Down DeeperCriminal DamageCRI-12-139$10ukpsm-/vg++
961Third WorldCool MeditationIsland12WIP 6469$15uk m-/m-
962Third WorldOne Cold Vibe (Couldn't Stop Dis Ya Boogie)Island12WIP 6485$15uk m-
963Third WorldTalk To Me (Disco Mix)Island12XWIP 6496$15ukpsm-/m-
964Third WorldThe Story's Been ToldIsland12WIP 6534$15uk m-
965Third WorldTonight For MeIsland12WIP 6519$15ukpsm-/m-
966Thomas Leer4 MovementsCherry Red12CHERRY 28$15frapsm-/m-
967Thomas LeerContradictions EPCherry RedERED 26$25ukdouble packm-/m-
968Thrashing DovesReprobate's HymnA&M390404-1$8holpsm-/m-
969Tim MaiaOnde Esta VoceGel115903033$12braps/wocvg+/vg
970Tin MachineUnder the GodEMISPRO 4282$20usps/promom-/m-
971Tina TurnerNutbush City LimitsCapitol12CL 495$12ukpromo advance copym-
972Tina TurnerOne Of the Living (Special Club Mix)CapitolK060-200842-6$8holpsm-/m-
973TNTSeven SeasMercuryPRO 331-1$15usps/promovg++/vg+
974Todd RundgrenSomething To Fall Back OnWarner BrosPRO-A-2371$12usps/promom-/m-
975Tom Petty & the HeartbreakersDon't Come Around Here No MoreMCAL33-1274$15uspromom-
976Tom Petty & the HeartbreakersHere Comes My GirlBackstreet/MCAMCAT 539$10ukpsvg++/vg++
977Tom Petty & the HeartbreakersSpikeMCAL33-17025$15uspromom-
978Tom Tom ClubThe Man With the 4 Way HipsIsland12IS 117$12ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
979Tom Tom ClubUnder the BoardwalkIsland12WIP 6762$10ukpsm-/m-
980Tom Tom ClubWordy RappinghoodIsland12WIP 6694$30uk m-
981Tommy SteeleThe Duke Wore JeansDeccaDRL 3892-1E LF 1308$50uk10" acetate/4 tracks/1 sidedvg-
982Toots & the MaytalsBeautiful WomanIsland12WIP 6738$10uk m-
983TorchBuild Me Up ButtercupPacificSAT 1 XX$25us vg++
984Toy DollsNellie the ElephantVolumeVOLT 11$20ukpsm-/m-
985Toy DollsShe Goes To FinosVolumeVOLT 12$20ukpsm-/m-
986ToyahDon't Fall In LovePortraitA12-6160$8holpsm-/m-
987Traci LordsFallen AngelRadioactiveWRAXX 18$15usdemom-
988TrammpsUp On the HillVentureVD-5024$10us vg+
989Travelling WilburysShe's My BabyWarner Bros21799-0$25gerpsvg++/vg++
990Tribe IIWhat I LikeCelluloidCEL 157$20us vg++/vg+
991Tribe IIWhat I LikeCelluloidCEL 157$30us ss
992TriffidsBury Me Deep In LoveIsland12IS 337$8ukps/promo stampm-/m-
993Triple Play featuring Connie HuntMystery ManCatawbaCA 3000$12usdemovg+
994TroggsLove Is All AroundRosa HonungROSA 3$45swpsm-/vg++
995Trouble FunkTrouble Funk ExpressGreyhoundGRPT 105$15frawolvg+
996Tubeway ArmyDown In the ParkBeggars BanquetBEG 17 T$40ukpsm-/vg++
997TV 2Popmusikerens Vise (Dubmusikerens Clubmix)CBSA12-3726$25holpsvg+/vg++
998TV 2Popmusikerens Vise (Dubmusikerens Clubmix)CBSA12-3726$30holpsm-/m-
999TV 2Rigtige Mænd & Be-Bab Megamix by Sanny XCBSA12-6557$15holpsvg+/vg+
1000TV 2Rigtige Mænd & Be-Bab Megamix by Sanny XCBSA12-6557$25holps/promo stamped slvm-/vg++
1001TV 2Stjernen I Mit Liv (Extended Version)CBS650456-6$10holpsg/vg++
1002TV 2Stjernen I Mit Liv (Extended Version)CBS650456-6$25holpsvg+/vg++
1003TV 2Vil Du Danse Med Mig (Nå Nå Mix)CBSA12 4689$20holpsvg/vg+
1004TV 2Vil Du Danse Med Mig (Nå Nå Mix)CBSA12-4689$40holpsm-/m-
1005TwiggyFeel Emotion (Extended Mix)AristaARIST 12635$8ukpsm-/m-
1006Twink & the FairiesDo It '77ChiswickSWT 26$18ukpsvg++/vg+
1007Twink & the FairiesDo It '77ChiswickSWT 26$35ukpsm-/vg++
1008Twinkle BrothersAfrica For the AfricansTwinkleNG 643$20uk m-
1009U RoyLive At the LyceumVirginVOLE 5$25uk m-
1011U2New Year's Day (Long Version)Island12WIP 6848$25ukps/dhm-/m-
1012U2Pride (In the Name Of Love)Island601469$15gerps/promo stampm-/m-
1013U2Pride (In the Name Of Love)IslandISX 202$20ukpsvg/vg++
1014U2Pride (In the Name Of Love)IslandISX 202$25ukps/wolvg++/vg++
1015U2Remixes From the '90sIsland12REMIXU 213$60eups/2x12"/promom-/m-
1016U2Two Hearts Beat As One (Club Version)Island12IS 109$40ukpsm-/m-
1017U2With Or Without YouIsland12IS 319$25ukpsm-/m-
1018UB 40Don't Break My HeartVirgin602028$8ger m-
1019Uncle LouieI Like Funky MusicMarlin434$15us m-
1020Under ForWarfareMind and MediaSAM 20$50gerps/1st issue reserved sidesm-/vg++
1021Vanessa ParadisJoe Le TaxiPolydor885765-1$12frapsm-/m-
1022Vanessa ParadisMarilyn & JohnPolydor887640-1$10gerpsvg+/vg+
1023Various: Joy Division/Thursdays/BasczaxEarcom 2Fast ProductFAST 9$35ukps/innerm-/vg++
1024Various: Elvis Costello & the Attractions/Boomtown Rats/Chris Rea/Chris de BurghLive For IrelandMCAWMCG 6027$45ukps/promo onlym-/vg++
1025Various: Fielfraz/Mek Pek & the Allrights/Michael Falch/Thomas HelmigMerry X-Mas & A Happy DJGenlydGENS 1097-12$25holpress release/stickered black slvm-
1026Various: Caetano Veleso/Maria Bethania/Gal Costa/Angela Ro RoOs 4 Grandes Temas de Agua VivaPhilips6245125$15porpsvg+/vg+
1027Various: Sting/Phil Collins/Bob Geldof & Johnny FingersThe Secret Policeman's Other Ball The Music Airplay Sampler E.P.SpringtimeRARA 1001$10uk10"m-
1028VennaWatching YouBuddahBDSL 500$10ukwolvg+
1029VennaWatching YouSutraSUD 012$15us vg++
1030Vince Clarke & Paul QuinnOne Day (Extension)Mute12TAG 1$12ukps/promo stamped slvm-/m-
1031Viola WillsThese Things HappenRhythm KingLEFT 23T$8ukpsvg++/m-
1032Viola WillsUp On the RoofHansa600248-213$12gerpsvg++/vg+
1033Vivien GoldmanDirt Washing99 Records99-05 EP$150uspsm-/m-
1034Wailing SoulPenny I Love YouCha ChaCHAD 32$40uk m-
1035Wailing SoulsSweet Sugar PlumTaxiIPR 2039$20uk m-
1036WaitressesChristmas WrappingZE12WIP 6821$20ukpsm-/m-
1037WaitressesChristmas WrappingZE12WIP 6821$18ukpsm-/vg++
1038Warm GunsThe Young Go FirstVertigo9198765$50nor m-
1039Was (Not Was)Out Come the FreaksZE12WIP 6709$15uk m-
1040Was (Not Was)Tell Me That I'm DreamingZE12WIP 6776$25uk m-
1041Was (Not Was)Wheel Me OutZE12WIP 6716$50ukpsm-/m-
1042Wayne HendersonHot StuffPolydorPRO 047$25usps/demom-/m-
1043West India CompanyAve MariaMegaMRCX 1216$20eecpsm-/m-
1044WhodiniThe Haunted House Of RockJiveT 34$20ukps/green vinylm-/vg++
1045William "Bootsy" CollinsTake A Lickin' And Keep On Kickin'Warner BrosPRO-A-1019$15usps/promom-/m-
1046Willie NelsonMidnight RiderColumbiaAS 762$15usdemo/solm-
1047Wilmer XTeknikens UnderEMI1363046$18swpsvg+/vg++
1048Winston SosoI Don't Mind (New Club Mix)Straker'sGS 2774$10uk m-
1049Winston TongTheoretical ChinaLes Disques Crepescule12TWI 310$25belwhite lbl test pressingm-
1050Womack & WomackCelebrate the World4th&B'Way12BRW 125$8ukpsm-/m-
1051Wreckin' CrewPixie DustSounds Of FloridaSOF 1002$30us vg++
1052Wreckless EricHit And Miss JudyStiffS12BUY 49$20ukps/clear orange vinylm-/m-
1053XBreathlessElektraEAOR 4912$20uspromom-
1054XTC3D EPVirginVOLE 3/VS 188-12$18ukpsm-/vg+
1055XTC3D EPVirginVS 18812$25ukpsm-/m-
1056XTCGrassVirginVS 88212$15ukpsm-/m-
1057YasminWanna DanceGeffenGEF12-21649$20usps/promo stamped slm-/vg++
1058YazooNobody's DiaryMuteL12 YAZ 003$25ukps/limited edition # M 0934m-/vg++
1059YazooThe Other Side Of LoveMute12YAZ 002$8ukpsm-/m-
1060YazzStand Up For Your Love RightsBig LifeYAZZ PROMO 2$12ukps/promovg+/vg+
1061Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising ForceStudio/Live ´85Polydor883073-1$10gerps/special editionm-/m-
1062Yomo ToroEl PasoAntilles12ANN 8$8ukpromom-
1063ZZ TopLegs (Metal Mix)Warner BrosW 9272T$10ukpsm-/m-